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Thursday, September 23, 2021


We love our readers! Volume 87 • Issue 38

Our Mission: Moms In Prayer International impacts children and schools worldwide for Christ by gathering mothers to pray.

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Thursday, September 23, 2021

West Creek Park is Mt. Holly’s field of dreams By Alan Hodge

In the 1989 movie “Field of Dreams” the lead character takes a leap of faith and builds a baseball field following a voice that tells him “build it and they will come”. That same concept well applies to West Creek Park near Mt. Holly. Never heard of West Creek Park? Not surprising. It’s located at the corner of Noell Dr. and Old NC27 just outside the Mt. Holly city limits in a mostly African-American community.

There’s no sign at the park entrance, no website, and no affiliation with Mt. Holly Parks and Rec. The park belongs to a group of about 20 folks calling themselves the West Creek Recreation Assoc. According to association members the 15 or so acres of land that make up the park was given to the community about 40 years ago by the Spratt family. The park has been around for as long as folks can recall but until recently was occupied by cows and in See WEST CREEK, Page 3

Candidate filing wraps up for Gaston County municipal elections Filing for the November 2, 2022 municipal elections in Gaston County has closed. Candidates who filed and the offices they seek in the BannerNews circulation area are listed below. Belmont Mayor- Claudina Ghianni, Charlie Martin, Jason Lyle. Belmont City CouncilDick Cromlish, Joe Green, Alex Szucs, Richard Turner. Town of Cramerton Mayor- Will Cauthen, Will Weber, Nelson Wills. Town of Cramerton Commissioner- Scott Kincaid, Brad Milton, Kathy Ramsey. City of Lowell Council Member- Phil Bonham, John

Cato, Ken Ervin, Larry Simonds, Travis Smith. Town Of McAdenville Council- Carrie Breyare Bailey, Jay McCosh, Greg Richardson. City of Mt. Holly CouncilIvory Craig, Jr., Jesse Fields, Jr., Scott Lilly, Charles McCorkle, David Moore, Randi Moore, Dennis Petro, Kenneth Reeves, Lauren Shoemaker. Town of Ranlo MayorLynn Black, Robin Conner. Town of Ranlo Commissioner- Lee Adams, Trevor Hay, Ronnie Laws, John McDonough, Bryant Moore, Wade Morton, Ronnie Sisk. See ELECTIONS, Page 2

West Creek Recreation Assoc. president Ronnie Gardner cuts the ribbon on the park’s baseball field at the recent grand opening event.

Catawba River Basin Bikes and Breakfast group an eclectic blend By Alan Hodge

Folks driving through beautiful downtown Lowell on the second and last Sunday mornings of each month are often astonished to see a long line of vintage and exotic motorcycles parked curbside outside the Grits N Greens restaurant. Many probably wonder what’s going on. Here’s the answer- it’s the twice monthly meeting of the Catawba River Basin Bikes and Breakfast group. The group of guys who comprise the gathering show up on machines going back decades and up to the present day. Brands represented include some familiar ones such as Triumph and Honda, The Catawba River Basin Bikes and Breakfast motorcycle group (CARB for short) meets on the but also others a bit more ex- second and last Sunday morning at Grits and Greens restaurant in Lowell to share stories and otic such as Laverda, Cagiva, show off their exotic and vintage machines. See BIKES, Page 6 Photo by Alan Hodge


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Thursday, September 23, 2021


The Musical Fruit

Buying your Corvette - twice

Well I have been rummaging around for days in that dark and mysterious void between my ears known as The Skull for an opinion column idea and things kept popping up and falling aside or as the 18th century English philosopher Dr. Samuel Johnson said of his pal Goldsmith “his mind is a fertile but thin soil where ideas sprout and bloom but quickly wither and die”. That’s what Ol’ Sammy said. I thought about writing something about politicians but decided at last to take the higher ground and pen a bit of prose on beans. I bet plenty of you’uns in your youth heard the lyrical phrases regarding legumes that included the lively “beans beans the musical fruit” or “beans beans good for your heart”. Yes, admit it, you know the rest of these ditties regardless of your level of so-called sophistication. Hark! There is nobility in beans. This summer I grew a little vegetable garden. Green beans were among its produce. The bean plants produced a bounty of the slender green things. Sharon and I ate green beans and red ‘taters (also from the garden) for weeks. It was food of the gods. Lawd! We ate better than Harry and Meghan! Every time I plucked the green beans and brought them in the house and piled them up I was reminded of the times when I was a kid and watched my grandmother Mozelle and some of her womenfolk friends who would take a big pile of green beans and heap them on a table and commence to snap and string them and throw the snapped and strung beans in a pot all the while discussing the doin’s of the day and sharing ideas on how to cure the ills of the world. I have an idea too. Why not take a truckload of green beans to Washington and Raleigh and also to a certain local city council

By Tony Marciano

meeting place and dump them out and have the so-called lawmakers/developer rubber stampers sit around on stools and snap and string beans while they decide the Alan Hodge fate of us lower be- Banner-News Editor ings. Maybe from green beans a wave of common sense would emerge with hair blowing fresh in the wind like the painting The Birth of Venus by the Italian artist Sandro Botticelli. Beans are a work of genius because they are so versatile. Take a weenie and chop it up and throw it in some beans... the result? The Beenie Weenie that has fueled many a working day. Take some pinto beans and a chunk of cornpone and some slaw and some chopped up onion and you have a feast fit for a king. Take some navy beans and you have fuel for a fleet. Don’t forget black eyed peas for a song of the south. Beans are noble but need a bit of help to bring out their full flavor. I am a fan of Texas Pete. Other bean add-ons of note include chow-chow and ketchup. Maybe you have others that turn you on. Condiments that is. Fall is fast approaching. My green bean patch is but a pleasant memory. But if I am still kicking next spring new seeds will be gently pressed into the red soil and I will watch for their first thrusting from the dirt, follow their inch by inch progress upward, eagerly await the arrival of the jade colored pods, and when they are ready for harvest think back to a vision of women in cotton print dresses and aprons gathered… in a circle of wisdom.

November 1, 2021 (5:00 pm) Last day to apply for an absentee ballot for voters who expect to be unable to vote on Election Day due to sickness or physical disability November 2, 2021 (5:00 pm) Deadline for receipt of mail-out absentee ballots November 2, 2021 Municipal Election Day (polls open at 6:30 am and close at 7:30 pm) November 5, 2021 (10:00 am) Sample handto-eye recount November 5, 2021 (5:00 pm) Deadline for mail-out absentee ballots postmarked on November 2, 2021 November 9, 2021 (11:00 am) Canvass of the 2021 Municipal Election. Early Voting Schedule Gaston County Board of Elections Office 410 West Franklin Boulevard, Suite 30 Gastonia, NC 28052 Thursday, October 14, 2021 8:30

ELECTIONS From Page 1 Town of Stanley Commissioner Ward 02- Cathy Kirkland. Town of Stanley Commissioner Ward 05- Chad Jones, Caroline Reid. Dates to Remember October 4, 2021 Mail-out absentee voting begins for the 2021 Municipal Election (if ballots available) October 8, 2021 (5:00 pm) Last day to register to vote for the November 2, 2021 Municipal Election October 14, 2021 One-stop absentee voting (early voting) begins for the 2021 Municipal Election October 26, 2021 (5:00 pm) Last day to apply for an absentee ballot for the 2021 Municipal Election October 30, 2021 One-stop absentee voting (early voting) ends for the 2021 Municipal Election

COVID has changed a lot in our lives. For example, in 2020, my wife and I didn’t go anywhere on vacation. Weddings, which are great celebrations, had to be very limited. Some couples arranged to “celebrate” their marriage this past summer when some of the COVID restrictions were lifted. Funerals were very difficult. Limiting the number of people who could attend significantly affected those who were grieving. There were no friends or family to comfort them or tell great stories about the deceased. There were also a lot of traditions that were canceled including county fairs and Labor Day celebrations. These were activities I looked forward to attending every year. One of my favorite activities to attend is the Auto Show every Spring and Fall held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Due to COVID, it understandably had to be canceled. I was hoping it would be held this past Spring but again, it could not gather. I was thrilled that it was held a few weeks ago. Being a gear head, it’s an annual tradition for me. In fact, its one of the first vacation requests I make each year to ensure it is on the calendar. I love seeing the classic cars from my years of growing up and even before that era. It always amazes me as I look at the before and after photos of cars that have been restored. I remember one car that was so bad, it should have been destined for the car crusher. It had a lot of rust and holes in the sheet metal. Yet someone took the time to cut out the rust and replace it with patch panels and make a piece of art disguised as a classic car. I love to walk around and talk to the other gear heads.

AM – 6:00 PM Friday, October 15, 2021 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM Saturday, October 16, 2021 CLOSED Sunday, October 17, 2021 CLOSED Monday, October 18, 2021 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM Tuesday, October 19, 2021 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM Wednesday, October 20, 2021 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM Thursday, October 21, 2021 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM Friday, October 22, 2021 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM Saturday, October 23, 2021 CLOSED Sunday, October 24, 2021 CLOSED Monday, October 25, 2021 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM Tuesday, October 26, 2021 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM Wednesday, October 27, 2021 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM Thursday, October 28, 2021 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM Friday, October 29, 2021 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM Saturday, October 30, 2021 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM. What are the requirements for registering to vote

in Gaston County? You must be a United States citizen. You must be 18 years old. If you are 17 but will be 18 before the next election, you can register to vote within 60 days of the election. If there is a primary, you can register within 60 days of the primary provided you will be 18 before the general election. You must be a resident of Gaston County, North Carolina, for 30 days before the election in which you intend to vote. You must not vote in any other county or state after submitting a voter registration application in Gaston County. If registered elsewhere, you understand that you are canceling that registration upon becoming registered to vote in Gaston County. You have not been convicted of a felony, or if convicted of a felony, you have completed your sentence, including any probation or parole. (Citizenship

One year I was walking along the back stretch of the Speedway when a friend of mine stopped me. He was almost speechless. When I got him to calm Tony Marciano down, he told me he had found his car. I replied we all have cars we’d love to own. He said, “No. I found the Corvette I used to own. It’s for sale. Let me show you.” He took me over to the spot where his former Corvette was parked. I asked him how he was sure this was his former car. He replied that he had checked the VIN and it was his car. It was beat up and in fair condition, but it was his former Corvette. The story is that he had saved his money and purchased the Corvette new. He had taken meticulous care of it. A few years later he got married. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last. When he was away on a business trip, his wife at the time sold the car. Now years later, he found it. He asked me if he should buy it back. I told him yes. “You can buy any Corvette, but you were this car’s original owner.” He agreed. He sacrificed to buy it when it was new and now he had to buy it back a second time after it has been grossly mistreated. Just like my friend had to buy his car back, the creator of the universe had to “buy us back” by sending Jesus to die on the cross. It was through his death that we are purchased a second time. I’ll be back in two weeks. Until then, live well my friend.

and voting rights are automatically restored upon com-

pletion of the sentence. No special document is needed.)

