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A Strong Faith on Firm Foundations

A Word from the Diocesan Bishop of Wau By Rt, Rev, Moses Deng. Time to Change I have been the Bishop of Wau Diocese for just a little over five years and in that time there has been a lot of change. First let me tell you becoming a bishop is a great change in itself, but what I really mean is that everything has changed. When I first became a bishop Sudan was one very big country and South Sudan did not exist. I can still remember the wonderful day when everybody and I really mean everybody, voted. The most wonderful part was that we all knew what we were voting for, freedom, liberty and independence. It was a thing that so many had fought, suffered and died for. I will never, as long as I live, forget the day when we gained independence and became South Sudan. I have never felt so much joy. Change comes and it keeps coming, sometimes in big events and sometimes in small ones. Some change you really hardly notice, people come and go in your life and things appear to stay the same. But this is an illusion and we must be careful. Jesus warned us to be as gentle as doves and as wise as serpents. You can see his words in the Gospel Matthew Chapter 10 verse 16 “Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. We must live our lives with our eyes open to change. In my time as Bishop of Wau many people who were deacons, that is the very first level of priest have been made full priests and have taken an active part in running our church. This seems like a small change but it is an important one because many of my existing priests have held their positions in a parish without having all the correct training that they need. As much as I can I try to provide this but it is hard to arrange and I am grateful for all the partners that have come to help us with this. Some of my priests are funded by partners and friends of Wau Diocese to study at a university. Some go to Uganda and

Index A Word From The Bishop ....................................2 Christmas Celebrations in Wau...........................5 AIU Offers Comfort..............................................6 A Big Welcome.....................................................8 A Busy Week......................................................12 Gogriel East Greets Bishop................................13 Concord Lent Course.........................................17 Local Football Competition................................18 Homes Destroyed by Fire..................................18 Unity in Diversity...............................................19 IDPs in Warrap State..........................................21 Mother’s Union Talent Exhibition......................23 Special Prayers for South Sudan........................25 Contact Us ........................................................27 Please Pray with us ...........................................28 some to Kenya. This is a great opportunity and I am so grateful for having staff that are so well educated as well as very hard working. The sadness of this is that I must cope without them while they study and I really feel this change. But as they return they themselves will bring change and enrich the work and mission of Wau Diocese. So you can see change comes and keeps coming.

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I have recently had the pleasure of a week long pastoral visit to Gogriel East Archdeaconry. It was a pleasure because while I was there nearly 1500 people were confirmed in faith at Wuntim, Bong, Maliai and Liethom parishes. This is a really marvellous thing to experience. Also two new church buildings were dedicated at Wuntim and Lietnhom which makes me happy to see because they are both a statement of faith in the local community. In the Gospel of Mathew Chapter 5 verses 14 to 16 Jesus reminds us how important it is not to hide away our faith. “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” Most of all it gave me great joy to ordain six new Deacons (including the Diocesan Communication Officer, who is now the Rev Samuel Mabith). These are people who are really allowing their light to shine. Among this number was also one woman, which for me is important because I believe women have an important place in the future of South Sudan. This is a change we are keen to encourage where we can. Five Deacons have also been ordained by me as priests and accepted change in themselves. Some of these Deacons had been faithful in the same position for the last 7 or 8 years. Change sometimes comes slowly but with deep foundations. This is reflected in the words of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 7 verses 24 to 27 “Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock. And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it.”


Change often is a challenge. In the floods that came so suddenly to many parts of Warrap and Western Bahr el Ghazal many people lost their crops and livelihoods. This was a testing time of sudden change but worse for me was the sudden flood of violence in our new country. When it was still Advent and going forward to Christmas we should have been celebrating the birth of Jesus but instead we were confronted with the worry of violence. It was shocking for me and I know shocking for many that partner with us, how quickly violence spread from Juba to almost all parts of South Sudan. The terrible events which happened in South Sudan show that our leaders have not really changed from being military commanders to political leaders, in my opinion they need to do this as quickly as possible. It also shows clearly that they have changed from the principles which guided the liberation struggle that so many people of our country were part of. The principles I mean here are equality, Justice and liberty. The mass killing of civilians, particularly women and children shows that our people have changed not only from Christian ideas but even traditional values where women, children and the elderly were never killed as they are not combatants. It was also truly shocking to realise how quickly people were ready to kill one another because of their ethnic or tribal background. Something that appeared to be an ideological struggle became like an ugly tribal war that showed the world the very worst of South Sudan. Terrible things have happened on our soil, which I thought would never happen again, truly I have never felt so sad. Times change and just as a storm creates great fear and destruction it passes, floods subside and the sunshine returns. We must look for this and prepare for this, to be ready as it comes. Truly we must be ready for peace, because peace will come. The people who have done evil deeds in the recent fighting will all be punished for their evil. Nobody can escape the gaze of modern media and much of what happened in Juba, Bentiu and Bor has been seen and talked about around the world because of the internet. News has been seen by many who use

