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November 25-December 2, 2021

Library has a new literary sheriff in town

4 Tiger King 2: the king we deserve

10 Visit with Santa, rock with Hyde, and more

15 Get your game on at this new store


WiNTERbook part 2

Your guide to the winter season

EDiTOR’S NOTE Be thankful for what you have, while you have it Amron, A Division of AMTEC Corporation

Putting together Part II of the Winterbook special section made me think about just how much stuff there is to do in the Wausau area. That’s something to really be thankful for.

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One of the things I learned, unfortunately, is that the speedskating club has folded. I had once skated in the club, and it was fun; but also, it was pretty expensive. The club always seemed caught in a catch 22: ice time is very expensive, so the club either needed a lot of members paying a smaller fee, or a few members paying a larger one. It’s hard to get a lot of members if your fees are high, but if you don’t charge high fees, well, someone has to pay for that ice time. If too few people pay the smaller fees, that leaves a pretty big ice bill. In a column by Keith Uhlig last year, it appears that people are starting to distance skate on river and lake ice, which is common in Nordic countries. And you’ll see from the guide that there are plenty of places to fat bike. It’s sad to see the club go, but at least there are plenty of other winter sports in the area to take its place. Buddhism teaches impermanence of all things, and it’s a lesson I continue to learn. It’s also a good reminder to be thankful for what we have, while we have it. That’s all we have in the end.

EVERYDAY (M – F) (7 a.m. – 3 p.m.) September 1st, 2021 – December 31st, 2021 (Excluding All Holidays) 920 Amron Avenue, Antigo, WI 54409 • (715) 623-4176


EEO Employer/AA: Minorities, Women, Veterans, Disabilities


A significant 401k contribution to Each Employee Advancement and Overtime Opportunities

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What is a Crisis?

Visit Our Website for Information, Resources & Tools for You and Your Family!

A crisis is whatever an individual, family or group feels is a crisis at the time. Crisis situations can take many forms.

• Talking about or attempting suicide

• Bullying or threats of violence

• Drug and/or alcohol abuse

• Eating disorders

• Difficulties at school







10 COM

ng ring/believi eal 6 Seeing/hea are not real things that

or very sad 1 Feeling for more than withdrawns two week

y using 7 Repeatedl alcohol drugs or mood, changes in 8 Drastic, personality or behavior, habits sleeping

harm trying to 2 Seriously lf or making or kill onese do so plans to trol, out-of-con 3 Severe behaviors risk-taking

• Other mental health emergencies


lty in me difficu staying still eme 9 Extre ng or concentrati worries or 10 Intenseget in the way fears that ties of daily activi

ing overwhelm 4 Sudden reason fear for no up or g, throwing 5 Not eatinweight loss or gain significant


may feel Your friend regularly in alone; checkyour friend in e and includ plans your

Is There Help for Kids Under 18?

n a little dow to take Feeling still able down, but others Feeling or yourself care of

• • •


• • •

• •

have ms that

ber thy ly mem d or fami ss Eating heal ed frien mindfulne to a trust ation and Talking n, relax g meditatio Practicin

lasted 2 •

k profes

If so, see •

or in - virtual therapy)

erapy (talk Psychoth or family l, group individua


ons s nal Alc Medicati ohol therapie ulation Abuse Brain stim

cide Ho


800-SUI CID e 800-442 E (784-2433) four hou -HOPE (4673) rs a day, seven days http://w ww.hop a week




(310) 855 nLine (800) TLC -HOPE (467 3) -TEEN (852-833 Or 6) 6 p.m. to text TEEN to 839 10 p.m. Pacific Tim 863 https://t e, ever eenlineo y night

Depressio n, Bip Crisis Sup olar &

por 800-273 -TALK (825t four hou 5) rs http://w a day, seven days ww.dbs a week alliance. org


and Informatio Substance n Cente 800 Twentyr four hou -784-6776

http://w ers?rs a day, seve g oth ww. n days a addictio harmin week ncareop harm, or the m 911 or th, self calling ts of dea K (8255) ntion by e though -273-TALNa ical atte te med Lifeline at 800 tional Sui Do I hav immedia Pr Preventi If so seek l Suicide Nationa

November 25-December 2, 2021

to chat or. Twe with a seven day nty-four hours a day, s a wee k


If you ar e expe rie danger, or are fe ncing a medic al eling su icidal, ca emergency, ar e in ll 911 im mediate ly.

or morre?

yable lly find enjo s you usua int he thing interest functions Loss of usual daily Text HEL Crisis Text to perform Line Unable onsibilities faceboo LO to 741741 and resp self-harm or mes death or risis Cris of TextLine sage us on is Counsel Thoughts


ht change nted weig sleeping Difficulty ing in unwa d lting esult resu of moo changes because Appetite out of bed g to get Strugglin ating concentr Difficulty

p: sional hel



p: can hel •

National Suicid Preven tion Life e

line Twenty- 800-273-TALK four (825 http://w hours a day, seve 5) ww.suic n days idepreve ntionlife a week National Alliance Mental Illness (NA on -NAMI MI) (1+8

(800) 950




Download or View Our Mental Health Toolkit for Youth! th www.norc


Exercise cal activit takes our y brain that mind of off stres make us s and relea the park sed chem , to a dow feel better. er This icals can nhill bike ride or baskbe anything from in our a strol etball gam Tal alk k to som e with frien l in ds eone It can be har to hard trusted manage adult abo stress alon you find ut your e. Talk prob pr lems ways to to a pare ms and manage oble nt or othe they may ent your str r stress be able to help


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in physi

Give your self a Daily Complim Think of ent Hear Righ5 Things You can t Now Feel the Pressure on the Floo of Your r Feet

g/Youth org/Y

on) or in pers g (virtual Exercisin dule l contact ar sche in socia egullar a regu Engaging sleep on adequate Getting

Do I hav



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e activit e self car

e are som If so, her

NCHC Crisis Center at 1100 Lake View Drive in Wausau

ncing a med suicidal, Do things experie Avoid Trigg are feeling or Find activ ities in danger, ers


your str engths

If you hav e sympto ms tha or truste t have lasted 2 weeks d adult to help d help. neeIf seek out or morre, ask a we may doctor, profession pr tou are hav fyo etimes rsel counse som you al help. ing tho 911 or lor can ask tr l, and tro ughts of the No our con stions you hin rth que e wit Ce ntral He death, self har lth is e are som ntal hea alth Ca m, tricky.. Her our me . be re r es Crisis Ce or hurting oth al help nal ion mind can Sometim ssio fess ers cal ofe nter at our own ? need pro eks ting 1.8 y iga we ma 00.799.0 l Nav www.norce if you than two rk 122 /Yout ermine olwo h for less do scho ed help det to last able have n, but still ms that ing dow • Feel d sympto sleeping e trouble have mil • Som Do you •

nty of Sle

Focus on


Available 24/7 • 1.800.799.0122

Get Ple

to talk to to someoneadvice each out want to reachfeeling or to get g to a: You may you’re ider talkin about how your friend. Cons help on how to TEACHER MEMBER FAMILY COACH D FRIEN ER TRUSTED AITH LEAD FAITH OR COUNSEL SCHOOL

call &

Sometim es our me and som ntal hea lth is wit etimes we may hin our own min need hel control d can be , p. Navigat tricky, but tions, cop ing our here are ing stra teg som


ies, tips e lifestyle ort and tric to a supp opks that go with you a ride to any may help like me to Do you need Would you . ADD nts? ITIONAL a meeting? group or appointme WAYS TO of your WIT H ANX IETY ORto helpCOPE Getting can I do enough STRESS help, what slee pay atte to Keep a Jour now? ntion thro p helps you I really want you right nal grow teen ugh and s, this mea out Practice s to get ns about the day and main develop norm Yoga for place ally, 8-10 hou tain over her and look too. toget rs each Eat Heal with you all health go night. thy Let’s sit down For help. I can Avoid Exce Take time ss Caffe ine more of to think about Identify Negative what you’ those thin Thoughts w are you can re good Challeng keep your gs. By focusing at and way e you kno cy, are e Negative on and stressors str s Thoughts or someon in perspect building your to do rgen Keep If you ical eme Busy


Who to

MENTA Taking control of your L HEALT H


bet it gets betar ell your friendsupport are Tell and ter; help ther out there


YES! North Central Health Care’s NEW Youth Crisis Stabilization is located in Wausau

Youth Crisis Stabilization

g that havin ell your friend h condition Tell healt way a mental change the does not about them you feel

things like Avoid saying it,” “toughover “you’ll get you’re fine” en up” or



Let’s talk g like this. you talkin me to hear about it.” to someone youracting like haven’t been going on?” ed that you “I’ve notic lately. Is something self g less, etc.], more/eatin ing [sleep ?” ed you’re ok today “I’ve notic is everything

“It worries


and available to serve youth under 18 from Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, Forest, Vilas and Oneida Counties. This brand new facility provides stabilization for youth experiencing mental health crisis. Providing 24-hour care in a warm and welcoming setting, the program provides short-term therapeutic interventions to reduce and stabilize a child’s crisis and link them and their family to resources and supports.

• Videos • Toolkits • Links

en to

• Feeling overwhelmed, depressed, helpless, hopeless or unable to cope with difficult situations in their life

rthwo Line (No ods’s Informatio t a crisis n line) (715) 432 -018 0

North Ce ntr Car

al Health

e Crisis (715 Center For a hear ) 845-4326 or 1 ing impa ired/TDD (800) 799-012 2 line, dial (715) 845 -4928




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Tiger King Season 2: I hope you weren’t hoping for closure

Rolling the dice on a new business

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This year we’re doing our part to help give hunters a convenient way to properly dispose of their deer carcasses while also helping control the spread of CWD.

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From the Attorney’s Desk

We’re placing dumpsters at a few locations— all monitored—around the county, but don’t dump sofas, mattresses, or the kitchen sink for that matter. Dumpsters will be available from Nov. 20 to Dec.11.

by Jason Krautkramer, J.D.

ECKERT & KRAUTKRAMER, LLC N. 4th St.,Suite Wausau, 54403 WI 325630 N. 1st Ave., 1 •WI Wausau, 715-842-0907 •

Practical Application of HEMS

To find the one nearest you, ou, visit


We’re placing dumpsters at few locations – all monitored – around the county, but don’t dump sofas, mattresses, or the kitchen sink for that matter. Dumpsters will be available from Nov. 17 to Dec. 6.


“What exactly fits within the HEMS standard?” is a common question. Health and education are pretty straight forward but maintenance and support are more ambiguous. They generally refer to a beneficiary’s standard of living. For example, if the trustee distributes enough money for the beneficiary to purchase and drive a Ferrari when the beneficiary normally drives a Toyota, the trustee may be putting the trust’s tax and asset protection properties at risk by disregarding its terms. The HEMS standard is widely used in drafting trusts for good reason. Used properly it can protect trust property from people who should not have access to it, such as creditors, divorcing spouses, and predators. If you have questions about what qualifies as an appropriate distribution under the HEMS standard, please call us to schedule an appointment.

To find the one nearest you, ou, visit or MCSW information line: 877-270-3989 November 25-December 2, 2021




by B.C. Kowalski

Turning the page

New library director named to replace previous director who resigned amidst allegations of a toxic work culture

DCE super to retire next year

D.C. Everest School District’s superintendent will be retiring next year, she announced last week. Kristine Gilmore plans to retire from the post June 30, 2022. The D.C. Everest board last week accepted her retirement notice, following 19 years as superintendent. Gilmore started with the Gilmore district in 1997, taking a job as the D.C. Everest Junior High Principal and athletic director. She then worked as the Evergreen Elementary School Principal and the D.C. Everest Middle School Principal before coming superintendent. “Dr. Gilmore has always championed the needs and wellbeing of our students, staff and community,” D.C.Everest School Board President Katie Felch said in a press release. “To serve those interests, she has led our district in becoming an early adopter of technologies that provide learning opportunities for all students, redefined how we measure student achievement, ensured staff have ample opportunity for advancement and professional

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A babysitter charged with the death of an infant in her care was found guilty last week following a plea hearing. Marissa Tietsort pleaded no contest to charges of child abuse—intentionally causing harm as a repeater and firstdegree reckless homicide. Tietsort was arrested in October 2018 after police say she was babysitting an infant and it died in her care. According to police reports, Tietsort wrapped up the infant and put a hat over the child’s eyes, to return the child to its mother without telling her about what happened, even taking the time to eat at McDonald’s. She made no effort to call for help or try to resuscitate the child, police reports say. While in custody, Teitsort wrote a letter to the judge saying that she wasn’t a monster, is a great mom and is loved by many. Tietsort prior to last week’s plea hearing had changed her plea to not guilty by reason of mental defect, even after a judge had found her mentally fit to stand trial. A sentencing hearing has been set for March 8.

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Babysitter found guilty in infant’s death

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development, established valuable community partnerships, and completed district-wide updates in a fiscally responsible manner.” The board will begin a national search for a new superintendent to fill the role when Gilmore retires.

416 3Rd st., dOw ntOw n wAusAu 715-848-1912


candidate from Colorado, Library Board President Sharon Hunter told City Pages. “We are excited that Leah applied again and made it through the selection process,” Hunter told City Pages.


