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surfboard is more than just an item of sporting equipment; a surfboard is what makes you a surfer, it is your escape from the everyday, your expression of style and your ticket to play in places where most would panic. A surfboard is the most important investment you will ever make as a surfer. Here are some tips on how to choose wisely: 1. Be true to yourself: If you are ordering a custom board from a shaper, the only way you’ll get the right board for your surfing is by being totally honest with him. If you are buying a board straight off the rack, well that’s a bit trickier, because you’re going to have to be honest with yourself. There are some simple questions to ask yourself... What is your honest level of surfing? What is your honest level of fitness? What are the waves you normally surf honestly like? If you tell fibs to yourself, you will be spending a lot of money on something that impairs your surfing. 2. Having said that, don’t sell yourself short: Sure you’ve got to be honest about your surfing, but you also want to improve don’t you? The worst mistake you can make when you want to replace your magic board, is to buy something exactly the same. Even if it’s just a little, keep pushing yourself.



3. Look for quality: Whether it is in the experience, the design or construction, a high quality surfboard is always worth the money. Cheap surfboards are great if you are looking for a cheap board to just surf a few times a year. But if you are looking for quality, focus on that first and price second. 4. You can only ever surf one board: Quivers are luxurious, but amazing things to have. However, the point of a quiver is to have a collection of different boards for different conditions. So if the board you’re buying will be your second, third or twentieth, make sure you’re looking at something that is not the same as what you already own. Otherwise you might as well sell the one you’re replacing. 5. Surfboards aren’t pretty: Ok, so surfboards ARE beautiful things to look at, but remember that it is more important for a board to be functional than aesthetical. So the final decision shouldn’t be made on the colour, the spray, or whether it looks like something your favourite surfer rides. And whilst we’re on the subject, surfboards should never be bought to be hung on a wall – think ‘lion in a small cage in the zoo... crying’. Download the guide at

STUBB EGG 6’4 x 21 x 211/16 RRP: £385. Designed for intermediate to advanced surfers that want to cruz with style. The perfect choice if you need a board with retro glide in your quiver. Single fin box, 50/50 running all the way to the tail, Ideal wave height: 3ft upwards.

gUL SURF Co UK MINI MAL 7’2 to 8’6 RRP: £425. The most popular surfboards in the Gul Surf Co range. Perfect for all levels of surfing ability, who just want a great board for all conditions. A board for the whole family. Shaped in Newquay, Cornwall, UK.

Gul Surf Co present their brand new range of surfboards at Watershed Newquay. Gul was established in Cornwall in 1967 making Wetsuits. In the 1980’s they began producing Surfboards. Today the Gul Surfboard range has taken a step back into the ‘good old days’ offering boards with vintage branding, graphics and shapes. UK Custom Orders are available, please call the store on 01637 498121. web: email: tel: 01637 498121

RESIN TINT FISH 6’0 x 215/8 x 2¾ RRP: £415. Designed for intermediate to advanced surfers that want to cruz with style. The perfect choice If you are looking for a Retro Fish for your quiver. Features: Full red resin tint, thruster, 50/50 rails running all the way to the tail. Ideal wave height: 3ft upwards.

Fluid Juice team rider Toby Donachie

EASYRIDER 7’x 21 - 8’6 x 23 RRP: From £430. This is the ultimate learner/ intermediate/loads of fun/keep forever board. It makes everything go right. Catch loads of waves, all abilities, all ages, easy to turn, hard to fall off.

FLUid JUiCe SPEED EGG 6’4 x 20 ½ - 8’2 x 22½ RRP: From £400. This classic egg style board is surprisingly high performance, excellent for a progressing intermediate surfer either as a stepping stone to perfect your technique before downsizing to a shortboard or to keep long term as an awesome ‘do everything’ board.

SUPERFISH 5’4 x 19 - 7’ x 21½ RRP: From £380. This souped up fish design is a dream solution for so many surfers needs. Small waves, big waves, easy paddling, lively surfing, freedom to progress, intermediate or expert, odd weekends or everyday… the list goes on.

