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Thursday, July 29, 2021


News from a neighbor! Volume 87 • Issue 30

Our Mission: Moms In Prayer International impacts children and schools worldwide for Christ by gathering mothers to pray.

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Thursday, July 29, 2021

End of Watch riders visit Mt. Holly By Alan Hodge

Last Tuesday saw a solemn yet uplifting occasion occur in Mt. Holly when members of the Beyond the Call of Duty End of Watch Ride to Remember motorcycle group and their support staff visited the Municipal Complex and police headquarters. The event was part of a nationwide tour the riders are making honoring members of law enforcement who gave their lives in the line of duty during 2020. As everyone recalls, on December 11, 2020, MHPD Officer Tyler Herndon was killed as he responded to a breaking and entering call. The riders are based in Yakima, Washington. For the See RIDERS, Page 6 Members of the Mt. Holly PD and End of Watch riders gather in front of the memorial trailer.

Photo by Alan Hodge

The Mt. Holly Community Garden is having a great summer By Alan Hodge

The Mt. Holly Community Garden is bursting at the seams with flowers, vegetables, and community spirit. The garden is celebrating its seventh year of bringing a bit of nature and agriculture to downtown Mt. Holly. Erin Denison is the new garden president. “I want to thank Bobby and Mel Black for six years of leadership,” said Denison. “I want to welcome Charlie Godfrey as the new garden manager.” Over the course of the spring, the garden got a major refurbishing. New raised beds were built and filled with rich soil. “The work was done one hundred percent by volunteers,” said Denison. “It was See GARDEN, Page 3

Principal Jessica Steiner

Stuart Cramer High’s new principal Jessica Steiner is all about building relationships By Alan Hodge

Ida Rankin Elementary students Madelyn Sanders (left) and Addison Shuler checking out the beautiful flowers at the Mt. Holly Community Garden. Photo by Alan Hodge

Stuart Cramer High has a new principal, Jessica Steiner, and she’s eager to begin forging strong relationships with students, staff, and the com-

munity. Steiner replaces Audrey Devine, Cramer’s first principal, who retired in June. Steiner brings plenty of experience to her new post. Before embarking on her new See STEINER, Page 4

Keeter Stadium at Veterans Field Open House

August 10 7 pm - 9 pm

Teams, Team Parents & General Public Invited

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R ECOLLECTIONS Lots of talk lately about sports team names, logos, and that sort of truck. Some people have gotten their knickers in a twist regarding names and logos. I won’t comment on the local uproar but will simply say I have an opinion on the subject that I will keep out of print but in my mind and as mayor Charlie Martin will tell you after a conversation I had with him on the subject- it’s a strong one and involved some cussin’. There are some interesting sports team names out there- The East Carolina Fighting Camels, the Hickory Crawdads, and the NC School of the Arts Fighting Pickles to name just a few. What if towns around here had sports teams of their own like back when the cotton mills had baseball teams? I seized upon that idea around 2am the other night when I was sleepless and thoughts were running though my head like bullets in a machine gun. Here’s some I came up with. Given the number of ale houses popping up in Belmont- the Belmont Beer Swillers, the Belmont Beer Barrels, the Belmont Ale Wives, the Belmont Brew Boyz, the Belmont Beer Guts. Ok here’s some more. The Belmont Yuppie Dogs, the Belmont Devilish Developers, the Belmont Stroller Pushers, the Belmont Snobs, the Belmont Bowel Blasters, or the Belmont Bunglers. Cramerton- The Cramerton Crackers, the Cramerton Carps, the Cramerton Cat Callers, the Cramerton Crumb Snatchers, the Cramerton Cronies, the Cramerton Creative Ge-



What’s in a (team) name? niuses (hey Dixie!). McAdenville- The McAdenville Monkeys, the McAdenville Christmastown Alan Hodge Banner-News Editor Crowd, the McAdenville Magicians, the McAdenville Muskrats, the McAdenville Mugwumps, the McAdenville Marsupials, You Know How to Whistle Don’t You Steve? (hey cousin Steve!). Stanley- The Stanley Stompers, the Stanley Strongmen, the Black Snake Road Rowdies, the Brevard Station Stymies, the Highway 27 Hedgehogs, the Alexis Acrobats, the Stanley Stainers, the Stanley High Steppers. Mt. Holly- The Mt. Holly Hyenas, the Mt. Holly Hernias, the Mt. Holly Muthers, the Mt. Holly Hot Nuts, the Mt. Holly Hipsters, the Mt. Holly River Rodents, the Tuck Park Torpedoes, the MH Farmers Market Munchkins, the Mt. Holly Hop Heads. Well, that’s the clean ones that I thought of. So, what’s in a team name? What earth shattering difference does it make compared to more pressing topics such as rape and murder and hungry children and broken hearts? My word to self-righteous folks gnashing their teeth and twisting and turning on a sweaty mattress in the wee hours…. In the big picture and over years of time- not a lot.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

I have a phobia of toilet paper dispensers By Tony Marciano Before there was Lowe’s or Home Depot, hardware stores were very local and small. My hometown had a very tiny one in a store front. The owner wasn’t very friendly or trusting of his customers. I never enjoyed going in there. That launched my fear of toilet paper dispensers. As a kid, I worried that when I was married and needed to buy the roller for the toilet paper, would I be able to find it at our local hardware store? Fast forward and I’m an adult on vacation with my family. After a few hour drive, we stopped at a gas station for a bathroom break. The stall I was using had one of those dispensers with two rolls. If one side is empty, you slide the cover to expose the side that had a roll of toilet paper. When I went to reach for the toilet paper, the one side was empty. I tried to move the cover, but it was jammed. I pushed and pushed but it wouldn’t move. So, I had the “bad” idea of putting my arm inside the dispenser, inside

Where has the time gone? By Lisa Harper A most precious resource in existence, and one we all can surely identify with… (time) Clocks, alarms, schedules, calendars, agendas, appointments, etc. The sands falling through the proverbial hourglass nevertheless will continue to fall, and as we age, these particles of sand pick up speed. I was reminded all too well of this last week when a text came over from my husband. He simply asked “When is my Dad’s birthday.”? Like always, I didn’t have to think at all about this date, as dates seem to stay etched in my brain forever. Anniversaries and deaths too..they just remain inside my built in computer (brain). I quickly replied back to him. Our son

has this same gift. So make our experibetween myself and ences mean. Cameron, the hubby knows his reminder The greatof an important date est minds of is never too far away. our time tell us Most days I pontime is relative. der the time and dates It’s true- we all Lisa Harper in my life. Forty one experience time years ago I graduated differently. But high school. Twenty four if there’s one thing that holds years ago I became a Mother.. true about time, it’s that it (at the ripe old age of 35) only moves forward. We seems like yesterday. Our dog can’t go back and change the turns 13 next week. She was past. But what we can do ina mere 2 months old when we stead is hold on the the many adopted her from the shelter. memories we are creating… My sweet neighbor Marie… each and every single day. (2nd Mom- *we adopted each Numbering your days does other a long time ago*- she something to you. It puts life turned 91 three months ago. in perspective. In fact, doing Our relationship to time this makes me realize all the reveals a lot about who we more the brevity of life and are as human beings; how we the value of every moment. experience life and what we So, when you realize these

two things…you can begin to develop a heart of wisdom. For these two elements of life go hand in hand. We kill time. We save time. We rob and get robbed of time, we lose time, and we have all the time in the world. But no one of us is powerful enough to stop the march of time or slow it down. Once you end one chapter, you have an opportunity to turn the pages and start a new chapter. That still won’t answer the question of “where has the time gone.” However, instead of asking this question, we should find ourselves living, not reminiscing about the past. Live your life, so when you look back on this question, you can say that the time was well spent.

the cover and grabbing the toilet paper. While it made sense in my head, it didn’t work in reality. As my fingers touched the paper on the other side, my forearm got jammed inside. It pressed against the jagged edge that would cut the toilet paper. Now I’m in a gas station bathroom, inside the stall, in an era before we had iPhones and I was stuck. I couldn’t get my arm out. I envisioned us spending our vacation at this convenience store while the fire department arrived with the “jaws of life” to extract me from the toilet paper dispenser. That would have been interesting on the 6 o’clock news that night. Fast forward and the Rescue Mission changed out its toilet paper dispensers. The new ones have the plastic cover that you slid when the one side was empty to reveal the other roll. How hard could this be. Once again, I am in the stall pulling on this cover and it wouldn’t budge. I closed my eyes hoping to break it to expose the roll of TP. It wouldn’t move. In talking to a staff member, he explained that there was a defect in those dispensers. You had to push the key lock button down and the cover would open. The other roll would be available. It worked. In fact, I’m thinking

of helping the manufacturer Tony Marciano make a commercial about how to use their toilet paper dispensers. Sometimes the answers to life are in front of us. Sometimes they are right there. Yet we avoid them. We continue in patterns that are familiar to us because they are comfortable. We do what we’ve always done, but it doesn’t ‘work. Life is a challenge. One thing that makes it more challenging is our ego (not selfesteem or self-confidence but ego). When we make things all about us. We think we know what is right and refuse to listen to what can help us. Our ego refuses to bend our knee. We definitely don’t want to bend it to God. It’s as if we see Him as a tyrant, wanting to make our lives hard and miserable. There is a Scripture verse that says which of you having a son if he asks for a piece of bread will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a piece of fish will give him a Scorpion. How much more does your Heavenly father love you. Don’t make life difficult. I’ll be back in two weeks. Until then, live well my friend.

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Thursday, July 29, 2021

The garden’s “motto”.

Page 3

Another beautiful bed.

