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032019 CARON Seattle,WA USA

Tech Building Tacoma Town Centre

Tacoma, WA

Tacoma Town Centre is a newly developed part of the city, intended to bring a variety of uses and activity to a part of the urban landscape that has been long forgotten. A part of that development is a prominant piece of land that is intended as a tech start-up hub for new businesses to grow their company, with an adjacent hotel/service apartment.



052017 CARON Seattle,WA USA


Seattle, WA

The opportunity of the development of a residential property containing up to 400 new residential units, both market rate and affordable, and the vibrancy that it offers a community helps sculpt a new vision for the University district. The district will benefit from the additional dimensions of diversity, and a population of residents who want to be a part of that community, bringing economic growth, and cultural differentiation. The development of the site through the collaboration between the ONELIN Development team and its consultants, and the University Temple United Methodist Church and its respective membership and board offers the opportunity to provide a state of the art facility to support UTUMC’s existing programs and expand its various outreach initiatives to the benefit of the surrounding neighborhood and the city at large. There is great value to UTUMC in the prominent location in the University district as an asset to its vision. This development as a primary driver for the area will be become the place to come for social interaction within the district, be it in the form of the residences, yoga studios, a brew pub, cafÊ, restaurants, or other culturally uses for the neighborhood in addition to the UTUMC’s regular social and spiritual services.



02018 CARON Seattle,WA USA

8 Tower

Seattle, WA

Located in the heart of the Denny Triangle neighborhood, the 8 Tower will be Seattle’s newest high-rise condominium and will set the standard for both luxury and design. The unique location offers unobstructed views of Denny Park, the Space Needle, Lake Union and Seattle’s downtown skyline. The tower will provide approximately 300 luxury condominiums with a mix of homes ranging from urban studios, one-bedrooms, two-bedrooms, and penthouse suites. Amenity spaces can be found on the second and third levels as well as the rooftop and include an indoor and outdoor lounge, a fitness center, dog run, and dining areas. On-site valet parking will also be provided for homeowners.



062016 NELSON Seattle,WA USA

Dorsey & Whitney

Seattle, WA

Dorsey & Whitney is a large law firm with over 500 lawyers located across 20 offices in the United States. The firm’s existing downtown Seattle space was dreary, outdated and did not use its space efficiently. Three relocation options were test-fitted for the venerable company’s needs, but the firm decided on a stay-in-place renovation to retain their spectacular views across the city. The goal was to transform what was a 1980’s light oak and cream motif into a vibrant and exciting place to work and a olace where new clients could develop confidence in an established and otherwise well respected company. By demolishing walls, exposing the existing crossbeam structure of what is a unique structural system for what is the tallest building in Seattle, and adding large amounts of glazing, the design was able to showcase 360-degree views of the Puget Sound region throughout exery location of the office. Other design features include lighter and brighter finishes, high-end furniture and LED light fixtures throughout.



012016 NELSON Seattle,WA USA

Nelson New Offices

Seattle, ,WA

Nelson, is a company that grows by acquisition, and in combining EHS, Craft Architects and Marvin Stein Associates, new offices were at the top of the list to help establish Nelson as important in the Pacific Northwest design community. The famed modernist IBM building was chosen as the location for Nelson’s new headquarters with a good sized floor plate and terrific downtown location. With tight budgets, a spare palette for materials were chosen and crafted into a vibrant workplace, with open desks, group workrooms, breakout spaces, an open crit space, conference rooms, multi-purpose rooms and several private offices. The result is clean, fun, and open with 360 windows bathing the office in great natural light. 19

10 April 2017

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Wayde Tardif Design Director | Seattle