Roughly six months after the Marathon County Library Director resigned amidst toxic work culture allegations, the library now has a new director. The library announced last week that Leah Giordano would be the new library director. Giordano had previously worked at the library and served as the interim director while the Marathon County Library Board worked on filling the role. Giordano The position opened after the library board began an investigation this year into former library director Ralph Illick, over claims the library had become a toxic work environment under his leadership. Illick resigned in May, as did his business manager. The employee who initially brought the complaint to the board was fired after the investigation revealed he’d been harassing other library employees as well. Giordano joined the Marathon County Public Library staff in 2014 and worked as the library services director until taking the role of interim director May 20. Before moving to Wausau, she worked at the Detroit Public Library and the Eastpointe Memorial Library in Eastpointe, Mich. Giordano was a finalist in the first search for a new director, but the board elected to broaden its search because it didn’t feel like it had seen a large enough pool of candidates to be satisfied. Giordano was again a finalist for the position after the second search, up against a

Rib Mountain passes chicken ordinance

she flees from the Callahan ranch in fear,” Lionsgate’s description of the film reads. “She’s rescued by gunman Billy Tyson (Brock Harris), who safeguards her at a remote outpost run by Ryker (David Deluise) as he staves off Jody’s attempts to reclaim his bride.” D.C. Everest will hold a screening of the film 1:30 pm Sunday, Dec. 5 at the high school.

Chickens are now allowed in the town of Rib Mountain. The town passed an ordinance last week allowing the chickens, pigeons, ducks and rabbits on lots that are at least 15,000 square feet in size, according to documents included in the town board packet. No roosters or geese are allowed under the ordinance. The town will allow four chickens, ducks or pigeons, and two rabbits. Larger lots may allow more animals. The ordinance came after the town received a petition of 60 residents asking for an ordinance. Many municipalities have been adding them. Wausau passed an ordinance allowing backyard chickens in 2017 after passing on a similar ordinance the year prior.

Arrest at post office was related to heroin

An arrest at the post office was related to heroin, and had nothing to do with the mail, police say. Officers arrested a man at the Post Office on Forest Street last week on heroin charges, Marathon County Lt. William Stuart told City Pages. The person arrested was the subject of an investigation by the Central Wisconsin Narcotic Task Force. The fact that he was arrested at the post office had nothing to do with the mail at all, Stuart told City Pages, though it garnered plenty of speculation on social media. The subject just happened to be going there when they arrested him, Stuart says.

D.C. Everest grad stars in Lionsgate release

A native of D.C. Everest High School has stared in a Lionsgate motion picture and the school will be featuring a special screening to celebrate. Skylar Witte, a Wisconsin native who attended Altoona and D.C. Everest high schools, stared in a Lionsgate film Last Shoot Out, which is slated to release in select theaters, DVD and streaming, according to a press release by Lionsgate. Witte, who now lives in Los Angeles, was crowned Miss Wisconsin in 2017 and competed in the Miss America pageant in Las Vegas. She got her start as a model who has twice walked during New York Fashion Week. She’s appeared in several commercials, TV shows and films. That includes a role in the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick. “After newlywed Jocelyn Miller Callahan (Skylar Witte) learns that her husband Jody Callahan (Michael Welch, Twilight franchise) had her father shot down,

Mosinee schools closing temporarily as COVID cases uptick Mosinee School District is closing its schools for an extended Thanksgiving as COVID-19 cases are on the rise in the district. All schools closed Nov. 23 and 24, with elementary schools closed starting on Nov. 18. According to the district’s dashboard, the district as of Friday had 48 active student cases and 7 active staff cases. The most active cases were in the elementary schools, with 24 active cases. Active cases, according to the dashboard, are those with a positive COVID-19 test who have not yet completed their isolation period.

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November 25-December 2, 2021




by staff

Map veto


Gov. Evers vetoed maps drawn up by GOP legislators, all but ensuring courts will draw them

There’s nothing like coming together over a table of Nueske’s meats! Join the Nueske’s family and help bring our delicious products to people all over the U.S. Walk-in interviews available any Wednesday or apply online at Open Positions: • Company Store – FT and PT • Sanitation – FT 2nd Shift • Maintenance Tech – FT 2nd Shift • Processing Team Member – FT 1st Shift

deciding the redistricting case, including a possible trial beginning Jan. 18. The court also signaled it will rule on or around Nov. 30 on three questions it had asked the parties to weigh in on. That includes whether the justices should use a “least-change” approach to new maps as advocated by GOP lawmakers and whether the partisan makeup of districts is a valid factor to consider. Meanwhile, a federal court yesterday added at least another month to the stay it issued in a redistricting suit to give the Wisconsin Supreme Court more time on the similar case before the justices. The order, issued before the state Supreme Court laid out a possible timeline, extended a previously issued stay until Dec. 6. The three-judge panel will then reevaluate whether it’s necessary to move toward a possible trial.


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Gov. Tony Evers today vetoed GOP proposals to revamp Wisconsin’s legislative and congressional boundaries, all but ensuring the courts will draw the maps for the 2022 elections. The move was widely expected after Evers had called on GOP lawmakers to start over after they released plans that would help lock in their majorities in the state Legislature. In a video statement, Evers called the GOP maps “gerrymandering 2.0.” “Elected officials shouldn’t be able to depend on the comfort of their seats instead of the quality of their work, and the gerrymandered maps Republicans passed a decade ago have enabled legislators to safely ignore the people who elected them,” Evers said in the statement. The move comes a day after the state Supreme Court laid out a timeline for

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Every Tuesday & Wednesday from 7am-9am and 1pm-5pm Location: 2110 Cutoff Rd. Weston WI 54476 REM Wisconsin, a partner of The MENTOR Network provides services for individuals with intellectual and development disabilities and other complex challenges, and traumatic brain injuries. Caregiver


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• Must be at least of 18 years of age • Valid driver’s license in good standing for driving positions • Successful clearance of background checks Why Join Us?

Working at REM Wisconsin you will get to: • Take people to local parks, shopping, out to eat, and medical appointments. • Assist daily with meal preparation, medication administration and providing guidance on developmental goals. • Support individuals with living skills such as personal hygiene and grooming.

As an (full-time or part-time) employee you will get discounts for: • Cell phone bills • Electronics • Car rentals • And many more!

Full benefits package for employees working 30+ hours/week such as: • Health • HSA • Dental • FSA • Vision • 401(k) with company match • Short term disability • PTO • Long term disability • Holiday pay We have schedule options to fit your life: • Full time: 3-4 days a week with every other weekend • Part-time: 1-2 days a week with every other weekend • As Needed schedules: fill in when you are available Rewarding work and impacting the lives of the individuals you serve. EOE/AAE/ADA

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November 25-December 2, 2021


A criminal defense attorney said the Kyle Rittenhouse case does not set much precedent in Wisconsin selfdefense law, but it is likely to have a greater “societal impact.” Milwaukee attorney Craig Mastantuono spoke to “UpFront,” produced in partnership with, after a Kenosha jury on Friday acquitted Rittenhouse in the fatal shootings of two men during the protests and riots that rocked Kenosha after the police shooting of a Black man last year. Mastantuono said the high-profile case will continue to have people talking about the questions it raised, especially around self-defense. “In terms of people wondering whether self-defense is afforded fairly as a privilege across the board to all segments of our society, (that) is going to be something that people are going to continue to have debates about and use this trial, use this case, as a teaching point at best, and as a point of contention at worst, probably,” Mastantuono said. He also said he thought civil litigation coming out of the Rittenhouse case is unlikely. “That acquittal, I think, is a strong statement and you’re going to have to get an attorney to carry that litigation forward. Having said that, it’s possible somebody will pick that up and try to meet the burden with a lower burden of proof,” he said. In another segment, an expert on the mental health of Black men and boys said it’s possible the Rittenhouse case, and other big trials that followed the deaths of George Floyd in Minnesota and Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, can cause post-traumatic stress responses in the Black community. Alvin Thomas, an assistant professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at the School of Human Ecology at UW-Madison, pointed out that the Rittenhouse case stemmed from protests and demonstrations involving the Black Lives Matter movement. “This was less an issue about black or white and more an issue around humanity,” he said.

Come Join Our Team We’re Hiring! Seeking individuals to assemble and manufacture windows. Must be able to perform a variety of tasks. Be at least 18 years of age. Day shift only; 6:00am – 2:30pm! Overtime pay after 8 hours/day. No Saturday work!!

1400 W Taylor Street, Merrill, WI 54452 Mon-Fri, 7:00AM – 3:30PM or by appointment We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The state’s troubled youth prisons are showing signs of improvement in at least some key problem areas, according to the latest court-ordered monitor’s report. Monitor Teresa Abreu in her 11th report, which covers Oct. 14 through Sept. 30, noted improvement from partial compliance to substantial compliance in some areas, bringing to 12 areas in substantial compliance. Most of the improvements came from areas related to strip searches because the facility maintained its youth inmate search policy implemented during the last reporting period. Abreu also noted there were no youth inmates strip searched during the latest reporting period. After her Oct. 14 visit to Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake and multiple virtual and in-person meetings, she also noted improvements in youth and staff attitudes and morale since the last reporting period. Abreu said increased structure for youth inmates through educational and other activities led to less antisocial behavior among youth. She also said youth complaints at Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake over staff, food, education and confinement in the facilities present in the last report were absent this period. “Youth did not make any of these complaints this site visit,” she said. “In fact, several youths spoke to the Monitoring team and indicated that the facility culture, programs, and safety is much better now compared to their previous commitments to the facility.” Corrections Secretary Kevin Carr praised the progress. “The steps this administration has taken at Lincoln Hills School/Copper Lake School have not always been easy,” he said in a statement. “However, I believe they were necessary to transform the schools into a facility where youth are provided evidence-based treatment and education, not just punishment.” An ACLU Wisconsin spokeswoman told WisPolitics. com the state should still close the facilities, despite the noted improvements.

Apply In-person at 1400 W Taylor Street or Email resume to Amanda at We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Quotes of the week

Recent wage gains have been offset by the prices of everyday goods skyrocketing. These price hikes are disproportionately hurting low-income Americans. – U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman, R-Glenbeulag, criticizing Dems for spending too much and driving inflation. Every part of the Badger State is going to see an improvement in our infrastructure as we put people to work fixing our roads and bridges and rebuilding our water infrastructure. – U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Madison, praising the recently passed $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. You’ll Love Our Fresh as the Northwoods Tastes

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OTR Truck Driver


• Product Development Engineer To view the job duties please visit our website at

U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Madison, highlighted several provisions of her Made in America Act that made it into the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure framework. The legislation President Biden signed into law includes Baldwin’s language that requires new EPA drinking water infrastructure to be constructed using American made iron and steel if projects require those materials. Baldwin in a release said taxpayer dollars spent on projects should go to support American workers and American products. “This bipartisan infrastructure legislation will support our made in Wisconsin manufacturing economy as we put people to work and move our economy forward,” she said. “It will help make sure America is buying what Wisconsin makes, and I am proud to stand on the side of delivering results for our manufacturers and workers.”

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Baldwin made significant contributions to infrastructure bill

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Lincoln Wood ProductsEmployment Office

Court-ordered monitor reports improvements at state’s youth prisons

Lincoln Wood Products is currently seeking an OTR Truck Driver. Drivers are home weekly! Hub mileage pay and drop/ pick-up pay. Candidates need to be 21 years of age or older. Possess a class A CDL. Have a minimum of 1 year Interstate commerce driving experience with 100,000 verifiable miles. Good driving record. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer offering a competitive salary and benefits package. To apply for this position, send your resume to Lincoln Wood Products, Attn: Human Resources, 1400 W Taylor Street, Merrill, WI 54452 or email Amanda at

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Lincoln Wood ProductsEmployment Office


Attorney on ‘UpFront’ says Rittenhouse case doesn’t set much precedent

1400 W Taylor Street, Merrill, WI 54452 Mon-Fri, 7:00AM – 3:30PM or by appointment We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