We at Fluid Juice love surfing and love making surfboards! With over 30 years’ experience surfing and shaping, Fluid Juice are in demand to make surfboards for everyone; from complete beginners to top professionals competing worldwide. We know the difference it makes to have the right board and are driven to spread that level of stoke to everyone we can! When you have your ideal board under your feet, you will have loads of fun right now and maximum scope for progress into the future. This is an amazing feeling to have as you walk down the beach. We are always happy to talk boards and we have a full range of demo boards available to try free of charge which can be booked out in advance. Experience the difference! All enquiries are welcome. Fluid Juice Surfboards, The Old Airfield, St Merryn, Padstow, Cornwall. PL28 8PU web: email: tel: 01841 520928 WL SURFMAGAZINE


FFT 6’1 x 19 x 23/8, 33.8ltr RRP: From £465. The Tiki Shortboard model has been proven as a brilliant, straight out of the box shortboard. We have added a round tail to emphasise the drive making this versatile design capable of grovelling when needed but a full-on performer in 2ft to 8ft. Available in 5’11 – 6’3, thruster.

TiKi FUGLY 5’2 x 21¼ x 2¾, 27.8ltr RRP: From £505. Possibly the most fun you can have in summer. Even the most sloppy waves will have you amped. Easy wave pick-up, effortless trim and super loose snaps combine to make the most out of any conditions. Available in 5’2 – 5’11, quad.

SUPERCHARGED CLX 6’3 x 20½ x 2½, 34.5 ltr RRP: From £445. Wide nose, flat rocker with the double flyered tail means this board catches even the mushiest waves. Less experienced surfers love the stability and easy paddling, experts will go nuts for the performance in small waves. Available in 5’10 –7’10, 5 fin option.

PROZAC 6’1 x 21 x 2½ RRP: From £339. A little more range than an ordinary Fish. Thanks to the pulled in tail it’ll feel good in overhead waves as well as summer mush. With thruster/quad options, you can tune it to suit the conditions – a true allrounder. Available in 5’8 – 6’6, 5 fin option.

NSP 7’2 x 21 x 2¾ RRP: £323. The best entry level epoxy board in the world. A well-balanced board that surfs great regardless of your skill. This design has become a favourite in the NSP range – comes with FREE fins, leash and tail pad. Available in 4’9 – 11’0

SURF SERIES fun board from 6’8 – 7’10 RRP: From £225. Featuring the unrivalled Epoxy NSP technology. A no frills range of boards for any surfer looking for top quality at a low price. The best, most durable starter boards. Available in 5’6 – 11’0. 072


Tiki surfboards, since 63. It was a pretty wild ride. From Tim Heyland’s first forays to Hawaii’s North Shore and Dave’s draft dodging Californian road trip, somehow a surf company was born. Stories of blowing blanks in concrete moulds in a farm cottage paint a colourful picture of the early days - a far cry from the established surf industry now. But you’d need a whole book to document the exploits of Tiki back then (or visit the newly opened Museum of British Surfing). The central focus has always remained the same; it has always been about making good quality surfboards. Our range comprises the best of everything: best entry level epoxy boards, best quality custom boards and even the most cutting edge technology: Our Feather Foil technology is the result of 5 years R&D; a unique cutting edge Carbon Bamboo composite technology. The construction uses High Density EPS core, Bamboo layers and Carbon rails to create a board with the strength and weight advantages of modern Epoxy construction but the natural feeling of Bamboo and responsive performance of Carbon. Dubbed the Feather Foil due to it’s extraordinary strength to weight ratio, the technology has been implemented in 5 shapes created by world renowned shaper Bruce McKee. “These are no wood laminate wall-hangers. The integrated composite layers are the product of a 5 years process testing over 25 different combinations of foams types and densities, lay-up cloths, epoxy resins and utilising the best industry know-how. We are very fortunate to have these resources available to us, both as surfboard designers and as surfers ourselves. We’ve been making surfboards for over 45 years - these boards represent a new stage in surfboard technology” said Tiki’s Tim Heyland. web: email: tel: 01271 812442


HELLRAZOR 6’1 x 19½ x 25/16 RRP: £549. The ultimate high performance Hybrid replacing your normal short board (ride approx. 1” shorter). While it’s virtually impossible to design a single board that will handle every type of wave between 3’ and 6’, the HELL RAZOR comes ‘razor’ close.

FiReWiRe MICHEL BOUREZ PRO MODEL 6’0 x 18¾ x 29/16 RRP: £569. Michel Bourez’s signature model combines speed, power and a tight turning radius in a well balanced high performance shortboard, allowing MB to approach any wave, anywhere.

