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Appendix C: Survey Instrument

The Technology Factor: Nine Keys to Student Achievement and Cost-Effectiveness

Technology-Transformed Schools 2009-2010

Technology-Transformed Schools 2009-2010

26. The following list is designed to identify activities that may have financial impact at some point in some place. We will work with your raw estimates to create a model of financial savings. How has deployment of ubiquitous technology changed the following?

a. Disciplinary action





No Change

Made It Worse


* 27. May we contact you again? •



Additional Comments

b. Drop-out rate reduction

c. Paperwork reduction

d. Paper and copy machine

• b) 2:1 students per computer (Range of 1.4 students per computer to 2.3 students per


• c) 3:1 students per computer (Range of 2.4 students per computer to 3.3 students per


expense reduction e. Teacher attendance increase f. High-stakes test scores increase g. AP course enrollment increase (high schools only) h. College attendance plans increase (high schools only) i. Course completion rates increase (high schools only) j. Dual/joint enrollment in college increase (high schools

• a) 1:1 students per computer (Range of .1 to 1.3 students per computer)

• d) 4:1 students per computer (Range of 3.4 students per computer to 4.3 students per computer • e) 5:1 or higher students per computer (4.4 students per computer or higher f) Unknown (missing data)


only) k. Graduation rates increase

28. Student Computer Ratio: Please indicate the most accurate description of your student/computer ratio; i.e., number of students in the school divided by the total number of computing devices.

(high schools only)

Other (please specify) •

Other (please specify)

• •

29. School Or District Classification:

Warning: Once you finish the survey, you will not be able to return. If you would like to

a) Elementary school

g) Special

review the questions and your answers, please do so now before hitting the 'Submit' button

b) Middle school

h) School district

c) Senior High School

i) Unknown

d) Combined school (Elem. and Secondary)

j) Preschool/Kindergarten

e) Voc-Tech

k) PK-3

f) Adult

l) 7-12 (or 6-12)

below. If you would like to exit the survey and return to it later, you may do so as long as you do not hit the 'Submit' button.

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