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Mary Dawn

Apples are yummy !! !.

Riddles are fun to do.

YMCA is fun Dance is what I like to do. Art is fun

Ander jacobson Awesome at Reading.

Never likes races. Does not like swimming."" Ending the mile run is good. "

Reading is fun. " " " " " " " "

Gage%%Bolfik% Gage%is%my%name.% % A%frog%is%what%I%have.% % %



% %

Everybody%knows%that%I% am%Irish%and%Scottish.%


Rules'are'fun.' Hot'out'side.'



Nice' ''Evrybody'is' nice'to'me''

Maanya Pandey My baby brother is like a lion. Awesome at dance. Always crazy at! home. Never calm at home. Yes I like chocolate. And part of the pandey family

Arya%%Karnik% Awesome'at'soccer'' Rockstar)at)football.% %Yes,%I%went%to%

Disneyland%this% summer. % %

Awesome%at% math. % %

!! ! !

Easton!Kolk! Everyday!I!play!videogames.!


Super!at!games.! Took!a!trip!to!spring!brook.!

Okay!at!soccer.! Not!good!at!cooking.!


Anushka Gupta Awesome at swimming

Next year I want 4


grade to be a

amazing year

Unicorns I love She is my best friend Happy all the time Kind to her friends Art I love

Jacob Ribbens Jaguar fast Awesome at basketball Crocodile teeth Open heart Best at football

Teik Downs Trip to bad lands Eating is the best Ice is cold Keeps bracelet

Isabella Hohenadel Is good at reading. Singing is my thing. Ava’s my sister. Best at temple run." Every one loves me. La la loopsies Like’s to swim. " "

Awesome at girl scouts.


STRYKER Super at basketball. Tigers are my favorite animal Really good at swimming Ymca is fun Key of reading Eat good meat Rides !

Lauren'Glas' '

Lolly'pop’s''I''Love' Awesome'at'soccer'

Uncorns'I'love Race'cars' Elphents' Next year I want to th pass 4 gread ! ' ' ' '

Gavin Snelson Got$done$whit$ baseball$season$ All$ways$gets$the$tv$


I$lick$Iowa$ Hawkeyes$ Nothing$but$ trouble$



Cat fish is my favorite fish Awesome at Baseball

Excellent at Football Likes to go fast ! !

Abby Flesher Awesome at soccer

Be a teacher

Bikeing I love

YMCA is fun !

Max Bird !

Mrs. McMullen is my teacher. Amazing friend. X-traordinary brother Ben 10 is my favorite TV show. I!love to eat Goldfish! Reading is something I like to do !




with Mom and Dad.!

Dogs are my favorite animals.


Alivia Farrell Art is my favorite subject Lollipops are one of my favorite kinds of \ candy I like penguins and they are cute Very good at gymnastics I like to suck on a chunk of ice A peace sine is a cool sine

Ian$Whistler$$ I$love$wwe$ A$creeper$will$$ $$$$explode$if$you$get$$ $$$$near% Nice$is$my$game$ $ WWE$is$what$will$be$$ $$$$when$I$grow$up$

Jacob& Justin&is&my&dad& Adam&is&my&brother& C&I&get&lots&of&cuts& Onle&have&one&sister& B&I&like&to&go&boating&

John%Sehnert% Just%ate%at%subway.%% Once%I%went%to%% %%%adventerland% Hide%in%seek%is%my%% %%%favorite%game.% Nobody%no’s%what%% %%%I%like.%% %



My mom is on sale. Octopus -like. Learning cursive. Likes mysteries Year older than my class Clicker Ant liker Tape recorder Elmo buster!


Paige!Laird! P A I! G E igs!are!my!favored!animal!






Pierce Lynch Probably I will be a foot ball player I like skittles Everybody likes me REECE is my cousin Cole is my brother Every day I eat ice cream

Mrs. McMullen's Acrostic Name Poems  
Mrs. McMullen's Acrostic Name Poems  

Students used Microsoft Word to create acrostic poems about themselves. They added formatting and clip art to add interest.