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Diary My Diary will not consist of that much information because I am resubmitting my work and I did not have my Weebly password up until about a month ago as there where a few issues so couldn’t update anything. October – December I done thorough research on popular music magazines, and started my double page from fresh. My double page spread last year let me down hence this year I worked on it a lot. Throughout these months I made a new drawn draft, took new appropriate pictures for my dps and proceeded making 2 drafts and a final draft. January In January I started dedicating my time to my front cover. My front cover wasn’t terrible last year but I thought I could still improve it. So I had to make a new drawn draft and altered the final draft slightly to make it look more professional. February February was when I decided to concentrate on improving my contents page. This was also altered slightly too. New drawn drafts had to be made and I took a few new pictures too so all of the planning etc. was updated. March As there were no drastic changed to my music magazine the evaluation hasn’t been altered that much. But nevertheless I have improved it. March was the month in which I worked on my evaluation which was the last piece of work I had left.

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