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Head’s Welcome It has been a year of excitement, challenge, success and, at times, sadness. In January, we mourned the loss of Mr Chris Jordan: a man who gave a great deal to the school and its students. The school continues to move forward. In May, our History department was inspected by Ofsted and received a very positive report. Graded ‘Good’, Ofsted recognised that ‘appropriate learning activities are set for different groups of students and the teachers know their needs well.’ Also, ‘Students are well behaved, with excellent attitudes. They enjoy learning and work well with each other.’ Many congratulations to the History team and especially to Mr Ison, in-charge of History, and Ms Purnell, Head of Humanities. The inspector wrote, ‘The Head of Humanities and the teacher in charge (of History) work well together and there is strong leadership and direction for the subject.’ In June, the school was recognised nationally as being in the top 10% of schools for outstanding student progress and continuous improvement. The Chief Executive of the national awarding body, SSAT, wrote, ‘Golden Hillock Community School is one of the best schools in the country at outperforming expectations for their pupils and improving their future prospects.’ We are proud of the achievements that we have made, but ‘Learning Together’ means we strive to achieve more. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all students, staff and parents of our school community in contributing to Golden Hillock’s continuing success. Matthew Scarrott

MFL News: Work Experience in Normandy, France

Science Mini-Library On the FLD 11/7/12 a group of Year 7 students along with Mr Bradshaw and Miss Wise constructed a well-resourced student Science library: "The Wise Bradshaw Bibliotheque" at the back of D21. It was officially opened by Mrs Tyler on the 11th July following a wonderful ceremony. This facility will be available for all students and teachers during lunch time. Come and enjoy. Mrs H. Ahmed

Four students from Year 10 had highly successful work experience placements; Tayyab Alishan, Bilal Anwar, Amina Pervez and Farhana Rahman stayed with host families and worked in French schools and shops. They all approached the experience enthusiastically, had a rewarding and enjoyable time and were a credit to our school. We linked with a French school called ‘La Maison Familiale’ and GHS have been offered six placements next June, so students currently in Year 9, look out for a newsletter in September with details of how to apply. Our students said: ‘It was an amazing experience, to be put in completely new surroundings and having to adapt. Speaking French was the best’. ‘Work experience was brilliant, we had a great opportunity to work and socialise with French people, and it was something really different.’

MakeItMolecular MakeItMolecular held two events in the community during the Spring. The first was held on 17th May at the Year 7 parents' evening. Parents, students and siblings made various molecules, ranging from simple organic compounds to complex structures. One Year 6 student was so pleased with his efforts that he wanted to take them home. The second event took place on May 19th, at the annual fete of the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Aston. Parishioners and members of the local community made an assortment of molecules. Even the clergy had a go - with a bit of encouragement. One elderly lady couldn't wait to tell her grandchildren all about the molecule that she had made.

Science Careers Have a look at some of the possible careers within Science that these students have experienced. They even communicated LIVE time with an astronaut Mr Andres Kuipers from Holland who is on the International Space Station ISS.

Year 7s trip to Wroxeter On Wednesday 4th July, we went to Wroxeter. Wroxeter is a Roman city in which we took part in many activities. We were accompanied by Mr Ison, Mr Carr, Mr Ptak and Mr Field. Here is what we did. We were given a tour by the Instructor Luke, who made learning History fun. To Luke we were slaves who were uneducated. Once we were trusted, we embarked on a journey to learn about the Romans. We learnt how advanced the Romans were for their time. They had baths, gyms and central heating. We thought the trip was amazing. The trip was funny as well as informative. Nahidul Islam 7LJ & Amhabur Rahman 7ASA

Expressive Arts Our class had the opportunity to trial the new Expressive Arts qualification in Creative Arts. All of Year 9 will have expressive arts lessons next year and will have the opportunity to gain this qualification. Firstly, we all helped to plan the scheme of work together as a class. This is co-construction. This was great because we all got to give our ideas. This even included writing the learning objectives and planning our own homework. Then we started on our drafting and creating our work. We did one project on film posters and photography. Because the weather was appropriate, we went outside which made us work in a more comfortable and positive way. Overall, this was a very successful and unique experience that we really enjoyed. 9X3

Fright Night Year 8 Sharing Creative Arts Students have been creating work around the theme of horror in their Art, Drama and Music lessons and have been improving their literacy skills through creative writing. Group work has inspired me to take a step back allowing them to make and solve their own problems.