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Thursday, September 23, 2021

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West Creek Park game action.

The field.

Joy Walker (center) with Rodney Friday and Daphne Bobby McCorkle prays before the Paulette Sherrill shows an association tLewis. game. shirt.

WEST CREEK From Page 1 dire need of maintenance and upgrades. That’s where the association stepped in. Over the past ten months, community and association folks went to work and set about sprucing the area up. Association member Rodney Friday explained what has been done. “About a dozen of us worked on the project,” Friday said. “We built dugouts, put up a new fence, lights, cut

lots of grass, painted a concession stand, and moved the picnic shelter.” The shelter was moved by picking it up with a bulldozer. Leisure Time company owned by community member Dwayne McCorkel, Jr. supplied the dozer. On a high note, Centerview Baptist in North Belmont chipped in and helped get a couple of picnic tables for the shelter. Once the refresh was

West Creek Recreation Assoc. board members Rodney Friday, Ronnie Gardner, Daphne Lewis, Jeffrey Sherrill, (not pictured) Paulette Sherrill.

completed, it was time to celebrate. On Sept. 12, a ribbon cutting for the field was held. “About 300 people showed up,” said Friday. Activities that day included softball games with the Charlotte-based Four Seasons Softball League, a fish fry, and lots of community camaraderie. Plans are for a similar gathering to take place on Sept. 26 at 3pm. Everyone is welcome to attend. So far, so good. But West Creek Park needs more. A walking track is hoped for. The only pieces of playground equipment for the

children now are an old swingset and a weary looking plastic playstation. Both of these need replacing…as soon as possible. “The main object is to have a safe place the kids can come play and stay out of the street,” said Friday. So far, the association has footed the bills. “We all chip in as best we can,” said Friday. Anyone or any corporation wanting to help make West Creek Park be all that it can be can contact Friday at 704-678-1988.

Dot and Ann Reid at the park ribbon cutting.

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Heads bowed before the game.



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Thursday, September 23, 2021







73 47

73 46

75 50

78 49

79 52

80 53

Mostly Sunny






COMMUNITY CALENDAR – 1062 South Hwy 16 – Stanley (Lowesville) NC, presents The Williamsons from Weleekta OK, and The Childers Family from Lincolnton. No Admission fee, a freewill offering only to be received, and you are invited. Contact Carroll Cooke 704-618-9762.

Senior Center lunch

Kevin Lawrence

Brooks Whitehouse

Dmitri Vorobiev

Arts at the Abbey presents the Black Mountain Trio as series begins University of NC School of the Arts faculty members Kevin Lawrence, violin, cellist Brooks Whitehouse and pianist Dmitri Vorobiev present a diverse concert as we open the arts season at the Abbey. The September 27, 2021, concert will be held at 8:00 PM in the Abbey Basilica, Belmont, NC. The ensemble is named to honor the vision of Black Mountain College, a vibrant artistic and educational institution that enriched the cultural history of North Carolina during the

middle of the 20th century. The trio performs music of Martinu, Ives and Mendelssohn. There will be in-person attendance with masks required. The concert is free to the public. Donations are gladly accepted. The college will also continue a livestream service which can be found on the college’s website at https:// www.belmontabbeycollege. edu/artslive/ All Arts at the Abbey concerts are in the Belmont

Abbey Basilica, Belmont Abbey College (at Exit 26 on I-85) Belmont NC and are free to the public. This series is made possible in part by the Associated Foundation, Inc. of Belmont, The Monks of Belmont Abbey, and other private donors. The Abbey Basilica, Belmont Abbey College just off of Exit 26 on I-85. For more information: Karen Hite Jacob. 704-461-6012, www. or

Gaston Meals on Wheels receives grant Meals on Wheels (MOW) Gaston is pleased to announce it has received a grant from SC Johnson to support

its frozen meal program in Gaston County. Currently, MOW serves approximately 400 par-

Thanks to Kristi, Farmers Market Manager and Bobby Downs, Downs Family Farms, Casar, NC for the cantaloupes and all the other local farmers who provided the wonderful vegetables for the Bessemer City Meals on Wheels participants. We look forward to the weekly produce bags to provide to participants across Gaston County.

ticipants and plan to use the $20,000 grant from SC Johnson to expand the frozen meal delivery program for the elderly homebound who reside outside the hot meal service delivery area. “We are so appreciative of the grant award,” said Selina Pate, the Adult Nutrition Program Supervisor. “It will help us provide much-needed services in our community.” Meals on Wheels Gaston focuses on caring for individuals who are unable to shop for food, prepare meals, or socialize with others. If anyone is interested in learning more about the program or getting started, call 704-862-7540 to speak with one of the Intake Specialists. About Meals on Wheels Gaston At the core of the Meals on Wheels Gaston service is a nutritious meal, companionship and a watchful eye on the health and safety of Gaston County seniors. MOW serves adults age 60 or better with the help of more than 950 volunteers, who are making a difference in the lives of seniors across Gaston County.

Join in Thursday, September 30th at 11am at the Gaston County Senior Center, 1303 Dallas-Cherryville Highway, for Lunch & Learn celebrating Healthy Aging Month. There will be a panel of speakers who will focus on these 4 areas: nutrition, physical fitness, mental health, and socialization. These four areas are especially important during these times as we are living during a pandemic. Participants are encouraged to ask questions during each speaker’s informational session. Lunch will be served, so RSVP by Tuesday, September 28th to 704-922-2170.

Ebenezer UMC community yard sale Ebenezer’s United Methodist Women, 120 Belmont Mt Holly Rd., will have a community yard sale: Saturday, October 2, 2021, 7:00 AM ~ 1:00 PM. Rental Spaces: $15.00 per space (Tables not furnished) Payable in advance if possible. Reserve your space: 704-827-3366 (leave message and you will be called back). Food and snacks available.

Gospel concert planned Saturday Sept 25th – 6 PM, Lowesville Gospel Concerts at Living Word Ministries

Gaston County Tax Collections Office moves to new location Gaston County Tax Collections has completed its move to a new location at 100 E. Garrison Blvd., in Gastonia. This is the former location of a PNC Bank branch and is less than a mile south of the county’s administration building in the heart of Gastonia. The new in-person with a contactless drive-through option replaces the building the location at 405 N. Chester St., which the county has been using since November 2020. The Garrison Boulevard location will become the new home for the Tax Collections Department, and will phase out in-person tax payment collections at the county’s administration building. However, the county will maintain a dropbox for payments at both the administration building, 128 W. Main Ave., and at the new Tax Collections Office. Due to COVID restrictions, residents are asked to use the drive-through option to pay taxes in person, or call 704-866-3158 to make an appointment. Property owners may continue to pay taxes online, by mail or by phone. To pay online, property owners may visit the Gaston County Tax Office home page at www., listed under

County Services, and click on the Pay Online icon. Online payments will require the property key number shown on the actual tax bill or the bill number listed on the online Tax Bill Search page. A non-refundable convenience fee will be charged for all electronic transactions.

To pay by phone, dial 1-855-976-3866. The property key number will be required for payment by phone. For more information, contact the Gaston County Tax Office at 704-866-3158 or visit the Tax page at https://

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Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Stanley Habitat House dedication

The Habitat for Humanity team with recipient.


Habitat for Humanity of Gaston County dedicated a new house recently at 111 Farmington St. In Stanley. The recipient was Desjia Coulter. Above: Pastor Noel Sweezy blesses the house.

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318 South Washington St. • Shelby, NC

Desjia and her family.

Photos by Bill Ward

Habitat for Humanity Gaston County director Kay Penninger hands the keys to Desjiah Coulter.

704-487-8114 •

UPCOMING SHOWS “Moonlight On Main” art festival


The Downtown Belmont Development Association (DBDA) is proud to announce its major fall event – Moonlight on Main. This event will feature three weeks of vibrant lights, art, and cultural experiences centered around the international touring artwork by UK artist Luke Jerram, entitled “Museum of the Moon”, in downtown Belmont. The exhibit is an internally lit replica of the moon measuring 23 feet in diameter and features detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface. The installation also features a surrounding musical composition created by BAFTA and Ivor Novello award winning composer, Dan Jones. During the event, the moon will be hung

LEGACY Motown Revue Saturday, Sept. 25th 8:00 PM Tickets Available

JAMES GREGORY Friday, October 1st 8:00 PM Tickets Available

CARLENE CARTER Friday, October. 22nd



8:00 PM Tickets Available

over the seating area at the Stowe Park amphitheater in downtown Belmont. Belmont’s Moonlight on Main three-week experience begins Friday, October 22, 2021 and runs until November 7, 2021. Moonlight on Main will turn downtown Belmont into a lunarinspired, outdoor art gallery with GOBO artwork projected onto buildings around downtown. The event will also feature art installations in downtown and throughout Stowe Park from local students and other groups. The original GOBO artworks will be found for sale in various downtown galleries and businesses throughout the event. “Museum of the Moon”

Friday, Nov. 26th 8:00 PM

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Tickets Available

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Jim Vanderlinde rode his Triumph up from Rock Hill, SC.

BIKES From Page 1

Brit Bike Breakfast group on the last Sunday of the month at Grits N Greens Southern Cuisine in Lowell. Almost immediately the attendance at our gathering began to dwarf that of the other Brit Bike Breakfast gatherings, and, at the same time, fewer and fewer British bike were within the mix, with many desiring a more inclusive name, but it became obvious that was not going to happen. Earlier this year, Todd Daczkowski, Greg Harmon, and I established the Catawba River Basin Bikes & Breakfast group, with Grits N Greens as our home base, meeting the second Sunday and the last Sunday of each month. At present we have 111 riders as members of the Facebook Group Page I set up for the group. I do not have demographics for the group. Off the top of my

Rick Lee of Rock Hill with his exotic 1972 Italian-made Laverda.

head, I would say we range in age from the mid-thirties to late-seventies. Motorcycles regularly ridden to our breakfast range from an immaculate Robin Egg Blue 1947 Cushman Model 54 scooter to a state-of-the-art 2019 KTM 1290 Super Adventure S, or perhaps a KTM 1290 Super Duke R. John Clayton of Mt. Holly attended his first breakfast meeting on September 12. He rode his Royal Enfield Himalayan. “They are a nice group of guys,” Clayton said. “They are fun to be around and have some incredible bikes.” Another local member, Ben Bonds of Belmont, rode his tricked out Yamaha Super Tenere the same day. “They are a group of guys who enjoy riding and each other’s company,” Bonds said.

