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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Four have so far filed for 2021 “muni” elections for November Three incumbents seeking to keep seats; one files for mayoral seat by MICHAEL E. POWELL Editor

Though it is far too early to say anything further about area municipal elections for 2021, current information from the office of Adam Ragan, CERA, Director of Elections, Gaston County Board of Elections, has four from Cherryville filing, seeking either to retain their seats, with one seeking to become mayor of the City of

Cherryville. According to information received from Mr. Ragan, the municipal candidate filings for Gaston County for the Nov. 2, 2021 Municipal Elections in the municipalities of Bessemer City, Cherryville, Gastonia and Stanley began at 12 noon on Monday, July 26, 2021 and will end at 12 noon on Friday, Aug. 13, 2021. Ragan added that candidate filings for the 2021 Municipal Elections for the municipalities of Belmont, Cramerton, Dallas, High Shoals, Lowell, McAdenville, Mount Holly and Ranlo are now closed. As of Friday, July 30,

Cherryville Mayor and Incumbent H.L. Beam, III

City Manager and Fire Chief Jeff Cash

Incumbent City Councilwoman Jill Parker-Puett

Incumbent Councilman Gary W. Freeman

the two filing for Mayor of Cherryville are the incumbent, H.L. Beam, III, who filed Wednesday, July 28, and City Manager and Fire

Chief Jeff Cash, who filed two days before, on Monday, July 26. Filing for Ward 3’s Council representation is incum-

bent Jill Parker-Puett, and filing for Ward 1’s Council representation is incumbent Gary W. Freeman. All four individuals live in the City

limits of Cherryville. There are two weeks remaining for any who wish to file as the window to do so will close Friday, Aug. 13.

Cherryville’s CaroMont Health has two new family practitioners Dr. Love and FNP Dagenhart two great additions for Cherryville’s healthcare by MICHAEL E. POWELL Nancy C. Olls and Sarah Briggs, with Gaston County Schools, with the Battle of the Books trophy. See more photos on page 3. (photos by Robert Webb/CHS)

Cherryville HS beats Highland Tech in 2021 “Battle of the Books” School gets first win in Gaston County’s reading contest by MICHAEL E. POWELL Editor

Cherryville High School’s Mrs. Nancy C. Olls is proud of the school’s “Battle of the Books” reading team, of which she is the sponsor. Olls, the School Library Media Coordinator and System’s Operator/Teacher, noted her small team bested the team from Highland School of Technology back in April 2021, taking home Gaston County Schools’ “High School Battle of the Books” gleaming silver trophy. The Ironmen team, which consists of members Macy Bridges, Harley LaRoche, Bailey Dugan, Destany Fritzler, and Luca Bredin, has been in existence for three years, said

Olls. “We’ve competed twice and were ready to compete last year but were sidelined by COVID-19,” she said, adding that Macy Bridges “…is a founding member of the team.” Olls noted the students read 16 books throughout the year and competed in April of this year, “…on a county-wide Quiz Bowl type of competition.” She continued, “(The) Battle of the Books was created and is run by the N.C. School Library Media Association. This year, CHS was victorious and the students received medals for their work!” Olls said the plan is to house the trophy in the See BOOKS, Page 3


CaroMont Family Medicine, located at 120 S. Mountain St., has a couple of new family practitioners, adding to an already excellent medical staff at their Cherryville clinic. Rebecca Love, MD, and Billie Jo Dagenhart, FNPC, are the two practitioners who are providing top-notch medical care for patients at the established office, noted CaroMont Health spokesperson, Meghan Berney. “I did grow up in the area and studied economics in college,” said Dr. Love, who added, “I’ve always been interested in how things work, improving processes and efficiency. After gradu-

CaroMont Family Medicine’s two new family practitioners, Ms. Billie Jo Dagenhart and Dr. Rebecca Love, outside the CMH Clinic building in Cherryville. (photo by MEP/The Eagle/CF Media) ation, there was a recession at the time and it was hard for a new graduate to enter the workforce. I worked at a bank in the summers, so took a job and continued to work there as a young adult.

“In my thirties, I was the Chief Financial Officer of the Gaston Federal Savings and Loan in Gastonia and I began considering a move to the medical field. I decided to volunteer as a candy

striper at a local hospital, just to see if the healthcare environment was for me and I really connected to medicine and the importance of improving health. I took See CAROMOUNT, Page 4

CHS coach’s Health; PE classes step up for “Yards for Yeardley” Students total 70,940 yards walked for this great cause by MICHAEL E. POWELL Editor

Head Ironmen football coach Tim Pruitt is a very conscientious guy and doesn’t mind who knows it. And if he can instill some of his ideals in his students, he See STEP UP, Page 4

A group of Coach Tim Pruitt’s Health and PE students at the Spring “Yards for Yeardley” walk. (Photo provided)


Wednesday, August 11 Bobby Bell Pavilion--5pm! 126 West Marion St. Shelby, NC

Join the WELCOME PARTY for the eight regional Champions!

FREE concert by The Embers featuring Craig Woolard Visit for more information

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The Cherryville Eagle

Wednesday, August 4, 2021


Gov. Roy Cooper at a drive-through vaccine clinic in Charlotte on June 3, 2021. (photo from the Office of Gov. Roy Cooper)

NC now has a state-certified COVID-19 vaccination card What does that mean? by JEFF MOORE Carolina Journal

Earlier this year, Governor Roy Cooper said his administration was exploring the development of a vaccine passport for residents of North Carolina. “We want to be able to help people to be able to show others that they have gotten the vaccine because a lot of people are going to want that,” the governor said while touring a vaccination site in late March. Just days later, in early April, New York launched its First in the Nation’ vaccine passport, the Excelsior Pass. California, likewise, launched a digital vaccine passport in June. Other states followed. The debate surrounding vaccine passports is a sensitive one. Some view the passports as a useful tool to help mitigate the further spread of SARS-CoV2, helping to screen those employees, customers, or clientele deemed ‘safe’ by virtue of vaccination. Still, critics contend that embracing such a system blurs the lines of medical privacy and risks fomenting discrimination between the vaccinated and non-vaccinated that risks creating a two-tiered society. The split exists largely along partisan lines. In May, six Republican members of North Carolina’s congressional delegation sent a letter to the governor calling on him to reject the creation of vaccine passports, saying such a requirement would be a violation of residents’ constitutional rights. Fast-forward a few months: residents of and visitors to New York and California are pressured to show their vaccine passports to participate in any number of activities; restaurants

and bars, sports and entertainment venues, screen for vaccine credentials; and, in North Carolina, the Cooper administration has just quietly launched its very own state-certified ‘vaccine information card.’ What, exactly, could this mean for North Carolinians, both vaccinated and non-vaccinated going forward? The North Carolina vaccine passport is not mandatory. Notably, neither are those of New York or California; they are not required of every resident by the state. Yet critics worry that may amount to a distinction, without a difference. The Frequently Asked Questions section of the NC vaccine passport page addresses several iterations of the question, ‘Am I required to show proof of vaccination for ‘X’?” The answer, consistently, is, yes, as long as they are not state entities. “Employers, businesses, or universities can require proof of a COVID-19 vaccine, or a valid medical or religious exemption.” Indeed, private institutions such as Elon University and Duke University are requiring students to present proof of vaccination to register for classes, as are many other private schools in North Carolina. However, the state’s public university system necessarily will not require proof for students to remain in good standing. Will that distinction last? And what about public K-12 schools? In recent reporting on a local school board vote to remove mask mandates for students and staff, making them optional instead despite the statewide mandate for K-12 schools, the Raleigh News & Observer notes, “Under the plan, students and staff are See CARD, Page 6

ARRESTS 7-19: Tracy Lynn McGinnis, 64, 900 E. Church St., Cherryville; one count felony B&E of a motor vehicle and one count misdemeanor simple assault. Released on a written promise. 7-23: Casey Alden Arrowood, 46, Streets of Cherryville; one count each RDO and 2nd degree trespassing. $1,500 secured bond. 7-25: Tony Ray Johnson, 50, 308 Engle St., Cherryville; one count of felony larceny (for an outstanding OFA). $15,000 unsecured bond. INCIDENTS 7-15: Cherryville man reports B&E and larceny after B&E by listed suspects who broke into his storage shed. Stolen: Craftsman weed eater ($100) and leaf blower ($100); and a table saw ($100). A door lock was damaged as well. Case is active and under further investigation. 7-17: Shelby man reports call for service at a Cherryville business. While in their parking lot, he claims he was struck by a vehicle driven by the listed suspect. No injuries reported. Case is active and under further investigation. 7-20: Cherryville woman and Kings Mountain man report assault w/a deadly weapon and damage to property by unnamed suspect #1, and listed suspect #2, at a Cherryville sporting goods store. Victims report no injuries. Damaged: one Triton firearm optic ($140), and one Browning flashlight ($70). Case is active and under further investigation. 7-20: Cherryville hardware business and a Shelby woman report obtaining property by false pretenses by unknown person using a stolen debit card to purchase items ($34.73/ money). Case is active and under further investigation. 7-20: Cherryville fuel mart and a Shelby woman report obtaining property by false pretenses by unknown person using a stolen debit card to purchase fuel ($73/money). Case is active and under further in-

vestigation. 7-21: Cherryville man reports B&E of his residence by unknown person(s) who committed the B&E. Two (2) exterior doors were noted on the IR as being part of the property involved in the B&E. Case listed as “unfounded”. 7-23: Cherryville woman reports larceny of her N.C. registration plate valued at $77, by an unknown person(s) who took the tag w/o her consent. Case was closed by other means. 7-23: Cherryville laundry, CPD officer, and Cherryville man report RDO and 2nd degree trespass by listed suspect who trespassed and resisted officer. Closed/cleared by arrest. Suspect was armed w/a lethal cutting instrument. 7-24: GCPD officers report further investigation into larceny/other at 442 Robert Rd., Cherryville. 7-24: Cherryville business and business manager report shoplifting ($70/ various household goods) by unnamed man who removed items from the store w/o purchase of same. Case is active and under further investigation. 7-24: Cherryville mand and woman report call for service as an unnamed person(s) caused damage to a 2009 Harley Davidson FLHR motorcycle ($7,500) at the Cherryville residence and took the license plate. Case closed by other means. 7-25: CPD officer reports WSOJ on a Crouse man who had an outstanding warrant. Closed/cleared by arrest. 7-26: Cherryville woman reports larceny ($24/registration sticker) of her registration sticker by unknown person(s) who took listed item from her license plate. Case listed as unfounded. 7-26: CPD officer reports possession of methamphetamine by listed suspects. Case is active and under further investigation. 7-26: Cherryville couple report overdose by listed Cherryville victim at their residence. Fifteen (15) dosage units of Alprazolam listed in incident report.