November 25-December 2, 2021




by staff

Gableman considering broader 2020 election investigation

from all of us at 101618



November 25-December 2, 2021

The Capitol Report, produced by — a nonpartisan, Madison-based news service that specializes in coverage of government and politics — provides a weekly analysis of issues being debated in Wisconsin state government. It is underwritten by the WNA and produced exclusively for its members. WisPolitics. com President Jeff Mayers is a former editor and reporter for the Associated Press and a former political writer for the Wisconsin State Journal. Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Mike Gableman said he’s considering adding a fourth prong to his 2020 election review after watching the Racine County Sheriff’s Office announce results of its own investigation. During an Assembly Campaigns and Elections Committee public hearing on Nov. 10, Gableman said watching the event where Sgt. Michael Luell joined family members of alleged voting fraud victims in a local nursing home spurred him on. He said his team may widen the scope of its investigation to include longterm care facilities. “It really moved me when I saw that press conference,” he said. “That really put a human face on it. That is when I resolved to myself: we will find out, we will find out.” Gableman testified before the committee as he released an interim report on this work. He said his work has focused on three things so far: The influence of outside money on Wisconsin elections. Five of the cities targeted for subpoenas received the bulk of the private grants from a group largely funded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to help cover the costs of putting on an election during a pandemic. Issues with the Wisconsin Elections Commission and the authority of clerks. Gableman said part of that is a deeper look at who runs elections in Wisconsin. Voting machines. He said his review will look at aspects of voting machines that weren’t covered by the Legislative Audit Bureau in its report. The hearing was at times contentious. At one point, Rep. Mark Spreitzer, D-Beloit, said the former justice is “frankly one of the people undermining voter confidence.” Gableman called the charge ridiculous and “one of the most absurd things I’ve ever heard.” In the 26-page report, Gableman says he already has evidence that private groups gave large grants to Wisconsin cities to “co-opt our election apparatus to their benefit.” He wrote his office has drawn no conclusions after its initial information gathering. Still, he also questioned the Legislative Audit Bureau’s description of how municipalities utilized outside help in administer-

ing last fall’s elections. Gableman’s interim report quotes from the audit released last month. The LAB report noted one municipality indicated a consultant attended the August 2020 primary as an observer, helped to modify the community’s election training materials, and provided technical assistance for electronic voting equipment while at least five poll workers monitored the help at all times. The nonpartisan agency noted a second municipality indicated a consultant provided logistical support and offered elections administration recommendations, but didn’t have the authority to make decisions and didn’t count ballots. “This cursory reporting is concerning, because it substantially waters down already-public information relating to the involvement by a number of private groups in election administration, and it suggests problems were raised and adequately resolved by clerks and (the Wisconsin Elections Commission),” Gableman wrote. Gableman later added his office has already uncovered evidence that raises questions if the involvement of private groups turned nonpartisan government agencies into get-out-the-vote operations. The report touches on a series of issues that former President Trump and his allies raised as they unsuccessfully sought to overturn the election results after Joe Biden won Wisconsin by under 21,000 votes. For example, Gableman says his office has evidence there were “numerous possible violations of state law” with Madison’s Democracy in the Park events in September and October 2020 as paid poll workers collected absentee ballots in city parks. Gableman wrote those possible violations call into question the validity of more than 17,000 absentee ballots. Various courts rejected Trump’s efforts to have those votes thrown out. In the report, Gableman disclosed he has issued 17 subpoenas. He also wrote his office has taken steps to “initiate an open and full technical audit of various voting systems to understand and report on the security of these systems.” The $676,000 taxpayer-funded budget that Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, approved for Gableman’s probe includes $325,000 for a data analysis contractor. Gableman also wrote in the report that if his office obtains information that could be used in a criminal investigation, it will cooperate with law enforcement. The Capitol Report is written by editorial staff at, a nonpartisan, Madison-based news service that specializes in coverage of government and politics, and is distributed for publication by members of the Wisconsin Newspaper Association.


November 25-December 2, 2021




Review by B.C. Kowalski

Tiger King Season 2:

I hope you weren’t hoping for closure (Netflix, docuseries, 5 episodes) It was the perfect TV series for its time. People were already in a pretty weird place when the bizarre cast of characters that comprise the world of big cat people hit our Netflix screens. The pandemic had gone from being something we heard about in the news to the main focus of our reality. Schools, businesses, events: all closed down. And then this guy, the Tiger King, was staring at us from our Netflix screens. We happened to have plenty of time to invest ourselves into the very strange life of Joe Exotic: a gay, gun-toting, mulleted, country meets cat print-clothed owner of a big cat ranch tourist attraction. With the pandemic raging outside, somehow Joe Exotic and his strange battle with another big cat rancher, Carole Baskin, seemed a little more palatable than thinking about COVID-19. At the time, we had no idea how long it would last, or what its impacts would be. At least Joe Exotic and all his ridiculousness were safely tucked away inside our television sets. Safely tucked away is how we find Joe Exotic on Tiger King season 2, which just dropped on Netflix. At the end of the first season, Exotic found himself in the hoose-

gow for plotting the murder of Baskin, his rival tiger ranch owner. Which, duh. Making videos about how you want to kill someone, firing guns on facsimiles of them on film, tends to make it pretty easy for someone to set you up. (Either as in legitimately giving you the rope to hang yourself with, or in the sense of falsely accusations — we’ll see in latter episodes that’s less clear.) Without giving too much away, the first episode is kind of a jumble of clips showing us what has become of the various cast members of the first season. As you might have guessed, a hugely popular Netflix special brought an enormous amount of attention to Exotic’s ranch, the new ranch owned by Jeff and Lauren Lowe, and to Exotic’s ex-employees. Exotic comes to us in the form of interviews from behind bars, and the remaining cast has mixed feelings about that. And those feelings change throughout the series. The end of episode one hints at resurrecting the Baskin murder mystery — remember much was devoted to the disappearance of her husband, Don. As you might recall, a large chunk of the first season of Tiger King centered on Don’s disappearance and Joe’s insistence that she killed him. That takes up

Help Lives Here

a pretty big chunk of season 2 as well, and we learn A LOT more about Don than we did the first go through. In fact, Exotic seems to disappear into the background as the Baskin mystery takes center stage, with a jail interview interspersing some of Exotic’s thoughts on the situation. (But at this point, do we put much stock in it?) We also learn a little more behind the effort to get Exotic pardoned, including a strange intersection with the Jan. 6 insurrection. Overall I have very mixed feelings about the second season of Tiger King. Love or hate Joe Exotic, there was value in producing the first season. We learned about this whole crazy world of tigers and other big cats and the crazy cast of characters who own them.


And the rise and fall of Joe Exotic himself is definitely a story worth telling. I was ready to dismiss season 2 as mere pandering - and like most sequels, it pales compared to the original. But it also came at a time of doldrums for Netflix. Aside from the recent Korean-made Squid Game, what other Netflix series have we been talking about lately? Like Tiger King, which filled our suddenly time-filled, holed-up lives with entertainment, season two found a time when not much else has been popping up on streaming. And while the final episode was a bit unsatisfying, it did go in a direction I didn’t expect. Season 2 isn’t the Tiger King we want, but maybe it’s the Tiger King we’re bored enough to settle for?




This year has been difficult. We can help even if you don’t have insurance. Call us today at 715-848-4884 to see how we can help you.


DECEMBER 4 & 5 GRAND THEATER WAUSAU December 4th at 1:30


Medical • Dental • Counseling


Before the performance, join us for a ballet class at 12:45 with Clara (ages 4-7). After the performance, meet the characters

December 4th at 7pm Children come early to make a craft!

December 5th at 1:30

Before the performance, join us for a ballet class at 12:45 with Clara (ages 4-7). After the performance, meet the characters.

Silent Auction, bid on unique gifts and items for the holidays!



November 25-December 2, 2021


sledding • ice ska�ng • snowmobiling • fat �re snow biking • snow tubing


168 HRS. /WK.


SLEDDiNG Wausau area parks

Iverson Park Winter Sports Area

Pleasant View Park, Wausau (lighted)

Two 300-ft. toboggan slides, and three sled and saucer hills, one for ages 6 & under and the other for snowboards. Outdoor lighted recreational skating rink. All lighted for night use until 9pm. No snowboards allowed on saucer/sled hills. Bring your own saucer, sled or inner tube, or rent padded toboggans. Sleds and saucers not allowed on the snowboarding hill. Snowboards not allowed on the sled and saucer hills. Staffed warming lodge, restrooms. 715-346-1531, See sledding rules and more information online.

Just south of Hwy. 66 (Main Street), Stevens Point. South on Sunrise Avenue then east on Hillcrest Drive. Turn left into the parking area.

Open when snow cover permits, sunrise to 11 pm. No fees.

east side at 12th and Summer streets, just north of Townline Road

3M Park, Wausau (lighted) southwest side, at Third Avenue and Park Boulevard, south of W. Thomas Street Riverside Park, Wausau (unlit) near west side at First Avenue and E. Sherman Street

Fees: Sledding free. Toboggan rentals $10 per hour, $5 per half hour

Schofield Park, Wausau (unlit) northwest side along Wisconsin River, E. Randolph Street

George Street Park, Rothschild (unlit)

Holiday hours: Closed Dec. 24–25; open noon–8 pm Dec. 26–Jan. 1


The Winter Sports Area will close when the air temperature and or wind chill is -15 degrees or colder. Winter Season Runs from the second week of December through the end of February, depending on weather conditions. Private party rentals available.

St. Vincent de Paul Store




Come celebrate our greatest deals yet!!! Additional 20% off our 30/50/75%-off tag colors.



at corner of Military Road, four blocks east of Bus. Hwy 51.

Regular hours: Fri. 6–9 pm, Sat. 12–8 pm, Sun. 12–5 pm

131 W. THOMAS ST, WAUSAU • 715-298-3028 • SVDPWAUSAU.ORG Store hours - Mon-Fri 9am-5pm - Saturday 9am-4pm Donations - Mon-Tues-Thurs-Fri 9am-4pm Saturday 9am - 12pm, closed Sunday & Wednesday November 25-December 2, 2021





Stevens Point area outdoor rinks

Wausau outdoor rinks

Usually open mid-December through end of February.

Rinks are built as conditions allow and maintained thru Feb. 16, weather permitting. All are lighted for night skating.

Emerson School Park

and hockey rink with boards. Warming house, lighted

(west of downtown at Clark and Reserve streets) and McKinley School (south side, east of Church Street on Blaine). Both unlit

400 Block, downtown Recreation rink with warming house, lighted

Iverson Park

Thom Field Recreation

Open Fri. 6-9 pm, Sat. 12-8 pm and Sun. 12-5 pm.

Marathon Park Recreation

(lighted, with warming house)

rink, warming house, and lighted Rinks open weekdays 5-8 pm, Sat.-Sun. 10 am–8 pm

Holiday hours: Dec. 23 noon-8, Dec. 2425 closed, Dec. 26–Jan. noon–8 pm.

Special holiday hours: Mon.-Sat. 1–8 pm, Sun. 1–4:30 pm. Closes 8 pm Dec. 24, closed Dec. 25.

Goerke Park

(lighted, warming house with restrooms) hockey rink with staff.

Doepke Park, Rib Mountain 151414 Highway N

Lighted rink and hockey rink with a warming house, public restrooms. Warming house open weekdays 4–9 pm, Sat. & Sun. 1–9 pm. Closed Christmas Eve and Day.

Kennedy Park, Weston 2201 Neupert Avenue

Lighted rink and hockey rink with a warming house. Warming house open weekdays 6-9 pm, Sat.–Sun. and school holidays 1-5 pm & 6-9 pm.

Open weekdays 6–9 pm, Sat. noon–8 pm, Sun. noon–5 pm · Holiday hours Dec. 23 noon-9 pm, Dec. 24-25 closed, Dec. 26–Jan. 1 noon–9 pm. 715-346-1531.

Downtown square

Not staff supported, but it is lighted. Hours are subject to change and are dependent on weather conditions.


Meat Market “Our Wurst is Best!”

Our Customers Have Been “Choosing Local” Since 1961!

1910 North Sixth Street, Wausau 54403 Open: Mon-Fri 8:00-5:30, Sat 8:00-3:00, Closed Sun 715.845.5123






November 25-December 2, 2021

Marathon Park (indoor)

Multi-Purpose Bldg No. 1, Wausau Public skating may be canceled from time to time due to schedule conflicts or special events. Advance notice will be posted at the rinks. Rinks may be reserved for private ice time at parks.asp. 715-261-1570. Public skating regular hours: Weekdays 11 am–1 pm thru March 13 Wed. evenings 7–9 pm thru Feb. 23 Sundays 2–5 pm thru Feb. 23 Holiday hours: Closed Nov. 25–26, Dec. 24–25, and Dec. 31, Jan. 1, Feb. 20 Dec. 26 2-4 pm: Dec. 27: open 11-2 pm Dec. 28-29: Noon-3 pm Dec. 30: open 11-2 pm Fees: Daily $4 adults, $3 youth. Skate rental $3. Bonus cards and season passes available

WiNTERbook Greenheck Field House (indoor)

6400 Alderson St., D.C. Everest High School, Weston Public skating sessions (lasting 60-80 min.) run two or three days or weekends each month. Call the hotline at 715-355-4118 or check the calendar online at for hours. Fees: $4 daily. Skate rental $3, birthday party package available. Skating aids (resemble walkers) available free of charge to help beginning and young skaters Timberline Figure Skating Club: Learn to Skate Classes held Saturdays, Nov. 23-March 14, at 11 am, and Mondays, Nov. 25-March 2, at 5:30 pm. or

Smith Center (indoor)

1100 Marc Drive, Merrill In the Merrill City Smith Multi-Purpose Center, the rink facility includes food & refreshment stand, seating and large lobby area. Public skate sessions Mon.-Fri. 1-3 pm; Friday-Saturday nights 6-8 pm. For all other ice availability, contact via Facebook or call 715-536-6187 or 715-536-7313. Fees: $4 admission, free age 2 and under; skate rental $2. Punch cards and season passes available.


Trails open when deemed safe, with maps updated each year. More than 863 miles of trails, with most open to properly used ATVs according to the regulations and rules posted by the Wisconsin DNR and only when temperature is below 28°. Wausau-area details at, under Departments > Parks Recreation Forestry. Also see for updates, maps and Park & Ride locations for trail access. Parks Dept. at 715-261-1550, trail condition hotline 715-355-8788. All vehicles must be registered and follow the regulations posted by the AWSC and the Wisconsin DNR. For trail maps in other counties, go to that has a list of nearly 600 local snowmobile clubs statewide, and contact info about finding local maps. Wisconsin does not have a statewide map available. Annual trail passes: Online through the DNR and its licensed sales agents. $30 ($50 for non-WI resident), with discount for current members of a Wisconsin snowmobile club. Details at, or (search “snowmobile”). Laws and regulations also available on under the snowmobile section or call 1-888-936-7463.

Mosinee Rec Center (indoor) 709 11th St.