GARDEN From Page 1 a huge undertaking. The new beds should last ten years.” The rebuild was funded by the Mt. Holly Community Development Foundation, the Gaston County Farm Bureau, and local donations. Another upgrade planned will be a water feature in honor/memory of longtime garden advocate Carol Golden. In addition to being a place for folks to grow flowers and vegetables, it’s also proving to be a teaching tool. Last week, students from Ida Rankin Elementary were pitching in to help weed, trim, and in general learn about gardening. Two of the kids were fifth graders Madelyn Sanders and Addison Shuler. It was hot work but they seemed to be enjoying the agricultural experience. “I love it,” said Madelyn. “It’s very unique.” Addison agreed. “It’s just fun,” she said. Denison pointed out the fact that the garden has become somewhat of a destination in downtown Mt. Holly. “People bring their coffee

or lunch and sit on the benches and enjoy the beautiful flowers and plants,” she said. “Folks are welcome to come any time, but harvesting is for members only.” Incidentally, the garden shares it extra produce with the Mt. Holly Community Relief Organization (CRO). Now that Covid is on the run, the garden will be getting back to having special events. Cooking demonstrations are still on hold for a while, but Denison says the annual Christmas Enchantment event will take place on December 11. “We will have food trucks, music, and luminaries,” she said. Meanwhile, summer is in full swing and the garden is fulfilling its traditional role as a vegetable paradise for birds, butterflies, and people. For more information on the Mt. Holly Community Garden, visit https://www. mounthollycommunitygarden. Mt. Holly Community Garden president Erin Denison and some incredible sunflowers. com/.

Several barn quilt signs painted by garden members hang in the garden.

Photos by Alan Hodge

The garden is a wildlife habitat right in the middle of downtown Mt. Holly.

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Thursday, July 29, 2021







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House of Mercy honors founder Mary Wright On May 18, 2021, House of Mercy celebrated its 30th Anniversary at its residential facility with a small, intimate for social gathering with social distancing to honor its founder Mary Wright and the Sisters of Mercy. May 18, 1991 is the official birthday of House of Mercy. Mary Wright may be a woman whose name isn’t found in history books or on social media like most pioneers. She will forever be found written on the hearts of hundreds of persons living with HIV/AIDS who called House of Mercy their home over the past thirty years. In the mid-late 1980’s when the virus was becoming an epidemic, the HIV/AIDS stigma was at its height. Hospitals and hospice homes were not admitting those with HIV/AIDS to take on a new

global pandemic just like at the moment (COVID-19). It was Sister Mary Wright of the Sisters of Mercy who was faced with a task of stepping up where our medical care professionals hadn’t moved forward in time. As the founder of House of Mercy and first President and CEO, Mary Wright provided a home for persons living with HIV/AIDS who needed hospice care. From corporate professionals to the homeless, House of Mercy served as a home to everyone. Mary tears up when she reminisces about the great friendships and family made at House of Mercy. “We all ate together and “broke bread” at the dinner table at House of Mercy,” Mary says. “This truly was the Eucharist. We shared laughs and were family. We did everything

saw her work as a Learning Language Disabilities teacher from 1999-2000. In 1999 she taught emotionally handicapped students at Turkey Creek Middle School in Plant Coty, Florida. Steiner graduated from the University of South Florida in 1999 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education with a Minor in Elementary Education. In 2000 she earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. So, what got Steiner interested in becoming an educator? “When I was in college I worked part time in a doctor’s office at the front desk and always enjoyed talking to the kids,” she said. “In high school I worked in a

STEINER From Page 1 job, Steiner had served as assistant principal at Cramerton Middle School beginning in 2018. From 2014-2018, she was principal at Holbrook Middle in Lowell. From 2009-2014 she was assistant principal at South Point High. From 2007-2009 she taught fourth grade at Springfield Elementary in Fort Mill, S.C. She also taught fourth grade from 2006-2007 at Winget Park Elementary in Charlotte. From 2002-2006 she was an EC and fourth grade teacher in Largo, Florida. From 2000-2002 she taught second grade at Bardmoor Elementary in Seminole, Florida. Apollo Beach Elementary in Florida

year through its World AIDS Day on December 1, 2021 and Walk for AIDS, featuring Bark for AIDS set to take

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Founder Mary Wright at podium together.” For some, the only family they ever had was at House of Mercy. “At the end of the day, we are all the same.” Mary continued, “Never. Judge. Anyone. Our motto at House

of Mercy was to act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with God from Micah 6:8 and my prayer is that it will continue to be the guiding principles for all decisions. House of Mercy will celebrate its 30th Anniversary all

day care and loved interacting with the children. That experience let me see kids grow and learn.” Now that she’s been on the job for about a month, Steiner has had a chance to meet the Stuart Cramer staff and has high praise for them. “They are great,” she says. “They work together for the common good of helping students. They are a very cohesive group and have a strong sense of teamwork.” School starts August 23, and Steiner is eagerly anticipating the coming scholastic year. “I am looking forward to getting to know the students,” she said. “My leadership style is to meet, greet, and observe. I want to work alongside the teachers.” Steiner also plans to be out and about in the Cramer-

ton community. “We border schools rich in history,” she said. “Community involvement and support is very important.” Steiner knows that Stuart Cramer is a special place. “We have a strong athletic program and many extracurricular activities available,” she said. “In addition to traditional classes like math and English, there are also a variety of vocational career classes such as welding and culinary arts where students can begin a career path.” Overall, Steiner is bringing a high level energy and enthusiasm to Stuart Cramer High and is obviously dedicated to continuing the good work Audrey Devine began back in 2013 when it first opened. “I’m very excited be here!” she said.

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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Pictured with the award left to right- Lt. Arthur Pullen, Officer Daniel Marlow, Sgt. Cody Willett, Capt. Todd Davis, Officer Mike Harris, Chief Chad Hawkins, and Assistant Chief Corky Falls.

Belmont PD receives prestigious MADD award On Friday, June 25, 2021 the Belmont Police Department received the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Agency of the Year Award of Excellence. The award was presented to the agency for proactive efforts to end drunk driving, help fight drugged driving, support the victims of these violent crimes and prevent

underage drinking. This award was earned during the 2019 calendar year and could not be presented due to Covid-19 protocols. The Belmont Police Department is the first agency in Gaston County to receive this award. The Belmont Police Department has also received grant funding from the North

Carolina Governors Highway Safety program to create a DWI enforcement position. This new position was implemented in October of 2020. “As the Chief of Police, I am very impressed with the staff of the Belmont Police Department for their commitment to remove impaired drivers from the streets of Belmont. These efforts make our community a safer place,” said Chief Chad Hawkins.

Page 5

The City of Mt. Holly Police Dept. wants to thank 10-42 Custom Wood for this beautiful work of art honoring Officer Tyler Herndon who lost his life in the line of duty on December 11, 2020. This piece is absolutely amazing and is already on display in the Police Department. Photo provided

Gaston County Police to host 7th annual National Night Out On Tuesday, August 3rd, neighborhoods throughout Gaston County are being invited to join forces with the Gaston County Police Department for Gaston County’s 7th Annual National Night Out. Residents are invited to spend the evening outside with neighbors and police at Dallas Park located at 1303 Dallas Cherryville

Mt. Holly PD plans National Night Out

318 South Washington St. • Shelby, NC

704-487-8114 •


The Mt. Holly Police Department will hold its National Night Out event on Tuesday, August 3 from 6-8pm at Tuckaseege Park. There will be food, music, games, and door prizes. There will be a number of Mt. Holly Police Officers on hand to meet and get to know the community better.


BILLY CRASH CRADDOCK Friday, August 27th Tickets Available

Lowell PD National Night Out The Lowell Police Department is proud to host National Night Out on Tuesday, August 3 from 6pm-8pm at Harold Rankin Park. National Night Out is a nationwide communitybuilding campaign that promotes police-community partnerships. Admission is free! Giveaways, police demos, games, and more!

FAREWELL ANGELINA Saturday, Sept. 4th Tickets Available

Belmont PD plans National Night Out

QUEBE SISTERS Friday, Sept. 10th Tickets Available

OAK GROVE STRING BAND Friday, Sept. 17th

LEGACY Motown Revue Saturday, Sept. 25th Tickets Available



Tickets Available

The Belmont Police Department will holds its National Night Out event on Tuesday, August 3 from 6-8pm at Stowe Park. The event will feature K9 demo, DJ Buddy Love, McGruff the Crime Dog, Bounce House, DWI simulator, free hot dogs and other snacks, Sparky the Fire Dog, the Belmont Fire Department Safety House, and a Dunk Tank. Come on, get to know your Belmont Police and Fire department folks and have a great time while you are at it.

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Mt. Holly Schools Reunion - Sept. 25, 2021 5 - 9 pm. The location is Tuckaseege Park in Mt. Holly. This is open to anyone who attended MH schools. $10 per person at the door, Food trucks on site. See you there!




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cialized units within the department. Those scheduled to be present include patrol officers, K-9 officers, and members of the Bomb Team, Marine Unit, Crime Scene, Negotiators, and members of the Emergency Response Team (ERT), and Animal Care & Enforcement. Public safety officials from other local police departments, fire departments, and rescue squads will be on hand as well. Headlining this year’s event will local blue grass group The Quail Hollow Band. So come prepared to eat, dance and have an AMAZING time. For more information, please contact Officer C.E. Owens with the Gaston County Police Department at 704-862-6286.

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Hwy, Dallas NC to celebrate this free community event from 6PM to 9PM. National Night Out is designed to heighten crime and drug prevention awareness, generate support for, and participation in, local anti-crime efforts, strengthen police-community partnerships, and send a message to criminals that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back. This year’s event will feature, live music, free hot dogs, chips, drinks, snow cones, popcorn, and more. The event will also include K-9 demonstrations, pony rides, free fingerprinting for Child I.D. kits, free games and prizes, a fire smoke house, emergency vehicle displays, and booths featuring child safety information and much more. The Gaston County Police Department will showcase a static display of its specialized unit police vehicles on site. Officers will be on hand to speak and answer questions for attendees about their roles in each of the spe- Product not available in all states. Acceptance guaranteed for one insurance policy/certificate of this type. Contact us for complete details about this insurance solicitation. This specific offer is not available in CO, NY; call 1-888-7994433 or respond for similar offer. Certificate C250A (ID: C250E; PA: C250Q); Insurance Policy P150 (GA: P150GA; NY: P150NY; OK: P150OK; TN: P150TN). 6154-0120


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Page 6

Police department patches from some of the places the riders have stopped at.

True words.

RIDERS From Page 1 84 days between May 28 and August 19, the caravan is traveling over 22,000 miles across the United States visiting cities and police departments. Last year, the group honored 146 fallen officers across America in 2019. This year, the number is 339 from 2020- over twice the previous year’s figure. The 40-foot support trailer for the group has the faces and names of all 339 officers on its sides. Herndon is among them. Just seeing the display is stunning and really drives home the fact that police work is serious business. MHPD chief Don Roper was among the crowd of offi-

Each bike had the name of a fallen officer on it.