Case is active. WRECKS 6-14: A vehicle driven by Maria Diaz Rivera, 43, 200 J.C. Dellinger Rd., Cherryville, and a vehicle driven by Anderson Paul Ethridge, 61, 403 J.C. Dellinger Rd., Cherryville, collided on J. C. Dellinger Rd., Cherryville. No injuries reported. There was minor damage to right rear of the Rivera-driven vehicle and minor to moderate damage to the left rear of the Ethridge-driven vehicle. 7-20: A vehicle driven by Gabrielle De’ja McCorkle, 16, 303 Mel Ln., Crouse, told the responding officer that she was traveling west straight ahead on First St., and observed a vehicle driven by Betty Young George, 78, 1271 Pearl Dr., Cherryville, pull out of a side street (N. Jacob St.). Ms. McCorkle said she slowed down and swerved left and collided w/a utility pole. Ms. George said she was attempting to make a left turn onto First St., from Jacob St., and that the McCorkle vehicle swerved and collided w/the pole. Neither vehicle made contact w/each other. A witness said she was traveling eastbound on First St., opposite of the McCorkle vehicle and saw the George vehicle start into the roadway from the side street. She then observed the McCorkle vehicle swerve and collide w/the utility pole. GEMS treated two individuals in the McCorkle vehicle then transported them to CaroMont in Gastonia. Est. damages to the McCorkle vehicle: $5,000; to the George vehicle: $0. The McCorkle vehicle was moved by the owner to a requested destination by KT Towing; the George vehicle was not towed. 7-21: A vehicle driven by Calvin Neal Broadway, 61, 1881 Pleasant Grove Church Rd., Lincolnton, was traveling east on Hwy. 150, behind a vehicle driven by Jimmy Wayne Stewart, 78, 1552 A. A. Barrett Rd., Shelby, who was also traveling east on Hwy. 150, decreasing speed to get into the turning lane. At that time the Broadway vehicle

collided in the rear of the Stewart vehicle. No injuries reported. Est. damages to both vehicles: $3,000/ vehicle. 7-22: A vehicle driven by Steven Brian Pressley, 52, 1710 Delview Rd., Cherryville, was traveling east on Church St., trying to turn the windshield wipers on when he collided w/a vehicle driven by Landrum Scott Walker, 60, 100 Oakley Ln., Cherryville. No injuries reported. Est. damages to the Pressley vehicle: $2,000; to the Walker vehicle: $3,500. Mr. Walker’s vehicle was towed by KT Towing to KT Towing. 7-22: A vehicle driven by Lakeisha Odell Hopes, 38, 707 ½ Maple St., Cherryville, stopped for the stop sign at Carroll St., then entered the Carroll St., and Mulberry St., intersection and collided w/a vehicle driven by Layla Ann Sawyer, 17, 116 Harrelson Rd., Cherryville, which was traveling south on Mulberry Street. No injuries reported. Est damages to both vehicles: $2,500/vehicle. 7-22: A vehicle driven by Amy Grigg Wilson, 31, 527 Wilson Dr., Lawndale, told the responding officer she had a red light in her direction of travel on Church St., and collided w/a vehicle driven by Donna Michele Davis, 52, 317 E. 6th St., #2, Cherryville, who came from Pink St., and was in the intersection. No injuries reported. Est. damages to the Wilson vehicle: $2,500; to the Davis vehicle: $3,500. Ms. Wilson’s vehicle was towed by McDaniel’s Towing to McDaniel’s Towing. 7-26: A vehicle driven by Kimberly Daves Cook, 63, 1124 Baxter Rd., Cherryville, and a vehicle driven by Alexandria Bianca Bonfiglio, 24, 309 S. D Ave., Maiden, were each backing up out of parking spaces in the Cherryville Walmart when they both collided w/each other. No injuries reported. Damages to each vehicle: $1,000/vehicle.


How to Replace Important Documents That Are Lost or Missing Dear Savvy Senior, Can you tell me what I need to do to replace a variety of important documents? Our house burned down a few months ago, and we lost everything including our home property deed, car titles, old tax returns, Social Security, Medicare and Covid vaccine cards, birth certificates, marriage license and passports. Stressed Seniors

motor vehicles office. You’ll need to complete a replacement title application form and pay the application fee, which varies by state. You’ll also need to show ID and proof that you own the car, such as your vehicle registration or your license-plate number and VIN (vehicle identification number). To get an application, go to, pick your state, and print it or fill it out on the site.

Dear Stressed, I’m very sorry for your loss, but you’ll be relieved to know that replacing important documents that are destroyed, lost or stolen is pretty easy once you know where to turn. Here are the replacement resources for each document you mentioned.

Property deed: To access your house deed, contact your county clerk’s office, where deeds are usually recorded – you may be charged a small fee to get a copy.

Birth certificates: If you were born in the United States, contact the vital records office in the state where you were born (see index.htm for contact information). This office will give you specific instructions on what you need to do to order a certified copy and what it will cost you – usually between $10 and $30. Car titles: Most states offer replacements through a local department of

Marriage certificate: Contact the vital records office of the state you were married in to order a copy (see You’ll need to provide full names for you and your spouse, the date of your wedding, and the city or town where the wedding was performed. Fees range from $10 to $30. Social Security cards: In most states (except in Alabama, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oklahoma and West Virginia), you can request a replacement Social Security card online for free at

If you live in a state that the online service is not available, you’ll need to fill out form SS-5 (see ss-5.pdf to print a copy) and take it in or mail it to your nearby Social Security office along with a number of evidence documents that are listed on this form. For more information or to locate the Social Security office that serves your area, call 800-772-1213 or see Medicare cards: If you are enrolled in original Medicare, you can replace a lost or damaged Medicare card by calling Medicare at 800-633-4227, or by logging into your account. If, however, you get Medicare health or drug benefits from a Medicare Advantage Plan, such as an HMO, PPO, or PDP, you’ll need to call your plan to get your card replaced. COVID-19 vaccination card: Your first step is to go back to your vaccination site and see if they’ll give you a replacement. Bring an ID and try to recall the date you were vaccinated. If that’s not feasible, contact your state health department immunization information system (see

cords.html) where you should be able to print out a replacement sheet. Tax returns: To get copies of old tax returns start with your tax preparer, who usually keeps copies of your returns on file. You can also get copies of federal returns directly from the Internal Revenue Service. You’ll need to fill out and mail in IRS form 4506. To download this form or call 800-829-3676 and ask them to mail you a copy. The cost is $43 for each return requested. Passports: You can apply for a replacement passport at a Passport Application Acceptance Facility. Many post offices, public libraries and local government offices serve as such facilities. You can search for the nearest authorized facility at The fee is $145. Send your senior questions to: Savvy Senior, P.O. Box 5443, Norman, OK 73070, or visit Jim Miller is a contributor to the NBC Today show and author of “The Savvy Senior” book.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The Cherryville Eagle

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Come and see what’s new and improved at Your CBL by TRACI POLLITT Cherryville Branch Manager

Our upcoming events at Your Cherryville Branch Library Are our Outdoor Storytime at First United Methodist Church – Thursdays at 9:30 a.m.; Teen Anime Club – Thursday, Aug. 12, at 4 p.m.; and Hooks, Needles & Thread – Friday, Aug. 13, at 11 a.m. That said, in our last article we had mentioned that our entry and exit drives were being redone. We are happy to announce that both have been finished, and the results are nothing less than spectacular! And smooth! Did we mention smooth? It really is amazing what a difference the new concrete has made. Not only are the drives smoother, but they also give our parking lot a bit of a facelift. We hope patrons agree that it was worth the wait. We are thrilled to announce our Lucky Day Collection! This has been in the works for a while at Gaston County Public Library but as with so many other things, the events of last year put the brakes on the idea for a bit. Once branches were able to open their doors again, the project started rolling out slowly, first on a trial basis at a few locations, then out to a few more, and so on. What is this collection? These are new, high demand titles/authors that have just hit the system. With our regular collection, reserve requests are placed by many patrons, meaning that one will have to wait to get the book in hand. Not with

the Lucky Day Collection! These special books are just for patrons who come in our branch. The items do not appear in our catalog and they are not able to be requested. They are hanging out, waiting for the lucky patron who will choose to take them home. That lucky patron could be you! These titles will only be in this special collection for a short time, so be sure to stop by soon. As the hot (and we mean HOT!) summer drags on, we’re thinking ahead to the fall and cooler temps. We are happy to be partnering again with Gaston County Cooperative Extension to bring programs to our branch. Look for Cooking Smart with Fall Foods, Common Nutrition Myths of Diabetes, and Healthy Holiday Hints & Foods later this year. We are also making plans to participate in the Chamber’s Scary-ville and Little Monster March events this October. We’re hoping to resume LEGO Club once school starts, and we’re gauging interest in other types of clubs such as crafting. If you have library-related questions, you can reach us at (704) 4356767, or stop by the branch at 605 E. Main Street. Our public service hours are 10 a.m., to 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday; and 10 a.m., to 2 p.m., Friday and Saturday. Our events can be found by visiting www. and clicking the GCPL Calendar of Events. And don’t forget our Facebook page! And, as always, have a safe, GREAT summer!

The newly redone entry drive at Your Cherryville Branch Library.

And… the newly redone exit drive at Your Cherryville Branch Library!

Some of Your CBL’s Lucky Day book selections. (photos provided)

Sinking their teeth into the metal to make sure their 2021 Battle of the Books medals are the “real deal” (like they do in the Olympics) are Macy Bridges, Harley LaRoche, and Bailey Dugan.

