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Thursday, March 31, 2022

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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Spring has sprung at the Mt. Holly Community Garden By Alan Hodge

Spring is in the air at the Mt. Holly Community Garden. Last Saturday saw a diverse group of folks converge on the Mt. Holly Community Garden site next to First United Methodist Church and begin getting it ready for planting season. Workers pulled old growth, topped up the beds with fresh soil, and in general tidied the place up. Even though a chilly wind swirled, the warm feeling of folks working together on the garden’s 52 raised beds prevailed. The garden’s official

replanting day will be April 23. Emily Nishiyama and her family were on hand tending their garden plot. “The garden is a great way to get involved in the community,” she said. “This is our first run at gardening, and we are going to grow tomatoes and herbs. It’s a new adventure.” A group of six volunteers at the garden were from the National Civilian Community Corps (Americorp). These folks had come to Mt. Holly from Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Michigan, Alabama, Pennsylvania, See GARDEN, Page 3

These ladies spent last Saturday morning volunteering at the Mt. Holly Community Garden. From left Madelyn Sanders, Addison Shuler, Harper Allen. Photo by Alan Hodge

Migjen Bakalli was a basketball standout By Ray Hardee

Here’s a shot taken last week of the River West building that’s nearing external completion.

North Belmont business park project moving along By Alan Hodge

The River West business park project in North Belmont is well underway. The project is located at the intersection of Woodlawn Rd.,

Cason St, and Acme Rd. McMillan Pazdan Smith is providing design services to Tribek Properties for the project. Also collaborating on the job are Seamon Whiteside, and McVeigh & Mangum Engineering.

The two huge warehouse and office structures being built will have a total area of around 600,000 sq. ft. One building is about half done and concrete panel walls for the other are currently being See PROJECT, Page 5

Migjen is a legendary South Point High School athlete. This six-foot, six-inch guard lit up the nets as a high school standout and then as a Division 1 athlete at N.C. State. His achievements on the hardwoods as he lit up the nets has earned him induction to the Belmont Sports Hall of Fame. Migjen is quick to give credit where credit is due-to his family, his community, and his coaches. He says, “My parents, Fejzullah and Virginia served as the foundation to all my basketball, athletic, and academic successes.” In addition to paying homage to his parents, he intones the value of his community when he says, “The basketball courts at Lakewood neighborhood in Cramerton are where I honed

my skills as a child against my dad and his buddies.” As a 1990 graduate of South Point, Migjen had already earned All-Conference Honors on three occasions including his senior year. After his superlative senior season, he was named to the All-State Team. He shares the credit with his high school coach, Bill Hannon (a Belmont Hall of Famer himself). Migjen writes, “Coach Hannon did a great job of teaching the game and always pushing me to get better. He would always take the time to open gyms during the summer at South Point where lots of the former athletic greats would show up and give you the business. Those runs dur-

Migjen Bakalli ing the summer were a great learning experience.” Migjen is the all-time South Point High School leader in career scoring with 1606 points as well as the single-season record holder with 658 points scored. Each of these records have See BAKALLI, Page 4


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Thursday, March 31, 2022

R ECOLLECTIONS AND R EFLECTIONS Belmont High School Ok, ok, I know that yellow brick schoolhouse at the corner of Central Ave. and Myrtle St. in Belmont finished its days as an educational edifice as Belmont Middle School but for decades it was Belmont High School. My mom Dorothy Jean Smith graduated from it in 1950. Her great friend there (and elsewhere) was named Gearl Dean. They were apparently inseparable. When my mom passed away in 2015, Gearl Dean (long the wife of Jack Page) came to the memorial service and told me a funny BHS story. She said that movies were often shown to the students in the auditorium. On one of these occasions, mom brought a bag of peanuts fresh from the Smith farm and she and Gearl Deal took seats in the balcony on the last row and when the lights were turned off to show the flick, commenced to eating the peanuts. By the time the movie was over, there was a big pile of hulls on the floor which they left there. Well, someone ratted them out and they had to go to the principal’s office and from there back to the auditorium and clean up the hulls. Good clean fun BHS style. My aunt Emily Smith (later Helton) and her future husband Ronald “Pineknot” Helton graduated BHS in 1956. She told me that one fine day she and the other kids were out front enjoying recess when they heard a loud roaring noise coming up Central Ave. By and by, a house appeared. Being towed by a huge red tractor. It was her father Sinclair Smith (my grandfather) pulling a mill house down the road on a flatbed trailer with the 1939 Farmall F30. She said he waved and laughed loudly as he went by, and she was mortified as only a teenager can be when their parents do some-

thing like that. Auntie Em also told me that the tree, still standing, in front of the auditorium entrance was a sapling when I was a tot and one day as she was (allegedly) watching Alan Hodge me, I darted over to- Banner-News Editor wards it and tripped and hit my head on the trunk and knocked myself senseless. Which some folks today will say is still my normal state of being. Another BHS tale concerns the Fighting Yank statue that stood out front for many years before being moved to its current spectacular location in Stowe Park. The statue originally had a Tommy gun tucked under his arm, but it was taken by vandals. About 25 years ago, I heard a rumor that it was in the attic of a store in that little strip of shops on Acme Rd. that I believe my kinfolks once owned. I went there and walked in the store and a Mexican gent was working there and I asked him if he a had Tommy gun in the attic and he turned several colors and spluttered out “No senor, we no Tommy gun in here!” Last week the school building was sold for $3.1 million. It will become something besides a school. Just exactly what is still being ironed out. No matter the ultimate configuration, there’s a multitude of folks out there that have BHS stories to tell and if you are one of them and have a tale email it to me and I will be glad to print it. Go Red Raiders!

Life takes you down many paths … but my favorite ones lead to the beach By Lisa Harper crashing against the Life is hectic. It’s a shore, it is music to journey that seems to my soul. Many years start passing by faster passed me a short once we hit a certain time ago between seeage. I guess I always ing a beach. Can you assumed getting older say 15 years? When would never happen so my feet touched the fast, but it did. Looksand in 2017 (May), Lisa ing back on days gone the last trip prior was Harper by, my favorite memoway back in 2002. ries of childhood were those Those years gone by can’t be spent at our beach house at replaced. But I’m certainly Topsail Beach. We lived less going to try and squeeze in as than 90 minutes away. Those much time as I can from here were the days. out…and not let the craziness April is upon us, and that of life take over. means we are one day closer Our sweet dog Dixie will to our beach vacation. Let be joining us, yet again, on the planning begin. Seems our beach trip. She is getting like yesterday when we were older too, and knowing we packing up the car and pre- can enjoy another trip with paring to drive off to Garden her, well, that makes it all City. I’m so looking forward even more worthwhile. to some much-needed beach She truly relishes being therapy. The salty air, sand, able to sink her paws in the and seafood awaiting me will sand and ocean waters. Dixie be the perfect combination just enjoys riding in a car, no indeed. matter how short or long the When I hear the waves drive is.







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I don’t know why I am so drawn to the water… maybe because the ocean is so mysterious…either way, it just gives me much peace. For many people, the beach is their “happy place”. It evokes memories of laughter, joy, and contentment. Something we all could use, especially now. Everyone should have a happy place where they can go and escape from reality. Even if it’s short lived. A place where you can go when life just seems to be throwing too many curve balls. I hope that sharing my favorite place to visit will help you find yours. Nothing soothes the soul like a day at the ocean.

What could happen if we loved? Rev. Mark Costner

on my own toes because I tend to struggle here. We are to show love to others, to put others above ourLeviticus 19:18 Do not take reselves, and to be focused on their venge or bear a grudge against memneeds. However, my selfishness bers of your community, but love your gets in the way, and I sometimes neighbor as yourself; I am your Lord. see others as an inconvenience The passage from Leviticus spells when they get in the way of my out how the Israelites were to show personal agenda. Dealing with othlove to their neighbors: by leaving a ers is often messy work, and the Mark Costner portion of their produce for others, ones who need us most probably by being honest with each other, by have the biggest issues. Furthermore, if we try promptly paying anyone they owe money, by not lying to others, and by not taking ad- to help a neighbor, we may risk being taken vantage of them. The Mosaic law sets a high advantage of. But consider the great things that could standard for how God’s people were to treat happen if we work at loving others as we love each other. These God- inspired instructions ourselves. Consider the joy and unity that were penned centuries ago, but the words still apply to us today. Later in the parable of the could happen in our families, our churches, good Samaritan, Jesus intensified this com- and our communities. There are many excuses mand when he explains that anyone in need for our lack of love, such as selfishness, impatience, lack of time, and apathy. But aren’t is our neighbor. How often do we stop to consider the needs you glad Jesus didn’t use those excuses when of others? When I asked that question, I step it came to loving us? Centerview Baptist Church North Belmont

Disciples make disciples Rev. Trent Rankin Salvation Church, Gastonia, NC

Following Jesus is a committed journey of obedience and faith. It is a desire to grow and mature, becoming more like Jesus every day. Following Jesus is being a servant, as Jesus came to die on the cross as a servant for you and me. Following Jesus is all of these things, but it is one more thing too. Following Jesus, being a true disciple of Jesus, means we make more disciples. Just as someone lead us to Jesus, we lead others to Jesus. Matthew 28:19-20 records Jesus saying, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age” (ESV). These verses are the Great Commission. As Jesus prepared to ascend back to heaven after His resurrection, He and His disciples gathered on the Mount of Olives. As He prepared to go, He left His disciples and followers this commission, this command to go and make disciples. Jesus had prepared them; He had taught them everything they needed to be His disci-

think people will get mad at us, or we might not know the right Rev. Trent Rankin words to say. If we are faithful to tell, the Holy Spirit will help as we go, and prepare hearts to hear the message. Each one of us can think of the name of at least one person who needs to hear about Jesus. Today, let’s challenge ourselves to reach out to that person. Begin praying this week that God will prepare you to tell and guide you as you go. Pray that the Holy Spirit begins to open the heart of the one you tell, and that they will hear your words. As Jesus said, go and make disciples. As Christians, that’s what we do, disciples make disciples. Phone 704-827-8526 Office: 503 N. Lafayette St. Shelby • NC 28150

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ples. They were faithful, and they were obedient, now He was sending them out. They were to go to all nations, to every person no matter who they were. They were to lead others to Jesus. They were to reproduce as disciples. This commission was not just for the disciples and the handful of followers gathered with Jesus on that mountain. This commission was given for you and me too. We follow Jesus, we trust in Him, and we need to tell others about Him. So many people around us need Jesus. The vast amount of people we interact with each day have no real relationship with Jesus. Jesus has commanded us to tell them. Truth is, it can be hard to approach people with the gospel. Satan puts all kinds of fears in our hearts. We may

Jennifer Rider Hall 704-524-5873

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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Therese Kummur tending her bed.

The mother/daughter gardening team of Dana and Sally Rhames.

Page 3

Garden volunteers Wesley Sisk, Sonya Sisk, and His bright vest kept Beckett Foland warm Suzanne Griffin. while he helped his mom Megan.

GARDEN From Page 1 and Colorado. They were staying at Kings Mtn. State Park where another group of their colleagues were volunteering. The group’s outreach person had found out about the Mt. Holly Community Garden online and contacted garden president Erin Denison to arrange the workday. Denison says everyone is looking forward to the garden’s eighth season- and a return to pre-Covid operations. “We are excited to get our programming back,” she said. “This season we will be featuring yoga in the garden, cooking classes, and other educational classes.” Other happenings with the garden include the continued sale of engraved memorial

bricks, being part of the Community Run for the Money event, and sharing some of the garden’s produce with the Mt. Holly Community Relief Organization. Denison also says that there are a couple of plots still available. More information on these subjects and others can be found at the garden’s website https:// Overall, warmer weather will once again have the garden blooming and providing not only a bounty of fresh vegetables and flowers, but also a place where everyone is welcome to come sit a spell and enjoy a place of peace and beauty.

The garden beds all freshened up and ready for planting.

Photos by Alan Hodge

Emily and Beck Nishiyama enjoyed their garden morning. The new water feature in honor of the late Carol Golden.