Aprilia, and KTM. The bikes gleam in the sun and are certainly eye catching. Members of the group come from a wide variety of backgrounds including retirees, truck drivers, IT professionals, mechanics, and an airline pilot. They call places like Kings Mtn., Belmont, Mt. Holly, Charlotte, Rock Hill, and other locales home. Not surprisingly, the group is dubbed “an eclectic group of motorcyclists with an eclectic blend of bikes”. After breakfast, the group meanders outside to stand and talk bikes, then they often go on rides to area attractions and backroads and ends up in places such as Kings Mtn. State Park, Ninety-Nine Mile Dam, or some other interesting spot.. Al Roof was one of the group’s founders “In some ways we are a spinoff of the Brit Bike Breakfast Group, which was established by Glenn Kellis in 2012, based out of the Mooresville/Davidson area,” said Roof. “But our Catawba River Basin (CaRB) Bikes & Breakfast group is more than that, in so many ways. It encompasses friends and riding companions from the Brit Bike Breakfast group, the Blue Ridge Pathfinders Motorcycle Club, and the Burger Run group. In 2017 we asked if I could host the A rare 1978 six cylinder Honda owned by Lloyd Blythe.

Part of the lineup.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Al Roof, one of the group’s founders. Don’t think that you need a vintage or exotic bike to take part in the gatherings. “If it has two wheels and handlebars you are welcome,” said Roof. Interested in taking part? The next meeting will be September 26. Grab your helmet, hop on your bike and be at Grits and Greens by 8:30am. For more information on this interesting group of riders contact Al Roof at John Clayton’s Royal Enfield Himalayan adventure bike. Photo by Al Roof

Italian high performance machine.

The rear end of a vintage Honda.

Photos by Alan Hodge

More interesting machines.

An interesting helmet design.

An expressive license plate.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

The Banner News /

How do you like your coffee? By Lisa Harper Way back yonder when I was probably 12 years old, I stumbled upon the unique, divine taste of coffee. My grandmother and mother both kept the coffee bean aroma swimming in the air most mornings. Fast forward to my early 20’s, I found myself guzzling coffee all day in order to keep my sanity. I still enjoy a good brew now, though I’ve limited myself to just 2-3 cups each day. Back then, succumbing to an entire pot of liquid gold was not unheard of. Coffee can obviously be obtained in a variety of places. Convenient stores, coffee shops, or as I prefer to do, brewing my own. It’s cheaper, and allows me to experiment with brands I’ve never tried before. I do have a couple of favorites, but

often find myself walking in slow motion down the coffee aisle just so I can pick out a new favorite. I have a simple Hamilton Beach (one-cup) machine. It was a gift from Cameron over 8 years ago. I also have a 4 cup percolator for back up. That little machine is over 20 years old, but it’s a great feeling I have it just in case the one cup maker croaks. Ironically, my husband hates coffee.. he can’t even stand to smell it. Can you say opposites attract? Twenty six years later, we haven’t killed each other. It’s been even more comical given the fact his home office (in our very small domain)… replaced his daily commute to work over 17 months ago. Regardless of where or what kind of coffee you prefer, coffee bean produc-

tion and brewing is a huge industry. A large portion of the world depends on a lot of other folks to obtain their favorite cup of Java. Next time you sip your coffee at Starbucks, or wherever you choose to get it from, thank all of the farmers, retailers, wholesalers, and people who forecast coffee prices… as each of them have a hand in helping you enjoy a well brewed, rich, aromatic cup of coffee. Legend has it that the Ethiopian shepherd Kaldi, first noticed the effects of caffeine circa 800 A.D. when he noticed his goats becoming energetic and starting to *dance* after eating red coffee cherries off shrubs. Who knew? My order of coffee (from yesterday) has arrived and is at my front door. Right on time.

What does music mean to you?

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Jessica Leigh Brown

Jessica Leigh Brown, 38, of Belmont, NC, passed away Tuesday, September 14, 2021. She was born September 22, 1982, in Gaston Co, NC, daughter of Michael Brown and Karen Loyd. Jessica is preceded in death by her grandparents, Robert Loyd and Gene Loyd; and uncles, Donald Brown and Christopher Thompson. In addition to her parents, she is survived by her children, Mackenzie Leigh Brown, Aaliyah Cheyenne Sox, Braydyn Michael John-

son, Brantley Robert Bryant Brown and Oakley Mae Bryant; siblings, Sonja White (Nathan), Joshua Brown, Sarah Brown, Kerri Brown, Marissa Brown and Heather Brown; uncle, Larry Brown; aunt, Jennifer Ford; granddaughter, Kizzea Mexico; and grandmother, Joelan Thompson. Private services will be held at a later date. Arrangements are with the South Chapel of Greene Funeral Service and Crematorium, Gastonia.

Nutrition program making a difference for local families during COVID Having proper nutrition is important, perhaps now more than ever, in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Since the start, Gaston County Department of Health and Human Services has overcome numerous barriers caused by the pandemic, including access to nutritious foods. WIC, or the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program, is a program for pregnant moms, babies, and young children to help reduce obesity and improve access to healthy foods. Traditionally, the program has provided onsite nutrition and breastfeeding education as part of the program, but for more than a year, these classes have been available online, along with phone counseling, as needed. In this way, WIC participants have access to their required nutrition education component online, in addition to receiving the monthly benefits to purchase food for their families. “The COVID-19 pandemic continues to make it more challenging for everyone to get much-needed re-

sources, especially for those mothers who are pregnant or have young children,” said WIC Program Supervisor Kristi Shuping. “There are literally hundreds of families who could benefit from this program and the nutrition education and supplements it provides.” WIC provides supplemental nutritious foods, nutrition education, breastfeeding support, and referrals to health care and community resources to participants. To reduce barriers to using the program over the past several years, WIC began issuing eWIC cards to replace the traditional paper vouchers and has worked with local farmers markets to allow WIC benefits to be used for fresh, local fruits and vegetables. The WIC Program is available at the Gaston County Department of Health & Human Services, 991 W. Hudson Blvd. You may apply for the WIC Program Mondays through Fridays, from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. All interested individuals are encouraged to call ahead to

make an appointment or find out what will be needed for their first visit. Call 704-8535100 to make an appointment or with questions. To be eligible, a person must: Be a pregnant woman; a breastfeeding woman who has had a baby in the last 12 months; a woman who has had a baby in the last six months; an infant; or a child up to the fifth birthday; Reside in North Carolina and in the health deliver area of the WIC agency; Meet the income eligibility scale – The gross annual household income cannot exceed 1855 of the Federal poverty income guidelines – All Medicaid, Food and Nutrition Services (SNAP) and Work First recipients meet the WIC eligibility criteria; and have an identified nutritional risk as determined by a health professional. Nutritional problems include anemia, poor growth, previous poor pregnancy outcome, inadequate dietary intake and other nutrition related health problems. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

SNHU Announces Summer 2021 President’s List It is with great pleasure that Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) congratulates the following students on being named to the summer 2021 President’s List. Full-time students who have earned a minimum grade-point average of 3.700 and above are named to the President’s List. Matthew Maltba of Gastonia, Elizabeth

Support the music you love during our Fall Fund Drive October 10-16

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Baron of Bessemer City, Nicole Smith of Gastonia, Michael Ayodele of Gastonia, Emily Hanegraaff of Belmont, Justin Feemster of Gastonia, Beverly Gainey-McKinney of Mount Holly, Brandon Carpenter of Mount Holly, Camille Simonds of Bessemer City, Catrina Lee of Dallas, Amy Heyliger of Gastonia, Jasmine Thomas of Gastonia.

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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Banner News Fellowship & Faith