The 2021 CHS Battle of the Books competition team are (L-R): Macy Bridges, Mrs. Olls and the trophy, Bailey Dugan, and Harley LaRoche. (Not pictured: Destany Fritzler and Luca Bredin.) (photos by Robert Webb/CHS)


1001 commerce ctr dr, shelby 110 enterprise drive, kings mtn. Apply in advance:

all positions available! Full-time, Direct Hire positions • static shifts 10 Paid Holidays • Competitive Pay Most weekends off!

BOOKS From Page 1 library until next year’s competition. The team is not without their support in this endeavor, noted Mrs. Olls, who continued, “The CHS Education Foundation supports us each year with the purchase of the books on the ‘battle’ list, subscription to a practice site, and transportation to the competition.”


YOUR NEWS The 2021 Gaston County Schools’ High School Battle of the Books trophy.

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The Cherryville Eagle

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Dr. Rebecca Love and Ms. Billie Jo Dagenhart, FNC-P, in one of the examining rooms at CaroMont Family Medicine, located on Mountain Street, in Cherryville. (photos by MEP/The Eagle/CF Media) Trying to get their outdoor class assignment done and staying socially distanced at the same time are these CHS students of Coach Tim Pruitt’s Health and PE class.

CAROMONT From Page 1 classes at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte to fill in some of the missing science prerequisites and then attended the Bowman Gray School of Medicine at Wake Forest University. I completed my residency with a small community program in Greenville, South Carolina.” FNP-C Dagenhart noted she is glad to be in Cherryville, adding that she is originally from Minnesota, which is a bit farther north and a tad cooler than here in the sunny South. “I’ve been with CaroMont Health since 2017. I’m originally from Minnesota and studied nursing at South Dakota State University, graduating in 2001. I worked in Charlotte as a registered nurse in oncology and critical care for 16 years before attending Gardner-Webb University to become a Nurse Practitioner. “For me, becoming a Nurse Practitioner was important. I was motivated to work with my patients to diagnose, treat and prescribe, really connecting with them to help guide their care as a provider.” Dagenhart noted her family still lives in Minnesota, adding the reason for the move here was that, “I had a friend down South and I thought it would be fun to live some place different. I have to say it is nice to be in a place with seasons instead of winter and 'not winter’, and I’ve called North Carolina home since the early 2000s.” Dagenhart said she really enjoys the small town feel of Cherryville and the patient population is wonderful. “I find they’re very receptive to learning about their health and ways to improve it,” she said. “As a provider, I want my patients to have a high quality of life, so teaching them ways to stay healthy is very important to me. Especially my older patients, I find they want to remain independent as long as pos-

Dr. Rebecca Love and Ms. Billie Jo Dagenhart, FNC-P, the new family practitioners at CaroMont Family Medicine in Cherryville, talking in the hallway of the Cherryville clinic. sible. Together, we can work to understand their needs, health risk factors and really tailor their care to them personally.” Doctor Love said she always knew she wanted to incorporate working with children into her medical career. “Practicing family medicine in smaller towns allows me to do that, which is something I really enjoy. And that is one of the reasons I chose this specialty,” she said. Doctor Love noted she also works at CaroMont Family Medicine in Shelby. Dr. Love continued, “After medical school, I joined a program that focused on placing doctors in smaller communities that don’t have broad access to medical care. That’s how I knew family medicine in small towns like Cherryville and Shelby was where I wanted to provide care. There is great vitality in Cherryville. It’s a small town with lots to offer and I enjoy serving the community here and in Shelby.” It was noted that Ms. Dagenhart only works at the Cherryville clinic. As for any hobbies, when they have the time, Dagenhart

said, “Outside of a pandemic, my husband and I enjoy traveling. We also spend time working on our house.” Love, who is also actually a musician, said, “I play the piano and the stand-up bass, which I learned from local bluegrass musicians Darin and Brooke Aldridge. He and his wife, Brooke, live in Cherryville, and I was fortunate to take lessons with them.” The two medical practitioners wanted their Cherryville patients and clients to know the following, going forward, about COVID-19’s upsurge and the new variant. Said Dr. Love, “It’s so important for patients to just be practical. COVID-19 is an infectious disease and we know how to prevent infectious diseases. And patients should get vaccinated. As a primary care doctor, I’m here to help my patients make that decision.” Dagenhart agreed, adding, “I also recommend vaccination. I’m here to discuss that option with my patients and help them protect themselves and those they love from COVID-19.” For more information about the Cherryville clinic or to make an appointment, call (704) 445-0422.

Published every Wednesday • USPS 163-580 by Community First Media, Inc. Periodicals postage at Cherryville, NC 28021 Office: 503 N. Lafayette St., Shelby, NC 28150 • Phone (704) 484-1047 • Fax (704) 484-1067 Annual mail subscription rates. Prices include 7% NC State Sales Tax Gaston & Cleveland Counties $38 • Other NC Counties $43 • Outside NC $58

It was the students’ choice to walk or run to rack up yardage in the May “Yards for Yeardley” walk/run aspect of Tim Pruitt’s Health & PE class at CHS. (photos provided)

STEP UP From Page 1 is eager and happy to do so. That is why, he has often said in the past, he chose the “Yards for Yeardley” walks to be a part of his physical education classes. He continued that at CHS this Spring, he noted, when on a Friday in May (7th, to be exact) the Health and Physical Education classes at Cherryville High School participated in the Spring “Yards for Yeardley” walks. The students walked or ran in the parking lot of the Cherryville First Wesleyan Church. Places were marked off for them to do so. Noted Coach Pruitt in a media release, “Yards for Yeardley is a program that provides awareness for dating violence and the importance of healthy relationships.” Simply put, the “Yards for Yeardley” program is a national movement to bring awareness to victims of domestic violence.

Michael Powell - Editor Greg Ledford - Display Advertising Kathy Reynolds - Legal Notices & Subscriptions Classified Advertising Mike Marlow - Circulation Phone 704-484-1047 Fax 704-484-1067

The late Yeardley Love was a female Lacrosse player at the University of Virginia who died as a result of domestic violence, allegedly at the hands of her former boyfriend. After her death her friends and family began a foundation that provides information to college and high school students around the United States. Pruitt continued, “Students were encouraged to participate in the ‘Yards for Yeardley’ movement in response to learning that one in three females and one in four males will be a victim of domestic violence in their lifetime. The classes also received information on signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships and how they can help someone who is being controlled in a negative manner.” Pruitt said the three classes involved were his first, second and fourth period classes, and they covered over 250,000 yards. Said Pruitt, “Ceniya Powell led all students as she covered 7,340 yards.”

He continued, “We had four girls walk or ran over 4,800 yards as part of the event, and they were Alyssa Baker (5,280), Chloe Buchanan (4,920), Bailey Dugan (4,920) and Damia Lingerfelt (4,800). Also, we had seven boys walk or ran over 6,000 yards, and they were Mason Jerrell (7,200), Caiden Anthony (6,120), Cameron Carswell (6,120), Nick Carver (6,120), Kemper Harris (6,120), Chance Hunt (6,000) and Henry Gil (6,000).” Coach Pruitt noted there were 60 students who participated in the event which took an entire class period. Pruitt also said he wanted to thank all of his students for their attention to this serious matter and their effort and energy in completing “Yards for Yeardley”. “I also want to thank Pastor Wayne Key for his work with my classes throughout the second semester at CHS,” added Pruitt. For more information on “Yards for Yeardley”, go to the website

Cherryville Eagle’s publisher and its advertisers are not responsible or liable for misprints, typographical errors, misinformation herein contained. We reserve the right to edit, reject or accept any articles, advertisements, or infor, INC mation to be printed in this publication. We “Creating Business For People” will provide ad proofs for pre-paid ads or ads that are placed by established clients. No proofs may leave our premises without payment and permission and are copyright by Community First Media. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher. No individual or business is permitted to place or attach any flyer, poster or any type of advertisement of any kind to our boxes or on our racks. CANCELLATION OR CORRECTION DEADLINE: The cancellation deadline is the same as the order deadline because much of our cost is involved in the production of the ad itself. If you have to cancel an ad after deadline, it may be necessary to charge for the time and materials we’ve already spent on preparing the ad. Display & Classified Deadline is Friday at 12 Noon. APPROVAL: All content is accepted subject to approval by the publisher. ERRORS: We want your ad to be accurate and correct, and normally there will be no errors. However, should there be an error and it is our fault, we will give you a correction letter and return (or give credit) for the actual space occupied by the incorrect item. Of course you should notify us of the error, before the ad runs a second time.



Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The Cherryville Eagle

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My heart’s desire is to love the Lord! is much stronger I have than just our hopes often ponand dreams of what dered on a could have been. dream to reThe heart’s desire is tire and live at discovered through the beach. We the wisdom, prayer could call that with meditation of my worldly God’s word. This or fleshly REV. KEITH HUSS type of desire is dream. Pastor – Mt. Zion Baptist usually extremely While this Church personal, spiritual, dream may deep, and intense. or may not come true, I do desire to Knowing this, have you remain healthy and live a ever seriously thought on what is your heart’s delong, happy life. Others may look to the sire? The Bible tells us, “Denow, seeking financial independence and wealth light yourself in the Lord instead of looking too far and He will give you the into the future. Whatever desires of your heart. your dream of tomorrow, Commit your ways unto we must recognize that the Lord; trust also in Him our heart’s desire is very and He shall bring it to different than our fleshly pass.” (Psalm 37:4-5) To delight in the Lord desire. A heart’s desire

Church giving out school supplies on August 7 Come join us for a morning dedicated to giving to children of the Cherryville community with school supplies on Saturday, Aug. 7, at St. John’s Lutheran Church from 10 a.m., until 12 noon. The church is located at 310 West Church Street in Cherryville. This is a community-wide event for all churches and any organizations who would like to help. Volunteers will be needed to help pack. Please check with your church or

call St. John’s Lutheran Church, who will be hosting this year. Please call St. John’s Lutheran Church to register your kids from now until July 26. Call Barbara at (704) 4359264. We will also offer free haircuts the day of the event. When you call to register, please register for that also. DayStar will also be there to share praise music. Table of Grace will serve hotdogs with all the trimmings.

means giving yourself away while finding pleasure or joy in whatever comes. ‘Commit’ means to be loyal, to be dedicated in your faith before the Lord. Proverbs 3:5 says we should trust in the Lord with all our hearts and lean not unto our own understanding. When we delight in, commit to, and trust our ways to the Lord, God is promising to give us the desires of our hearts. Could we truly receive the desires of our hearts? Scripture says, ‘yes’! The Lord gives His children their aspirations only when they’re derived from a sincere heart and desire for God’s honor and glory. In other words, we can’t hold back on God for

He is a jealous God. “For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son that whosoever believed in Him should not perish but receive everlasting life. For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through Him might be saved.” (John 3:16-17) The sinless Son of God took our place and the sins of the world upon the cross. God deserves 100 percent of all that we are, nothing less. God knows the intent of our hearts. He also knows when we’re seriously giving our very best. He wants to give His children the desires of the heart, but we learn that for this to happen our hearts must first desire Him as

Lord! I thought long about what is my heart’s desire. It is to love the Lord with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind and all my strength according to Matthew 22:37. I am thankful for the Lord’s saving grace, His protection, forgiveness, guidance, and His immeasurable love for a sinner like me. My heart’s desire is to see my children, grandchildren, family and friends all living for the Lord. I also pray that you as a citizen of Cherryville, N.C., would consider Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. What is your heart’s desire?

