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Thursday, June 2, 2022


News from a neighbor! Volume 88 • Issue 22

• Belmont • Cramerton • Lowell • McAdenville • Mount Holly • Stanley

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Great things coming to downtown Cramerton By Alan Hodge

Downtown Cramerton, specifically the Centennial Center area, will soon be getting a major makeover that will not only be environmentally friendly, but aesthetically pleasing as well. Work on the improvements will begin right away and should be wrapped up by fall 2022. Central to the work will be an upgrade to parking. The current lot at the Centennial Center is small and the pavement broken. Once the old pave is removed, a new, larger, lot will be constructed with a total of 48 spaces. The new lot will feature pervious brick pavers that will allow rainwater to soak in the ground rather than simply run off to the street and into the South Fork River. “We are excited about the pavers,” said Cramerton town manager David Pugh, “We won’t just be dropping pavement on the lot.” The lot will also have entrance and exit openings on Eighth and Ninth streets. “The new lot will mean people won’t have to circle town to get in and out of it,” said Eric Smallwood, Cramerton Parks and Rec. director.

Another great feature of the job will be installation of multicolored, fabric “sails” along one side of the lot. The panels, which usually last around ten years, will provide shade as well as a festive look. “The shaded area will be a great place for vendors to set up when we have events such as craft fairs and the Christmas Village,” said Smallwood. The area of Centennial Center along Central St. will have major landscaping and paver work done from the Veterans Memorial to the corner of the new lot. It will feature seating areas as well. While the remodeling work is going on, Center St. will remain open for business as usual. Cost of the upgrades will be around $1 million for everything. Funding came from the Town fund balance. Folks involved in the project includedProject Engineers: LaBella Associates, Landscape Design: Viz Design, General Contractor: Site Services of the Carolinas, Pervious Brick Paver Sub Contractor: Unit Paving, Inc. See CRAMERTON, Page 2

Cramerton Parks and Rec. director Eric Smallwood (left) and town manager David Pugh look over the soon to be improved parking lot and former Masonic Hall at Centennial Center. Photo by Alan Hodge

Holy Angels’ Regina Moody leaves a Legacy of Leadership By Shawn Flynn Pioneer, visionary, inspirational and leader. All words used by the staff at Holy Angels to describe Regina Moody, their president and CEO for the past 40 years. At the end of the June, Moody will transition out of her role of CEO, but will remain as president of the nonprofit. Her shift makes way for Kerri Massey, a devoted and faithful member of Holy Angels’ leadership team, to assume the role of CEO beginning in July 1, 2022. “It’s been my calling and privilege of a lifetime to serve and lead Holy Angels and care for and love our children and adults who are differently able with delicate medical conditions. Holy Angels will continue to be a part of my life and my passion and I look forward to a bright future with our committed staff and the capable leadership of

Belmont mayor Charles Martin addressing the crowd at Sunday’s Memorial Day event in Greenwood Cemetery. Photo by Alan Hodge

Memorial Day remembered in Belmont By Alan Hodge

Kerri Massey and Regina Moody Kerri Massey,” said Moody. Moody has served as a

visionary force, guiding Holy See MOODY, Page 4

Snow white clouds and an azure sky formed the perfect backdrop for the dozens of American flags that fluttered

in the breeze Sunday afternoon during Belmont’s annual Memorial Day event at Greenwood Cemetery. The ceremony was organized by Auten-Stowe American Le-

gion Post 144. A large crowd of folks gathered in the cool shade of a huge oak tree to recall those who served in our nation’s See MEMORIAL, Page 3


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Thursday, June 2, 2022

These layouts show how the new parking lot and other features of the major improvement projects at Cramerton’s Centennial Center. Graphics provided


The former Masonic Hall in Cramerton will become a restaurant and entertainment venue.

“The project was a collaborative effort between the firms and town staff members,” Pugh said. “It was a multifaceted effort.” Another exciting downtown Cramerton development is the project to turn the former Masonic Hall into an eating establishment and special event venue. Remodeling work on the building has already started. Belmont resident Phillip Bryson purchased the structure in August, 2021. “We hope to be ready late summer, early fall,” Bryson said. “We will be working in tandem with the town’s project. Floyd and Blackies coffee shop and their bakery will be moving to our building once it is complete. This will give both businesses much needed space to expand and better serve our community. In addition, there will be an approximately 1,200 sq.ft. event

space that will be available to rent for parties and other community events, as well as a large covered outdoor seat-

ing with views of the river. As part of the move, Floyd and Blackies also intend to expand their food offerings

to include a limited lunch and dinner menu. I hope it’s going to be a lovely addition to downtown Cramerton.”

Workers begin construction on the 800 sq.ft. deck at the former Masonic Hall.

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Thursday, June 2, 2022

The crowd.

Sheriff’s Dept. Honor Guard fired a volley.

Taps was played by Officer D. Eaker.

military and especially those who were lost in the line of duty. Belmont mayor Charles Martin stepped up to the microphone and welcomed everyone. “It is important to remember our veterans,” Martin, a U.S. Navy veteran, said. “Especially those who didn’t make it.” The South Point High Naval JROTC smartly presented the colors. Boy Scout Troop 56 Eagle Scout Jesse Whaley led the Pledge of Allegiance. Post 144 member Larry Norwood performed the POW/MIA ceremony as he has done many times in the past. Post 144’s new commander, Pat Chaparro, the first female commander in Post 144’s 100-year history, spoke to the dozens of event attendees. “I am very proud to be here today,” she said. “Thanks for remembering our veterans.” Keynote speaker was Pastor John Ray from Woodlawn Baptist Church in Charlotte. Ray told the story of his uncle who was wounded on D-Day in WWII and how he suffered physical and emotional trauma from the ordeal. Ray also recounted the tragic loss of the 13 American service members during the Afghanistan pullout several months ago. “They are examples of bravery and sacrifice,” he said. “Our hearts are filled with thanks and admiration. All veterans share a common goal to serve America. It is a privilege to stand here today and remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.”

Eagle Scout Jesse Whaley leads the Pledge of Allegiance.

The event concluded with a 21gun salute by the Gaston County Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard and Taps played on a bugle by Honor Guard member D. Eaker. A brief history of Memorial Day From- Encyclopedia Britannica Memorial Day, formerly Decoration Day, in the United States, holiday (last Monday in May) is set aside honoring those who have died in the nation’s wars. It originated during the American Civil War when citizens placed flowers on the graves of those who had been killed in battle. More than a half dozen places have claimed to be the birthplace of the holiday. In October 1864, for instance, three women in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania, are said to have decorated the graves of loved ones who died during the Civil War; they then returned in July 1865 accompanied by many of their fellow citizens for a more general commemoration. A large observance, primarily involving African Americans, took place in May 1865 in Charleston, South Carolina. Columbus, Mississippi, held a formal observance for both Union and Confederate dead in 1866. By congressional proclamation in 1966, Waterloo, New York, was cited as the birthplace, also in 1866, of the observance. In 1868 John A. Logan, the commander in chief of the Grand Army of the Republic, an organization of Union veterans, promoted a national holiday on May 30 “for the purpose of strewing with flowers or otherwise decorating the graves of com-

MEMORIAL From Page 1

Page 3

rades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion.” After World War I, as the day came to be observed in honor of those who had died in all U.S. wars, its name

Guest speaker was Pastor John Ray, Wood- Post 144’s new commander Pat Chaparro. lawn Baptist Church, Charlotte.

changed from Decoration Day to Memorial Day. Since 1971 Memorial Day has been observed on the last Monday in May. A number of Southern states also observe a separate day to honor the Confederate

Larry Norwood led the POW/MIA ceremony.

The Belmont Fire Dept. brought a huge flag for the event.

dead. Memorial Day is observed with the laying of a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, and by religious services, parades,

and speeches nationwide. Flags, insignia, and flowers are placed on the graves of veterans in local cemeteries. The day has also come to signal the beginning of summer in the United States.

South Point High Naval JROTC Color Guard.

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Thursday, June 2, 2022







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ticulture therapy, music, art, snoezelen rooms and Camp Hope. “As I reflect on my 40 years at Holy Angels, for me it has always been about service and making a difference. With the dedication and commitment of compassionate, caring staff, I believe together we have made a difference in the lives of the children, adults and families we serve at Holy Angels; in the organizations and projects I have supported – be it higher education, accessible recreational parks and playgrounds, the business community or encouraging and supporting young leaders,” said Moody. The list of awards and accomplishments for Moody is long. In 2020, she was given the North Carolina Order of the Long Leaf Pine award, the highest honor given by the governor to those who have made significant contributions to the state. “It would take days to detail how much Regina has truly impacted Holy Angels, our differently able residents and the greater community. Her dedication and compassion have exceeded every expectation,” said Holy Angels Board of Directors Chair Hans Lengers. Moody will maintain an office on campus and serve as the nonprofit’s president in a part time capacity. She will use her experience and

expertise in fundraising, marketing, public relations, special projects and Holy Angels business enterprises toward the organization’s continued growth, including a large-scale anticipated campus expansion in 2023. As a leader in the community, she will continue to have a presence on various boards and committees. This change in leadership makes way for Kerri Massey, a 24 year member of Holy Angels’ leadership team, to

assume the role of CEO beginning July 1. “I have the utmost faith in Kerri as she takes the reins and responsibilities of CEO. She’s already shown an immense passion for Holy Angels in her decades of service. I know that enthusiasm will carry into her CEO leadership,” said Moody. For anyone who would like to learn more about Holy Angels or support the nonprofit, please go to

Well, it’s more or less summertime and the livin’ is easy. Fish are jumpin’. The cotton is high. Not really but it sounds good to steal a few words from Gershwin. One thing about warm weather is the shedding of clothes. To a certain extent. Not to the extent I see on swains in this here neck o the woods who strut about shirtless (males) with their leather like torsos shining forth for all to see and admire. Not. Hey fellers, put on some clothes. And for you damsels jammed into Daisy Duke shorts barely able to contain yer bulging gams. Put on some britches please or at least some Bermudas. Anyway, one thing that’s OK by me is barefootin’ it. Here’s what I mean… A few days ago, the mail carrier came roaring along in her mail carrying jalopy. Sharon calls her my “boo” but I am not so sure about that. Anyway, I decided to go to the mailbox via the sidewalk and lawn and sans shoes at that. It had been a long time since i had gone barefoot. Everything, every pebble, every wrinkle in the earth’s crust, twig, etc., etc., hurt my feet! I hopped and hobbled along like in the old cowboy movies when the dastardly villains would make the good guys take off their boots and walk across the Mojave or some such desert. Anyway again- I got the mail and limped into the house. But besides the nerves in my feet, the expedition also spurred a spark of recollection about when I was a lil kid and the street in front of where we dwelled for a year or so in Catawba Heights was dirt. Hey,

you only have to go back a few decades and many of the roads a r o u n d Alan Hodge here were Banner-News Editor dirt and my pal John Robinson told me Hickory Grove Rd. was dirt until the 1950s and the street off it Lee Rd. where mein mammy in law Carol Brendle lives was dirt until about 20 years ago. But back to Catawba Heights. Well, as I done told ye, the road was dirt, and I was four or five years old and every now and then a state or county truck would come along and spray old motor oil on it to keep the dust down. Oh, EPA where were you?? Back then when I would walk along the dirt road I would come home with my feet bottoms black as, well …well…used oil and they had that earthy, greasy, stench of well used oil. Anyway a thrice, in the summers of my youth my feet would be tough as leather. Shoes? Ha! Who needed them? But watch out for honeybees on clover and a sting meant a gob of cigarette terbacca on it as a poultice. But now my feet are lily white and soft as Charmin toilet tissue. Oh, how I long for the feel of cool evening or morning grass on them taking me to a simpler time long ago when shoes were but an idea floating around in space looking for a brain to land on. Therefore, here’s to barefootin’ it every chance you get. Turn those dogs loose and air them out and get close to nature- but watch your step.