Open skate times vary. Check schedule at Free, no rentals. 715-814-1452

K.B. Willett Arena (indoor) 1000 Minnesota Ave., Stevens Point Public skating times subject to change without notice. Monthly calendar at To confirm dates and times call 715-346-1576. Public skating hours Look online at for monthly skating hours for learning to skate, public skating, and open freestyle skating. Fees: Admission $4. Freestyle $15. Skate rental $4. Passes and punch cards, learn to skate program available. Skate sharpening also available, $5.

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Seasons Greetings You’ll Love Our Fresh as the Northwoods Tastes

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MUSIC LINEUP Deb Raatz - 3:30 pm The Promise Quartet - 5:30 pm | 1239 Schofield Ave, Schofield WI November 25-December 2, 2021






Big Eau Pleine Park

Sylvan Hill Park

8.8 miles of groomed snow bike trails for bikes 3.7” or greater. Parking lot and trailhead at the A-frame Park manager’s office. Groomed after each 5” snowfall. Open Dec. 15-March 15, weather permitting. Donations accepted at trailhead. 715-261-1566 or visit

Six runs on two slopes with wire tows. Tubes provided. Children must be 42” tall minimum. One rider per tube, parents may NOT hold small children on lap. Personal equipment such as skis, snowboards, saucers, sleds, plastic flyers or inflatables not allowed on the runs. Open Dec. 14 thru March 8, weather conditions permitting. Call 715-573-2424 for update on weekends. Chalet and tubing slopes available for private party rental. Call Parks Dept. at 715-261-1000.

West of Mosinee off Hwy. 153

1329 Sylvan St., off N. Sixth Street, Wausau

CWOCC trail in Ringle

Access at Marathon Co. Landfill, 172900 Hwy. 29 Ten miles of trails and bike repair station, created by Central Wisconsin Off-Road Cycling Coalition. Biking conditions available online at Find updates at CWOCC’s Facebook page by joining their Facebook group.

Chalet has a fireplace and snack bar, carry-in food allowed only on the lower level Fees (adult = ages 14 & up, youth = 42” tall to age 13): Per session $10 ages 14 & up, $7.50 youth 42” to 13 years

Green Circle Trail

Schmeeckle Reserve, Stevens Point 27 miles used for winter and all seasons recreation. Fat bikes allowed on all sections except Plover River segment and Iverson park, where the trail is groomed for skiing. No fee. Trailhead at Schmeekle Reserve center. 715-346-4992.

Group passes: group of 4 Youth/$28.50/session group of 8 Youth/$55.50/session group of 12 Youth/$82.50/session group of 12 Adult/$110.00/session

Underdown Recreation Area

Opening weekend hours Dec. 14 & 15: Sat. 1:30-5 pm and 6-9:30 pm, Sun. 1:30-5 pm

Biking allowed on snowshoe trails. No warming house or equipment rental, pit toilets available.

Regular hours: Fridays 6–9:30 pm Saturdays 1:30–5 pm and 6–9:30 pm Sundays 1:30–5 pm

North of Merrill, Hwy. 51 north to Hwy. K, right on H, right on Copper Lake Road

Fees: $8 daily or $25 winter season pass required. Children under 16 free. Lincoln Co. Parks at 715-539-1034.

Extended winter recess hours Sat.-Sun. hours same as regular season Mon. Dec. 23 & 30: 1:30–5 pm and 6–9:30 pm Tues. Dec. 24 & 31: 1:30–5 pm Closed Dec. 25 for Christmas Thurs. Dec. 26: 1:30–5 pm and 6–9:30 pm Wed. Jan. 1: 1:30–5 pm

Breakfast With Santa

Saturday, Dec 11th Breakfast Served: 8am to 11am

All Are Welcome!

St. Paul’s United Church Of Christ

426 Washington St., Wausau, WI 54403



November 25-December 2, 2021

~Since 1933~

A 3rd generation family company

Holiday Gift Giving Headquarters Na Nationally-Acclaimed Smoked Meats Famous Smoked Bacon • Gift Cards Holiday Gift Baskets Wisconsin Cheese Assortments Outstanding Customer Service

Nueske’sApplewoodSmokedMeatsCompanyStoree 1390 East Grand Ave., Wittenberg, WI 54499 (715) 253-4059 or


*Photo opportunities with Santa!

Company C any S Store



Join Us for St. Paul’s Annual FREE Holiday Breakfast with Santa!



arts & entertainment


LIGHTS By Kayla Zastrow

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Jr. FRI.-SAT. 11/26-11/27 | UW CENTER FOR CIVIC ENGAGEMENT, WAUSAU

This is Central Wisconsin Children’s Theatre’s annual Thanksgiving weekend production, which never fails to be a fabulous way to spend time with the whole family. The holiday classic Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer soars off the screen in this musical adaptation of the beloved television special. Filled with holiday hits like “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “A Holly Jolly Christmas,” this show teaches us that what makes you different can be what makes you special. Because of his shiny nose, Rudolph doesn’t feel like he belongs in Christmastown and sets off to find a place that accepts him. Along his journey, he encounters fellow misfits, only to realize that home is where he has belonged the whole time. When a storm threatens to keep Santa’s sleigh from taking flight, it’s up to Rudolph to save Christmas! Shows at 2 pm & 7 pm. $15 adults, $13 seniors and children. Details and tickets at

Marshfield Rotary Winter Wonderland OPEN DAILY 11/27-12/31 | WILDWOOD ZOO & PARK, MARSHFIELD

Decorating for the holidays means hours of hanging up, like, a million lights. Maybe you feel that way, but it’s not hyperbole for the Marshfield Rotary. The group sets up literally two million lights throughout the zoo and park, and it really is a wonder to behold. Trees, snowflakes, pretty presents, archways, gingerbread houses, animated displays and more are wrapped in or created entirely from strands of glowing lights. Dress to stay warm! You’ll be outside for at least an hour walking through numerous displays. A driving route is available, though you won’t get nearly as many close-up experiences. Open daily 5-9 pm. Admission is free, but food and monetary donations are encouraged to help local food pantries around Marshfield. Full schedule of Gingerbread Jamz musical performers and other details at

Intermission 20th Anniversary SATURDAY 11/27 | INTERMISSION, WAUSAU

The Intermission turns 20 years old! They are celebrating with trivia and live music throughout the day by Kalani, Carmyn, Billy Bronsted and Brad Emanuel. They are taking this day to give back to their community. Bring in a food or cash donation and you’ll receive a complimentary shot of Jameson! All food and cash donations will go to support Kats (Keeping Area Teens Safe). Come wish this awesome local bar a Happy Birthday while supporting a good cause. Starts at 1 pm. 715-849-9377.

Shriner’s Breakfast with Santa SATURDAY 11/27 | WAUSAU LABOR TEMPLE

Christmas is just around the corner! That means it’s time for kids to tell Santa what they want for Christmas. At this annual Breakfast with Santa, enjoy an all you can eat breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausages, applesauce and beverages. Kids can meet Santa, get a face painting, and shop at the elf shelf. Proceeds support to the Shriner’s Children’s Hospitals. Starts at 8 am. $7 adults, $3 children 5-12 and free for 5 and under. 715-8483320.


This classic rock and pop cover band has been making waves throughout Wisconsin since they formed in 2008. They were voted People’s Choice Band in 2016 and 2017 by the Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) and have shared the stage with rock acts including Candlebox, Shinedown, Seether, Skillet, Journey and more. Fronted by powerful female vocals, shredding guitar and backed up by a veteran rhythm section, HYDE will get you up and on your feet with your favorite hits from the 70’s to today. This is one party you won’t want to miss! 9 pm. 715-359-2363.



This guy is a one-man-band powerhouse, but don’t let the one-man part fool you. He combines his voice and guitar with electronic live looping that allow him to project a full sound that you would hear from a group of musicians. It’s fascinating to watch him start on one instrument, and as the song progresses, go from one instrument to the other, adding each one in succession to create the full sound. 6:30 pm. 715-544-6707. November 25-December 2, 2021





Friday November 26

Bradley Sperger · District 1 Brewing Company, Stevens Point. Variety. 6:30 pm. 715-544-6707 Kurt Schweers · Backcountry Brewing, Plover. Variety. 7 pm. 715-310-2474 Jason Francis and the Old Trucker Band · Rookies Sportspub, Stevens Point. Country. 8 pm. 715-344-7026 The Electric Lila Trio · Elbow Room, Stevens Point. Variety. 8 pm. 715-344-9840 Josh White · Malarkey’s Pub & Townies Grill, Wausau. Variety. 8 pm. 715-819-3663 The Chad O’ Kennedy, Adam Bluhm, Chris Ashburn & Paul Swiercz · The Glass Hat, Wausau. Acoustic. 10 pm. 715-298-0016


Saturday November 27

Brian Bethke · Granite Peaks Ski Resort, Wausau. Acoustic variety & original. 1 pm. 715-845-2846 The Shantytowners · O’so Brewing Company, Plover. Americana, folk, country & roots rock. 3 pm. 715-254-2163 Aaron Scharmer · Ciao Fine Italian Restaurant & Cocktail Bar, Wausau. Piano jazz. 5:30 pm. 715-298-2004 Aaron Lee Kaplan · Sunset Point Winery, Stevens Point. Folk, blues. 5:30 pm. 715-544-1262 Slab · Homestead on 52, Wausau. Pop & rock. 7 pm. 715-843-7555 Soul Whiskey · District 1 Brewing Company, Stevens Point. Country. 7 pm. 715-544-6707 The Hellhounds · Cruisin’ 1724, Wausau. Rock. 8 pm. 715-675-2940 Through Crimson · Hiawatha Restaurant and Lounge, Wausau. Alternative rock. 8 pm. 715-848-5166 Usual Suspects · Rookies Sportspub, Stevens Point. Rock. 8:30 pm. 715-344-7026 Hyde · Arrow Sports Club, Weston. Pop & rock. 9 pm. 715-359-2363 Max Koepke · The Glass Hat, Wausau. Classic rock & original. 10 pm. 715-298-0016

Sunday November 28

Rich and Mark · Cop Shoppe Pub, Wausau. Polka. 1 pm. 715-845-2030 Open Mic · Intermission, Wausau. 9 pm. 715-849-9377

Friday December 3

Pat & Patience · Backcountry Brewing, Plover. Classic rock. 6:30 pm. 715-310-2474

The largest list of art, dance, lectures, kids’ stuff, movie schedules, music, theater, sports, workshops and many other activities in your community.

Fast Times · Homestead on 52, Wausau. Classic rock. 8 pm. 715-843-7555 Paul Filipowicz · Speakeasy, Schofield. Blues. 8 pm. 715-298-6303 Krestfall · Cruisin’ 1724, Wausau. Hard rock. 9 pm. 715-675-2940

Sunday December 12

Mijal & Son · Cop Shoppe Pub, Wausau. Polka. 1 pm. 715-845-2030

Thursday December 16

Andy Braun · Mosinee Brewing Company, Mosinee. Folk-rock. 6 pm. 715-693-2739

Friday December 17

Hijinx · Backcountry Brewing, Plover. Variety. 7 pm. 715-310-2474 Kevin Troestler · Timekeeper Distillery, Wausau. Blues & country. 7 pm. 715-679-3777 Aaron Lee Kaplan · Sawmill Brewing Company, Merrill. Folk, blues. 7 pm. 715-722-0230 Reverend Meantooth & Cody James · Arrow Sports Club, Weston. Blues, gospel, folk, variety. 8 pm. 715-359-2363 Jackson Taylor · The Dugout, Merrill. 90s country. 8 pm. 715-536-8870

Saturday December 18

BG listings must be received at least 10 days in advance. Drop your listing off at our Washington Square office or mail to: City Pages, P.O. Box 942, Wausau, WI 54402-0942; email to: Please include a contact name and phone number. Salmon Run · District 1 Brewing Company, Stevens Point. Acoustic. 7 pm. 715-544-6707

Saturday December 4

Tuba Christmas · Bull Falls Brewery, Wausau. Brass holiday tunes. 1 pm. 715-842-2337 Michael Murphy & the Mob · Renee’s Red Rooster Bar and Grill, Stevens Point. Jamming blues. 2 pm. 715-344-9825 Derek Lind · O’so Brewing Company, Plover. Folk, original country, variety. 3 pm. 715-254-2163 Fennec Fox · Hiawatha Restaurant and Lounge, Wausau. Acoustic. 5 pm. 715-848-5166 Gerard Fischer · Backcountry Brewing, Plover. Country & rock. 6 pm. 715-310-2474 Tom Jordan · District 1 Brewing Company, Stevens Point. Folk, gospel, blues. 7 pm. 715-544-6707

Minor Distraction · Cruisin’ 1724, Wausau. Punk, variety. 8 pm. 715-675-2940 Outlaw’D · Homestead on 52, Wausau. Country. 9 pm. 715-843-7555

Friday December 10

Jackson Taylor · District 1 Brewing Company, Stevens Point. 90s country. 6:30 pm. 715-544-6707 Save Point · Backcountry Brewing, Plover. Variety. 7 pm. 715-310-2474 Tae · Elbow Room, Stevens Point. Soul, R&B, Pop-rock. 8 pm. 715-344-9840

Saturday December 11

October Tree · O’so Brewing Company, Plover. Acoustic. 3 pm. 715-254-2163 Jackson Taylor · Backcountry Brewing, Plover. 90s country. 7 pm. 715-310-2474

