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1st draft

I am going to use a different font because it doesn’t stand out, and a masthead should be the thing that stands out the most.

Make the cover line stand out more, it might not be that readable. I will change the font

2nd draft

Where it says “Upcoming Artists” I am going to change that to just text saying “50’s Back” in white graffiti text. I will get rid of the red background. Doing this will attract a lot of attention to my magazine as 50 cent is very popular and people would want to read about him.

I will add more cover lines, because one cover line makes it look plain. The more cover lines, the more information there is for the reader to be interested in the magazine. I will be adding it on the right hand side of the page and it will just consist of big artist names.

I will add a button on top of the cover line on the right hand side of the page. This button will say “The first ever Vibez awards finally!” I have made this because It will attract the audience’s attention and I want them to know about the “Vibez awards”

I am going to add a price, issue number, date and a barcode so that the buyer can keep track of what issue hes on, and the price is there so that people know how much the magazine costs.

Feedback front cover (1)  
Feedback front cover (1)