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It’s truly an honour to know that you are holding the inaugural issue of the latest lifestyle magazine to hit Johor Bahru and its neighbouring towns and cities.

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Our first issue embarks on what can be known as one of the most awaited event in the country, where shops are filled with people crowding to get their hands on the best deals - THE MALAYSIAN MEGA SALE. We have even more exciting things for you to look forward to and get your hands on, so keep reading to know what these are.

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We also bring to you various columns to cater to your likings and hope that you find them beneficial to your lifestyle.

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Once again, welcome to the journey of WAVES magazine and have a fantastic read ahead.

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Malaysian Mega Sale special! We bring to YOU a special feature on outlets THAT are offering you great deals this mega sale! visit these ksl city STORES and pamper yourself silly!

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KSL City, Lot G-03 The Sembonia/Bonia brand speaks for itself and for the Malaysian Mega Sale; they are offering great deals at their outlets. Ranging from a bevy of well-crafted bags and shoes, its every man and woman’s must stop store! Credits of design must be given to our home grown talents Ms. Carol, Ms. Sally, Mr. Nick and Mr. Vincent as they have given Sembonia the sleek touch and memorable feel it’s well known for. Discounts rage from 10% to 50% with a whole new lineup of bags as well. Their travel bags are on a Super Sale with over 50% in discounts! A cosmetic pouch worth RM19.90 is offered with every purchase of RM69 and above. So shoppers, do drop and shop merrily at Sembonia outlets in KSL City Mall and City Square Mall.


KSL City, Lot L1-109 With stores located all over Johor Bahru and Singapore, Manchu is quickly becoming the regular pit stop for those looking to buy something hip and trendy! With a team of Hong Kong designers, they come up with the best cuts for both men and women’s wear. With purchases of up to RM150 and above, customers are eligible to get a lifetime membership card which carries 7% to 20% discounts. In conjunction with the Malaysian Mega Sale, Manchu have lined out the new arrivals with attractive prices so do check them out!

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Vivi Bridal

KSL City, Lot L2-92 Looking for the perfect place to shop for your wedding? Vivi bridal is the one stop store for you. With stores in Malaysia, Taiwan, Taipei and Hong Kong, Vivi offers the sleekest designs for that perfect bride and groom look. Their attractive packages come with discounted rebates! To see them in action, you can drop by any of their road shows with one happening during the first and fourth week of July in Singapore and second and fourth week in KSL City Mall respectively. So brides, keep Vivi Bridal in mind for your wedding and get those package deals quick!

Camden Town & Corvent Garden KSL City, Lot L1-11

Aptly located at the walkway escalator of KSL L1 Corvent Garden and Camden Town cannot be missed! With another two stores at Sutera Mall, they offer chic and spunky clothing at a fixed price of RM29.90 for one item and RM50 for two items purchased. There is nothing priced higher than that! Topping that off is with every purchase of RM50 and above, customers can purchase a trendy pouch worth RM19.90 for only RM10. Talk about a sweet deal folks!

Tanz Saloon KSL City, Lot L2-07

With a warm ambience, Tanz is the best place to get your hairdo. With 20% to 30% off their cut and wash offers, Tanz gives you the bang for your buck. Using the best products including the acclaimed Mucota hair products from Japan, Tanz man in charge Mr. John gets hands on in putting out the best cuts for his customers. So if you folks need a cut and wash while reading WAVES, head to Tanz and get it fulfilled!

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Paradise Dressing KSL City, Lot 02-112

Getting sick of the apparels in your closet? Having the urge to spice up your wardrobe with something really special? Then head down to Paradise Dressing, a boutique that serves online and offline customers. Turn yourself into a trendy, vintage, fashionable and glamorous chic from head to toe. All clothes are handpicked from overseas and are in extremely limited quantity, with stocks arriving every two weeks. Look out for 50% discounts and Buy 1 Free 1 promotions at the end of every month.


Zen Haute Coiffure Salon & Academy Sdn Bhd KSL City, Lot 02-90 & 02-91

Head down to Zen Haute, a salon that uses Shiseido Professional’s Products only, and get 50% off the digital perm which is usually worth RM380. In addition, their latest promotion is made up of two packages from which you can choose from. Package A consists of a cut, colour and treatment for only RM128 while Package B consists of a cut, rebonding and treatment at only Rm148. Discounts are offered for stylish services only!