Country breakfast at Shady Grove on Aug. 7 Shady Grove Baptist Church, 3240 Tryon Courthouse Rd., Cherryville, is having a Country Breakfast on Saturday, Aug. 7, from 7 to 10 a.m. Donations only. For more information, call the church at (704) 435-9605.

Shady Grove Baptist services Shady Grove Baptist Church, 3240 Tryon Courthouse Rd., Cherryville, meets every Sunday at 8:45 a.m., for Sunday School; and at 10 a.m., for Worship Service. They also meet Wednesday at 6:45 p.m., for Adult Small Groups and Youth and Children’s Activities. For more information, please call (704) 435-9605.

Cherryville Area

Places of Worship

St. John’s Lutheran Church 310 West Church Street, Cherryville Anthony Grove Baptist Church 100 Anthony Grove Road Crouse, NC 704-435-6001








Bess Chapel United Methodist Church 6073 Flay Road Cherryville, NC 704-435-7969 Bethlehem United Methodist Church 6753 NC 182 Highway Cherryville, NC 704-435-1608 Blessed Hope Baptist Church 3357 Fallston-Waco Road Cherryville, NC 704-435-8530 Body of Christ Fellowship Center 405 S. Cherokee Street Cherryville, NC Calvary Way Holiness Church 1017 Second Street Cherryville, NC Pastor Clifton Morgan Cherryville Church of God 810 East Main Street Cherryville, NC 704-435-2275 Cherryville Missionary Methodist Church 318 W. Ballard Street Cherryville, NC 704-435-6934 • Working Moms • Homeschool Moms • College Praying Moms • Moms of Career Age Young Adults • Military Families • Moms Praying For Prodigals • Special Needs Praying Moms • Church Based Groups • Language Based Groups • Prison Based Groups

OUR MISSION: Moms in Prayer International impacts children and schools worldwide for Christ by gathering mothers to pray.

Emmanuel Baptist Church 1155 Marys Grove Church Road Cherryville, NC 704-435-5764

Fairview Baptist Church 415 South Mountain Street Cherryville, NC 704-435-4299

Living Word Ministries 306 East Academy Street Cherryville, NC 704-435-3213

Second Baptist Church 201 Houser Street Cherryville, NC 704-435-9657

First Baptist Church 301 East 1st Street Cherryville, NC 704-435-3796

Marys Grove United Methodist Church 1223 Marys Grove Church Rd Cherryville, NC 704-435-5544

Shady Grove Baptist Church 3240 Tryon Courthouse Road Cherryville, NC 704-435-9605

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church 235 A.W. Black Street Waco, NC 704-435-8842

St. John’s Lutheran Church 310 West Church Street Cherryville, NC 704-435-9264

Mt. Zion Baptist Church 112 Mt. Zion Church Road Cherryville, NC 704-435-9636

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church 1203 St. Mark’s Church Road Cherryville, NC 704-435-5941

North Brook Baptist Church 7421 Flay Road Cherryville, NC 704-435-4471

Victory Life Assembly of God 1655 Shelby Highway Cherryville, NC 704-435-5539

Oak Grove AME Zion Church 542 Flint Hill Road Cherryville, NC 704-435-3687

Waco Baptist Church 262 N. Main Street Waco, NC 704-435-9311

Oak Grove Baptist Church 219 Tot Dellinger Road Cherryville, NC 704-435-3053

Washington Missionary Baptist Church 1920 Stony Point Road Waco, NC 704-435-3138

First Church of the Nazarene 301 North Elm Street Cherryville, NC 828-838-2428 First Presbyterian Church 107 West Academy Street Cherryville, NC 704-435-6064 First United Methodist Church 601 N. Pink St. Cherryville, NC 704-435-6732 First Wesleyan Church 800 North Pink Street Cherryville, NC 704-435-6069 Free Saints Chapel Church 813 Self Street Cherryville, NC 704-435-0949 Gospel Way Baptist Church 3904 Tryon Courthouse Rd. Cherryville, NC 866-356-3219 Jesus Servant Ministries 108 N. Mountain St. Cherryville, NC 704-769-8085 Legacy Church 805 Self Street Cherryville, NC 704-457-9615

Revival Tabernacle 1104 Delview Road Cherryville, NC 704-435-4073 Rudisill Chapel AME Zion Church 417 South Mountain Street Cherryville, NC 704-435-5621

Word of Faith Ministry 306 Doc Wehunt Road Cherryville, NC 704-435-5560 Zion Hill Baptist Church 3460 Zion Hill Road Cherryville, NC 704-435-3355

If your church is in the Cherryville area and is not listed, please give Lorri a call at 704-484-1047 or email

Stamey-Cherryville Funeral Home & Cremation Service

405 North Dixie Street, Cherryville, NC



400 N. Lafayette St., Shelby


Open Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. 8:30am-5:30 pm • Sat. 8:00am-3:00pm Closed Wednesday and Sunday

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The Cherryville Eagle

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Graduates pictured (L-R) are: Vincent Wong, Will Jones, Earnest Sumner II, Ashlyn Wadesworth, Jeff Phelps, Whitney Hill, Michelle Melton, Shelton Watson, Lisa Clement-Bryant, Reggie Bloom, Josh Watkins, Natasha Gilbert, Diana Willman, Krystle White, Verlina Lomick and Labrey Burris. Kneeling, facilitators Octavia Seawell and Jennifer Davis. Graduates not pictured: Miles Braswell, Holly Powell and Rachel Wildstein. (photo provided)

GT’s Civic Engagement Leadership graduation celebration



Subsequent sessions are then developed around these focus areas. One highlight of the sessions each year is the Community Leaders “Speed Networking” day. Community leaders are selected to participate based on the focus areas important to that particular CEL class. Funding for the third class of Civic Engagement Leadership was graciously provided by the Carrie E. and Lena B. Glenn Foundation, the First Gaston Foundation, Dominion Energy and Gaston County. Fellowship Sponsors were Charlie and Helene Pearson, TJ Solomon and Parkdale Mills. Gaston Together is currently taking applications


00per week

for CEL 4 which will begin with an orientation in August with sessions beginning in September. For more information or to get an application, contact Gaston Together at dlockett@gastontogether. org, or call (704) 867-9869, ext. 111. (Formed in 1997, Gaston Together: Communities of Excellence is a grassroots, non-profit organization committed to creating a community of excellence in Gaston County by bringing people and resources together to tackle BIG Community Challenges.)

only$1800 per week




CDC Matthew Dellinger - President

322 E. Main St., Cherryville • 704.435.9692

Accounting & Tax Service Judy Gordon

FUNERAL HOMES Stamey-Cherryville Funeral Home and Cremation Service

Please Call For Appointment

FAX: 704-435-8298

109 W. Main Street • Cherryville, NC 28021



J. Pete Craft, Manager

Scism & Son Paint & Body Shop Phillip Scism

Charles Scism

2027 Shelby Rd., Kings Mountain

PO Box 427 • 405 N. Dixie Street, Cherryville, NC 704-445-8144 • 704-445-8119 Fax



Serving you since 1997!


Cherryville Distributing Co., Inc



Alray Tire Center


401 E. MAIN STREET • CHERRYVILLE • 704-802-4048 327 W. DIXON BLVD. • SHELBY • 704-600-6105 226 CARBON CITY RD. • MORGANTON • 828-430-7232


Alignments • Brakes • Oil Change Mechanic On Duty

Carports • Garages • Portable Storage Buildings Metal Roofing and Accessories 704-482-7880 1705 S. Lafayette St. • Shelby, NC


From Page 2 not required to show vaccination cards, while they can choose whether to wear masks at schools.” It is unclear why such a requirement is mentioned. For one, no one under 12 years of age is currently eligible for a vaccine. When it comes to issues like medical privacy and, especially, options for those who have obtained immunity through infection, Jon Sanders, Director of Regulatory Studies for the John Locke Foundation, has more questions than the FAQ page can answer. “I think it’s an absolute joke that they’re trying to make people feel comfortable that the information is private, after establishing that it’s pretty much anybody’s business to ask,” Sanders said when asked for comment on the recently launched passport. “Furthermore, I would absolutely love for someone to ask why there’s no interest and no way to provide equally valid proof of natural immunity from prior infection, regardless of whether it was officially diagnosed.” Requiring proof of vaccination to enter a business, event, or university classroom is justified on the basis that those individuals are unlikely to contribute to the further spread of COVID-19, and a state-certified vaccine passport helps facilitate that screening process. When it comes to the previously infected, however, no state-certified tools exist to prove what the National Institutes of Health describes as “durable” long-term immune protection from SARS-CoV2 for those that have recovered from a previous infection. The COVID infected-and-recovered population is similarly absent in Governor Cooper’s continued push for higher vaccination rates as well. With new emphasis on rising cases of the ‘Delta Variant’ in North Carolina and around the nation, the push for vaccination has regained a sense of urgency. The governor visits vaccination sites nearly every week

for active engagement. Sessions were conducted as an “experiential learning laboratory” where participants feel safe to practices skills learned during the sessions. Some highlights of the process included work on communication skills and civic dialogue, influencing as a leader and community building by working across differences in demographics and community sectors, and self-assessment pre and post program testing for growth/ change comparison. Community focus areas important to them as residents of Gaston County such as education and diversity in leadership were identified early in their sessions.