082015 GGLO Seattle,WA USA

Olympic Gateway


Bremerton’s nautical heritage as a naval station, and depot for ship and submarine building during the wars was significant in the design of the Olympic Gateway Project. In a city where buildings were historically erected and torn down per the needs of local industry, and fluctuation in a corresponding population, few call on the heritage of the place in helping illustrate the building as being specific to that place. The Olympic Gateway draws upon the heritage of Bremerton and embraces its location along the waters of the Puget Sound as a visual entryway to the region and establishes itself as an icon on the city’s waterfront as its tallest building at 240 feet (73m). The project’s two towers reflect a nuanced nautical theme in their materiality and form, with ship-like decks, curved balconies, glass handrails and “crow’s nest” rooftop amenity spaces. Its porthole entry and hotel porch-cochere serve as the project’s front door and as an inviting access point to views to the water beyond. The building’s podium creates a platform for the project’s two residential towers, containing a 115 key hotel, restaurant/retail and amenity programming. A walkway connecting the project with adjoining properties takes advantage of the project’s seaside location and eastern exposure and stunning sunrise views.



082015 GGLO Seattle,WA USA

Spring Street


The design for the Spring Street project for Lennar Development creates a destination center at the crossroads for multiple neighborhoods. The project’s alley serves as the neighborhood center, embracing and integrating the adjacent institution of Town Hall into a lively experience with friendly, active spaces to accommodate concerts and other outdoor activities, lined with retail, coffee shops, and restaurants. With multiple access points, the alley and plazas are protected from the freeway noise, offering a friendly, safe and useful space for residents and neighbors. The architecture is carefully shaped to reflect light and circulate air into an active alley space, while protecting from noise and weather. A variety of residential living experiences is offered including ground-related townhouses, tower loft units, and a mix of residential units designed with efficiency and flexibility for the future. Units are designed around highly-efficient systems and floor plans, with careful orientation to light and view. The buildings are placed to take optimum advantage of the many spectacular views of the city and the region, from the downtown skyline to Mt. Rainier.



082015 GGLO Seattle,WA USA

Crescent 5th & Ash


Tempe’s popularity, fueled in part by a nearby university and growing population of young people is an emergent destination. GGLO’s design response for a mixed use development including Restaurant/Retail, Super Market, Hotel and Apartments in a prime location in the city was to capture some of the vibrancy and enthusiasm, and with a respectful eye on the city’s often harsh and hot weather, develop a refreshing and vibrant urban oasis that enables an active lifestyle, stimulates community connections and celebrates the outdoors with an overarching sense of hospitality. The design approach is based on five urban design principals refined and applied specifically to optimize the unique combination of site location, program and surrounds. 1.

Porosity and Pedestrian Scale

2. Leveraging Views and Neighborhood Amenities 3. A Layered Approach – Density as Place-making 4.

Design that supports 24/7 Living Maximizing efficiency through design



082015 GGLO Seattle,WA USA

WSU Multicultural Center


Prominently situated at the main entry to the WSU Pullman Campus, the Multicultural Center expands the notion of what it means to be affiliated with the venerable institution. Cultural awareness and acceptance, celebration of heritage, restoration of native landscapes, and sense of place are all expressed through the unapologetic, yet dynamically illustrative form of the 16,000 sf building, turning the concept of what is building and what is landscape on its head. With its design inspired by an indigenous philosophy of respect and interdependence between humans and nature, entries and communal spaces spill out into a restored native Palouse Prairie landscape, with floor, roof and walls undulating with the topography of the site.

**Design-Build concept created in partnership with Absher Construction




122014 GGLO Seattle,WA USA


Seattle,WA USA

The highlight of cities updating their zoning guidelines to recognize and accommodate a kinder, more gentle environment for people and moving away from a previous generation’s ideas that the automobile was the mechanism by which guidelines were made and our cities were crafted, is that new architectural forms can be established to accommodate those needs. The Miridor is one of the very first examples of a project designed in Bellevue,WA to achieve this. The Mirador project, designed for Beijingbased Create World Development, sets a new standard for residential/mixed-use development in the region, and establishes itself apart from other projects in the surrounding downtown district in several key ways - establishing a generous set back from the street edge, highlighting the project’s retail base and activating the street with circulation for pedestrians; by creating a unique façade for an otherwise normal building envelope with texture, material and form; creating duplex apartments at the project’s top floors to offset the building’s profile and establish generous balconies. The project’s 162 residential units, and a floor of commercial office space sit atop 2 floors of retail on a prominent corner in the city’s retail district.