Church Directory Morningside Missionary Church 711 Morningside Dr. 704-822-9142

Mt. Holly Church of God 208 Rankin Ave. 704-827-8596

Mt. Sinai Baptist Church 339 S. Hawthorne St. 704-827-4320

New Covenant United Methodist 14514 Lucian Riverbend Hwy. 704-827-4468

New Providence Baptist Church 1104 Old NC 27 Hwy. 704-827-0822

New Saint Paul Holiness Church 1529 Old Hwy. 27 Rd. 704-827-5851

North Main Baptist Church 1304 N. Main St. 704-827-6141

First Baptist Church Mount Holly

Redemption Hill Church

Restoration & Deliverance 804 W. Charlotte Ave. 704-820-0954

S Main St • Mt Holly, NC Grace Wesleyan Church 6014 S. New Hope Rd 704-825-7959

Revival Tabernacle of Mt. Holly 826 W. Charlotte Ave. 704-827-2999

Ridgeview Baptist Church

Employees of

River of Life Full Gospel Church

Henry’s Chapel Ame Zion Church

1120 Charlotte Ave. 704-530-5174

151 Henry Chapel Rd 704-825-0711

Hood Memorial AME Zion Church 455 Sacco St. 704-825-6007

Loves Chapel Presbyterian Church 204 Lincoln St. 704-825-8342

210 Park Street, Belmont NC


Lutheran Church of the Holy Comforter 216 N. Main St. 704-825-2483

Message of Love Church

BELMONT Alexander Memorial Baptist Church 208 South Main Street 704-825-3216

Brotherhood/Sisterhood WNCC UMC 120 Park Street 704-825-1333

Catawba Heights Baptist Church 311 Belmont Road 704-827-8474

Christ Church Presbyterian Church 901 Catawba Street 704-461-8614

CrossFix Ministries 6131 Wilkinson Blvd. 704-879-4499

Crossroads Church 101 Beaty Rd. 704-827-8381

Centerview Baptist Church 2300 Acme Road 704-827-2061

East Belmont Baptist Church 501 Catawba Street 704-825-5780

East Belmont Church Of God 320 E. Catawba Street 704- 825-8845

306 Pearl Beaty Dr. 704-827-6500

Mount Moriah Baptist Church 110 Lincoln St. 704-825-2046

New Life Baptist Church 201 Oak Trail 704-822-6195

New Mills Chapel Fire Baptized 104 Morning Glory Ave. 704-825-5457

North Belmont Church of God 2316 Acme Rd. 704-827-4092

O’Conner Grove Church Ame Zion 613 N. Main Street 704-825-5576

Park Street United Methodist 120 Park Street 704-825-8480

Power of the Spirit Church

909 Edgemont Ave 704-825-5346

Queen Of The Apostles Catholic Church

Ebenezer United Methodist Church

503 N. Main Street 704-825-9600

6325 Wilkinson Blvd. 704-755-5034

First Baptist Church 23 N. Central Avenue 704-825-3758

First Foursquare Gospel Church 8 Elizabeth Street 704-825-5811

First Presbyterian Church 102 S. Central Ave 704-825-3357

First Presbyterian-Belmont 112 S. Central Ave 704-829-0668

Sanctuary of Praise Ministries 124 Georgia Belle Ave. 704-579-7823

South Point Baptist Church 124 Horsley Ave. 704-825-9516

South Point Freewill Baptist 297 Gaither Rd. 704-825-8045

South Point United Methodist 510 South Point Church Rd. 704-825-4019

Springwood Freewill Baptist 826 Stanley-Spencer Mtn. Rd. 704-827-7801

St. Marks United Methodist Church

First United Methodist Church of Belmont

701 Secrest Ave. 704-825-8175

807 South Point Road 704-825-2106

The Pointe

Fresh Anointing Church of God 71 McAdenville Road 704-825-7283

Friendship Baptist Church 5008 S. New Hope Rd 704-825-3276

Burge Memorial Methodist Church 312 W. Glendale Ave. 704-827-2726

Catawba Heights Church of God CBC-Memorial Apostolic

118 School Street 704-827-7071

Exodus Church


212 South Street 704-825-7269

East Belmont Free Will Baptist

120 Belmont-Mt. Holly Road 704-827-3366

Containers/Trailers Sales & Storage Rental

122 Tomberlin Rd. 704-827-4225

4357 S. New Hope Rd. 704-824-1697

6700 Wilkinson Blvd 704-825-1709

Unity Baptist Church 1005 Catawba St. 704-825-8730

Upper Room United Pentecostal 1405 Armstrong Ford Rd. 704-825-0604

416 Woodlawn Ave. 704-824-1745

Cramer Memorial United Methodist Church 154 N. Main St. 704-824-3831

Cramerton Temple of God Church East Wilkinson Blvd. 704-824-5319

First Baptist Church 235 8th Ave. 704-824-1991

Life Church 501 Cramer Mountain Rd. 704-824-4286

Riverside Baptist Church 171 S. Main St. 704-824-7785

740 Rankin Ave. 704-827-5181

207 Lowell Ave. 704-824-4213

230 W. Charlotte Ave. 704-827-0968

Chapel Baptist Church 324 N. Lee St. 704-827-5526

1117 Old NC Hwy 27 704-827-8826

St. Anthony of Padua Traditional Catholic Church 108 Horseshoe Bend Beach Rd. 704-827-8676

Amazing Grace Baptist Church

Tuckaseege Baptist Church 511 Tuckaseege Rd. 704-827-4301

Way of the Cross Baptist Church 238 Lanier Ave. 704-827-8111

Wesley Chapel Holiness Church 324 N. Lee St. 704-827-1993

Westview Presbyterian Church

2560 Stanley Lucia Rd. 704-827-5881


Cornerstone Family Worship 709 Rankin Ave. 704-671-8640

Covenant United Methodist 110 Underwood Dr. 704-820-0603

Family Worship Center 1013 W. Charlotte Ave. 704-827-7656

Finish Line Christian Center 1792, 108 N. Main St. 704-980-285-8334

First Baptist Church-Mt. Holly 300 S. Main St. 704-827-2481

First Free Will Baptist Church 841 Noles Dr. 704-827-7461

First Presbyterian Church 133 S. Main St. 704-827-0521

First United Methodist Church 140 N. Main St. 704-827-4855

The Barn at Sandcastle Farm 155 Sandcastle Rd.


Community Christian Fellowship

707 Westland Farm Rd. 704-822-8033

Gateway Cowboy Church

1529 Old Hwy 27 Rd. 704-827-5851

1020 W. Catawba Ave. 704-827-2026

Core Church


St. Paul FHB Church

Bethlehem Church 3100 Bethlehem Church St. 704-823-5050

Carolina Community Baptist 604 Martha Ave 704-824-2872

Center Baptist Church S. New Hope Rd. 704-824-4121

7280 Sifford Rd. 704-827-6277

Christ’s Evangelical Lutheran 203 S. Main St. 704-263-2621

Community Pentecostal Center 320 Ralph Handsel Blvd. 704-263-8731

First United Methodist Church 5481 Hickory Grove Rd. 704-263-2691

First Presbyterian Church 512 Old Mount Holly Rd. 704-263-4275

Gold Hill Missionary Baptist Church 7447 Old Plank Rd. 704-827-7966

New Faith Baptist Church 1224 Mayberry Rd. 704-263-0249

New Life Baptist Church

Epic Church

527 N. Buckoak St. 704-263-4647

100 Indian Walk 704-671-4652

Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church

Lowell Church of God 804 W. First Street 704-824-3383

Lowell Free Will Baptist Church 3010 Lowell Rd. 704-824-9389

2717 Dallas/Stanley Hwy. 704-263-4406

Springfield Memorial Baptist Church 2920 Dallas-Stanley Highway 704-263-4426

Stanley Church of God

Lowell Smyre United Methodist Church

324 N. Main St. 704-263-4041

201 N. Main St. 704-824-8814

Stanley Pentecostal Holiness Church

Mt. Calvary Baptist Church 120 Branch St. 704-824-4535

First Baptist Church of Lowell 400 W. 1st St. 704-824-1215

113 E. Parkwood St. 704-263-2131

Trinity Full Gospel Church 303 Sunset Dr. 704-263-9765

United In Action of Stanley 5481 Hickory Grove Rd. 704-524-0555

Goshen Free Will Baptist Church

First Baptist Church

1300 W. Catawba Ave. 704-827-3076

317 W. 1st St. 704-824-1213

Grace Baptist Church

New Life Church

811 Mauney Rd.

300 Westland Farm Rd. 704-827-8600

128 Robbins St. 704-824-1356

Hickory Grove Baptist Church

Presbyterian Church of Lowell


3717 Hickory Grove Rd. 704-827-3939

207 E. 1st St. 704-824-3807

Kingdom Hall Jehovah’s Witnesses

Restoration Church

1736 Kelly Rd. 704-263-0199

1800 Spencer Mountain Rd. 704-824-5250

Lighthouse Full Gospel Church

Woodlawn Baptist Church

530 N. Hawthorne St. 704-827-1442

1101 N. Main St. 704-824-4261

Living Witness Ministries

Goshen Presbyterian Church

513 Woodlawn Ave. 704-827-5185

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

143 Church St. 704-824-5380

Roper Street 704-601-5146

110 S. Main St. 704-827-4751

McAdenville Baptist Church


Grace Korean Ch Assembly-God

Bethel Baptist Church

Macedonia Baptist Church

124 Georgia Belle Ave 704-965-1004

NC Highway 273 704-827-9846

1951 Stanley Lucia Rd. 704-827-9224

Will of God Church

Cramerton Free Will Baptist

West Cramerton United Methodist Church


5339 S. New Hope Rd 704-825-8252

151 8th Ave. 704-824-3889

Second Baptist Church

541 Costner St. 704-827-0004

Gaston Christian Church

Cramerton Independent Presbyterian Church

Shiloh AME Zion Methodist

Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist New Hope Presbyterian Church

105 Pine Rd. 704-827-3856


Lakeview Baptist Church

192 Main St. 704-824-2740

McAdenville Wesleyan Church 300 E. Wesleyan Dr. 704-824-1073

Welcome Baptist Church

Bright Light Baptist Church 112 White Jenkins Rd. 704-681-2017 Don’t see your church listed? Email us today at

For information on getting your business listed here call 704-825-0580

Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Sherrill, Hill and Cloninger propel Warriors past Cherokee in 35-27 win By John Wilson

If 2021 has taught us anything it’s that the East Gaston football program has improved dramatically this season. Going into the Warriors home game against 2-1 Cherokee, East Gaston was sitting at 1-2. East Gaston opened the season dominating the North Gaston Wildcats in their lone win of the year. That win was followed up by tough losses to Stuart Cramer and South Point. At different times during the losses to the Storm and the Red Raiders the Warriors were in the game but either let things slip away or didn’t play solid ball for four quarters. If East Gaston could only find a way to play a complete game they could be onto something special. As it turned out the Warriors did just that in beating the Cherokee Braves 35-26. Powered by strong performances by quarterback Trenton Sherrill, running back Justin Hill and wide receiver Aiden Cloninger, the Warriors amassed 342 yards of total offense and played solid across the board. Sherrill finished the game passing for 121 yards and three touchdowns. Hill ran for 127 yards off of 13 carries and a touchdown while

Cloninger hauled in seven passes for 121 yards and three scores. Hill also scored on an 80-yard kickoff return. Also putting in some solid work was running back Markel McKinney who ran for 92 yards off of 11 carries. East Gaston head coach JT Postell was pleased with how things turned out “It was a great win against a tough opponent,” Postell said. “I knew Cherokee was going to be tough and quite a challenge. They have really good size along their offensive and defensive line.” The Braves are one of the top 1A programs in Western North Carolina coming out of the tough Smoky Mountain 1A Conference. “We knew we would have our hands full with their quarterback,” Postell added. While the Braves were able to put 26 points on the board the game was never really in jeopardy. EG played solid football throughout the game and the scoreboard reflected that effort. “I’m proud of our guys,” Postell went on to say. “We played hard for four full quarters. That’s something I’ve emphasized. It’s something we haven’t done yet and I felt we did against Cherokee.” This week the 2-2 Warriors will travel to Cherryville for their first conference game of the year to take on the 1-3 Ironmen.

The East Gaston Warriors football team hosted the Cherokee High Braves last Friday. An exciting game saw the Warriors come out on top 35-26. Here are some shots from the clash. Photos by Jennifer Hall


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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Belmont Wildcats football action... The Belmont Middle School Wildcats football team tangled with the Bessemer City Middle Tigers last week. When the scratching was over, the Wildcats had clawed out a 32-8 win Here are some colorful shots from the scuffle. Photos by Calvin Craig

Gold stars for spring 2021 awarded Connect the Dots: It’s all about Him to Citadel cadets and students Gold stars were awarded to cadets and students at The Citadel who achieved a 3.7 grade point average or higher in the spring 2021 semester. Cadets and students who achieve gold star recognition are also placed on The Citadel’s dean’s list. The nearly 550

cadets and students recognized for their academic achievements during the spring 2021 semester include: Sara Mauney of Cherryville, North Carolina, Ethan Jackson of Belmont, North Carolina.