Derek Lind · O’so Brewing Company, Plover. Folk, original country, variety. 3 pm. 715-254-2163 Nick Foytik · Sawmill Brewing Company, Merrill. Blues, soul, rock & roll. 7 pm. 715-722-0230 Rising Phoenix · Cruisin’ 1724, Wausau. Classic rock. 8 pm. 715-675-2940 Texxas · Homestead on 52, Wausau. Country. 8 pm. 715-843-7555 Garth Englebright · Backcountry Brewing, Plover. Country, folk, Americana, roots rock, blues, bluegrass. 8 pm. 715-310-2474 Gnarcissus, Sweetalk & Last Bridge · Polack Inn, Wausau. Alternative rock, rock, indie rock. 9 pm. 715-845-6184

Tuesday December 21

Max Koepke · Rachel’s Roadside Bar & Grill, Wittenberg. Classic rock & original. 6 pm. 715-253-3190

Thursday December 23

Mark Wayne · Northern Waters Distillery, Minocqua. Acoustic country, rock, variety. 4 pm. 715-358-0172 Jackson Taylor · The Dugout, Merrill. 90s country. 9 pm. 715-536-8870

we’re hiring! JOB FAIR THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9th from 1PM to 6PM at our facility located at 8011 Technology Drive Schofield, WI. We are hiring for a variety of production and warehouse positions on multiple shifts starting at $18+/hour with a $2/hour shift premium

100% Employee-Owned (Employee Stock Ownership Program) Up to 2 Weeks Paid Vacation to Start I 8 Paid Holidays Company Paid Disability I Employee Discount Medical, Dental, Vision & 401K Savings Plan Apply today: 16


November 25-December 2, 2021


Max Koepke · The Glass Hat, Wausau. Classic rock & original. 10 pm. 715-298-0016

Sunday December 26

Max Koepke · Granite Peak Ski Resort, Wausau. Classic rock & original. 1 pm. 715-845-2846

Friday December 31

Max Koepke · The Garage, Wausau. Classic rock & original. 7 pm. 715-393-4495

Sunday January 2

Pam & Scott · Cop Shoppe Pub, Wausau. Polka. 1 pm. 715-845-2030


1. Mastodon ‘Hushed & Grim’ 2. War On Drugs ‘I Don’t Live Here Anymore’ 3. Robert Plant & Alison Krauss ‘Raise The Roof’ 4. Adele ‘30’ 5. Courtney Barnett ‘Things Take Time Take Time’ 6. Gov’t Mule ‘Heavy Load Blues’ 7. Brandi Carlile ‘In These Silent Days’ 8. Aimee Mann ‘Queens Of The Summer’ 9. Joe Bonamassa ‘Time Clocks’ 10. Muddy Waters ‘The Montreux Years’


Trivia@MBCo · Wednesdays, hosted at Mosinee Brewing Company, 401 4th St, Mosinee. Trivia starts at 7 pm each Wednesday. Masks required. Limit team size to 6 people. Trivia · Mondays, Guu’s on Main, Stevens Point. Trivia starts at 7 pm. Trivia · Wednesdays, O’so Brewing Company, Plover. Trivia starts at 7 pm. Team Trivia Nights at Sawmill Brewing Company · Wednesdays, hosted at Sawmill Brewing Company, 1110 E 10th St, Merrill. The games start at 6 pm each Wednesday. Social distancing in place. Make reservations online for your team of 2-4 people. Highway 51 Wood and Wire Sessions · Thursdays, Whitewater Music Hall, Wausau. Americana music played live by regional musicians and guests. Starts at 7 pm. $5. 715-298-3202

Karaoke · Thursdays, Hiawatha Restaurant and Lounge, Wausau. Starts at 8:30 pm. 715-848-5166 Open Mic at Sawmill Brewing Company · Thursdays, hosted at Sawmill Brewing Company, 1110 E 10th St, Merrill. Open mic every Thursday for anyone who wants to perform comedy, music or poetry. Starts at 6:30 pm.

NEW Piano Guys-Dueling Pianos at Rookies · Fri. 12/3, Rookies Sportspub, Stevens Point. Enjoy an evening with some piano entertainment. Doors open at 6 pm. Showtime starts at 7:30 pm. $20. Willy Wonka KIDS · Fri.-Sat. 12/3-12/4, hosted by The Playhouse Theatre Group at Benjamin Franklin Junior High, Stevens Point. Classic show about a group of children who are invited to the factory of candy maker, Willy Wonka. Starts at 7 pm on 12/3 and 1 pm on 12/4. Free but unwrapped gift donation for teens at Family Crisis Center appreciated. A Carpenter’s Christmas with Helen Welch · Fri. 12/3, Lucille Tack Center for the Arts, Spencer. Listen to Christmas music sung by vocalist Helen Welch. Starts at 7:30 pm. $40. Winter Concert: Peace, Love & Hope · Fri. & Sun. 12/3 & 12/5, hosted by Monteverdi Chorale at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Stevens Point and Holy Spirit Parish, Stevens Point. Starts at 7:30 pm & 3 pm. $15 regular ticket, $12 seniors. Comedian Dan Bublitz Jr. · Fri. 12/3, Cruisin’ 1724, Wausau. Comedy. Doors open at 8 pm. $10 advance, $15 at the door. 715-675-2940 The Nutcracker · Sat.-Sun. 12/4-12/5, hosted by the Central Wisconsin School of Ballet at the Grand Theater, Wausau. Christmas ballet show. Meet the characters after the 1:30 pm shows and children can arrive early on the 7 pm show to make crafts. Starts at 1:30 pm on 12/4 & 12/5 & 7 pm show on 12/4. Tickets $40, $32 & $22. 715-842-0988 or Feed the Dog & Armchair Boogie with Pickin’ Friends · Sat. 12/4, Whitewater Music Hall, Wausau. Bluegrass. 21+ event. Starts at 7 pm. $15 advance, $20 at the door. feed-the-dog-armchair-boogie-with-pickin-friendstickets-204839850507 Fanfare Jubilee-Wausau Symphony Orchestra Concert · Sun. 12/5, First Presbyterian Church, Wausau. Wind band music written by female composers. Starts at 4 pm. $15 adults, $10 seniors, free for kids 18 and under and students.

ON SCREEN THIS WEEK Cosmo Theatre, Merrill, 715-536-4473

Movie times thru 12/2 Ghostbusters: Afterlife (PG13): Every day 7 pm, Thanksgiving 7 pm only, Wed. & Fri. 1 pm, Fri. & Sat. 7 pm & 9:15 pm, Sat. & Sun. 1 pm & 3:30 pm Clifford the Big Red Dog (PG): Every day 7 pm, Thanksgiving 7 pm only, Wed. & Fri. 1 pm, Fri. & Sat. 7 pm & 9 pm, Sat. & Sun. 1 pm & 3:15 pm Encanto (PG): Every day 7 pm, Thanksgiving 1 pm only, Wed. & Fri. 1 pm, Fri. & Sat. 7 pm & 9 pm, Sat. & Sun. 1 pm & 3:15 pm

Local Music Highlight

Got new, local music to highlight? Shoot us an email at with a link to your work. We highlight local work produced professionally, whether a single, EP or album. (That includes home recording if it’s of at least close to professional quality.)

ON STAGE Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Jr. · Fri.-Sat. 11/2611/27, James F Veninga Theater, UW Center for Civic Engagement, Wausau. Christmas play performed by the Central Wisconsin Children’s Theatre. Starts at 2 pm & 7 pm. $15 adults, $13 seniors and children. Intermission 20th Anniversary · Sat. 11/27, Intermission, Wausau. Live music from Kalani, Carmyn, Billy Bronsted and Brad Emanuel. Starts at 1 pm. 715-849-9377 Midwest Crossroads Comedy Showcase · Sat. 11/27, Whitewater Music Hall, Wausau. Comedy show with Luke Borchardt, Trevor Anderson, Daniel Williams & Matt Torkelson. Doors open at 7 pm; show starts at 8 pm. $10.


St. PaDDy’S Day 2022 in

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Wausau Symphonic Band presents

Fanfare Jubilee Directed by Dr. Patrick Lawrence

featuring the works of women composers

Sunday, December 5 at 4pm Tickets available at door $15 adults, $10 seniors, free for kids & students First Presbyterian Church 406 Grant Street, Wausau Learn more on Facebook or

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$3,149 PER PERSON iReLAnd 8-DAY JOURNEY/ ToursMMC.CoM GUiDED TOUR Departing March 15, 2022

For more information and a full brochure, please contact Sandy Birkbeck (800) 339-7781

CENTER FOR THE VISUAL ARTS Gallery • School of Art • Gift Shop 427 N 4TH ST. WAUSAU 715.842.4545 CVAWAUSAU.ORG November 25-December 2, 2021



99 Value





Asleep at the Wheel · Sun. 12/5, hosted by Rubber Soul Productions at Wittenberg-Birnamwood High School, Wittenberg. Listen to some American roots music. Starts at 4 pm. $45 general reserved seating, $50 premium reserved seating. Mannheim Steamroller Christmas by Chip Davis · Wed. 12/8, Grand Theater, Wausau. Christmas music performed for the holidays. Starts at 7:30 pm. Christmas with the Nelsons · Thurs. 12/9, Performing Arts Center of Wisconsin Rapids, 1801 16th St S, Wisconsin Rapids. Rock concert along with humor performed by two brothers, Matthew and Gunnar. Starts at 7:30 pm. $46 adults $10 students. http://www. 3 Redneck Tenors Christmas Spec-Tac-Yule-Ar · Fri. 12/10, Campanile Center for the Arts, Minocqua. Listen to high energy, classic/pop Christmas music sung by the 3 Redneck Tenors. Doors open at 6 pm and show starts at 7 pm. $28 advance, $33 at the door, $15 for students. The Gift of the Magi · Fri.-Sat & Thurs.-Sat. 12/10-12/11 & 12/16-12/18, Wisconsin Rapids Community Theatre, Wisconsin Rapids. Holiday heartwarming romantic comedy. Starts at 7 pm with a second show also on 12/18 at 2 pm. $18 tickets. Gloria! A Time to Rejoice · Fri.-Sun. 12/10-12/12, hosted by Wausau Lyric Choir at First Presbyterian Church, 406 Grant St, Wausau. No ticket needed but free-will offering suggested. Masks recommended. Starts at 7:30 pm on 12/10-12/11 & 3 pm on 12/12. A Christmas Story · Fri.-Sun. 12/10-12/12, hosted by Wausau Community Theater at the Grand Theater, Wausau. Christmas play based off a famous story by Charles Dickens. Starts at 7:30 pm on 12/10-12/11 and 2 pm on 12/12. $22 adults, $18 seniors, college, active military, $14 youth. A Christmas Celebration! · Sat.-Sun. 12/11 & 12/12, Jensen Community Center, 487 N Main Street, Amherst. Enjoy a Christmas show full of music, singing and dancing. Bake sale, craft sale and more after each show. Starts at 2 pm & 5 pm on Sat. and 1 pm & 4 pm on Sun. $10 per ticket, free for ages 4 and under. Holiday with CWSO: Featuring Danny Mitchell · Sat. & Sun. 12/11 & 12/12, hosted by the Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra at Woodlands Church, 190 Hoover Ave, Plover. Concert featuring musician Danny Mitchell and cellist Olivia Yang. Starts at 7:30 pm on 12/11 and 4 pm on 12/12. $42 adult, $32 senior, $12 student with ID.

Community Holiday Concert · Sun. 12/12, Nicolet College, Rhinelander. Listen to holiday music performed by members of the Rhinelander Community Band, Lakeland Barbershop, Rhinelander Male Chorus, Northwoods Choraliers, and the Hymns and Hyrs. Starts at 2 pm. Free. https://www. community-holiday-concert-free The Holiday Christmas Movie Wonderthon · Thurs., Sat. & Sun. 12/16, 12/18 & 12/19, hosted by Out of the Woods Theatre, Wausau Elks Lodge #248, Wausau. Comedy that uses themes from Hallmark movies. Starts at 6:30 pm, on 12/16, 7 pm on 12/18 & 2 pm on 12/19. $15 advance tickets, $20 at the door. An Olde English Christmas with Herman’s Hermits & Peter Noone · Thurs. 12/16, Grand Theater, Wausau. Listen to Christmas music performed by Peter Noone and English 60s beat band Herman’s Hermits. Starts at 7:30 pm. $35. The John Altenburgh Christmas Extravaganza · Fri. 12/17, Grand Theater, Wausau. Celebrate Christmas with some jazz, blues and holiday songs. Starts at 7:30 pm. $44. Brewery Comedy Tour · Fri. 12/17, O’so Brewing Company, Plover. Comedy. 8 pm. $14. events/the-brewery-comedy-tour-at-oso-tickets-WRKDJ1 The High Hawks with special guests Tuck Pence & Scott Kirby · Sat. 12/18, Grand Theater, Wausau. Enjoy an evening of jam, bluegrass, and Americana. Starts at 7:30 pm. $25-35. Brewery Comedy Tour · Sat. 12/18, Mosinee Brewing Company, Mosinee. Comedy. 8 pm. $14. https://www.universe. com/events/the-brewery-comedy-tour-at-mosinee-ticketsDBTV1J Michael Charles · Sat. 12/18, Hollyrocks LLC, 110 2nd St N, Wisconsin Rapids. Listen to blues music performed by Grammy elected Australian blues artist, Michael Charles. Starts at 8 pm. Free. Josh White · Mon. 12/27, Granite Peak Ski Resort, Wausau. Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist. Starts at 5 pm. 715-896-0907


Book club forming to discuss A New View of Being Human · Via Zoom or at Kinlein Offices, Wausau. Book that provides a platform to consider the power of being human and the value of each person’s contribution to the world. Authored by pioneers in the profession of kinlein which assists persons in building on their strengths. Times to be determined. For more info, call 715-842-7399

