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Different products can be aggregated to qualify for the 2 and 5 case rates.

fULL CoLoUR CAtALoGUE For more information on our full range of products please request a copy of our full colour catalogue.

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The most economical close fitting glove (only polythene gloves are cheaper). Stretch vinyl gloves are getting close to latex and nitrile in terms of fit and dexterity. All vinyl gloves are completely latex free.

pro vinyl powder free (Clear) A quality medical grade vinyl glove. If you prefer a closer fit try our stretch vinyl below. Code 70 71 72 73

Size S M L XL

Code 80 81 82

Size S M L

Code 189 190 191

Size S M L

pro Superstretch vinyl powder free Closer fitting than a standard vinyl glove, these come in a soft, white PVC with dexterity approaching that of latex.

Sterile vinyl powder free Hand Specific stretch vinyl gloves, sterilised in pairs.



The most widely used gloves in the medical market because of their good fit and dexterity. Concerns about latex allergies have, however, prompted a search for latex free alternatives, such as our Ultrathin Nitrile gloves. Our powder free latex gloves are washed several times to reduce latex protein levels and the risk of allergic reactions so they can be considered a ‘Low Allergy’ glove. Powdered medical grade gloves are also available.

pro Medical Latex powder free High quality AQL 1.5 medical grade. Low latex protein content (low allergy) Micro-roughened for excellent grip. Code 122 126 128 129

Size XS S M L

Code 171 172 173

Size S M L

Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves powder free Hand specific gloves, individually wrapped in pairs and sterilised.



These gloves are made of a unique, highly elastic polymer that is thermosensitive - the heat of the hand softens the glove to release any pressure - ensuring an amazingly comfortable fit. All are Class 1 Medical Devices (AQL 1.5). Nitrile offers the best puncture and chemical resistance of all glove materials.We can offer 3 thicknesses: Ultra sensitive 3mil, a very soft 4mil general purpose grade, and 6mil for extra protection. All gloves are sold in 10 boxes of 100 per case, we can offer mixed cases of different sizes of the same type of glove. ULtRASoft NItRILE powdER fREE 4mil thick, more substantial than Ultrathin, but with the same very relaxed fit. These gloves offer a high degree of protection and exert less pressure on the hand than latex gloves. Available in white and pink. Ultrasoft pink Nitrile powder free With a micro-textured surface, very soft comfortable to wear, and pink! Code 001 002 003 004

Size XS S M L

ULtRASAfE NItRILE LoNG CUff 6mil thick with a 12"/250mm long cuff for added protection. A really thick glove, for maximum security, but still the most comfortable of its type to wear. Ideal for ambulance services, police etc. Finger textured. Powder Free. Violet only Code 016 017 018 019


Size S M L XL

Ultrasoft violet Nitrile powder free Textured fingertips for excellent grip.

Code 183 184 185 186 187

Size XS S M L XL


Available in white, violet. and black. 3mil thick, for greater sensitivity. The perfect Latex glove replacement. Textured fingertips. Ultrathin white Nitrile powder free 3mil thick. Finger Textured Code 010 011 012 013 014

Size XS S M L XL

Ultrathin violet Nitrile powder free 3mil thick. Finger Textured Code 020 021 022 023 024

Size XS S M L XL

Ultrathin Black Nitrile powder free 3mil Thick. Finger Textured Code 006 007 008 009

Size S M L XL


NItRILE GLovES Ultrasafe gloves are 50% thicker than Ultragrip and popular with ambulance services.

ULtRASAfE NItRILE GLovES For ultimate protection we have the Ultrasafe range of 6mil thick gloves, some 50% thicker than the standard. They come with long cuffs, textured fingertips and offer excellent sensitivity due to the softness of the polymer used. All are AQL 1.5 Class 1 medical devices. Code 16 17 18 19

Size S M L XL

Code 1120 1121 1122 1123 1124

Size XS S M L XL

Code 1135 1136 1137 1138

Size S M L XL

ULtRAGRIp NItRILE GLovES Our Ultragrip range is slightly thicker, at 4mil, and more protective than the Ultrasoft gloves, while still using low modulus materials to make them comfortable to wear for long periods. All are AQL 1.5 Class 1 medical devices.The Ultrasoft white gloves have a fully micro textured surface to ensure good grip.

