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Chapter 4: School Leadership

Project RED Commentary e principal’s leadership has a major impact on education technology usage and hence on student outcomes. is question provides insights into how principals guide the professional learning process and implement various options, each of which has different consequences in terms of time, cost, and results.

The Technology Factor: Nine Keys to Student Achievement and Cost-Effectiveness

Chart 4.8. Describe the principal’s role as the leader of the technology initiative. (Q20)

Principal’s Leadership in Technology Initiative 88% 78% 71%

82% 74% 70% 69%

Models technology use

67% 58% 56% 47% 43%

Teachers are more apt to follow leaders who practice what they preach.

53% 35% 32%

Enables collaboration time Unlike many professionals, teachers are very schedule-bound. Time to learn and collaborate must be built into their schedule. If release time is required, there may be a significant cost for substitutes. Enables online professional learning Blended professional learning, a combination of face-to-face and online, is generally accepted as the most efficient practice.

Models technology use

Uses change Enables scheduled time management for teacher strategies to lead the school collaboration

Uses change management strategies Change leadership is perhaps the most critical aspect of effective technology adoption and implementation. Organizational change is a well-researched field. However, most school leaders are change leadership novices.


2:1 or 3:1

Enables regularly scheduled professional learning activities

Enables online professional learning opportunities

4:1 or higher

Percentage of Respondents by Student-Computer Ratio Reporting at Least Monthly

Enables regularly scheduled professional learning Professional learning takes time, and principals control time. It also takes planning, and principals must drive the planning process.

Read As • Overall, respondents in 1:1 environments report a larger role for the principal as leader of the technology initiative than respondents in 2:1 and higher-ratio environments. • 88% of respondents in 1:1 environments report that the principal models technology use on a monthly basis. 74% report that the principal uses change management strategies on a monthly basis.

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