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Looking toward Grand Entrance

Oct 2019

 Designed by Wayde Tardif for FKL Associates | Shanghai, China

Guilin New Retail Center - Gulin, China

The new Guilin retail Center sits on an wonderful plot of land adjacent to the river, several existing outdoor retail shopping streets, tour boat landings, and between two of the city's best hotels.

The intent of the project is to both cater to the the existing tourism markets, and help establish an iconic and memorable central destination for tourism activities, complete with retail, Food & beverage destinations, recreation, cinema and social activities.

The project's big architectural move is its giant roof, created to be not only functional, but helping establish the development as the landmark destination for the city as tourists make their way to and from what the city is really known for, its unique and wonderful land-forms, caves, and ancient architecture. The project's giant roof will do more than just keep rain off of tourists heads . . .  It will be a place they remember.

Sketch looking toward Grand Entrance 
Sketch along street
Interior sketch  - bringing the landscape in.
Looking down from the 3rd level into the Grand Courtyard

Project forces at work . . .
Resultant form
Rendering of the Great Roof at the Grand Entrance.
Rendering of the interior with waterfall and landscape features
Ground level rendering at the Great Courtyard with landscape features

Looking toward Grand Entrance - again . . .
Sketch section