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Facebook or Twitter and have never been to Africa. Even those IDPs that came to Warrap were reported on our own diocesan website. In just the same way nobody can escape the gaze of the God of all creation. God knows your thoughts, sees your deeds and one day you will have to account for all that you have done. There is a very good passage in the book of Proverbs in the Bible in Chapter 21 verse 15 it says: When justice is done, it is a joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers. Change is not always good or pleasant. The time that we are coming into now is exactly a time of change and preparation, in the church we call it Lent. In Lent we remember the life of Jesus and the things he did right up to the moment of his death and resurrection. In these stories from the Bible we can learn and if we apply them to our lives we can grow in faith and change as people for the better. I am so pleased that while so many people in South Sudan were fighting some of my priests and Mothers Union workers were creating a Lent course themed on peace. It is called Concord, which is a word that means peace and harmony. The course lasts through all of Lent and deals with tough subjects such as domestic violence, the causes of violence and tribalism. If you wish to see it and join in with us this Lent you can simply go to the Wau Diocese website:


prepare for Easter. Easter was a huge change in the natural order of the world, Jesus died and was resurrected to pay for our sins. Since then Christianity has attempted to bring this most positive change to all people. People that have never been afraid of justice, people who build up a strong faith in God with rock solid foundations that no storm could ever break. People who bring the light of Jesus so that others can see more clearly and whose light is never hidden from view. As my visit to the Archdeaconry of Gogriel East has reminded me Christianity is still changing people and altering their lives. You can read in the book of 2Peter Chapter 3 verse 9 “The Lord is not slow to fulfil his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.” - Change will come. In the book of Hebrews at chapter 4 verse 12 you can read this startling truth: “For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” I believe that our faith is the greatest tool we have to ensure peace, enable growth in development and build a better future for everyone in South Sudan. A future that is without violence. That is a change that I would really welcome.

Every Blessing +Moses Deng Much is expected of us as Christians in South Sudan and so I think that it helps at Lent to examine our hearts honestly so that we may

Take a moment now before reading on to be still and listen for God. When you have then please take time to pray for real peace and understanding in South Sudan. Pray for all those who have lost their loved ones and been exposed to the recent tragic violence in so many parts of our new country.

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Christmas Celebrations in Wau By Rev Samuel Mabith

According to the Christian tradition, Christmas or the birth of Jesus is when Christians remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ born in Bethlehem as a descendent of King David, but now it is not in Bethlehem alone, it is all over the world. The birth of Jesus was the start of an amazing story of faith and after he ascended to heaven Jesus promised that, he would send the Holy spirit to strengthen our faith and live with us forever. So, that is why Christians everywhere celebrate on 25th December. Before Christmas, the RT Rev Moses Deng Bol, the Bishop of Wau Diocese with Catholic Bishop Abraham Yal, wrote to the entre Christian community, both Catholic, Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan

and other denominations requesting them to join their hands with the Bishops to pray about the situation of South Sudan so that God can stop the nation bleeding out it’s blood and losing young lives which was promised by Dr John Garang, that, there will be no bombs falling from the sky again. So, that is why Our Bishops need your prayers with them. When Bishop Moses arrived back in Wau, he forgot about being tired from his journey all the way from Nairobi and he joined in the marching with youth of the Cathedral of Wau with great happiness and joy. He marched with them around the whole of Wau. Their movement during that situation was encouraging the people to stay calm and increased their moral. Because there was

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insecurity entering in to other parts of South Sudan, that people were not allowed to move freely from 24th to 25th of December, but his movement helped a lot, reminding people it was still Christmas. On 25th Dec morning, the RT. Rev. Moses Deng Bol was preaching and the theme he was talking about was peace among the community, for both politicians and civilians to have peace. He gave an example of what happened last year in Wau about the conflict between two counties of Dinka and those of Zande when the governor of Western Bahr El Ghazal Rezik Zechariah intervened. Bishop Moses was not happy about what was happening every year especially during the Christmas days it doesn’t allow people to celebrate well with happiness. He really challenging those likely to cause the loss of the lives of civilians telling them that their children are outside the country and while they want to

achieve what they want they forget the poor who’s children study within the country; they like to use them as their tools to achieve their goals. He advised them that please! I am not opposing what you want but see the situation first, if is something that destroys the lives of people please! Don’t attempt to do it. If something comes against this country you are free to do as you wish with all your effort.