112014 GGLO Seattle,WA USA

5th & Virginia

Seattle, WA USA

This study, for a 490,000 sf | 45,500 sqm tower in a prominent location in Seattle for Douglaston Development, is intended as an iconic intervention into a part of the city where development of this type has not occurred in many years. As a project for the established NYC developer, the project represents a new segue into the market with Residential, Hospitality and Retail programming, helping anchor an important urban corner and create a new “place” in the city for upscale urban living and a destination for the sophisticated traveler. Establishing an architectural theme for each respective element, Residential, Hospitality and Retail was important in establishing a dialogue to create hierarchy and an understanding of the project’s individual elements as discrete entities, juxtaposed with its complex urban context and dizzying scales. The three governing scales that makes good architecture a good citizen of a city are: Pedestrian, Urban Room and Skyline


082004 MG2

Shanghai, China

Alibaba New Office Lobby Shenzhen, China

New dynamic offices for the Chinese giant on-line retailer, Alibaba were designed by others, but the base building common spaces were provided raw and renovations were needed to provide a “Good Face� for the company, as they occupied the entire developer-built building. Alibaba’s directive was clear - make a space people want to be in, meet in, and pass through as if it were the destination they were seeking, not just the place to get somewhere else. The bright pallette of materials and the base building structure provided opportunities to create a playful, exciting and contemporary lobby space to wholly fulfill the design directive.



092013 MG2

Shanghai, China

Greentown Development Retil / Mixed Use Shanghai, China

The Greentown Mixed use development in Shanghai undertakes to develop a shopping / lifestyle street to support an adjacent residential area by the same development company. The project resides in an exciting and developing part of the city between the Bund and the former Expo 2010 site along the Huangpu River. The retail component comprises of several buildings and adjacent podiums to establish the base and primary activity zone for the project as a whole, with a primarily inward facing retail street, with the creation of dynamic space and vistas within the facility.



112013 MG2

Shanghai, China

Sanya Waterfront Master Plan Mixed-Use Development Sanya, China

The Sanya Waterfront Mixed-Use Development project was a competition for the development of 430,000 GSM on a promintory between the outlet of the Sanya River and the Ocean on a site overlooking nearby Turning Head Deer Mountain and the adjacent man-made Phoenix Island. In addition to the project’s main iconic elements (Hotel, Office Tower and Shopping Mall) the real highlight for not only the project, but the district as well, is the newly exposed and re-claimed corniche, providing public access to the water’s edge for the first time in many decades; a much neeeded public amenity. “A Sea of Green meets a Sea of Blue:” The “Sea of Green” meeting a Sea of Blue is a wavy-edged tilted roof-plane of vegetation hovering above a retail podium, providing coverage, and much needed shading between the base of the various towers and the retail spaces below. The creation of such an iconic “Sea of Green” is a direct response in re-claimation of a place for nature on what is currently an environmental disaster zone, and providing a unique urban setting for the project along the sea edge.




032012 HMD

Shanghai, China

Yichang Office Tower Yichang, China

The Yichang tower was a unique project in that it was re-designed some 12 times before the boss of the development company who hired our company even saw a single image or plan of the project. The 120 meter mixed-use program ultimately came to be both the headquarters of the project itself and general office space to be leased and purchased by end-users. The design brief stated it was to be an iconic tower for the developers portfolio, however was not to cost too much, but still maintain a prominant image on the city’s skyline. With the tower’s location adjacent to the Yangtzee river in Yichang, a city below the famous Three River Gorges Dam, whatever solution was developed, there was no doubt that the skyline would not be overtaken by other developments and the views along the river-side pf the property would have fantastic views.