in an attempt to reach goals his administration set for total vaccination rates, regardless of passing the targeted date. According to North Carolina’s COVID Dashboard from N.C. Department of Health and Human Service, as of publication, more than half of North Carolinians 12 years and up have received both vaccination doses. This includes nearly 85 percent of North Carolinians 65 years and older, the most vulnerable demographic. Yet, despite the introduction of a cash lottery to incentivize more people to get vaccinated, rates in North Carolina have plateaued in recent weeks. Similar trends are apparent around the country, prompting those in national media to probe federal officials about whether they support local vaccine mandates. Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the president’s chief medical advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci, recently voiced unequivocal support for local vaccination mandates. Pressed for President Joe Biden’s take in the wake of Fauci’s comment, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the president, too, would be supportive of local mandates. “What Dr. Fauci was conveying is that there will be decisions made by local leaders – just like there will be decisions made by business leaders, by institutional leaders – on how they can keep their communities safe. And we support their right to make those decisions,” Psaki told reporters. Clear limitations exist in issuing federal vaccine mandates, limitations often lamented by White House officials when discussing the issue. Similarly, Governor Cooper faces limits in issuing statewide mandates for vaccines, or vaccine passports. But if Cooper were to follow the president’s and Fauci’s lead in supporting local mandates, enforcement of said mandates would necessarily require the use of vaccine passports, which the State of North Carolina now offers in official form.

conducted an extensive research and discovery phase to examine other leadership programs in the county to identify any possible gaps and avoid duplication of efforts. The CEL process was built around three areas for enhancement identified during this research phase: intentional cross-sector community building, greater knowledge of Gaston County (its past, present and impact on the future) and indepth personal awareness and skills development. The process was designed with eight sessions; six full-day and two halfday classes. The classes were limited to a group of 20-25 participants to allow


On May 11, Gaston Together was finally able to conduct the Graduation Celebration for the third class of their Civic Engagement Leadership (CEL) process. These graduates began their sessions in August 2019 anticipating a June 2020 graduation. Due to Covid restrictions, they had to extend their number of sessions by three and conduct them via a virtual format just to complete the CEL process. Fortunately, they were far enough along in

the CEL process to enable a virtual format to work. One year later, they were able to Graduate AND celebrate! The Graduation Celebration event was held at the Gaston Country Club at 5:30 p.m. Guests were greeted with a Welcome Reception that was sponsored by the second class of CEL. The program and presentation followed. Gaston Together created the CEL process in response to a two-fold community request: 1) to create a potential future pool of leaders for Gaston County and 2) to attract and retain the young adult in Gaston County through leadership opportunities. Gaston Together


Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was a long-awaited event.

To Place Your Ad Call Scott Helms at 704-473-0080 Today!

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The Cherryville Eagle

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Post 100 seniors end season 22-6 overall; 3-1 in State playoffs by MICHAEL E. POWELL Editor

The Cherryville-hosted American Legion NC State Championship Tournament started last week with a great banquet at Cherryville First Baptist Church’s COC, where all the teams that came from Area’s I, II, III, and IV to eat a meal and meet and greet each other. Against Post 11 (Wayne Co.) Tournament play began for Post 100 on Wednesday, July 28, when they faced off against Wayne County’s Post 11. Post 11 fought valiantly but the big bats of Cherryville’s Post 100 men struck back enough to drive in eight P100 runs, ending the game with the Cherryville club on top, 8-2. Winning pitcher Zach Wilson struck out four batters and walked two. Zane Brockman came in and struck out four batters and also walked two Post 11 players. Big Noah Huss came in and finished the game for Post 100. Post 100 hitters did their job well also as Wilson helped himself by going 2-4; Brockman also helped himself at the plate by going 1-4, getting an RBI, and scoring on a wild pitch. Others doing well in this one were: Will Heavner (1-4, 2 RBIs); Samuel Duncan (on base due to being hit by a pitch); Cole Irby (2-3, a double, a walk, and scored on a balk); Joseph Webb (2-3, 1 RBI, scored on a wild pitch); Landon Hahn (an RBI); Reid Stroupe (walked); and Collin Robinson (1-3). Post 100 scored eight runs on nine hits. Against Post 342 (Rowan Co.)

On Thursday, July 29, pretty much everybody got to make it to the plate in this one as Post 100 dealt Rowan County a 17-1 defeat in six innings of play. Winning pitcher Joseph Webb struck out six batters, and walked three as he went the distance in this one. Post 100’s ball club rapped out 14 hits on their way to their 17 runs, made no errors, and left five on base. Against Post 545 (Port City) On Friday, July 30, Post 100 beat this scrappy club 12-9, as starter Noah Ingle struck out one batter but walked three before being replaced on the mound by Coach Reynolds by Brett Mason who only walked another Port City batter. Collin Robinson took the mound next and struck out one Port City batter until he was pulled and Brady Mackall got on the mound to wrap things up for Post 100. The infield and outfield crews pretty much took care of business as the Port City players put the bat to the ball but their hits wound up being either ground outs or fly outs in the outfield. Zach Wilson was 3-5, and scored on a wild pitch; Samuel Duncan was 2-5, walked twice and had 2 RBIs; next it was Zane Brockman (1-3, a double, an RBI); Cody Mosteller (1-1, on due to a fielder’s choice out); Will Heavner (1-3, HR, 2 RBIs); Landon Hahn (1-2); Brett Mason (1-2, got on base, then scored later); Ty Heavner (walked); Jacob Hamrick (1-4, an RBI, scored); Reid Stroupe (got on due to an error, an RBI); Cole Irby (1-1, an RBI); and Collin Robinson (2-4, a walk, scored on a wild pitch). Post 100’s men had 12

hits and got 12 runs in six innings of play. Against Post 10 (Wilmington) Post 100 had a 3-0 lead in the State Championships as they headed into Saturday, July 31’s 7 p.m., semis game against powerhouse Wilmington. The Cherryville club fought hard against the power hitters of this ball club but in the end were just not able to make a win for the hometown happen as Post 10 downed the Cherryville team 1710. Wilmington moved on to the Sunday finals, played at Cherryville at 3 p.m. The winner of that game moves on as the NC State AL Champs to the Regionals in Asheboro, starting this week. Coach Reynolds had to use four pitchers in this matchup: starter Zane Brockman struck out three batters and walked three; Noah Huss struck out one batter and walked three; Landon Hahn walked three batters; Brady Mackall then came in and gave it his best. Hitters for Post 100 and how they fared are: Zach Wilson (2-5, an RBI); Samuel Duncan (4-5, 3 RBIs); Brockman (1-5, a walk, a fielder’s choice); Cole Irby (1-5); Joseph Webb (4-5, an RBI); Hahn (2-5, 2 RBIs); Brett Mason (walked, hit by a pitch); Jacob Hamrick (1-2, an RBI); and Collin Robinson (1-4, an RBI). The men had 10 runs off of 14 hits, made only one error, and left 13 men stranded on base. Post 100 seniors team ends their 2021 season at 22-6 overall; 3-1 in the playoffs. The Post 100 Juniors finished their 2021 season at 19-5. (Additional information by Susan L. Powell, Danny Eaker and Ned Yates)

The ceremonial first pitch kicks of the start of the NC State AL Tournament hosted by Cherryville’s Post 100. County Commissioner Allen Fraley throws the ball to his catcher, Carl “Little Boozie” Dellinger. (photos by MEP/The Eagle/CF Media)

As part of the opening of the Cherryville-hosted 2021 NC State American Legion Tournament, the Traditional New Year’s Shooters members Warren Chapman and Gary Dellinger, along with a few of their fellow shooters, fire a musket volley to bring good luck to all the teams.

Post 100 players Noah Ingle and Zach Wilson receive the team’s American Legion Area IV Championship trophy from Area IV Commissioner Jerry Hudson. Taking a photo of the event is Post 100’s Athletic Director, Ned Yates.

318 South Washington St. • Shelby, NC

704-487-8114 •



BILLY CRASH CRADDOCK Friday, August 27th Tickets Available

Zane Brockman of Post 100 is seconds away from driving one hard into the outfield for a base hit against Post 11, Wayne County at last Wednesday’s opening day of the NC State Tournament playoffs.

The look on Post 100’s Collin Robinson says it all as he cheers his teammate, Zach Wilson to slide! The ump has his eye on all of it as the dust puffs up in the Wilmington catcher’s mitt as he has the ball but will be too slow to keep Wilson from scoring.

The ball flies off Zach Wilson’s bat as he gets a hit in the Post 100/Wayne County game last Wednesday.

Post 100’s Collin Robinson gets a hit against Wayne County in Wednesday’s game.

Landon Hahn has his eye on the ball as it speeds his way in last Wednesday’s playoff win against Wayne County.

The Wilmington pitcher tries to pick off Post 100’s speedy Samuel Duncan who was trying to make a break and steal second.

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The Cherryville Eagle

Wednesday, August 4, 2021




THE SPANGLER REUNION will be Sunday, August 15th, Double Shoals Baptist Church, 12-Noon, followed by lunch. Please bring well-filled basket.

