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Room 8 Students Writing Wall of Fame

WALT: Use descriptive writing to inform our readers.

Once upon a time there was a possum that lived on his own. But that is not the story. It始s like this. Justin.

The possum twitched his nose and looked to the light. Then the biggest wiff of Jam went up his nose. Charlee.

He had never had a smell, smell that good. He scampered down the old oak tree and climbed the wire fence. Memphis.

The smell wafted past his nose. He licked his lips. Then scrambled down the road. Aliyah.

His eyes were in love with the tarts. He ate ten tarts and said to himself, I should go home before the baker gets here. Zac.

He ate and ate until his tummy was so full that he couldnʼt move a muscle. He said, “I am so tired I might just have a little nap.” Poppy.

He was furious! He saw crumbs and said, “Hey I just mopped that yesterday.” Krystal.

His arms stretched above his enormous head as he looked out a shiny window. “What a beautiful day,� he said to himself. Angel.

When he was eating the Coco Pops you could hear the crunches. Junior.

Jack he said to himself what a mess. The possum scrambled up his tree. He was safe now but not for long. Isabelle.

A beautiful red tree belonged to a Kereru. I can see some kids looking at me. George.

Kereru perched high in the tree tops. The hot afternoon sun warmed Kereru始s bright blue and green feathers. Joe.

I heard cooing high in the tree tops. It was Kereru looking down at me. Kereru sounded like harmony, or a trumpet. Logan.

My mum whispered, “Which puppy are you going to choose?” “I am going to choose the runt.” Talia.

“I want that one mum.” “What one?” replied mum. “The one with the jet black wet nose,” I said. Devyn.

I asked mum, “Can I get a puppy? I am so lonely.” Mum replied,”Sure we will get one tomorrow.” When I woke up I was so excited. Solaita.

Writing wall of fame  

Students from Room 8 of Te Puke Primary School have been working hard on adding detail to their writing.

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