Ultragrip Nitrile Blue powder free 4mil thick. Microtextured surface for excellent grip.

Ultragrip Long Cuff Nitrile Blue powder free 4mil thick. These gloves have microtextured fingers and extra long cuffs for additional protection


GLovE dISpENSERS GLovE dISpENSERS We have wall-mounted dispensers to take either 1 box or 4 boxes of gloves. Suitable for all glove types.

925 Single Glove dispenser £10.78 each 926 four Box Glove dispenser £20.30 each

vEtERINARY GLovES New copolymer material provides excellent sensitivity, strength and puncture resistance, as well as a closer fit.

Code 79

Size One Size


fACE MASKS 859 pleated face Mask with Loops Non-woven fabric inner layer Adjustable nose band. Latex and Fibreglass free. 50 per box 4 boxes per case

860 fluid Resistant Mask with ties Lint free, sensitive and fluid resistant. Non-woven fabric inner layer Adjustable nose band. Latex and Fibreglass free. 50 per box 4 boxes per case

tISSUES & KItCHEN RoLLS 840 Medical wipes Soft, absorbent small tissues for the surgery. 2 Ply, 11cm x 21cm 72 sheets/pack 72 packs/case

232 Stakapak tissues Fit a tabletop dispenser so the sheets can be tugged out easily with one hand. 10.2cmx20cm 250 sheets 36 packs/case


tISSUES & KItCHEN RoLLS 254 professional tissues Fit wall mounted dispenser, code 971. 20 x21cm 100 sheets 36 packs/case

971 white plastic dispenser for 250 and 254. Can be wall mounted or used flat on a work surface

255 Cloudsoft tissues A good value larger box of tissues 21.5cmx19cm 150 sheets 24 boxes/case

251 Man size tissues Good quality large sheets, and 100 fill. 26.7cmx25cm 100 sheets 24 boxes/case

260 Kitchen Rolls Good value 60 sheet roll. Unprinted. 24 rolls per case



These come in 3 main sizes, Mini, Midi and Maxi/Standard. There are 2 core sizes to choose from – 57mm and 76mm, and we can offer all roll diameters in either core size. We have lengths of 150m or 200m in Mini size, and 300m in Standard size to choose from. Although bulky, jumbo toilet rolls work out the most economical of all the systems.


We have several 2 roll systems that offer a more aesthetically pleasing solution to a jumbo dispenser. They have the added advantage that less paper is wasted through removing stub rolls – the janitor just ensures that there is a spare roll ready to drop down. The core of the used roll is designed to pull out easily. The Satino 2 roll system offers excellent value for money

213 Mini Jumbo toilet Rolls Pure 2 ply tissues 10cmx150m 57mm core 12 rolls/case

978 twinmatic dispenser Takes two code 230 rolls at a time H430 x 155 x 170mm

Mini Jumbo dispensers Takes rolls up to 200m long. Larger ones for up to 400m rolls also available.

230 twinmatic 2 ply toilet tissue 100% Recycled 715 sheet (100m) 36 rolls per case

922 Mini Jumbo dispenser (Stainless Steel) H260 x W250 x D120mm 955 Bulk pack dispenser H 275cm x150cm x D130cm

1022 Katrin Mini Jumbo dispenser (white plastic) H261 x W260 x D135mm

232 2 ply Bulk pack toilet tissue 10.2cmx20cm 250 sheets x 36 percase

231 1 ply Bulk pack toilet tissue 11cmx21cm 500 sheets x 36 per case


247 Softy toilet Rolls

245 Handy toilet Rolls

260 sheets per roll, 4x10 rolls per case.

320 sheets per roll. 2x36 rolls/case.

