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homework planners send us a Copy oF your Current planner, along with details oF how many you order For a like-For-like quote, you might Just be surprised!

key Features metal ‘Coil loCk’ binding Tired of plastic coils snapping or metal wire-o planners falling apart? Then you’ll love our metal spiral bound planners with ‘coil locked’ ends, because they don’t.

reliable delivery As we produce the diaries in our own factory, we are in control of the whole production process. We know our capacity and if we make a promise, we keep it!

realistiC deadlines We work our deadlines around each school’s specific needs and circumstances. Call us to see how our dates can work for you.

no online ordering We appoint one person to work with you from start to finish, there are no faceless online systems to learn, just an individual who understands your order and wants to help.

Competitive priCing You might think that these features come with a premium price tag, but you would be wrong. Let us produce a like for like quote, and find out for yourself...

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what makes a great planner custom covers Our team of in-house designers create custom covers for every planner, either using one of our templates or designed to your spec, for example to match your prospectus. If you need print on the inside covers, or additional cover pages we are more than happy to oblige.

school info pages You can have as many info pages as you like, you can have them printed on white or coloured paper (or a mixture of both), and can add colour printed pages too. You can have pages before and after the diary pages, and even in between terms within the diary section. If you have an existing document from a previous supplier we can usually make use of it in its existing form. If you are starting from scratch, we provide templates in Word or Publisher if you wish to create your own custom pages. If you would rather we did the work for you, we also offer a design service.

diary pages All of our diaries can be tailored to each school’s individual needs. Choose and adapt one of our templated designs or specify your own bespoke diary layout, designed around the needs of your students and staff.

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Options & enhancements optional extras In addition to the cover, custom page and diary section customisation, we also offer a range of optional features and services to make the planners even more useful and user friendly...

Map & reference pages Offered at no additional cost in all A5 planners, and also available at A6, 95% of customers choose to include these fantastic maps, science, literacy and maths pages.

pvc document pocket 54% of customers opt to include a useful document pocket, which we bind into the planner. They are great for ensuring letters, forms and report cards make it to and from school.

red/amber/green cards Ideal as an in-class voting system, or for students to indicate their understanding, the RAG cards are a popular option, with 40% of schools including them last year.

dry-wipe page A really useful option which turns the back cover, or additional page, into a dry-wipe board, ideal for rough work and memos. 65% included a dry-wipe this year.

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ruler bookmarks Students need never be without a ruler again! These page markers feature a 21cm/8” ruler, and clip in to the binding to ensure they don’t fall out.

weeks a/b or 1/2 If you have a split timetable, we can merge your week information onto the diary pages, so no more confusion of which week you are on!

important sChool dates In addition to the week labelling, we can also merge your important dates, such as term dates, INSET days and notable events, such as open days, onto the diary pages.

speCials We know every school is unique and that there is often something extra which would make life easier for everyone involved. If you have an idea or requirement that you don’t see listed here we can almost certainly still fulfil it. Last year over 25% of diaries featured something a little out of the ordinary, such as perforated pages, colour coded ribbon page markers, colour printed inserts, hard covers and fold out sheets. Diaries are also available from pocket-sized to A4.

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production deadlines ordering deadlines We ask customers to confirm their intention to order by the end of the spring term, this reserves a production slot to ensure you receive your planners on time.

copy deadlines Obviously the earlier you can get copy to us the better, however unlike some planner companies, we don’t set any unreasonable deadlines which mean you have to leave important and useful information out. We ask that copy is submitted before May half term. This means that we can send your complete dummy proofs to be signed off before the end of the school year, which ensures delivery before you return to school in September. If you would prefer your planners to be delivered in July, we need to have them signed off before May half term, which will mean getting content to us straight after the Easter break. To discuss deadlines or specific circumstances in more detail, please speak to one of the team who will be able to advise you further.

Whatever your circumstances or requirements, let us work our magic and deliver a first rate planner, on time and on budget! For more information visit


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Frequently asked questions Can we have different versions for different year groups?

Absolutely! We are happy to produce as many different versions as you need, whether it is the whole planner that differs, or just a couple of pages. Some customers also opt for different covers for each of their houses.

We need a specific layout for the diary pages, can you help?

Certainly, you can customise one of the layouts from our library, or send us a sketch of how you would like it to look and our designers will make it a reality.

Will I have to recreate my custom pages in your template?

If you have a document that you use for an existing supplier we can usually use it in its existing format, and if it does need tweaking we will adapt it for you. If you are unsure, email your existing file to us and we will advise accordingly.

When do you need our content?

Have a look at page 6 of this booklet for details of our copy deadlines, we offer far greater flexibility than most suppliers!

Do you have a price list?

Due to the number of options available it isn’t possible to publish a price list. Let us know what you need, or better still send us one of your existing planners, and we will get a written quote back to you ASAP.

Our previous planners fell apart, will this happen with yours?

No. We are one of very few companies in the UK with the facility to produce planners featuring a continuous metal spiral binding, with coil locked ends. Basically this means that there are no joints that pages can escape from and no plastic which can snap, only a steel wire which requires wire cutters to remove. Ask us for a sample to see for yourself!

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