POTATONATOR 5’8 x 20½ x 23/8 RRP: £539. Primarily for 2’-4’ surf, but will hold its own in 3’-5’ also. Fin placement is optimized to be ridden as a quad, but don’t be afraid to throw in a small, knubby trailer fin to help this hybrid 4-finner come alive.

Nev Hyman has a successful 35 plus year history in the surf industry and is recognized as one of the best shapers in the world. From his Gold Coast base in Australia, Nev has been Working closely with Taj Burrow and Michel Bourez for more than four years. “Firewire believes that refinements to the shape of today’s modern surfboards can only produce incremental performance benefits. Exponential improvements in performance require the ongoing development of new materials and construction methods which, in turn, will fuel new design opportunities”. In fact, we believe that just like the influence that Future Shapes Technology has already had on surfboard performance, the next quantum leaps will be centered around new materials and how those allow us to re-tweak longstanding beliefs surrounding shape. In our quest to re-define the ‘Future of Shape’, we’ve developed four technologies; Future Shapes (FST), RapidFire (RF), Direct Drive (DD) & Crossfire (XF). web: email: tel: 01243 670 999

Santa Cruz team rider Max Tucker Photo: Simon Tucker

VAMPIRATE 5’2 RRP: £465. These little boards are amazing. I ride mine as a 5’2, it’s the shortest board I’ve ever owned, but with all that meat, it still paddles insane. Ozzie Wright.

SaNTa CRUZ OZZIE WRONG 5’8 RRP: £460. The 5’8 Ozzie is Ozzie Wrights everyday board of choice and features PowerLyte EXT Construction for decreased weight and increased flex.

FANG 5’9 RRP: £480. Comes with a convertible five fin box set up. While the fin placement leans toward a four fin quad, it can also be ridden as a thruster, twin, or twin with trailer. Part sculpture, part science, pure fun.

We started making surfboards back in 1979 with Doug Haut hand shaping each surfboard. Over the past 40 plus years we grew into one of the largest skateboard companies in the world and all that time Doug Haut kept everyone in Santa Cruz stoked with his custom boards. When the technology finally emerged to create an advanced composite surfboard that would allow us to share/grow/ expand our surfboards we developed in our own factory to bring you Powerlyte and ProFlex surfboards. Beginning with Santa Cruz shapers and Pro’s, testing the boards in some of the best point, reef and beach break waves in the world we have grown to include shapers and Pro’s from Australia, Hawaii and Brazil. We believe that our Powerlyte technology creates a better surfboard for Pro’s and Bro’s alike. web: email: tel: 01656 746984 WL SURFMAGAZINE


HP THRUSTERS: Full range of modern thrusters, semi-guns and guns. Featured board the all new 2012 “Wallis Pro” 6’2 x 18¾ x 2¼ small to medium wave board, fitted with shortboard quad and thruster fin set-up. RRP: From £395

bLaCK & WHiTe QUAD FISH: Without doubt one of the fastest boards in the water an ideal UK all-rounder, catches waves easily, generates speed even in small sloppy conditions yet still performs in good sizable waves as well. Available from 5’6 to Mammoth sized 7’10 RRP: Prices from £410

303 BULLET QUAD: Totally new for 2012 new template and intricate concaves and belly channels, Fish style Quad fin placements allowing for a wide diamondtail which has a tighter turning arc than most fish shapes with positive hold off the bottom and top. Available from 5’4 to 6’10 RRP: Prices from £410

THE PUFFIN: Like the bird, short and stocky on land but fast and agile in the water. Wide with low nose rocker makes for easy paddling and wave catching. The extra tail lift with big concaves gives you smooth loose turns. Comes as a five fin set-up. Available from 5’4 to 6’10 RRP: Prices from £415

GIDEON EGG: Standard or full nose (as above) single or 2 +1, performs in most conditions, really fun and suits a nice clean longboard style, weight forward to trim, step back to carve! Available from 6’2 to 6’8 for similar in longer sizes see the Tanker model on the website. RRP: Prices from £410

LONGBOARDS: A full range of longboards available from, high performance competition models, Noseriders and all-rounder’s to full on Classics. For full details visit the longboard section of the website. RRP: Prices from £525 074