Garden manager Erin Denison showing some colorful devices that help tomatoes get an early start growing.

This sign will be erected at the garden. It was once at the Community VFD.

Kristy Hargett grew these tulips in the garden. Photo by Darren Honeycutt

These Americorp volunteers came from a variety of states to help out at the garden. Photo by Erin Denison

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Thursday, March 31, 2022







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Keep Belmont Beautiful Plant Sale is April 9th The Keep Belmont Beautiful annual fundraiser spring plant sale is coming soon. KBB is now accepting your preorders. Just remember that the cutoff date is

April 9th. Checks payable to KBB, 1401 East Catawba Street, Belmont, NC 28012. Pick up your plants on Saturday, April 30th from 10 AM - 1 PM on the front lawn of the Belmont Histori-

cal Society (rain or shine). Then go enjoy BHS’s Living History Day. Contact: Elizabeth at 704/813-2648 or boborliz@

BAKALLI From Page 1 he also earned the distinction as a stellar three-point scorer over the entire span of his career scoring exactly 100 3-point goals for his career. Indeed, Bakalli still holds the N.C. State record for eight straight 3-point goals in a single game with a win over the University of Maryland. In addition, he hit six out of six field goal attempts in an NCAA tournament win over the University of Southern Mississippi that is still a Southeast NCAA Tournament Regional record. His 47.7 percent three-point field

goal completion percentage still ranks as seventh best alltime at N.C. State. Migjen Bakalli is a shining example of athletic excellence and a candidate who has certainly earned his place in the Belmont Sports Hall of Fame. The Belmont Sports Hall of Fame banquet will be held on April 19, 2022 at Park Street United Methodist Church in Belmont, NC. Tickets can be purchased for $20 from Phil Champion State Farm Insurance in Belmont and the Belmont Drug Store.

704-487-8114 •




Connect the Dots: It’s all about Him

Emotions Some vaguely say “our soul is the immaterial essence and totality of who we are at core level--- energy- the sum total that animates us, moves us, and even speaks to us in quiet moments.” The bible unveils, throughout scripture, that our soul is very real, not an immaterial essence. Genesis 2:7… our soul is a real entity created by God; Genesis 34:8… involves emotions; Leviticus 4:2 involves our minds; and Leviticus 5:17 animates action steps directed by our wills. That is an important package we should take care of just like our bodies; they’re the only ones we’ll get! Why is this important and what is the link between emotions and music? In the creation story in Genesis, God may have sung some of creation into existence because music is important. Consider how music impacts us. Don’t you think God may have unleashed many emotions during creation? Think about making trillions of stars fueled by nuclear fusion or the smell of a rose. The converse is also true. Satan employs destructive, distorted music to incite emotions like anger, violence,

318 South Washington St. • Shelby, NC

Thursday, April 28th 8:00 PM

or sexual perversion. Some may say hogwash but we all have a conscience and deep down know, absolutely, this is true. Bill Gothard taught that “an accurate evaluation of music is only possible as we integrate it with the related disciplines of mathematics, science, history, and medicine.” Basic Principles of Music Evaluation, 1986, page 123 Principles of life Advanced Seminar. Suffice it to say that the disciplines above are amoral in themselves but once employed a direction and combined, they can form a moral good or bad. I offer two examples. In 1970, early one morning, alone in a British pub drinking dark beer, for an unknown reason, the jukebox across the room started playing “Amazing Grace.” I don’t know how that happened but the lyrics, the sincerity of the music, the life lessons imbedded, the lyrical sorrow for actions taken, and a foundational recognition of unmerited grace from God, was overwhelming even to an unsaved, selfserving person like me. Contrast this with a rap contest I listened to. Folks the music was toe tapping. The drum beat, pyrotechnics,

elevated sound level, and wildly active dancing, waving, and tumDennis Siracusa bling were all engaging BUT imbedded anger was unnerving. Erotic movements on stage were obvious and told their own dark story, words were confusing and incoherent, and their leader barking at the sky like a wolf all combined to create a very negative emotional impact on me and the audience too; except the audience thought it was wonderful while I knew, in my soul, it was dangerous. Readers, sin is here to stay until the Lord returns. It cannot be overcome by law because mankind can’t perfectly apply the law. Jesus showed us in boundless ways that He is the only way, truth, and life and we can have life abundantly only in Him. My soul yearns to soar with the Lord! We will be blessed abundantly if we reach out to Jesus and let Him teach our souls to sing. “There has been born for you, a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:11 NASB.

Tickets Available

PAUL THORN Friday, April 29th 8:00 PM Tickets Available

MITCH RYDER & THE DETROIT WHEELS Saturday, May 14th 8:00 PM Tickets Available

CHUBBY CHECKER Saturday, May 21st 5:00 PM & 8:00 PM Tickets Available

MENTION DISCOUNT CODE 9911 For A 10% Ticket Discount When Ordering Online Or In Person.


stretched the scoring parameters and will not (if ever) be easily broken. During his senior season, he averaged 25.3 points, 11.1 rebounds, and 6.4 assists while leading South Point to their first sectional title game. Following his outstanding high school career, he was signed by none other than Jim Valvano, the legendary coach of N.C. State. During his four-year career at State, he averaged 6.7 points per game over a 72game career span. Selected as captain for his senior year,

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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Page 5

This archival aerial photo shows the Acme Spinning complex during its heyday. Photo courtesy Millican Pictorial History Museum The Acme Rd. and Woodlawn intersection being rerouted.

Massive crane lifting concrete wall panels

View from Acme Rd. heading towards Woodlawn.

A gold mine once operated along the tree line.


Walls going up.

From Page 1 put in place. Building West features a double-loaded dock with access from both sides, enabling multi-tenant access, and Building East is a single-loaded dock. When completed later this summer, it is estimated the project could generate 250 to 350 new jobs. The project has necessitated road improvements one of which will eliminate the blind intersection at Acme Rd. and Woodlawn

and the other has already seen a reconfiguration of Cason St. The 60-acre site where the development is being built has a long and interesting history going back to the 19th century when it was part of a 650-acre plot Robert Smith purchased from Catawba Indians in 1830 for $1,000. At one time around 1900, a gold mine was located along the banks of Fite Creek on the property.

Later, the land was the site of Acme Spinning Mill. That textile facility opened around 1920 and operated not one, but two mills. It also had a village of company houses as well as a baseball field for workers and their families. In 1986, “the Acme” as it was known, was sold to Parkdale Mills who kept it going until 2002. In 2005 the mill and many of its houses were torn down.

It’s a big, big building

This is the River West layout showing the realignment of Acme Rd. Graphic by City of Belmont

This view shows the size of the building.

Photos by Alan Hodge

The Banner News /

Belmont, NC Gertrude Mae Harris, 101, of Belmont passed away on March 22, 2022 at her residence. She was born on September 10, 1920 to the late Claude and Martha Robinson. She is also preceded in death by her husband, John Anderson Harris and her 4 siblings. Gertrude was a loving wife, mother, mother-in-law, and a spectacular grandmother. She was a Charter Member of Unity Baptist Church in Belmont and loved her church. Survivors include her son, William “Andy” Harris;

daughter, Deborah “Debby” Roberts and husband Scott; sister, Sarah Shinn; 3 grandchildren, Charron Sullivan and husband Johnnie, Michael Roberts and wife Noelle, and Steven Roberts; 6 great grandchildren, Haidyn Sullivan, Lola Sullivan, Anna Roberts, Dracen Roberts, Barrett Roberts and Jacob Roberts. A Memorial service was held on Friday, March 25, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. at Unity Baptist Church, 1005 Catawba St, Belmont, NC 28012. Online condolences may be made to the family at www.

Easter meal kit offered by Queen of Apostles Church clude a $15 gift card that can be used towards the purchase of a turkey or ham. We can deliver a meal kit to your home on Saturday, April 9, or you can pick up a meal kit at the church on the

Auditions being accepted for Mt. Holly concert series Are you interested in becoming one of the featured bands, performers, or DJs who will open for the headline acts during the 2022 Mount Holly Nights concert series? Audition materials will be accepted until April 15th

at 5:00 PM EST. The Special Events Committee will review your submission and get back to you with their decision by May 1, 2022. Submit your audition information here: AuditionMountHolly.

Annual Hound Egg Hunt planned

same day between 10am and 11am. To place your order, you have 2 options: 1. Call the church office to place your order. The phone number is (704) 825-9600. Give us your name, address, phone number, an email address if you have one, and the number of meal kits you need (maximum of 2). The deadline to place your order is Monday, April 4. 2. Go to the church’s web site,, look for the “Easter Meal Kit Order” slide and click there. That will take you to the on-line order form. Be sure to indicate on the order form if you want your meal kit delivered to your home or if you will pick it up.




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Join in Saturday, April 2nd from 1-2pm at the Dallas Park Dog Park for the annual Hound Egg Hunt. Eggs with treats will be distributed around the dog park for your fur friends to hunt their own eggs. There will be a photo opportunity for your fur babies Easter photo, treats and more! Free Admission, but a rabies tag is required for each dog.

For more information and the latest event update please check out Gaston Parks and Rec. Facebook page or email Spencer.Hall@gastongov. com The Hound Egg Hunt is part of the Spring in the Park” event, there will also be the Spring Craft sale happening from 8am-5pm in the horse arena and the Spring Historic Village from2-5pm in the heritage village.


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719 S. Right Broadway, off Exit Fore 182 from st City US74

mont is truly fortunate to have these amazing Flower Power volunteers,” Boggan added. When asked about this honor being presented to the Keep Belmont Beautiful’s Flower Power team by the North Carolina Main Street organization Mayor Charlie Martin was elated they were being recognized for their hard work. “We couldn’t have such a beautiful, vibrant downtown without the hard work of Keep Belmont Beautiful’s Flower Power Team. We are blessed to have such an amazing group of people that care so much about our community.” Previous Main Street Champions from Belmont are Vince Hill and Neil Brock for starting Belmont’s Friday Night Live Concerts, Steve Pepitone for renovating the historic train depot, John and Jennifer Church for saving Chronicle Mill, Angela Street for her dedication to furthering the mission of the Main Street program and supporting downtown Belmont’s businesses, and Ron Foulk for spear heading the renovation of Stowe Park.