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#1 - WALK!

Studies say that on average we walk about one to two kilometres (km) per visit to the mall. If you make five trips in a month, that’s about 10 km under the belt right there. Literally! Walking about 1.6 km can burn off about 100 calories on average. That’s quite a workout for doing what we like doing best!

Always wanted to shed some extra pounds while getting your regular dosage of shopping? Isn’t that line by itself honey to the ears! Here are the top 5 ways on how to do it!


Ditch the trolley and carry the basket instead. Tone up those arms while you carry those precious items! On a regular monthly grocery shopping, you’ll probably be carrying quite a lot of weight so now with this knowledge, cradle those goods with joy!


You can get a great workout just by climbing up those stairs as an alternative to the gym. Stair climbing increases cardiovascular fitness as well as muscular endurance and strength. It works most of the leg muscles, especially the quadriceps (front of thighs) and buttocks, and requires a tremendous outlay of energy.


Bring along a fruit juice for your next shopping escapade and stay rejuvenated. Put a blend of oranges together and get your vitamin C intake. Cranberry juice prevents urinary tract infections and Pomegranate juice may help clear clogged arteries while Grape juice lowers risk of blood clots. Consult your physician for further details and do bear in mind that moderation is recommended with all things. Flip over to our smoothie page for more ideas!


Do not go to the candy/junk food section! This is the biggest favour you can do for your body. Stay away from canned products and buy fresh instead. Get the best benefits by adding more green to your diet. page 09

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When did you first realise that you were born to do music? I kind of knew at an early age that I definitely liked music and have been involved in it in some way since I was like two or three years old. My parents would always play their favorite songs and I'd always start dancing to it! A lot of fans used to liken your style to Lauryn Hill but nowadays you’re ‘radio friendly ‘, why the revamp? I want to share my music with more listeners and my music taste is always expanding. l also love trying out new sounds. What's your favourite topic to write/sing about? Love! Which of your own songs would you recommend for someone feeling -- blue / energetic? If your feeling energetic, I'd suggest to get out your dancing shoes and start moving to - What You Waiting For!. If your feeling blue, especially if it's because of an ' ex-boyfriend ' listen to - Yesterday or Kau Tahu. HAVING RECENTLY TIED THE KNOT WITH Noh, is it hard to juggle work and personal life since you’re both artists and receive public gaze at all times? Not really, I think it helps that we are both in the same industry so we both understand what we need to do.

“I want to share my music with more listeners and my music taste is always expanding.”

“Don’t stop what you love to do no matter what people say!” What’s going on with The Tarik Crew? We’ve been doing our own thing since we stopped back in 2005. I think all of us are more matured and grown up now, either married with kids, getting married and doing what we love to do. We still are friends and meet up often. How’s The Singing Shop and Mizz Demeanour COMING ALONG? Any plans of opening up A sTORE in JB or Singapore? The Singing Shop is doing good, right now I have three branches in KL. Who knows, I might stretch out to the east coast one day? JB and Singapore may be in the plans to, but not right now. Mizz Demeanor is my fashion label and still very new to the industry. I have a new collection coming mid year 2011 and will be available for sale online and in a number of stores around KL. How was the experience of opening for justin bieber recently? Bieber fever was definitely kicking in to me when he was here. I was so happy that I was chosen to be the opening act. Truly blessed, plus I even got to meet him in person. Unbelievable! What's your success behind doing so many things at a time? Making sure you have good health and a great positive attitude and of course a good team to work with! What are your upcoming plans, with music and your life? I will be releasing my new single very soon, I will also be shooting this video and working on some new material for my new album. Apart from that I'll be married in a month so I'm also very busy with the preperations. What would you say to budding female artists out there? Don't stop what you love to do no matter what people say!


WAVES asks Mizz Nina ... Being a fashion designer, what are the top must have’s in your closet? Here is her list...