112011 HMD

Shanghai, China

Kumning SOHO Mixed Use Kunming, China

The Kunming SOHO Mixed-Use Development is located at the fringes of a nearly 2,000,000 GSM new CBD in what is collequally known as the “Spring City� for its year-round mild weather and beautiful scenery. This project was the winner of an international design competition with Aedas, and 10 Design as competiotors. The design parti suggests interlocking structures, with bridges connecting one SOHO unit to another above the ground, while connecting all towers at their bases.



032009 POSIT Dubai, UAE

SMD Tower Mixed Use Dubai, UAE

The SMD tower was the very first Green building approved under the new guidelines for Sheikh Mohammed’s new structure for building performance and lower carbon footprints for new structures in Dubai. The fact that the project was for Sheikh Mohammed’s Daughter (where the moniker SMD came from), I’m sure was of no surprise. As a 35 storey landmark tower in a landscape of towers along Sheikh Zayed Road and the Dubai Marina District, the Marsa Tower is a vibrant example of timeless design . . . of clean form, with long uninterrupted lines, intertwined with hanging gardens, and views toward the sea on one side and the city on the other. With green techniques utilized to enhance not only building performance, but quality of life, contact with greenery both inside as well as out adds a breath of freshness to the experience of living in one of the few buildings in Dubai where each apartment is a “corner unit.” This arrangement of apartments allows views across broad vistas and vantage points as well as Garden views. The tower’s facade materials are glass, stainless steel and stone. The primary glass facades utilize a fritting pattern designed to help shade the building during the day and provide a variation of texture and form to the building at night as light emanates from the living units. Amenities include the Lobby Garden Entrance, Podium-roof Swimming Pool and Pool-house, Roof-top gardens, Hanging gardens, and Breezeway and Balcony Gardens.



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39,200 90,000

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N/A $3,074,534

348 $25,679, 348 9, 67 5, $2 348 $25,679, 6 $23,097,82 $1,164,596 $221,527



$2,173,913 $9,316,770

70 $3,260,8 57 $1,086,9 $8,152,174 70 $3,260,8 61 $5,978,2 04 $4,891,3 $776,398

9 321,861,58

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7 $16,481,36 8 $30,168,47 2 65 5, 99 2, $1 379 $34,099, 22 $4,262,4 0 $15,155,28 78 ,4 93 ,7 $6

19 $2,732,9 N/A

360 $12,422, 78 $6,793,4 0 00 0, 80 $19, 5 $13,975,15 3 96 5, 64 1, $1 $9,510,870

$109 Lump Sum

135,000 135,000

$1,362,189 50 $2,972,0 17 $5,440,2 78 $2,343,4 $6,149,068 $768,634



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440,000 57,143

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60,000 49,000



128,571 21,429

308,000 40,000



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41,429 82,857

29,000 58,000



Gross Estimated ect Costs Total Proj

$1,362,189 $1,362,189

$6,191,7 $6,191,770 317 $13,509, 261 $24,728, 174 $10,652, 1 $27,950,31


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Furniture, Estimated t Equipmen Fixtures & BCC G of % 22 Cost/S.F.

Gross Estimated nstruction nstruction Co Co g ed in at ild m Esti t Bu C) F @ Curren Costs (GBC /Building Costs/S. Gross S.F. Pricing t / ke F. cy ar S. 70 M en ,7 et N $6,191 @ 70% Effic Phase Building 50 70

2 $2,562,11 91 ,3 92 ,0 $2 57 $5,649,4 57 $5,649,4 57 $5,649,4 22 $5,081,5 $256,211 $48,736