A quality roll with thick tissue and full width sheets, similar to retail products.

The industry standard for offices, factories, and cheaper hotels

towEL dISpENSERS 1005 Large plastic dispenser For C-Fold and Interfold Towels. H425 x W290 x D145mm

979 Small plastic dispenser For Interfold Towels H265 x W290 x D145mm

900 Stainless Steel dispenser Suitable for all types of towel – includes an adaptor for Z fold. H330 x W275 x D133mm

983 Katrin Large plastic dispenser Has an adaptor to take all types of towel. Takes 3-4 sleeves H519 x W305 x D132mm

984 Katrin Medium plastic dispenser Has an adaptor to take all types of towel. Takes 2-3 sleeves. H389 x W305 x D132mm

1018 Katrin Small plastic dispenser Has an adaptor to take all types of towel Takes1-2 sleeves. H259 x W305 x D132mm


pApER towELS INtERfoLd towELS folded size approx 25cm x 11cm Work like M/Z fold towels, pulling out the next towel each time one is used. Our lowest cost individual towels. Size is similar to M/Z fold, about 25x23cm, which is more than adequate when taking 2 towels. 410 Green 1 ply Great value. A 100% recycled towel.

419 white 2 ply Pure cellulose soft, absorbent towel.

25x23cm 4600 per case

24x21cm 3000 per case

427 Blue 1 ply A 100% recyled towel a great value towel.

428 white 3 ply Our ultimate quality towel comes in 3 plies of pure tissue, glued together for strength, and in a full size.

25x23cm 4600 per case

22x32cm 2500 per case

Z/M foLd towELS folded size approx 23cm x 8cm Recommended in preference to C-Fold towels, because a new towel is presented each time you pull one out. These towels will fit into many C fold dispensers as well. They are slightly smaller than C-Fold (about 23 x 24cm) but one towel covers the hand quite adequately. 405 1ply Blue 100% recycled, very economical 24x22.5cm 3000 per case

404 2 ply white A quality Katrin hand tissue. Pure pulp, so very absorbent. These will fit into the narrow Kleenex dispensers. 20.6x25cm 3360 per case


pApER towELS No -toUCH towEL dISpENSER

C-foLd towELS folded size approx. 23cm x 9cm The most common towel in the UK comes in a wide choice of qualities. It’s main downside is that hands tend to touch the dispenser when feeling for the towel inside. They are also impossible to dispense if the janitor puts them in upside down!

968 No touch electronic dispenser. Battery powered. Hold hand near the dispenser and a length of towel is presented. H360 x W340 x D240mm

426 Green 1 ply A good value 100% recycled towel 22.5x33cm 2700 per case

969 Autocut dispenser Just pull down the paper and it automatically cuts off the towel. H360 x W340 x D240mm

413 Blue 1 ply Similar towel to 426 above, but in blue. 23x33cm 2700 per case 367 white Rolls/ 375 Blue Rolls For autocut and no touch dispensers 444 white 2 ply The 2 plies produce a very soft, absorbent towel that is kind to frequently washed hands.

2 ply 20cm x 150m 6 rolls per case

23x33cm 2400 per case

we have over 20 different towels in stock, in a variety of price/performance combinations, but have featured just some of our best sellers here. Coloured towels are 100% recycled and the cheapest option. 15



Ideal for hand drying and mopping up in confined areas

1003 Mini Centrefeed dispenser

1004 Standard Centrefeed dispenser Plastic H350 x W230 x D235mm

Plastic H330 x W180 x D175mm

1020 Katrin Standard Centrefeed dispenser Plastic H388 x W2360 x D230mm D175mm

1019 Katrin Mini Centrefeed dispenser Plastic H330 x W184 x D1167mm

302 tufcel Bonded pure pulp tissue A superb product. 22cm x 160m 6 rolls

319 2 ply white Recycled Excellent value & good absorbency 309 Mini Centrefeed tissue 2 Ply White Pure Pulp Tufcel Bonded Tissue

20cm x 150m 6 rolls

22cm x 72m 300 sheets 12 rolls

365 2ply Blue Recycled Our best selling centrefeed roll 19.5 cmx150m 6 rolls


CLotHS & wEt wIpES BRIGHtwIpES wEt wIpES Fresh, sterile wipes, with a powerful sanitiser that is effective against E.coli, Hepatitis B and C, MRSA, Staphylococcus, Listeria, Pseudomonas Salmonella, Herpes, HIV, C.difficile, Newcastle Disease.