“I would rather be caught dead than be caught wearing FUR #antifur!” - Mizz Nina PHOTOGRAPHY: VINCENT PAUL YONG MIZZ NINA IS WEARING LEVI’S page 12


K Town Clan Give Em’ The Ughh!! Label : The GoodFellaz (Indie)

“Give Em’ The Ughh!!” is probably the most apt title for a track that, once you’re tuning in to, really makes you want to say “Give Em’ The Ughh!!”! So what is this new line that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue? It is indeed the latest single released by the Malaysian Kings of Crunk – K Town Clan as a preview to their upcoming album titled ‘Playground’ which is said to drop by September this year. The K Town boys consisting of Roshan Jamrock (who has done the production and arrangement works for the track), Big Bo and Dra-Vid all hail from Kajang, hence, the name of the group which pays tribute to their hometown. Coming a long way since being the 2005 Grand Champs of Hitz.Tv Blast Off, their musical style has ripened and fine tuned to a higher plane and instead of just sticking with crunk music, they have experimented with everything from rock to bass bangs to find their ideal sound. “Give Em’ The Ughh!!” is the perfect track to get a heads up for what’s in store for their upcoming album. The chorus makes you chant along with them and the energy level remains consistent with all three vocalists throughout the track. With the vibe we get from this single, I dare say that K Town Clan will be going places and redefining the Malaysian music scene. The single is a current chart topper and has won the first prize in the latest ICOM Hip Hop Contest. For further updates, do look them up on facebook.

WAVES rates this track a whopping 4.5 out 5 headphones!

5 fashion

tips for savvy Sale shopping Vicki is the owner of Orchid Row (, a Brunei shopping blog that talks about fashion, beauty and everything in between. The blog was founded in May 2010 and has featured various online and brick-and-mortar stores, locally and internationally, as well as, some of her own shopping anecdotes. Visit her website, or follow her on Twitter (@OrchidRow) today! Watch this space as she brings to you monthly bites on the latest fashion tips, tricks and trends. This month, Vicki talks about the five best ways to be savvy while you’re out shopping when there’s a sale on at your favourite store or mall!

Let’s not deny it, shopping is AWESOME. But do you know what’s even more awesome? Shopping during sale season! Clothes, shoes, accessories and everything else that you couldn’t bring yourself to buy when at full price. Heaven, I say! Going crazy shopping during sale season can easily happen. The problem, though, is that sometimes you’d end up with stuff that you regret buying. Shopping, especially during a sale, does something to one’s judgment. And honestly, just how many times have you came home from a sale shopping spree with clothes that you never really wear or feel good in? Although mindless shopping sounds much more fun, to get the most out of a sale, you’d need to practise some sensibility. page 14

TIP #1 Shop as if you’re buying items at full price.


Don’t fall into the trap of buying something just because it’s at a discounted price. You need to ask yourself, “Would I really buy this if it wasn’t discounted?” Be honest with yourself, because you don’t want to end up with clothes that you would never wear.

Those skinny jeans you had your eye on is going at half off. You can barely zip it all the way up, but with its 50% discount tag, it must be worth getting, right? Wrong! Think again, ladies. Just because something is on sale doesn’t justify buying it although it doesn’t quite fit.

TIP #2 Keep it classic.


Before you buy those Lady Gaga-ish super fashionable shoes, ask yourself if they will still be trendy next year.

You need to be fast and efficient in a store sale if you want to be bringing home a good haul.

Instead of buying shockingly coloured or outrageously designed clothes that are in-style now, look for a high quality classic piece in dark hues that will never go out of fashion.

Rather than checking piece by piece on the racks, grab as many clothes as you can and sort through the pieces later. Chances are, if you’re taking time picking clothes from the racks the people around you will be the ones taking the pieces that YOU want.

TIP #5 BE PREPARED. For a full out shopping spree, you’ve got to be in appropriate gear. And by appropriate, I mean clothes and shoes that can be easily removed and put on again. Changing in and out of clothes can really take the fun out of a shopping spree, so make it easier on yourself.

With a bit of sense and control, you can find really great bargains during sales season. It’s the time to stock up on some basics or that designer shoes that you have had your eyes on. Be in control, and don’t fall too far into temptation and at the end of your sale spree, you’ll find yourself tired but oh so satisfied.

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Strategically located at City Square Shopping Mall, Plaza Pelangi and Senai Airport, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf not only offers delicious drinks but also a scrumptious meal! We dropped by the Plaza Pelangi outlet, where the laid back ambience makes it the perfect place to meet for any occasion.


The Cookies and Cream Ice Blended is a must have to quench your thirst on a hot day! The English Breakfast is perfect for regular tea consumers, while the Mocha Latte is best saved for those with pallets for Mocha. I’m not a big fan but regardless I have to agree that it was tasty!