Aspirus Wausau Farmers Market · Every Thursday, Located at Aspirus Corporate Parking Lot, 2200 Westwood Dr, Wausau. Opens 9 am. Wausau Winter Market · Saturdays November-April, Located at Whitewater Music Hall, 130 1st Ave, Wausau. Parking on River Drive. Opens 8 am-noon. Good News Project Laptop E-cycle · Fridays throughout the year. Safely recycle your old laptop for free at 1106 N 5th St, Wausau. All laptop recycling free for 2021 only! 9 am to 4 pm. 715-843-5985 Become an E-cycle Volunteer! Want to learn about recycling electronics? Good News Project has an ongoing need for volunteers to help with the e-CYCLING program on Fridays between the hours of 9-4; scheduling is very flexible. Volunteers unload cars, weigh electronics, and sort them into the appropriate containers. This is warehouse work, please dress for the weather and wear closed toe shoes. Call 715843-5985 or email Susie at for inquires. Reception & Customer Service - Good News Project is looking for volunteers to answer phones, fill in paperwork, & greet guests. Other small duties may be assigned during down time. This position would need to commit at least a ½ day per week on a regular schedule. If you are interested in helping out, please go to volunteer-application/ to fill out an application OR contact Susie at (715) 843-5985. We do require proof of COVID vaccination for all staff and volunteer. Thank you! Health Equipment Sanitization & Restocking - Volunteers are needed on a weekly basis to assist with the turnaround of donated medical equipment. Items need to be sanitized, reassembled, and the coordination of inventory is required to meet ongoing client needs. We attempt to help volunteers find a 2–3-hour shift that fits best within their schedule during our regular business hours, Mon. – Fri. from 9-4. If you are interested in helping out, please go to to fill out an application OR contact Susie at (715) 843-5985. We do require proof of COVID vaccination for all staff and volunteer. Thank you! The Landing Literacy Book Club · 4th Wed. of each month. Book club at the Landing YMCA, Wausau. Book notices at YMCA, Literacy Council and Janke Bookstore. 715-841-1855 Senior Bingo · Every Tuesday, hosted by the Marshfield Parks & Recreational Department at Drendel Room, 211 E 2nd St, Marshfield. Starts at 1 pm. $1 for 2 cards. 715-486-2041

Marshfield Pickleball · Every Mon., Tues., Weds., and Fri., hosted by the city of Marshfield. Located at the Oak Ave. Community Center, 201 S. Oak Ave. Advanced ticket discounts available through the Parks & Rec department. Wednesday Night Pokémon · Wednesdays, The Gaming Emporium, 4317 Stewart Ave, Wausau. Pokémon trading card game night every Wednesday. Starts at 5 pm. Free. 715-298-4073 UW-Stevens Point Planetarium Shows · Sundays from September to December, no show on 11/28, UW-Stevens Point Allen F. Blocher Planetarium and Arthur J. Pejsa Observatories, 2001 Fourth Ave, Stevens Point. Shows held at 2 pm. Masks required. Shows are free. 715-346-2208 Donate your Deer Hide · drop off your hide at Wisconsin Lions Camp. Money raised from deer hides go to the Lions Camp to help serve others. Go to to find a drop-off location near you. Habitat for Humanity Collects Holiday Lights · Recycle your used lights at any of the following drop off boxes: Wausau City Hall, Mosinee City Hall, Pick ‘n Save all three Wausau locations, Piggly Wiggly Mosinee, Intercity State Bank all three Wausau locations, Marathon Savings Bank all three Wausau locations, People’s State Bank all 5 Wausau locations, Prevail Bank-Wausau, Nigbur’s Fine Furniture or the Habitat Store during store hours 9 am-1 pm (closed holidays) until January. For more information, email

EVENTS/SPECTATOR SPORTS Rosemaling Class · Tuesdays 10/26-12/7, Chestnut Center for the Arts, 208 S Chestnut Ave, Marshfield. Learn how to create a decorative Norwegian painting. No class on 11/23. Supplies included. Starts at 12:30 pm or 6 pm. $140. 715-315-0124 to register Grab & Go Craft for Adults: Little Art Exhibit · Mon.-Tues. 11/1-11/30, hosted by the Marathon County Public Library at all MCPL locations. Grab a kit containing a variety of different art supplies and make your own work of art. Pick up the kit whenever the library is open. Free. Call 715-261-7230 for more info Book-of-the-Month-Club: “Two Old Women” by Velma Wallis · Mon.-Tues. 11/1-11/30, hosted by the Marathon County Public Library at MCPL Athens. Pick up the Book of the Month and questions to think about as you read. Call 715-257-7292 for more info The Joy of Drawing · Tuesdays 11/16-12/7, Jensen Community Center, 487 N Main Street, Amherst. Four week course for those who wish to learn how to draw. Starts at 6:30 pm. $100. 715-445-6464

WE’RE HIRING Wed., January 19 Starwood Farm Sleigh Rides & Dinner at Freddy’s must register by 1/12

Winter Bus Trips

Thurs., February 17 Fox Cities Performing Arts Center presents HAIRSPRAY must register by 12/15


APPLY TODAY 400 North 72nd Ave, Wausau


While traveling with The Landing, you’ll grow closer to your 55-plus community and get inspired to live connected and welcome every year! Each trip includes transportation, a meal, and any necessary tickets. Get out and explore this winter with f riends at The Landing!

Learn more about each trip by calling 715-200-9279 or by visiting

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November 25-December 2, 2021

BENEFITS & PERKS • High Starting Pay • Employee Bonuses • 401K Retirement Plan • Family Scholarship Program • Flexible 4-Day Work Week • Medical Benefits • Life & Supplemental Insurance

7:10 pm. $9 ticket adult or $10 walk-up, $6 kids 5-18 or $7 walkup, 5 and under free. Northern Wisconsin Reptile Expo · Sun. 11/28, hosted by Northern Wisconsin Reptile Expo at 10101 Market St, Rothschild. Look at the reptiles from different breeders, stock up on supplies and possibly take a reptile home. Starts at 11 am. $5 for adults, $2 for children 4-12 and free for children 3 and under. Hands on Plants- Wreaths · Tues. 11/30, Monk Botanical Gardens, Wausau. Create an 18” balsam wreath. For ages 21 and older. Starts at 6 pm. $40 members, $45 nonmembers. Holiday Parade · Fri. 12/3, Marathon Park to 400 Block, Wausau. Watch the holiday parade march from Marathon Park towards the 400 Block. Candy & coloring books will be distributed after the parade. Starts at 6 pm. Free. Mosinee Papermakers Game · Fri. 12/3, hosted by Mosinee Papermakers Hockey at the Mosinee Recreational Center 701 11th St, Mosinee. Mosinee Papermakers vs. Calumet Wolverines. Starts at 8 pm. Tomorrow River Christmas Craft Show · Sat. 12/4, Jensen Community Center, 487 N Main Street, Amherst. Boutique style craft show. Starts at 9 am. $2 admission. Christmas Craft Show, Festival and Parade · Sat. 12/4, downtown Mosinee and Mosinee High School. Check out the craft, small business & vendor show at Mosinee High School at 9 am, enjoy breakfast and photos with Santa at Mosinee High School Cafeteria also at 9 am, line up for the parade at 5:30 pm, watch the mayor light up the tree at 5:45 pm and watch the parade at 6 pm. Free admission. Parade route

and more info at Holidays at the Houses: Traditions in our Community · Sat. 12/4, hosted by the Marathon County Historical Society at 410 McIndoe St, Wausau. Admire the holiday displays; enjoy presentations from The Hmong American Center and Mt. Sinai Synagogue, live entertainment, children’s activities and current exhibits, Milking Time, Preserved for Generations and Our Stories. Starts at 11 am. Guided tours also available until 4 pm. Free admission. Guided tour tickets are $5. 715-842-5750 46th Annual Stevens Point YMCA Frostbite Winter Run/Walk · Sat. 12/4-12/11, Stevens Point Area YMCA or virtually. Go for a 5 mile timed run, 10 mile timed run or 2.5 mile noncompetitive walk. Starts at noon. $25. More info at https:// Santa Paws is coming to town! · Sat. 12/4, Humane Society of Marathon County, Wausau. Bring your pet to the humane society and have their photo taken with Santa. Proceeds go to the humane society. Starts at 12 pm. $10. Pancake Breakfast and Bake Sale · Sun. 12/5, Eagles Club 251, Wausau. Enjoy all you can eat potato, regular, blueberry or chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs with or without cheese, applesauce, milk, and coffee. 3 sausages and orange juice included. Starts at 9 am. $10 for adults, $5 for kids ages 6-10 and free for children 5 and under. 715-845-4795 Holiday Showcase on Chestnut 2021-Arts and Craft Vendor Event · Sun. 12/5, Chestnut Center for the Arts, 208 S Chestnut Ave, Marshfield. Shop around for arts and crafts; enjoy live music, art raffle, hot chocolate, coffee, cookies and more. Starts at 10 am.

Edgar Holiday Parade · Sun. 12/5, Edgar Village Hall, Edgar. Watch the parade march from Redwood Street to Oak Street Park up 4th Ave (main Street), visit Santa and Mrs. Claus at the Oak Street Park Shelter, meet the reindeer, and enjoy hot chocolate, cookies and treats. Start at 1 pm. Free. 715-352-2577 Intro to Pickleball · Tues. 12/7, hosted by Woodson YMCA at the Wausau YMCA Branch. Learn how to play pickleball, a sport that combines tennis, badminton and table tennis. This class is for ages 55+. Starts at 9 am. $10 members, $15 nonmembers. 715-845-2177 Hands on Plants-Kissing Balls · Tues. 12/7, Monk Botanical Gardens, Wausau. Create a kissing ball. For ages 21 and older. Starts at 6 pm. $40 members, $45 nonmembers. DIY Workshop-Electrocuted Wooden Christmas Ornament · Wed. 12/8, hosted by Electrocuted Wood and ChickenWares at the Chestnut Center for the Arts, 208 S Chestnut Ave, Marshfield. Paint and decorate a 12” wooden ornament. Starts at 6 pm. $35. product/diy-workshop-electrocuted-wooden-christmasornament/211 Fun@5 with Granite Peak Ski Area · Thurs. 12/9, hosted by the Greater Wausau Chamber of Commerce at Granite Peak Ski Area, Wausau. Network with others and enjoy appetizers and beverages. You can also get a chance to win door prizes. Must be 21 or older. Starts at 5 pm. $10 members online, $15 members at the door, $20 non members online, and $25 non members at the door. Mosinee Papermakers Game · Fri. 12/10, hosted by Mosinee Papermakers Hockey at the Mosinee Recreational Center 701 11th St, Mosinee. Mosinee Papermakers vs. Eagle River Falcons. Starts at 8 pm. 4988

Turkey Jam · Thurs. 11/25, Woodson YMCA, Wausau Branch. Work out with strength exercises, Zumba, cardio and more. Starts at 8 am. Free with non-perishable food donation. Christmas Walk · Fri. 11/26, hosted by Boulder Junction Chamber of Commerce at Boulder Junction. Go on a free horse drawn wagon ride at Hwy M at 3 pm, check out Christmas arts and craft show starting at 9 am, check out Santa and Mrs. Santa on Main Street at 4:15 pm, go for cookie walk at 4 pm at the Acorn Lodge, check out the Boulder Junction light-up at Veterans Memorial Triangle at 5 pm and listen to Christmas carols by Trillium at 5 pm on Main Street at Peeple’s Park. Wausau Cyclones Game · Fri. 11/26, Marathon Park, Wausau. Wausau Cyclones vs. Rochester Grizzlies. Starts at 7:10 pm. $9 ticket adult or $10 walk-up, $6 kids 5-18 or $7 walkup, 5 and under free. Shriner’s Breakfast with Santa · Sat. 11/27, Labor Temple, 318 S 3rd Ave, Wausau. Enjoy all you can eat breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausages, applesauce and beverages. Kids can meet Santa; get a face painting and elf shelf. Proceeds go to the Shriner’s Children’s Hospitals. Starts at 8 am. $7 adults, $3 children 5-12 and free for 5 and under. 715-848-3320 Side Quest Smorgas-Board · Sat. 11/27, hosted by Evercon Gaming Convention at Dragons, Daggers n Games, Merrill. Play some board games. Starts at 1 pm. Free. Marshfield Rotary Winter Wonderland · Sat.-Fri. 11/2712/31, Wildwood Zoo & Park, Marshfield. Over a million lights illuminate the park and zoo. Starts at 5 pm. Free but donations encouraged. Wausau Cyclones Game · Sat. 11/27, Marathon Park, Wausau. Wausau Cyclones vs. Rochester Grizzlies. Starts at



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November 25-December 2, 2021



12th Annual Deck the Malls Craft Event · Sat.-Sun. 12/1112/12, hosted at the Cedar Creek Mall, 10101 Market St, Rothschild. Shop for the holidays, have your picture taken with Santa and enjoy hot cocoa bombs and cookies. Starts at 9 am. $15 for three photos. 715-298-3811 Yoga 4 Paws · Sun. 12/12, hosted by the Portage County Humane Society and Ana Marie Yoga at SentryWorld Atrium, 601 Michigan Ave N, Stevens Point. Get some exercise from doing yoga. Proceeds go towards the Humane Society of Portage County. Starts at 9:30 am. $25 donation. Intro to Pickleball · Tues. 12/14, hosted by Woodson YMCA at the Aspirus Branch Gym, Weston. Learn how to play pickleball, a sport that combines tennis, badminton and table tennis. This class is for all ages. Starts at 5:30 pm. $10 members, $15 nonmembers. 715-845-2177 Hands on Plants-Holiday Centerpieces · Tues. 12/14, Monk Botanical Gardens, Wausau. Make a holiday centerpiece. For ages 21 and older. Starts at 6 pm. $40 members, $45 nonmembers. Wausau Cyclones Game · Fri. 12/17, Eagle River Recreational Center, Eagle River. Wausau Cyclones vs. Oregon Tradesmen. Starts at 7:10 pm. $9 ticket adult or $10 walk-up, $6 kids 5-18 or $7 walkup, 5 and under free. Mosinee Papermakers Game · Fri. 12/17, hosted by Mosinee Papermakers Hockey at the Mosinee Recreational Center 701 11th St, Mosinee. Mosinee Papermakers vs. Fox Cities Ice Dogs. Starts at 8 pm. Wausau Cyclones Game · Tues. 12/28, Marathon Park, Wausau. Wausau Cyclones vs. Oregon Tradesmen. Starts at 7:10 pm. $9 ticket adult or $10 walk-up, $6 kids 5-18 or $7 walkup, 5 and under free. Wausau Cyclones Game · Wed. 12/29, Marathon Park, Wausau. Wausau Cyclones vs. Oregon Tradesmen. Starts at 7:10 pm. $9 ticket adult or $10 walk-up, $6 kids 5-18 or $7 walkup, 5 and under free.