Lincoln Jordan with his dad’s bike.

cers and city employees who came out, saw the display, spoke with riders and their crewmembers, and stood in solemn little groups taking in the scene. “It’s very humbling when you see the overwhelming support most people have for law enforcement,” said Roper. “People really care about our guys and this display is a major part of the healing process.” The ride was organized by Jagrut Shah. He explained its purpose. “I felt it was important for police departments to realize their hurt is not just in their city or county,” he said. Shah pointed to the faces on the trailer. “All of these beautiful men and women are heroes,”

he said. “We want their survivors to know we are not going to forget them.” Lincoln Jorden, 12, from Spokane was among the support crew. His father was one of the riders. Lincoln explained what spending his summer taking part the ride meant to him. “A lot of the families don’t get the support they need and we are trying to show that support,” he said. The riders stayed in Mt. Holly for about an hour then left for their next stop in Concord to honor Officer Jason Shuping who was killed December 16, 2020- just five days after Herndon. For more information on the riders and their mission visit www.endofwatchride. com.

Photos by Alan Hodge

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Rider organizer Jagrut Shah talking to WSOC-TV.

Mt. Holly PD chief Don Roper and Sgt. Terry talking to folks.

Tyler Herndon’s photo on the memorial trailer.

Rider Ray Schwabe with his jacket.

Riders arriving at MHPD headquarters.

The End of Watch riders.

Mt. Holly PD officers and Mt. Holly city employees solemnly taking in the scene.

Just one side of the memorial trailer. The other side is covered with names and faces too.

The Banner News /

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Belmont Friday Night Live Concert Series... Plan to attend the best concert series around as Friday Night Live returns to Downtown Belmont this summer for a limited number of concerts. Bring your family and friends down to Main Street for a fun night full of live music, cold drinks, and lots of dancing. The 2021 schedule includes two concerts to be held August 6 and 20. The concerts will be held on South Main Street adjacent to Stowe Park at a new time for the 2021 season, from 7:00pm to 11:00pm. The evenings will kick off

with the opening of the beverage garden and music by DJ Eric Bowman. The featured bands will begin performing at 8:00pm. S. Main Street will be closed beginning at 2:00 pm on concert days, so please plan accordingly. The Downtown Belmont Development Association (DBDA) is thrilled to announce the return of the series after being unable to host the events last summer because of the pandemic. After receiving overwhelming feedback from the community and seeing

gathering restrictions lifted, it was time to revive the popular concert series for everyone to enjoy. Vendor, sponsor, and volunteer opportunities are available. For more information, visit https://www.eventeny. com/events or contact the Community Development Coordinator, Cassidy Lackey. Schedule: August 6- “20 Ride” Zach Brown Cover Band August 20- Dave Matthews Tribute Band

Connect the Dots: It’s all about Him

Who is listening; Really? By Dennis Siracusa A friend of mine’s dad had a hard time remembering his three son’s names so he nicknamed them #1, #2, and #3. #3 is my friend and he even named his company “Three’s…… Service. You may be laughing or possibly crying but how many of you can relate; have trouble remembering people’s names you meet? I have for a long time and think I understand some reasons. Most have to do with my constant wrestling match with my personality. Remembering people’s names has become so important I’ve learned to compensate. I purposely use their name right away. “Glad to meet you George.” Then I try to slow down my life’s pace and spend a few minutes finding something out about my new acquaintance all the while watching for an opportunity to use their name again. I also almost always carry a pencil and paper with me. Recording their names as soon as possible helps. Most forms of learning are similar. A recent university political survey uncovered woeful student ignorance; formed hazy opinions with no basis in fact or understanding. I just finished a fascinating biography about Clara Barton, the founder of our American Red Cross, and within her teaching career one of her primary goals was to teach her students how to think. We have strayed far from that these days at all levels of public education; unnecessary tolerance and egregious indoctrination is oozing through most of our schools and universities and infecting students. Listening, understanding, untangling facts, and remembering are all related. I struggled with how history was presented in high school. It jumped back and forth in time and

geography so much it was hard for me to connect cause and effect. When I gave my life to the Lord, later in life, and read the bible many times, it finally occurred to me that I now had a way to orga- Dennis Siracusa nize disconnected history. I simply plugged it into the structure of the biblical story. This weekend, for instance, I began to understand better how the introduction of Christianity affected the Viking culture and I began to see how sin, that the Apostles constantly warned us about, presented an unrelenting war on biblical truth and accuracy within the secular community and the church itself as Christianity fanned out from the Middle East. Properly hearing, listening, understanding and remembering affect all of our relationships. But there is a missing ingredient. The Apostle James in his epistle James 1:22-25 reminds us to be good hearers but also doers. The “doing” involves many things; sometimes by using or recording someone’s name because we value them, sometimes not just reading information quickly but actually thinking about it and applying God’s truthful frame of reference to it. Sometimes it involves loving someone by placing them above ourselves; serving them as Jesus Christ demonstrated to us. Sometimes it’s simply choosing to obey God. And James reminds us that if we aren’t good hearers and doers; if we live life for ourselves and superficially, it is similar to looking in the mirror and forgetting who we are and who we are meant to be.

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BANNER-NEWS OBITUARIES Carlotta Steele Gattis Feb 7, 1939 – June 25, 2021 Carlotta Steele Gattis passed away peacefully on Friday, June 25, 2021 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. The daughter of Joseph Conor Steele and Alma Mae Lefler, she was born February 7, 1939 in Waxhaw, NC. She married, Jerry Gattis on June 15, 1958. They moved to Huntsville in 1963 and raised their boys in the family-friendly neighborhood of Sherwood Park. She was a stay-at-home mom for many years. She later worked for Huntsville City Schools and then worked part-time as a fashion con-

sultant/model for Stein Mart. Carlotta and Jerry moved to Luxembourg for a threeyear tour with NATO in 1997. After returning to Huntsville, she became a devoted supporter of the Huntsville Botanical Gardens as a member of the Garden Guild. In addition, she and Jerry were active members of First Presbyterian Church for almost six decades. Carlotta is preceded in death by her parents; son, Christopher Greene Gattis, and his stepson, Michael Stephen Kees II. She is survived by her husband, Jerry; sons, Jeffrey David Gattis (Kelley) and Thomas Michael Gattis (Kim); daughter-in-law, Ann and her son, Andrew; grandchildren Elizabeth Gattis Walsh (Kevin); Conor

Austin Gattis (Sara); Jacob Daniel Gattis (Kristen); Sara Blair Gattis; Madison Leigh Gattis; and step-granddaughter, Aimee Lovell Tillison; for great grandchildren; two sisters, Peggy Hall and Connie Neagle; and many other extended family members. Visitation and a memorial service were held July 2, 2021, at First Presbyterian Church, 303 Gates Ave. SE, Huntsville, AL 35801, with interment of her ashes in the church’s Memory Garden. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations in Carlotta’s memory to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens, 4747 Bob Wallace Ave., Huntsville, AL 35806 or online at on the memorials page.

Surrounded Rev. Trent Rankin Salvation Church, Gastonia, NC

In 2 Corinthians 7:5, Paul wrote “We were afflicted at every turn, fighting without and fear within” (ESV). We all feel like this many times in life. We have all types of things going on all around us. We are facing a pandemic, and many people are facing economic hardships, health problems and even family trouble. Inside, we are full of anxiety, stress, and fear. Paul probably felt surrounded by problems on every side. You may feel like this too. In 2 Chronicles 20:20-30, King Jehoshaphat was surrounded. He was king over the small nation of Judah. Jehoshaphat was a good king, and a godly king. He was certainly not perfect, but he worked to lead his people to God. Jehoshaphat was facing attack from three neighboring kingdoms, Ammon, Moab, and Edom. He was facing destruction by these vast armies. Surely, he also was filled with worry, panic, and stress. Jehoshaphat led his people in prayer, seeking God’s intervention. God spoke through a prophet, promising to deliver Judah from their enemies. Judah marched out the next day to battle, with people in the front of the army praising and worshipping God. In that moment, God turned these three enemy nations against each other, and they destroyed themselves. Jehoshaphat returned to Jerusalem where he and the peo-

ple thanked God for His deliverance. As we face many fightings and fears in life, like Jehoshaphat, let God see our faith. Jehoshaphat knew he was outnum- Rev. Trent Rankin bered and in trouble, yet he turned to God. Our troubles are great in life. Our stresses are great. Our problems can be great. Our God is greater. As Jehoshaphat learned, God is greater than anything our world can throw at us. God is faithful, and He never fails. God never breaks a promise. God will not bring us this far, to let us go now. He loves us and walks with us. Even though we experience so much in life, God will be there. After Jehoshaphat defeated his enemies with God’s help, he worshipped and thanked God for His goodness. When God brings us through the problems we face, we must thank Him. Thank Him for His love, and for all the things He does for us. The Bible tells us Jehoshaphat found rest all around from his enemies. He did not find this rest because he was an awesome king, or a good man. He found this rest in his God who loved him and walked with him. You may be facing fightings and fears in your life today. Do not face these troubles alone, face them with God. You may feel surrounded, but always remember that through Jesus, you are surrounded by the love of God.