Multicloths Lightweight non-woven fabric- ideal for wet use. 6001 Blue Also in Red,Yellow and Green 33x50cm 4 packs of 50 per case

1016 Brightwipes wallmounted dispenser Takes sealed pouches of wet wipes that will not dry out, due to the spring loaded lid. The perforated wipes tear off easily in the patented dispenser mechanism.

6101 Catercloths Heavier weight fabric than Multicloths. An excellent dishcloth/wet wiper that can even be laundered. Also in Red,Yellow and Green. 36cm x 51cm Blue 2x25 per case

651 wipe refills Wipe size 200mm x 200mm 200 wipes per pouch 6 pouches per case

601 Microfibre Cloths Thousands of microscopic fibres gather and trap dirt in these amazing cloths.Less water and cleaning fluid is needed. Can be washed over and over. 40cm x 40cm Pack of 10

679 Antibacterial Sanitising wet wipes Blue foodsafe antibacterial wipes for hard surfaces. 20cmx23.5cm 500 Wipes per bucket.

686 Clinical Surface Sanitising wet wipes Clinical cleaning wipes for sanitising surfaces in the surgery - comforms with latest guidelines. 200 wipes per pot 2 pots per case



All our couch rolls have excellent perfortions, the plies of our Tufcel rolls are bonded together 344 white 2 ply tufcel Hygiene Roll

351 Recycled Blue 2 ply tissue

2 x 20 gsm bonded tissiue Pure Cellulose 25cm x 46m 134 sheets per roll 18 rolls per case

100% recycled tissue, 40cm perforations 51cm x 40m 100 sheets 12 per case

339 white 2 ply tufcel Couch Roll Our lowest cost roll, but superb quality and perforations. 50cm x 46m 134 sheets 9 Rolls per case

349 Recyled Blue 2 ply tissue Hygiene Rolls 25cm x 40m 100 sheets per roll 24 rolls per case

342 white 2 ply Couch Roll Thick normal tissue, with a small recycled content. 50cm x 40m 100 sheets per roll 12 Rolls per case

361 Recycled Blue 3 ply Hygiene Rolls A thicker paper ideal for vets. 25cm x 40m 100 shets per roll 24 Rolls per case


poLYtHENE-BACKEd CoUCH RoLLS These come in 3 colours and are made of one ply tissue with a polythene backing. Perforations are 40cm. The soft, absorbent tissue surface goes next to the patient, while the polythene underneath protects the couch 346 1 ply white tissue/1 ply polythene 50cm x 68m 179 sheets 6 rolls per case

347 1 ply Blue tissue/1 ply polythene 50cm x 50m 125 sheets 6 rolls per case

348 1 ply Green tissue/ 1ply polythene 50cm x 50m 125 sheets 6 rolls per case

RoLL dISpENSERS 920 (Metal dispenser) for 25cm rolls

921 (Metal dispenser) for 50cm rolls



A leading cotton and rayon blend


1007 Cotton wool Roll 300g 12 rolls

1060 Cotton wool pleats 200g 12 pleats

666 Baby Dream Wipes 16cm x 20.5cm 12 packs of 80 wipes

StERILISAtIoN poUCHES 1044 Cotton wool Balls 200’s 12 packs


470 90x203mm 2x200 471 90x230mm 2x200 472 133x254mm 2x200

Wooden non-sterile tongue depressors/spatulas 839 tongue depressors

473 190x330mm 1x200

Wooden non sterile tongue depressors/spatulas 10x100

StERILISAtIoN RoLLS 475 75mmx200m 2 rolls

pRE INJECtIoN SwABS 830 pre-Injection Swabs Impregnated with 70% w/v Isopropyl alcohol for cleaning skin prior to injections, piercing etc. 5x100 Per case