Student comments on Creative Arts Shared theme:

They have been using new materials and discovering how difficult working with your friends can actually be. As a teacher my main role has been a mediator to creative differences and a critical voice. Students who may sometimes struggle in Creative Arts have now come into their own by working as a manager or through being able to take creative risks.

"It was interesting having all of the subjects linking together with the horror theme"

"It was good to share all of our work with the rest of Year 8" "I really enjoyed the freedom that this project gave us"

"I feel that I've made lots of progress" "I loved using the cameras and Mac laptops" “I really enjoyed working in groups and working on a large scale�

Miss Marchant Miss Y. Crawford Students have taken much more ownership of their project, driving forward their own learning and setting their own targets for progression. As a result I have been inspired as I feel proud of their achievements as they do. Mr Bolton

Willow Sculpture As part of our art project we (a group of Year 9 girls) were invited to create a sculpture for the British Waterways. We had the pleasure to work with an artist; Lee Southall. During the first day of the project we walked around Ackers Park taking photos and sketching what we thought related to the waterways. During that afternoon Lee joined us in school to come up with a final design for our sculpture. Two weeks later we started to bring our drawing to life. Lee started the project by making a metal base for us to weave the willow into. After two days of hard work we completed the sculpture, and the final piece looked amazing. The project was very satisfying and having the opportunity to work with new materials was really interesting. Moumita Islam 9KB

Mathtacular Oxford The mathematics department provided a refreshing prospect of visiting the most distinguished and honoured university in England, the famed Oxford University. I have been to several universities over the course of the year, however none have inspired, stimulated and motivated me like Oxford has done. It has encouraged me to aim high and believe I can achieve great things. After an eventful hour-long coach ride we arrived at Keble College Oxford; the sight of the surroundings gave us an instant understanding of the significance and important heritage of Oxford. We settled in and were given an introductory talk explaining what life at Oxford University is really like. We met students and they explained their time so far at Oxford, as well as their plans for the future. Oxford can provide many opportunities for its students and prides itself on student satisfaction.

Oxford University has blown our minds.

We were split into groups with two students acting as tour guides. We were given an enlightening tour of the magnificent grounds of Keble College. The students were in their first year of study and this time provided further opportunity to question them on their first hand experiences. Lunch was an amazing experience! We ate our lunch in the Harry Potter style great dining hall. It was magical. I sat there waiting for the ceiling to change like in the Harry Potter movies. The university with its historic architecture was so beautiful and striking. The streets were so clean and people were cycling. It was such a vast difference to life in Sparkhill. In the afternoon our challenge consisted of making a parachute using limited resources. We were then to drop our parachute from a height with an EGG INSIDE! Surprisingly the majority of people completed the challenge without breaking the egg. We can achieve if we try; the message echoing throughout the day. Exhausted, we all boarded the coach and headed home after an extremely valuable and enjoyable day. Sadiyah, Wesal, Zain, Nimra & Farhad from 10MA1

Big Bang Science

Have you heard of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? This is where it was filmed!

Students at Golden Hillock School were inspired and transfixed by the Big Bang Science experiments during Flexible Learning Day this summer. We would like to thank all the staff and students who helped to make the day go with a BANG!

Sparkbrook Olympic Unity Event On the 1st of July the Olympic Torch Relay graced the streets of Birmingham. In order to celebrate this, the Sparkbrook community held an Olympic themed event in Farm Park. Eight students were selected to represent Golden Hillock School and lead activities for all ages of the community to participate in. As part of the organised activities we gave away two sets of Olympic tickets to see the football at the City of Coventry stadium. This raised interest with over 100 people attempting to win them. The winners were Shahana Fazal and Amman

Hussain. The pupils were outstanding in their leadership and showed the community what our school is made of. I’d like to say a huge thank you to the youth sport volunteers for their commitment to the day by taking them to watch the Jamaican athletics team train at the University of Birmingham. If you think that you would make an exceptional youth sport leader, come and see us in the PE department to find out what opportunities are available! Miss Rigby