Lowell Citizens Academy signups If you have wondered how the City of Lowell government works, you’re encouraged to apply for the 2021 Lowell Municipal Government Citizens Academy. The 10-session course provides an indepth view of all City of Lowell operations. The 2021 program starts on Monday, August 30 at 6 p.m. Sessions will be on alternating Mondays at 6 p.m. with a graduation cer-

emony at the January 11, 2022 City Council meeting. Each two-hour session includes presentations by City employees, hands-on activities, group discussions, facility tours, a police ride-along and a chance to ask questions of City leaders and staff. Applications are due by August 2, 2021. Apply online today! https://tinyurl. com/5b6u3zyu

The Banner News /

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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Banner News Fellowship & Faith

Church Directory Tuckaseege T k Baptist Church

Tuckaseege Rd •Mt Holly, NC

Morningside Missionary Church 711 Morningside Dr. 704-822-9142

Mt. Holly Church of God 208 Rankin Ave. 704-827-8596

Mt. Sinai Baptist Church 339 S. Hawthorne St. 704-827-4320

New Covenant United Methodist


14514 Lucian Riverbend Hwy. 704-827-4468

Cramerton Independent Presbyterian Church

New Providence Baptist Church 1104 Old NC 27 Hwy. 704-827-0822

New Saint Paul Holiness Church

416 Woodlawn Ave. 704-824-1745

North Main Baptist Church

Cramer Memorial United Methodist Church

Redemption Hill Church

Restoration & Deliverance 804 W. Charlotte Ave. 704-820-0954

Revival Tabernacle of Mt. Holly

6014 S. New Hope Rd 704-825-7959

Employees of

Henry’s Chapel Ame Zion Church

455 Sacco St. 704-825-6007

Loves Chapel Presbyterian Church 204 Lincoln St. 704-825-8342

210 Park Street, Belmont NC


Lutheran Church of the Holy Comforter 216 N. Main St. 704-825-2483

Message of Love Church

BELMONT Alexander Memorial Baptist Church 208 South Main Street 704-825-3216

Brotherhood/Sisterhood WNCC UMC 120 Park Street 704-825-1333

Catawba Heights Baptist Church 311 Belmont Road 704-827-8474

Christ Church Presbyterian Church 901 Catawba Street 704-461-8614

CrossFix Ministries 6131 Wilkinson Blvd. 704-879-4499

Crossroads Church 101 Beaty Rd. 704-827-8381

Centerview Baptist Church 2300 Acme Road 704-827-2061

East Belmont Baptist Church 501 Catawba Street 704-825-5780

East Belmont Church Of God 320 E. Catawba Street 704- 825-8845

306 Pearl Beaty Dr. 704-827-6500

Mount Moriah Baptist Church 110 Lincoln St. 704-825-2046

New Hope Presbyterian Church 4357 S. New Hope Rd. 704-824-1697

New Life Baptist Church 201 Oak Trail 704-822-6195

New Mills Chapel Fire Baptized 104 Morning Glory Ave. 704-825-5457

North Belmont Church of God 2316 Acme Rd. 704-827-4092

O’Conner Grove Church Ame Zion 613 N. Main Street 704-825-5576

Park Street United Methodist 120 Park Street 704-825-8480

Power of the Spirit Church

Ebenezer United Methodist Church

503 N. Main Street 704-825-9600

23 N. Central Avenue 704-825-3758

First Foursquare Gospel Church 8 Elizabeth Street 704-825-5811

First Presbyterian Church 102 S. Central Ave 704-825-3357

First Presbyterian-Belmont 112 S. Central Ave 704-829-0668

Sanctuary of Praise Ministries 124 Georgia Belle Ave. 704-579-7823

South Point Baptist Church 124 Horsley Ave. 704-825-9516

South Point Freewill Baptist 297 Gaither Rd. 704-825-8045

South Point United Methodist 510 South Point Church Rd. 704-825-4019

Springwood Freewill Baptist 826 Stanley-Spencer Mtn. Rd. 704-827-7801

St. Marks United Methodist Church

First United Methodist Church of Belmont

701 Secrest Ave. 704-825-8175

807 South Point Road 704-825-2106

The Pointe

Fresh Anointing Church of God 71 McAdenville Road 704-825-7283

Friendship Baptist Church 5008 S. New Hope Rd 704-825-3276

Catawba Heights Church of God CBC-Memorial Apostolic

Queen Of The Apostles Catholic Church

First Baptist Church

312 W. Glendale Ave. 704-827-2726

212 South Street 704-825-7269

909 Edgemont Ave 704-825-5346

6325 Wilkinson Blvd. 704-755-5034

Burge Memorial Methodist Church

122 Tomberlin Rd. 704-827-4225

118 School Street 704-827-7071

Exodus Church


Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist

East Belmont Free Will Baptist

120 Belmont-Mt. Holly Road 704-827-3366

Containers/Trailers Sales & Storage Rental

6700 Wilkinson Blvd 704-825-1709

Unity Baptist Church 1005 Catawba St. 704-825-8730

Upper Room United Pentecostal 1405 Armstrong Ford Rd. 704-825-0604

230 W. Charlotte Ave. 704-827-0968

Chapel Baptist Church 324 N. Lee St. 704-827-5526

Life Church 501 Cramer Mountain Rd. 704-824-4286

River of Life Full Gospel Church

Riverside Baptist Church 171 S. Main St. 704-824-7785

740 Rankin Ave. 704-827-5181

West Cramerton United Methodist Church

Shiloh AME Zion Methodist

207 Lowell Ave. 704-824-4213

1117 Old NC Hwy 27 704-827-8826

St. Anthony of Padua Traditional Catholic Church


108 Horseshoe Bend Beach Rd. 704-827-8676

The Barn at Sandcastle Farm 155 Sandcastle Rd.

St. Paul FHB Church 1529 Old Hwy 27 Rd. 704-827-5851

Tuckaseege Baptist Church

Gateway Cowboy Church

STANLEY Amazing Grace Baptist Church

511 Tuckaseege Rd. 704-827-4301

7280 Sifford Rd. 704-827-6277

Way of the Cross Baptist Church

Christ’s Evangelical Lutheran

238 Lanier Ave. 704-827-8111

203 S. Main St. 704-263-2621

Wesley Chapel Holiness Church 324 N. Lee St. 704-827-1993

Westview Presbyterian Church

Community Pentecostal Center 320 Ralph Handsel Blvd. 704-263-8731

First United Methodist Church

Community Christian Fellowship

1020 W. Catawba Ave. 704-827-2026

2560 Stanley Lucia Rd. 704-827-5881


First Presbyterian Church

Bethlehem Church

512 Old Mount Holly Rd. 704-263-4275

Core Church 707 Westland Farm Rd. 704-822-8033

Cornerstone Family Worship 709 Rankin Ave. 704-671-8640

Covenant United Methodist 110 Underwood Dr. 704-820-0603

Family Worship Center 1013 W. Charlotte Ave. 704-827-7656

Finish Line Christian Center 1792, 108 N. Main St. 704-980-285-8334

First Baptist Church-Mt. Holly 300 S. Main St. 704-827-2481

First Free Will Baptist Church 841 Noles Dr. 704-827-7461

First Presbyterian Church 133 S. Main St. 704-827-0521

First United Methodist Church 140 N. Main St. 704-827-4855

3100 Bethlehem Church St. 704-823-5050

Carolina Community Baptist 604 Martha Ave 704-824-2872

Center Baptist Church S. New Hope Rd. 704-824-4121

5481 Hickory Grove Rd. 704-263-2691

Gold Hill Missionary Baptist Church 7447 Old Plank Rd. 704-827-7966

New Faith Baptist Church 1224 Mayberry Rd. 704-263-0249

Epic Church

New Life Baptist Church

100 Indian Walk 704-671-4652

527 N. Buckoak St. 704-263-4647

Lowell Church of God

Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church

804 W. First Street 704-824-3383

2717 Dallas/Stanley Hwy. 704-263-4406

Lowell Free Will Baptist Church 3010 Lowell Rd. 704-824-9389

Lowell Smyre United Methodist Church

Springfield Memorial Baptist Church 2920 Dallas-Stanley Highway 704-263-4426

Stanley Church of God

201 N. Main St. 704-824-8814

324 N. Main St. 704-263-4041

Mt. Calvary Baptist Church

Stanley Pentecostal Holiness Church

120 Branch St. 704-824-4535

113 E. Parkwood St. 704-263-2131

First Baptist Church of Lowell

Trinity Full Gospel Church

400 W. 1st St. 704-824-1215

303 Sunset Dr. 704-263-9765

Goshen Free Will Baptist Church

First Baptist Church

1300 W. Catawba Ave. 704-827-3076

317 W. 1st St. 704-824-1213

Grace Baptist Church

New Life Church

300 Westland Farm Rd. 704-827-8600

128 Robbins St. 704-824-1356

Hickory Grove Baptist Church

Presbyterian Church of Lowell

3717 Hickory Grove Rd. 704-827-3939

207 E. 1st St. 704-824-3807


Kingdom Hall Jehovah’s Witnesses

Restoration Church

1736 Kelly Rd. 704-263-0199

1800 Spencer Mountain Rd. 704-824-5250

112 White Jenkins Rd. 704-681-2017

Lighthouse Full Gospel Church

Woodlawn Baptist Church

530 N. Hawthorne St. 704-827-1442

1101 N. Main St. 704-824-4261

Living Witness Ministries

Goshen Presbyterian Church

513 Woodlawn Ave. 704-827-5185

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

143 Church St. 704-824-5380

Roper Street 704-601-5146

110 S. Main St. 704-827-4751

McAdenville Baptist Church


Grace Korean Ch Assembly-God

Bethel Baptist Church

Macedonia Baptist Church

124 Georgia Belle Ave 704-965-1004

NC Highway 273 704-827-9846

1951 Stanley Lucia Rd. 704-827-9224

Will of God Church

First Baptist Church

105 Pine Rd. 704-827-3856


5339 S. New Hope Rd 704-825-8252

East Wilkinson Blvd. 704-824-5319

Ridgeview Baptist Church

541 Costner St. 704-827-0004

Gaston Christian Church

Cramerton Temple of God Church

235 8th Ave. 704-824-1991

Second Baptist Church

Hood Memorial AME Zion Church

154 N. Main St. 704-824-3831

826 W. Charlotte Ave. 704-827-2999

1120 Charlotte Ave. 704-530-5174

151 Henry Chapel Rd 704-825-0711

Cramerton Free Will Baptist

1529 Old Hwy. 27 Rd. 704-827-5851 1304 N. Main St. 704-827-6141

Grace Wesleyan Church

151 8th Ave. 704-824-3889

Lakeview Baptist Church

192 Main St. 704-824-2740

McAdenville Wesleyan Church 300 E. Wesleyan Dr. 704-824-1073

United In Action of Stanley 5481 Hickory Grove Rd. 704-524-0555

Welcome Baptist Church 811 Mauney Rd.

