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2014 Boxed Introductions

Introducing the William Arthur 2014 boxed stationery collection, which includes features a completely refreshed offering that speaks to a younger customer.

William Arthur creates beautifully printed stationery products that resonate in today’s world. Equal parts vibrant and refined, a William Arthur design delights, turning every occasion into a lasting memory. In this sample packet you will find two new playful and fresh motif collections and ten vibrant new thank you note designs.

Inspired by the fun diversions of yesteryear, our Retro Delights collection features whimsical illustrations in a bold palette sure to inspire a pining for all things nostalgic.

RETRO DELIGHTS Clockwise from top left, B60576: Bicycle Notes, B60464: Camera Cards, B60450: Turntable Cards, B60443: Typewriter Cards, B60457: French Press Notes, B60583: Teacup Notes

Inspired by treats of the sugary (and delicious) variety, our Sweet Stuff collection features playful designs in vibrant colors with a pop of gold foil for extra charm.

SWEET STUFF Clockwise from top left, B60436: Pie Notes, B60429: Hard Candy Notes, B60415: Ice Cream Notes, B60401: Lollipop Notes, B60422: Cupcake Notes, B60408: Cake Notes

VIBRANT THANK YOU NOTES Clockwise from top left, B60618: Wildflowers, B60597: School of Fish, B60604: Sweet Pears, B60611: Orange Grove, B60590: Summer Watermelon

FOIL STAMPED THANK YOU NOTES Clockwise from top left, B60619: Scallop, B60569: Dots, B60562: Chevron, B60620: Tear Drops, B60555: Key

For images or information, please contact Wallis Post 917.341.2916

William Arthur - 2014 Boxed Introductions  
William Arthur - 2014 Boxed Introductions