I promise By Rev. Trent Rankin Salvation Church, Gastonia, NC

All of us, from time to time, make promises. We promise all types of things. We promise things to our families, in business dealings, and certainly to God. We make a lot of promises, but we don’t always keep those promises. Many times, we fail to keep our word, and it may be for reasons beyond our control, or on purpose. It always hurts us when someone makes a promise to us and fails to keep it. God makes promises to us, and He never fails to keep His word! In Jeremiah 32:6-15, God told Jeremiah that his cousin would soon come and offer him a piece of land for sale. God told Jeremiah to buy the land. Just as God said, Jeremiah’s cousin came offering the land, and he bought it. They signed the deed before witnesses and exchanged the money. The amazing part of this story is that this purchase took place while the Babylonian army had laid siege to Jerusalem, and Jeremiah was imprisoned. Soon the city would fall, and the citizens would be carried away into captivity. Why would God want Jeremiah to make such a purchase when owning land would not mat-

ter soon? God knew that as surely as Jerusalem would fall to its enemies because of the people’s sin, God would restore His people again because Rev. Trent Rankin of His love and mercy. He was making a promise to Israel, and God would keep it. Throughout the Bible, we find thousands of promises from God. There are promises from God to walk with us, to never leave us, and to pour His grace out on us. There are promises from God to judge and forgive. God promises to love us and give us eternal life through His Son Jesus. Of all the promises God has made to us, we can have confidence in the fact that He will keep them. We have contracts, deeds, notaries, and other means to hold people to their word. God has Given us His word, the Bible. In God’s word we find His promises made and kept. Sadly, many people may fail us, and go back on their word and promises. We can always count on God and His word. Hebrews 10:23 reminds us, “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful” (ESV). God is faithful indeed. God keeps His promises to you and me.

Misdirected love

By Dennis Siracusa A good friend of mine and I had a discussion recently about Narcissism; idealized, grossly inflated, self-interest at the expense of others. Recently an El Paso resident left an Alaskan Husky puppy by the side of the road and drove off with the puppy chasing after the car. This is an alarming case in point; self-interest at the expense of a little defenseless puppy and public reaction was quick and angry; rightfully so. But much more, going on around us, demonstrates misdirected love too! In Genesis 1:27-28 (NASV) God shows us how He expects us to act. “And God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. And God blessed them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” This form of dominion may sound old fashioned, lofty too, but it has similar power and responsibility to what we envision a king having and it embraces responsibility to our creator first and then to our subjects. It also embodies the fruit of God’s Holy Spirit outlined in Galatians 5:22. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” Here the Lord is showing us, through His enablement, to have dominion over our own sin ravaged flesh AND to extend love and consideration to life around us. The El Paso dog abandoner not only was heartless and unloving, but ignorant of possibility thinking.

Most of us have never worked with an unruly difficult horse. They weigh nearly 1,000 pounds and can be dangerous. Still, God Dennis Siracusa made them with unique personalities and capabilities. We, as the pinnacle of God’s creation, are to responsibly care for all creatures including difficult horses and when we reach back to Galatians 5 we learn to start with love and when we do, we have our best chance of seeing positive results. Today turmoil is overflowing everywhere; more danger than just dealing with a difficult pet. Most of us have read comments from some of our nation’s leaders saying “I don’t understand why people are resisting Covid19 shots. Well, I’d like to suggest possible reasons. We’ve been repeatedly lied to, we’ve been stolen from through misused wasted tax $, and covid-19 misinformation abounds. The public wants trustworthy honest information and strong arm tactics affecting our lives will be vigorously resisted. National leaders, media, and celebrities all have a responsibility to the public; that’s what leadership means. It starts with love which produces such results as joy, peace, kindness and gentleness. What we see today are leaders who are narcissistic; full of selflove and self-interests. Leaders who want you to believe they are “all knowing” but who care little about Godly character or the public and the negative results of their actions are evident. They mainly want more money, power, and personal security. That’s misdirected love at its finest!

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Thursday, September 23, 2021

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After slow start Red Raiders run past Stuart Cramer for 28-21 win By John Wilson

This year’s annual South Point-Stuart Cramer football game known as the ‘River Rumble’ turned out to be the game of the week. Cramer played tough leading the Red Raiders for most of the game, but an opportunistic South Point defense and some strong running by Tyson Riley erased the Storm’s best chance at securing their first victory over South Point. The Red Raiders started the game with an 87 yard drive topped off by a Tyson Riley 6-yard touchdown run. Cramer responded with quarterback Justin Rocque-

more connecting with Dameian Bentley on a 66-yard touchdown strike. After tying up the game the Storm kept rolling scoring two additional touchdowns to push out to a 21-7 second quarter lead. Not to be left out the Red Raiders pushed back when Frank Vickers ripped off a 75-yard kick return to narrow the gap. A Charlie Birtwistle PAT sent the Red Raiders into the locker room down 21-14 at the half. When the third quarter got underway the Red Raiders kept the pressure on the Cramer offense while Tyson Riley and the South Point of-

fense went to work. In the second half the South Point defense kept Cramer out of the end zone by producing timely sacks and three interceptions. With the Cramer offense all but grounded the Red Raider running game took over. The South Point offensive line paved the way for Riley to score two second half touchdowns on his way to a 42 carry, 243-yard, and three touchdown performance. Riley’s 42 touches set a new school record. The previous record was shared by Tyler Bray and Troy Leeper. Justin Rocquemore was Cramer’s top offensive player. Roquemore passed for 138 yards and a touchdown while running for 77 yards off of 12 carries with two TDs. Head coach Adam Hodge was glad the Red Raiders pulled out the win. “We started a little slow

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and had to come out and battle to win,” Hodge said. “They got a lead on us and we had to get up and fight.” This wasn’t the first time this season that South Point found themselves starting out slow or being behind early in a game. Coach Hodge understands that if the Red Raiders are hoping to win the conference or have a deep playoff run they’re going to need to be ready to roll on the first play of the game. South Point can’t count on always being able to rally to pull out a win.

“We need to put in four full quarters of football,” Hodge stressed. “I don’t think we’ve done that yet. We started slow against Lincolnton, East Gaston and Cramer. We can’t do that if we want to win a state championship. We need to start fast and finish fast. We have a good team.

We need to play a full game.” With the Cramer win, South Point’s record improves to 3-1. This week the Red Raiders will go to Hunter Huss to battle the winless Huskies. The 2-2 Storm will travel to Shelby to take on the 2-1 Crest Chargers.




The South Point Red Raiders varsity football team collided with the Stuart Cramer Storm last Friday in a cross-creek rivalry. When the final gong sounded, the Red Raiders came out ahead 28-21. Here are some pics from the closely contested collision. Photos by Calvin Craig/Superraiders

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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Gaston College invites students to Open House on October 2 An Open House on Saturday, October 2, at Gaston College’s Dallas campus will showcase the programs, opportunities, and benefits that the College has to offer. High school students and their families, teachers and counselors; adult learners; and members of the community are invited to the free event, which runs from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

The Open House features short, guided walking tours of the campus, an overview of what is available on the College’s campuses in Dallas, Lincolnton and Belmont, information on degree and continuing education programs, Q&A sessions with admissions and financial aid staff, and the opportunity to meet and talk with faculty as well as current Gaston Col-

lege students. The revitalized athletics department will also be on-hand to talk to potential Rhino recruits. Attendees can enter drawings to win scholarships, gift cards, or some new Gaston Rhinos swag. “Gaston College is excited to welcome prospective students back on campus for our Fall Open House,” said Tanisha Williams, Director


of Admissions. “We look forward to showing them the supportive and empowering community they will find at Gaston College. No matter where they’re starting from, we’ll provide the guidance and support they need to help them achieve their goals.” Gaston College’s Arts and Sciences, Health and Human Services, and Career and Technical Education divisions will be represented at

the Open House, as will programs like Continuing Education, Business and Industry Training, and Apprenticeship 321. “We have over 100 programs of study, including several new programs that were developed to meet the needs of regional employers in areas such as textiles, public safety and health care,” said Lisa Albright-Jurs, Dean of Career and Technical Education. “Whether students

plan to transfer to a fouryear university after earning an associate degree, intend to embark on a career after receiving a certificate or diploma, or choose to enhance job skills, Gaston College is here to help them gain momentum toward their unique goals.” To register to attend the free October 2 Open House, visit

National Network Classified Ads

Reader Advisory: the National Trade Associations we belong to has purchased the following classifieds. Determining the value of their service or product is advised by this publication. In order to avoid misunderstandings, some advertisers do not offer employment but rather supply the readers with manuals, directories and other materials designed to help their clients establish mail order selling and other businesses at home. Under NO circumstance should you send any money in advance or give the client your checking, license ID, or credit card numbers. Also beware of ads that claim to guarantee loans regardless of credit and note that if a credit repair company does business only over the phone it s illegal to request any money before delivering its service. All funds are based in US dollars. Toll free numbers may or may not reach Canada.