MOODY From Page 1 Angels through significant growth and development. She has dedicated herself, entirely, to Holy Angels and its mission. Her professional career has been to create a place of “loving, living and learning for the differently able”. Moody has led Holy Angels through National Accreditation (CARF-Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) and significant growth and expansion of programs and services to provide additional opportunities to improve the overall quality of life for the residents. Before Moody arrived, Holy Angels was just a single building – the Morrow Center. Now, the nonprofit encompasses 17 buildings, including four business enterprises. Moody was instrumental in starting Cherubs Café 25 years ago to allow some residents the opportunity to have meaningful employment. Holy Angels added the Cotton Candy Factory and Bliss Gallery in recent years to downtown Belmont along with Spruced Goose Café in McAdenville. Holy Angels is internationally recognized for some of its innovative programming and services specializing in comprehensive medical and developmental programs including: medical and educational services, hor-

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Barefootin’ it

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Thursday, June 2, 2022

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Stanley teacher and Carr student honored for outstanding service Gaston Schools story/photos A teacher and student from Gaston County Schools have won the Gaston County Jaycees Distinguished Service Award. Alice Ballard, an English and language arts teacher at Stanley Middle School, and Niyah Richardson, a fifth grader at Carr Elementary School in Dallas, and were among the award winners recognized during a dinner and ceremony on May 18 at the Gaston Country Club. In addition to recognizing Ballard and Richardson, the Gaston County Jaycees honored police, fire, and rescue personnel for their outstanding service. The Jaycees also presented awards for lifetime achievement and significant contributions to the community and Jaycees organization.

Alice Ballard Outstanding Gaston County Teacher Alice Ballard is an incredible member of the teaching staff at Stanley Middle School, which is home to Gaston County’s STEAM Academy for grades 6-8. Ballard has been a teacher for 22 years, and her students know her as hard-working, fair, persistent, organized, and dedicated. She is a person who cares about her work and encourages students to do their best in everything. She also is known as “the ultimate rule follower and enforcer,” which is good when it comes to teaching middle schoolers about structure, responsibility, and doing what is expected. Recently, Mrs. Ballard and a colleague received a $20,000 grant from the STEM Center for Excellence

at The Citadel. Her computational thinking approach enhances learning across a range of subjects and reinforces students’ skills and abilities in reading, writing, and math. Ballard serves her school in various ways, acting as a mentor to new teachers, chairperson of the school improvement team, coordinating the Accelerate Gaston summer enrichment program for her school, and representing her school on the national stage at the Conference on Digital Convergence and the Lexicon of Modern Learning virtual symposium. Perhaps most important, Ballard is a servant leader who goes beyond expectations to be supportive of her students and their families, be a role model for her colleagues, and be an advocate for Stanley Middle School

Alice Ballard

Niyah Richardson

and public education in Gaston County.

they sold a lot of lemonade and collected $130. In an effort to show appreciation for the community’s support of their lemonade stand, Richardson and her cousin decided to pay it forward and used the $130 to purchase school supplies for students at Carr Elementary. It was a wonderful way to ensure that Richardson’s

Niyah Richardson Outstanding Gaston County Student Last summer while visiting her family in Wilmington, Richardson and her cousin decided to set up a lemonade stand and charge 75 cents a cup. To everyone’s surprise,

classmates started the school year off with the supplies they needed. This summer, Richardson is expanding her lemonade stand to include frozen lemonade, frozen tea, and frozen Kool-Aid, which will surely be popular on a hot summer day. It sounds like Richardson has a perfect plan to exceed last year’s $130 total. Presenting the Jaycees Distinguished Service Award to Richardson is a way to applaud her leadership and entrepreneurial spirit, her thoughtfulness to help her school and classmates, and her commendable efforts to serve the community and make it a better place. Above all else, Richardson’s lemonade stand project teaches an important lesson that every person can do something to be kind and helpful toward others.

Young Poets group 1

Poetry and Prose celebration held Gaston County Schools hosted the annual Poetry and Prose celebration Thursday, April 7 at Highland School of Technology. The celebration is open to all Gaston County fourth grade students. Each elementary school selects one representative for poetry and one representative for prose. These two students are invited to read their entries at the Poetry and Prose celebration and have their winning entries published in a countywide literary magazine sponsored by the Gaston County Schools Academically & Intellectually Gifted (AIG) department. Each participating student receives a copy of the literary magazine and a certificate of participation at awards day.

Young Poets group 2

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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Connect the Dots: It’s all about Him


Dignitaries gathered on Friday, May 13 at 10am at the future site of the charter school’s new school facility on Mariposa Rd. in Stanley. Construction should begin shortly.

Ruby Ruiz

Jerry Bradley

Aaron Hollar

Congratulations musicians Congratulations to Ruby Ruiz (contra clarinet) of W.C. Friday Middle School, Jerry Bradley (tuba) of South Point High School, and Aaron Hollar (euphonium) of East Gaston High School who performed May 1 in Memorial Hall Auditorium at the North Carolina Bandmasters Association All-State Honors Band concert. Gaston Schools photos

I think I stopped singing the Mighty Mouse song By Tony Marciano A few years ago, I was at a church service when the pastor asked the congregation to commit to a special project to serve other people. He asked us to stand up and raise our hands as a statement of our commitment. I stood up and started humming a hymn in the back of my mind. But I wasn’t singing, “All to Jesus I surrender.” Rather, I was singing the theme song from the Mighty Mouse cartoon whose words were, “Here I come to save the day.” I quickly realized I was singing the wrong song. I lowered my hand. I sat down. I realized I was about to serve people in my power and my strength and not in God’s power and strength. It was from my need to be needed instead of impacting someone’s life. I prayed God would raise up the individual he had called to serve. It wasn’t me. Since that time I’ve used the “Mighty Mouse” theme song as a test to see if I’m responding to God’s invitation to impact another person or am I operating from my own codependency. We don’t like that word codependency. It’s a need to fix broken, hurting individuals. It makes us feel better about ourselves. As long as we are focusing on other people, we don’t have to focus on ourselves. Healing from Trauma says the following, “It is learning interdependence while challenging rigid independence and dysfunctional codependency and enmeshment with others. It is learning to not take other people’s behavior personally. It is being okay with saying “no,” drawing your own lines in the sand while setting limits and boundaries with yourself.” That quote has two extremes of a pendulum swing. On the one far end, I live independent of other people. I’m in isolation. But I am created as a social being. So I throw the pendulum to the opposite far end which is not into healthy relationships. I become enmeshed with the brokenness in someone’s

life. Yet it is in the middle God invites me to live my life The middle is an interTony Marciano dependent life. I don’t live alone yet I don’t live to fix other people’s problems. More recently I came across an ad for a tree service. It said, “We are the ABC Tree Service. We are the best tree service. We know trees better than anyone else. Trust us with your trees.” I shuddered as I read that ad. It violated every rule of Dale Carnegie. It should have said, “Your home is your biggest investment. You’ve poured much of your savings into it. You want it to last. You have trees on your property that bring beauty to your home. Some are healthy but others need to be removed to protect your home. Call us so we can be of service to you.” The ad sat on my desk, ripped in half. I wanted to tape it back together, call them and help them re-word their post card. After all, wasn’t that being a nice person? What should I do? I never called. Is it my responsibility to fix everyone on this planet who I feel is doing something wrong? Which end of the pendulum do I want to live on? Isolation or enmeshed codependency? Neither is a solution to healthy living. I choose interdependence. A few days later I received an invitation to speak to some college students. The dates conflicted with other things. I would have to reshuffle some appointments but gain the approval from the person who invited me to speak. I asked for another date. Hopefully, I am singing less verses of the Mighty Mouse song. I’ll be back in two weeks. Until then, live well my friend.

By Dennis Siracusa Recently, butterflies caught my attention initially because of a stained glass window at my church but in photos too. Butterflies are fragile aren’t they and beautiful and fascinating in their complexity. They appear to move about without a focus but are they? Sometimes I seem to be. If you walk into my shop, you’ll see 1000 sq. ft. with many partial projects; I’m interested in them all but they vie for my attention at the same time. One office project is my renewed interest in learning Italian. I’ve made more progress this time but wonder about my resolve, focus and perseverance. I wonder because I’ve wandered away from my resolve before and because I see a habit of “starts” out in my shop. This morning my Italian lessons were resonating in my memory but I could also hear a smattering of German, French and Spanish memories mixing in. How do I focus on the one? Webster’s dictionary says RESONATE means “to produce or be filled with a deep, full, reverberating sound;” “ones that evoke or suggest images, memories, and emotions.” That’s what I want with my Italian lessons; a deep knowledge, understanding, and capability that flows smoothly from my mind. How? It seems focus, perseverance and immersion is necessary. We learn different ways; for me hearing alone seems to literally go in one ear and out the other. I learn best by hearing, seeing, and doing. I’m haphazard with people’s names. Maybe you are too. To do better, I have to focus on the name, use it and often capture it on a small notepad. I want more than the essence of biblical

scripture too. I want to catalog a growing knowledge of chapter and verse. Once again, focus, perseverance and immersion seem to be the answer Dennis Siracusa and the focus part may be particularly vital for this and more life challenges too. A common catch phrase today is “influencers;” people who reinvent themselves and derive some benefit by influencing others; and influencing voices are pandemic. Media, politicians, Hollywood, celebrities, paparazzi, mega rich, authors, fake news, fake life stories and even distorted science and medicine. Two things are apparent. We must focus on what is true and eliminate the false. Second, we need to immerse ourselves in truth or we will be blown off course. Bank employees are often not exposed to counterfeit money because if they are immersed with the real thing, then the counterfeit will resonate as false. So what is truth? Jesus Christ says He is “the way, the truth and the Life.” John 14:6. And scripture is not just inspired by our infinitely capable God, but all the red letter parts are actually God speaking to us; seems like our immersion in the bible is our sure safety net. Questo sicuramente risuona con me. “That certainly resonates with me.” Butterflies draw their strength from sunlight and their imbedded purpose is to reproduce themselves. Similarly, our purpose is to draw our strength from Jesus Christ’s light and replicate Him in our desperate world.

High schools to conduct graduation ceremonies for Class of 2022 Graduation for Gaston County Schools is Saturday, June 4, and ten high schools will conduct ceremonies that day to present diplomas to the Class of 2022. This year, more than 1,900 seniors will graduate from Gaston County Schools. Ashbrook, Bessemer City, Cherryville, Stuart W. Cramer, East Gaston, Forestview, Hunter Huss, North Gaston, and South Point will hold graduation on Saturday, June 4 at 9:00 a.m. Each school will hold its ceremony outdoors in the stadium. Highland’s graduation ceremony is Saturday, June 4 at 11:00 a.m. in the school’s auditorium. Tickets are required for entry into the graduation ceremony. Each school will communicate with students/ families about the number of tickets that will be allotted for each senior. Anyone with questions about tickets should contact the school. In the event of inclement weather, the outdoor ceremonies will be moved indoors. Graduation Reminders Each high school graduation is a well-planned, formal ceremony intended to highlight each senior. To ensure that each graduate’s name is heard by everyone, attendees should refrain from boisterous applause and celebration until all graduates have received their diploma. All high schools have a

comprehensive safety plan for graduation, and school officials have spent time working with local law enforcement to ensure that graduation is an enjoyable experience for everyone in attendance. To ensure safety, the following procedures will be in place: Each school will have additional security personnel – a police presence will be noticeable on campus. Attendees should arrive early and be prepared to stand in line to enter the ceremony. Metal detectors (walkthrough units and hand-held wands) will be used. Everyone at graduation, including students, parents, relatives, school personnel, and guests, will be subject to metal detection screening. Attendees are discouraged from bringing purses and handbags to graduation. Purses/handbags must be screened, which is a process that slows down the entrance line. Traffic congestion is likely near the high schools beginning one hour before the start of graduation. Attendees should plan accordingly to allow enough time for parking and entering the ceremony. Being vigilant is important. Anyone who sees or is aware of suspicious activity at graduation should contact a school official or law en-

forcement immediately. Special Guests Each graduation ceremony will have its share of speakers and special guests. Traditionally, each school’s valedictorian and salutatorian shares remarks as does the principal and other student representatives. Board of Education members are among the guests on hand to congratulate the graduating class. Here is a list of the Board of Education members and which graduation ceremony they will attend on June 4: Ashbrook: Jeff Ramsey, Chairman, At-Large Member Bessemer City: Brent Moore, Crowders Mountain Township Cherryville: Robbie Lovelace, Cherryville Township Stuart W. Cramer: Justin Davis, South Point Township Forestview: Steve Hall, Dallas Township, and Kevin Collier, Riverbend Township Highland: Lee Dedmon, Gastonia Township, Dot Guthrie, Gastonia Township, and Superintendent of Schools W. Jeffrey Booker Hunter Huss: Dot Cherry, Vice Chairman, At-Large Member North Gaston: Lee Dedmon, Gastonia Township South Point: Dot Guthrie, Gastonia Township, and Superintendent of Schools W. Jeffrey Booker.