Bright Light Baptist Church

Don’t see your church listed? Email us today at

For information on getting your business listed here call 704-825-0580

Thursday, July 29, 2021

The Banner News /

Dinos in the Park scenes The City of Lowell held a spectacular Dinos in the Park event last week. Over 1,000 folks came out to see and touch dinosuar replicas. Everyone was amazed! Photos by Cristy Cummings

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The Banner News /

Page 10

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Stanley Parks & Rec. 12U Baseball scenes... The Stanley Parks and Rec. 12U baseball team was the District 4 Majors champions and advanced to the Dixie Youth State Tournament. Stanley was 3-2 in post season play. The tourney was held in Elizabethtown, NC. Stanley lost a heartbreaker in the 1st round to Southwest 3-0 on a three run home run in the last inning. Stanley then beat Red Springs 9-3 to stay alive with Luke Poplin, Cooper Hardiss, and Luke Brown pitching in the win. Stanley was eliminated by Burgaw 10-3. Here are some scenes from the exciting games. See more on page 11. Photos by Randy Starkey




SUDOKU Prescription opioids can be addictive and dangerous. It only takes a little to lose a lot.

Fill in the blank squares so that each row, each column, and each 3 by 3 block contain all of the digits 1 thru 9 using logic.



? Answers

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Stanley Parks & Rec. 12U Baseball scenes from page 10. Photos by Randy Starkey

The Banner News /

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The Banner News /

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Gaston College alumni return to lead new Sports Broadcasting Team






15% & 10%









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When Gaston College’s new intercollegiate sports teams begin competing in the 2021-2022 season, the broadcasting team made up of students from the College’s new Sports Broadcasting class will be on hand as camera operators and directors and to provide play-byplay and color commentary. The students will learn sports broadcasting from three alumni of the Gaston College Broadcasting and Production Technology program that are currently working in the field. Adam Rhyne, Carson Dockery, and Caleb Stalcup are eager to share their knowledge and professional sports broadcasting experience with students and to help share the inaugural season of Gaston College sports with the fans and community. Rhyne graduated from Gaston College in 2013. As a student, he interned at Charlotte TV Station WCCB and went on to work there after graduation. He is now a director and Tech Operator at the station and has also filmed games for the Charlotte Knights baseball team. Most recently, he filmed sports for Wake Forest University. A 2020 graduate of Gaston College, Dockery is also a Tech Operator at WCCB. He films local high school sports games for the South Fork

Promo Code: 285

Subject to credit approval. Call for details.






5% OFF







Mon-Thurs: 8am-11pm, Fri-Sat: 8am-5pm, Sun: 2pm-8pm EST

)RU WKRVH ZKR TXDOLI\ 2QH FRXSRQ SHU KRXVHKROG 1R REOLJDWLRQ HVWLPDWH YDOLG IRU \HDU 2΍ HU YDOLG DW WLPH RI HVWLPDWH RQO\ 2The leading consumer reporting agency conducted a 16 month outdoor test of gutter guards in 2010 and recognized LeafFilter as the “#1 rated professionally installed gutter guard system in America.” CSLB# 1035795 DOPL #10783658-5501 License# 7656 License# 50145 License# 41354 License# 99338 License# 128344 License# 218294 WA UBI# 603 233 977 License# 2102212986 License# 2106212946 License# 2705132153A License# LEAFFNW822JZ License# WV056912 License# WC-29998-H17 Nassau HIC License# H01067000 Registration# 176447 Registration# HIC.0649905 Registration# C127229 Registration# C127230 Registration# 366920918 5HJLVWUDWLRQ 3& 5HJLVWUDWLRQ Ζ5 5HJLVWUDWLRQ 9+ 5HJLVWUDWLRQ 3$ 6X΍ RON +Ζ& License# 52229-H License# 2705169445 License# 262000022 License# 262000403 License# 0086990 Registration# H-19114


Gaston College alumni Carson Dockery, Adam Rhyne, and Caleb Stalcup (L-R) will lead the broadcasting team covering the College’s sports events. Conference Sports Network and was on the broadcasting team for the Gastonia Grizzlies. Caleb Stalcup graduated from the Broadcasting and Production Technology program in 2018. Like Dockery, he works with the SFC Sports Network, and he also currently runs the Broadcasting program’s equipment room, assisting students when they need to check out audio and video equipment for their projects. Stalcup will be on location coordinating Gaston College’s games and will be the ground contact for the

students on the broadcasting team. He will help Rhyne and Dockery, the main instructors, teach the course when needed. The Gaston College Sports Broadcasting Team will be open to students from all majors who have an interest in exploring sports broadcasting. The goal of the program is to have students shoot, direct and do play-byplay for many of the school’s sporting events. Beyond Gaston College, there are many broadcasting opportunities with local sports organizations like the Gastonia Honey Hunters, the

Carolina Panthers, the Charlotte Hornets, the Charlotte Knights, and NASCAR. Students who would like to join the school’s Sports Broadcasting Team must register for the BPT 235 class, which will focus exclusively on sports broadcasting and give them the opportunity to get game experience. While part of the Broadcasting and Production Technology program, the class is open to all students regardless of their major. For more information on registration, visit register.

Pinewood Elementary news... Everyone at Pinewood Elementary in Mt. Holly wants to express many thanks to this group of Redemption Hill Church members. The church members helped out with some projects around the school and did a great job. Redemption Hill Church meets at 10am Sunday mornings at the Stowe Family YMCA in Belmont/Mount Holly. Photo provided

Check us out online @

CLUES ACROSS 1. Absence of difwculty 5. Preserve a dead body 11. Gratitude 14. The act of coming together again 15. More cushy 18. Visionaries 19. Fish-eating bird 21. Indicates near 23. NY Mets legend Tommie 24. Icelandic poems 28. Pop 29. Hammer is one 30. Senses of self-esteem 32. Trigraph 33. Not around 35. Electronic data processing 36. Driver’s licenses and passports 39. Snakelike wshes 41. Military yyers 42. Raincoats 44. Type of community 46. Feature of worm’s anatomy 47. In the center 49. Laid back 52. Jewelled headdress 56. In slow tempo 58. __ Falls 60. Saying things again 62. Periods in history 63. Hyphen CLUES DOWN 1. Body part 2. Mimics 3. Expel or eject 4. Sea eagle 5. Subdivision of cenospecies 6. Dialect of Chinese 7. Mr. T’s character on “The A-Team”

8. Consumed 9. Chinese dynasty 10. NFL great Randy 12. Ireland 13. Palm trees 16. Fungal disease 17. Willis and Jerry are two 20. Afwrmative! 22. Potato state 25. “The First State” 26. A way to develop 27. Associations 29. Woman (French) 31. Sunscreen rating 34. Brew 36. Mosque prayer leader 37. Indigo bush 38. Burn with a hot liquid 40. Jr.’s father 43. Scad genus 45. Morning 48. Length of a straight line (abbr.) 50. Double curve 51. Small thin bunch 53. Worn by exposure to the weather 54. Mars crater 55. Humanities 57. Of the ears 58. “To the __ degree” 59. Residue 61. It keeps you cool

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Thursday, July 29, 2021

National Network Classified Ads

Reader Advisory: the National Trade Associations we belong to has purchased the following classifieds. Determining the value of their service or product is advised by this publication. In order to avoid misunderstandings, some advertisers do not offer employment but rather supply the readers with manuals, directories and other materials designed to help their clients establish mail order selling and other businesses at home. Under NO circumstance should you send any money in advance or give the client your checking, license ID, or credit card numbers. Also beware of ads that claim to guarantee loans regardless of credit and note that if a credit repair company does business only over the phone it s illegal to request any money before delivering its service. All funds are based in US dollars. Toll free numbers may or may not reach Canada.

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Leanna Beach earns award Congratulations to Grier Middle School teacher Leanna Beach who earned the Young Educator Award from the North Carolina Association for Career and Technical Education. Gaston Schools photo

Officer T.J. Sanders, wife Shania, Mayor Steven Denton. Photos by Bill Ward

Town of Stanley news... Several swearings in took place at the Town of Stanley council meeting last Monday. Folks sworn in included new planning board member Alisha Summey and new police officer T.J. Sanders.

Chief Derek Summey, Officer T.J. Sanders, Town Manager Manager Heath Jenkins, Mayor Steven Denton.

Timeshare Cancellation Avoid Timeshare Cancellation Scams. Consumer protection attorney will get you a legal low flat fee cancellation for less, with a 100% money back guarantee. TimeShareBeGone has an A+BBB rating and 5 star reviews. To request a quote, call 1-800-223-1770 or go to:



Alisha Summey new planning board member being sworn in by Mayor Steven Denton.

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Thursday, July 29, 2021


To place your ad go to or call 704-484-1047 ANNOUNCEMENTS


THE SPANGLER REUNION WILL BE Sunday, August 15th, Double Shoals Baptist Church, 12-Noon, followed by lunch. Please bring well-filled basket.

FULL TIME EXPERIENCED COMMERCIAL MECHANIC ASE Certified A Plus. Apply In Person at 1900 Elizabeth Ave., Shelby NC

“ANEW REPUBLICAN WOMEN OF CLEVELAND COUNTY.” Meets on the 4th Thursday of the month at Phifer’s Cafe in Shelby, 12pm - 1pm. Come join us for lunch and politics. This month’s speaker will be Deb Hardin, County Commissioner.

FULL TIME MAINTENANCE MAN NEEDED. Maintain rental properties. Must have valid NC Drivers license. Pay depends on experience. (704) 473-4299

LOCK ‘N’ ROLL STORAGE. “ALL NEW” 10’x10’ and 10’x15’ Storage Units Available. Self Store Dawn til Dusk. Secure and Convenient! Located at 1002 Polkville Rd., (Hwy 226 N.) Shelby. Located next to 5 Star Auto Sales. or Call (704) 484-4112 POLKVILLE SCHOOL ALUMINI REUNION. Sat, August 7, 5pm. All former students are welcome. For more information call Marietta Floyd (704) 4875480

COINS * COINS * COINS. We Buy & Sell Coins. “Coin Collector Supplies.” JAKE’S KNIVES & COLLECTIBLES. 1008 South Lafayette Street, Shelby. Call 704-600-6996 (980) 295-5568

EMPLOYMENT NOW HIRING Come Grow with us Now Hiring Operators and Laborers, Competitive Pay, Apply online at or call 704-6006534 NEED HELP TO SIT WITH ELDERLY LADY. Days, Nights and Weekends. In the Bostic Community, Rutherford Co. Compensation depends on qualifications. (She does have cats) If interested call Cathy @ 828-447-2419 NOW HIRING Roofing Laborer. Call 704-477-0516. PART-TIME CHURCH HOSTESS FOR FLORENCE Baptist Church. Duties will include but not limited to: Managing Wednesday Night Fellowship Suppers, Meals for Bereaved Families, Vacation Bible School snack suppers and other special fellowship events. For more information visit the church webpage or call the church office 828-245-5411. MILLIKEN JOB FAIR. Be part of a company that has been in business over 150 years and has been voted the worlds most ethical company many times over. Starting pay $14.00/hr Call for more details, (828) 2458787 ONE ON ONE CARE is hiring for all shifts. Full/part-time hours available. Group homes are 6 beds or less. CNA/Nursing assistant jobs available but not required. No exp. necessary, all trainings included. Also hiring for Agency QP. Please apply in person at 203 Lee St., Shelby.

