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Appendix C: Survey Instrument

The Technology Factor: Nine Keys to Student Achievement and Cost-Effectiveness

Technology-Transformed Schools 2009-2010 10. What was the original impetus for your technology initiative? Choose the primary driver for your initiative.

Technology-Transformed Schools 2009-2010 12. Indicate what percentage of parents participated in face-to-face meetings or training on their role in helping the technology initiative succeed.

Academic standing of school

a. Less than 10%

e. 50-74%

i. 95-100%

Adequate yearly progress (AYP) concerns

b. 10-25%

f. 75-84%

j. N/A

Building skills to participate in the 21st Century Workforce

c. 26-40%

g. 85-89%

Closing the digital divide

d. 41-50%

h. 90-94%

Don't know. Wasn't involved.

Engagement of students in learning

Enhancement of student learning and achievement

Funds becoming available

Providing equal access to greater educational opportunities

State mandate

Superintendent mandate

13. Indicate when the teachers were issued a computing device compared to students. • 12 or more months before students • 9-11 months before students

3-5 months before students

Same time as students

2 months before students

After students

1 month before students

• 6-8 months before students Other (please specify). Include Not Applicable.

Other (please specify). Please check here if you don't have an initiative. • •

14. How well did your technology implementation plan specifically address each of the following?

a. Operating budget or capital budget

b. Formula grants from state or federal

c. Bond issue (or similar)

• d. EETT (Enhancing Education through Technology)

f. Special taxes

• g. Shift of funding from textbooks to technology •

h. Foundation or private individual

i. Other (Including Not Applicable)

Not addressed


Not well

Long-term funding

Teacher training


Parent training

Service and


Other (please specify) or Explain

15. Indicate for how long you think your program is sustainable.

Teacher buy-in

at all

wasn't part of the plan


• e. Competitive grants (other than EETT)

Don't know; I

Very well

11. How was your technology initiative funded? Check all that apply.

One year or less

Three years or more

Two years

Five years or more

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Projectred thetechnolgyfactor