Black and White Surf Co Ltd has over twenty specific models to choose from and also offers a full custom service which is available at no extra cost. Owner and shaper Paul Waters comments “I offer the free custom option to ensure that I give people exactly what they want, it may take a little longer than off the peg but nothing feels better than surfing an individual board made specifically for you. It also allows you to choose your own colours and designs.” Paul grew up in Newquay and it is his personal experience of nearly 40 years of surfing and a wide variety of surfboard manufacturing skills that make his boards stand out. He shaped his first boards in the late Seventies and ever since has kept pushing his performance designs to the highest level, not just concentrating on manoeuvrability but wave catching and speed as well. Besides the performance Shortboards, he offers a range of longboards covering completion and big wave boards, all-rounder and Performance Noseriders to full traditional Mals. Paul also has a passion for traditional and retro designs; “The first 30 years of my life was spent around Newquay’s beaches so I grew up with the old mals, then the drop in size to sub 6’, single fins to twins; thrusters to quads and back again! There’s a bit of all these boards in my retro shapes, although I do tweak the designs to make them suitable for modern surfing styles. Starting this spring all of Black and White’s custom / custom stock boards will display Paul’s original Trinity shaping logo, “I am proud of my Cornish roots and the Trinity logo will show that the boards have been shaped and manufactured in the heart of Cornwall” web: email: tel: 07980256693


WATERLOG 10’ RRP: £695. 10’ classic log. Catch anything and have fun doing it. Designed with extra rocker in the tail and combined with a Pivot fin, is surprisingly manouvrable for its size. Gets into waves early, carries it’s speed down the line.

gRaiN ROOT 9’ RRP: £650. Our most popular board. Classic semi-performance 9’ noserider; everyone needs one in their quiver. The Root features a moderate rocker, slight hollow in the nose and softer rails throughout. Smooth and fast.

STEAMER 8’ RRP: £610. Designed as a catch-anything, full-volume longboard whilst offering the ability to manouvre easily. The two-plus-one fin setup and hardened tail offers the more advanced surfers a board they can enjoy in hollower waves, where full-size long-boards don’t fit.

SEED 6’5 RRP: £595. Retro-style high volume single fin catches waves easily encouraging fluidity from the rider. Going from double concave in the tail to a deep single concave in the nose, channeling water past the fin for super responsive turns.

CHANEL ISLANDS BISCUIT 5’6, 5’8 & 6’2 RRP: £675. Developed with Rob Machado. Al designed this board for surfers of any skill level, surfing in the knee-to-head-high range. Short and full-volume; catches waves like boards a foot longer.

Wood Is Good: Surfing a true wooden board (there are impostors!) is an experience you won’t forget… most people love the lively performance of a Grain Surfboard and the knowledge they may never have to replace it. Grain’s boards blend traditional construction style with boat building craftsmanship. Add in advanced materials technology, performance-oriented designs, environmentally-friendly components and a dedication to continuing the evolution of this seminal branch of construction.

BLEND TRADITIONAL CONSTRUCTION STYLE WITH BOAT BUILDING CRAFTSMANSHIP Our Wood: We craft boards one at a time using Poplar, Sitka Spruce and Cedar thrown in for colour. The wood is responsibly managed, which means there’ll be plenty of wood for future boards. Our workshop air-dries the rough-sawn wood, planes, quality inspects and stores it. By choosing this wood, we’re supporting small, family-owned sawmills right here in the UK. Grain Surfboards consume only about a third of the wood used in a chambered or solid board. The wood is super light and beautiful to look at because of the dramatic grain patterns we arrange on each kit. The natural qualities of these woods combined with the unique construction methods we employ ensure durability, strength, and lightweight rideability for many years. True Wood: Once you try a wooden board you’ll discover that wooden surfboards ride with more energy and carry more momentum down the wave. And while they may seem slightly heavier on land, in the water that weight converts entirely to momentum. More momentum means they paddle better, drop-in more positively, dampen chop on breezy days and build more speed. Wood boards feel much livelier, and with the additional speed, manoeuvre easily. A well-constructed wooden board feels solid underfoot but also transmits a pleasing softness like nothing you’ve ever experienced on a foam board. Wave after wave you’ll find new ways to praise its qualities. Wood is just good. web: email: tel: 01539 721 770

WAKA 5’4, 5’10 RRP: £565. Full bodied Lis inspired Fish giving it increased bouyancy for its length. The widest part of the board is forward of center with pulled in rails making this board perfect for graceful drawn out turns. WL SURFMAGAZINE


HERITAGE LONGBOARD CUSTOM NOSE RIDER 9’6 x 22½ x 2¾ RRP: £470. Fin set-up: 8” centre fin, plus two side fins. Hailing from Circle One’s flag-ship Heritage board range, the 9’6 is a real gem. Whether you want to walk the board or carve from the tail, this board allows you to surf with confidence, style and grace.