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Thursday, June 2, 2022

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$2,000 from Dominion Energy presented to four CTE teachers Gaston Schools story/photo In observance of Women’s History Month, four outstanding teachers in Gaston County Schools each received a $500 grant from Dominion Energy to bring attention to female educators in the area of Career and Technical Education (CTE). Anna Guzauskas of Ashbrook High School, Holly Hite of Cramerton Middle School, Jill Lenox of East Gaston High School, and Angela Sanders of Southwest Middle School were the four educators who were recognized during a ceremony on March 24. Julie Roper, economic development and local government manager for Dominion Energy, presented the $2,000 in grants, and during her comments, she highlighted the importance of having female leaders and role models in CTE. Superintendent of Schools W. Jeffrey Booker and Brett Buchanan, CTE director, also shared remarks during the presentation. The teachers will use the grant money to support classroom lessons and activities.

Below is information about each honoree: Anna Guzauskas Ashbrook High School Ms. Guzauskas received an associate degree in culinary technology from Central Piedmont Community College and a bachelor’s degree in educational studies from Belmont Abbey College. She has been in Gaston County Schools for eight years and teaches the Foods and Nutrition I and II and Foods Enterprise II classes. Holly Hite Cramerton Middle School Ms. Hite received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a license to teach CTE from the University of Phoenix. Prior to teaching health sciences at Cramerton Middle School, she taught business and career management classes at Stuart W. Cramer High School for four years. Jill Lenox East Gaston High School Ms. Lenox received a bachelor’s degree in business administration and com-

Angela Sanders

Holly Hite

Jill Lenox

Anna Guzauskas

munications from the State University of New York at Geneso. She has a master’s degree in adult education from Elmira College and is a National Board Certified Teacher. Working at East Gaston for 16 years, she has taught career management and personal finance classes as well as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premier classes. She also is certified to teach family consumer science classes. Angela Sanders Southwest Middle School Ms. Sanders received a

bachelor’s degree in business and computer information systems from the University of South Carolina and a master’s degree in business and technology from Webster University. She has taught business and information technology education and technology engineering and design classes for 23 years. She is the adviser for the school’s Technology Student Association, and her students won awards in several categories at the recent N.C. TSA Western Regional Conference.

“We are so fortunate to have a business partner like Dominion Energy that understands the important work of teachers and values what they do to shape our future,” stated Superintendent Booker. “Dominion Energy realizes why we need strong, positive, female role models in the area of Career and Technical Education, and we appreciate the company’s willingness to honor four of our teachers, who are making a difference and inspiring their students.” Dr. Booker added, “To

see women excelling in Career and Technical Education is one of the best ways to inspire our female students to dream, achieve, and experience success in whatever career field they choose. The presentation of grants from Dominion Energy during Women’s History Month gives us an opportunity to celebrate women in public education, women in Career and Technical Education, and women who are leading a force in bringing about positive change and moving our communities forward.”

CTE awareness program gives fifth graders a jump on their future Gaston Schools story/photos Elementary school students in Gaston County are getting a jump start on Career and Technical Education (CTE). Recently, fifth grade students at W.B. Beam Intermediate, W.A. Bess, Sherwood, Belmont Central, and Gaston Virtual Academy participated in a career awareness program sponsored by the Gaston County Schools CTE Department. The program focused on such areas as health sciences and electrical technology/engineering. Students were able to learn how to take temperatures and blood pressure

readings, check pulse, and perform CPR properly. In addition, students learned how to strip wires and join them together with wire nuts to create an electrical circuit in action. “It is important that our elementary students know about the different types of CTE classes that we offer in middle school and high school,” said career development coordinator Stephanie Luckadoo, who organized the program. “We hope they will find an interest in one of our CTE clusters and eventually earn their credentials.” CTE provides the knowledge, skills, and confidence

that students need to pursue career options, discover an interest in a particular jobrelated field, and get on a path to professional success, according to Luckadoo. Belmont Central Elementary student Annelise Sayegh has a dream of becoming a nurse or doctor and was excited about what she learned. “Learning how to perform CPR and how to take blood pressure readings helped me to understand how things work,” said Sayegh. “The program was amazing, and I felt like I was actually a real nurse. I am glad that we had this opportunity.” “Even if students haven’t

The Stanley Town Council recently recognized two local students Allie Grice (left) and Grace Marlowe (right) both with their families, for being chosen as Levine Scholars. The girls will receive full, four-year college scholarships. They were chosen from 266 semifinalists for the honor. Grice attends East Gaston High and Marlowe attends Gaston Christian High School. Photo by Bill Ward

thought about a career in healthcare, they were excited to learn about it,” explained Luckadoo. “Wearing the white lab coats and pretending to be doctors was a big deal for them.” Tyler Sanchez of Belmont Central Elementary was excited to share with his mother about what he had learned. He said, “My mom is a nurse, and I can’t wait to tell her that I learned how to take temperatures and perform CPR.” In the future, the CTE department hopes to offer more programs to elementary school students in areas like plumbing, auto mechanics, foods, and construction. Luckadoo said the idea is to get elementary school students thinking about career possibilities so when they get to middle school, they can begin taking CTE courses. Then, when they move on to high school, they can select a CTE pathway, earn industry-recognized credentials, gain important work skills, and take advantage of all that CTE has to offer. “CTE can be the first step toward productive employment whether students plan to further their education at a community college, technical school, or four-year university or through onthe-job training,” added Luckadoo. “It is never too early for students to begin exploring what they might want to do in life.”

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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Banner News Fellowship & Faith

Church Directory Lutheran L h Ch Church h off the Holy Comforter N Main St • Belmont, NC

Mt. Holly Church of God 208 Rankin Ave. 704-827-8596

Mt. Sinai Baptist Church 339 S. Hawthorne St. 704-827-4320

New Covenant United Methodist 14514 Lucian Riverbend Hwy. 704-827-4468 1104 Old NC 27 Hwy. 704-827-0822

151 8th Ave. 704-824-3889

New Saint Paul Holiness Church

Cramerton Free Will Baptist

1529 Old Hwy. 27 Rd. 704-827-5851

416 Woodlawn Ave. 704-824-1745

North Main Baptist Church

Cramer Memorial United Methodist Church

Restoration & Deliverance 804 W. Charlotte Ave. 704-820-0954

Revival Tabernacle of Mt. Holly

Employees of

Grace Wesleyan Church 6014 S. New Hope Rd 704-825-7959

Henry’s Chapel Ame Zion Church 151 Henry Chapel Rd 704-825-0711

Hood Memorial AME Zion Church 455 Sacco St. 704-825-6007

Loves Chapel Presbyterian Church 210 Park Street, Belmont NC

704-825-9861 BELMONT Alexander Memorial Baptist Church 208 South Main Street 704-825-3216

Brotherhood/Sisterhood WNCC UMC 120 Park Street 704-825-1333

Catawba Heights Baptist Church 311 Belmont Road 704-827-8474

Christ Church Presbyterian Church 901 Catawba Street 704-461-8614

Core Church 2316 Acme Rd. 704-822-8033

CrossFix Ministries 6131 Wilkinson Blvd. 704-879-4499

Crossroads Church 101 Beaty Rd. 704-827-8381

Centerview Baptist Church 2300 Acme Road 704-827-2061

East Belmont Baptist Church 501 Catawba Street 704-825-5780

204 Lincoln St. 704-825-8342

Lutheran Church of the Holy Comforter 216 N. Main St. 704-825-2483

Message of Love Church 306 Pearl Beaty Dr. 704-827-6500

Mount Moriah Baptist Church 110 Lincoln St. 704-825-2046

Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist 212 South Street 704-825-7269

New Hope Presbyterian Church 4357 S. New Hope Rd. 704-824-1697

New Life Baptist Church 201 Oak Trail 704-822-6195

New Mills Chapel Fire Baptized 104 Morning Glory Ave. 704-825-5457

O’Conner Grove Church Ame Zion 613 N. Main Street 704-825-5576

Park Street United Methodist 120 Park Street 704-825-8480

Power of the Spirit Church

East Belmont Church Of God

118 School Street 704-827-7071

320 E. Catawba Street 704- 825-8845

Queen Of The Apostles Catholic Church

East Belmont Free Will Baptist 909 Edgemont Ave 704-825-5346

Ebenezer United Methodist Church 120 Belmont-Mt. Holly Road 704-827-3366

Exodus Church 6325 Wilkinson Blvd. 704-755-5034

First Baptist Church 23 N. Central Avenue 704-825-3758

First Foursquare Gospel Church 8 Elizabeth Street 704-825-5811

First Presbyterian Church 102 S. Central Ave 704-825-3357

First Presbyterian-Belmont 112 S. Central Ave 704-829-0668

First United Methodist Church of Belmont 807 South Point Road 704-825-2106

Fresh Anointing Church of God 71 McAdenville Road 704-825-7283

Friendship Baptist Church 5008 S. New Hope Rd 704-825-3276

Gaston Christian Church

503 N. Main Street 704-825-9600

Sanctuary of Praise Ministries 124 Georgia Belle Ave. 704-579-7823

South Point Baptist Church 124 Horsley Ave. 704-825-9516

South Point Freewill Baptist 297 Gaither Rd. 704-825-8045

South Point United Methodist 510 South Point Church Rd. 704-825-4019

Springwood Freewill Baptist 826 Stanley-Spencer Mtn. Rd. 704-827-7801

St. Marks United Methodist Church 701 Secrest Ave. 704-825-8175

The Pointe 6700 Wilkinson Blvd 704-825-1709

Unity Baptist Church 1005 Catawba St. 704-825-8730

Upper Room United Pentecostal

Containers/Trailers Sales & Storage Rental

704-867-2317 Burge Memorial Methodist Church 312 W. Glendale Ave. 704-827-2726

Catawba Heights Church of God 122 Tomberlin Rd. 704-827-4225

CBC-Memorial Apostolic 230 W. Charlotte Ave. 704-827-0968

Chapel Baptist Church 324 N. Lee St. 704-827-5526

Community Christian Fellowship 2560 Stanley Lucia Rd. 704-827-5881

826 W. Charlotte Ave. 704-827-2999

Ridgeview Baptist Church

154 N. Main St. 704-824-3831

Cramerton Temple of God Church East Wilkinson Blvd. 704-824-5319

First Baptist Church 235 8th Ave. 704-824-1991

Life Church

105 Pine Rd. 704-827-3856

501 Cramer Mountain Rd. 704-824-4286

River of Life Full Gospel Church

Riverside Baptist Church

1120 Charlotte Ave. 704-530-5174

171 S. Main St. 704-824-7785

Second Baptist Church

West Cramerton United Methodist Church

740 Rankin Ave. 704-827-5181

Shiloh AME Zion Methodist

207 Lowell Ave. 704-824-4213

1117 Old NC Hwy 27 704-827-8826


St. Anthony of Padua Traditional Catholic Church 108 Horseshoe Bend Beach Rd. 704-827-8676

St. Paul FHB Church 1529 Old Hwy 27 Rd. 704-827-5851

Tuckaseege Baptist Church 511 Tuckaseege Rd. 704-827-4301

Way of the Cross Baptist Church 238 Lanier Ave. 704-827-8111

Wesley Chapel Holiness Church 324 N. Lee St. 704-827-1993

Westview Presbyterian Church 1020 W. Catawba Ave. 704-827-2026

Gateway Cowboy Church The Barn at Sandcastle Farm 155 Sandcastle Rd.