FULL TIME EXPERIENCED COMMERCIAL MECHANIC ASE Certified A Plus. Apply In Person at 1900 Elizabeth Ave., Shelby, NC

BUSINESS SERVICES ROB’S LAWN CARE. I do lawns in the Shelby Area. Reasonable Rates! Call 704487-5065 or (704) 297-0325

LOCK ‘N’ ROLL STORAGE. “ALL NEW” 10’x10’ and 10’x15’ Storage Units Available. Self Store Dawn til Dusk. Secure and Convenient! Located at 1002 Polkville Rd., (Hwy 226 N.) Shelby. Located next to 5 Star Auto Sales. or Call (704) 484-4112 POLKVILLE SCHOOL ALUMINI REUNION. Sat, August 7, 5pm. All former students are welcome. For more information call Marietta Floyd (704) 487-5480

TRIPLE D PAINTING LLC. All your painting needs, free estimates, over 25 yrs experience! Framing, facial boards and much more wood work available! Making your home, building or business look new again. (704) 418-5736 HOME HELPER/COMPANION. Assist with activities of daily living. Excellent references. Cherryville, NC and surrounding areas. Call Denise, 614-551-1658. Thank you. TRACTOR & DUMP TRUCK SERVICE. Bush Hog, scrape driveway, gravel parking pads, lot clearing and much more. Reasonably priced and insured. Call Chuck 704-6927536. (704) 692-7536 REAL ESTATE CLASSES. Register for Real Estate Prelicense, Postlicense and CE at t h o m a s r e s n c @ g m a i l .c o m Top-Rated Virtual Programs - Engaging Instructor - High Pass Rate. (828) 333-7059

COINS * COINS * COINS. We Buy & Sell Coins. “Coin Collector Supplies.” JAKE’S KNIVES & COLLECTIBLES. 1008 South Lafayette Street, Shelby. Call 704-600-6996 (980) 295-5568

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NOW HIRING Roofing Laborer. Call 704-477-0516. SALVATION ARMY STORE IN SHELBY has part-time positions available for store clerks, truck driver and truck helper. Apply in person at 305 N. Lafayette St., Shelby - 9am-12noon or 1pm-4pm Monday-Thursday. NOW HIRING. Come Grow with us Now Hiring Operators and Laborers, Competitive Pay, Apply online at or call 704-600-6534 NEED HELP TO SIT WITH ELDERLY LADY. Days, Nights and Weekends. In the Bostic Community, Rutherford Co. Compensation depends on qualifications. (She does have cats) If interested call Cathy @ 828-447-2419

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ONE ON ONE CARE is hiring for all shifts. Full/parttime hours available. Group homes are 6 beds or less. CNA/Nursing assistant jobs available but not required. No exp. necessary, all trainings included. Also hiring for Agency QP. Please apply in person at 203 Lee St., Shelby.

IT’S TIME TO TRIM CREPE MYRTLE TREES. Spreading Mulch or Gravel, minor chainsaw work and storm clean-up. I can do many of your outside chores with over 15 years experience all over Cleveland County and stretching to the Forest City area. Nice, honest, dependable, clean, drugfree, he’s an all around great guy and handyman, so call Rob today and see what I can help you with. 980-295-0750.

FULL TIME MAINTENANCE MAN NEEDED. Maintain rental properties. Must have valid NC Drivers license. Pay depends on experience. (704) 473-4299

CALL HENRY DODGE. 704470-5241. For Free Estimates on Home Improvement needs. Laminate Floor Installation, $2.50 per square foot. For Labor only.

PART-TIME CHURCH HOSTESS FOR FLORENCE Baptist Church. Duties will include but not limited to: Managing Wednesday Night Fellowship Suppers, Meals for Bereaved Families, Vacation Bible School snack suppers and other special fellowship events. For more information visit the church webpage www.fl or call the church office 828-245-5411. WANTING TO HIRE: ORDAINED PASTOR for a small, non-denominational, traditional Christian church in the Shelby area. Send resume to: “Pastor”, 836 East Main Street, Shelby, NC 28150

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RUTHERFORD COUNTY YARD SALE. Yard Sale 2 weeks, 397 Mt. Pleasant Church Rd, Forest City, NC Wed., Aug 4th -7th, from 08:00 AM Until; Tue., Aug 10th -14th 8am until. Too much to list. For more info call 828-245-4496, Forest City, NC 28043 ESTATE/YARD SALE Fri.Sat., Aug. 6-7, 8-5; Furniture, household, tools, rods/reels, canning jars, more. 650 Gun Club Road, Bostic, NC 28018

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T.V. STAND FOR SALE. New T.V. Stand, $125.00. Call 704538-8867 or cell, 704-8349848. NICE SUMMER CLOTHES. Shorts, Capris, Tanks, Knit tops, Blouses. Size 10-M. $2$6. 704-484-3128. PIANO FOR SALE. Kimball console piano with bench, good condition, Ideal for students. $200.00 (704) 6007865 NEW MENS BIKE. Cash Only. New Mens Bike, ridden only once, yellow, 3 speed, special mirrors, bike carrier, air pump, $175.00 502-594-5279 RIDING MOWER SNAPPER HIGH VAC 28” Cut. “Runs Like New!” Recently Serviced! Has Mulching Blade & Extra Blade. $350 Cash. (704) 300-0030 FACTORY CHROME WHEELS. Fit 20” Dodge Ram. 55 gallon Aquarium, complete set up w/ stand. Portable AC/Heater with remote L/N. (704) 487-0072 JOHN DEERE RIDING MOWER. 42” riding mower. Good condition. $250. (704) 473-7726 GREAT DEAL!!! Set of 431x10 R15 Wheels and Tires for Ford Ranger. 90% Wear Left. 250.00. Set of 4 Tires wheels for Kia 205, 55 16. 90% wear. 200.00. Call 828-287-3820.

AMBER HONEY $50. Food Grade Totes $100, Plastic Drums $10, Drums with Lids & Rings $20, Burn Barrels $10. Call Jeff (Hickory, NC). (828) 327-4782 LOCK ‘N’ ROLL STORAGE. “ALL NEW” 10’x10’ and 10’x15’ Storage Units Available. Self Store Dawn til Dusk. Secure and Convenient! Located at 1002 Polkville Rd., (Hwy 226 N.) Shelby. Located next to 5 Star Auto Sales. For Info Call (704) 484-4112 RETIRED GENERAL CONTRACTOR AVAILABLE for small job repairs and fixes. Deck repair a specialty. Rutherford/Cleveland County areas. Bob, 828-476-6058.

ALL TERRAIN MWD ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR. Frontier V6 (A7) by Magic Mobility. “Like New!” Must See! Cost $7000 will take $2000. Call (864) 491-3439 DALE EARNHART SR. SOUVENIRS for sale. 704-4660401, (704) 487-9653 FIREWOOD FOR SALE. Long wheelbase load, Full loaded. $70.00/load. Delivered. 864-492-4793 or 803627-9408. CAMPER COVER. LEER Fiberglass Camper Cover with Front and Side sliding windows, Excellent Condition, Fits Toyota Tacoma. $400. Call 603-988-3430 RIDING/PUSH MOWERS, GARDEN TILLERS, GOKARTS, MINI-BIKES. Ready to mow. All in excellent condition. Can deliver, 30+ years experience in repair work. 828-980-0853, 704-4769383. MAPLE DINING TABLE. 2 leaves, 6 chairs; brand new large microwave; retro 50’s metal dining table, 1/insert; Raytheon Collector’s T.V. 704860-4247 ALL METAL GARAGES. Big Discounts! Zero down. Call for more details. 828-382-0455. DEER CORN. SHELLED, 50lbs, $10.05. 828-287-3272. PROPANE GRILL TANKS RE-FILLED. Only $10.99. Call 828-287-3272. NEW CANNING JARS with Lids & Seals. $17.67 per case. Call 828-287-3272. ACEPHATE FIRE ANT KILLER. Works great! $12.99. Call 828-287-3272. KILL ALL YOUR WEEDS! Ranger Pro 2.5 gallon. $44.00. 828-287-3272.

50+ TRAILERS IN STOCK NOW. More on the way! Areas largest selection, quality, best price. J. Johnson Sales, Inc., Forest City. 828-245-5895.

NOW HIRING LANDSCAPERS FOR FULL TIME YEAR ROUND EMPLOYMENT. Must have valid driver’s license and transportation. (704) 473-0341


PAINTING SERVICES. Over 25 years experience, affordable prices. Professional results. References available. Free estimates. Charles, or leave message. (704) 435-8062.

ONE CEMETERY PLOT in Boiling Springs for sale. $700.00 negotiable. 980-2898841

EXPERIENCED AUTO BODY TECHNICIAN NEEDED. Must have own tools and valid drivers license. (704) 445-0970 SALVATION ARMY STORE IN SHELBY has part-time positions available for store clerks, truck driver and truck helper. Apply in person at 305 N. Lafayette St., Shelby - 9am-12noon or 1pm-4pm Monday-Thursday.


USED CAMPER TOPS: BUY/ SALE/TRADE. Various sizes and styles. 828-980-0881. PHOENIX “HEAVY DUTY” TRAVEL SCOOTER. Four wheel. Adjustable seat & arm rest. Anti tilt wheels, headlight. Paid $1300 new. $650 OBO. Call (704) 750-3182 CAMPFIRE WOOD BUNDLES FOR SALE. Seasoned wood, stretch wrapped. Similar size to convenience stores/ home centers. $4.50 per bundle. (704) 435-3970

HAVE A STORAGE BUILDING NOT USING, OUTGROWN IT? Sell it, trade in for new bigger one. We take trades, we buy used buildings. Must be factory built, able to move. J. Johnson Sales INC. 828-245-5895. ENCLOSED TRAILER IN STOCK. Dump trailers in stock and more on the way! J. Johnson Sales, Inc., Forest City. 828-245-5895. HAVE A TRAILER NOT USING? SELL IT! J. Johnson Sales INC. Buy, Sale, Trade trailers. Must have title. Call 828-245-5895. CARPORTS, GARAGES, BUILDINGS, RV, BOAT COVERS IN STOCK. Areas largest on site display. Best selection, quality price. J. Johnson Sales, Inc. 2690 Hwy. 221S., Forest City. 828-245-5895. FLAG POLES, FLAGS IN STOCK. Pickup or we deliver and install available. J. Johnson Sales INC, Forest City. Call 828-245-5895. 16X40 OR TWO STORY BUILDINGS BUILT ON SITE. 1 DAY INSTALL. J. Johnson Sales INC. 828-245-5895. UTILITY BUILDINGS, STORAGE BUILDINGS. Steel, Wood, Vinyl. Some fully insulated, 1 to 2 day delivery if buy from stock. Cash or low down payment with monthly payments. No credit ok. J. Johnson Sales INC. 828-2455895.

