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Thursday, September 3, 2020



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Volume 86 • Issue 35

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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Third annual Mt. Holly lantern parade is a go By Alan Hodge

Even with many special events of other types canceled due to the COVID19 situation, the third annual Mt. Holly lantern parade is still planned to take place on October 24 starting at 7pm in Tuckaseege Park. The event will be a “parade in reverse”. That is, the lanterns will be placed at stations in the park, and folks who attend will walk past them. “We will be following social distancing guidelines and everyone will be wearing masks,” says lantern parade founder and organizer Emily Andress of Awaken Gallery. The previous two lantern parades were artistic spectacles that saw dozens of il-

luminated, handcrafted, paper and wire lanterns in an amazing array of shapes and sizes marched down Mt. Holly’s Main St. Lantern designs and constructed ran the gamut from sea creatures to birds, mermaids, a huge beer bottle, and even a vintage carriage with a (real) fairy princess child inside. This year’s parade will be just as great. The theme will be “The Circus is Coming to Town” and many of the lanterns will resemble circus animals. Another spectacle at the parade will be the images of artist Nick Napoletano and Birdie Tucker projected into the trees and greeting everyone. “It will be like the image of Oz in the Wizard of Oz movie,” said Andress. See PARADE, Page 3

The third annual Mt. Holly lantern parade is still planned for October 24 at Tuckaseege Park unlike previous years where the parade was held in the streets of downtown. Awaken Gallery photo

East Gaston, South Point front entrances getting a facelift

Thanks to bonds, renovation and Dudkos have an improvement projects going on at schools incredible story of survival during WWII By TODD HAGANS

Gaston County Schools

By Alan Hodge

In last week’s edition of the BannerNews, readers learned the story of Belmont resident and Polish native Stanley Dudko, 86, and how he survived WWII. This week, marvel at his wife Jasia’s own miraculous and dramatic experiences during that time. Jasia was born into a middle class family in Poland in 1936, just three years before Germany invaded her homeland. Her mother Romualda Guryn was a dentist

that spoke seven languages, but that didn’t spare her from twice being jailed for her anti-Nazi activities. “They smuggled packages to Jews and helped some hide from the Germans,” Jasia said. According to Jasia, a worse fate than jail could have awaited her mother had it not been for her dental practice. “A high ranking German officer came to her with a toothache that she fixed,” Jasia said. “Later, she was due to be shot by firing squad See DUDKO, Page 4

If you have driven by one of Gaston County Schools’ campuses over the past several months, you likely noticed construction work going on. Some of the most visible work has taken place this summer at East Gaston, South Point, and Ashbrook where the front entrance area of each high school has gotten a facelift. The concrete canopy and sidewalk at Ashbrook and East Gaston have been replaced; they were nearly 50 years old and showing signs of deterioration. At South See SCHOOLS, Page 10

The front of South Point High School that shows the updated front entrance.