STANLEY Amazing Grace Baptist Church 7280 Sifford Rd. 704-827-6277

Christ’s Evangelical Lutheran 203 S. Main St. 704-263-2621

Community Pentecostal Center 320 Ralph Handsel Blvd. 704-263-8731

First United Methodist Church 5481 Hickory Grove Rd. 704-263-2691

First Presbyterian Church

Cornerstone Family Worship


709 Rankin Ave. 704-671-8640

512 Old Mount Holly Rd. 704-263-4275

Bethlehem Church

Gold Hill Missionary Baptist Church

Covenant United Methodist

3100 Bethlehem Church St. 704-823-5050

110 Underwood Dr. 704-820-0603

Carolina Community Baptist

Family Worship Center 1013 W. Charlotte Ave. 704-827-7656

Finish Line Christian Center 1792, 108 N. Main St. 704-980-285-8334

First Baptist Church-Mt. Holly 300 S. Main St. 704-827-2481

First Free Will Baptist Church 841 Noles Dr. 704-827-7461

First Presbyterian Church

604 Martha Ave 704-824-2872

Center Baptist Church S. New Hope Rd. 704-824-4121

Epic Church 100 Indian Walk 704-671-4652

Lowell Church of God 804 W. First Street 704-824-3383

Lowell Free Will Baptist Church 3010 Lowell Rd. 704-824-9389

7447 Old Plank Rd. 704-827-7966

New Faith Baptist Church 1224 Mayberry Rd. 704-263-0249

New Life Baptist Church 527 N. Buckoak St. 704-263-4647

Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church 2717 Dallas/Stanley Hwy. 704-263-4406

Springfield Memorial Baptist Church 2920 Dallas-Stanley Highway 704-263-4426

Stanley Church of God 324 N. Main St. 704-263-4041

133 S. Main St. 704-827-0521

Lowell Smyre United Methodist Church

First United Methodist Church

201 N. Main St. 704-824-8814

113 E. Parkwood St. 704-263-2131

Mt. Calvary Baptist Church

Trinity Full Gospel Church

120 Branch St. 704-824-4535

303 Sunset Dr. 704-263-9765

140 N. Main St. 704-827-4855

Goshen Free Will Baptist Church 1300 W. Catawba Ave. 704-827-3076

Grace Baptist Church 300 Westland Farm Rd. 704-827-8600

Hickory Grove Baptist Church 3717 Hickory Grove Rd. 704-827-3939

Kingdom Hall Jehovah’s Witnesses 1736 Kelly Rd. 704-263-0199

Lighthouse Full Gospel Church 530 N. Hawthorne St. 704-827-1442

Living Witness Ministries 541 Costner St. 704-827-0004

First Baptist Church of Lowell 400 W. 1st St. 704-824-1215

First Baptist Church 317 W. 1st St. 704-824-1213

New Life Church 128 Robbins St. 704-824-1356

Presbyterian Church of Lowell 207 E. 1st St. 704-824-3807

Restoration Church 1800 Spencer Mountain Rd. 704-824-5250

1405 Armstrong Ford Rd. 704-825-0604

1101 N. Main St. 704-824-4261

Will of God Church

110 S. Main St. 704-827-4751


Macedonia Baptist Church

5339 S. New Hope Rd 704-825-8252


1951 Stanley Lucia Rd. 704-827-9224

Goshen Presbyterian Church

Bethel Baptist Church

Morningside Missionary Church

Roper Street 704-601-5146

NC Highway 273 704-827-9846

711 Morningside Dr. 704-822-9142

Stanley Pentecostal Holiness Church

United In Action of Stanley 5481 Hickory Grove Rd. 704-524-0555

Welcome Baptist Church 811 Mauney Rd.

BESSEMER CITY Bright Light Baptist Church 112 White Jenkins Rd. 704-681-2017 Don’t see your church listed? Email us today at

Woodlawn Baptist Church

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

513 Woodlawn Ave. 704-827-5185

CRAMERTON Cramerton Independent Presbyterian Church

Redemption Hill Church

124 Georgia Belle Ave 980-925-0433

300 E. Wesleyan Dr. 704-824-1073

New Providence Baptist Church

1304 N. Main St. 704-827-6141

Sanctuary of Praise Ministries

McAdenville Wesleyan Church

Lakeview Baptist Church 143 Church St. 704-824-5380

McAdenville Baptist Church 192 Main St. 704-824-2740

For information on getting your business listed here call 704-825-0580

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Thursday, June 2, 2022

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Championship bicycle action in Lowell... Last weekend saw plenty of bicycle action at George Poston Park near Lowell. Events included the 7th Annual BikeFest followed by the Red Bull UCI World Championship Qualifier and then the Velosolutions USA Pump Track Championships on Sunday. Everyone from kids to pro bike riders had a great time on their bikes. Here are a few scenes from the high performance peddling. Gaston Parks and Rec. photos

Crowders Mtn. State Park trail work/litter pick up The Friends of Crowders Mountain, Inc. invites volunteers for trailwork and/ or litter pickup. Meet at the Sparrow Springs Visitor Center, 522 Park Office Lane, Kings Mountain, NC at 8:30 a.m.; finish at noon. Brief safety meeting and trail crew leader introductions. Tools, snacks, and water will be provided. Dress appropriately for outdoor work and bring any necessary medications. Trailwork days are heat index (90+) and weather (rain, snow, strong wind, lightning, storms) dependent. June 4 –National Trails Day – 2nd Picnic Shelter Parking Area, Sparrow Springs, 522 Park Office Lane, Kings Mountain, NC;

Volunteers invited to stay for lunch. Anyone interested is also invited to the Friends of Crowders Mountain board meeting at 1 p.m. September 24 – National Public Lands Day– Boulders Access, 108 Vandyke Rd.; Volunteers invited to stay for lunch. Anyone interested is also invited to the Friends of Crowders Mountain board meeting at 1 p.m. Dates and Location may change. Please see www.;, or www. If questions, contact the park office at 704-853-5375.

Town of Stanley Music Festival May 21 saw the Town of Stanley hold its first of the season street and music event. Tunes were performed by Journey Tribute Band. A car show was part of the action too. Everyone had a great time as usual. Photos by Bill Ward


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Thursday, June 2, 2022

National Appreciation week for Animal Care & Enforcement was recently celebrated. Gaston County in that division employees enjoyed a quick meal and fellowship thanks to a kind sponsor. A mini Easter Egg hunt was even held for both two and four-legged shelter members to enjoy. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work! Please join GEMS in welcoming back Paramedic Christopher Flitt. In June of last year, Paramedic Flitt enlisted in the National Guard as a Combat Medic. While away for his combat training, Paramedic Flitt was recognized for achieving the Dean’s list. Thank you for your service, and we are proud of your accomplishments while away.

Our Sacrifice Rev. Trent Rankin Salvation Church, Gastonia, NC

Thanks to NC Representative John Torbett (center) and NC Senator Kathy Harrington for securing $6,416,950.00 in direct allocations to the Town of Ranlo. Representative Torbett presented the “check” at last week’s Ranlo board meeting. These funds will be used for much needed infrastructure and quality of life improvements for every Ranlo resident. Photo provided

The Gaston County Library team raised $1,374.06 for the American Cancer Society and participated in the Relay for Life of Lincoln and Gaston Counties at Gaston College on April 29. Hat’s off for a great job by all.

County Board of Commissioners approve budget, cut property tax rate by 2 cents In the midst of the most significant inflationary pressures our country has seen in decades, the Gaston County Board of Commissioners approved a two-cent decrease to the property tax rate in a 5-2 vote last Tuesday night. The approved budget lowers the property tax rate level to 81 cents per $100 of assessed valuation. That rate is now the lowest in Gaston County since 1996. Gaston County already has a median tax bill lower than in Mecklenburg, Union and Cabarrus counties and nearly the same as other similarly sized counties in North Carolina, such as Guilford, New Hanover and Buncombe. Residents are seeing 8.5

percent inflation that affects everything from groceries to gas, and those same pressures are affecting county government. Yet, the county is absorbing the cost of inflation, while providing a tax cut to residents. The only new positions in the budget are those entirely supported by fees. However, the commissioners approved a 6% merit pool for employees to help offset some of the inflationary pressure being felt by county employees, who provide critical services to Gaston County’s most vulnerable every day. The meritbased pay plan, which was implemented two years ago at the direction of the Board, has already paid dividends,

with the county seeing a decrease in its turnover rate in the last year. The budget also provides for partial spending on the first year of a 5-year Capital Improvement Plan. The CIP was assembled to identify and prioritize the top capital needs of the county. Projects included as part of that plan include the construction of a public safety fueling facility and expansion work on the county’s new fleet maintenance facility along Long Avenue in Gastonia. That also includes increased funding for Gaston College and Gaston Public Schools for capital needs as well as operating expense increases.

This week we observed Memorial Day. Too often, Memorial Day is mostly thought of as a day for cookouts, and family gatherings. It’s a time when school is letting out for the year, and summer is soon to begin. Sadly, the real meaning of the holiday is often lost. Memorial Day is a time set aside to remember our veterans who have died in the service of our country. We honor men and women who paid the ultimate price so that we can remain free. We remember their sacrifice. Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13, ESV). The notion of sacrifice is key to who we are as followers of Jesus. We may not be called to lay down our lives, yet we are to give our best to God. In Mark 12:41-44 we find the well-known story of the widow and the mites. One day Jesus was in the temple just observing people. He saw many people contributing to the treasury, giving their tithes. Many of these people were giving large sums of money because they were wealthy. However, He saw a poor widow woman who gave to small coins, or mites, which was a very small

amount of money. Jesus told His disciples that some of the people were giving out of their wealth, yet this widow gave from her poverty. She gave all Rev. Trent Rankin she had to God. The significance of what Jesus was telling the disciples was that it wasn’t about the amount of money they were giving, it was that the giving was to come from the heart. This widow gave everything she had to God, her entire livelihood. She gave it not because of an obligation, but because she loved God, and she wanted to give Him her best. Whether it was the poor widow, or the many veterans who have given their lives, we remember those who sacrifice, those who have given their best. Such sacrifice reminds us of Jesus. Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice by giving His life for us. His gift of salvation is free to us, we only must believe, however it cost Jesus His life. He left heaven, endured betrayal, and death. He did it all so we could be free from sin. He did it from the heart because He loves you and me! When we consider such awesome sacrifice, what are we prepared to give for God? What are we prepared to give from our hearts in God’s service? What is our sacrifice?

Gaston County earns five NC3C Excellence in Communications Awards Gaston County was among 29 North Carolina governments to earn recognition in the North Carolina City & County Communicators (NC3C) 2022 Excellence in Communications Awards. Gaston County won four first place awards and a secondplace award, tied for the second most total awards of any government agency that entered the contest. The awards were announced April 28, 2022, during NC3C’s 2022 annual conference in Greenville, North Carolina. All 111 award program entries were judged by professional communications peers from the Minnesota Association of Government Communicators. After winning its firstever NC3C award in 2021 for its annual report, Gaston County again took home first place in the annual report category this year with its

“Gaston County Annual Report Card.” The report was designed by Budget Analyst Elizabeth Harry, Assistant Budget Director Taylor Drury and Communications Fellow Joshua Braswell, with the writing done by Harry and Communications Director Adam Gaub. Gaston County also won first place in three video category entries: For special programming for its “Vaccine Hesitancy” documentary, which was written by Gaub and filmed and edited by Cable Access Coordinator Todd Ward; for regular programming for its “Eye on Gaston” news video series, which features script writing and interviews by Gaub, Braswell and Deputy Communications Director Dandria Bradley and editing by Braswell, Ward and Cable Access Technician Barry Martin; and for the public service announcement cam-

paign “COVID Stops With Me,” which was produced in partnership between the Gaston County Communications Office and Haven Creative. The commercials were utilized on over the top television, online video preroll, mobile box trucks in the community and on social media, and featured a diverse group of community leaders, including Gaston County DHHS Medical Director Dr. Tia Robertson, Gastonia Mayor Walker Reid, Physician Dr. Jamie Villareal and African-American Museum of History & Culture Curator Dot Guthrie. Gaston County won second place in the audio category for its weekly podcast, Savvy Citizen. The podcast is the brainchild of the Communications Office and the Budget & Strategy Office in Gaston County, and began in the fall of 2020. New episodes publish every Monday.