The Harvest Orzo Salad was the best appetizer of choice. The portion was good and it set off the pace for the entrĂŠes. The Pasta with chicken and mushroom Fusilli was well cooked and the gravy was just right. The Honey Mustard Chicken Chop was absolutely fantastic! The meat was tender and the seasoning was on point. The mouth watering Chicken Patty Burger with Salad Dressings came in a big portion, and the patty was well done and the dressings complemented the dish very well.


The desserts are a must have at Coffee Bean. The rich espresso taste for the Brownie was a bit too much for my liking, however the Almond Banana Tart was great as it had the right texture and the serving was well presented. Lastly, one bite into the Home-style Carrot Cake and you will experience heaven on earth!


The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is the best place to just chill out with a drink and the perfect spot for a splendid meal!

RATE: 8.5 out of 10

page 21


RestORAN Agus or popularly known as ‘Restoran Ayam Penyet’ is a must stop for all you food lovers out there! With three outlets located at Taman Universiti (Jln. Kebudayaan 2), Taman Ungku Tun Aminah (Jln. Perkasa 2) and Taman Impian Emas (Jln. Impian Emas 5/5), Agus offers a variety of dishes with a some calming décor to further furnish the pleasant feel of the restaurant.


Their ‘Nasi Ayam Penyet’ is the star dish with sidelines of ulam and sambal, and the honey coated chicken leaves you wanting for more! Their Nasi Goreng Sambal and Nasi Lemak Ayam Masak Rendang are delightful to look at and even more fulfilling upon tasting! An interesting item is their Hong Kong style Kuey Teow. I was wondering for a moment, did the chef forget to put the kuey teow in because I couldn’t find it, but the restaurant owner was kind enough to explain that the Kuey Teow has been chopped up and fried with flour and eggs hence the unique look of the dish. Simply delightful! These set meals come in perfect portions and are priced very reasonably and they also offer a host of à la carte dishes for family meals. The ‘Ikan Pece Lele’, Butter Prawns, Deep Fried Squid and Ikan Tiga Rasa are among the crowd favourites. Their spicy Sup Kambing with bountiful mutton servings is also a must mention.


Feeling full and just looking for a quick bite instead? Try their Roti Canai Kosong and Roti Canai Mushroom with Cheese. Very soft and tender and not to mention mouth watering!


Great service from all their staff who seem to wear a smile on their face at all times. Our observations revealed the efficiency of the staffs with one of them cleaning and another wiping and setting the table saving precious time. Hailing a team of more than 20 staff, guests will not be left waiting. Their outlet is equipped with Wifi so all you guys on the go can get your surf on while you’re having your meal!

RATE: 9.5 out of 10

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Strawberry Cheesecake Mousse

Snap and Win! Have you tried this recipe out? If yes, send in a picture of your creation and stand the chance to WIN a special prize!

By Priya Manikam

Ingredients :

Directions :

• 150 - 200g strawberry jam (complete with the fruit pieces available in tin)

1. Whisk the cream cheese with the double cream until thick & creamy.

• 200g cream cheese

2. Add in the icing sugar and mix well till smooth & thick.

• 150ml double cream • 75g icing sugar

3. Finally stir in the strawberry jam into the mixture.

Note: You may replace the strawberries with any other fruits you like.

4. Dish into any cocktail glasses and chill for several hours before serving it to your guests.

page 23

recipe recipe

A Smoothie for Smooth Skin Here’s a great smoothie recipe to beautify your skin! Try out this smoothie regularly and see the difference for yourself! Equipment : A blender / Smoothie Maker

Ingredients : • • • •

Oranges (skinned and seeds removed) Tomatoes Any other fruit or vegetable Pepper

Steps : Firstly, we don’t recommend using frozen fruits. Frozen fruit smoothies of course stay chilled for a longer time and are thicker but they do come with a bunch of unwanted issues. Skin, slice and dice your oranges and tomatoes. You can add any other fruits or vegetables of your choice but make sure you match them well or your smoothie will taste a bit too funky for consumption. Toss the items in the blender or smoothie maker for a few minutes. Don’t forget to add some water to the mix! Add a dash of pepper to the blend as Ayurvedic practices say that they help reduce chest phlegm. A few minutes is all it takes and your smoothie is ready. Consume your smoothie shortly after making it to take full advantage of the nutrients. If you let your smoothie sit longer, the nutrients oxidize and turn your smoothie brown. Do not store your smoothie after the ingredients have gone through the blender, as the nutrients and live enzymes deteriorate rapidly. Now kick back and enjoy your smoothie and let the rest of your day be as colorful as the fruits and vegetables you used!