Deadline: Friday at 12:00 Noon



MARY JANE HIPP LOOKING FOR Peggy Dimsdale and Ileene McMurry and picture of Bryce Clemmer for Rutherford County Woodworkers Album. Call 828447-1314.

FREE TO A GOOD HOME. Two border collie-blue heeler, 2 year old dogs, in need of a loving home with wide open space. Finn (boy) and Rey (girl) are two sweet and lovable litter mates. Rey is smaller and has some back leg issues. Finn is very active. They are great family dogs. They come together as a bonded pair. (704) 915-8886 jason_

WANT TO BUY INTERESTED IN ZERO TURN MOWER. I’m interested in buying a zero turn lawn mower. (No Kohler Engines) Call 704-300-8201 WANT TO BUY R-S Central yearbooks. 75 and older. Call 828-748-9774

AKC REGISTERED LABRADORS. Chocolate AKC Registered Labradors for sale. Vet checked, 1st shots and papers in hand. $800.00 (828) 3456215


COCKA- POO PUPS. Cockapoo Pups born June 6. Parents on site. Tails docked, declawed, Will weigh 15 to 25 pounds. Very Tempermental. $900.00 each 828-305-2181 or 980-622-3058

WANT TO BUY: STAMP COLLECTIONS and accumulations of same. Call 828652-9425 or 954-614-2562.

GUINEAS KEETS BABIES AND BANTAMS. Guineas Keets Babies $5.00. Bantams Babies $2.00 for sale. One to two weeks old. (704) 476-9943


PUG PUPPIES. AKC Pug Puppies, Fawn, Shots, Wormed, and Starter Kit. $800 each. Ready now. (828) 413-5399

LOOKING FOR A MEDIUM SIZE USED TRACTOR AND BUSH HOG. Prefer John Deere. 704-466-0401, (704) 487-9653 WANT TO BUY. ATV’s, PopUp Campers and Small Travel Trailers. Call 828-429-3935. CASH FOR YOUR CAR running or not, title or no title. Call Charles Dellinger at Red Road Towing. 704692-6767, (704) 487-0228 I PAY CASH FOR DIABETIC TEST STRIPS. Up to $10 per 100ct. Must be Unused, Unexpired. I’m local and pay fast. (828) 577-4197

LOST & FOUND LOST! POCKET BOOK TAKEN FROM CAR. South Shelby Area. Reward offered for return. (704) 466-3627

YOUNG PULLETS hatched on April 7th. Easter Eggers, RIR and Golden Comet Chass. #10.00 each. 509432-4914 SIAMESE KITTENS Would love 1 or 2. Will give excellent home in country. 704-4622651 (H) or 828-461-1654 (C). DOG KENNELS. 7x7, 5x10, 10x10, 10x20, 20x20 tops, split kennels. Pickup or we deliver and install available. J. Johnson Sales INC, Forest City. 828-245-5895.

CASH FOR YOUR RECORD ALBUMS. Call Ron. (919) 314-7579


DANNY’S AUTOWERKS. Buying used or junk cars. Competitive prices. Call Danny 828-289-3081 or Jimmy 828-289-1175. WANTED: OLD AND NEW AMMO. Reloading supplies. Call 828-245-6756 or cell # 828-289-1488.

FARM & GARDEN 12 ROUND BALES COASTAL HAY. 4.5’ bales. $35 each. Hwy 221 south of Chesnee, left of Cow Bridge Road. (864) 706-9738

2020 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2500HD 12,000 miles, Crew Cab, Gas Engine, Fully Loaded, Bed Cover, Running Boards, $60,000. Call 828475-9807 (704) 538-5637 1999 CHEVROLET CAVALIER 2 Dr-Sport. Dependable, Great deal. For sale as is. $2,000.00. 704-477-3460.

NEW SOUTHERN 5 FT. BUSH HOG. $1,250. 828-2873272.

BOATS 14” ALUMINUM BOAT with 30lb. motor. Thrust Guide trolling motor & battery. 2 paddles, 2 life jackets. Battery running lights. Swivel seat in back. $900 Call 980-9253448

PETS & LIVESTOCK HEDGEHOGS AND SUGAR GLIDERS HOME. Male and female are available for both babies contact us if interested and for more info (915) 201-5269

1929 FORD MODEL A REPLICA. Rumble seat and trunk. $10,000.00. 828-305-2763. 2003 DODGE DURANGO SLT. 4x4, V-8, 107,000 miles, new tires, 3rd row seating, rear air, clean, runs great. $5200. (704) 487-0072 2007 BUICK LACROSSE V-6, At, all power, local forest city car, 160k miles, $4800, call 828-980-8461 2009 FORD EDGE 147,862 miles, Call for Price, $1299 DOWN (704) 748-1890 1993 FORD F-150 CARGO VAN for Sale. 60,000 actual miles. 6 cylinder, AT, AC, new tires, Excellent condition. $5,950.00. 704-487-0550 or 704-678-3954.

PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS with Scratch Pads! Press Room Printing. 704482-2243. (704) 538-5788

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WANT TO BUY CARS, TRUCKS. Trailers, Tractors, Farm Equipment. Must have ID and proof of ownership. Callahan’s Towing. (704) 6921006

HORSE QUALITY HAY. Square and round bales, also 3x3x8’ bales. Call (704) 4876855

TRAILERS, LAWNMOWER TRAILERS, Flatbed Trailers, Enclosed Trailers, Horse and Cattle Trailers, Saddlery. Check our prices and quality before you buy. Bridges Riding Equipment. Boiling Springs, NC. (704) 434-6389

RHODE ISLAND REDS Pullets. $8.00 each, Laying Hens - $12.00-$14.00, and others. 704-473-1311.



2012 PUMA 26’ TRAVEL TRAILER. Clean like new, new AC, new skylights, 4 new tires, slide out, queen bed, TV incl, Tow and set up equipment incl., $15,000. Call 828475-9807 or (704) 538-5637


Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The Cherryville Eagle

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OCEAN LAKE BEACH HOUSE 2 bedroom, 2 bath. Also pullout couch, golf cart. Weeks and weekends. 704472-5182




HOUSE IN LAWNDALE. Nice semi-Private Back Yard! Washer and Dryer Hookup. Call (704)538-7661. Sec Dep, Ref, Background required. (704) 538-7661

1, 2 & 3 BEDROOM TOWNHOMES. Shelby, NC. We are currently accepting applications for our waiting list. Rent is based on income (and some expenses are deducted). Call or visit us today, Laurel Hill Apartments 704-487-1114. Equal Housing Opportunity.

LIONS SENIOR VILLAGE has 1 bedroom HUD subsidized apartments for low income seniors. Taking applications. Age 62 or older. Equal Housing Opportunity. 211 North Morgan Street, (704) 482-7723

REAL ESTATE CLEVELAND COUNTY 1986 MINNIE WINNIE $1820 20 ft. Class C, 5.7L engine, sleep 4-6 pers, 81k miles, info at, non smoker owner. (910) 4482081

NEW 2021 SUZUKI DR 650 DUAL SPORT MOTORCYCLE. Asking $4,500. Mint condition, warranty transferable. Call 864-279-7840. Inman, SC. 2004 BMW RT 1150 Hard bags, 86K miles, blue. (704) 538-8625

VACATIONS 1984 FLEETWOOD PACE ARROW MOTOR HOME. 30 FT., 85,987 miles. $8,995 firm. Never be homeless! 828-4530828. 2014 CEDAR CREEK SILVERBACK 5th wheel, 33 ft., 3 slides, great condition. $32,000. 864-237-5359

OCEAN LAKES MYRTLE BEACH. Cottage N34. 2 bedroom, 2 bath, den, kitchen, dining, covered deck, near country store. Call Dorcas, 803-7182659, (803) 635-9831 OCEAN LAKES BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT. 2 bedroom with sleeper sofa, WiFi, golf cart. Weeks & weekends available. 704-473-1494.

Deadline: Friday at 12:00 Noon

HOUSE FOR SALE 109 Dundee Court, Shelby. 3 BR, 1 BA, Living Room, Large Kitchen & Dining. Very private. 1 acre lot. Little work needed done. $55,000 or OBO. 704974-0611. (704) 974-0611 HOUSE FOR SALE. 3 BR, 1 BA, 2 car garage, Front screened in porch on 1/2 acre lot. Come and see. 148 Hicks Road in Grover. NEED TO SELL YOUR HOUSE? I PURCHASE UNWANTED RENTAL PROPERTY AND/OR STARTER HOMES. MUST BE PRICED TO SELL! “QUICK CLOSINGS”! Call 704-472-0006.

RUTHERFORD COUNTY 1/2 ACRE LOT UNRESTRICTED!! Near TIEC, $15,000. Call 864-909-1035 or visit:

MOBILE HOMES & APARTMENTS. In Kings Mountain. Price starting at $100 per week. Call (704) 739-4417

2 & 3 BEDROOM MOBILE HOMES. Small private park between Spindale and Forest City. Starting at $500 per month. 828-382-0475.

SMALL MOBILE HOME FOR RENT. 2 Bedroom, 1 bath, electric heat/air, private shaded lot. Criminal background check. Deposit, no pets, near Cleveland Mall. 1 person only. (704) 477-6355 CHRISTIAN SENIOR PERSON OR COUPLE. To rent furnished mobile home with washer & dryer on private lot, Stoney Point Road, Kings Mtn. 1 year lease required. $650-$700 per month. (704) 829-0703 MOVE IN SPECIAL. 2 & 3 Bedroom, deposit required. $190 weekly rates. Includes power and water. NO PETS. Visit us online at Oakwood Rentals, Shelby. Call (704) 473-4299



HICKORY CREEK APARTMENTS FOR SENIORS. (62 and older), disabled (50 and older). Shelby. Now taking applications for waiting list. 418 East Warren Street, (704) 487-6354 2&3 BEDROOM MOBILE HOMES. Nice and clean, water furnished. Oak Grove Community, Kings Mtn. Call or text, 704-739-0259.