476 100mmx200m1 roll 477 150mmx200m 1 roll 478 250mmx200m 1 roll


GAUZE SwABS 829 8 ply Cotton Gauze The original swab material 10x10cm


Incontinence underpads. High quality pulp with super absorbent granules. Popular with vets for lining animal cages. 8451 fluff pulp absorbent pad 60x60cm 4x28

8453 fluff pulp absorbent pad 4 ply Non-woven Swabs Soft, absorbent and economical. 885 5x5cm


886 7.5x7.5cm 5x200

90x60cm 4x28

SKIN CLEANSING wIpES 685 Soft non-woven fabric wet wipes Extra Soft, Mildly bacterial with an odour neutralising fragrance. Lanolin Free. 4 buckets of 150 wipes

831 finepore tape Surgical tape 2.5cmx9.1m rolls 3x12 rolls

Spot pLAStERS 833 Spot plasters For use post-injection 10x100

dISpoSABLE pILLow CASES 099 disposable pillowcase Soft, non-woven fabric. 20” x 30” 2x50 Per case



Bibs with ties on perforated rolls for use with a dispenser. Absorbent tissue facing, with a polythene backing to protect the patient. 917 plastic dispenser for 877-879 rolls

877 white poly / tissue Bibs 50x60cm 6 rolls 80/roll

878 Blue poly / tissue Bibs 50x60cm 6 rolls 80/roll

Polythene bibs with ties on a perforated roll. A more economical alternative to poly/tissue laminate bibs.

poLYtHENE/tISSUE LAMINAtEd BIBS Flat packed bibs, with a pocket at the base to catch food or liquids, and a neck tie. 846 Blue Bibs 37cmx66cm 500 per case


879 white polythene Bibs 48x60cm 2 x 200 per case


Rectangular bibs for use with bib chains. 2 plies of absorbent tissue with a polythene protective backing


Polythene single use aprons in flat packs or on a perforated roll to fit in a wall mounted dispenser. White or Blue available ex-stock. Size 27x42"

916 plexiglass dispenser

fLAt pACK 120 white 5 x 100 per case

870 white 33x48cm 500 per case

123 Blue 10 x 100 per case

RoLLS 121 white 2 x 200 per case 124 Blue 2 x 200 per case

871 Blue 32x48cm 500 per case 958 wall dispenser for rolls of aprons 873 pink 33x48cm 500 per case

ÂŁ19.58 each

HEAd RESt CovERS 869 Head rest Covers Polythene backed tissue headrest covers for maximum hygiene. 918 chain for 870-873

32cm x 35cm 4 x 75 per case


SoAp & SANItISERS Gojo are the world’s leading supplier of professional skincare products. NXt 1000ml CARtRIdGE SYStEM 928 Single Cartridge dispenser 1000ml

fMX CARtRIdGE foAM SoAp SYStEM More economical than lotion soap – a 1.25L cartridge gives over 1700 washes. 999 fMX foam Soap dispenser

929 two Cartridge (Side by Side) dispenser 2 x 1000ml Can be used, for example to hold soap in one, and sanitiser in the other.

726 fMX Ultrasoft Hand wash 3x1.25L

705 NXt 1000 Lotion deluxe 8x1000ml per case

706 NXt 1000 Spa Bath 8x1000ml per case

729 fMX Antibac foam Soap 3x1.25L

707 NXt 1000 Antibac Soap 8x1000ml per case

708 NXt 1000 Sanitiser 8x1000ml per case


727 fMX purell foam Soap 3x1.25L

toUCH-fREE,tRoUBLE fREE SoApS & SANItISERS pURELL SANItISING StANd Ideal for receptions and surgeries Code 936

tHE fUtURE of HANd wASHING IS toUCH fREE When people need to get their hands clean, the last thing they need is to touch a dirty dispenser. With the new GOJO TFX System, there’s nothing to touch - just hands below.

tfX pURELL toUCH fREE dISpENSER H265mmx W155mmxD95mm Code 934

tfX foAM toUCH fREE dISpENSER H265mmx W155mmx D95mm Code 935

GoJo foam Soaps - the new standard for hand hygiene.

