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Chapter 4: School Leadership

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Industry While organizational change theory has already been incorporated into business practice, it is just now emerging in education. Educators can learn best practices and strategies from business leaders and researchers in order to move their organizations forward. Industry can help unpack and adapt business practices so that they are relevant and user-friendly for educators and make the information available online.

Project RED Commentary

Chart 4.6. Did the principal receive training to prepare to lead a technology-transformed school? (Q19)

Principal’s Preparation for Leadership in Technology Initiative 83% 74% 74% 66% 68% 69% 66% 66% 58% 54% 59% 53% 50% 56% 52% 51% 42% 39%

Research makes clear that effective school leadership contributes to improved student achievement. Many educators agree that it is impossible for their school to rise above the capabilities of the principal. Key measures of principal effectiveness include: • Skillful change leadership • Conceptual and tactical understanding

Best practices for improving academic success

The role of the principal in leading change

• Real system reform versus tinkering around the edges • Communication about best practices


What a technologytransformed classroom looks like

2:1 or 3:1

How to Communicating Preparing for get teacher with the a successful buy-in community computer distribution

4:1 or higher

• A shared and inspiring vision • Stakeholder buy-in • Consistent, open communication with and among stakeholders • Planning for technology acquisition, implementation, and assessment

Percentage of Respondents by Student-Computer Ratio Reporting Any Training

Read As • Respondents report that principals in 1:1 environments generally have had more training than principals in 2:1 and higher-ratio environments in best practices for student success, leading change, the qualities of technology-transformed classrooms, teacher buyin, community communications, and preparation for large-scale technology distributions. • 83% of respondents in 1:1 environments report that principals received training in best practices for improving academic achievement. 74% of 1:1 respondents report that principals received professional development around leading change and the qualities of technology-transformed classrooms.


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