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They w beef the cent the Club a Cola cake lla pounde desserts. disc d er As and com more tha than ussed the brought members and appl d cake were the ladies munity club 60-yearSteve e cake with rumb On hot dogs and old building. lings quietly talke . on site Saturday and chili Lois Dims . up on d insid morn on dale by the roof The e, Social Cheryl Austing, Dori Friday. of the there were off shin Women distancin in, club s was 1957 joined obse flat roof.gles and Roofers were presiden Doris rved at g and mas bbusy of 2019 The projepreparing all time k wea t. taking commun is a chap s. re part of with a com ct was to reco ring ity the roof mitmentbegun in ver the mid-1950s. club that ter mem But ber in to com the fall members She look was form of roofing COVID-1 2020. the plete ed in Prio can com s forw flat know came to9 changed mem r to builde back ard to the the n Wom everyth a halt bers day en Roo Fina ing together. for the ythin met g and couple the fers. at 11-13, lly durin of natio na nally clubhous g the Nan years, another the roofiled by e, when cy joined she said. location Boss weekend ng proje for a man yard of Marc reme she was the club with mbe abou h ready cleaned up ct was Billy Honeycu for the and memcomplete e tt, with othe rs the fun t five yearher parents and hope next d the nearby r children times s bers d, impr future. fully a mee old and rural covered ovement are now communof the com ting there “Up Following Altho proj meetingsuntil COV munity dish dinn proje ities. completeugh three and the lead ID we er in cts dinn ers and pot the ership the job, days were Frida had As y quar As theabout once luck or Wom of Bossman used afternoon the roofe schedule covered terly Doris the mon age a en Roo club quar rs for . or d to , Satu were the roof ter,’ Nan final clea a few dish a memsaid she ey was fers on Billy (Hon areas leaking beca minor rday morn finished the job. eycutt), e of me a caught up cy said. pharmacber of contacted being raise finish Club n-up. ing was far left, Club the club problem with the Ruth wa Wom ing task Laur ist Keever, members d, dinners membershouse. s in erfor at the Meden Roofersa Hodge, building and Nan seve 90, the roofe cy Koon and ral help from dton, inqu icine money and havi began host Honeycu and that and rs at the Mae McM Box e, 70, They was tt time to repa ng yard ing “We the grou iring abou in near a and the job taught the new to for thehelped prep clubhous ahan, 76,Doris throu buckets ir the roof. sales spaghetti the Womhad hear p. t poss by the grou e was roofe are to “At som roofe d each met Even were ghou ible and Frida rs and delic morn t Hod en Roo about p. durin raise somethin e timedone in two rs what y ever aroundious lunch ing. a “I raised the buildingplaced strat g that Billy ge said fers,” Dorithe good to do days g to the they leak,” abou mea proud yone noon t $600 to catch egically Nell Honeycu she imm s explainework of he flat roof.will have. gathered Thur ls ediately tt and Bove one time the wate d. “We Doris spok sday As thesaid. to ..We nder used inside e “The stopped add from mem roofe by mys r. bega he and fellocontacte the the roof done the monup. rs work n d elf,” agreed y (club) the ey ,” she ed, there raisedthe discussi w roofer for the bers of hope to annu said. we raised ons. Year do The 2020 al Chri fully getti was to get were s ago the work,” the funds talk stma Honeycu and COVID. event ng whe was cancs dinner together roofe organized, n the Wom tt said we d The the wom in 2021 . eled Clubhous the Mt. health gathering because . en en Roo s will of the money e after Vernon and Hon fers of eycu “Doris Cou all for supp the com “At always nty, Stat depend munityCommunitytt children,” lies. on the group that time brou e and raised the parties. Mae said ght gifts Nation. probablycame to we had just of past for all Mae begu time than knew help us,” the of the McMahan n and Christma more Nell If there we did” Boveabout roofisaid. “The a and commun remembe s it was ity club y roofing rs bein is a ng at nder ga that Friday nigh a “hang-ou also as raised, project request for said almost ts. Ther t” spot a teen part a com ager Bove the grouand the the nder money munity there were length e was a for teens p will on of the shuffle Ther said. consider can “It was other gam be clubhous board groups e have been the job, Ther a fun time es. e and will not times mate ,” never e was whe rials Club music,Mae said. allow for the but haveonly raise n commun mem Nancy ed. but danc bers ity the Womwork. The also (left to reme paid money for across ing was homes. en Roo money right) the roofe to play the area mbers child Nancy fers coffe went the Pied gathering ren back rs Koon Honeycu rs “The from into e, Dori mon at the to roof caught tt said s Keev Ke er other commun clubhouse t-Pleasan clubhousall proje up with the grou and Mae cts. It was ity,” Nancy was the t Hill children.e its long p neve hear t McMahan “There list of r gets wedding the setting said. of the . The is alwa roofing But and anni for com featuresPiedmon ys a need - Pied when the versary munity parti reception a flat t-Pleasan ,” he said es, fellowshmont and two com roof on . t Hill £ £ munity s. the back Clubhous there ip halls Pleasant . , more ¦ ¡ Hill churches side of e events - both built the were with Us! held Shop -5:00

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PPLY • PARTS M SU 0395 • SERVICE R & FAR 288• SALES TO an@g TRAC , Rutherfordton psheh N.C. Ave. 08 • mf1d


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ĞƌƐͿ͘ ůĞƌ ƌŽƚŚ ŝĞƐ ǁŝůů ;dŚĞ ^ƚĂƚ ZŽĂĚ ƐĞƌ ĞĚ ďLJ Ɛ ĨĂƚŚĞƌƐ Ŷ ƚŚĞ ůůŽǁ Ğŝƌ ĨĂŵŽƵ Ϯϭ͕ ƚŚĞ K EŽŝƐĞ͕ ĨŽ ŝů ϯϬ͕ ŽĨ ƚŚ Ɖƌŝů Ϯϰ͕ ϮϬ Θ dŚĞ ŝŐ Ŷƚ ŽŶ Ɖƌ KŶ LJ Θ sŝŶĐĞ ŽŶŶĂ :ƵĚĚ ŚŽƐƚ tLJŶ ƌĂƐƐ ĚƵŽ ĂŝůĞ Ž ŚŽƐƚ ďĞ ĂďůĞ ƚ ŐƌĂƚĞĨƵů ƚŚĞ ďůƵĞŐ Ğ ĂƌĞ LJ ŶŽƚ ƚŽ ĞƌͲ ĂŬͲ ϮϬϮϭ͘ Ğ ĂƌĞ ƐŽƌƌ ŽǁŶ ĨĂĐŝůŝƚLJ͕ ǁ ĞƐĞ ĨŝŶĞ Ɖ ĐĞ ĂŐĂŝŶ ƚ ͞tŚŝůĞ ǁ ƚƐ ŝŶ ŽƵƌ ƚŽ ƉƌĞƐĞŶƚ ƚŚ ƐĂLJƐ >ŽǁĞƌLJ͘ 'dͿ ŝƐ ŽŶ ŝŶŐ ĐŽŶͲ ŶĐĞƌ ƌĞ ; ĐĞƐ͕͟ ŚĞĂƚ ƌĞĞ ƵƉĐŽŵ Ě ŽƵŶƚLJ Ĩ ƚŚĞƐĞ ĐŽ ŝůů Ɛƚŝůů ďĞ ĂďůĞ Ě ĂƵĚŝĞŶ Ő ƚŽ 'ŝďƐŽŶ d Ğ ƌŽĂĚ͘ dŚ ůĞǀĞůĂŶ ŝĐĂƚĞ ƚƐŝĚĞ ŽĨ ͕ ĂĐĐŽƌĚŝŶ ŶƐƚĞĂĚ Ž ƚŚĂƚ ǁĞ ǁŽ ŽƵƌ ĚĞĚ dŚĞ ŽŶ ŽǁƐ ŽŶ ƚŚ ĞůĚ Ăƚ ƚŚĞ ^ŚĞůďLJͿ ŝ ĞͲŝŶ ƐƚLJůĞ ĂďůĞ ƚŽ Ɛŝƚ ŽƵ ĨŽƌŵĞƌƐ ƚ Ɛ ĂƌĞ Ěƌŝǀ ŝůů ďĞ ŬĞƚƐ͘ ŝŶŐ ŝƚƐ ƐŚ ŐŽŝŶŐ ƚŽ ďĞ Ś ĂƌŝŽŶ ^ƚ͕͘ ŽŶ ͘ D ůů ƐŚŽǁ ƌƚ ŐŽĞƌƐ ǁ Žƌ ŽŶ ďůĂŶ ĐŚĂŝƌƐ ŝĨ ĐĞƌƚƐ ĂƌĞ ĚƐ ;ϭϳϱϭ ŽŶĐĞ ĞŶƵĞ͘ ŝŶŐ Ăƚ ƚŚĞƌĂů Ŷ ĐŚĂŝƌƐ ƚŚĞŝƌ ŽǁŶ ǁĞƌLJ͘ >ŽǁĞƌLJ͘ ŝĐůĞ ŝŶ ůĂǁ ƌŝŶŐ &ĂŝƌŐƌŽƵŶ ŶŝĐ ϰϬϬͲƐĞĂƚ ǀ ŚŽƐƚ ĨƵůů ƐĞĂƚŚŽƐƚ ƐĞǀĞ ƵůĚ ď ƌ͕͟ ƐĂLJƐ >Ž ƐŝƚƚŝŶŐ ƚŚĞŝƌ ǀĞŚ ĂŶƚƐ ƐŚŽ Ğ ƚŚĞŝƌ ĐĂ Ăƚ ƚŚĞ ŝĐŽĨ ŶŽǁ ǁĞ ĐĂŶ͛ƚ ĂƌĞ ŐŽŝŶŐ ƚŽ Ě ŽƵŶƚLJ ŽƵƉƐ ŽƵƉ͘͟ ǀĞůĂŶ ͞WĂƌƚŝĐŝƉ Ɛŝƚ ŽƵƚƐŝĚ Ž ǁĞ ͞ Ɛ Ž ^ƚĂŶ ŶŽ ďŝŐ Őƌ ĨĂŵŝůLJ Őƌ ŚĞĂƚƌĞ͕ Ɛ ĞƌƚƐ Ăƚ ƚŚĞ ůĞ ŝƌĞĐƚŽƌ ĂĚ ǁĂŶƚ ƚŽ ƚŚĂƚ ƚŚĞƌĞ ďĞ ƚŚĞ ƐĂŵĞ ƚŚĞ ƐŽƵŶĚ ŽŶ d ƚŚĞLJ Ğ ZŽ ƵƚŝǀĞ 'ŝďƐ Ğ ŝŶ Ɛ ĂƐŬ ͕ ďƵƚ Ŷ dŚ džĞĐ ƚLJůĞ ĐŽŶĐ ͞tĞ ĂůƐŽ ƵŶůĞƐƐ ƚŚĞLJ ĂƌĂŶĚ ŝŶ ƉĞƌƐŽŶ ĚŝŽ ŝĨ ĂƚƚĞŶĚĞĞ ĚƌŝǀĞͲŝŶ Ɛ ĚƐ͕͟ ƐĂLJƐ 'dŶŐ ƚŚĞ ƐĞƌŝĞƐ ͚K ŚŽ ƚŽŐĞƚŚĞƌ ŝůů ďĞ ůŝǀĞ ƚŚĞ ĐĂƌ ƌĂ &ĂŝƌŐƌŽƵŶ Ğ ĂƌĞ ĐĂůůŝ Ŷ ,ĞŶƌLJ ƌƚŝƐƚƐ ǁ ƵůĐĂƐƚ ŽŶ ͘ Žƌ ŵŽƌĞ >ŽǁĞƌLJ͘ ͞t 'ŝďƐŽŶ͛͘͟ ƐƚĂƌ ĐŽŵĞĚŝĂ ĨŽůůŽǁĞĚ ďLJ ŝƌ ǀĞŚŝĐůĞŐŝŶ Ăƚ ϴ Ɖ͘ŵ͘ & ůƐŽ ďĞ Ɛŝŵ ŵ tŝƚŚ ŽŶ ƐŚŽǁ ǁŝůů ĞŶƚ ǁŝůů ďĞƐ ^LJŵƉŽƐŝƵ ŝůů ďĞ ǁŝůů Ă ƐĞ ƚŽ Ɛŝƚ ŝŶ ƚŚĞ ŝĐĞ Ğ Ăƚ dŚĞ ĨŝƌƐƚ ϭ͘ dŚŝƐ Ğǀ ŶŐǁƌŝƚĞƌ ĂƚƵƌŝŶŐ ŐƵĞƐƚ ĐŚŽŽ ŵĂŶĐĞƐ ǁ 'd ǁĞďƐŝƚ Ğ ďŽdž ŽĨĨ ͕ ϮϬϮ Ğƌ ^Ž ϭ͕ ĨĞ ůů ƉĞƌĨŽƌ ŝƐŝƚ ƚŚĞ ĐŽŵ͕ Žƌ ĐĂůů ƚŚ ŽŶ Ɖƌŝů ϵ ŝďƐŽŶ ^ŝŶŐ ϲͲϭϳ͕ ϮϬϮ ĚĂLJ ŶŝŐŚƚ ĂŶĚ ŽŶ͕ ǀ ĂƚĞƌ͘ ŝŽŶ ŝŶĨŽƌŵĂƚŝ ŐŝďƐŽŶƚŚĞ ƚŚĞ ŽŶ ' ŽŶ Ɖƌŝů ϭĂŝƌĐŚŝůĚ ŽŶ &ƌŝ ŽŵƉĞƚŝƚ ƚĞƌƐ ǁǁǁ͘ĚŽŶ ϳͲϴϭϭϰ͘ ĞǀĞŶŝŶŐ͘ tŝůƐŽŶ & ů ^ŽŶŐǁƌŝ ϰͲϰϴ ŽŽŶ ĂŶĚ ǁĐĂƐŝŶŐ ƚŚĞ ĂŶŶƵĂ ĂLJ ĂĨƚĞƌŶ ƐŚŽ Ğ Ăƚ ϳϬ ƚŚŽƐ ŝůů ďĞ ĂƚƵƌĚ Ğ ŽĨ ŽŶ ^ ƐŽŵ ĂŝƌĐŚŝůĚ ǁ tŝůƐŽŶ & ƚŚĞŝƌ ŚŝƚƐ ĂŶĚ ƐŽŵĞ ŽĨ