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Thursday, June 2, 2022

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Gaston College holds Commencement event Gaston College photo/story The 57th Commencement ceremony for Gaston College was held on Friday, May 13, 2022, at CaroMont Health Park in Gastonia, North Carolina. The ceremony honored 876 graduates from the Gaston College Class of 2022. There were 321 students graduating with honors or high honors. The graduates received diplomas or associate degrees from 64 curriculum programs. During the Presentation of Candidates, the approximately 500 graduates attending the

ceremony were recognized individually as they walked across the stage. Students were grouped by division: Arts and Sciences, Career and Technical Education, Health and Human Services, and Public Safety. In his speech, Gaston College President Dr. John Hauser congratulated the students, saying, “You have been equipped with new knowledge, new skills, and new tools to take the next step in your journey. I encourage you to continue leading with self-

less service and continue to build a culture of caring.” The President also thanked Gaston College faculty and staff for their dedication to student success and remarked on the College’s achievements throughout the academic year. Those included the highly successful relaunch of an athletic program, and an awardwinning rebranding initiative that introduced a new look and messaging to reflect the unique value that the College brings to students and the community.

Belmont University announces Spring 2022 Dean’s List The following students achieved the Dean’s List at Belmont University for the Spring 2022 semester. Eligibility is based on a minimum course load of 12 hours (exclusive of audit and pass/fail courses this semester) and a quality grade point average of 3.5 with no grade below a C (inclusive of audit, pass/fail courses and zero-credit courses). Madison Morgan of Mount Holly, Lauralee Hurst of Gastonia.

SNHU Winter 2022 President’s List Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) congratulates the following students on being named to the Winter 2022 President’s List. Full-time undergraduate students who have earned a minimum grade-point average of 3.700 and above are named to the President’s List. Full-time status is achieved by earning 12 credits; undergraduate day students must earn 12 credits in the fall or spring semester, and online students must earn 12 credits over two consecutive terms (EW1 & EW2, EW3 & EW4, or EW5 & EW6). Heaven Holcombe of

Lowell, Camille Simonds of Bessemer City, Catrina Lee of High Shoals, Amy Heyliger of Gastonia, Jasmine Thomas of Gastonia, Abigayle Gronstal of Belmont, Lyndsay Vandiver of Dallas, Jessica Thomas of Mount Holly, Naomi Simonds of Bessemer City, Haley Marie of Mount Holly, Kelly Kilpatrick of Gastonia, Christopher Burton of Gastonia, Constance Brown of Dallas. Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is a private, nonprofit institution with an 89-year history of educating traditional-aged students and working adults.

Members of the Mt. Holly Fire Dept. recently attended Mrs. Maegan Little’s SAC Class at Mt. Holly Middle School for their 8th-grade graduation. These kids will be heading on to high school next school year. Congratulations to all the upcoming 9th graders, and great job!

A total of 114 Belmont Abbey student-athletes were conferred degrees last Saturday afternoon as the College conducted its annual graduation ceremonies on campus. Women’s Cross Country and Track and Field team manager Madeline Kortsch was named Abbey Traditional Student of the Year. Belmont Abbey photo

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Thursday, June 2, 2022 OUR MISSION: Moms in Prayer International impacts children and schools worldwide for Christ by gathering mothers to pray.

• Working Moms • Homeschool Moms • College Praying Moms • Moms of Career Age Young Adults • Military Families • Moms Praying For Prodigals

Nathan Creech

Aidyn Rivera

Jessica Nosike

Congratulations Gaston Day students... Gaston Day School is pleased to announce that juniors Nathan Creech, Aidyn Rivera, and Jessica Nosike have met the requirements to enter the 2023 National Merit Scholarship Program. With a Selection Index score of 207 or above, these high performers have shown outstanding academic potential.

Of more than 1.5 million program entrants, each of these students is among the 50,000 highest-scoring PSAT/ NMSQT participants. The National Merit® Scholarship Program is an academic competition for recognition and scholarships that began in 1955. Approximately 1.5 mil-

• Special Needs Praying Moms • Church Based Groups • Language Based Groups • Prison Based Groups


lion high school students enter the program each year. In September, these high scorers will be notified if they have qualified as either Commended Students or Semifinalists. Photos by Allen McLam

Send community news to

CLUES ACROSS 1. Orator’s podium 5. UK-Netherlands gas pipeline 8. Partner to “oohs” 12. African antelope 14. Indigenous Thai person 15. Monetary unit of Angola 16. Becomes less intense 18. Insurance mascot 19. Tech hub __ Alto 20. Actress Tomei 21. Airborne (abbr.) 22. Type of smart watch 23. Natives 26. Incompetent person 30. Rare Hawaiian geese 31. Unspoken relationships 32. Passports and licenses are two 33. Claw 34. Status quo 39. Mimic 42. Fur-lined cloak 44. Ancient foreigner 46. In an angry way 47. Ill-intentioned 49. Monetary unit of Serbia 50. S. American plant 51. One or the other 56. An alias for Thor 57. Gratuity 58. In a painful way 59. French commune 60. Promotional materials 61. Greek city 62. Assistant 63. Confederate general 64. Former NJ governor

Include your name, address and phone number. Submissions are subject to editorial review.

CLUES DOWN 1. Used by gymnasts 2. “Luther” actor Idris 3. Broad volcanic crater 4. Not for 5. Blur 6. Tots 7. Acted leisurely 8. About the Alps

Congratulations to the Gaston Day School golf team. The men recently won NCISAA 2A State Championship. Also, a big congratulations to Sophomore Seamus Bogan winning medalist honors with a -2 under par 70. Gaston Day photo


Gaston Day School Seniors enjoyed their last day of classes on May 11. The soon to graduate students livened the day by sporting shirts from the colleges they will be attending. Gaston Day photo

9. Gets out of bed 10. Town in “The Iliad” 11. Welsh given name 13. Remove salt 17. Calvary sword 24. Mental disorder concerning body odor (abbr.) 25. Keeps a house cozy 26. Ballplayer’s accessory 27. Southwestern Russian city 28. Pro sports league 29. Congress investigative body (abbr.) 35. Stop standing 36. Utilize 37. Sign language 38. Famed ESPN broadcaster Bob 40. Being of central importance 41. Ruin environment 42. Dessert dish 43. Sea eagles 44. Fertilized 45. Jerry’s friend Benes 47. Indian river 48. Pass into a speciwed state or condition 49. Nocturnal rodent 52. A way to travel 53. Iron-containing compound 54. Ancient Greek City 55. NFL signal caller Matt

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Thursday, June 2, 2022


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Having qualified on 25th of April, 2022 as Administrator of the Estate of JUSTIN MICHAEL MISLIVECEK, deceased, of Gaston County, North Carolina, this is to notify all persons, firms, and corporations having claims against the estate of said deceased to exhibit them to the undersigned Gregory S. McIntyre, Administrator, on or before the 18th day of August, 2022 or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons, firms, and corporations indebted to the said estate to please make immediate payment to the undersigned.

Having qualified on 25th of April, 2022 as Administrator of the Estate of ALEXANDER RONALD MIMS, deceased, of Gaston County, North Carolina, this is to notify all persons, firms, and corporations having claims against the estate of said deceased to exhibit them to the undersigned Brenton S. Begley, Administrator, on or before the 18th day of August, 2022 or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons, firms, and corporations indebted to the said estate to please make immediate payment to the undersigned.

This the 18th day of May, 2022.

This the 18th day of May, 2022.

Gregory S. McIntyre, Administrator 112 S. Tryon Street Suite 760 Charlotte, NC 28284

Brenton S. Begley, Administrator 233 E, Graham Street Shelby, NC 28150

Counsel for the Estate McINTYRE ELDER LAW PO Box 165 Shelby, NC 28151

Counsel for the Estate McINTYRE ELDER LAW PO Box 165 Shelby, NC 28151

CE (5/18, 25, 6/01 & 08/2022) BN (5/19, 25, 6/02 & 09/2022)

CE (5/18, 25, 6/01 & 08/2022) BN (5/19, 25, 6/02 & 09/2022)

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Grayson Rhyne celebrating his first birthday given by his sister Kassie Boughman. Grayson is the son of Erin Boughman and Rob Rhyne, grandson of Dennis Boughman and Tina Harris and great grandson of former Belmont mayor Jack Rhyne. Photo provided

Reader Advisory: the National Trade Associations we belong to has purchased the following classifieds. Determining the value of their service or product is advised by this publication. In order to avoid misunderstandings, some advertisers do not offer employment but rather supply the readers with manuals, directories and other materials designed to help their clients establish mail order selling and other businesses at home. Under NO circumstance should you send any money in advance or give the client your checking, license ID, or credit card numbers. Also beware of ads that claim to guarantee loans regardless of credit and note that if a credit repair company does business only over the phone it s illegal to request any money before delivering its service. All funds are based in US dollars. Toll free numbers may or may not reach Canada.

Education Train online to do medical billing! Become a Medical Office Professional at CTI! Get trained & certified to work in months! 888572-6790. The Mission, Program Information and Tuition is located at consumer-information. (M-F 8-6 ET) Health & Fitness VIAGRA and CIALIS USERS! 50 Generic Pills SPECIAL $99.00. 100% guaranteed. 24/7 CALL NOW! 888-4455928 Hablamos Españ Health & Fitness Dental Insurance Physicians Mutual Insurance Company. Covers 350 procedures. Real insur-ance - not a discount plan. Get your free dental info kit! 1-855-526-1060 www. #6258 Health & Fitness Attention oxygen therapy users! Inogen One G4 is capable of full 24/7 oxygen delivery. Only 2.8 pounds. Free info kit. Call 877-929-9587

Miscellaneous Prepare for power outages today with a GENERAC home standby generator $0 Down + Low Monthly Pmt Request a free Quote. Call before the next power outage: 1-855-948-6176 Miscellaneous Eliminate gutter cleaning forever! LeafFilter, the most advanced debris-blocking gutter protection. Schedule free LeafFilter estimate today. 15% off Entire Purchase. 10% Senior & Military Discounts. Call 1-833-610-1936 Miscellaneous AT&T Internet. Starting at $40/month w/12mo agmt. 1TB of data/ mo. Ask how to bundle & SAVE! Geo & svc restrictions apply. 1-855-364-3948 Miscellaneous BATH & SHOWER UPDATES in as little as ONE DAY! Affordable prices - No payments for 18 months! Lifetime warranty & professional installs. Senior & Military Discounts available.

The World’s Most Advanced Medical Alert System Voice-Activated! No Wi-Fi Needed!

Call: 855-761-1725 Miscellaneous Donate Your Car to Veterans Today! Help and Support our Veterans. Fast - FREE pick up. 100% tax deductible. Call 1-800-245-0398 Miscellaneous HughesNet - Finally, super-fast internet no matter where you live. 25 Mbps just $59.99/ mo! Unlimited Data is Here. Stream Video. Bundle TV & Internet. Free Installation. Call 866-499-0141 Miscellaneous Looking for assisted living, memory care, or independent living? A Place for Mom simplifies the process of finding senior living at no cost to your family. Call 1-844428-0445 today! Miscellaneous Become a published author. We want to read your book! Dorrance Publishing trusted since 1920. Consultation, production, promotion & distribution. Call for free author`s guide 1-877-729-4998 or visit

Miscellaneous Paying top cash for sportwatchmen’s es! Rolex, Breitling, Omega,Patek Philippe, Heuer,Day-tona, GMT, Submariner and Speedmaster. Call 833603-3236 Miscellaneous Put on your TV Ears & hear TV w/unmatched clarity. TV Ears Original originally $129.95 - now w/this special offer only $59.95 w/code MCB59! 1-888-805-0840 Miscellaneous Aloe Care Health medical alert system. Most advanced medical alert product on the market. Voice-activated! No wi-fi needed! Special offer w/ code CARE20 for $20 off Mobile Companion. 1-855-341-5862 Miscellaneous Hero takes stress out of managing medications. Hero sorts & dispenses meds, sends alerts at dose times & handles prescription refill & delivery for you. Starting at $24.99/month. No initiation fee. 90-day riskfree trial! 1-855-9933217

Miscellaneous DISH TV $64.99 For 190 Channels + $14.95 High Speed Internet. Free Installation, Smart HD DVR Included, Free Voice Remote. Some restrictions apply. Promo Expires 1/21/23. 1-866479-1516. Miscellaneous The Generac PWRcell solar plus battery storage system. Save money, reduce reliance on grid, prepare for outages & power your home. Full installation services. $0 down financing option. Request free no obligation quote. 1-877-5390299 Miscellaneous Vivint Smart security. Professionally installed. 1 connected system for total peace of mind. Free professional installation! 4 free months of monitoring! Call to customize your system. 1-833-841-0737 Wanted To Buy Wants to purchase minerals and other oil and gas interests. Send details to P.O. Box 13557 Denver, CO 80201.