page 24



ways to stay cool Here are eight fantastic tips on how to look good and stay hydrated in this heated weather. By Priya Manikam

Drinking a lot of water helps cleanse your system and keeps your skin hydrated.

Avoid alcohol as it has dehydrating effects.

Indulge in fresh anti-oxidant and rich seasonal fruits such as plums, strawberries or blueberries. Make a smoothie out of the berries to keep away from the summer heat. Smoothie Recipe on Page 24

Exfoliate your skin with moisturising cream to keep your skin healthy and shiny.

Apply sunscreen or sun block about 30 minutes before heading out.

Wear a hat and sunglasses to protect from the heat. It would also make you look good in the new summer dress you bought!

Avoid tight and dark clothing as it would make you sweat more leading to skin irritation and heat rash. Opt for lighter colour clothing especially in cotton or linen fabrics.

Finally, take showers daily! It is not only good hygiene but would keep you looking fresh and smelling good!



Having trouble at work, college or want to discuss matters of the heart? Contact Miss Martha at (*All names have been changed to protect each individual’s identity)


Dear Martha, I recently obtained my SPM results and I do not know what to do next. Dear Vicki, Are you interested in a particular area of studies or would you like to work? Weigh the possibilities of both before pressurising yourself into doing something you would regret later. Attend any road shows organised by colleges. Write to them for brochures. Remember one thing; everyone has an in-born talent in them. You just need to find yours and I am sure you would succeed. My best wishes to you.


Dear Martha, I got a job offer to work abroad. I am excited and scared at the same time. What should I do in order to come to a decision? Dear Alex, It is normal for you to feel that way as it is a big decision. I take it that by going abroad means you are getting a better working opportunity and salary right? Think of it as a learning process and for the betterment of your future. Give it a try and if you do not like it you can always return. Take a leap of faith!


Dear Martha, My wife always comes home late from work. Her excuse is there is too much pending work. I am getting quite fed-up. Help me! Dear Anonymous, Before you jump into any conclusion, have you let your wife know how you feel about this? She could be really busy at work but you could try and reason out with her that you need her too. Do work out a compromise with her to come home early on alternate days in order to have some quality time together. Explain to her that as much as work is important to her so is family life.

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Interested in subscribing? email us or visit our facebook or twitter accounts



Shopping Themed Books Richelle Gan took a trip down the lanes of to find the top eight books that will entice any shopaholic out there! Check out her suggestions below..

#1 - Shopper Marketing: How to increase decisions By: Markus Stahlberg, Ville Maila Giving you the best insights into every aspect of the shopping experience, whether it be promotions, displays, packaging, or even a store’s layout!

#2 - Confessions Of A Shopaholic By: Sophie Kinsella You know you’ve come across this one before, as it’s popularity has hit many towns. Read on; as main character Rebecca Bloomwood encounters challenges at her job and daily life with moments that will change her life and the ones of those around her forever.

#3 - Mini Shopaholic By: Sophie Kinsella Like mother, like daughter? Rebecca Brandon’s journey continues with her two year old Minnie, aptly named, as she struggles to make ends meet. So how does this all time favourite story end? Grab this book to find out!

#4 - The Shopping Diet By: Phillip Bloch Does the word diet turn you off? Fret not! For the diet tips and tricks in this book will not have you deprived of anything fashionable and trendy. It provides readers with the perfect solutions for saving money and looking savvy at the same time.

page 28

#5 - The Little Guide To Vintage Shopping By: Melody Fortier Absolutely adore Vintage clothing? Vintage-clothing dealer Melody Fortier demystifies the entire process so you’ll know just what to look for, what to avoid, and what to pay. Get great tips to make sure you get the best pieces without comprising on quality, fits and trends.