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The members of Queen of the Apostles Church, 503 N. Main St in Belmont, will provide a meal kit to those needing to prepare an Easter meal at their homes. The meal kit will feed 4 people and will in-

merce. Belmont’s Flower Power Team was recognized for their efforts of keeping downtown Belmont looking beautiful for maintaining the flower beds. The program, by Keep Belmont Beautiful, invites volunteers to sign up to help maintain more than 30 flower beds in the downtown area. The city handles the planting, mulching, and watering of the raised beds, while Flower Power teams help weed and tend to the flowers. Flower Power volunteers are assigned to specific raised beds to maintain each month. The volunteers work extremely hard yearround keeping Main Street looking fantastic. The Flower Power program was initiated and is managed by Keep Belmont Beautiful Board Chair, Susan Wall. After receiving the award Susan Wall stated, “we feel honored and appreciative of being just one of the many threads that Keep Belmont Beautiful.” “The well maintain flower beds and beautiful flowers were the first thing I noticed four years ago during my first time visiting downtown Belmont,” said Phil Boggan, who is now Belmont’s Downtown Director. “Downtown Belmont has a charming downtown with its historic buildings, great restaurants, and retail businesses. Having the beautiful flowers really completes the streetscape making downtown so magnificent. Bel-

Keep Belmont Beautiful’s Flower Power volunteer team was named a Main Street Champion by the North Carolina Main Street and Rural Planning Center. Each year this organization recognizes the efforts of dedicated individuals or groups who have contribute to the success of local programs across the state. Thirty-three new North Carolina Main Street Champions were recognized for their commitment to downtown revitalization and strong communities in 2021 during a virtual Recognition Ceremony on March 10, 2022, at 9:00 AM. Including this year’s group of honorees, 837 Main Street Champions have been recognized by the N.C. Department of Commerce since 2000. “There are three common elements that are found in successful communities. These elements are asset based economic development strategies, public and private partnerships, and local champions,” said Kenny Flowers, Assistant Secretary of Rural Economic Development at the N.C. Department of Commerce. “Main Street Champions are the key to success in downtown revitalization. They possess courage to move downtown forward; they fight for positive change and do that with creativity and innovation; and they actively get things done, while staying focused on the downtown’s economic development strategies,” said Liz Parham, Director of the N.C. Main Street & Rural Planning Center at Com-


Gertrude Mae Harris

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Keep Belmont Beautiful’s Flower Power volunteer team named Main Street Champions


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704-484-1047 503 North Lafayette St. Shelby, NC 28150 *Charlotte DMA

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Thursday, March 31, 2022

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Mount Holly unveils River Hawk Greenway branding At the March City Council meeting, the City of Mount Holly unveiled the marketing and branding for the River Hawk Greenway. The greenway system was officially named last year. The brand goals included promoting a healthy lifestyle for multi-generational trail users, connecting the community, attracting visitors, and growing Mount Holly in beauty and business. The logo features a flying osprey referred to as a River Hawk, along with a glowing orange orb symbolizing the sun, and water. The greenway parallels the River along the eastern border of Mount Holly and the logo symbolizes the sun rising out of the water. The tag line reads, “Go where the river takes you” which complements the tag line of the City, “Connecting Community & Nature”. River Hawk Greenway Overview The River Hawk Greenway is the name of the entire greenway system throughout Mount Holly. Within this system, there are greenway trails, listed below: The A&E Riverfront Trail is a 1.2-mile greenway segment that connects Tuckaseege Park to the Mount Holly Municipal Complex, is a

paved trail that takes visitors along the picturesque mighty Catawba River. The Mountain Island Park Trail is a 1.6mile natural surface trail that meanders through the woods and is home to many types of wildlife. This trail starts at the parking lot below the dam at Mountain Island Park at Mount Holly and continues into the woods. Dutchman’s Creek Trail is the most recently opened trail is the segment that starts at River Street Park, and continues along Dutchman’s Creek, crossing over Highway 27, and continuing to the Mount

Holly Municipal Complex. This 0.8-mile trail has both paved and natural surface sections. Future greenway connections may take the trail from Tuckaseege Park all the way to Mountain Island Park at Mount Holly. For more information or to schedule an interview or (even better!) a walk on the Riverhawk Greenway, please contact Mary Blomquist (Public Relations Consultant) at mary.blomquist@mtholly. us.

One-month closure coming to Gaston County thoroughfare A N.C. Department of Transportation contractor plans to close a section of a highway in Gaston County for a month starting next week. Beginning March 29, the U.S. 321 South U-turn lane for traffic to access U.S. 321 North at the intersection of Radio Street will be closed. The closure will allow crews to safely replace a collapsed pipe. Work is expected to be complete by April 29.

Traffic needing to travel northbound on the route will follow U.S. 321 South to N.C. 7 East, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Way North, and Bulb Avenue to turn onto U.S. 321 North. Drivers should remain alert when approaching the work zone and expect some delays due to the detour. For real-time travel information, visit or follow NCDOT on social media.

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Diabetes Workshop coming to Kiser Senior Center Diabetes affects more than 37 million Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control. That’s 1 in 10 people. To help those living with this chronic condition, the North Carolina Cooperative Extension and Gaston County Department of Health & Human Services are offering the Living Healthy with Diabetes workshop in April. There is no cost, but pre-registration is required. Living Healthy with Diabetes is a free program sponsored by Centralina Area Agency on Aging and is designed for anyone with diabetes, pre-diabetes, or at risk for diabetes. The program, valued at more than

$600, consists of six weekly sessions, beginning Wednesday, April 13 through May 18, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. All sessions will be held at the Kiser Senior Center, located at 123 W. Pennsylvania Ave. in Bessemer City. “We’re excited to offer this in-person workshop that helps individuals with diabetes to connect with others who are managing the same chronic health condition,” said Linda Minges, program facilitator for NC Cooperative Extension. Participants will learn how to prevent low blood sugar; prevent and delay complications of diabetes; eat well; use medications effectively; manage pain, fa-

tigue, and depression; solve problems and set goals. They will also receive a copy of Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions workbook, a relaxation CD, tote bag, and refreshments. Pre-registration is required by contacting the Kiser Senior Center at 704629-5111 or by April 1. Participants must be able to attend at least four out of the six sessions. “In addition to getting tips on best management practices, individuals get support and ideas from others,” Minges said. “It truly makes a difference in the lives of so many people.”

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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Banner News Fellowship & Faith

Church Directory Cramer M C Memorial i l United Methodist Church

Mt. Holly Church of God

N Main S Stt • Cramerton, Cramerton, NC

208 Rankin Ave. 704-827-8596

Mt. Sinai Baptist Church 339 S. Hawthorne St. 704-827-4320

New Covenant United Methodist 14514 Lucian Riverbend Hwy. 704-827-4468

New Providence Baptist Church New Saint Paul Holiness Church

151 8th Ave. 704-824-3889

1304 N. Main St. 704-827-6141

Redemption Hill Church

Restoration & Deliverance 804 W. Charlotte Ave. 704-820-0954

Revival Tabernacle of Mt. Holly 826 W. Charlotte Ave. 704-827-2999

Ridgeview Baptist Church

124 Georgia Belle Ave 704-965-1004

105 Pine Rd. 704-827-3856

Grace Wesleyan Church

River of Life Full Gospel Church

6014 S. New Hope Rd 704-825-7959

1120 Charlotte Ave. 704-530-5174

Henry’s Chapel Ame Zion Church

Second Baptist Church

151 Henry Chapel Rd 704-825-0711

Containers/Trailers Sales & Storage Rental

704-867-2317 BELMONT Alexander Memorial Baptist Church 208 South Main Street 704-825-3216

Brotherhood/Sisterhood WNCC UMC 120 Park Street 704-825-1333

Catawba Heights Baptist Church 311 Belmont Road 704-827-8474

Christ Church Presbyterian Church 901 Catawba Street 704-461-8614

Core Church 2316 Acme Rd. 704-822-8033

CrossFix Ministries 6131 Wilkinson Blvd. 704-879-4499

Crossroads Church 101 Beaty Rd. 704-827-8381

Centerview Baptist Church 2300 Acme Road 704-827-2061

East Belmont Baptist Church 501 Catawba Street 704-825-5780

455 Sacco St. 704-825-6007

Loves Chapel Presbyterian Church 204 Lincoln St. 704-825-8342

Lutheran Church of the Holy Comforter 216 N. Main St. 704-825-2483

Message of Love Church 306 Pearl Beaty Dr. 704-827-6500

Mount Moriah Baptist Church 110 Lincoln St. 704-825-2046

Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist 212 South Street 704-825-7269

New Hope Presbyterian Church 4357 S. New Hope Rd. 704-824-1697

New Life Baptist Church 201 Oak Trail 704-822-6195

New Mills Chapel Fire Baptized 104 Morning Glory Ave. 704-825-5457

O’Conner Grove Church Ame Zion 613 N. Main Street 704-825-5576

Park Street United Methodist 120 Park Street 704-825-8480

Power of the Spirit Church

East Belmont Church Of God

118 School Street 704-827-7071

320 E. Catawba Street 704- 825-8845

Queen Of The Apostles Catholic Church

East Belmont Free Will Baptist 909 Edgemont Ave 704-825-5346

Ebenezer United Methodist Church 120 Belmont-Mt. Holly Road 704-827-3366

Exodus Church 6325 Wilkinson Blvd. 704-755-5034

First Baptist Church 23 N. Central Avenue 704-825-3758

First Foursquare Gospel Church 8 Elizabeth Street 704-825-5811

First Presbyterian Church 102 S. Central Ave 704-825-3357

First Presbyterian-Belmont 112 S. Central Ave 704-829-0668

First United Methodist Church of Belmont 807 South Point Road 704-825-2106

Fresh Anointing Church of God 71 McAdenville Road 704-825-7283

Friendship Baptist Church 5008 S. New Hope Rd 704-825-3276

Gaston Christian Church

740 Rankin Ave. 704-827-5181

Hood Memorial AME Zion Church

503 N. Main Street 704-825-9600

Sanctuary of Praise Ministries 124 Georgia Belle Ave. 704-579-7823

South Point Baptist Church 124 Horsley Ave. 704-825-9516

South Point Freewill Baptist 297 Gaither Rd. 704-825-8045

South Point United Methodist 510 South Point Church Rd. 704-825-4019

Springwood Freewill Baptist 826 Stanley-Spencer Mtn. Rd. 704-827-7801

St. Marks United Methodist Church 701 Secrest Ave. 704-825-8175

The Pointe 6700 Wilkinson Blvd 704-825-1709

Unity Baptist Church 1005 Catawba St. 704-825-8730

Upper Room United Pentecostal

210 Park Street, Belmont NC

704-825-9861 Burge Memorial Methodist Church 312 W. Glendale Ave. 704-827-2726

Catawba Heights Church of God 122 Tomberlin Rd. 704-827-4225

CBC-Memorial Apostolic 230 W. Charlotte Ave. 704-827-0968

Chapel Baptist Church 324 N. Lee St. 704-827-5526

Community Christian Fellowship

Cramerton Free Will Baptist 416 Woodlawn Ave. 704-824-1745

Cramer Memorial United Methodist Church 154 N. Main St. 704-824-3831

Cramerton Temple of God Church East Wilkinson Blvd. 704-824-5319

First Baptist Church 235 8th Ave. 704-824-1991

Life Church 501 Cramer Mountain Rd. 704-824-4286

Riverside Baptist Church 171 S. Main St. 704-824-7785

Shiloh AME Zion Methodist

West Cramerton United Methodist Church

1117 Old NC Hwy 27 704-827-8826

207 Lowell Ave. 704-824-4213

St. Anthony of Padua Traditional Catholic Church


108 Horseshoe Bend Beach Rd. 704-827-8676

St. Paul FHB Church 1529 Old Hwy 27 Rd. 704-827-5851

Tuckaseege Baptist Church 511 Tuckaseege Rd. 704-827-4301

Way of the Cross Baptist Church 238 Lanier Ave. 704-827-8111

Wesley Chapel Holiness Church 324 N. Lee St. 704-827-1993

Westview Presbyterian Church

Gateway Cowboy Church The Barn at Sandcastle Farm 155 Sandcastle Rd.