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city 6. Part of a church 7. Perceptible by touch 8. Pronounce not guilty of criminal charges 9. Hairpiece 10. Variety acts 11. “Mystic River” actor Sean 13. Remove salt 17. Went out with 24. Type of bread 25. Popular Eagles song 26. Philosophy degree 27. Yes vote 28. Passports and licenses are two 29. No seats available 35. Pounds per square inch 36. A way to launch an attack on 37. The lowest cardinal number 38. Popular Miller beer 40. Pokes holes in 41. Closest to 42. Folk singer DiFranco 43. Rivne’s former name 44. Flat ruler 45. Lacking the means to do something 47. Cockatoo 48. Dred Scott decision deliverer 49. Explosion exclamation 52. Canadian yyers 53. Houston university 54. At some prior time 55. Red, swollen mark

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Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Belmont Middle Girls’ Softball action In a match-up of two undefeated teams, Belmont Middle School Girls’ Softball Team lost 10-6 last week at Cherryville. BMS jumped out to an early 4-0 lead; but lost the lead in last couple of innings. Here are some scenes from the exciting contest. Photos by John Kalmbach

Aiming Outdoorsmen Toward Christ

By Gary Miller Just drive down the road and you can learn a lot about someone. For instance, if I see a truck with a NWTF bumper sticker and a Remington logo surrounded by camo accents, I’m sure GARY MILLER they will pretty much help me if I have a need of any kind. On the other hand, let someone drive by in a convertible Volvo with a bumper sticker that says, “Real men play polo,” I know pretty much I’m on my own. You say I’m profiling. I say you have an amazing grasp of the obvious. Yes I am and so do you. I actually see this in real-time almost every week. I own a fairly new and nice Toyota Tundra and a not-so-fairly-new-and-nice small SUV. The SUV is my preferred hunting and fishing vehicle. It goes no more than about 15 miles in one direction. While my Toyota turns some heads at times, my SUV turns noses – mostly up. The chicks don’t dig it and neither does anybody else. I can remember one time predicting that I would be pulled over by a park ranger. I had passed his parked car on the way to a hunt. His friends were just below my turn and had set up a roadblock. Fortunately, since I was turning before the roadblock, I would not have to be checked. But as I passed him, I knew he would assume I had simply tried to avoid it and would pull me over. I was right, and I don’t believe he would have done that if I had been in my Toyota. After sifting through the dirt in my back seat, checking my license, tags, and carry permit, he realized his judgment was wrong. Now before you condemn him for profiling me, let me assure you that you would have done the same thing. It’s natural and to deny this makes the deny-er untruthful. (The greatest blunder by my park ranger would have been if he had honestly denied that he was profiling) In fact, we all decide to be looked at in a particular way. We put camo and a gun sticker on our truck so others will see us a certain way. Many luxury car dealers advertise specific cars as being a symbol of success. We even buy certain clothes because they are embroidered with a logo that only a certain class can afford. We do all of this because we want others to categorize us. Just ask the millionaire who decides to become homeless for a week or the preacher who dresses up as a vagrant to see how his congregation will accept him, if all of this matters. They will tell you it does. We are all perceived and we all perceive others by certain visual criteria. We also perceive ourselves by those criteria. God doesn’t. He sees the heart, and while he probably could not care less about what we wear or what we drive, he does care about the value we put on things that will rot, rust, or ruin. So go ahead and enjoy whatever God has blessed you with but remember the greatest class to be put in, is the class of those who value a right heart. Contact me to speak at your next event.

Register for Mt. Holly adult kickball Registration for Mt. Holly Parks and Rec. Adult Kickball is open. The registration will end on Thursday, October 7th at 5:00pm. If you have enough people to form a full team, you can register online with the Team

Registration link. If you don’t have enough to form a team but just want to play, you can register online with the Individual Registration link. The cost for a team is $300/residents & $350/nonresidents.

Mt. Holly Middle School recently gave a shout out to its favorite SRO MHPD Officer Bell on his promotion to Sergeant. Bell has served as the school SRO for over 17 years and is beloved by students and staff. What an accomplishment! Gaston Schools photo

To get the resident rate, at least 50% of your team must be Mount Holly residents. The cost for individuals is $35/residents & $40/nonresidents. Visit the Mount Holly website’s “Parks and Recreation” page for full details

and registration links! community.../adult_sports. php If you wish to register in person or have questions on the Adult Kickball season, please contact Connor Sisk at

Last week saw the East Gaston High Warriors JV Volleyball, Varsity Volleyball, Men’s Soccer, and Women’s Tennis all pick up wins. Additionally, Emily Cerilli (pictured) medaled at the Gaston County XC meet. Congratulations to Emily! Gaston Schools photo

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Thursday, September 23, 2021


To place your ad go to or call 704-484-1047 ANNOUNCEMENTS


LOOKING FOR 1961 CLASS PHOTO. For Compact High School, Kings Mountain, NC. (240) 422-1907

MCMURRY REUNION. Will be held Sept 26, 1pm. at Polkville Baptist Family Life Center. Hope to see you’ll there.

HALLOWEEN / CHR I STMAS Decor, Toys, Gifts and clothing at 70%-90% OFF original retail. SIDE DOOR SALE. Oct 2nd 9am-5pm. CASH ONLY. Next to Mighty Dollar Forest City. 132 Commercial Drive, Forest City.

THE GOODE FAMILY REUNION. The Goode Family of Laurel Hill, NC celebrated it’s first family reunion September 4th 2021. goodefamilync@

NOW HIRING Roofing Laborer. Call 704-477-0516. IN NEED OF A ROLLBACK DRIVER. Auto Parts U Pull & Scrap Metal of Shelby, Must have experience and a good driving record. Apply in person at 1025 County Home Road, Shelby, NC (704) 472-4666 GOOD SAMARITAN NEEDED ASAP. To assist disabled lady with small home repairs. Tools and Materials furnished. $10 hour. 704-974-5706. NOW HIRING FOR TEACHERS. CONNECTED KIDS CDC. Call Mandy or Erica. 704487-5792. NOW HIRING FOR TEACHERS. Berryland Clubhouse Inc. Blom@BLC. Ask for Tina Pettis. 704-313-7019.

NEW LOCAL ONLINE MALLS FREE entry this weeks for the first 50. Privacy protected. Your email address will not be shared.

ANTIQUE TRACTOR SHOW. Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021. At T&H EQUIPMENT located at 1721 South Post Rd., Shelby NC. “FREE Admission” Tractors Welcomed! Call Hal at 704300-3071, TJ at 704-477-1561 or Neal at 704-481-5800.

NEED A LABORER at Auto Parts U Pull & Scrap Metal of SHELBY. Must have a valid driver license. Apply in person at 1025 County Home Road, Shelby, NC. 28152. 704-4724666.

ALL WELCOME. North Carolina State Good Sam Rally Fall Festival Oct 28 thru 31st. Located at Tom Johnsons Campers, 1885 US-70 Marion, NC 28752 call 1/800-225-7802 or 828724-4105 To Register. Cost $20.00. Door Prizes, Live Music, Bingo, Crafts, Food Trucks, Dog Show, Much More.

FURNITURE REPAIR Hayden Lafon Furniture Repair Offering All Types of Furniture Repair In-Home Repairs, Re - Upholstery and More Free Estimates Call 910-386-2499

PAINTING SERVICES. Over 25 years experience, affordable prices. Professional results. References available. Free estimates. Charles, or leave message. (704) 435-8062. RETIRED GENERAL CONTRACTOR AVAILABLE for small job repairs and fixes. Deck repair a specialty. Rutherford/Cleveland County areas. Bob, 828-476-6058.

ROOFING, SIDING, GUTTERS, LEAF GUARDS. Tim’s Roof Contractors is your local professional on all types of shingle roofing, metal roofing, Flat roofing and we install all styles and colors of vinyl siding, soffits, fascia trim and aluminum wrap. We are highly rated on Google 4.9 stars with 135 reviews/ BBB accredited with an A+ rating/ Background checked plus Owens Corning Preferred Contractors status. We offer Free Quotes / Roofing repairs and replacement services. Call us to talk to the local pro for services in Cleveland, Gaston, Lincoln and Rutherford Counties. Call us today 980-522-5606 or contact us through our website We would like to earn your business. (980) 522-5606

ONE ON ONE CARE is hiring for all shifts. Full/part-time hours available. Group homes are 6 beds or less. CNA/Nursing assistant jobs available but not required. No exp. necessary, all trainings included. Please apply in person at 203 Lee St., Shelby. FULL TIME MAINTENANCE MAN NEEDED. Maintain rental properties. Must have valid NC Drivers license. Pay depends on experience. (704) 473-4299

LOCAL MID-DAY DOG WALKER NEEDED. 2 Dogs. One 14. One is 2. Need a mid-day outing in the yard. 15 to 30 minutes. Monday through Friday. Alternating Saturdays. $40.00 per week Kings Mountain 28086 (845) 541-2412

BUSINESS SERVICES BRADFORD PEAR TREES REMOVAL. Whole tree or limbs. FREE Estimates. 828395-0758. 24 HOUR MOBILE MECHANIC. I will come to you to repair any car, lawnmower or tractor. Honest & reliable. (704) 3002332

IT’S TIME TO TRIM CREPE MYRTLE TREES. Spreading Mulch or Gravel, minor chainsaw work and storm clean-up. I can do many of your outside chores with over 15 years experience all over Cleveland County and stretching to the Forest City area. Nice, honest, dependable, clean, drug-free, he’s an all around great guy and handyman, so call Rob today and see what I can help you with. 980-295-0750. TRIPLE D PAINTING, LLC. All your painting needs. Free estimates. Over 25 yrs experience! Framing, facial boards and much more wood work available! Making your home, building or business look new again. (704) 418-5736

AUCTIONS PATTERSON SPRINGS STORAGE AUCTION PUBLIC SALE. 1:00PM Oct 1st. Patterson Springs Storage, 1826 Creek Ridge Rd., Shelby NC. Contents of Units: #33 Cooke, #15 McKnight, #26/30 Ross, For Non-Payment/Lease Violation of Storage Rent. (704) 473-7358


FULL TIME EXPERIENCED AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC. Apply In Person at 1900 Elizabeth Ave., Shelby, NC (704) 482-0441


COINS * COINS * COINS. We Buy & Sell Coins. “Coin Collector Supplies.” JAKE’S KNIVES & COLLECTIBLES. 1008 South Lafayette Street, Shelby. Call 704-600-6996 (980) 295-5568


EMPLOYMENT NEEDING A PARTS SALESPERSON. Auto Parts U Pull & Scrap Metal of Lincolnton. Apply in person 851 Car Farm, Lincolnton, NC. 704-735-5085

LOCK ‘N’ ROLL STORAGE. “ALL NEW” 10’x10’ and 10’x15’ Storage Units Available. Self Store Dawn til Dusk. Secure and Convenient! Located at 1002 Polkville Rd., (Hwy 226 N.) Shelby. Located next to 5 Star Auto Sales. or Call (704) 484-4112



LOCK ‘N’ ROLL STORAGE. “ALL NEW” 10’x10’ and 10’x15’ Storage Units Available. Self Store Dawn til Dusk. Secure and Convenient! Located at 1002 Polkville Rd., (Hwy 226 N.) Shelby. Located next to 5 Star Auto Sales. For Info Call (704) 484-4112 SHIPMAN’S MASONRY- 48 YEARS EXPERIENCE. Brick, Block & Stone, Outside Fireplaces, Foundations, Underpinnings. “Free Estimates”. 1st Quality Work! (863) 532-1587 JIM’S PAINTING SERVICE. Exterior painting only. Free estimates. You will be pleased with our work. We have references. 828-287-9272, 828-429-7511 HANDYMAN SERVICES. NOW IS THE TIME for all your pressure washing needs. Offering: mulching, trees and bushes trimmed, clean flower beds, minor repairs, decks stained & restored. Any Handyman Services. No Job too Big or Small! References available. We will show up and do the job. Call us first, 704-692-4449. CLEVELAND COUNTY GARAGE DOORS. Summer Tuneup Special, $59.95. We will check all your equipment lube, make sure it’s working correctly. We repair broken doors. Also offering new installations. 704477-9119 or 704-472-9367.