NOW HIRING LANDSCAPERS FOR FULL TIME YEAR ROUND EMPLOYMENT. Must have valid driver’s license and transportation. (704) 473-0341

BUSINESS SERVICES SHIPMAN’S MASONRY- 48 YEARS EXPERIENCE. Brick, Block & Stone, Outside Fireplaces, Foundations, Underpinnings. “Free Estimates”. 1st Quality Work! (863) 532-1587 TRACTOR & DUMP TRUCK SERVICE. Bush Hog, scrape driveway, gravel parking pads, lot clearing and much more. Reasonably priced and insured. Call Chuck 704-692-7536. (704) 692-7536

CALL HENRY DODGE. 704470-5241. For Free Estimates on Home Improvement needs. Laminate Floor Installation, $2.50 per square foot. For Labor only. TRIPLE D PAINTING LLC. All your painting needs, free estimates, over 25 yrs experience! Framing, facial boards and much more wood work available! Making your home, building or business look new again. (704) 418-5736 HOME HELPER/COMPANION. Assist with activities of daily living. Excellent references. Cherryville, NC and surrounding areas. Call Denise, 614-551-1658. Thank you. LOCK ‘N’ ROLL STORAGE. “ALL NEW” 10’x10’ and 10’x15’ Storage Units Available. Self Store Dawn til Dusk. Secure and Convenient! Located at 1002 Polkville Rd., (Hwy 226 N.) Shelby. Located next to 5 Star Auto Sales. For Info Call (704) 484-4112

ROOFING, SIDING, GUTTERS, LEAF GUARDS. Tim’s Roof Contractors is your local professional on all types of shingle roofing, metal roofing, Flat roofing and we install all styles and colors of vinyl siding, soffits, fascia trim and aluminum wrap. We are highly rated on Google 4.9 stars with 135 reviews/ BBB accredited with an A+ rating/ Background checked plus Owens Corning Preferred Contractors status. We offer Free Quotes / Roofing repairs and replacement services. Call us to talk to the local pro for services in Cleveland, Gaston, Lincoln and Rutherford Counties. Call us today 980-522-5606 or contact us through our website We would like to earn your business. (980) 522-5606 sales@

HOME REMODELING. Interior and exterior remodeling. Tile, decks, flooring, we do it all! Call Charlie today for your free estimate! (828) 244-7087


PAINTING SERVICES. Over 25 years experience, affordable prices. Professional results. References available. Free estimates. Charles, or leave message. (704) 435-8062. IT’S TIME TO TRIM CREPE MYRTLE TREES. Spreading Mulch or Gravel, minor chainsaw work and storm clean-up. I can do many of your outside chores with over 15 years experience all over Cleveland County and stretching to the Forest City area. Nice, honest, dependable, clean, drug-free, he’s an all around great guy and handyman, so call Rob today and see what I can help you with. 980-295-0750. CLEVELAND COUNTY GARAGE DOORS. Summer Tuneup Special, $59.95. We will check all your equipment lube, make sure it’s working correctly. We repair broken doors. Also offering new installations. 704477-9119 or 704-472-9367.



AMBER HONEY $50. Food Grade Totes $100, Plastic Drums $10, Drums with Lids & Rings $20, Burn Barrels $10. Call Jeff (Hickory, NC). (828) 327-4782

5 FAMILY YARD SALE. Sat., July 31st, 8am-12pm. Lots of children’s centers, toys, etc. Lamps, household items, window treatments, arts & crafts. Canceled if rain. 1400 Block of Briarcliff Road, Shelby Shelby, NC 28152 ESTATE TAG SALE. Sat., Aug. 7th, 2021 from 7:00 AM - 11:00 AM. Glassware, linen, cookware, furniture & more! 2132 Chatfield Rd., Shelby, NC 28150

ESTATE/YARD SALE Fri.Sat., Aug. 6-7, 8-5; Furniture, household, tools, rods/reels, canning jars, more. 650 Gun Club Road, Bostic, NC 28018

RETIRED GENERAL CONTRACTOR AVAILABLE for small job repairs and fixes. Deck repair a specialty. Rutherford/Cleveland County areas. Bob, 828-476-6058. REAL ESTATE CLASSES. Register for Real Estate Prelicense, Postlicense and CE at Top-Rated Virtual Programs - Engaging Instructor - High Pass Rate. (828) 333-7059 thomasresnc@




ANTIQUES RAISED PANEL S-ROLL TOP DESK Solid oak serpentine roll top desk, circa 1910-1920. Original finish, Double bank of drawers to the floor with open carved oak pulls. Four drawers on left bank; two and one double tall file drawer on right bank. Serpentine roll is canvas-backed and in excellent condition. Knee-hole modesty panel intact and perfect. Original patina — never refinished. Fantastic panel work with 30 raised horizontal, vertical, and bat wing panels around the left, right, back sides, and in knee hole. Fully finished raised panel back. Large fitted interior with 24 vertical and horizontal pigeon holes of various sizes. Two interior drawers, two pencil/pen troughs and two secret sliding compartments. Double letter holders, one on each side. Automatic drawer lock/ unlock with opening and closing of roll. Large center drawer between pedestals and one pull out writing board. Right side writing board is missing. Removable plate glass protects writing surface. Desk disassembles for easy moving. Mint condition. Great size for home office. 50”W x 49”H x 32”D VICTORIAN EASTLAKE MARBLE TOP WASHSTAND. Pristine 1890 washstand in excellent condition. Burl walnut front cupboard door. Three drawers all in working order. Original hardware and casters. Marble is perfect- no chips or cracks. 33”W x 17”D x 38-1/2”H to top of splash guard. A must see. $395.00 (828) 288-0730

FOR SALE NOW ENROLLING. NC Pre-K. North Carolina’s state funded kindergarten program for fouryear-olds that promotes school readiness. Students must be 4 years of age on or before August 31, 2021. To apply, call 704-487-5792 and ask for Erica or Mandy or come by Connected Kids CDC, 600 N. Morgan Street, Shelby, NC.


Deadline: Friday at 12:00 Noon

JOHN DEERE RIDING MOWER. 42” riding mower. Good condition. $250. (704) 4737726 GREAT DEAL!!! Set of 431x10 R15 Wheels and Tires for Ford Ranger. 90% Wear Left. 250.00. Set of 4 Tires wheels for Kia 205, 55 16. 90% wear. 200.00. Call 828-287-3820. CAMPFIRE WOOD BUNDLES FOR SALE. Seasoned wood, stretch wrapped. Similar size to convenience stores/ home centers. $4.50 per bundle. (704) 435-3970 WHIRLPOOL POWER SAVER AIR CONDITIONER. 18,000 BTU, $235. Leave message. (704) 297-0063

FACTORY CHROME WHEELS. Fit 20” Dodge Ram. 55 gallon Aquarium, complete set up w/ stand. Portable AC/Heater with remote L/N. (704) 487-0072 USED CAMPER TOPS: BUY/ SALE/TRADE. Various sizes and styles. 828-980-0881. PHOENIX “HEAVY DUTY” TRAVEL SCOOTER. Four wheel. Adjustable seat & arm rest. Anti tilt wheels, headlight. Paid $1300 new. $650 OBO. Call (704) 750-3182 CUSTOM-MADE MAHOGANY DINING TABLE/CHAIRS. Beautiful custom-made in Malaysia” mahogany dining table with 4 side/2arm brocade upholstered chairs. One leaf. Table with leaf 88”L; without leaf 70”L. Save for a missing piece on lower edge of leaf, ensemble is in excellent condition, a steal price for such a handsome set. $550.00 (828) 288-0730 VICTORIAN REPRODUCTION MIRRORED HALL TREE. Elegant Victorian letter drop hall tree repro with full mirror. Copper-lined bottoms on left/ right umbrella and cane stands. Four double hooks for hats and scarves. Letter box top lifts for storage.Only flaw is a small abrasion on the lower left mirror corner. 37”W x 16”D x 84”H $110.00 (828) 288-0730 TWIN OVER FULL FUTON BUNKBED. A contemporary twin over full futon bunk bed with built-in side ladders, safety rails, and durable steel framing. The full mattress is a premium 6”-thick cotton futon with removable cotton cover that’s been cleaned and sanitized. Switches from bed to couch easily. 62’’ H x 41’’ D x 78’’ W $250.00 (828) 288-0730 GENUINE LANE CEDAR HOPE CHEST. Lane cedar hope chest with working lock and key. Interior cedar panels are pristine. Exterior lid edges have some corner damage and chest lid has superficial scratches, all reflected in lower price. Drawer handles accent faux drawer front. 50”W x 18”D x 23”H. $150.00 (828) 288-0730 EASTLAKE FUTON WITH PREMIUM MATTRESS. Fullsize Eastlake style handcrafted hardwood futon with premium reinforced box construction 6-inch mattress and decorative cover. Cotton cover has been drycleaned and sanitized. Opened as bed: 56” deep; couch position: 38” deep. Arm to arm: 72”.W x 36” H. (828) 288-0730 BEVELED GLASS DISPLAY CHART TABLE. Versatile 36”-square shadowbox display coffee/chart table with beveled glass top. 17” tall. Showcase your favorite personal collectibles, Display space has a forest green faux velvet mat. One pull-out storage drawer; one pull-out for adding displays. Glass has surface scratches but overall table is in excellent condition. (828) 288-0730 ACEPHATE FIRE ANT KILLER. Works great! $12.99. Call 828-287-3272.


