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We’ve come a long way since starting out as E&O Walker Refrigeration in 1926. In those days we were one of the first companies in the country to obtain a Kelvinator franchise. By the 1970s we were concentrating on process cooling, cold rooms and the relatively new market for the installation of commercial air conditioning. A new name followed; Temperature Control and since then we’ve grown to become one of the country’s premier specialist VRF air conditioning contractors

Today, we have six regional offices, employ over 50 staff and have an annual turnover approaching £20 million.

We continue to innovate, becoming the first company in the UK to conduct recognised field trials on replacement of ozone depleting R22 refrigerants on Daikin and Mitsubishi VRF systems and most recently trials on critical data centre cooling for British Telecom, using the latest replacement refrigerants. DuPont, the world’s largest manufacturer of refrigerants, has adopted our procedures and have published them in their retrofit guides used globally . Our customers include leading UK and international companies, across a wide variety of sectors. These range from media organisations like the BBC and ITV to banking giants HSBC, Lloyds and Barclays as well as BT, the Royal Mail and hotel chains, Jurys Inn and Premier Inn.

Providing warmth in our climate is a given, however the warmer summers is creating a rise in the need for comfort cooling, which is an essential part of modern life. This explains why we spend ÂŁ1/2 billion a year on new air conditioning systems in the UK, to create comfortable and efficient working conditions. Our comfort comes at a price. There is a fine balance between maintaining comfort levels and increasing our environmental impact. Heating and cooling accounts for over half the energy use and associated CO2 emissions created in the built environment, therefore we need to sensible on how we provide our comfort. We have been developing new techniques and have worked with the most advanced systems for more than 80 years to bring our customers the latest technology, which in turn reduces energy use and improves efficiency.

We want to bring this experience to you, to work closely on the best way to provide a comfortable and sustainable environment. We can support this through our have 6 offices throughout the UK in Manchester, London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds and Liverpool. Where we employ 15 project engineers, 15 backroom support administration and managers and 20 in house field engineers. To back this up we have a carefully selected supply chain that can offer an approximate work force of 150 personnel. Our supply chain is governed by our Umbrella Agreement, which is a legal document that ensures that our policies are complied with. There are benefits as well to our supply chain as we offer free training, prompt payments and work wear. This ensures that we all work in partnership and they support our policies.

Temperature Control offer all the elements to provide a clean, comfortable environment to work, live and play. Our aim is to provide comfort levels without harming the living environment or those around you. We do this by combing tradition with cutting edge technologies, good engineering and sound design practices. By taking the whole into account we can maintain aesthetics, minimise drafts, noise and create a healthy space to live. The solutions we can offer include sustainable heating through geothermal and air source systems. Energy saving heat recovery comfort cooling system that regenerate waste heat into domestic hot water systems or pre heat fresh air entering the space. Utilisation of photovoltaic solar cells to

offset CO2 emissions from comfort cooling equipment to create a carbon neutral home. Heat reclaim ventilation systems that utilise warm air from kitchens, bathroom and utility rooms to heat the remaining space . These systems have the ability to capture and maintain up to 70% of this waste heat and reduce the need for heating. The systems can operate in reverse in the summer and cool the warm fresh air entering the space reducing the need for mechanical cooling. The key is to include us at early development stage. Help us advise on the best options both to reduce cooling and heating loads and also to discretely position the equipment to minimise appearance and reduce noise and air movement.

However once the systems are installed we can also advise of the best methods to maintain the equipment and maintain the high efficiencies and reliability for the life of the equipment.

Underfloor heating is not new – it’s one of the oldest forms of heating, going back 2000 years. It is often stated as the reason why Koreans and Japanese remove their shoes when entering a house. It continues to be the preferred option in the Far East and is increasingly popular in the West. Underfloor heating is an excellent way of ensuring the optimum level of climate control and heating, with half the effort, as the water temperature is 35C rather than the 70C needed for radiators.

We use a ‘wet system’, which involves circulating heated water under the floor of the property via full lengths of piping without any joints. Underfloor heating proves more economical in the long run, especially in well-insulated properties (for example, new builds). It is low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing – as it’s all underground

Many of the solutions we offer are based on traditional methods. For heating we utilise heat pump technology, where the theory dates back to 1852 when Lord Kelvin described the fundamentals of the refrigerant cycle and its ability to transfer heat. This theory was made into practice in 1857 when Peter Ritter von Rittenger developed and built the first heat pumps system. We hade to wait a further 100 years until Daikin introduced the first heat pump air conditioners in Japan and eventually internationally in 1958. Daikin are still involved in heat pump systems with their market leading VRV system and Altherma heat pump range for commercial and domestic properties. Temperature Control have been installing heat pumps since the 1970’s, then they were just known as air conditioning systems, today a renewable technology. How we use them hasn’t changed, just the name.