Congratulations to Mt. Holly Firefighter Noah Boyd. He recently completed and received his North Carolina Emergency Medical Technician. Keep up the good work! MHFD photo

Cecilia Kolbash named to Dean’s List Cecilia Kolbash of Belmont NC, was named to the Spring 2022 Dean’s List at Berry College. The Dean’s List honors students who posted an academic average of 3.5 or better on a 4.0 scale while carrying a class load of at least 12 hours during the semester. Nationally recognized for academic excellence and as an outstanding educational value, Berry is an independent, coeducational, comprehensive liberal arts college of approximately 2,100 students.

LEGAL NOTICE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA COUNTY OF GASTON NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND DEBTORS Having qualified on 20th day of April, 2022 as Executor of the Estate of JIMMY RAY MCGINNIS, deceased, of Gaston County, North Carolina, this is to notify all persons, firms, and corporations having claims against the estate of said deceased to exhibit them to the undersigned, Michael Anthony Howell, Executor, on or before the 18th day of August, 2022 or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons, firms, and corporations indebted to the said estate to please make immediate payment to the undersigned.

7-Year Extended Warranty* A $695 Value!

This the 18th day of May, 2022.

Contact a Generac dealer for full terms and conditions

$20 OFF Mobile Companion Offer code: CARE20

CALL NOW 1-855-521-5138


(866) 643-0438

*To qualify, consumers must request a quote, purchase, install and activate the generator with a participating dealer. Call for a full list of terms and conditions.


Michael Anthony Howell, Executor Estate of: Jimmy Ray McGinnis 44 E Branch Ave Gastonia, NC 28054 CE (5/18, 25, 6/01 & 08/2022) BN (5/19, 26, 6/02 & 09/2022)

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Thursday, June 2, 2022

CLASSIFIED ADS To place your ad go to or call 704-484-1047 ANNOUNCEMENTS


NEEDED HANDYMAN. Handyman Needed to Clean up Around Old Farm. Also Needing a Good Used Utility Vehicle, Mule etc. Call 828-248-2184 LIQUIDATION WOMEN”S BATHING SUITS. Pre-priced up to $42.95, 2 for $2.99! Side Door sale, Saturday June 4th, 9am-5pm. Next to MIGHTY DOLLAR Forest City. 9am5pm, CASH ONLY at these prices! KID-SAFE SMARTPHONE OR SMARTWATCH W W W . P H O N E S 4 11 . C O M has Kid-Safe SmartPhone or SmartWatch with phone, camera & texting but no Internet NC4Ever@

GOLDEN DOMERS TOY AND HOBBY. Visit our NEW LOCATION .....Model Cars, Die-cast Cars & Trucks, Tractors, Hot Wheels, Construction Toys, Sports Memorabilia, Autographed Items, Hard to Find Items! See Mike & Brandon Willis. We’re located at 104 Oliver Ave. (behind El Acapulco Mexican Restaurant in Boiling Springs), Shelby 704-297-0102 or 704-297-0103

REUNIONS 1980 SHELBY HIGH CLASS REUNION. The SHS Class of 1980 is having its 42nd class reunion. October 1, 2022. For more information please contact: Pam Blanton Williams at 704-692-2472 or email: or Lynn McCarver Hicks 704-284-3303

EMPLOYMENT LOCAL WEBSITES APPRECIATE YOUR VISIT. Visit or or or FirefighterMall. com or or other local websites NC4Ever@ FREE MOBILE HOME TRAILER. Great for scrap metal. Easy access. Approximately 60 feet. 828-429-7200.

NAME BRAND LIQUIDATION SALE.. TOOL, Fishing & Hunting name Brand LIQUIDATION SALE. Huge savings up to 90% off original retail. ALL SHOWN ONLY $1.99 Plus Father’s Day GIFTS!. Saturday JUNE 4th SIDE DOOR SALE, Next to MIGHTY DOLLAR Forest CIty. 9am-5pm, CASH ONLY at these prices! MOBILE HOBBIES RC HOBBY SHOP. We are a local hobby shop in Shelby, NC specializing In surface high end radio controlled vehicles including parts, batteries, chargers, tires etc.. We also have 2 race tracks that hold race events every Saturday weather permitting. Come see us or call us today! (980) 220-1038 mobilehobbiesrc@

COINS * COINS * COINS. We Buy & Sell Coins. “Coin Collector Supplies.” JAKE’S KNIVES & COLLECTIBLES. 1008 South Lafayette Street, Shelby. Call 704-600-6996 (980) 295-5568 WANTED: MASONS IN TRAINING for large construction project. Please call 352807-1048.

NEEDED PART TIME CLASS A Tractor Trailer Driver. Off weekends. Apply at Hardin’s Rental; 365 Oak Street Extension, Forest City or call 828286-7871 ext. 4. NOW HIRING FULL TIME MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN for Lanier Pointe Apartments in Shelby. Painting, cleaning, carpentry, routine maintenance, some knowledge of plumbing and electrical helpful. Must have reliable transportation and valid drivers license. EOE. Please call for more info. Resumes may be emailed to: (704) 300-1294 HOTEL INDUSTRY POSITIONS AVAILABLE. Lake Lure Inn is seeking Line Cooks, Bussers, Dishwashers, Servers & Banquet Attendants, FT & PT positions available. We offer competitive pay and benefits. Apply in person: 2771 Memorial Hwy, Lake Lure or online at EOE (828) 625-2525 jbelcher@lakelure. com

EMPLOYMENT COATS PERFORMANCE YARNS (CLEVEMONT). Coats Performance Yarns (Clevemont) 501 York Road, Kings Mountain. Apply Within. 8 hour shifts. For more information, email Kimberly.Durden@coats. com or call 704-739-4119. ALIVE APPAREL SCREEN PRINTING. Hiring for Screen Department, Loader. Apply in person M-F 8am-3pm. 331 Jim Cline Road, Fallston, NC. 28042

BUSINESS SERVICES REED’S LAWN SERVICES Mowing, trimming, edging, bush trimming and more. Free Estimates. Yards starting at $40. (704) 772-5654 CLEVELAND COUNTY GARAGE DOORS. Summer Tuneup Special, $69.95. We will check all your equipment lube, make sure it’s working correctly. We repair broken doors. Also offering new installations. 704477-9119 or 704-472-9367. NEW RESIDENTIAL PLUMBING SERVICES are now available. Badger Plumbing is now open to service you at reasonable rates. Call 704-5243387. I HAVE 14 YEARS EXPERIENCE. Taking care of the elderly and light housework. (828) 442-8785 JM YARD WORK. Mowing, Trimming & Blowing. Shelby, NC area. John Hubbard. (704) 974-9981 MALE CNA WILL SIT WITH family member on weekends. 704-584-8543. No calls after 6 pm, please. PAINTING SERVICES. Over 25 years experience, affordable prices. Professional results. References available. Free estimates. Charles, or leave message. (704) 435-8062. YARD BUDDY. Outdoor work such as trimming bushes, small trees, spraying weeds, gutter cleaning. General property clean-up. No grass cutting or leaves. Serving Shelby & Cleveland County. (980) 2950750

ONE ON ONE CARE IS HIRING for full/part time in the group homes for 2nd shift. Transport experience recommended not required. Hrs are 2p-11p weekdays and 8p-8a weekends. Apply in person at 203 Lee St. Shelby

TRIPLE D PAINTING, LLC. All your painting needs. Free estimates. Over 25 yrs experience! Facial board replacement available!!! Making your home, building or business look new again. (704) 418-5736

FULL TIME GROUNDS KEEPER NEEDED. Maintain landscaping for rental property. Must have valid NC Drivers license. Pay depends on experience. 704-473-4299

SHIPMAN’S MASONRY- 48 YEARS EXPERIENCE. Brick, Block & Stone, Outside Fireplaces, Foundations, Underpinnings. “Free Estimates”. 1st Quality Work! (863) 532-1587

INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION WORKER NEEDED. Some experience necessary. Must have own transportation. 40 hours week. $17 per hour based on experience. Gastonia & kings mountain area. (704) 435-1065

BLANTON’S TREE SERVICE LLC. Tree Trimming and removal services fully insured. Call for your free estimate 704-692-4203 Kaleb (704) 692-4203

MT. PLEASANT BAPTIST CHURCH. Located in Mooresboro, NC is seeking to hire a church pianist/keyboardist who can skillfully preform a variety of music styles. Applicant must be capable of accompanying a four part choral rehearsal. If interested, please call or text for more info. 828-289-9322

RETIRED GENERAL CONTRACTOR AVAILABLE. “SPECIALIZING IN DECKS” Repairs and New Construction. Rutherford/Cleveland County areas. Contact Bob at (828) 476-6058 JIM’S PAINTING SERVICES. Exterior painting only. Free estimates. You will be pleased with our work. We have references. 828-287-9272, (828) 429-7511

BUSINESS SERVICES REASONABLE RATES LAWNCARE. Mow, Trim and Edge, Mulch. 704-472-4737. EB MOBILE MECHANIC. I will come to you to repair any car, lawnmower or tractor. Honest & reliable. (704) 300-2332 CONCRETE WORK: DRIVEWAYS, PATIOS, SLABS, sidewalks, anything concrete. Call 864-577-5953 or 828-7557649. HANDYMAN SERVICES. NOW IS THE TIME. Over 25 years Exp! Install Replace Hot water Heaters, Mulching, Trees and Bushes trimmed, Minor Repairs, Ceiling Fans, Mini Blind Installation, Any Handyman Services. No Job too Big or Small! References available. We will show up and do the job. Call us first, 704-692-4449.

YARD SALES CLEVELAND COUNTY 2 FAMILY YARD SALE. Sat Jun 4th, 2022 from 7:00 AM 12:00 PM. Two family yard sale. Storage clean out. Children toys and clothes small household items and some vintage items, too many items to list. 134 Crystal Brook Drive Kings Mountain, NC 28086 INDOOR LIVING ESTATE SALE. Sat Jun 4th, 7AM. Furniture, tools, household, women clothes, shoes, seasonal decor, sewing items, old quilt frames, bee supplies, hives, old garden tillers, old Snapper riding mower, old chain saws, old Huskee riding mower. Flea Market vendors welcome. Rain or shine. Cash only. Everything must go. 651 Ware Road (near Cleveland Mall), Shelby, NC 28152



STOVE AND REFRIGERATOR. White Frigidaire Stove, smooth top, electric-. Also, White Frigidaire Refrigerator, side by side with ice and water in door - $175ea. Call: 980-3292648, 704-435-8382

CHERRY DINING TABLE W/ CHAIRS. 6pc. oak bedroom suite. Bakers rack & table. Two antique cabinets. Great prices. 704-434-5068, leave message.

WEBBER SUMMIT GRILL. 4-burner, with side burner, in great condition, has Rotisserie. Call 704-472-2248. $500 or best offer.