CiRCLe-oNe HERITAGE MINI-MAL 7’ 6 x 21½ x 2½ RRP: £340. Fin set-up: Thruster. The 7’ 6” represents the ideal entry point for surfers moving on to a ‘proper’ board. Combines characteristics of long and short boarding to provide a well rounded feel for different aspects of surfing in all conditions.

Circle One shaper and founder, Jeff Townsley, has been shaping boards for over 40 years and still makes all the templates you see across our range of surfboards today. Even today, Jeff’s passion continues relentlessly and the team at Circle One work closely with him to create innovative new ranges and shapes whilst utilising premium quality raw materials to build our boards. From the new Xpose 5-Fin range to the stunning bamboo range, you are sure to find a board to suit your ability and taste and know you are buying into a proud history of board-building expertise and heritage web: email: tel: 01363 773005

HERITAGE WING SWALLOW TAIL 6’8 x 21x 2¼ RRP: £310. Fin set-up: Thruster. Good first time short board designed to excel in mediocre surf. Wide swallow tail means the board catches waves easily and the extra width maintains buoyancy as the board planes down the line.

BAMBOO WING SWALLOW TAIL FUNBOARD 6’11 x 21½ x 2¼ RRP: £340. Combining a retro shape with new, innovative bamboo laminate technology. Perfect short board for the bigger guy who wants the ride characteristics of a short board with the higher volume. A great introduction for the intermediate surfer.

QUAD WING SWALLOW TAIL BAMBOO 6’2 x 21½x 2 ¼ RRP: £370. Fin set-up: Quad. Full template fish shape is a blend of classic and modern. Designed to catch waves easily and accelerate through turns and carry over flat spots. Super fun in any size surf with loads of drive.

SQUASH TAIL BAMBOO 8’2 x 21½ x 2¼ RRP: £430. Fin set-up: 8” centre fin, plus 2 side fins. Designed to catch waves easily with enough width and volume to be stable for the intermediate surfer. Thruster fin set up combined with a narrower tail shape will help you develop your surfing. Classic good looks. 076



Circle-One team rider Matt Capel

XPOSE 5-FIN ROUND PIN 9’1 x 22¾ x 2½ RRP: £480. Fin set-up: Up to 5 configurations. We’ve pulled in the tail on this one to deliver incredible drive and speed with extra manouverability. Try as a single fin for those smaller days and add the sides when you want to push on. A new school approach to long-boarding.

CiRCLe-oNe/RaNge XPOSE 5-FIN ROUND PIN 7’2 x 21½ x 2½ RRP: £340. Fin set-up: Up to 5 configurations. Fun board with plenty of volume and an ideal progression to a more responsive ride. Harness the ride qualities of a performance board with the stability of a mini-mal. The 7’ 2” will grow with you.

XPOSE 5-FIN ROUND PIN 5ft 10 x 21¼ x 2½ RRP: £330. Fin set-up: Up to 5 configurations. Great shape for smaller waves. Versatile fin configuration allows you to play with the set-up and choose what suits your style or conditions. Perfect as a thruster for control in the turn or go for quad set-up for looser ride and speed.

SOUTHERN SWELLS ROUND TAIL 9’x 23 x 2¾ RRP: £375. Fin set-up: 8” Centre Fin, plus 2 side fins. With more width through the tail, the 9’ Southern Swell will deliver a stable ride in a wide range of conditions. Easy paddling and take-off mean you’ll be getting more ride time from your session.

SOUTHERN SWELLS ROUND TAIL 7’ x 21¾ x 2¾ RRP: £275. Ideal as a progression from a large mini-mal to thrusters or short board for the bigger guy. The forgiving width disguises a board that will perform in all conditions with speed and surprising responsiveness for real progression.