STANLEY Amazing Grace Baptist Church 7280 Sifford Rd. 704-827-6277

Christ’s Evangelical Lutheran 203 S. Main St. 704-263-2621

Community Pentecostal Center 320 Ralph Handsel Blvd. 704-263-8731

1020 W. Catawba Ave. 704-827-2026

First United Methodist Church

Cornerstone Family Worship


709 Rankin Ave. 704-671-8640

First Presbyterian Church

Bethlehem Church

512 Old Mount Holly Rd. 704-263-4275

2560 Stanley Lucia Rd. 704-827-5881

Covenant United Methodist

3100 Bethlehem Church St. 704-823-5050

110 Underwood Dr. 704-820-0603

Carolina Community Baptist

Family Worship Center 1013 W. Charlotte Ave. 704-827-7656

Finish Line Christian Center 1792, 108 N. Main St. 704-980-285-8334

First Baptist Church-Mt. Holly 300 S. Main St. 704-827-2481

First Free Will Baptist Church 841 Noles Dr. 704-827-7461

604 Martha Ave 704-824-2872

Center Baptist Church S. New Hope Rd. 704-824-4121

Epic Church 100 Indian Walk 704-671-4652

Lowell Church of God 804 W. First Street 704-824-3383

Lowell Free Will Baptist Church

5481 Hickory Grove Rd. 704-263-2691

Gold Hill Missionary Baptist Church 7447 Old Plank Rd. 704-827-7966

New Faith Baptist Church 1224 Mayberry Rd. 704-263-0249

New Life Baptist Church 527 N. Buckoak St. 704-263-4647

Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church 2717 Dallas/Stanley Hwy. 704-263-4406

Springfield Memorial Baptist Church

3010 Lowell Rd. 704-824-9389

2920 Dallas-Stanley Highway 704-263-4426

133 S. Main St. 704-827-0521

Lowell Smyre United Methodist Church

Stanley Church of God

First United Methodist Church

201 N. Main St. 704-824-8814

First Presbyterian Church

140 N. Main St. 704-827-4855

Goshen Free Will Baptist Church 1300 W. Catawba Ave. 704-827-3076

Grace Baptist Church 300 Westland Farm Rd. 704-827-8600

Hickory Grove Baptist Church 3717 Hickory Grove Rd. 704-827-3939

Kingdom Hall Jehovah’s Witnesses 1736 Kelly Rd. 704-263-0199

Lighthouse Full Gospel Church 530 N. Hawthorne St. 704-827-1442

Living Witness Ministries 541 Costner St. 704-827-0004

Mt. Calvary Baptist Church 120 Branch St. 704-824-4535

First Baptist Church of Lowell 400 W. 1st St. 704-824-1215

First Baptist Church 317 W. 1st St. 704-824-1213

New Life Church 128 Robbins St. 704-824-1356

Presbyterian Church of Lowell 207 E. 1st St. 704-824-3807

Restoration Church 1800 Spencer Mountain Rd. 704-824-5250

Woodlawn Baptist Church

1405 Armstrong Ford Rd. 704-825-0604

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

1101 N. Main St. 704-824-4261

Will of God Church

110 S. Main St. 704-827-4751


513 Woodlawn Ave. 704-827-5185

CRAMERTON Cramerton Independent Presbyterian Church

North Main Baptist Church

Grace Korean Ch Assembly-God

300 E. Wesleyan Dr. 704-824-1073

1104 Old NC 27 Hwy. 704-827-0822 1529 Old Hwy. 27 Rd. 704-827-5851

Employees of

McAdenville Wesleyan Church

Macedonia Baptist Church

5339 S. New Hope Rd 704-825-8252


1951 Stanley Lucia Rd. 704-827-9224

Goshen Presbyterian Church

Bethel Baptist Church

Morningside Missionary Church

Roper Street 704-601-5146

NC Highway 273 704-827-9846

711 Morningside Dr. 704-822-9142

Lakeview Baptist Church 143 Church St. 704-824-5380

McAdenville Baptist Church 192 Main St. 704-824-2740

324 N. Main St. 704-263-4041

Stanley Pentecostal Holiness Church 113 E. Parkwood St. 704-263-2131

Trinity Full Gospel Church 303 Sunset Dr. 704-263-9765

United In Action of Stanley 5481 Hickory Grove Rd. 704-524-0555

Welcome Baptist Church 811 Mauney Rd.

BESSEMER CITY Bright Light Baptist Church 112 White Jenkins Rd. 704-681-2017 Don’t see your church listed? Email us today at

For information on getting your business listed here call 704-825-0580

The Banner News /

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Gaston Christian School students named prestigious Scholars Congratulations to Chloe Pearson, Gaston Christian School Class of 2022. Chloe has been named a MoreheadCain Scholar of the University of NC at Chapel Hill. The Morehead-Cain Foundation is home to the first merit scholarship established in the United States, founded at the first public university in the United States—the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Morehead-Cain is a four-year, fully funded educational experience for students of the highest caliber. It also features a distinctive program of summer enrichment experiences designed to stretch students beyond their comfort zones. Selection criteria for the Morehead-Cain are leadership, moral force of character, academic achievement, and physical vigor. Only a handful of MoreheadCain recipients are selected, solely on the basis of merit

Spring Heritage Village program set in Dallas

and accomplishment, from among the thousands of students who apply. Levine Scholars Program Congratulations as well to Grace Marlowe, Class 2022. Grace has been named a Levine Scholar of the University of NC at Charlotte. The Levine Scholars Program is UNC Charlotte’s most prestigious merit scholarship program. Levine Scholarships are awarded to extraordinary high school seniors based on scholarship, ethical leadership, and civic engagement. The four-year scholarship includes full tuition, room, board, a grant to implement a service project of the Scholar’s own design, and four summers of experiences that will develop leadership skills, social awareness, and an international perspective. This prestigious scholarship is only awarded to 20 students annually.

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Chloe Pearson

Let’s learn about Spring in the early 1900’s Saturday, April 2nd from 2-5pm at the Dallas Park Heritage Village! We will have period related crafts, snacks, education and activities with our event partners the Gaston County Museum and the Historic Preservation Commission. Free admission. The Spring Heritage Village is part of the “Spring in the Park” event series April 2nd at Dallas Park, which also includes the Spring Craft Sale from 8am until 5pm in the horse arena and the Hound Egg Hunt from 1-2pm in the dog park.

Gaston Museum art show Grace Marlow

The Gaston County Museum is excited to present the Gaston College Annual Art Show: Everything is a Self Portrait. Hosted by the Gaston College Visual and Performing Arts Club (GCVPAC) this is a juried contemporary art show including paint-

ings, sculptures, ceramics, photography, and graphics. Visit the Gaston County Museum to experience this art show from March 19- May 7th, 2022. 10AM-5PM Tuesday-Friday 10AM-3PM Saturday

GEMS - Gaston Emergency Medical Services news...

Congratulations to GEMS Paramedics Trevor Gosselin, above left, and Ryan Propst, above right, for an outstanding accomplishment! These excellent clinicians responded to a patient in cardiac arrest, provided aggressive resuscitative care, and obtained a pulse in the field. The patient was recently released from the hospital and is recovering.

Congratulations to Paramedic Crew Chief Josha Crabtree on receiving her Associate Emergency Manager credential. The credential is conferred by the International Association of Emergency Managers. Requirements include three letters of recommendation, an essay graded by certified emergency managers, a proctored exam, at least 100 hours of training in all aspects of emergency management and contributions to the profession.

Congratulations to Mrs. Lauren Brewer who was named the Carr Elementary School Teacher of the Month for March. She teaches third grade at Carr.

Be aware spring wildfire season is upon us

Congratulations to the Gaston Christian School varsity girls soccer team for their recent 4-1 win over Hickory Grove Christian. Goals scored by: Ayden, Izzy, Merrin and Julia. Assists, Izzy (2) and Ayden.

The East Gaston VFD is asking everyone to heed these thoughts on burning outdoors. With spring fire season upon us, the N.C. Forest Service is asking residents to prioritize safety and practice caution when burning debris. Escaped fires from burning debris continue to be the leading cause of wildfires in North Carolina. Peak months for the spring fire season run from March through May and fires left unattended can get out of hand quickly and become

wildfires. Also, as the warmer weather starts to come around, everyone is working to clear off yard debris and built-up vegetation. Know these rules within Gaston County. If you live inside the City Limits, call your local FD to know what is legal to burn. Gaston County - Naturally grown tree limbs, leaves and brush from your own property can be burned. It must be always attended to and there has to be a water source to extinguish

the fire. If you leave the burn pile unattended, it is not a legal fire and you will either have to stay with it or fully extinguish the fire. NO treated wood, trash, household items, plastic, rubber or manmade material can be burned in these burn piles. If any of these items are found, it is illegal. The fire will be extinguished, and a ticket citation could occur. For more information

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Thursday, March 31, 2022

The Mt. Island Charter School Raptors won the Boys and Girls overall at the March 23 track and field event against Corvian Charter. The Boy’s team is trying to repeat as State Champions. Trevor Moyer (recent Arizona State commit) currently has the nation’s second fastest 55m time. The Girl’s team is led by freshman Jaida McGrew who recently won the AAU National Championship two weeks ago in the sprint event. MICS will be hosting the 1A West Regionals on May 14th. Photos by Michael Strauss Studios

Fine Arts in Gaston County Schools: Springtime Performances When spring arrives, it means it’s time for special performances for Gaston County Schools. Here is a look at some upcoming art, band, chorus, and drama activities. Gaston County Schools is very proud of its students, teachers, parent volunteers, and others, who work tirelessly to support the fine arts. The public is invited to attend our springtime performances.

Cramerton Middle School Band receives honor Congratulations to the Cramerton Middle school Band students who received a Straight Superior rating at the recent MPA Performance. The event took place at the George A. Batte, Jr. Fine Arts Center at Wingate University.

Carr Elementary in Dallas celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in a big way. These staff members showed their green in a festive manner.

March 1 - April 30 “Under the Starry Night” Lowell Elementary School Arts on the Greenway 500 E Central Ave., Mount Holly Held on Saturday, 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. March 29 - May 21 “Through An Artist’s Eyes” Gaston County Schools Annual Art Show Gaston County Museum The awards reception is Sunday April 3, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. Saturday, April 2 All-County Middle School Band Concert Holbrook Middle School Auditorium 2:00 p.m. Monday, April 4 Middle Schools and High Schools AllCounty Chorus Concert Stuart W. Cramer High School Auditorium 7:00 p.m. April 7-9 “Freaky Friday: The Musical” North Gaston High School 7:00 p.m. Tickets available at https://ngastonhs. or $10 cash at the door Thursday, April 28 Forestview High School Music Fest 7:00 p.m. Thursday, May 5 Art Day at Schiele Museum 6:30-8:30 p.m. May 6-7 “The Addams Family Musical” Highland School of Technology

May 6 at 7:00 p.m. and May 7 at 2:00 p.m. Admission: $10 Thursday, May 12 Chorus Concert Bessemer City High School 7:00 p.m. Thursday, May 12 John Chavis Middle School and Cherryville High School Band Concert Starnes Auditorium 7:00 p.m. Thursday, May 12 Spring Band Concert North Gaston High School 7:00 p.m. Thursday, May 12 Chorus Concert South Point High School 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, May 17 Chavis Middle School Chorus Concert Starnes Auditorium 7:00 p.m. Thursday, May 19 Band Concert Stuart W. Cramer High School 7:00 p.m. Thursday, May 19 Chorus Concert North Gaston High School 7:00 p.m. Thursday, May 19 Chorus Concert Forestview High School 7:00 p.m. Monday, May 23 Ashbrook High School Chorus Concert First Baptist Church of Gastonia 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, May 24 Band Concert Hunter Huss High School 7:00 p.m.