21 $1,844,7 N/A 89 $2,049,6 N/A $239,130 N/A N/A N/A N/A $170,808


0 $19,800,00 9 $17,049,68 5 $14,208,07

1 $11,603,26 4 $31,328,80 4 $31,328,80

4 $31,328,80 8 $28,179,34

$1,420,808 $270,262 4 $10,229,81 $2,173,913

0 $11,366,46 $3,260,870

$1,326,087 $8,152,174 $3,260,870

61 $5,978,2 $4,891,304 $947,205




052009 POSIT Dubai, UAE

Maritime Academy New Campus Master Plan Dubai, UAE

As a Conceptual Master Planning study, POSIT Studio was able to provide the Client valuable data concerning feasibility, with respect to scale, costs, and requirements for developing a new Maritime Academy University Campus Facility for 5,000 students located in Dubai. The project was envisioned to be a 3-phase development over a 7 year time-scale. The Maritime Academy intends to be a flagship facility, providing students interested in Maritime studies undergraduate and graduate level education with facilities for both academic and hands-on learning. The Institution, as per the Client Brief, includes Classroom Buildings, Dormitories, Seminar Rooms, Libraries, Laboratory Workshops, Athletic Facilities and Fields, Parking facilities, a Recreational Marina, Auditorium, Mosque and Museum. Additionally, an Integrated Technology Services component to the Library, a Research Facility component to the Museum, a Student Center, an Administration Building, Laboratory/Science Building, Grounds Keeping, Maintenance & Storage Facilities, a Power Sub-Stations, a District Cooling Plant and other necessary facilities for the operation of the campus.


032009 POSIT Dubai, UAE

Sediqqi Tower Mixed Use Meydan City Dubai, UAE

The Sediqqi Tower, a turn-key development project in the new Meydan City, proclaimed in the press as “A Thoroughbred Destination,” is one of the most prestigious new areas of development in the whole of the UAE. The project is a 240,000 net sq. foot (22305 sq. meter), 31 storey mixed-use development with two levels of Retail, seven floors of Commercial Offices, and One Hundred Fourteen (114) Luxury Apartments (Studio, One, Two & Three Bedroom Units), spread over fifteen floors, and interspersed with double-height indoor gardens – “Arbor Floors.” This project is a gleaming example of the integration of modern design and green-design ideologies. Located along-side Ras Al Khor Road at the edge of the Meydan development, the project was designed with views looking back toward the Dubai skyline and overlooking Meydan City itself. The building is a restrained, yet dynamic, crisp-edged, glass, stone, and stainless-steel structure creating a lifestyle statement about the new urban living of today’s generations.



082005 TROJB

Boston, MA - USA

World Trade Center Residences Dubai, UAE

The World Trade Center Residences, a project for Sheikh Mohammed, Ruler of Dubai and Vice President of the UAE’s development arm, Project Office, was completed in 2005. The facility contains 340 units of residences, serviced apartments and hotel accommodation and is operated by Jumeriah Living, also a Sheikh Mohammed company. The project’s location in Dubai, along the famed Sheikh Zayed Road, next to the Dubai Exhibition Center and the project his father built in 1978, the white concrete World Trade Center, established the property as the one of the most important addresses in the city.



082004 MSA

Somerville, MA

Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort Singapore, SG

Marina Bay Sands is a $5 billion, highdensity, mixed-use integrated resort that brings together a 2,560-room hotel, convention center, shopping and dining, theaters, museum, and a casino. The 10 million square-foot urban district anchors the Singapore waterfront, creates a gateway to Singapore, and provides a dynamic setting for a vibrant public life. The complex is organized around two principal axes that join the existing urban fabric, becoming part of the continuous necklace of activities surrounding Marina Bay. Both the north-south promenade and the grand arcade traverse the entire project and are crossed by two east-west spines, which physically and visually (as view-corridors) connect the planned Garden by the Bay, the local metro station, Bayfront Avenue and the waterfront. The building massing is conceived as a series of landscaped gardens stacking upward from the bay to the public promenade on the seventh floor, culminating in the sky park atop the hotels. Viewed from ships anchored at sea, the project’s foreground composed of the Museum of Art-science, the promenade and undulating roof structures serves as a base from which the hotel towers rise, curving skyward.





Profile for Wayde Tardif

Short, Sharp, Shared - an updated,shortened, Portfolio - Wayde Tardif 2019  

An updated portfolio, including several new projects.

Short, Sharp, Shared - an updated,shortened, Portfolio - Wayde Tardif 2019  

An updated portfolio, including several new projects.