Carolina GO TO:

LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NORTH CAROLINA GASTON COUNTY CITY OF CHERRYVILLE CITY COUNCIL Notice is hereby given that the Cherryville City Council will meet on Monday August 9th at 6:00 pm at the Cherryville Community Building 108 S. Jacob St. to hold a Public Hearing to consider the following: Conditional Use Permit of Parcels #130320, 219066, 130314, 130318, Gaston County Tax Book: 4247, Map 0532 by Patricia Vasko and Denis Blackburne of Woda Cooper Companies, LLC.. All interested or affected parties are invited to attend and present any evidence or testimony in favor of / or opposed to the matter set above Derrick Mackey Zoning Administrator CE (7/28 & 8/4/2021)

LEGAL NOTICE Cherryville Post 100 Juniors won the 2021 NC Junior Legion baseball State Tournament. They were on hand on at the opening of the NC Legion State Tournament, hosted by Cherryville’s American Legion Post 100 last Wednesday, July 28, to show off their trophy. The team and their coaches are: Brayden Reynolds, Houston Jenkins, Ethan Guy, Eli Newsome, Talon Dalton, Chase Miller, Will Blackburn, Kanon Willis, Noah Hollingsworth, Grayson Gilbert Evan Hartsoe, Logan Hendrick, Easton Dellinger, Collin Huss, Tobias Miller, and Zander Harrelson. There coaches are Head coach Stan Haynes, and Assistant coaches Jeff Williams and Blake McLeymore. Congratulations to the Post 100 Juniors and their coaches on their State Championship win; a first for Cherryville! (photo by MEP/The Eagle/CF Media)

STATEWIDE CLASSIFIED NETWORK ADS Auctions Online Only Auction, National Firearms Dealer Inventory Reduction Auction Session 4, Begins Closing: 8/3/21 at 2pm, Firearms Located at Ned’s Pawn Shop in Rockingham, NC,, 800.997.2248, NCAL 3936 Health Services Denied Social Security Disability? Appeal! If you’re 50+, filed SSD and denied, our attorneys can help! Win or Pay Nothing! Strong, recent work history needed. 877-553-0252 [Steppacher Law Offices LLC Principal Office: 224 Adams Ave Scranton PA 18503] Home Improvement BATH & SHOWER UPDATES in as little as ONE DAY! Affordable prices - No payments for 18 months! Lifetime warranty & professional installs. Senior & Military Discounts available. Call:833987-0207 Home Improvement UPDATE YOUR HOME with Beautiful New Blinds & Shades. FREE in-home estimates make it convenient to shop from home. Professional installation. Top quality - Made in the USA. Call for free consultation: 844-250-7899. Ask about our specials! Home Repairs/Service Never Pay For Covered Home Repairs Again! Complete Care Home Warranty COVERS ALL MAJOR SYSTEMS AND APPLIANCES. 30 DAY RISK FREE. $200.00 OFF + 2 FREE Months! 877-544-1736 Insurance Guaranteed Life Insurance!

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LEGAL NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NORTH CAROLINA GASTON COUNTY CITY OF CHERRYVILLE CITY COUNCIL Notice is hereby given that the Cherryville Planning and Zoning Board will meet on Monday August 16th at 6:00 pm at the Cherryville Community Building 108 S. Jacob St. to hold a Public Hearing to consider the following: Rezoning request presented by Veda Dellinger Jackson, 815 J.C. Dellinger Rd. Cherryville, NC to Rezone Unassigned Address (parcels #131030 and #131030) Deed Book: 4402 Page: 1292 from R-40 to R-12 All interested or affected parties are invited to attend and present any evidence or testimony in favor of / or opposed to the matter set above Derrick Mackey Zoning Administrator CE (8/4 & 8/11/2021)

LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NORTH CAROLINA GASTON COUNTY CITY OF CHERRYVILLE CITY COUNCIL Notice is hereby given that the Cherryville Planning and Zoning Board will meet on Monday August 16th at 6:00 pm at the Cherryville Community Building 108 S. Jacob St. to hold a Public Hearing to consider the following: Sain Properties LLC. 1735 George Brown Rd., Crouse NC. Requesting variance of front yard setback @ 1007 East Main St (parcels #304820) Deed Book: 5211 Page: 0797 All interested or affected parties are invited to attend and present any evidence or testimony in favor of / or opposed to the matter set above Derrick Mackey Zoning Administrator CE (8/4 & 8/11/2021)

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The Cherryville Eagle

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Cherryville Dixie Girls Angels are World Series champs! Team is undefeated at Monck’s Corner, SC-hosted series by MICHAEL E. POWELL Editor

Cherryville Dixie Angels won last week’s World Series in Monck’s Corner, S.C.. going undefeated in both state and World Series Championships! According to head coach Matthew Anthony, the 10U ladies beat Florida 9-5, South Carolina 6-0, Georgia 14-0 and Moncks Corner, who was the host, by a score of 8-4. These girls gave it their all every game. Members on this 2021 DGSB World Series Angels team and their coaches are Darrah Beam, Mary Upchurch, Jenny Brown, Katelin Huffman, Zoe Culberson, Avery Price, Chaslyn Montgomery, Georgia Cruise, Addison Pruett, Addy Morehead, Blair Culberson, and Haylee Lynch, and coaches Matthew Anthony, Dustin Morehead, and Wes Culberson. Coach Anthony said of his team, “These girls were on top of their game the whole tournament.” Anthony, who has coached his daughter Faith in her climb to the top of the Cherryville Dixie Girls and Lady Ironmen softball lad-

der, said he has been coaching Dixie Girls Softball for 14 years and has coached this (Angels) age group (10U) for four years. “This was the first World Series for us in fast pitch softball,” Anthony noted, adding that while his team may not have had a lot to say about their winning it all, he did say, “They were VERY excited!” Coach Anthony said there is a pizza party planned for the young ladies, by way of a celebration, at a Bessemer City pizza restaurant (Dino’s) on Saturday, Aug. 7, at 2 p.m., then on Sunday, Aug. 8, they will be at the Cherryville Country Club from 5:30 to 8 p.m. They were to be at the American Legion State Championship Tournament game on Sunday, Aug. 1. Anthony said the ladies went undefeated throughout the state tournament and the World Series, quite an accomplishment for the little ladies. “We only had nine runs scored against us during the World Series,” said Coach Anthony. Anthony also noted that his pitchers came through for the team as did the batters and the infield and outfield crews. Said Anthony, “Addy Morehead pitched a no-hitter while Zoe Culberson and Jenny Brown also had a combined no-hitter.”

Front row: Darrah Beam, Mary Upchurch, Jenny Brown, Katelin Huffman, Zoe Culberson, Avery Price, Chaslyn Montgomery, and Georgia Cruise. Second row: Addison Pruett, Coach Dustin Morehead, Addy Morehead, Blair Culberson, Coach Matthew Anthony, Haylee Lynch, and Coach Wes Culberson. (photos provided)

Hughes signs LOI to play basketball at Mars Hill by MICHAEL E. POWELL Editor

Mars Hill is getting yet another fine example of the CHS Ironmen basketball program’s athletes in the person of recent signee Lavonte Marquis “Tae” Hughes. A consummate high energy hoops man, Hughes, along with fellow Ironmen roundball player and friend, Lane Harrill (also a Mars Hill basketball player), led their fellow Ironmen to many wins over the four years they were on the Bud Black court together. Hughes, never one much for words about himself or his deeds, said of his signing with the Lions, “I’m excited to be playing for Mars Hill. They were my first choice.” Hughes said he starts Aug. 25, and is, to say the least, looking forward to it. Mom Jessica Makeupson said she is very proud of and for her son. “Well, like any mother, I don’t want him to go that far away, but I am so happy for him. This is his dream,” she said. His Ironmen head coach, Scott Harrill, who has watched him grow and succeed, said, “We are so proud of Lavonte Hughes. Lavonte is a true competitor, a great leader, an unbelievable point guard, who is an even better person. “He worked as hard as anyone to make himself better. It has been a pleasure to coach Lavonte over the last four years. He is and always will be,

an Ironman!” Coach Harrill added that Hughes is a member of the vaunted Ironmen 1,000 Points Club as his points total is 1,098 for his high school career. Hughes also has the second most career assists at 597, Harrill noted. Assistant basketball coach Dr. Bud Black said of Hughes, “Over my many years of coaching basketball at Cherryville High School, there have been some excellent point guards. Lavonte ranks in the top three all-time. He has the skills to be the 'coach on the floor’ and has a high IQ for the game of basketball. He is truly an outstanding basketball player, and he is a gentleman on and off the basketball court.” “This kid has the heart of a lion but a gentle giant; very coachable; very low key. I’m so thankful that Mars Hill is giving him an opportunity to come there and compete. He was a great kid to coach over the past four years,’ said Assistant coach Dennis Tate. Ironmen Assistant basketball coach Antonio Griggs said of Lavonte, “He is one of the most selfless individuals to come from our Cherryville basketball program. I’m thankful I was able to coach him at the middle and high school levels. Congratulations on your signing to Mars Hill University. Thank you for making my coaching job easy.” Lavonte’s younger brother Korey Makeupson plays sports at John Chavis Middle School.

The 10U Cherryville Angels Dixie Girls Softball team proudly shows their NC colors as they hold up the state flag at the softball field. Pictured are: Darrah Beam, Mary Upchurch, Jenny Brown, Katelin Huffman, Zoe Culberson, Avery Price, Chaslyn Montgomery, Georgia Cruise, Addison Pruett, Addy Morehead, Blair Culberson, and Haylee Lynch.

Lavontae Hughes, CHS Class of 2021 Ironmen basketball player, signed a Letter of Intent to play basketball for the Mars Hill Lions, starting this Fall. Seated (L-R) are his mom, Jessica Makeupson, Hughes, and Skyla Morrison. Back row, standing (L-R) are his coaches: Assistant Ironmen basketball Coach Antonio Griggs, Head Ironmen basketball Coach and CHS Athletic Director Scott Harrill, Assistant Ironmen basketball Coach Dennis Tate, and Assistant Ironmen basketball Coach Dr. Bud Black. (photo by MEP/The Eagle/CF Media)