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Thursday, March 31, 2022

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The Mt. Island Charter School Raptors lacrosse team hosted the Christ the King Crusaders squad last Thursday. At the conclusion of the action-packed event, the Crusaders had sent the Raptors reeling with a 21-4 victory. Here are some shots from the event. Photos by Mark Giacomin

East Gaston baseball and softball are holding their own By John Wilson

So far things are looking good for the East Gaston softball and baseball programs. As the month of March winds down both squads are showing real promise. At the end of last week’s action, the baseball team was sitting at 7-3 overall while the softball team finished the week with a 5-2 mark. All those records are noteworthy, but what really stands out is the fact that both squads are dominating in conference play. Going into April Warrior baseball is 5-1 in Southern Piedmont 1A/2A play while the Lady Warriors are running just as hard with an equally impressive 5-0

league record. Last week the baseball team played Forestview and Shelby twice. They beat Forestview 5-3 but spilt against Shelby beating the Golden Lions 7-3 on Monday but losing in a tough 4-3 squeaker on Friday. In Monday’s win over Shelby, Riley Hawkins took to the mound and pitched hard for seven innings. Hawkins gave up seven hits but countered by striking out eight batters. The East Gaston offensive played well on Monday as well generating eight hits in the game. Liam Brady and Aiden Cloninger finished the game with two hits each. In the Forestview game Elijah Sutherland pitched the

win for EG. The right-handed junior allowed three hits and fanned three batters in four innings of work. In addition to Sutherland being on the mound Bryce Benson and Gracen Mahadeo saw duty as closers against the Jaguars. For his efforts Mahadeo was credited with the save. The Warriors only churned out five hits against the Jags, but that proved to be enough. Liam Brady, Parker Agosta, Logan Agosta, Aiden Cloninger, and Riley Hawkins all recorded hits. East Gaston is getting it done by using the talent they have and getting the most of every opportunity. So far this year the Warriors have used a deep pitching rotation and

the pitchers that are taking the mound are, for the most part succeeding. Head coach Randy Sellers thinks the team is headed in the right direction. “We have been playing good team baseball,” Sellers said. “We have good contact hitters and overall team speed which allows us to hit and run, steal, and bunt for base hits. We have used a total of seven pitchers in our first ten games and will continue to use as many arms as necessary to manage the pitch counts and keep our pitchers healthy. If we can focus on playing all seven innings, we can be very competitive daily.” This week the Lady Warriors saw limited action, but in what action they saw they

added to their win total and continued to improve. On Tuesday East Gaston scored a big 15-1 win over Shelby Kaden Mitchell got the start and earned the win pitching for five innings. EG’s top hitters were for Maddison York, Riley Pickler, and Jordan McCorkle. At 5-2 the Lady Warriors look pretty good. However, what their record doesn’t show is the hard work that went into getting to this point. It hasn’t been easy, but things are really starting to click. This year’s squad is made up of players that understand that by working together good things can happen. The team is assignment driven

and focused more on teamwork than individual performance. “I think we are finally putting it together and playing on both sides of the ball,” head coach Haley Stewart said. “What our team does well is our players know their role. Collectively that helps us win ball games.” This week the softball team has a pair of games against Highland Tech and a non-conference game against North Gaston. The baseball team also has a pair of games against Highland Tech as well. However, instead of playing the North Gaston Wildcats the Warriors will line up against Stuart Cramer in a non-conference matchup.

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Gaston Christian Eagles Varsity baseball action Gaston Christian Eagles Varsity got out to a ten-run lead in the third inning and held on for an 11-10 victory over Davidson Day last Tuesday. GCS fired up the offense in the first inning. They scored one run when Andrew Payton doubled. GCS scored seven runs in the second inning. The offense in the inning was led

by Tucker Payton, Stephen Stroupe, and Aaron Main, all driving in runs in the frame. Stroupe was credited with the victory. The ace lasted four innings, allowing zero hits and zero runs while striking out eight. David Nicks and Main entered the game out of the bullpen and helped to close out the game in relief. GCS photos/story

Aiming Outdoorsmen Toward Christ By Gary Miller For too many years to count I have showed up at the same farm on my first day to hunt, to hear birds gobbling. Not only am I on the same farm, but I always go to the same location, knowing I’ll be setting up at a favorite roosting area for several toms and hens. This year was GARY MILLER no different. I never even used a locater call. I just simply went to a particular tree and waited until daylight to do a light yelp. My call was immediately followed by three gobblers letting me know they will be down shortly. They have never stood me up and neither did they on that day. It wasn’t long until two of the three were making their way up the hill, and just in front of my position. Both lived to gobble another day. That’s the way it usually happens. You see, just because I could set up 100 yards away, doesn’t mean I can shoot 100 yards. Neither does it mean the path between them and me will be as planned. In fact, most of the time, it’s not. It would just be too easy if it was. No, most of the time, I am contending with a hen who wants to lead them away from me or I’m just set up in a way that doesn’t allow me to turn in order to get a good shot. So, I watch and wait, and hope and pray, that something out of the blue will cause these birds to make their way in front of my shotgun barrel. If they don’t, I’ll try to be patient, especially since it’s early in the season. It’s just too early to risk the chances of them never showing up again. Maybe the next day, they will be there again, and I will be set up in a way that will make it all come together. I’ll let you know how that turns out. Like my scenario, I think those of us who share the gospel would be more successful in our approach if we learned the art of timing. While the message of grace is always ready, the recipient is not. Sometimes, it’s better to do as Greg Koukl suggests, and that is simply to put a pebble in someone’s shoe – not anything that will keep them at home, but just a nugget of truth that is a little uncomfortable. Too many times, preachers come down so hard on an unbelieving attender, they never show up again. And while I understand the urgency of salvation, I also understand the unction of the Spirit. If it’s not there, it’s not time. But if it’s not time today, it just might be tomorrow, unless on their first visit we took a bad shot and ran them off into the next county.

Prescription opioids can be addictive and dangerous. It only takes a little to lose a lot.

Thursday, March 31, 2022

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Thursday, March 31, 2022

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Brooke Dillingham selected as a Clemson University National Scholar


Congratulations to Gaston Day School Senior, Brooke Dillingham on being selected as a Clemson University National Scholar. National Scholars receive a cost-of-attendance scholarship, a summer abroad, and challenging and rewarding enrichment opportunities. Selection to be a Clemson National Scholar is based on: interests, experiences, extracurricular activities, leadership roles, a sense of curiosity beyond the classroom and strong standardized test scores, exceptional grades, and thorough essays. Finalists also have to participate in an interview weekend at Clemson. The National Scholars program at Clemson University began in 2000 and has offered unmatched learning experiences to a select group of Clemson University undergraduate students.

National Network Classified Ads Reader Advisory: the National Trade Associations we belong to has purchased the following classifieds. Determining the value of their service or product is advised by this publication. In order to avoid misunderstandings, some advertisers do not offer employment but rather supply the readers with manuals, directories and other materials designed to help their clients establish mail order selling and other businesses at home. Under NO circumstance should you send any money in advance or give the client your checking, license ID, or credit card numbers. Also beware of ads that claim to guarantee loans regardless of credit and note that if a credit repair company does business only over the phone it s illegal to request any money before delivering its service. All funds are based in US dollars. Toll free numbers may or may not reach Canada.

CLUES ACROSS 1. Hillsides 6. A way to ingest 9. Large number 13. Southeastern Minnesota city 14. Cronies 15. Having sufwcient skill, knowledge 16. Supplements with difwculty 17. Former VP nominee Palin 18. Cambodian monetary unit 19. Where coaches work 21. Secret political clique 22. A type of lute 23. Tan 24. Empire State 25. Where golfers begin 28. For each 29. Muslim inhabitants of the Philippines 31. Bird genus 33. Popular Dave Matthews Band song 36. Domesticates 38. “Boardwalk Empire” actress Gretchen 39. Asian antelope 41. One who takes apart 44. Kin 45. Dresses 46. Says something about you (abbr.) 48. Doctor of Education 49. One quintillion bytes (abbr.) 51. Overcharge 52. Sailboats 54. Indian musical patterns 56. Predisposition to a condition 60. Share a common boundary with 61. Wide 62. Skin disease 63. Monetary unit of Samoa 64. Source of the Blue Nile 65. Instrument 66. Red deer 67. Unidentiwed yying object 68. Bar or preclude CLUES DOWN 1. Flying insects 2. Strong alcoholic spirit 3. Old 4. Moves in slowly 5. Symbol for tin 6. Having certain appendages 7. Expression of sorrow or pity 8. Type of hormone (abbr.) 9. One with an unjustiwed mistrust

10. Hebrew calendar month 11. Pure 12. LSU football coach 14. Unbroken views 17. Fathers 20. Part of a race 21. Hairstyle 23. Fifth note of a major scale 25. Body art 26. Amounts of time 27. Designed chairs 29. Sensational dramatic piece 30. Arrangement of steps 32. Classiwes 34. Young child 35. Oh, no! 37. Astronomical period of about 18 years 40. Not or 42. Poke fun at 43. Consisting of roots 47. “__ Humbug!” 49. A way to remove 50. A confusion of voices and other sounds 52. Keyed instrument 53. Varnishes 55. Unpleasantly sticky substance 56. Unable to hear 57. A short erect tail 58. Indicates interest 59. Flow or leak through 61. British thermal unit 65. Iron 47. Life stories 48. Flat tableland with steep edges 51. Swiss river 52. Plant that makes gum 53. French cleric 54. One point east of northeast 58. Free from

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Thursday, March 31, 2022

CLASSIFIED ADS To place your ad go to or call 704-484-1047 ANNOUNCEMENTS



SHELBY HIGH SCHOOL CLASS 1971. 50th Class Reunion. Saturday, April 9th, VFW Shelby. 7pm-11pm. Light Dinner Buffet & DJ. $30 single, $50 couple. Send payment to: SHS Class of 1971, 2337 Hoey Church Road, Shelby, NC 28152 or 704-484-3451

TOY SHOW & COLLECTIBLES. Saturday, April 2nd, Old Mooresboro School Gym, 308 Main Street, Mooresboro, NC 28114, 9:00AM-3:00PM. Admission $5, under 10 free; $30 setup fee, limit 3 tables, bring your own table, setup time 7:00AM-9:00AM. Call 828-3518822 or 704-692-7702.

NEED A CAR DISMANTLER. Auto Parts of Shelby. Apply in person at 1021 County Home Road, Shelby, NC 28152 704487-5234 (704) 472-4666

EMPLOYMENT NEEDED: MAID ONCE A MONTH. Reasonable, Dependable. Need references. Leave message if no answer. (980) 745-5396

MAKE MONEY WOODWORKING FROM HOME Guide shows you how to make money woodworking from home. Email for details. NC4Ever@

HOUSEWARE LIQUIDATION SAVE UPTO 90% Special selection of Nautica goods starting at $2.99. Side Door Sale, April 2nd, next to Mighty Dollar Forest City, CASH ONLY

ONE PIECE WOMEN’S BATHING SUITS. ONLY $2.99 Sizes 14 to 26 Repriced up to $44.99 Save 95%! Mark your calendars for the next SIDE DOOR sale, Saturday April 2nd. 9am-5pm. Next to Mighty Dollar, Forest City, CASH ONLY.

