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Planning double page spread image

Agency Name



Andre Visinho

Camera height/angle/distance

Mid shots and extra close ups


Music studio


Studio lighting

Mise-en-scene (incl. props, costume)

Mixing decks

Attempted connotation

Contingency (in case of model absence/weather)

I want to show the audience the different things needed to compose a song, for example piano, mixing decks, drums etc. An average day of an artist composing a beat using various instruments, shows the audience how hard they have to work Another model will be used (Ricardo Silva)

Alternate angle

Long shot.

Planned denotation

Thinking points: Rule of thirds, make sure light is on the model, eye flow. Comments:

Pics your using

I have used these pictures for my double page spread because they have the best lighting, and I believe they will have the most effect on the reader, They all contain something to do with music which is good as my magazine is a “Music� magazine. These pictures also give the audience a taste of what it is to be an artist and composing your own track.

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