GoJo tfX A wHoLE NEw LEvEL of pERfoRMANCE - 1200 ml high-capacity refill

- Skylight makes it easy to to see when it’s time to reload

pUREL HANd RUB 4 x1200ml cartridges For dispenser 934 Code 747

pUREL foAM REfILL 2 x1200ml cartridges For dispenser 935 Code 748

pUREL foAM SoAp 2 x1200ml cartridges For dispenser 935 Code 749

ANtIBAC foAM SoAp 2 x1200ml cartridges For dispenser 935 Code 750

- LED light shows when battery charge is low

- 30,000 uses from three standard C-size alkaline batteries (included) - RoHS compliant, UL/CE registered


SoApS & SANItISERS pRo BULK SoAp dISpENSERS These dispensers have reservoirs of either 900ml or 500ml, into which you can pour one of our bulk soaps. Non-drop mechanism.

pRo LotIoN SoApS 7103 pink pearl Lotion Soap 2x5L (1008/1010 dipenser)

7109 white pearl Lotion Soap 2x5L (1008/1010 dispenser)

7102 Antibacterial Soap 2x5L (1008/1010 dispenser) 1010 Standard dispenser 1008 Mini dispenser for bulk LOTION soaps for bulk LOTION soaps Contents 900ml Contents 500ml

pURELL SANItISER In addition to the NXT and TFXcartridge systems, Purell is also available in pump and portable bottles. While not a substitute for washing, it will kill 99.9% of germs present on the hands. Ideal where no water is available. 753 purell Sanitiser 350ml Pump bottle 6 per case

LotIoN SoAp IN A pUMp BottLE

756 Avoca Antibacterial Handwash 6x500ml per case

755 purell Sanitiser 60ml portable bottle 24 per case

985 Clip to attach code 755 to a belt.


7408 Clinitex Hand Sanitising Gel 6x500ml per case



A unique, non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaner disinfectant, that is proven to kill MRSA, C diff, Norovirus, Bird flu and bacteria such as C-diff. The range of DuoMax cleaner sanitisers are the ideal solution for hospitals, surgeries,nursing homes, vets, children's nurseries and catering establishments who need to ensure that their premises are completely hygienic, and safe from the many deadly viruses around today. Not only are they the most effective germ, virus and fungi killer available, with the Government Health protection Agency's level 2 accreditation, but DuoMax is so safe to use that it does not come within regulations for the control and transport that apply to all other cleaner sanitisers. Its toxicity to humans is on a par with household soap, and it has no impact on aquatic life or the environment. The product works by irreversibly binding, penetrating and immobilising bacteria and viruses so they cannot replicate.

A very effective foodsafe and non-tainting disinfecting cleaner for floors and carpets. Lo foam, so it can be used in scrubber dryers. Dilutes 1:10 for carpet spotting, 1:20 for heavy soiling 1:40 for general cleaning. 7403 fragrance free 2x5 Litres per case HARd SURfACE CLEANER (GENERAL pURpoSE) Excellent for cleaning walls, paintwork, sinks, kitchen equipment, leave for a minute to disinfect ,remove grease, then wipe clean with a cloth. Can also be used to sterilise cloths and utensils. 7405 fragrance free 2x5 Litres per case