NAME BRAND LIQUIDATION SALE. TOOL, Fishing & Hunting name Brand LIQUIDATION SALE. Huge savings up to 90% off original retail. ALL SHOWN ONLY $1.99 Plus Father’s Day GIFTS!. Saturday JUNE 4th SIDE DOOR SALE, Next to MIGHTY DOLLAR Forest CIty. 9am-5pm, CASH ONLY at these prices! B ALLIS CHALMER TRACTOR. With cultivator, motor locked, $400. Various other scrap metal. Camper for junk. Make offer. 828-245-7151. UPRIGHT FRIDGIDARE FREEZER. $200 FIRM. 704477-3400 or (704) 470-5655

COMMERCIAL 48” CUT ZERO TURN MOWER. New 25HP motor, new blades & battery, $2500. (704) 472-5844

TOWNWIDE YARD SALE, MOORESBORO, Saturday, June 11, 2022 from 6:00AM until. Mooresboro, NC 28114

SEASONED FIREWOOD. Camping & Burn Pit Bundles, stretched wrapped. $5 each. 312 Helton Road, Cherryville, NC 28021 (704) 435-3970

NAME BRAND LIQUIDATION SALE TOOL, Fishing & Hunting name Brand LIQUIDATION SALE. Huge savings up to 90% off original retail. ALL SHOWN ONLY $1.99 Plus Father’s Day GIFTS!. Saturday JUNE 4th SIDE DOOR SALE, Next to MIGHTY DOLLAR Forest CIty. 9am-5pm, CASH ONLY at these prices! Forest City, NC 28043

ANTIQUES UNIQUE ANTIQUE STATION. Farm House Decor, Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage Toys, Hot Wheels, Jewelry, MORE. Tuesday-Saturday 11am-4pm. 985 US 74 Business Hwy., Ellenboro. Find us on FB. 828-3820075.

FOR SALE 4’X5’ ROLLS HORSE QUALITY FESCUE hay. $70 per roll. (980) 295-8808

SALON CLOSING, SELLING EVERYTHING. Salon building has been bought and everything inside must be sold. Selling separately or together. All purpose hydraulic recline chairs. Hair dryer chairs. Stylist carts. Plastic trash bins. Plastic towel bins. Mats. Shampoo bowls. Much more. Call or text before 9pm for info. (704) 6926014 COLLECTIBLE FRANKLIN MINT DOLLS $100.00. 4 porcelain dolls (Princess Grace, 2 Princess Dianna & Jackie O) (803) 320-9809 asdemby@ CURIO $125, OAK CURIO. Excellent shape 20x72x11 (803) 320-9809 asdemby@gmail. com PLANTS FOR SALE. Hosta, Yellow Bells, Iris, Daylily, early blooming trees. Small Japanese Maple. 828-245-0245. PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS with Scratch Pads! Press Room Printing. 704-482-2243. (704) 538-5788 DINNING ROOM SET $600.00. Cherry dinning room suit, (made by Crescent Furniture Co) China cabinet, dinning room table with 2 extra leaves, 6 chairs (2 are captain chairs, and felt cover pads! asdemby@ TWO BURIAL PLOTS. Sunset Memorial, Forest City. Good Shepherd Section, road frontage. 828-245-7559 or 828-2233575.

HUGE MULTI FAMILY YARD SALE. Sat Jun 4th, 7am until. You don’t want to miss this! 714 W. Graham St, Shelby, NC 28150


Deadline: Friday at 12:00 Noon

TWO CEMETERY PLOTS side by side, two closing of graves, two vaults. Shriner Section, Springhill Memorial Gardens, Chesnee, SC. 864592-3132. RENT TO OWN CARPORTS, BUILDINGS GARAGES. J. Johnson Sales Inc., Forest City, NC. Call 828-245-5895. TROY-BILT REAR TINE TILLER. Looks great and runs great. $325. Call: (704) 6925338 CRYPT BURIAL PLOT. inside of a Beautiful Mausoleum located at Stamey-Tysinger Funeral Home & Cremation Center. Sale for: $4000. Call us for more information at 704477-8405. DOG LOT, TOOLBOX WITH TOOLS. Call for Price. Dog lot is a 16ft by 10ft with top and dog house. The toolbox is on wheels and has a lock and has all kind of tools inside. (704) 419-9016 STEEL STORAGE BUILDING 10X12, Mayse built. $1,800. Steel 3/16, woodburning stove, warmer, $1,000. 2 chest freezers, washer, dryer, refrigerator, kitchen table, 3 used A/C window units. Forest City. 828-2892570.

TRAILERS, LAWNMOWER TRAILERS, Flatbed Trailers, Enclosed Trailers, Horse and Cattle Trailers, Saddlery. Check our prices and quality before you buy. Bridges Riding Equipment. Boiling Springs, NC.704-434-6389, (704) 473-0867 STORAGE BUILDINGS. “We Buy, Sell, Trade” J. Johnson Sales INC. Forest City, NC 828245-5895. RENT TO OWN DUMP TRAILERS. 7 ton $1400 down, $599 month. 5 ton $1000 down, $399 month. Limited supply. “Rent to own on all trailers”. J. Johnson Sales Inc. Forest City, NC 828245-5895. RENT TO OWN TRAILERS. DUMPS, GOOSENECK, ENCLOSED, EQUIPMENT, CAR HAULERS, ALL TRAILERS - RENT TO OWN 24, 36 &48 MONTHS. “NO CREDIT CHECK”. J JOHNSON SALES, FOREST CITY, NC 828-245-5895 “AVAILABLE NC, SC, TN, GA”. ALL METAL GARAGES. Big Discounts! Zero down. Call for more details. 828-382-0455. CARPORTS, GARAGES, RV COVERS, BOAT TRACTOR COVERS IN STOCK. Areas largest on site display. Best Selection, Options. Quality you can getting one place! J. Johnson Sales, Inc. Forest City, NC. 828-245-5895. FLAG POLES & FLAGS. 15ft., 20ft., 25ft. “All American Made!” Delivery and installation is available. J. Johnson Sales INC, Forest City, NC. Call 828245-5895.

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Thursday, June 2, 2022

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CLASSIFIED ADS To place your ad go to or call 704-484-1047 FOR SALE



BUILDINGS, GARAGES, SHOPS with Concrete Slab. “We Got’Em” and “We do them Turn Key” J. Johnson Sales INC., Forest City, NC. 828-2455895.

4’X5’ ROLLS HORSE QUALITY FESCUE hay. $70 per roll. (980) 295-8808

ADULT QUAIL $5 EACH. Quail Chicks $2 ea. Quail eggs $6 per doz. Pre order Bob Whites. Hatching Eggs. (704) 476-9943

WANT A GARAGE, BARN, WORKSHOP, STORAGE BUILDING? “WE GOT ‘EM” 20’X20’, 24X30’, 30’X60’. LARGE ON SITE DISPLAY. WE DO GRADING, GRAVEL, CONCRETE, POWER, ETC..... TURN KEY. J JOHNSON SALES, FOREST CITY, NC 828-245-5895 “CHOICE VETERANS CIRCLE” In Gaston Memorial Park. Three Plots For Sale. $3500 each. Negotiable. Text or Call. (919) 272-5503 RIDING/PUSH MOWERS, GARDEN TILLERS, GOKARTS, MINI-BIKES. Ready to mow. All in excellent condition. Can deliver, 30+ years experience in repair work. 828980-0853, 704-476-9383. REFRIGERATORS, STOVES, WASHERS, DRYERS. Discount Prices. 1205 Earl Road, Shelby NC. (704) 487-4443

336 JOHN DEERE HAY BALER Looks Good and Been In The Dry! $3000 Call (704) 6923168 COMPLETE HAY BALING EQUIPMENT. Vermeer 405 round baler, $7500, Kunn 9.5 disc mower, $6000. Gill twin V rake $2500. Kunn folding tedder, $2500. Scott Cole (704) 472-4450

PETS & LIVESTOCK WHITE HOMING PIGEONS FOR SALE. Suitable for ceremonial white bird release. $20. (704) 472-9481

WANT TO BUY DANNY’S AUTOWERKS. Buying used or junk cars. Competitive prices. Call Danny 828-289-3081 or Jimmy 828289-1175. WE BUY JUNK VEHICLES WE BUY JUNK CARS, TRUCKS AND VANS, PAYING CASH!!!! (704) 4875244 NEED TO PURCHASE DIABETIC SUPPLIES. For personal use. Onetouch Ultra test strips, medtronic mini med quick sets. Lifesaving. 828696-6262. CASH FOR YOUR CAR. Running or not, title or no title. Call Charles Dellinger at Red Road Towing. 704-6926767, (704) 487-0228 I PAY CASH FOR DIABETIC TEST STRIPS. Up to $10 per 100ct. Must be Unused, Unexpired. I’m local and pay fast. (828) 577-4197 WANT TO BUY. ATV’s, PopUp Campers and Small Travel Trailers. Call 828-429-3935. WANT TO BUY CARS, TRUCKS. Trailers, Tractors, Farm Equipment. Must have ID and proof of ownership. Callahan’s Towing. (704) 692-1006 LOOKING TO PURCHASE VINTAGE FIREARMS. For restoring or parts. Grips, boxes, any gun related items. Rifles, pistols. Preferred 22’s. (704) 600-8560 WANTED: OLD AND NEW AMMO. Reloading supplies. Call 828-245-6756 or cell # 828-289-1488.


PETS LIVESTOCK. ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf Kids, Some Polled, Blue Eyed and Moon spots all handled Daily! $150.00 to $350.00 828248-2125

3 KITTENS TO LOVING HOMES. 8 WEKS OLD. LITTER BOX TRAINED. 3 MALES. NEED TO BE NEUTERED. CUTE AND PLAYFUL. 2 ORANGE, 1 GRAY. Free! (704) 487-0740 CANE CORSO PUPS AKC CHAMPIONLINE AKC REGISTERED ITALIAN MASTIFF CANE CORSO PUPPIES. ONLY A FEW LEFT PLEASE ASK FOR UPDATED PHOTOS. WE HAVE KENNELS IN USA, NC, HAWAII, OHIO AND CANADA! $2500.00 (705) 626-0546 S H E L LY H A G G L U N D 7 0 5 @ GMAIL.COM LAB PUPPIES FOR SALE $600. Born April 20, ready for pick up June 11. They will be vet checked, wormed, and up to date on first round of shots. $600 each, with $200 deposit. Blonde and Chocolate available. Text 828-980-0998 for details, photos available. (828) 980-0995 FULL BLOODED GERMAN SHEPHERD. No papers. Parents on Site. Black and Tan, one solid black. Ready for Pick up. $500.00. Call 828-748-9614 or 828-460-8187 AKC CANE CORSO PUPPIES. Two males: one blue brindle, one solid black. Tails and ears docked. For info: Ronnie, 704974-2716

CUB CADET LAWN MOWER. Cuts and runs good. 2166 model. Shaft driven. Sell or trade. $800. 828-429-8833.

MIN PIN PUPPIES. Born 3/10/22, $500 each obo. 1st shots, dewormed, parents full-blooded. 1-1/2 year old male. $250. 828-289-3905.

AKC REGISTERED BOXER PUPPIES. 4 females. 1 solid brindle, 1 brindle with white, 2 fawn with white. Tails docked, dew claws removed, 1st shots and wormer up-todate. $800 ea. Pictures upon request. (704) 853-9300 LABRADOR PUPPIES: SILVER, BLACK, CHARCOAL. Silver, black, and charcoal lab pups available. Ready for pickup June 4, will come with AKC papers and up-todate on shots/dewormer. Black labs $950, silver/charcoal $1300. Text/call 704-692-1795. (704) 6921795

BOXER PUPPIES. CKC REGISTERED. These are big healthy puppies, up on shots and worming. They are $300 each. (704) 466-3135 AKC REGISTERED BOXER PUPPIES. 2 males, 1 female. Tails docked, dew claws removed, shots and wormer up-to-date, 9 weeks old. $800-$1000. Call or text 704853-9300. (704) 853-9300 GOLDENDOODLE PUPPIES. F1. READY NOW!. Two litters of cream and parti F1 Goldendoodles. CKC. Second shots. Dewormed 4X’s. Call for more information (828) 962-2217 leslee_bekemeier@yahoo. com KENNELS, DOG KENNELS, DOG HOUSES. 7x7x4, 5x10x6, 10x10x4, 10x10x6, 10x20x6, 20x20x6. Roof tops. Delivery & Installation is Available! J. Johnson Sales INC, Forest City,NC. 828-245-5895.