OUTDOORS Starwood Sleigh Rides (thru January) · Ringle, WI. Reservations required. 715-297-8512 or 715-446-2485 Group Hike · Sat. 11/13, hosted by the Friends of Rib Mountain State Park, Rib Mountain. Go on a group hike. Starts at 10 am. Free. Turkey Trot 2021 · Thurs. 11/25, hosted by United Way of Marathon County at 111 S. 1st Ave, Wausau. Walk or run for Marathon County’s hunger coalition. Food proceeds

get distributed to pantries and grocers all over Marathon County. Event starts at 8:30 am. $35. Cranberry Jam · Sat. 11/27, Granite Peak Ski Resort, Wausau. Freestyle event on the mini-rail park. Starts at 12 pm. Luminary Garden Walk · Fri. 12/3, Monk Botanical Garden, Wausau. Go for an evening stroll through the illuminated gardens and enjoy a bonfire, hot chocolate, and roasted marshmallows (bring your own marshmallows and sticks). Starts at 5:30 pm. $5 per adult, $2 for kids 12 and under and free for members. Cash only. Group Hike · Sat. 12/11, hosted by the Friends of Rib Mountain State Park, Rib Mountain. Go on a group hike. Starts at 10 am. Free.

LECTURES/WORKSHOPS Wheel-Throwing with Ben Wendt · Tuesdays 11/9-12/14, Center for the Visual Arts, Wausau. Learn how to make a mug or bowl in a beginning to intermediate wheel-throwing class. All supplies provided. No class on Thanksgiving week. Starts at 6:30 pm. $165. Virtual Gardening: Heirloom Biographies · Mon. 11/29, hosted online by Marathon County Public Library and Extension Marathon County. Learn about heirloom plants such as the Beaver Dam pepper. Starts at 11 am. Free. Kissing Ball Workshop · Mon. 11/29, Hsu Growing Supply, Wausau. Learn how to make your own kissing ball. Starts at 6 pm. $45 kit, $50 workshop. 715-675-5856 DIY Holiday Wreath · Thurs. 12/2, Hsu Growing Supply, Wausau. Make your own holiday wreath. Starts at 6 pm. $45 kit, $50 workshop. 715-675-5856 Ceramic Ornament Workshop · Sat. 12/4, Center for the Visual Arts, Wausau. Learn about glazing and firing techniques as you decorate 8 ornaments of your choice. All materials provided. Starts at 2 pm. $45. “Does Making Cents Make Sense? Arguments For and Against Music Streaming Platforms” · Thurs. 12/9, UWStevens Point, Noel Fine Arts, room 221, Stevens Point. Examine arguments in favor or against music streaming. Starts at 6:30 pm. Free. Guitar Lessons with Adam Greuel · Running now, hosted online through UWSP. Learn how to play guitar with Adam Greuel of Horseshoes and Hand Grenades. Lessons times vary. Available to all levels. $69 for 30 minutes, $114 for 60 minutes.

ARTS/EXHIBITS Center for the Visual Arts, Wausau · Free. Gallery hours Wed.-Fri. 10 am-4 pm; Sat. 12 pm–4 pm. Closed Sun.-Tues. 715-842-4545, Currently on display until 12/23: The Earth We Share & Constructing Memories. Inspired by activities and events. Woodson Art Museum, Wausau · Free. Open Tues-Fri 9 am-4 pm, first Thurs. of each month 9 am-7:30 pm, Sat-Sun noon-5 pm and closed Mon. and holidays. Birds in Art 2021 on display from 9/ 11-11/28. Artists’ portrayal of birds using several different mediums. Facemasks and social distancing required. Q Artists Cooperative, Stevens Point · Facemasks required. Gallery open Tues. 10 am-5 pm, Wed. 10 am-5 pm, Thurs. 10 am-5 pm, Fri. 10 am-5 pm, Sat. 10 am-5 pm, Sun. 11 am-3 pm. Closed Mondays. Merrill History & Cultural Center · Open Mon., Weds. and Fri. From 9 am to 1 pm. Appointments can be made for other days. 715-536-5652, Marathon City Heritage Center · Open from noon to 2 pm on the second Sunday of each month from Oct. to April, Open Sun. 4/5 noon-2 pm and 5/3 noon-2 pm. 715-443-2221. Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art · Open noon-5 pm Tues-Sat. Exhibit on display: ANJE Annual National Juried Exhibition from 11/4-12/31. Face masks required.

KIDS/TEENS Family Storytime · Wednesdays 10/6-12/8, hosted online by T.B. Scott Free Library. Listen to stories and improve literacy skills. Starts at 10 am. Free. On Facebook Live. Grab & Go Craft for Kids: Marble Maze Run · Mon.-Tues. 11/1-11/30, hosted by the Marathon County Public Library at all MCPL locations. Grab a kit containing supplies for making a marble maze run. Pick up the kits anytime the library is open. Free. Call 715-261-7220 for more info Family Story Time: Fishing! · Tues. 11/30, hosted online by the Marathon County Public Library. Listen to stories about going fishing and preview December’s Grab & Go craft. Starts at 10 am. Free. Story Time: Dress-up Holiday Party · Fri. 12/3, UWSP Museum of Natural History, Stevens Point. Children can read nature-themed children’s books, color, do a craft and play games. Starts at 10 am. Register at aspx?id=rUucIBTfckGH3wYPhPAaEQ

Old Fashioned Christmas Festival · Sat. & Sun. 12/4-12/5, Willow Springs Garden, Wausau. Enjoy a Christmas feast on Sat., Christmas brunch on Sun., arts and crafts, food, coloring contest and horse drawn sleigh rides. Event starts at 10 am, feast served at 5 pm, brunch served at 9:30 am, and horse drawn sleigh rides start at noon on Sat. Free admission. $15 adults, $4 children 6-10, free under 5 for feast, $10 adults, $4 children 6-10 and under 5 free for brunch and $2 per person for sleigh rides. 715-675-1171 Wild Workouts · Wed. 12/8, UWSP Museum of Natural History, Stevens Point. Learn about how animals move and mimic their movements through an obstacle course. Starts at 5 pm. Free. Educational Programs · Thurs. 12/9, UWSP Museum of Natural History, Stevens Point. Learn through hands-on activities about nature-related topics. Starts at 5 pm. Free. https:// Christmas for Kids at the Conservatory · Sun. 12/12, Wausau Conservatory of Music, 404 Seymour St, Wausau. Celebrate Christmas at the Conservatory with holiday crafts, games, snacks and refreshments, holiday music, pictures with Santa and more. Starts at 12:30 pm, 2 pm, & 3:30 pm. $5 per child, free for adults. Wednesday Learning Centers · Every Weds., hosted by the Stevens Point Area YMCA and Boys & Girls Club of Portage County. Available for students in K thru 6th grade. Young learners will get the chance to socialize and learn after school. Centers are open all day. $10 per child. More info at


Bounce House · Wednesdays, Greenheck Field House, Weston. Starts at 5:30 pm. $5 per child 12 and under. Greater Wausau Children’s Museum, Cedar Creek Mall, Rothschild. Open Tues-Thurs 9 am-2 pm, Fri. & Sat. 9 am-5 pm, Sun. 12 pm-5 pm. Closed Monday. $5 per child 1-12 years, free for children under 1 and parents or caregivers. or 608-408-4668 Mini Monets · Select Wednesdays, Greater Wausau Children’s Museum, Rothschild. Preschool Art program for children ages 2-5. Starts at 10 am. or 608-408-4668 Young Picassos · Select Saturdays, Greater Wausau Children’s Museum, Rothschild. Art program for children ages 7+. Starts at 10 am. More info at 608-408-4668 Weekly Play and Learn · Thursdays, hosted by Children’s Wisconsin-Marathon County Family Resource Center at Cornerstone Lutheran Church, Wausau. Children can enjoy

Happy Thanksgiving

Weekdays Only. No nights, weekends, or holidays!

from the Jenny Gordon Group!

Meal on Wheels Site Manager


Part-time (28 hrs/week) employee will manage operations of Wausau meal packaging & distribution kitchen. Includes working with volunteers and occasionally delivering Meals on Wheels to homebound older adults. Normal hours of work are generally Mon-Fri, 6:30 am to 12:00 pm Salary $14.00/hour + County benefits

N14685 Copenhaver Ave., Stanley Phone: (715) 644-0765 Fax: (715) 644-4931 Your Post-Frame Building Supplier Since 1998 8.30.21am




November 25-December 2, 2021


Kannenburg Plaza – Senior Community

Call (715) 675-7952 for more information

Factory Direct Deep Fried Cheese Curds Take & Bake Pizzas Sausages Holiday Gift Boxes


Immediate availability, Rent = 30% of Income 715-212-7300 cell/text


To apply, visit us at:


We Manufacture The Industry Leading Super Rib 100 - 40 yr. Warranty

Make a difference in our community by working for the Aging & Disability Resource Center of Central WI!

“1 free bag of 1 lb. cheese curd with $25 purchase” 1 coupon per sale * redeemable in-store only * Expires 2/1/22

fun, educational activities. Registration required and masks required. Starts at 9:30 am or 10:30 am. No cost. 715-660-8103 Wisconsin 4-H Art Contest · from now to 12/31, hosted online by Wisconsin 4-H Foundation. Art contest for 4-H youth. More info at


VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES Volunteer Opportunities for the Week of November 22nd, 2021 Find More Donation + Volunteer Opportunities! Go to the United Way Volunteer Connection volunteer website at Co-Sponsorship Group Coordinator for Refugee Resettlement. Are you open to a rewarding volunteer role that will allow you to contribute vitally to Wausau’s new refugee resettlement efforts? The Ethiopian Community Development Council, Inc (ECDC) Multicultural Community Center (MCC) (Wausau, Wisconsin) is looking for an energetic, community-focused individual to support and grow ECDC’s Co-Sponsorship program--a volunteer-based support model where groups are paired to local families and commit to meeting specific needs during their first year of adjustment to a brand new community and culture. Contact Adam VanNoord with questions or to get involved at Become a Shelter Advocate. The Women’s Community Shelter Advocate volunteers answer the 24-hour support line, assist residents living in the shelter, and provide support to callers. Volunteers provide emotional support to residents and callers. Volunteers will offer information to callers about safety planning, referrals, community resources, emergency shelter, and our domestic abuse and sexual assault services. Staff is always available to support you in your role and we work as a community. Contact Allie with interest: or 715-842-5663.



text FXGprint text FXGprin to 33011


to 33011


tuition assistance up to




• Full-time, weekend only and flexible schedules available • Multiple bonus programs