7401 trigger Spray 6 x 500ml per case

Surfaces treated with DuoMax will continue to neutralise pathogens coming into contact with them for 24hrs, further enhancing overall hygiene. The products are available in bulk, in trigger sprays and wet wipes. SANItISING wEt wIpES DuoMax is completely effective in killing viruses Hepatitis B, H.I.V., Avian Flu, SARS, Noro Virus. Bacteria Salmonella, MRSA, Clostridium Difficile, Staphylococcus spp, Escheria Coli, Klebsiella spp, Human Tuberculosis, Bacillus subtilis, Streptococcus spp,Pseudomonas spp, Mycobacterium fortuitum, Shigella spp, Campylobacter, Proteus Vulgaris, Listeria, Leptospirosis, Staphylococcus Aureus, Neisseria meningtidis,

Handy Sanitising Wet Wipes, ideal for the surgery, nursery or ambulance. Each pot contains 200 wipes impregnated with Activ8 bactericide. 7407 Pots of 200 2 pots per case


CLEANING CHEMICALS 7116 Bleach For general disinfection, cleaning and stain removing. 2x5Litre per case

7111 Bleach tablets Much safer and economical to use than bleach. One tablet makes 5 litres of bleach. As normal bleach ages quickly, tablets offer greater biocidal properties. 1 tablet dissolved in 10 litres of water will produce an ideal solution for sterilising kitchen surfaces, equipment, mops etc. 1 tub of 200 tablets/ case

7113 pine disinfectant QAp 30 A general purpose QAP based disinfectant for drains, sinks and toilets. BS6424 standard. 2x5Litre per case

7039 Cleaner Sanitiser Cuts through dirt and grease, while completely sanitising surfaces with an effective bactericide. Odourless and foodsafe. Also ideal in places like children’s nurseries as an all round cleaning and sanitising spray. 2x5 Litre per case

7050 Bathroom Cleaner disinfectant Lemon fragranced cleaner disinfectant that effectively removes body fats and sanitises surfaces. The foaming trigger spray clings readily to surfaces. 2x5Litre per case

7026 Bathroom Cleaner disinfectant 6x750ml per case

7101 Kleen off pine toilet cleaner and freshener. Safe with sceptic tanks. Pine fragrance. 12x750ml per case

7222 Sulphamic toilet Cleaner A very effective all round toilet and bathroom cleaner/descaler. Safe to use on most surfaces, it will dissolve body fats and limescale with ease. 12x Litre per case

7223 Sulphamic toilet Cleaner 2x5 Litre per case 7040 Cleaner Sanitiser trigger Spray 6x750ml per case


ENvIRoLoGICAL RANGE While most of our chemical products meet the stringent EU standards on biodegradability and environmental safety, this range of products utilises raw materials from renewable natural resources, is fully biodegradable, and uses a large percentage of recycled or recyclable packaging. 8951 pure white dishwashing detergent With no unnecessary perfumes, this is formulated from vegetable derived surfactants and has a neutral PH balance, making it very kind to hands. 2x5Litre per case

8955 Liquid Hand Soap A gentle, PH balanced soap that is fully biodegradable and free of phosphates. 2x5Litre per case

8956 Surface Cleaner and Sanitiser A very effective unperfumed cleaner with a powerful sanitising action. Safe for use in food preparation areas, on stainless steel, microwaves, fridges and chopping boards. Manufactured from vegetable derived surfactants. 2x5Litre per case

8952 Bath and washroom Cleaner An effective cleaner and descaler for baths and washrooms, and safe on all plastic, ceramic and porcelain surfaces, taps etc. Based on citric acid derived from plants, and proven to be effective against MRSA, it leaves a pleasant citrus aroma. 6x500ml

8953 Bath and washroom Cleaner 2x5Litre per case

8950 Glass Cleaner A non-smear formula with excellent cleaning power that leaves a sparkling, streak-free finish on glass, mirrors, tiles, stainless steel and chrome finishes. Formulated from bioethanol, with no colours or and PH neutral. 6x500ml

8954 Citric toilet Cleaner A toilet and urinal cleaner formulated from renewable resources including fruit based acid. Leaves toilets clean with a refreshing floral fragrance. 6x750ml



AERoSoL AIR fRESHENER 1014 pro Air freshener Unit Designed to match the other Pro dispensers, this is fully programmable with a “low battery” and”replace aerosol” indicator. Factory set to 15 minute intervals 24/7, but off days can be programmed in and timings varied. Choice of several fragrances and a mixture of different ones.