COLLEGE MANOR COMMUNITY YARD SALE. Sat., Sept. 25th, 7 am-Until. Something for everyone. Come and see. 101 East College Manor Drive, Shelby, NC 28152 GASTON COUNTY MOVING SALE. EVERYTHING MUST GO. Sat., Sept. 25th, 2021 from 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Indoor/Outdoor Furniture, womens clothes, kitchenware, dishes, books, Christmas, household, electronics, tools, DR suite, yard tools; 23 Bowen Drive, Belmont, NC 28012 MECKLENBURG COUNTY PINEVILLE FALL YARD SALE. Sat., Sept. 25th, 2021 from 7am - 12pm. 18 + Families under the Large Shelter at Lake Park. Clothes, Toys, Household Items and more! Pineville Parks & Rec. 704-889-2400 Pineville, NC 28134 (704) 889-2400 RUTHERFORD COUNTY 4TH ANNUAL BARN SALE. Sat., Sept. 25, 9AM-3PM. Household items. Proceeds help support local charities. 1706 Grassy Knob Road, Rutherfordton, NC 28139


Deadline: Friday at 12:00 Noon



UNIQUE ANTIQUE STATION: Farm House Decor, Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage Toys, Jewelry and MORE. Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-4pm. 985 US 74 Business Hwy., Ellenboro. Find us on FB. 828-382-0075.

FOR SALE HALLOWEEN / CHR I STMAS Decor, Toys, Gifts and clothing at 70%-90% OFF original retail. SIDE DOOR SALE. Oct 2nd 9am-5pm. CASH ONLY. Next to Mighty Dollar Forest City. 132 Commercial Drive, Forest City. FRIDGIDARE WINDOW AIR CONDITIONER. Good clean 15,000 BTU. Do not need. Asking $80 (704) 419-3862 TWIN BEDS, DESK, BOOKCASE, night stand, mattress, comforters, and linens (706) 318-1654 BOAT MOTOR TRAILER/ BIRD CAGE/ AQUARIUM/ RABBIT CAGE. Boat, motor, trailer $1500. Large bird cage $50. Aquarium/stand 50gl $100. Rabbit cage $40. Text for photos. (704) 600-5596

GIFT FOR ANYONE. offers a great gift you can give to anyone and it will be remembered forever! YARD EQUIPMENT SALE. IH Cub Cadet with loader with duel wheels. Rollover box blade. Yard vac trailer, horse drag pan, syrup cane mills. After 5pm. (704) 931-0335 4WHEELER TIRES FOR SALE. Used Good Condition. Never been Punctured. Two 25x8x12.Two 25x10x12. $45.00 Pictures Available. 704-4185779 (704) 418-5779

CEMETERY SPACES AND MERCHANDISE CREDIT. 4 Spaces and $1600.00 of merchandise credit at Cleveland Memorial Park in Shelby NC at great location on grounds. $2500 or BO (617) 997-6248 PURE RAW LOCAL HONEY. $18 per quart, $10 per pint. Produced in Rutherford County. Call or text Jackson Corbin, 828-980-1823. EZ-GO GAS GOLF CART. Needs repair, $800 Troy-Bilt push mower with grass catcher, $100. (704) 477-6458 FOR SALE 3x5 Welding Table. South Bend Commercial Lathe, 2 Large Steel Racks, 1 Small Rack. Call 828-755-4273 Leave Message DEER CORN. SHELLED, 50lbs, $10.05. 828-287-3272. HIS & HERS BIKE SET. 26” Huffy Monaco Bicycles. $100 set. (704) 560-6602 1994 CHEVROLET SILVERADO TRUCK. 2 wheel drive, good running condition, $4,200 Also, 2 riding lawn mowers. Both need a little work. $80 for both. 704-476-5112. ADJUSTABLE TWIN BED. HOSPITAL STYLE ADJUSTABLE BED WITH 2 HALF RAILS, EXCELLENT CONDITION ! (704) 482-6582

KANGAROO WALK BEHIND GOLF CADDY. Has new battery, ball washer, basket, seat, cup holder, umbrella, score card holder, rear wheel “Excellent Condition”. Cost $1500 new, will take $500. call (704) 477-2612 WOMENS CLOTHING. Lots of Womens Clothing Sizes 12,18,20. Dresses, Tops, Pocket Books, Pants with jackets. Real Nice Clothing 828-2870982 ALL METAL GARAGES. Big Discounts! Zero down. Call for more details. 828-382-0455. REFRIGERATORS, STOVES, WASHERS, DRYERS. Discount Prices. 1205 Earl Road, Shelby NC. (704) 487-4443 NEW CANNING JARS with Lids & Seals. $17.67 per case. Call 828-287-3272. ACEPHATE FIRE ANT KILLER. Works great! $12.99. Call 828-287-3272. FIREWOOD FOR SALE. Long wheelbase load, Full loaded. $70.00/load. Delivered. 864492-4793 or 803-627-9408.

WHEELCHAIR AND ROLLATOR WALKER. Both are large size for a large adult. Both are in excellent condition. $100 each or best offer. (704) 482-6582

KILL ALL YOUR WEEDS! Ranger Pro 2.5 gallon. $44.00. 828-287-3272.

1917 DRESSER in excellent condition. Best Offer! Call: 704-466-8741.

HAVE A STORAGE BUILDING NOT USING, OUTGROWN IT? Sell it, trade in for new bigger one. We take trades, we buy used buildings. Must be factory built, able to move. J. Johnson Sales INC. 828-245-5895.

SO CLEAN 2 CPAP SANITIZER $375 Clean and sanitize your CPAP mask, tubing and equipment easily and often, especially while Covid is a threat. New and sealed in box. Did not need after purchasing from HSA. (704) 4725871

PROPANE GRILL TANKS REFILLED. Only $10.99. Call 828287-3272.

HAVE A TRAILER NOT USING? SELL IT! J. Johnson Sales INC. Buy, Sale, Trade trailers. Must have title. Call 828-245-5895.

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Thursday, September 23, 2021

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To place your ad go to or call 704-484-1047

Deadline: Friday at 12:00 Noon







CARPORTS, GARAGES, BUILDINGS, RV, BOAT COVERS IN STOCK. Areas largest on site display. Best selection, quality price. J. Johnson Sales, Inc. 2690 Hwy. 221S., Forest City. 828-245-5895.

6X10 & 6X12 DUMP TRAILERS In STOCK. (5 Ton) contact J. Johnson Sales, Inc., Forest City. (828) 245-5895

NEW SOUTHERN 5 FT. BUSH HOG. $1,250. 828-287-3272.

GUINEA CHICKS, $5; BANTAM BABIES, $3; Quail, 3 to 4 weeks old, hatching eggs, 50% guaranteed hatch. (704) 4769943

2004 HONDA CIVIC power windows, sunroof, ice cold A/C. $1200.00. 704-472-4368.


FLAG POLES, FLAGS IN STOCK. Pickup or we deliver and install available. J. Johnson Sales INC, Forest City. Call 828-245-5895. RIDING/PUSH MOWERS, GARDEN TILLERS, GOKARTS, MINI-BIKES. Ready to mow. All in excellent condition. Can deliver, 30+ years experience in repair work. 828980-0853, 704-476-9383. 16X40 OR TWO STORY BUILDINGS BUILT ON SITE. 1 DAY INSTALL. J. Johnson Sales INC. 828-245-5895. PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS with Scratch Pads! Press Room Printing. 704-482-2243. (704) 538-5788 TRAILERS, LAWNMOWER TRAILERS, Flatbed Trailers, Enclosed Trailers, Horse and Cattle Trailers, Saddlery. Check our prices and quality before you buy. Bridges Riding Equipment. Boiling Springs, NC. (704) 434-6389 “COVETED VETERANS CIRCLE” In Gaston Memorial Park. Three Burial Plots For Sale. Will Sell Together or Individually. Price Negotiable. (919) 272-5503 INDOOR HYDROPONICS GROW SETUP. 2 Big Kahuna Hoods, Four 1000 Watt Hortilux Bulbs, Two 1000 Watt Ballasts, One 600 Watt Ballast, 4’x8’ Tray, 4’x6’ Tray, 40 Gal. Reservoir, 70 Gal. Reservoir, One 8’ Steel Stand, Dehumidifier, 1 Reverse Osmosis System, 2 Blowers, Assorted Feeder Tubes, Pumps, Aerators, Timers, 2 Wall Mount Fans. Several Bags of Growing Medium. Best Offer Over $1000. (864) 9787958 HORSE QUALITY HAY. Square and round bales, also 3x3x8’ bales. Call (704) 4876855 UTILITY BUILDINGS, STORAGE BUILDINGS. Steel, Wood, Vinyl. Some fully insulated, 1 to 2 day delivery if buy from stock. Cash or low down payment with monthly payments. No credit ok. J. Johnson Sales INC. 828245-5895.

7 TON & 5 TON EQUIPMENT TRAILERS. In Stock! contact J. Johnson Sales, Inc., Forest City. (828) 245-5895

WANT TO BUY WANTED: OLD AND NEW AMMO. Reloading supplies. Call 828-245-6756 or cell # 828-289-1488. WE BUY JUNK VEHICLES. WE PAY TOP DOLLAR FOR VEHICLES RUNNING OR NOT, MUST HAVE A TITLE OR ID. (704) 487-5244 CRESTMIDDLE@AOL.COM NEED TO SELL YOUR HOUSE? I PURCHASE UNWANTED RENTAL PROPERTY AND/OR STARTER HOMES. MUST BE PRICED TO SELL! “QUICK CLOSINGS”! Call 704472-0006. CASH FOR YOUR CAR running or not, title or no title. Call Charles Dellinger at Red Road Towing. 704-692-6767, (704) 487-0228 I PAY CASH FOR DIABETIC TEST STRIPS. Up to $10 per 100ct. Must be Unused, Unexpired. I’m local and pay fast. (828) 577-4197 WANT TO BUY. ATV’s, PopUp Campers and Small Travel Trailers. Call 828-429-3935.