2011 FORD FUSION SEL. Fully loaded, leather seats, aluminum wheels, 114,000 miles, $5,995. 828-287-3820. 2010 KIA SOUL, 112,770 miles. Call for Price. Clean, low miles. (704) 748-1890 sales@ 1998 CHEVROLET CORVETTE. 130,000 miles, White, Black Interior. Automatic, Hard and glass top, CD Disc Changer. $8,000. 704-974-5765 Leave Message.

CAMPERS 2008 5TH WHEEL MONTANA. 2 previous owners. very clean inside, lots of storage, fireplace. $22,500. Call: 704-418-6389.

CLEVELAND COUNTY NICE BRICK HOUSE FOR SALE. 3BR 1BA, remodeled completely inside and out. Nice neighborhood, large yard/carport. 102 McGinnis Dr, Grover, NC. 704-472-7233.

FOR RENT CLEVELAND COUNTY OUTSIDE CITY OF KINGS MOUNTAIN. Nice 2 bedroom 1 bath mobile home on large lot. No pets or smoking. References required. 704-418-3790


LIONS SENIOR VILLAGE HAS 1 bedroom HUD subsidized apartments for low income seniors. Taking applications. Age 62 or older. Equal Housing Opportunity. 211 North Morgan Street, (704) 482-7723

2&3 BEDROOM MOBILE HOMES. Nice and clean, water furnished. Oak Grove Community, Kings Mtn. Call or text, 704-739-0259. 2&3 BEDROOM TOWN HOMES. Townhomes located in Shelby, NC. We are currently accepting applications for our waiting list. Rent is based on income (and some expenses are deducted). Please visit us today at Laurel Hill Apartments 1526 Eaves Rd., Shelby NC or call for more information 704-487-1114. Equal Housing Opportunity.

1984 FLEETWOOD PACE ARROW MOTOR HOME. 30 FT., 85,987 miles. $8,995 firm. Never be homeless! 828-4530828.


RESIDENCES AT HUMBOLDT PARK (55+) Refreshed Units Available Now! Quiet, Comfortable, 55+ Community. Shelby’s best Senior Living! Be at Home, in a Humboldt home. Call Property Management Corp today or come by for a tour. 715 Dellinger Rd, Shelby, 704-705-4516 or 704705-4533 (Leave a message if voicemail)


MOBILE HOMES & APARTMENTS. In Kings Mountain. Price starting at $100 per week. Call (704) 739-4417

2005 34 FOOT JAYCO EAGLE. RV on permanent site, gated community at Lake James Landing. Wrap-around deck with roof, large lot with outside building for golf cart. Swing, fire pit, lot has parking for boat. Location on front row. River view, lake view. Close to boat landing & pavilion. Must see! 828-245-1600 or 828429-0559.


HICKORY CREEK APARTMENTS FOR SENIORS. (62 and older), disabled (50 and older). Shelby. Now taking applications for waiting list. 418 East Warren Street, (704) 487-6354 MOVE IN SPECIAL. 2 & 3 Bedroom, deposit required. $200 weekly rates. Includes power and water. NO PETS. (704) 473-4299 RUTHERFORD COUNTY

HUGE, REFRESHED APARTMENTS! GREAT LOCATION! Love where you live! Available now! 2 bed/1bath; approx 1000 sqft. Modernized large floorpan, ample bedrooms with two closets, eat in kitchen, washer/dryer hookups. Professionally managed by Property Management Corp. Call today to schedule a tour or apply. $875 Month. (704) 705-4516

3BR, 2BA, SECLUDED. 1 Acre lot. No pets. First, last, security. 55 & older. Background check. Shiloh. Landlord onsite. 828429-9831. 2 & 3 BEDROOM MOBILE HOMES. Small private park between Spindale and Forest City. Starting at $550 per month. 828-382-0475.


SUDOKU Fill in the blank squares so that each row, each column, and each 3 by 3 block contain all of the digits 1 thru 9 using logic.



? Answers

CKC YORKIPOOS. CKC Yorkipoos will be ready 6/12. Will have 1st shots and dewormings. Taking deposit now. $1200. Two females, apricot and phantom, 2 males apricot and black. (704) 426-7920


BEACH HOUSE AT OCEAN LAKES. 2 bedroom, 2 bath, sleeps 6. Golf cart included. Weeks and long weekends available. 704-473-1494.

2008 CAMRY SE. 147,000 miles, $5,500. Also 5x10 Trailer, $150, no title. (704) 718-2536

AKC LAB PUPPIES. There is one black male and one yellow male left. These puppies have been dewormed and will have their first puppy shot. (252) 286-5023 robertc.parsons@


OCEAN LAKES MYRTLE BEACH. Cottage N34. 2 bedroom, 2 bath, den, kitchen, dining, covered deck, near country store. Call Dorcas, 803-718-2659.

2011 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA SEDAN. 151,750 miles, $6500, VW Jetta, Sunroof, Heated Seats, JVC Apple CarPlay w/ hands free (704) 472-9969

LABRADOODLE SNOOPY. Labradoodle, medium size. Shots up to date, wormed and looking for a good home now. Parents tested and cleared. Born 2/25/22. $600 (252) 9990720


YORKIES AND CHORKIES AND TCUPS. 8 weeks and up with deworming and updated shots (919) 229-1059

2009 DODGE JOURNEY. In excellent condition, looks good. 147K miles. $6500. 704-9645201

BOATS 19’ SKI BOAT WITH TRAILER. 1991 Century Arabian. 3.2 Mercruiser. Interior & exterior is in real good shape. Boat runs very well. Call Richard (828) 429-3791


Deadline: Friday at 12:00 Noon

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Page 16

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Readers of the Banner-News will recall the May 12 issue front page story about Stanley residents Tracie Rankin and her mother-in-law Joy Rankin and their efforts to knit and ship small afghan blankets to Ukrainian refugees in Germany. The first blankets have arrived and here are photos showing the happy recipients. Members of Salvation Church also took part in the project and the blankets were shipped in yellow bags with the church logo. Photos provided

East Gaston basketball is pumped about next year By John Wilson

Basketball season may be over, but that’s not stopping the East Gaston basketball team from gearing up for next year. Last season East Gaston finished the year 12-13 overall and 5-7 in the Southern Piedmont 1A/2A. By all accounts the Warriors were a middle of the road team. Sometimes they played well, other times they struggled. As the season rolled on the team began to show real promise. After a few roster adjustments the Warriors started to gel and the coaching staff saw glimmers of what could be. East Gaston earned a bracket spot in the playoffs, but got knocked out in the first round. In that game, a 67-62 loss to West Caldwell the Warriors played tough with a West Caldwell team that went on to the semifinals. Even though the Warriors lost that first-round game their gritty performance showed what the team was capable of. EG will lose three seniors to graduation, but next year’s lineup is loaded. The returning players account for over 85% of the Warriors scoring. The players coming back for next season are pumped. They think they may just have what it takes to earn a state championship. In a recent sit-down, five East Gaston basketball players, Greyson Falls, Trent Sherrill, Chauncey Creamer and twin brothers McKaskill and Vellon Rivers discussed their hopes for next season. Right out of the chute it was obvious that this group believes in each other.

When asked what the team brings to the table McKaskill Rivers, known as “Mac” by his teammates was quick to explain. “Intensity,” River said. “We bring intensity to the conference. We match up pretty well with other teams in our conference. We can stretch the floor.” Sophomore Trent Sherrill is the youngest member of the squad, but he feels that this group is special. “We already have experience playing together,” Sherrill explained. “Some of us only a year, some of us since the 6th grade. We have team chemistry other teams may not have.” Junior Chauncey Creamer shared his thoughts on what he felt were the team’s strong points. “Teamwork,” Creamer noted. “We play together. We trust each other on the court and have discipline.” When Creamer finished up his thoughts, Mac Rivers added to what his teammate had just said. “A lot of us know how to play the game,” Mac said. “After a year we know each other. We know our strong points and our weaknesses.” Speaking of weaknesses, Greyson Falls was asked to evaluate what he thought the team needed to improve on. Normally such a question will stump just about anyone, much less a high school athlete. It’s hard to self-evaluate yourself, much less your team. However, Falls didn’t miss a beat. He was candid and forth coming. “We don’t need to play to our competition,” Falls stated. “We need to always play to our potential no mat-

ter who we play. We need to be more physical when we can be.” The self-improvement question invoked a round table discussion with everybody adding their thoughts. The consensus ended up being that the team needed to focus on doing what they do best and play their style of ball. As the interview unfolded it became apparent just how close this team is. They cut up with each other one minute and then in next they are very serious. This group is confident and spirited, yet they are neither conceited nor arrogant. They’re honest with each other and with themselves. Vellon Rivers, known as “V” was asked the milliondollar question. Who is better, you or your twin brother? V quickly flashed a grin reminiscent of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland and his teammates started laughing. For a second it looked like he was going to unload on his brother in a classic case of sibling rivalry. However, instead of saying something to rib his brother V was humble and complimentary. “I’m good at some things Mac is good at others,” V said. “I’m good at working the offense and pushing the ball. I think he’s good at overwhelming his defender and flat out scoring.” Of course, Mac Rivers wanted to say something about his brother, and he proved to be equally complimentary. “I think V is very good at ball handling and knowing the pace,” Mac said. “I think I’m more confident and have an attack mindset.” One important player who

From left to right, East Gaston basketball players Chauncey Creamer, Trent Sherrill, McCaskill Rivers, Greyson Falls and Vellon Rivers recently sat down and talked about the upcoming basketball season. This group, along with junior Connor Rankin accounted for over 85% of the Warriors scoring offense last year. Photo by John Wilson missed the gathering was junior Connor Rankin. Head coach Eugene Farrar believes Rankin will be an important piece to the puzzle if East Gaston hopes to have a good year. “He is one of our floor spacers,” Farrar said of Rankin. “He is three-point threat and also one of the top rebounders on the team.” Coach Farrar is really

looking forward to next year. The majority of his major contributors will be back, and he will have a lot of tools in the toolbox to work with. Farrar is going into next season with an optimistic yet pragmatic mindset. He thinks this team has great potential, but he also knows anything can happen. “I think we’re going to be better,” Farrar explained. “I

think we started playing better together at the end of last season. We are going to be a better defending team. I think we’ll be more well-rounded.” Of course, at the stage in the game is too early to tell exactly what will happen next year. However, a healthy dose of confidence and optimism may just see these guys through.

City of KM welcomes A1A-The Ultimate Jimmy Buffett Tribute to Patriots Park Kings Mountain, NC Bring your beach towels and your dancing shoes! The City of Kings Mountain welcomes A1A-The Ultimate Jimmy Buffett Tribute LIVE at Patriots Park, Saturday, June 4. Formed in 1991, A1A will bring their Let’s Get Tropical Tour to Kings Mountain covering the tunes of the original Parrot Head, Jimmy Buffett spanning five decades. The only tribute show officially endorsed by Buffett himself, A1A is sure to bring a show filled with high energy and lots of fun! Blackwater will open the

show at 6:00 pm followed by A1A at 8:00 pm. Look for DJ Eric Bowman to kick off the whole evening at 5:00 pm. Former Performance Racing Network announcer, Chuck Carland will spin tunes for the cruise-in from Liberty Mountain Garden. And speaking of our cruise-in, it begins at 5:00 pm. All makes and models are welcome. If you own a Woody Wagon, bring it too! Great food, inflatables for the kids and much more! Best of all... The concert and cruise-in are FREE. Patriots Park is located at

220 South Railroad Avenue, Kings Mountain. For more information on the concert or cruise-in, contact the City of Kings Mountain at 704-730-2101 or access their website at www. The City of Kings Mountain Special Events Department would like to say thank you to their annual sponsors: The City of Kings Mountain, Kings Mountain Travel and Tourism Authority, Two Kings Casino, Butler’s Outdoor Design, Butler’s Tire and Auto, Gutter Guys and Point 135 Real Estate.