Our standard First Aid kits contain washproof plasters, while the Food Hygiene ones have blue detectable plasters. All comply with CE and ISO standards. 825 10 employees 826 50 employees

dUStBIN LINERS 948 Aerosol Air freshener Unit Similar programmable features to the Pro unit, but a cheaper machine

Aerosol sprays for the 948 and 1014 Air freshener units 1 x 12 per case

704L Vanilla

704v Baby

704M Jasmine

704S Violet

704N Citrus

704w Apple

704R Sandle wood

Aerosol air fresheners in two fragrances.

Refills 823 10 employees 824 50 employees

771 Swing Bin Liners white, 28 gauge 13”x23”x29” 10 x 100 per case

774 dustbin liners Black, 140 gauge 18”x29x39” 1 x 200 per case

769 pedal Bin Liners white, 28 gauge 11”x17”x18” 1000 per case

777 Black sack 140 gauge 16”x25”x39 200 per case


7054 Summer flowers 12 x 400ml per case

7055 Marine Breeze 12 x 400ml per case

981 30 Litre Takes swing bin liners

998 50 Litre Takes 777 sack



BodY fLUId SpILL KItS Body fluid Spill Kit This kit contains all you need to deal efficiently and effectively with body fluid spills. Five individually packed single use kits complete with disposal bags, emergency spillage powder and sanitizer. l l l l l l l

Gloves, Odour Mask Scoop & Scraper Absorbent Pad Wipes Disposable Bag & Tie Instructions


l l

500gsm Bottle Emerzorb Gelling powder 1 Litre bottle Terminator Sanitizer Size 40cm x 30cm x 20cm.

695 Body fluid Kit

696 Body fluid Kit Refill Contains 5 single use packs Size 40cm x 30cm x 20cm

BACtERICIdAL ABSoRBENt 7213 Sanitaire Absorbent powder Can be sprinkled on organic waste to absorb, deodourise and sanitise it. Safe on carpets and upholstery.

We can arrange various waste disposal and washroom services through our partner, Cannon Hygiene. Feminine Hygiene Units are removed from clients’ premises during monthly servicing – both the unit and lid are subject to stringent washing procedures. Battery and functionality checks are also carried out on the automatic unit. One type of unit has an automated lid, operated by an infra-red sensor, and the other option is foot-pedal operated, while both contain Activap, a powerful but, environmentally friendly bactericide that also controls odours. Sharps Bins Sharps bins in 1, 5 and 22 litre capacity can be provided and replaced on a regular basis.

767 Clinical waste We supply approved Clinical waste sacks, and can offer a disposal service for soft clinical waste. UN 3291 Medium Weight bags for clinical waste up to 5kgs. 28”x39” 100 gauge. 200 per case

4x240g shakers




2 & 3 ply napkins Quality napkins ideal for use as bibs or mopping up in the surgery 510 33cm x 33cm 2ply white napkins 2 x 1000 per case (8x250)

530 40cm x 40cm 2ply white napkins 2 x 1000 per case( 8x250)

540 40cm x 40cm 3ply white napkins 1 x 1000 per case (4 x 250)

wHItE pLAStIC CUpS (NON VENDING) 580 7oz Squat 2000 per case

577 7oz tall 2000 per case

986 white dispenser for cups 1 per case

Soft absorbent squares of ailaid

AIRLAId fABRIC CLotHS fabric, that can be used as bibs, and dry and wet as an effective cleaning polishing cloth. 613 Sofcel cloths 30cm x 33 cm 12 packs of 50 per case

Hygiene Warehouse, Unit 6 Ashmead Park, Ashmead Road, Bristol BS31 1SU Tel: 0117 946 1960 Fax: 0117 946 1979 e-mail

Surgery Brochure April 2010  

Hygiene Warehouse surgery brochure 2010

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