ALL TERRAIN MWD ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR. Frontier V6 (A7) by Magic Mobility. “Like New!” Must See! Cost $7000 will take $2000. Call (864) 4913439 3 RIDING LAWNMOWERS. 2 Snappers and 1 Toro. Call for information. (704) 482-4730 DALE EARNHART SR. SOUVENIRS for sale. 704-4660401, (704) 487-9653 FIREWOOD FOR SALE. Long wheelbase load, Full loaded. $70.00/load. Delivered. 864492-4793 or 803-627-9408. CAMPER COVER. LEER Fiberglass Camper Cover with Front and Side sliding windows, Excellent Condition, Fits Toyota Tacoma. $400. Call 603-9883430 RIDING/PUSH MOWERS, GARDEN TILLERS, GOKARTS, MINI-BIKES. Ready to mow. All in excellent condition. Can deliver, 30+ years experience in repair work. 828980-0853, 704-476-9383. MAPLE DINING TABLE. 2 leaves, 6 chairs; brand new large microwave; retro 50’s metal dining table, 1/insert; Raytheon Collector’s T.V. 704860-4247 MOPED FOR SALE. Call 704735-1593 KENMORE CHEST FREEZER. 20 years old. Runs good. Best offer. 828-429-4794 KIMBALL SPINET PIANO. Excellent condition. $900. (704) 472-1355 LOTS OF ITEMS TO SELL. Too much to list. I would like to hire someone to do some work. 828-469-6412 PRICE REDUCED, 2 GRAVES AT CLEVELAND MEMORIAL PARK. Near bell tower, choice spots. $1000 each. 2 crypts $2000 each. (704) 482-4617 ALL METAL GARAGES. Big Discounts! Zero down. Call for more details. 828-382-0455. PROPANE GRILL TANKS REFILLED. Only $10.99. Call 828287-3272. NEW CANNING JARS with Lids & Seals. $17.67 per case. Call 828-287-3272. KILL ALL YOUR WEEDS! Ranger Pro 2.5 gallon. $44.00. 828-287-3272. HAVE A STORAGE BUILDING NOT USING, OUTGROWN IT? Sell it, trade in for new bigger one. We take trades, we buy used buildings. Must be factory built, able to move. J. Johnson Sales INC. 828-245-5895. 50+ TRAILERS IN STOCK NOW. More on the way! Areas largest selection, quality, best price. J. Johnson Sales, Inc., Forest City. 828-245-5895. ENCLOSED TRAILER IN STOCK. Dump trailers in stock and more on the way! J. Johnson Sales, Inc., Forest City. 828-245-5895.

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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Page 15


To place your ad go to or call 704-484-1047

Deadline: Friday at 12:00 Noon






DEER CORN. SHELLED, 50lbs, $10.05. 828-287-3272.

LOOKING FOR A MEDIUM SIZE USED TRACTOR AND BUSH HOG. Prefer John Deere. 704-466-0401, (704) 487-9653

DUCKS FOR SALE. Mallard & Rouen cross. Mostly hens. (704) 466-8741

1993 FORD F-150 CARGO VAN for Sale. 60,000 actual miles. 6 cylinder, AT, AC, new tires, Excellent condition. $5,950.00. 704-487-0550 or 704-678-3954.


HAVE A TRAILER NOT USING? SELL IT! J. Johnson Sales INC. Buy, Sale, Trade trailers. Must have title. Call 828-245-5895. CARPORTS, GARAGES, BUILDINGS, RV, BOAT COVERS IN STOCK. Areas largest on site display. Best selection, quality price. J. Johnson Sales, Inc. 2690 Hwy. 221S., Forest City. 828-245-5895. FLAG POLES, FLAGS IN STOCK. Pickup or we deliver and install available. J. Johnson Sales INC, Forest City. Call 828-245-5895. 16X40 OR TWO STORY BUILDINGS BUILT ON SITE. 1 DAY INSTALL. J. Johnson Sales INC. 828-245-5895. UTILITY BUILDINGS, STORAGE BUILDINGS. Steel, Wood, Vinyl. Some fully insulated, 1 to 2 day delivery if buy from stock. Cash or low down payment with monthly payments. No credit ok. J. Johnson Sales INC. 828245-5895. HORSE QUALITY HAY. Square and round bales, also 3x3x8’ bales. Call (704) 487-6855 PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS with Scratch Pads! Press Room Printing. 704-482-2243. (704) 538-5788 TRAILERS, LAWNMOWER TRAILERS, Flatbed Trailers, Enclosed Trailers, Horse and Cattle Trailers, Saddlery. Check our prices and quality before you buy. Bridges Riding Equipment. Boiling Springs, NC. (704) 434-6389 CASH FOR YOUR RECORD ALBUMS. Call Ron (919) 3147579 REFRIGERATORS, STOVES, WASHERS, DRYERS. Discount Prices. 1205 Earl Road, Shelby NC. (704) 487-4443

LOST & FOUND MARY JANE HIPP LOOKING FOR Peggy Dimsdale and Ileene McMurry and picture of Bryce Clemmer for Rutherford County Woodworkers Album. Call 828-447-1314.

WANT TO BUY DANNY’S AUTOWERKS. Buying used or junk cars. Competitive prices. Call Danny 828-289-3081 or Jimmy 828289-1175. NEED TO SELL YOUR HOUSE? I PURCHASE UNWANTED RENTAL PROPERTY AND/OR STARTER HOMES. MUST BE PRICED TO SELL! “QUICK CLOSINGS”! Call 704472-0006. WE BUY JUNK VEHICLES. WE PAY TOP DOLLAR FOR VEHICLES RUNNING OR NOT, MUST HAVE A TITLE OR ID. (704) 487-5244 CRESTMIDDLE@AOL.COM WANT TO BUY: STAMP COLLECTIONS and accumulations of same. Call 828-652-9425 or 954-614-2562. CASH FOR YOUR RECORD ALBUMS. Call Ron. (919) 3147579

WANT TO BUY. ATV’s, PopUp Campers and Small Travel Trailers. Call 828-429-3935. CASH FOR YOUR CAR running or not, title or no title. Call Charles Dellinger at Red Road Towing. 704-692-6767, (704) 487-0228 I PAY CASH FOR DIABETIC TEST STRIPS. Up to $10 per 100ct. Must be Unused, Unexpired. I’m local and pay fast. (828) 577-4197 WANT TO BUY CARS, TRUCKS. Trailers, Tractors, Farm Equipment. Must have ID and proof of ownership. Callahan’s Towing. (704) 692-1006 WANTED: OLD AND NEW AMMO. Reloading supplies. Call 828-245-6756 or cell # 828-289-1488.

FARM & GARDEN 12 ROUND BALES COASTAL HAY. 4.5’ bales. $35 each. Hwy 221 south of Chesnee, left of Cow Bridge Road. (864) 7069738 1979 YANMAR 2210. 22hp diesel, 12 Forwards, 4 Reverses, with shuttle shift. Rebuilt head with new gasket. New water pump and hoses. 4 new tires, rear tires filled with antifreeze, and wheel spacers. New radiator and new starter. Oil and filter changed, with new antifreeze. Excellent condition! $4400.00 OBO. (704) 718-9122 4X5 ROUND BALES FESCUE HAY. $35 per Bale OBO. (704) 215-0214 NEW SOUTHERN 5 FT. BUSH HOG. $1,250. 828-287-3272. FEMALE GOLDEN COMETS. 12 wk old Golden Comet Pullets. These calm and curious chicks will soon be prolific layers of brown eggs. Currently housed with our adult layers, they free range every evening. $15 each. One free with purchase of 10. Email or call and leave a message. (704) 7397806

BOATS 22 FT PONTOON FISHING BOAT. 50 HP motor, $5,000. 828-223-8808. 14” ALUMINUM BOAT with 30lb. motor. Thrust Guide trolling motor & battery. 2 paddles, 2 life jackets. Battery running lights. Swivel seat in back. $900 Call 980-925-3448

1988 FORD LTD CROWN VICTORIA 5.0 engine. $1,000. Also 2015 VIP moped with three helmets. $1,000. 704470-5275.

Carolina GO TO: NUBIAN BUCK Large full nubian buck. 4 years old. $250.00 (704) 739-8925 PUG PUPPIES. AKC Pug Puppies, Fawn, Shots, Wormed, and Starter Kit. $800 each. Ready now. (828) 413-5399

MOTORCYCLES & ATVS 2004 BMW RT 1150 Hard bags, 86K miles, blue. (704) 5388625

F1B LABRADOODLE PUPPIES. UTD on shots and dewormed. $600 each. Ready July 31. Reserve yours now. $100 deposit. Henry L. Miller 1608 Walls Church Road, Ellenboro, NC 28040. DOG KENNELS. 7x7, 5x10, 10x10, 10x20, 20x20 tops, split kennels. Pickup or we deliver and install available. J. Johnson Sales INC, Forest City. 828245-5895. YOUNG PULLETS hatched on April 7th. Easter Eggers, RIR and Golden Comet Chass. #10.00 each. 509-432-4914 SIAMESE KITTENS Would love 1 or 2. Will give excellent home in country. 704-462-2651 (H) or 828-461-1654 (C). BLUE TICK BEAGLE PUPPIES for sale. Now taking deposits. Ready July 7th. First shots and dewormed. 704-692-6787. AKC BOXER PUPPIES. 1 male boxer puppy, 1 female boxer puppy. $600 Text or call (704) 853-9300 AKC REGISTERED LABRADORS. Chocolate AKC Registered Labradors for sale. Vet checked, 1st shots and papers in hand. $800.00 (828) 3456215

CLEVELAND COUNTY HOUSE FOR SALE. 109 Dundee Court, Shelby. 3 BR, 1 BA, Living Room, Large Kitchen & Dining. Very private. 1 acre lot. Little work needed done. $55,000 or OBO. 704974-0611. (704) 974-0611 HOUSE FOR SALE. 3 BR, 1 BA, 2 car garage, Front screened in porch on 1/2 acre lot. Come and see. 148 Hicks Road in Grover.

NEW 2021 SUZUKI DR 650 DUAL SPORT MOTORCYCLE. Asking $4,500. Mint condition, warranty transferable. Call 864-279-7840. Inman, SC.