PETS & LIVESTOCK GERMAN MALINOIS (SHEPINOIS) PUPPIES. Born 6/18/21. 2 boys left. Second round of shots, wormed and started on heartworm prevention. Will get third round of shots this weekend. Tan pup will be a big solid dog like his dad. Darker pup is the only one with his dad’s amber eyes. Absolutely stunning. shadowdancer@mochamail. com

2 MALTESE DOGS. Male & female. $1000. Also 6” stove pipes, $10 each. (704) 5383809

5 SAUSAGE HOGS. Weigh about 800-900 lbs. 2 or 3 weigh about 500 lbs. Have to look at them for prices. 40 cases used, clean Mason jars, $4 case. 10 Chihuahua puppies. $100 each. 6 wks old. Need to find homes. (704) 308-4721

FREE TO GOOD HOME. Small mixed breed dogs, 2 males, 4 females. All neutered. 704-6812215, (980) 448-8402

FRENCH BULLDOG FOR SALE. Male, 10 weeks old, Black, AKC papers, $1,800. 704-538-7784. 3 FEMALE GERMAN SHEPHERDS. Date of birth 4/12/21. (704) 466-2325 LAYING HENS FOR SALE. $10 each. Call (509) 432-4914 LABRADOR RETRIEVER PUPS. Chocolate & silver. Parents are AKC registered but selling pups at unregistered prices. DOB 8/821, 1st shots & worming. Taking $200 non refundable deposits now. Chocolate $600, Silver $900. Call or text. Please leave message. (828) 429-0210

WANT TO BUY: STAMP COLLECTIONS and accumulations of same. Call 828-6529425 or 954-614-2562.

DOG KENNELS. 7x7, 5x10, 10x10, 10x20, 20x20 tops, split kennels. Pickup or we deliver and install available. J. Johnson Sales INC, Forest City. 828245-5895. HEDGEHOGS AND SUGAR GLIDERS HOME. Male and female are available for both babies contact us if interested and for more info (915) 201-5269 deanwillson8@


WANT TO BUY CARS, TRUCKS. Trailers, Tractors, Farm Equipment. Must have ID and proof of ownership. Callahan’s Towing. (704) 692-1006

2007 FORD F-150 4WD. No mechanical problems, new brakes, 143k miles. $8500. (704) 616-5522 2001 GMC SONOMA Truck. Is in good condition, but needs an engine. $500.00 as is. 704-4773460.

BOATS BEAUTIFUL BOSTON TERRIER PUPPIES. CKC registered 1st shots and dewormed. Vet Health check. Looking for loving homes. Taking deposits now. Price is $1000 (704) 616-6114

SUDOKU Fill in the blank squares so that each row, each column, and each 3 by 3 block contain all of the digits 1 thru 9 using logic.




VACATIONS OCEAN LAKES MYRTLE BEACH. Cottage N34. 2 bedroom, 2 bath, den, kitchen, dining, covered deck, near country store. Call Dorcas, 803-7182659. OCEAN LAKES BEACH HOUSE. For rent, 2 bedroom 2 bath with sleeper sofa, WiFi, golf cart inc. Summer & Fall availability. Halloween weekend open. 704-473-1494.


MOVE IN SPECIAL. 2 & 3 Bedroom, deposit required. $195 weekly rates. Includes power and water. NO PETS. Visit us online at Oakwood Rentals, Shelby. Call (704) 473-4299 1, 2 & 3 BEDROOM TOWNHOMES. Shelby, NC. We are currently accepting applications for our waiting list. Rent is based on income (and some expenses are deducted). Call or visit us today, Laurel Hill Apartments 704-487-1114. Equal Housing Opportunity. LIONS SENIOR VILLAGE has 1 bedroom HUD subsidized apartments for low income seniors. Taking applications. Age 62 or older. Equal Housing Opportunity. 211 North Morgan Street, (704) 482-7723 2 OR 3 BEDROOM MOBILE HOMES. For rent in Shelby & Grover. $600-$750. Call (828) 234-8147


1993 WINNEBAGO WARRIOR 21 ft. Class C, 3.0L EFI engine, sleep 6, runs great, info at, non smoker. $2000 contact (704) 498-3584

CASH FOR YOUR RECORD ALBUMS. Call Ron. (919) 314-7579

96 SEARAY 175, 125 MERC. OUTBOARD $8000 OBO. Fish and Ski model with all the extra equipment and trailer with swing away tongue. Garage kept and maintained. Text for photos. (704) 473-2573

GOLDEN DODDLE Puppies For Sale Cream colored Ready Sept 11 $600.00 each First shots and De-wormed Henry Miller 1608 Walls Church Rd, Ellenboro Nc 28040

2007 BUICK LACROSSE. V-6, 3.8 All Pwr, local Forest City car, 160k miles, $4800, call 828-980-8461 (828) 980-8461

FOR LEASE - OFFICE SPACE. Over 800 s.f. Break room included. $1250 per month. 112 E. Dixon Blvd. Suite 2, Shelby, NC 28152. (704) 923-1698

QUALITY, COMFORTABLE, 55+ COMMUNITY Residences at Humboldt Park - 715 Dellinger Rd Shelby. Refreshed unit available now! Welcome home to Residences at Humboldt Park. We are a 55+ apt community located in Shelby just off Dellinger Rd. Under new management, the community features on site amenities and a quiet, peaceful, park like atmosphere. Our refreshed units offer the highest quality of modern living. Humboldt Partners provides safe, clean, quality, affordable housing to our residents and communities. Be at Home, in a Humboldt home. Call Property Management Corp today or come by for a tour. Shelby, NC 28152 (704) 705-4533 rentals@ RUTHERFORD COUNTY 1/2 ACRE LOT UNRESTRICTED!! Near TIEC, $15,000. Call 864-909-1035 or visit: www.

2015 GMC YUKON XL DENALI, 4x4, Pearl White, 94,000 miles, Leather, Sunroof, 20” Alloys, Heated & Cooled Seats, $37,500. “Top of the Line!” Call (704) 482-0441


2014 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN Call for Price. Braunability Handicap Van. Side entry ramp. Transfer driver seat. Ideal van for disabled person who uses a wheel chair and can still drive. Equipped to add hand controls. (704) 692-6248 buck@ 2008 CHEVROLET EQUINOX. Bad engine, Body & Parts good! Rebuilt transmission (Under Warranty). Good tires and battery. 160,000 miles, $1600. (704) 473-9254

FOR RENT CLEVELAND COUNTY 2&3 BEDROOM MOBILE HOMES. Nice and clean, water furnished. Oak Grove Community, Kings Mtn. Call or text, 704-739-0259. PRIVATE RV/MOBILE HOME hookup. Text to 336-414-3618 for more information. 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT. Excellent location in Shelby. Hardwood floors, not HAP eligible, No pets, No Smoking. Heat & water included in $550 month. (704) 487-5480 MOBILE HOMES & APARTMENTS. In Kings Mountain. Price starting at $100 per week. Call (704) 739-4417

HICKORY CREEK APARTMENTS FOR SENIORS. (62 and older), disabled (50 and older). Shelby. Now taking applications for waiting list. 418 East Warren Street, (704) 487-6354 LINCOLN COUNTY 2 BEDROOM, 1 BATH. Unit 2, Rent $550, Deposit $550, Application Fee $25. 1327 Rustic Trail, Lincolnton, NC. 704-4723100, (704) 472-4666 RUTHERFORD COUNTY 3 BEDROOM, 2 BATH, secluded 1 acre lot. No pets. First, last, security. 55 & older. Background check. Shiloh area. 828-429-9831. ICC AREA Small efficiency apartment. Includes electric, water, sewer and garbage. $450 plus deposit and references. 828-248-1776. 2 & 3 BEDROOM MOBILE HOMES. Small private park between Spindale and Forest City. Starting at $500 per month. 828-382-0475.







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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Gaston College Practical Nursing program ranked #1 in North Carolina Gaston College Licensed Practical Nursing students who graduated at a pinning ceremony on Tuesday, August 3, have something more to celebrate., the leading LPN advancement and ranking agency, gave the College’s LPN program its top ranking in North Carolina for 2021. The organization ranked the top 10 programs after analyzing 39 nursing schools in the state, and, based on National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nursing first-time passage rates over the past several years, the Gaston College LPN program came out in first place. In 2020, the Practical Nursing class had a 100 percent NCLEX-PN pass rate. The average statewide pass rate was 88.9 percent. Forty-five Practical Nursing students were honored at

Gaston College’s Licensed Practical Nursing class of 2021 graduated on August 3. The LPN program is ranked #1 in North Carolina.

Future teachers can easily transfer from Gaston College to UNC schools The North Carolina Community College System has announced a Uniform Articulation Agreement in Teacher Preparation between NCCCS and the University of North Carolina System. This agreement will provide smooth transfer for community college students who wish to continue their education in teacher preparation at a school in the UNC system. Gaston College is a participant in the agreement. To make the benefits of this agreement available to its students, Gaston College is introducing the Associate in Arts in Teacher Preparation and Associate in Science in Teacher Preparation transfer degree programs this fall. Through these programs, students will save money by se-

lecting elective credit hours in their area of education to earn their associate degree at an affordable rate before transferring to participating schools in the UNC system for a bachelor’s degree in Elementary, Middle, or Secondary Education. Full-time or part-time students can enroll in these degree programs, which can be completed fully online. “There is an increased need for teachers in this region, specifically in the STEM fields,” said Tonia Broome, Dean of Arts and Sciences. “Gaston College is pleased to give future teachers an affordable way to start their college education and get their associate degree before transferring to a fouryear university to complete

their licensure program.” An articulation agreement in Teacher Preparation between Gaston College and some private colleges and universities is already in place. Many of those schools, including Belmont Abbey College, Gardner-Webb University, Queens University of Charlotte, and Wingate University, are in or close to Gaston and Lincoln counties. To further alleviate the cost of a college education, the Gaston College Foundation is making available five scholarships of $1,000 each to students enrolling in either the Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Teacher Preparation program. Information on applying for those scholarships is at

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the pinning ceremony which marked their completion of the program. Some of these graduates will be taking the licensure exam beginning next week and can begin working as Licensed Practical Nurses upon passing the exam. “Having our program receive top ranking is a reflec-

tion of our dedicated faculty and staff and our hard-working students,” said Dr. Allison Abernathy, Dean of Health and Human Services. “We couldn’t be prouder of them, and we’re sure our class of 2021 graduates will go on to outstanding careers in their profession.” Gaston College Nursing

programs are nationally accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. Individuals interested in additional information about the programs should contact the Admissions Specialist for Nursing Programs at 704-922-6469 or 704-748-5221.