#6 - The Devil Wears Prada By: Lauren Weisberger Another movie tie-in that’s a must read. Follow the journey of Andrea Sachs, the girl who lands the job that so many girls would do anything for. A good book with a great epitome for “The Boss from Hell”, read on as Andrea narrates her life in this refreshing book.

#7 - The Virago Book Of The Joy Of Shopping By: Lauren Weisberger The lives many are revealed in this guide to women who would do anything to find just the right thing. Read the many records, and baffle over the darker side of shopping back in the day.

#8 - The Secret Shopper Affair By: Kate Harrison Join best mates as they go through trials and tribulations of their personal lives in this chick-lit. Only by reading this book will you find out if the magic of shopping can keep their friendship together or pull their shutters down for good.



Websites for Free Vouchers, Warehouse Sales, Discount Offers and Special Promotions BY KAY, the author of, a tech blog focusing on news and reviews about softwares, web applications, blogging, make money online tips and more! Facebook Fan Page:

Each of us is a consumer in one way or another. With the rising cost of goods and services each day, we constantly search for answers on how to lighten the burden of day to day living. As a smart consumer, we should learn how to monitor our monthly expenditures and learn to leverage on the Internet’s convenience to search for great offers. There are countless ways to save money through the Internet. Here is a list of 10 websites that give away free or low price SMS vouchers, provide news on warehouse sales and places that are offering discounts!

#1 - My Style

#2 - Shopping n Sales

my 111 – Enjoy (1) fantastic offer of up to 50% discount from all merchants, limited to (1) mobile number, once (1) a year. Cost RM3.50. my 365 – Enjoy continous fabulous offers of up to 30% discount from all merchants, unlimited to all mobile numbers (365) days a year. Cost RM1.50.

ShoppingNSales brings you the current sales, best deals, shopping bargains and warehouse sales in Klang Valley, Malaysia. They are dedicated to finding the best bargains, to hunt down the greatest deals, to source all warehouse sales events and to place it up for all of you. ShoppingNSales is presented in a blogging style. It keeps you up-to-date on sales and freebies. Folks behind ShoppingNsales are caring enough to provide a handy navigation Calendar (dates in blue) for Sales entered for that day.

page 30



OfferStation scouts Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Penang and other cities for the latest offers, promotions, sales as well as credit card discounts on food – and reports them on their website for your convenience. consolidates a complete list of all the sales

It brings you useful and convenient “buying information” to save you a lot of time, hassle and money. Their “offer scouts” gather all the relevant information for you on a regular basis and their “discoveries” are featured on the website.

#5 - PASIM PASIM stands for Promotions and Sales in Malaysia. PASIM provides free information on discounts, promotional fairs, warehouse sales, clearance awareness, charity specials and various contests.

and promotions available during a particular week and presents it in an easy to view format. You can try your luck by looking for hidden discounts available through their discount vouchers, SMS vouchers and online vouchers lists. It provides visitors with free and instant access to the most complete weekly Sales and Promotion information in Malaysia.

#6 - LELONG WAREHOUSE SALES A section in shows upcoming warehouse sales in Malaysia. Information is well arranged in a table and you can check out detailed information, such as states, location, time and date, of a particular warehouse sale.

page 31

#7 - freevoucher

#8 - bigsales

FreeVoucher’s mission is to provide a free voucher collection for all Malaysians and all Internet surfers around the world. Most of the web pages listed here are maintained by Malaysians.

Provide the latest shopping sale details in Malaysia including warehouse sales, discounts, mega sales, stock clearances, discount vouchers, promotions and best buys.

#9 - Everyday on sales


Malaysia’s is a weblog dedicated to shopaholics and the public who hunt for great deals in town. They constantly publish Warehouse Sales, Special Promotions, Great Deals, Great Discounts and any other sales information.

This website is all about warehouse sales, promotions and freebies within Malaysia.

Facebook Fan Page: page 32



Everyone will tell you a different story about Brunei. Many call it home, many are now overseas having grown up here, many are on time-bound working contracts, and many know Brunei Darussalam as a transit destination en route from Point A to Point B. Read on to find out about some of the must-visit spots and just a few hidden secrets of the abode of peace.

Brunei Darussalam – in a nutshell...