VACATIONS OCEAN LAKE BEACH HOUSE 2 bedroom, 2 bath. Also pullout couch, golf cart. Weeks and weekends. 704472-5182 OCEAN LAKES MYRTLE BEACH. Cottage N34. 2 bedroom, 2 bath, den, kitchen, dining, covered deck, near country store. Call Dorcas, 803-7182659, (803) 635-9831 BOOK NOW, 3 BEDROOM, 2 BEACH HOUSE. In the heart of Myrtle Beach. Fully furnished. $650 week. No text. Call 704418-3790.

BOXER PUPS, 6 MONTHS OLD. UTD on all shots. $900 negotiable. (704) 750-4081

OCEAN LAKES BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT. 2 bedroom with sleeper sofa, WiFi, golf cart. Weeks & weekends available. 704-473-1494.



2007 BUICK LACROSSE V-6,At, All Pwr local forest city car 160k miles, $4800, call 828-980-8461


2003 DODGE DURANGO SLT. 4x4, V-8, 107,000 miles, new tires, 3rd row seating, rear air, clean, runs great. $5200. (704) 487-0072


32.6 ACRES ON HULL ROAD, Northern Cleveland County. Small stream. $3400 per acre. 704-473-2897, (704) 538-9979



CHRISTIAN SENIOR PERSON OR COUPLE. To rent furnished mobile home with washer & dryer on private lot, Stoney Point Road, Kings Mtn. 1 year lease required. $650-$700 per month. (704) 829-0703 1, 2 & 3 BEDROOM TOWNHOMES. Shelby, NC. We are currently accepting applications for our waiting list. Rent is based on income (and some expenses are deducted). Call or visit us today, Laurel Hill Apartments 704-487-1114. Equal Housing Opportunity. MOVE IN SPECIAL. 2 & 3 Bedroom, deposit required. $190 weekly rates. Includes power and water. NO PETS. Visit us online at Oakwood Rentals, Shelby. Call (704) 473-4299 DOUBLE WIDE MOBILE HOME. 3BR, 2 BA. Call 704300-5293 for details. No Pets. LIONS SENIOR VILLAGE has 1 bedroom HUD subsidized apartments for low income seniors. Taking applications. Age 62 or older. Equal Housing Opportunity. 211 North Morgan Street, (704) 482-7723 MOBILE HOMES & APARTMENTS. In Kings Mountain. Price starting at $100 per week. Call (704) 739-4417

1/2 ACRE LOT UNRESTRICTED!! Near TIEC, $15,000. Call 864-909-1035 or visit: www.

WANT TO RENT ELDERLY LADY IN KINGS MOUNTAIN. Needs to rent an enclosed trailer, 12’ wide with side door. To be parked in my yard while home repairs are being done. Call Ms. Bowlin, 10am-7pm (704) 739-3313

FOR RENT CLEVELAND COUNTY 2 BR, 1 BA, Shelby House, Duke Power, $460/mth. $400 deposit. 704-600-5306 MOBILE HOME FOR RENT. 3 bedroom, 2 full bath on large private lot. Only $675 month. Small deposit if you clean. Dogs welcome. Anytime (704) 284-1694 RV LOT FOR RENT. Water and sewer availability. On gravel lot. Call (704) 538-6633

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2009 FORD EDGE 147,862 miles, Call for Price, $1299 DOWN (704) 748-1890 sales@

PETS & LIVESTOCK GUINEAS KEETS BABIES AND BANTAMS. Guineas Keets Babies $5.00. Bantams Babies $2.00 for sale. One to two weeks old. (704) 476-9943 AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD/ GOLDEN RETRIEVER MIX. 8 months old. 2 Chihuahua males 2 years & 4 years old. Free to good home. (704) 974-0609 RHODE ISLAND REDS Pullets. $8.00 each, Laying Hens $12.00-$14.00, and others. 704-473-1311.

Carolina 2000 CHEVROLET VENTURE 2000 Chevy Venture van. 190k original miles. Same owner since 2001. Runs well, new battery. Needs some tlc. Asking $1050. 704-477-7787 (704) 477-7787


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Thursday, July 29, 2021

The gift, the giver, and boys who play ball By Kathy Blake Some youth ballplayers didn’t have a ride to the field. So coaches would pick them up for practice and drive them home, only to find both cars in the driveway. “Some of them didn’t have the best family life, and we tried to give them through ball what they weren’t getting from home,” says Donna Womack, whose husband Eddie coached. “They were good athletes. You just take them under your wing.” Years later, a man approached the Womacks at a restaurant. He had a son with him, about 8 years old. The man told his son, “This was my coach in Optimist Ball, and he taught me more about life and baseball than anyone I’ve ever known.” Not all sports accomplishments are validated by statistics. Interpersonal skills, effort and determination can’t be numerically recorded in a coaching notebook. Neither can basic concern for a person’s well-being. Eddie Womack coached people, not just athletes. For 35 years in Mount Holly schools, Little Leagues, Dixie Youth League baseball, Babe Ruth, fall ball. He also played football and baseball for Mount Holly High School and played both sports at LenoirRhyne. Around Mount Holly, he’s known as the man who has coached so many kids – and cared about so many kids. But there is one statistic Womack knows: According to the NCAA, only about 2 percent of high school athletes receive a college scholarship. And, fewer than 2 percent of college athletes have the chance to turn pro. Youth ball, or maybe high school ball, is all they get. “That’s when you need these special coaches. It’s a gift. Coaching is a gift,” Donna says. “You have to have a passion for it.” Eddie Womack first put on a players’ uniform in 1962, for pee-wee football. He played fullback and tailback for Mount Holly High from 1965 through 1967 and played baseball 1965 through 1968. He went to Lenoir-Ryne in 1968 and started coaching locally in 1971, when he assisted Coach Delmer Wiles with baseball and football at Mount Holly High. The next 30-plus years were a tour of youth leagues, one after the other, season after season. This year, for his efforts, he’s inducted in the Mount Holly Sports Hall of Fame with the Community Service Award. “I’m just a representative of people that have helped coach with me. You can’t do it by yourself,” he says. “It’s just in my blood. I just want to coach. Some people tell me I’m crazy and ask how I put up with the parents. I tell them, the parents don’t mess with me. I’m here to teach the

Eddie Womack kids to play ball.” But family influences happen. “I had a kid at East Gaston, and he was tall, and he said all he could do was pitch. His older brother played college ball, and I had a talk with him privately,” Womack says, “and I said, ‘Let me be honest with you. You don’t want to play baseball.’ I just had that feeling, and one day his brother came to watch him play. And I told him, ‘You’re not your brother. I have two sons. They’re not the same.’ Parents sometimes want kids to be something they’re not. It’s a crying shame.” The Womacks’ sons are Kelly, who will be 43 in November, and Kent, who will turn 40 in January. Eddie Womack is 70. He and Donna have been married 45 years. “Ever since I’ve known him, he’s loved sports,” she says. “When we got married, he played softball and on the traveling league team and the wives would go. So we’ve always been in it, and around it, and he umpires, and he’s always been on a ballfield. He just loves the kids and what he does. “It’s funny, because sometimes these big, tall guys will come up to him and say, ‘Hi, Coach,’ and they were like 8 or 9 when he coached them. It makes him feel good. The boys, they don’t forget what you taught them. He says he tries to teach them ball and the values of life. You can carry the values on through long after the games.” So many stories: “I had one kid, he was 13 or 14 and his parents separated right before ball started and he had a big chip on his shoulder because he thought everyone was looking at him,” Womack says, “because at that time, not a lot of people separated or got divorced. We were at a ballgame and I brought him in from the outfield to pitch, and me and another coach were walking back to the sideline laughing and he thought we were laughing at him and he hollered at us. And he’s about 6-foot and I’m about 5-foot-7 if you stretch me, and I said, ‘Don’t you ever holler at a coach again. All I want you to do is pitch.’ After he finished that inning he said, ‘I’m sorry, coach.’ And I said, ‘I love you buddy.’ He made All-Stars. I

wanted him to enjoy the game of baseball.” And: “I had one team a few years ago, a guy called me up late on a Thursday night and says, ‘I got 14 boys who want to play ball this fall, and we’ll put them in a league.’ I said, first question, do they want to play ball? He said, ‘Yes. They didn’t make the travel team.’ I said, if they want to play, I’ll coach ‘em. So we played the fall league and went 7-21. One guy says, ‘How’d you get these boys to win? We couldn’t get them to win in rec ball. And I said, I’m not their daddy. Sometimes you need a change.” Womack was in an accident in 2015. He drives a truck now, for Lanier Material Sales. Doctors want to put a metal plate in his back. Some days, he has trouble walking. But he wants to coach again. He lost his best friend at age 17, and his last words to him, before doctors operated on the friend’s brain, were, “We’ll throw the ball when you get out of the hospital.” He doesn’t question the Lord’s work, he says. “I know I’ll see him again.” Meanwhile, he watches the kids play ball, tries to give them part of his gift before they’re grown. He quotes a song by Trace Adkins: “You’re gonna miss this/ You’re gonna want this back/ You’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast/ These are some good times/ So take a good look around/ You may not know it now/ But you’re gonna miss this.” One day, Donna says, Eddie left her a note. It said, “Donna, thank you for always letting me do what I love to do.” BY THE NUMBERS As a player: Pee-Wee Football, 1962; Midget Football, 1963; PopWarner All-American Mount Holly High School: Football 1965-67 (fullback, tailback). Won Western 2A State in 1967 Mount Holly High School: Baseball 1965-68 (pitcher) Conference champions 1964, ’65, ’66, ’67 Lenoire-Ryne College: Baseball, football As a coach: Mount Holly High School: Assistant for baseball, football 1971-1972 Coached Mount Holly Recreation Department and Little League teams: 1970s Dixie Youth baseball: 1990-2000 Babe Ruth: 1980s East Gaston assistant coach, fall ball: 1993-2005 Umpire: Babe Ruth and Dixie League games After having had to cancel the 2020 event due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mount Holly Sports Hall of Fame is pleased to announce that the 2021 event will be

Mount Holly Recreation Babe Ruth Bambino League “Majors” 1989 and Coach Womack. held on August 21,2021 at the Mount Holly Municipal

Complex at 6pm. Tickets are available for $20 at Moose’s

Pharmacy and David’s Detailing.