We are Environmental Engineers and have a responsibility to the environment in everything we do. By accepting this responsibility we can make a small change. When these small changes are combined they can make a real difference. Our core business is to provide heating, cooling, ventilation and power generation to commercial and domestic properties and by following our environmental philosophy we can: - Always look at the life cycle costs and promote the use of the best energy efficient equipment - Promote the latest government incentives to find additional funding to allow our clients to adopt the best technologies - Promote the benefits of maintenance to the equipment to ensure the continued efficient energy use throughout the life of the plant

- Promote and engage in the latest legislation to ensure our clients are compliant - Offer responsible disposal of redundant equipment and refrigerants. Manage new materials on site and waste produced. Where possible follow Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Adopt new technologies instead of conventional systems where renewable energies can be used - Look at combining heat and power generation - Recover waste heat where possible to minimise energy use

We all have a responsibility to the environment. By making the right choices you can make a difference too. Join us in our pledge to make our heating and cooling sustainable by being responsible in your selection of products and services you need.

What we don’t do, is continually add extra equipment to meet your increasing cooling or heating needs.

to reduce heat losses or heat gains. Improvement such as insulation or blinds to windows can make dramatic improvements.

What we do, is review your heating and cooling needs, look at the entire building and propose a plan which could reduce the number and size of a comfort cooling or heating system you need, cutting costs in the long-term, and reducing the environmental impact.

We then look at the most efficient equipment to serve the space, utilising energy recovery were possible to maintain heat and save energy.

This review could result in a new ventilation system – one that works to retain energy during the day. It might involve retrofitting solar shading to your windows. There is always a compromise between comfort, cost and environmental implications. We differ from other companies because of our determination to look at the bigger picture, which may mean proposing the best long-term solution, rather than the least expensive short-term option. We use the energy hierarchy. We first look at the building we are to serve, can improvements be made to the fabric

Finally we look at harnessing renewable energies. Only when the systems we propose are at their most efficient can the benefits be derived from renewable energies.

Initial investment may be more, but the payback period is usually one-third into the system’s life. In reality, the whole life cycle costs are usually far less than they would be with a more competitively priced system. This ‘lifetime’ approach isn’t just in our products and services. Our project management philosophy is also based on this approach offering a ‘cradle to grave’ support. There is one point of contact throughout the entire project – an engineer – ensuring a seamless process from design to installation.

We take great pride in our reputation as one of the most highly regarded air conditioning installers in the UK. We have our own Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) manager. Our SHEQ constantly monitors our quality procedures, ensuring that they are followed to the letter. He measures our installation practices, as well as our impact on the environment, making changes as required. He also checks our key partners, ensuring that they meet performance targets and that they also follow our strict work ethics. By constantly monitoring we can reduce risks and improve efficiency and accuracy.

We have an internal procedure system, built up over 30 years, that has helped us achieve many industry standards in health and safety as well as quality. These include ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), while we are also working towards ISO9001 (Quality Management) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety). We are constantly working on our zero defects and zero harm policies. By focusing on the quality of the project right from day one, everyone benefits; you get the best product installed, while we get an efficient system that maintains our reputation and hopefully wins us repeat business.

We take great pride in our reputation as one of the most highly regarded air conditioning installers in the UK. Our safety record is second to none, with our method statements, risk assessments and procedures often regarded as a benchmark of quality.

operatives, ensuring a safe place to work day in, day out.

By constantly monitoring we can reduce risks and improve efficiency and accuracy.

This commitment to our staff also translates to your property, ensuring that every possible safety precaution is taken when work is being carried out at your premises. We also have our own Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) manager.

We train all of our staff to current health and safety practices and monitor performance on site at every level to ensure these practices are adopted and adhered to.

Our SHEQ constantly monitors our quality procedures, ensuring that they are followed to the letter. He measures our installation practices, as well as our impact on the environment, making changes as required.

We are proud of our record, a record that demonstrates our commitment to our

He also checks our key partners, ensuring that they meet performance targets and that they also follow our strict work ethics

We are always here as a back up and have been since 1926. An energy efficient heating or comfort cooling system is a technical piece of engineered equipment. It’s also an investment that will last. At Temperature Control we take the issue of technical expertise very seriously. Regular checks through production, installation and final commissioning are key.

The equipment rarely fails, but regular maintenance ensures that you get the energy efficiencies you expect. We offer a 12-month fully comprehensive warranty on all the equipment we install, from a chiller to a

condensate pump. In many cases though we can get an extended warranty for the equipment we install to up to 5 years. This doesn’t come at an extra cost; it’s free with the equipment. The manufacturers simply request that the equipment is regularly maintained. Maintenance keeps the equipment in warranty and also makes sure it works all year round. We can offer all levels of maintenance for the systems we install right up to a fully comprehensive package. If a system does break down, a maintenance contract will gives a priority call out service, at all hours, manned by an engineer. This is essential in residential properties were warmth and comfort are a priority.

Temperature Control Limited Regent House Hubert Road Brentwood Essex CM14 4JE ph. 01277 235 420

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