Heritage Range Circle One’s flagship and highly successful ‘Heritage’ range of epoxy surfboards. Available in progressive shortboard, mini-mal and longboard shapes to suit all riders and tastes. The Heritage range construction boasts our ‘Bamboo Laminate Technology’ for controlled flex and CrosslinkTM reinforcement material on the deck for added durability. Xpose 5-Fin Range Enter the latest creation from Circle One’s relentless R+D programme; the stunning ‘Xpose’ 5-Fin surfboard range – new for 2012 and available in 7 exciting shapes and 4 stunning graphics. Your fin set-up can have a huge impact on the feel, stability and maneuverability of your ride – and can completely change the way you experience surfing. The ‘Xpose’ 5-fin range has up to 5 different fin configurations. This allows you to personalise your ride by choosing a set-up to suit your style or the surfing conditions. As with the Heritage range, all Xpose 5-fin boards utilise ‘Bamboo Laminate Technology’ and CrosslinkTM reinforcement material on the deck. Clear Bamboo Range Launched in 2011, the Bamboo range draws inspiration from the shapes in the ‘Heritage’ range and has proved very popular with the British surfer. The Bamboo range benefits from the same construction as the ‘Heritage’ boards, only with a clear bamboo finish. The manufacturing time for a clear bamboo effect takes longer to achieve but the end result is a stunning looking board. The natural strength and flex characteristics of the bamboo layer make for a super fast and responsive ride. Southern Swells Range The Southern Swells epoxy board range comes in a handful of progressive shapes from shortboard to longboard. Southern Swells stand for quality and performance at a price which will make your next stick purchase easier to swallow. That doesn’t mean Circle One have cut corners on construction; you will still find premium European epoxy resin and glass-fibre with CrosslinkTM reinforcement material on the deck. Updates for 2012 include gloss finish for all boards and two new shapes; the 6’ 2” Round Tail and 7’ Round Tail. What fin systems do Circle One use? All Circle One boards come with SurfinZ finboxes and SurfinZ fins. SurfinZ are an Australian based fin system manufacturer. We choose SurfinZ fin systems because of their superior build construction, quality materials and attention to detail. We work closely with the SurfinZ founder and are always at the fore-front of innovations and use the latest technologies in our boards.

SOUTHERN SWELLS ROUND TAIL 6’2 x 21½ x 2½ RRP: £269. Fin set-up: Thruster. All Southern Swells range offer that bit extra fullness and volume and are ideal for the recreational surfer. The 6’ 2” is a little gem; well suited to the intermediate surfer in a wide range of conditions. Holds speed well adding fun to any session. Perfect for scoring waves whilst saving cash for that surf trip.

web: email: tel: 01363 773005



Sam Smart

LONGBOARD 9’1 RRP: £350.00. A great range of longboards, ideal for larger surfers or for those wanting a classic longboard. They go well in any surf and with their large centre fins they are ideal for nose riding, cheater fives, hang fives and hang tens. Also available in 9’6.

TaKe oFF MINIMAL 7’6 x 21½ x 2¾ RRP: £295.00. Extra length, width and thickness gives stability and makes them easier to paddle. Great if you want a longer board for smaller waves or for longboarders moving down to a shorter board. Also Available in 7’4, 7’10 and 8’.

ROCKET FISH 7’4 x 22¼ x 3 RRP: £220.00. High performance board matched with extra buoyancy giving you more paddle power easier, earlier takeoffs. Low entry rocker feeding into a full length concave which helps the board plane quickly. The Rocket Fish will help you make sections that you never thought possible... fast and smooth. Also Available in 6’3, 6’6, and 7’2.

TakeOff Surfboards are built emphasizing quality, durability and value for money without compromising on style and performance. Designed to take you from a complete novice to above average standard. Built to withstand hard knocks, designed to deliver maximum durability and performance. Construction starts with a shaped expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam blank with a wooden stringer running down the centre to provide strength and torsional rigidity. The EPS foam core is extremely light which enables us to use additional layers of fibre glass fabric and epoxy resins on the board, giving a stronger and more impact resistant outer surface. The EPS foam core is then hand finished and wrapped with fibre glass fabric. The next stage is to saturate the whole surface of the surfboard with epoxy resin and place it in a heat curing oven, this further strengthens the epoxy resin.TakeOff surfboards construction method means that the boards are seamless. web: email: tel: +44 (0)1208 78845

Black and White team rider

MINIMAL 7’6 x 21½ x 2¾ RRP: £345.95. Plenty of float throughout with extra length, width and thickness, maximizing the boards stability. A great choice for smallers waves or for heavier surfers that like to throw their weight into turns and trim. With FCS thruster fin set-up. Also available in 7’4 and 8’0.

bLaCK & WHiTe LONGBOARD 9’1 x 22¾ x 3 RRP: £455.00. The Classic Longboard takes inspiration from many elements and era’s of surfing. Gentle rocker, width held through the nose and full bodied rails make’s it paddle like a dream and catch even the smallest of waves. Comes with 2+1 fin configurations, great as a single fin also.