COINS * COINS * COINS. We Buy & Sell Coins. “Coin Collector Supplies.” JAKE’S KNIVES & COLLECTIBLES. 1008 South Lafayette Street, Shelby. Call 704-600-6996 (980) 295-5568

GOLDEN DOMERS TOY AND HOBBY. visit our NEW LOCATION .....Model Cars, Die-cast Cars & Trucks, Tractors, Hot Wheels, Construction Toys, Sports Memorabilia, Autographed Items, Hard to Find Items! See Mike & Brandon Willis. We’re located at 104 Oliver Ave. (behind El Acapulco Mexican Restaurant in Boiling Springs), Shelby 704-297-0102 or 704-2970103

COATS PERFORMANCE YARN. 501 York Road, Kings Mountain, NC. 8 hour shifts. Apply within. For more info, email kimberly.durden@coats. com or call 980-291-5331. HAVE A CLEAN DRIVING RECORD? AA UNITED CAB COMPANY is hiring qualified individuals for driver positions. “Must Pass Drug Test & Physical”. Call (704) 482-7000 IN NEED OF CDL CLASS A DRIVER. Auto Parts U Pull & Scrap Metal of Shelby. Local runs. Paid by the load. Must apply in person at 1025 County Home Road, Shelby, NC. (704) 472-4666 FULL TIME MAINTENANCE POSITION Established apartment community in Shelby now hiring for full time maintenance technician/handyman. Painting, cleaning, carpentry, light knowledge of plumbing and electrical helpful. Must have reliable transportation and valid drivers license. For more information call 704-480-5982 or email resumes to: (704) 480-5982 CHERRYVILLE, NC, PARTTIME CHURCH SECRETARY Part-time secretary. Office hours are 8-12 MonFri. Qualifications: HS diploma, MS Office experience, basic bookkeeping & organizational skills. (704) 4356069 FULL TIME GROUNDS KEEPER NEEDED. Maintain landscaping for rental property. Must have valid NC Drivers license. Pay depends on experience. 704-473-4299 HELP WANTED: RIVERSIDE RIDING STABLES. Trail Guide, own transportation, dependable, prefer female. Full/ Part-time. Must have experience with horses. Serious Inquiries Only! 828-288-1302. IMMEDIATE OPENING FOR BILLBOARD INSTALLER. “Apply in Person” (no phone calls please). Headrick Outdoor Media 600 S. Morgan St., Shelby, NC. Must Be 21. Have Valid Drivers License. Pass A Drug Test. (EOE) ONE ON ONE CARE is hiring for full/part time in the group homes for 2nd shift. Transport experience recommended not required. Hrs are 2p-11p weekdays and 8p-8a weekends. Apply in person at 203 Lee St., Shelby COMPLETE CARE INC. Is seeking CNAs / In Home Aides for Cleveland and Gaston Counties. Apply M-F, 8am-4pm at 404 W. Warren St, Shelby, NC 28150 or call (704) 4809340

ENERGETIC TEAM MEMBER WANTED. Looking for hard-working, energetic team member to work in a specialty retail business. Must have an outgoing can do attitude. Must be customer oriented. Regular Business Hours are Monday – Saturday 9 am to 8 pm. We offer 4 day work weeks with rotating weekends and flexible schedules. Closed on holidays and Sundays. Must be at least 21 and pass a drug and criminal background check. Send letter of interest with experience or a resume to: 70DustyBear@ IN NEED OF PARTS PULLER. Auto Parts of Shelby. Must have own tools. Apply in person at 1021 County Home Road, Shelby, NC 28152. 704-487-5234. FULL-TIME MAINTENANCE POSITION. Laurel Hill Apartments is currently seeking a Maintenance Technician to join our team. You will be responsible for completing work orders, preparing apartments for new Customers, maintaining the facilities (mail room, grounds, etc...) and other required tasks. Responsibilities: •Complete work and repair orders in a timely fashion. •Meet deadlines and quality standards in preparation of Apartments for turnover. •Document time and extent of repairs. •Perform routine preventive maintenance. •Maintain material and supply inventory. •Oversee work performed by outside contractors as necessary and potentially a technician if Supervisor role. Job Type: Full-time License/ Certification: •Driver’s License •HVAC Certification (Preferred) Interested candidates can forward resume to laurelhill@ or call (704)487-1114


HOME REMODELING. Interior and exterior remodeling. Tile, decks, flooring, we do it all! Call Charlie today for your free estimate! (828) 244-7087 EXPERIENCED PIANIST AVAILABLE to fill in for church services and events in Rutherford County. Call 704-591-7304. REASONABLE RATES LAWNCARE. Mow, Trim and Edge. 704-472-4737. IT’S TIME TO TRIM CREPE MYRTLE TREES. Spreading Mulch or Gravel, minor chainsaw work and storm clean-up. I can do many of your outside chores with over 15 years experience all over Cleveland County and stretching to the Forest City area. Nice, honest, dependable, clean, drugfree, he’s an all around great guy and handyman, so call Rob today and see what I can help you with. 980-295-0750. PRICE LAWN CARE. If you need your lawn mowed, give me a call. Mulching, Weed eating and Grass mowing. FREE ESTIMATE. 704-466-5479.

BUSINESS SERVICES EXPERIENCED PIANIST AVAILABLE TO FILL in for church services and events in Rutherford County. Call 704591-7304. CLEVELAND COUNTY GARAGE DOORS. Spring Tuneup Special, $69.95. We will check all your equipment lube, make sure it’s working correctly. We repair broken doors. Also offering new installations. 704477-9119 or 704-472-9367. RETIRED GENERAL CONTRACTOR AVAILABLE “SPECIALIZING IN DECKS” Repairs and New Construction. Rutherford/Cleveland County areas. Contact Bob at (828) 476-6058 CAMP’S COMPLETE LAWN CARE and RESIDENTIAL FENCING. “30 + Years Experience”. Call Donnie at (704) 480-7405




TWIN BOX SPRINGS AND MATTRESS, $175; almost new car seat, $30. (704) 466-8741

AMERICAN LEGION POST 82 Youth Programs Fundraiser Indoor Yard Sale and Hot Dog plate sale. Saturday, April 2, 8:00 AM - UNTIL. Bosch table saw, weed trimmer, edger, tools, military hats and flags, vintage baseball jerseys, household, crocheted and craft items, Scentsy bars and warmers, furniture, home decor, rugs, misc.! (Just past Food Lion) 1628 S. Lafayette Street, Shelby, NC 28152

ANTIQUES UNIQUE ANTIQUE STATION. Farm House Decor, Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage Toys, Hot Wheels, Jewelry, MORE. Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5pm. 985 US 74 Business Hwy., Ellenboro. Find us on FB. 828-3820075.

FOR SALE ONE BURIAL PLOT FOR SALE. At Cleveland Memorial Park, $1,200. Call (704) 6920402


TRANSPORT CHAIR $85. Red transport chair, 250 lb limit, like new. Call Lynn (843) 343-6890 MAUSOLEUM OF SERENITY Crypts 119 and 120 sixth level patio tandem at Hillcrest Gardens, Mt Holly, NC. Seller pays transfer fee. Contact (704813-9795) (704) 813-9795 REFRIGERATORS, STOVES, WASHERS, DRYERS. Discount Prices. 1205 Earl Road, Shelby NC. (704) 487-4443 PLASTIC SOLID TOP DRUMS GREAT FOR PLANTERS. Food Grade Totes #1 and #2 Totes. Feed Drums & Burning Barrels. 15 Gallon Plastic Solid Top Barrels. Call Jeff in Hickory (828) 327-4782 SAMSUNG 65” BRAND NEW TV, 4K Smart TV, in box, $525; 55” used TV, MG w/remote, $175. (704) 962-9007 W.A. WHITNEY NO. 91 SERIES bench press & punch, 10 ton $75. Oxygen tank w/gas $175. 110 gal. stock tank black plastic $50. Heavy duty bench drill press $75. 828-305-3123.

TRIPLE D PAINTING, LLC. All your painting needs. Free estimates. Over 25 yrs experience! Facial board replacement available!!! Making your home, building or business look new again. (704) 418-5736 OLD MAN & A TRACTOR. Garden Tilling Service. Within area of 40 miles of Shelby. Larry Jones, (704) 692-4079 SHIPMAN’S MASONRY- 48 YEARS EXPERIENCE. Brick, Block & Stone, Outside Fireplaces, Foundations, Underpinnings. “Free Estimates”. 1st Quality Work! (863) 532-1587 I WILL COME TO YOU! Experienced Diesel/Auto Mechanic, Welding & Tractor Work. Honest, Reliable. If no answer, leave message (704) 300-7590 24 HOUR MOBILE MECHANIC. I will come to you to repair any car, lawnmower or tractor. Honest & reliable. (704) 3002332

Deadline: Friday at 12:00 Noon

FOR SALE Don’t Wait! 2016 Pride Electric Scooter 3 wheeler New Charger $300.00 call 282-744-1786 JAZZY MOTORIZED WHEELCHAIR. ELITE HD Holds 300lbs and up. Colors are red and black. $850. (704) 8604584 2 GARDEN TILLERS. (Both in good condition.) 1 Craftsman-8 HP - $275. 1 Troy-Bilt- 4 HP$275. Call - (Cell) 704-4774360 or (Home) 704-434-7210. FOR SALE Don’t Wait! Lexington Bedroom Furniture.Light Cherry Stain W/ Queen Size Head board and Foot board, 2 Night Stands, Dresser, Mirror and Chest. Only $450.00 call 704-692-4765 TROYBILT RIDING MOWER. 42” deck, 15HP Kohler engine, new belts, new blades, new oil, $450 cash. Poulan-Pro mower, 48” deck, 25HP Briggs, new belts, new blades, new oil, $525 cash. Call 9am-9pm. (704) 5389743 FURNITURE FOR SALE. 4-piece Broyhill Bedroom Suite$400. In very good condition. Broyhill Console Table-$100. Please don’t call unless really interested. 704-692-5855. BIKERS SUPPORT TRUMP 2024 GEAR has free pics of TRUMP 2024 gear available. Visit NC4Ever. com online. NC4Ever@email. com FLAG POLES & FLAGS. 15ft., 20ft., 25ft. “All American Made!” Delivery and installation is available. J. Johnson Sales INC, Forest City, NC. Call 828245-5895. LAWN MOWER FOR SALE Best Offer! Toro self propelled lawn mower. Excellent condition. (704) 524-8761 BEE SUPERS PAINTED WITH RACKS, $10 each. 828-2450956. MORGAN’S FIREWOOD SERVICE. Green oak, small stove wood. $85, delivered. Call 828395-0758. FOR SALE Best Offer! Heavy Duty Greenhouse 21x36 Straight sided with Gutters 1 3/4 inch metal pipe. $800.00 call 828-288-4929 FOR SALE Best Offer! New Inzacare Model 5510 hospital Bed Electric, Cost over 2900.00 new selling for $1400.00 call 828-288-4929

4 WHEEL SCOOTER $795.00. Pride 4 wheel scooter, 2020 model, charger, basket, delivered with a warranty. Call Scooterman John (704) 951-4224 4X4 ROUND BALER ELECTRIC TIE. Used last year $4000. 6 ft. Box Scrape (Like New) $4000. 4 Wheel Hay Wagon, 8”X18’ Oak Flooring “kept in bar” $300. 16ft. Stoll Cattle Trailer in very good condition $4,500. 704-718-8015. VINTAGE PLACE, 2740 CARLA DRIVE, POLKVILLE. Open Thurs. & Fri., 9 am-4 pm, Sat.9am-1 pm. Oldies & Collectibles. 1,000’s of different items. Something for everyone.