Stepping On Falls Prevention Workshop · Mondays 10/1811/29, hosted by the Aging & Disability Resource Center of Portage County at Lincoln Center, 1519 Water St, Stevens Point. Learn different ways to help prevent falls. Workshop for ages 60 and older. Starts at 1 pm. Free. 715-346-1401 Stepping On Virtual Workshop · Thursdays 10/21-12/9, hosted online by the Aging & Disability Resource Center of Central Wisconsin. Learn about how you can prevent yourself from falling. No class on Thanksgiving. Starts at 1 pm. $10 suggested contribution. 888-486-9545 to register Blood Drive · Fri. 11/26, Stevens Point Blood Donation Center, 3210C Main St, Stevens Point. Starts at 8:15 am. Blood Drive · Fri. 11/26, Mosinee Brewing Company, 401 4th St, Mosinee. Starts at 12 pm. Blood Drive · Mon. & Tues 11/29-11/30, Stevens Point Blood Donation Center, 3210C Main St, Stevens Point. Starts at 11:45 am. Blood Drive · Thurs.-Fri. 12/2-12/3, Stevens Point Blood Donation Center, 3210C Main St, Stevens Point. Starts at 8:15 am. Blood Drive · Thurs. 12/2, St. John Lutheran Church, 901 Eleventh St, Mosinee. Starts at 12:30 pm. Blood Drive · Mon. 12/6, Stevens Point Blood Donation Center, 3210C Main St, Stevens Point. Starts at 11:45 am. Blood Drive · Tues. 12/7, UW-Stevens Point, UC Center, 1015 Reserve St, Stevens Point. Starts at 10 am. Blood Drive · Tues. 12/7, Stevens Point Blood Donation Center, 3210C Main St, Stevens Point. Starts at 11:45 am. Blood Drive · Thurs. 12/9, Stevens Point Blood Donation Center, 3210C Main St, Stevens Point. Starts at 8:15 am. Blood Drive · Thurs. 12/9, St. Paul’s United Methodist, 600 Wilshire, Stevens Point. Starts at 10 am. Blood Drive · Fri. 12/10, Stevens Point Blood Donation Center, 3210C Main St, Stevens Point. Starts at 8:15 am. Medicare options through Security Health Plan · hosted weekly, hosted online by the Marshfield Clinic. Learn how Medicare plans offered by Security Health Plan of Wisconsin can help you afford quality insurance. Visit Personal Needs Closet · First United Methodist Church, 903 3rd St, Wausau. Free toilet paper, paper towel, soap, personal toiletries and laundry detergent. Enter from parking lot on Fulton St. 2nd Tuesdays 1-3 pm, 4th Saturdays 9-11 am. 715-842-2201 Claire’s Critter Closet · First United Methodist Church, 903 3rd St, Wausau. Free cat food, dog food, beds, toys, treats, collars and cat litter. Enter from parking lot on Fulton St. 2nd Tuesdays 1-3 pm, 4th Saturdays 9-11 am. 715-842-2201

Messageanddataratesmayapply.1messageperrequest.TextHELPto33011forhelp.TextSTOPto 33011tocancel. FedExGroundisanequalopportunity/affirmativeactionemployer(Minorities/ Females/Disability/Veterans)committedtoadiverseworkforce.PrivacyPolicy:

In-Kind Donated Items Needed

Find More Donation + Volunteer Opportunities! Go to the United Way Volunteer Connection volunteer website at Furniture and Linens. North Central Health Care is in need of living room furniture, small kitchen table and chairs, dressers, nightstands, dishes and towels for clients. Contact or 715-848-4459 with questions or to schedule delivery. Socks. Bare Necessities, a project of Workplace Volunteer Council, is accepting new and unopened packages of socks in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes. Contact 715-842-5663 to make donation. You’ll Love Our Fresh as the Northwoods Tastes

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To receive up to $600 off closing costs, enter promotion code EQUITY in the application process between 11/8/2021 and 01/16/2022. Required minimum loan draw of $25,000 to receive up to $600 off closing costs; $25,000 draw must be taken out at the time of funding the HELOC. Other rates, amounts, and terms available. Amount received will be in the form of a lender credit at closing and will vary based on actual closing costs. Offer subject to change or termination. Certain restrictions may apply. | 800.845.5025

November 25-December 2, 2021




By E Magazine

What’s up with efforts by Native Americans to take back parks? Dear EarthTalk: What’s up with efforts by Native Americans to take back the national parks?

—C. Woodend, Brea, CA

Prior to white settlement, as many as 15 million Indigenous people inhabited what would come to be called the contiguous United States; by the 1890s only about 250,000 remained. Today, roughly five million Native Americans live in the Lower 48, but they control only about two percent of the lands. Recently tribal activists have renewed efforts to remedy this historical misappropriation by demanding that control of the national parks be given back to the tribes. “The national parks are sometimes called ‘America’s best idea’, and there is much to recommend them,” reports Leech Lake Ojibwe tribal member and author David Treuer in a recent op-ed in The Atlantic. “But all of them were founded on land that was once ours, and many were created only after we were removed, forcibly, sometimes by an invading army and other times following a treaty we’d signed under duress.” Indeed, Indians were extricated from Yellowstone, Glacier and Yosemite national parks despite their ancestors having lived there for 10,000 years. But what happened in these landmark parks was just the tip of the iceberg, as Indigenous peoples were “robbed” of hundreds of other naturally significant sites from coast to coast as well. “Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, in Wisconsin, was created out of Ojibwe homelands; the Havasupai lost much of their land when Grand Canyon National Park was established; the creation of Olympic National Park, in Washington prevented Quinault tribal members from exercising their treaty rights within its boundaries; and

few areas run by the National Park Service, such as the National Mall.” The total acreage would be a far cry from the 90 million acres taken from tribes by 1887’s General Allotment Act, he maintains, which regulated land rights on tribal lands (and served to further splinter already displaces tribal communities). It would ensure unfettered access to tribal homelands and would go a long way toward restoring the dignity of America’s original peoples. “To be entrusted with the stewardship of America’s most precious landscapes would be a deeply meaningful form of restitution,” he concludes. “Alongside the feelings of awe that Americans experience while contemplating the god-rock of Yosemite and other places like it, we could take inspiration in having done right by one another.”

Everglades National Park was created on Seminole land that the tribe depended on for food,” reports Treuer. Since we live in a time of “historical reconsideration,” he says, the national parks should be returned to Native control. “Indians should tend—and protect and preserve—these favored gardens again,” he writes, adding that not only would making such a transition be good for tribes, it would also be good for the American people and the parks themselves, which he says have been mismanaged in recent decades and currently face insurmountable federal maintenance and other backlogs. “All 85 million acres of national-park sites should be turned over to a consortium of federally recognized tribes in the United States,” urges Treuer, excepting “a


Let us help



find the best plan to fit your health care needs.

Does a friend or loved one need help understanding Medicare? No matter your situation, we can help you get answers to your Medicare questions at a neighborhood meeting.

11/11/2021, 10-11AM 10/25/2021, 10-11AM Hotel Mead 2510 Restaurant 451 East GrandAvenue Avenue 2510 Stewart WIWausau, Rapids,WI WI54401 54494

11/18/2021, 11AM-12PM 10/21/2021, 10-11AM Econolodge Hotel Marshfield 1510 County RoadAvenue XX 2700 S. Central Rothschild, WIWI54474 Marshfield, 54449

10/20/2021,10-11AM 10-11:30AM 11/9/2021, American Senior Benefits Hotel Marshfield 2620 S. Stewart Avenue 2700 Central Avenue Wausau, WI 54401 Marshfield, WI 54449

10/19/2021, 10-11AM 11/15/2021, 10-11AM Holiday Inn Wausau 2510 Restaurant 4210 Barbican Avenue 2510 Stewart Avenue Weston, WI 54476 Wausau, WI 54401

10/28/2021, 10-11AM 11/24/2021, 10-11:30AM Edgar Village American SeniorHall Benefits 224Stewart South Third Avenue 2620 Avenue Edgar, WI 54426 Wausau, WI 54401

Contact us

to RSVP for a meeting or get more Medicare information. Rhonda Grabko, Licensed Sales Agent UnitedHealthcare • 715-574-6163


November 25-December 2, 2021









As your independent health care resource, we can offer you Medicare plans from several private insurance companies.

So you’re guaranteed to get the plan that may be best for you.

A sales person will be present with information and applications. For accommodation of persons with special needs at sales meetings, call 715-574-6163, TTY 711.





11/3/2021, 10/14/2021,10-11:30AM 11AM-12PM America Senior Benefits Econolodge 2620 StewartRoad Avenue 1510 County XX Wausau, WIWI54401 Rothschild, 54474


00416A67 80832


By Evan J. Pretzer

Rolling the dice on a new business

Matthew Wruck, Brad Emon and Matthew Check have laid their cards down on ISO Games key cards are in glass cases which make up the main counter. Future expansion hopes include offering older video games for purchase, more tournaments and organized events to go along with what is advertised on the ISO Games Facebook page and separate from these, staying ahead and abreast of the competition. “We have to be pretty confident we are the best option in town,” Wruck said as he wrapped his remarks. “There are two other stores and they made us weigh if we could be successful.” For customer Eric Czerniak, the scale has come up in Wruck, Emon and Check’s favor. “Johnny’s was filled with brotherhood and family feelings,” he said. “This has been missed.” ISO Games is open from 12-8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and 12-10 p.m. Friday. They can be reached at or by calling 715-870-2466.

Now and Zen Massage settled in at new site

Business was formerly in the First American Center downtown Now and Zen Massage in Wausau has settled into a new location after making a recent move. Katie Smogolesky’s practice began in 2017 and was previously located in the heart of Wausau. The shift to N. 3rd Avenue was brought on by a need to downsize and though now in the conference room which once belonged to Virtual Vision the same services remain. “This is a little more advantageous,” Smogolesky said. Evan J. Pretzer is a contributor to City Pages. He can be reached at

▲ From left, Brad Emon, Matthew Wruck and Matthew Check pose at the counter of ISO Games in Wausau

shortly after opening. The new business in the community supplies board games, card games and supplies for each to customers and envisions moving into vintage video games in the future. Supplied photo



4 PM | SUNDAY - DECEMBER 5, 2021 (715)584-4203 November 25-December 2, 2021



Three friends from Central Wisconsin have opened a new business in Wausau which may involve boards, but is never boring to their customers seeking cards and games every day. Since October ISO Games has offered Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, the supplies it takes to play each and various board games to those hungry for such content in the community and region. Overseen by friends and co-owners Matthew Wruck, Brad Emon and Matthew Check, the initiative at 1720 Merrill Ave. came out of conversations had between the trio in the wake of popular establishment Johnny Cee Cards shutting down two years ago. “We kind of missed John’s and it did not feel the same anymore,” Wruck said. “It was funny first and then we started talking about it seriously. Matthew is a part of the [gaming] community and when we heard he was thinking of opening a store we got together over drinks, talked about it more over a month and just kind of went from there. It was March when we made our plans.” After this the process included drawing up a contract to ensure the business will survive in the event of strife between the group in the future. Other hurdles included finding a space. While they are set in theirs which was a former home for Crabbman’s Driver Education, getting to it took time due to their landlord adjusting to accommodate other tenants within the building. “He was still having problems shifting other people around,” Wruck added. “We had other options but the downgrade we would have had was not worth getting into somewhere else a couple of months earlier. It worked out and we now have everything set how we like it.” Boxes of adventure line the shelves and


Thimbleberry Books

Time for a year-end investment review.

166 South Central • Marshfield, WI 54449


11/27 through 12/19 * subject to change

Advance Funeral Planner

we haVe saws foR you To use! Helke Funeral Home 302 Spruce Street, Wausau 715-842-3993

1807 N. Mountain Rd. • 715-298-6176

14655 20th Avenue | Merrill | 715.351.0357 North on Hwy K, then East on Rainbow Drive

STUART HANSON mprs #227138 · JASON HANSON mprs #262025


Call or email to run your card here!


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Are you looking for a dependable auto repair shop with experts you can trust?

ATHENS, WI 54411


Residential & Commercial Roofing

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Hidden Fastener Metal Roofing On Site Roll Forming • Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Kindred Spirit Books And Gifts

Mon - Fri: 11am-6pm Sat: 10am-5pm



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LPG GIFTS M-F 9-6 Sat 9-4 Sun 11-3 715-693-4057 • 1130 Mosinee Ave Mosinee

Auto Select recently launched their newly expanded Car Care Program, which is free for all clients.

•Earn Reward Dollars for new referrals. • Mobile App

Not only does the program allow clients to earn Reward Dollars to use toward future repairs, services, or tires, but also includes the following benefits:

To enroll, stop by any Auto Select location to pick up your free Care Care Program Kit. You can also text AutoSelect to 66158.

• 24-Hour Nationwide Roadside Assistance • Earn FREE Oil Changes • Donate Reward Dollars to Charity • Accumulate Rewards faster with Household accounts

We’re also very excited about the ability to donate your Reward Dollars to charity of your choice. Ask your Service Advisor for details.



Weston | 6205 Schofield Avenue | 715.355.4050 |

St. Vincent de Paul Store NEW SVDP TOY SHOP

Grand Opening

Near Wausau, Just off Hwy. 29, Near Harbor Freight

(Displayed in Special Bonus Room)

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18 @ 9am THERE IS NO TOY SHORTAGE AT SVDP!!! Toys, games, stuffed animals & stocking stuffers galore and more!!! SVDP IS PARTNERINGWITH PEYTON’S PROMISE Bring a non-perishable food item & receive a special prize!!!

Hiring 2nd and 3rd shift production positions at the Marathon City location



November 25-December 2, 2021

Wages starting at $20.52 & higher for current openings and get your application in today. Equal Opportunity Employer

On the spot interviews from 12:30 to 3:30 every Wednesday • Get a plant tour • Ask questions • Fill out application • Turn in a resume Weekly drawings for a $25 gift card just for stopping in for a plant tour. Shifts available to meet everyones schedule! 2nd shift Monday–Friday, 3rd shift Sunday–Thursday No manufacturing experience, no problem, we will train you! Starting wage $17.00/hour $1.00 Shift differential for 2nd & 3rd shifts! Overtime available Paid vacation after 90 days! 401(K) with company match Full benefits package Employee referral program Scholarship program available to employee dependents!

G3 Industries, Inc. 99330

131 W. THOMAS ST, WAUSAU • 715-298-3028 • SVDPWAUSAU.ORG Store hours - Mon-Fri 9am-5pm - Saturday 9am-4pm Donations - Mon-Tues-Thurs-Fri 9am-4pm Saturday 9am - 12pm, closed Sunday & Wednesday

Check our website at

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Updated Car Care Program Includes New Benefits

We stand behind everything we do with a 36-month/36,000-mile nationwide warranty.

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