A local should be able to: • Show you around the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque and the Jame’Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque • Walk with you among the locals at Kampung Ayer (the Water Village) • Stand with you as you shake the Sultan’s hand during the Sultan’s ‘open house’ as part of the annual Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations • Hold your hand as you walk along the Ulu Temburong National Park’s canopy walkway

What we can’t do:

• Provide any recommendations for local watering holes – as there are none; public alcohol

consumption is prohibited.

Inside-Knowledge: Read

The Brunei Times, an independent English-language daily or the Borneo Bulletin – both published in English.


Light, loose clothing, with an umbrella for frequent rain.

Be aware of

Unless you know a few locals, meeting places like Gadong may seem like any other busy city or town. Go with locals, and then the best places are found! However, for those planning a visit to the once famous Jerudong Park, please be aware that many of their rides are no longer in operation.


Give or receive items such as food and business cards with your right hand (or both). Using the left is considered rude. If possible, get to know a few locals before you visit – this is the best way to know any country. Learn these phrases – selamat pagi (good morning), selamat petang (good afternoon), selamat jalan (goodbye) and terima kasih (thank you).


Don’t just visit in transit or stay just for a stop-over; to truly appreciate this Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures plan to stay for at least a week. Don’t drink alcohol in public – non-Muslims are allowed private consumption and to bring in limited amounts of alcohol from outside of Brunei.



Ulu Ulu Resort Ulu Temburong National Park +673 2441791 The Ulu Ulu Resort is located by the banks of the Temburong River and Belalong River. Find rest and rejuvenate your senses with nature, or go hunting for excitement at the Batu Apoi forest reserves. Go for a getaway with the family, book a hall for training and networking if you are a commercial entity, or simply bring a camera – shoot, and find yourself again. An ecotourist’s true delight.

Fit for a King Royal Regalia Museum Jalan Sultan (Town Centre) +673 2228358 The Royal Regalia is home to the Monarchy’s history. You will find and marvel at the coronation elements and regain an appreciation for the Nation’s progress. A must visit for the history buff.

The Sultan’s Palace (seasonal) Istana Nurul Iman The ‘open house’ at the Istana Nurul Iman - Annually, one of the most festive times in Brunei are the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations, which marks the end of Ramadhan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. A truly unique tradition during this time of celebration is the ‘open house’ at the Istana Nurul Iman, the palace of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam. The ‘open house’ tradition is a time when the people of Brunei and foreign visitors are able to visit the Istana Nurul Iman to convey well wishes and festive greetings in person to the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam and members of the Royal family.

Tee Off The Empire Hotel and Country Club, Jerudong +673 2418888 This 18-hole Jack Nicklaus-designed Championship Golf course sprawls over 182 hectares of tropical gardens overlooking the South China Sea: front nine holes overlook the ocean from high ground, and the back nine holes reach to the sea. There is also a signature 15th hole which runs along the beach. page 34


Hidden Secrets of Brunei Darussalam Morning:

Wake up before the break of dawn and start your day with an invigorating hike up the Tasek Lama Recreational Park near the Radisson Hotel in the Nation’s capital. Once you have worked up an appetite, join the locals for breakfast at Jin Chew Café for their freshly baked breads and ‘roti kuning’ with a hot cup of ‘kopi-O’.


Try out ambuyat (a quintessential Bruneian dish) at Aminah Arif in Kiulap, or a range of local Malay dishes at Tarindak D’Seni which shares the same premise at the Brunei Arts and Handicraft training Centre.


For the fellas, walk into an Indian barber salon in Gadong for a shave and Indian head massage. For the ladies, book in a pedicure / manicure session at Pamperlicious at the Q-Lap Mall.


Walk along the Gadong Pasar Malam (‘Night Markets’), say hello to the friendly local vendors, and grab a stick or two of barbequed ‘tongkeng’. Then have dinner at Kitaro Japanese in Gadong for the freshest sashimi in town.


Sneak in a set or two of bowling at The Empire Hotel and Country Club followed by a movie, all within a stone’s throw.


Hang out at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf café just a few minutes from The Mall, people-watch, and start a conversation with the who’s who or just enjoy watching the English Premier League on one of their flat-screens.

Delwin Keasberry is the founder and director of ProjekBrunei. com, a website that features the stories, music, photography and art of locals and of people who have lived or worked in Brunei Darussalam before. His posts have also been featured on the CNN iReport Blog and Global Voices Online. Visit his website, or follow him on Twitter (@BruneiTweet) today!


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