FIREWOOD FOR SALE. Long wheelbase load. Fully loaded. $70.00/load. Delivered. 864492-4793 or 803-627-9408. NURSE GIFTS ON LOCAL WEBSITE. Coffee Mugs, Tote Bags, Fun Fridge Magnets and now the Nurse Expo is open ALL METAL GARAGES. Big Discounts! Zero down. Call for more details. 828-382-0455. BUILDINGS, GARAGES, SHOPS with Concrete Slab. “We Got’Em” and “We do them Turn Key” J. Johnson Sales INC., Forest City, NC. 828-2455895. HORSE QUALITY HAY. Square and round bales. Call (704) 487-6855

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Thursday, March 31, 2022

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CLASSIFIED ADS To place your ad go to or call 704-484-1047 FOR SALE



TRAILERS, EQUIPMENT, DECKOVERS, GOOSENECK DUMP. CAR HAULER, HIGH SIDE, ENCLOSED. Cash, Credit Cards, Financing, Rent to Own Options. J. Johnson Sales INC. Forest City, NC 828245-5895.


RENT TO OWN CARPORTS, BUILDINGS GARAGES. J. Johnson Sales Inc., Forest City, NC. Call 828-245-5895. PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS with Scratch Pads! Press Room Printing. 704-482-2243. (704) 538-5788 STORAGE BUILDINGS. “We Buy, Sell, Trade” J. Johnson Sales INC. Forest City, NC 828245-5895. TRAILERS, LAWNMOWER TRAILERS, Flatbed Trailers, Enclosed Trailers, Horse and Cattle Trailers, Saddlery. Check our prices and quality before you buy. Bridges Riding Equipment. Boiling Springs, NC.704-434-6389, (704) 473-0867 RENT TO OWN TRAILERS. DUMPS, GOOSENECK, ENCLOSED, EQUIPMENT, CAR HAULERS, ALL TRAILERS - RENT TO OWN 24, 36 &48 MONTHS. “NO CREDIT CHECK”. J JOHNSON SALES, FOREST CITY, NC 828-245-5895 “AVAILABLE NC, SC, TN, GA”. CARPORTS, GARAGES, RV COVERS, BOAT TRACTOR COVERS IN STOCK. Areas largest on site display. Best Selection, Options. Quality you can getting one place! J. Johnson Sales, Inc. Forest City, NC. 828-245-5895. WANT A GARAGE, BARN, WORKSHOP, STORAGE BUILDING? “WE GOT ‘EM” 20’X20’, 24X30’, 30’X60’. LARGE ON SITE DISPLAY. WE DO GRADING, GRAVEL, CONCRETE, POWER, ETC..... TURN KEY. J JOHNSON SALES, FOREST CITY, NC 828-245-5895 RIDING/PUSH MOWERS, GARDEN TILLERS, GOKARTS, MINI-BIKES. Ready to mow. All in excellent condition. Can deliver, 30+ years experience in repair work. 828-9800853, 704-476-9383.

WANT TO BUY WANT TO BUY CARS, TRUCKS. Trailers, Tractors, Farm Equipment. Must have ID and proof of ownership. Callahan’s Towing. (704) 692-1006

DANNY’S AUTOWERKS. Buying used or junk cars. Competitive prices. Call Danny 828-289-3081 or Jimmy 828289-1175. LOOKING TO PURCHASE VINTAGE FIREARMS. For restoring or parts. Grips, boxes, any gun related items. Rifles, pistols. Preferred 22’s. (704) 600-8560 I PAY CASH FOR DIABETIC TEST STRIPS. Up to $10 per 100ct. Must be Unused, Unexpired. I’m local and pay fast. (828) 577-4197 WANT TO BUY. ATV’s, PopUp Campers and Small Travel Trailers. Call 828-429-3935. WANTED: OLD AND NEW AMMO. Reloading supplies. Call 828-245-6756 or cell # 828-289-1488.

FARM & GARDEN DEUTZ ALLIS TRACTOR. 26 HP diesel includes 5 ft. bush hog and 4 ft. box blade, 1989. Steering easy for woman or man. Quick change implements, 1200 hours. $6900. (828) 228-4016



DOBERMAN PINCHER PUPS FOR SALE. $150 each. Located in Denver NC. call 704-7375775

OCEAN LAKES MYRTLE BEACH. Cottage N34. 2 bedroom, 2 bath, den, kitchen, dining, covered deck, near country store. Call Dorcas, 803-718-2659.


LOOKING FOR: GREAT PYRENEES FEMALE Looking for a puppy. No older than 6 months. Live in Arkansas. Coming to Cleveland county in 2 weeks. (980) 837-2135 gingerdubre0@

BEACH HOUSE AT OCEAN LAKES. 2 bedroom, 2 bath, sleeps 6. Golf cart included. Weeks and long weekends available. 704-473-1494.

TOY AUSSIEDOODLE PUPS. Up to date on shots, tails docked, $600. Also have Litter of Poodles on the way. (704) 472-2959 ADULT QUAIL $5 EACH. Quail Chicks $1.50 ea. Quail eggs $3 per doz. 10% to 20% off adult birds. (704) 476-9943 GOLDEN DOODLE / LABRADOODLE PUPPIES. CKC REG. F2, no shedding, 6 wks old, black. Ready to go. $1400 each. (864) 492-2880 FRESH GOAT MILK. Pet use only $5 quart if you have jar, $2 more if not. Also have goats for sale. 828-429-6319. KENNELS, DOG KENNELS, DOG HOUSES. 7x7x4, 5x10x6, 10x10x4, 10x10x6, 10x20x6, 20x20x6. Roof tops. Delivery & Installation is Available! J. Johnson Sales INC, Forest City,NC. 828-245-5895.

GRAIN BINS FOR SALE. 8 grain bins for sale $1per bushel. Six 3000 bu, Two 4500 bu (843) 332-2850 TRACTOR 30 INCH -DIRT SCOOP Rear 3- point reversible dump and scoop, Like new! Heavy Duty $275.00 OBO. Sells for $380.00 (704) 718-9122

PETS & LIVESTOCK GOLDENDOODLE PUPPIES F1 CREAMS AND parti. Two litters of cream and parti F1 Goldendoodles. CKC. First shots. Dewormed 3 X’s. Call for more information (828) 962-2217 leslee_bekemeier@ PKC & UKC REGISTERED TREEING WALKER PUPS. $300 each. Contact John 704692-6913 LOOKING FOR POMERANIAN PUPPY TO BUY. Or info from Pomeranian Breeder. (864) 839-3176 AKC CANE CORSA PUPPIES. Ready to go. Contact Ronnie for more info. (704) 974-2716


Deadline: Friday at 12:00 Noon

AKC REGISTERED LAB PUPPIES. Black/Chocolate. Parents on site. Champion Bloodline. Great disposition. Vet checked and ready to go! Spring Special, $700. (704) 914-8241 DOGS FOR SALE. 5 bird dogs plus mother, 20 Chihuahua/ Feist mixed. (Will stay small). $75 a piece & up. 704-4738300. LABRADOODLE. MALE LABRADOODLE has had his shots, wormed and looking for a good home. (252) 999-0720 DOGS FOR SALE. 1 miniature male poodle, 8 months old, apricot, CKC - $1,200. Black male puppies, CKC - $1,200. 828-289-8844. MALE AND A FEMALE. Registered German Shepherd puppies, 9 weeks old, almost all black, $600. 910-644-2860 BLUE RAZORS EDGE PIT BULLS. Ready to go 3-17-22 with first shots. Parents on site. Family in home raised. Beautiful blue and blue brindle. 4 males and 3 females left. $500, negotiable to a good home. (704) 418-8449


CZECH BORDER PATROL WORKING LINE. German Shepherd puppies available. Mil-Sec K-9 three year health guarantee. $1500. 828-7557335. REG ROTTWEILERS FOR SALE. I have registered Rottweilers for sale. Whelped 2-20-22 and ready to go 4-17-22. Tails have been docked and dew claws removed already. They will be wormed and have necessary shot before they go to their forever homes. Get your deposit in and pick out your pup. They wont last long. 1800 neg. 900 deposit remainder at pickup. 30 day health guarantee. Nice big headed pups. Rutherfordton Rottweilers. (828) 447-9976

SUDOKU Fill in the blank squares so that each row, each column, and each 3 by 3 block contain all of the digits 1 thru 9 using logic.




2002 CHEVROLET CAVALIER. Automatic, New Brakes & Rotors, and New Rear Tires. Good Condition! $1800 (864) 838-1392

2006 TOYOTA CAMRY. 214,000 miles, $5500, well maintained, clean inside and out, non-smoker, runs like morning coffee after you leave the house.....smooth!!!! 2007 FORD EDGE. Burgundy, tan interior, good tires, daily driver, 200K miles, very good condition. $5,200. Call (828) 447-0774


FOR RENT CLEVELAND COUNTY 2 OR 3 BEDROOM MOBILE HOMES. For rent in Shelby & Grover. $750-$850. Call (828) 234-8147 2&3 BEDROOM TOWN HOMES. Townhomes located in Shelby, NC. We are currently accepting applications for our waiting list. Rent is based on income (and some expenses are deducted). Please visit us today at Laurel Hill Apartments 1526 Eaves Rd., Shelby NC or call for more information 704-487-1114. Equal Housing Opportunity. MOBILE HOMES & APARTMENTS. In Kings Mountain. Price starting at $100 per week. Call (704) 739-4417 LIONS SENIOR VILLAGE has 1 bedroom HUD subsidized apartments for low income seniors. Taking applications. Age 62 or older. Equal Housing Opportunity. 211 North Morgan Street, (704) 482-7723 MOVE IN SPECIAL. 2 & 3 Bedroom, deposit required. $200 weekly rates. Includes power and water. NO PETS. (704) 473-4299

HICKORY CREEK APARTMENTS FOR SENIORS. (62 and older), disabled (50 and older). Shelby. Now taking applications for waiting list. 418 East Warren Street, (704) 487-6354 2&3 BEDROOM MOBILE HOMES. Nice and clean, water furnished. Oak Grove Community, Kings Mtn. Call or text, 704-739-0259. LINCOLN COUNTY COMMERCIAL SPACE, 2000 SQ. FT. With loading dock, restroom, separate entrance, lots of traffic on HWY 10 West near Banoak School. $1250 mo. Call for appointment (828) 228-4016 RUTHERFORD COUNTY OAKLAND ROAD 2BR APARTMENT. Like new. Appliances, sewer, water, garbage included $650. Small efficiency, all utilities included. $495 plus deposit and references. 828351-3322. 3 BEDROOM, 2 BATH, on secluded 1 acre lot. No pets. First, last, security. 55 & older. Background check. Shiloh area. 828-429-9831. 2 & 3 BEDROOM MOBILE HOMES. Small private park between Spindale and Forest City. Starting at $550 per month. 828-382-0475.







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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Cramerton Middle School

Congratulations Math Masters and Math Elite Gaston County Schools elementary and middle school students engaged in the annual Math Masters and Math Elite competitions. It was an opportunity for students to test their knowledge and skills and prove which school teams really know the most about math. Here is a look at the winners, and congratulations to all students who participated in the competition. Local schools are pictured and highlighted. MATH ELITE (Middle Schools) First Place: Cramerton Middle Second Place: Belmont Middle

Third Place: Southwest Middle MATH MASTERS (Elementary Schools West Division) First Place: Gardner Park Elementary Second Place: Chapel Grove Elementary Third Place: Sadler Elementary Fourth Place: North Belmont Elementary MATH MASTERS (Elementary Schools East Division) First Place: Hawks Nest STEAM Academy Second Place: Belmont Central Elementary Third Place: W.A. Bess Elementary Fourth Place: New Hope Elementary

Riley signs with Mount Union South Point senior Tyson Riley has signed a National Letter of Intent to play football at Division III power Mount Union (OH). Seated from left to right are Millie Clemmons, South Point High School counselor; Edward Haley, Tyson’s uncle; Tyson; Stephanie Riley, Tyson’s mother; and Donovan Haley, Tyson’s cousin. Standing from left to right are Kent Hyde, South Point High School Athletic Director; Adam Hodge, South Point High School Head Football coach; and Will Buchanant, South Point High School Assistant Principal. Photo by Charlotte Sautner

What does music mean to you? Belmont Middle School

North Belmont Elementary School

Belmont Central Elementary School

Support the music you love during our Spring Fund Drive April 3-9.

New Hope Elementary School

Or donate today at