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November 18, 2012 Wawasee Community Bible Church Milford, Indiana Dr. Rock LaGioia

1:10 HOMEWORK What did you learn this week? Read Revelation 7:1-17


God Will Have Mercy On THE REDEEMED.

God Will Have Mercy On JEWISH TRIBULATION SAINTS. (v.1-8)

Read Matt. 19:28; Jer. 31:35-37; and Rom. 11:25-26. Has God’s plan for ethnic Israel come to an end? Has Israel been replaced by the Church? Or, will God restore Israel to the land and bring them to faith in Christ? If Israel is not restored in the future, what will this tell us about God?

Read Is. 43:1-12. What was God’s mission for Israel? How will the 144K from the 12 tribes of Israel fulfill this mission?

Read Rev. 7:14. Do you think these Tribulation martyrs will understand and resonate with Rom. 8:18? Why?

God Will Have Mercy On GENTILE TRIBULATION SAINTS. (v.9-17)

Read Matt. 5:7. What is mercy? Please write out a definition. How is mercy distinct from grace? Is mercy an attitude, an emotion, an action or all of these? What does Jesus mean by “for they shall receive mercy”?

Read 2 Tim. 1:16-18. What role does prayer play with regard to extending mercy to others?

Revelation of Jesus – Week 16 Notes & 1:10 Community Group Questions