QUAD FISH 7’0 x 22¼ x 2¾ RRP: £334.95. High performance Fish with extra buoyancy providing more paddle power and an easier/earlier takeoff. The template makes it super fast, but with the quad fin set-up providing a positive feel that’s loose but not too lively. Ride as a quad or a thruster. FCS fins as standard. 078


Black and White shaper Paul Waters has designed an exclusive range of boards, manufactured under license through surf equipment specialists CJB’s Surf Co. These boards will suit anyone who just wants to enjoy their surfing or develop to the next level without having to go for a more specialised board. “After nearly 40 years of surfing the main thing that sticks in my mind is how often I’m unable to be at the beach when the surf is at its best, there’s still a wave but should have been there yesterday! But of course you still go in. With this in mind I have concentrated on three key features for this range of boards, extra float, low rocker for paddling/wave catching and forgiving rails/contours. In my view this will give you an everyday board particularly suited to UK waves, whether you go everyday or once or twice a year, you can at least get in and make the most of every wave you catch” web: email: tel: +44 (0)1208 78845

JP team rider Alex Baker Photo: Ben Selway

SX5 5’10 x 18¾ x 2¼ RRP: £495.00. The SX5 is our original SX model with the 5 fin setup for maximum versatility. It can be used as a tri, quad or even all 5 fins.

JP SURFboaRdS TX5 5’10 x 20¾ x 2½ RRP: £495.00. The TX5 was based on our T4 model. We have made a few adjustments to allow a 5 fin setup. This board incorporates all the best aspects of the T4 but with the updated plan shape to allow it to be more versatile as a 5 fin setup.

Since 2006 we have been in our new factory and showroom on the Crofty Industrial Estate 10 minutes drive from Llangennith. Since 2003 we have been using the DSD shaping machine. Using the machine allows us to spend more time on the finer details and helps keep the consistency and progression of our shapes. The software is highly technical and it’s full potential can only be gained from years of hand shaping experience. web: email: tel: +44(0)1792 851759 Fb: JP Surfboards

RX5 6’0 x 20½ x 2½ RRP: £495.00. The RX5 is our original RX model with the 5 fin setup for maximum versatility. It can be used as a tri, quad or even all 5 fins.

PLAYER 5’6 to 6’8 RRP: £415. This is the ultimate small wave summer board. The Player features a deep double concave right through to the nose creating lots of lift and glide over flat sections whilst the retro beak style nose allows more foam under your shoulders for speedy paddling and ease of wave entry.

adaMS TONKA 5’4 to 6’6 RRP: £415. The Tonka Is a great all round board and suits the new school style of surfing, this board comes with a single concave and a thruster set-up as standard. order 2-3” shorter than your standard shortboard.

BOMB 5’4 to 6’6 RRP: £415. The Bomb is an evolution of the Tonka and the P1. More like a short board than the stretch tonka yet retaining wider and flatter nose.

Stroll down the beach at any local surf break and chances are, someone is riding an Adams surfboard. The Adams brand started with performance surfboards and is synonymous with combining quality craftsmanship and cutting edge design. The portfolio now includes longboards, mini-mals, eggs and fun boards; but performance is still central to the Adams brand. With the nu-skool revolution in full swing, the Tonka is a favourite with the aerial generation - Matt’s take on the popular Dane Reynolds Dumpster Diver has been reworked for British Surf, and can be ordered with swallow (swonka) or round tail (k5). If taking to the air is not your thing (yet) then there’s plenty of other models to get you there - the Bomb combines performance and playfulness; the player with its high volume keeps you going in the smaller stuff, or take a look at their minimals – The Adams team are working hard to get the right board under your feet. web: email: tel: Shop: 01637 850520, Factory: 01726 861091 WL SURFMAGAZINE



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