Sports Day - July 11th, 2012 Well, this year’s sports day promised to be the biggest and the best until the British summer intervened. With each of the houses adopting a continent and each VT within adopting a country, the stadium looked marvellous with an abundance of flags and painted faces and T-shirts. The renaming of sports day to the 'Golden Hillock Games' and the first ever opening ceremony including flag bearers from all the continents and the release of 100 helium balloons, the games got off to a fantastic start. We had more students present than any other sports day in previous years and the students were truly engaged. Unfortunately after only a few events the looming grey clouds released their burden along with thunderclaps and lightning. The spectators waited patiently in the stands as the PE staff watched

the rain wash away any chance of completing the events. The downpour fell so heavily for such a long time that even once stopped the ground was far too wet to continue safely. We would like to say a big thank you to the GHS students who handled this disappointment tremendously and returned back to school sensibly and maturely. Also a big thank you to all the staff. And well done to the Heads of Houses and Miss Barber for organising such a brilliant event. One problem remains however... You are yet to learn the skill of controlling the British Summer.

Sports Day Thank You I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their efforts on the ‘Golden Hillock Games.’ Despite the weather conditions we were able to hold an opening ceremony and a small number of competitions. All VT’s had made a huge contribution to this event which involved adopting a country and a continent. The end result

was spectacular with the quality of the flags presented on the day. Particular thanks go to the PE department, Miss Slater, Mr Taylor and Heads of Houses. Let’s hope next year will be bigger!!! Miss Barber Head of Specialism

Sporting Excellence Jason Johnson, current Year 11, has secured a place to represent Birmingham City F.C. as part of their development squad. The course consists of academic studies in the morning at college, followed by football practice in the afternoon and games twice a week. We are all very proud of Jason and wish him well. Mr R. Ahmed

Golden Hillock Sports Leaders Shine Through! In partnership with the Golden Hillock Leadership Academy, Golden Hillock students in Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 have taken on the challenge of leading others within a variety of sporting activities. Our students have been instrumental in the organisation and leading of hundreds of primary school students within our Sports Partnership, in their sports festivals, including sports such as Dodgeball, Basketball, Tennis, Rugby, Orienterring and Athletics. Primary school staff and organisers of the festivals have commented on the professionalism and maturity of our students and how they are a credit to our school and what we stand for. Congratulations to all the Sports Leaders who have taken on this big responsibility and who truly should be commended on their hard work and efforts. Mrs O’Malley Sports Leadership Co-ordinator

GHS Staff Inspired by the Olympics! London 2012 fever has spread to Birmingham and the staff at GHS are getting fit. Mr Ptak and Miss Slater both ran for charities in the 8 mile West Midlands on Sunday 10th June. Miss Slater represented Jordan house admirably, beating Mr Ptak’s time by just one minute with 1 hour and 15 minutes, although both were extremely proud of their times as relative newcomers to long distance racing. Not to be outdone, Miss Barber completed the demanding Walsall and Black Country half marathon (13.1 miles) with an impressive time of 2 hours and 20 minutes. The challenge is now on for the PE dept: Will it be an assault course challenge or the Birmingham half marathon? Watch this space!

Staff Interview Name: • Mrs H McDonagh Job: • Associate Senior Leader Year of employment at GHS: • Started on June 1st 2012 Favourite films: • Avatar, Twilight movies (I visited Forks last year, it really does exist!), The curious case of Benjamin Button Favourite music: • I love all music Hobbies: • Hill walking, running, most of my free time is spent doing things with my 3 children. Job History: • I worked as a Senior Adviser within the city since 2007, supporting rapid school improvement. I worked with more than 15 different schools during that time. I am a trained Ofsted inspector (but a nice one!) Before working as an adviser I taught in schools in Coventry and Nuneaton. Education History: • Bretton Hall College • Leeds University Future Expectations: • For GHS students and teachers to show Ofsted how outstanding our school community is.

Year 8 Cricket The Year 8 cricket team successfully won the Key Stage 3 cricket tournament. After managing to overcome a difficult Yardleys team who scored 44 -2, an inspirational batting performance by the captain Sukhban Sani inspired the team to get the 46 runs needed to progress to the final. In the final GHS faced the hosts Small Heath, GHS batted first and scored an impressive 53-4. Some superb bowling from GHS restricted to Small Heath for 46 all out. Congratulations to the the students for their focus and professionalism throughout the games. Mr James

End of Summer Term • Friday 20th July

School closes at 12.15 p.m.

Beginning of Autumn Term • Monday 3rd September Training Day (school closed to students) • Tuesday 4th September School open for Year 7 students only • Wednesday 5th September School open for all students at the normal time

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