Africa International University Offers Comfort By Rev Andrew Apiny Following the conflict which erupted in South Sudan last year in December 2013 in Juba, between the President Salva Kiir and his former vice President Dr. Riak Machar in which over one thousand people died and half of million persons became Internally Displaced Persons while others fled into neighbouring countries for the safety of their lives. Africa International University, by the virtue of having a good number of South Sudanese

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Students, from different part of the country,namely: Eastern Equateria, Western Equateria, Joungeli, Bentiu, Malaka and Western Bahr el Ghazal State studying here who in one way or another have been affected badly by this conflict of which some of the students had lost their relatives and friends.

Besides that those who are supported by their relatives had correspondingly lost their jobs in the event which brought about traumatic experiences, catastrophic episodes, sanguinary holocaust particular to those who were there in person and witnessed their properties being looted and houses burnt down mercilessly in their presence. They became distressed and traumatised by the indecent and horrifying experiences; this demoralized their morale drastically in school. The administration therefore, was moved by the circumstances and felt compassion on their students. It was for this reason the university conducted a one day trauma healing and counselling event, in addition to that the administration also supported South Sudanese students with food and some money. On top of this some houses had been allocated to some South Sudanese students who relatives fled to Kenya for the


safety of their lives. Such heartfelt kindness cannot go unappreciated. It has been most welcome and very appreciated by the South Sudanese Students chairperson Pious Elea, in which he said that, in all institutions that I have gone to; it has never happen; for school administration to cry together with their students. We are very grateful for the University administration to identifying themselves with us at such a critical moment in our country to weep with us in prayer and with words of encouragement, trauma healing and comfort us to forget the past. We were demoralized and psychological tortured but now we are relieved after we attended trauma healing counselling and received food. “We really felt the sense of brotherhood and sisterhood here at this University. Therefore, we wouldn’t take this for granted but we will always remember and tell others in the future that AIU is place where personal problems are everybody's concern, regardless of where you come from we are one community and one person through Jesus Christ. Therefore; may God bless the AIU Administration in a big way! Despite the fact that students are different tribes from different states they are staying peaceful.

Rev Andrew Apiny Macham. Is a student at Africa International University, Nairobi–Kenya. Studying Sustainable Community Development.

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A Big Welcome in Gogriel East Archdeconry By Rev Samuel Mabith Madut

The Bishop of Wau Diocese the Rt Rev Moses Deng Bol (ECSSS) was invited by the Archdeacon of Gogrial East Archdeaconry Ven Peter Garang to visit Gogrial East Archdeaconry under Wau Diocese. He was welcomed with happiness and in a joyful way by the Christians and the entire community including Government Officials in Gogrial Archdeaconry and County. The Bishop dedicated two Church buildings during his visit. He began his work to dedicate the church of Wuntim parish on 10th/Feb/2014 he also started to plant the trees and he explained in more detail about the importance of trees. He said that the reason why we plant

trees is to indicate the time of dedicating the church, also it makes the environment look good and colourful and challenged all Christians to plant trees in their houses and gardens. When he finished planting trees, Bishop Moses with congregation moved around church three times to show sign of Trinity, the Father,

the the the the the

Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. He then gave a simple definition of the church building after he entered saying that, a church is a holy place, a church is a something that is set aside, a church is place of worship, and a church is place of sharing of ideas and conditions. It is not place of business and practicing immorality. The other church which Bishop Moses dedicated was Malual Aheer parish. This parish was dedicated on 14th/Feb/2014 after Wuntim parish and Bishop Moses preached the same way and the same strategies as he did in Wuntim. It was the first time in Gogrial East Archdeaconry to have churches

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made as concrete buildings since the creation of the world to be dedicated. There are seven churches built in concrete in Gogrial East Archdeaconry, among these seven, two are dedicated. The seven Church buildings were constructed with support from Samaritan’s Purse International Relief which has constructed 39 Church buildings in Wau Diocese including two big Cathedrals in Western Bahr El Ghazal State Capital Wau and Warrap State Capital Kuajok. Samaritan’s Purse support during ceremony. He Christians in Archdeaconry for during the building buildings.

has supported the construction of over 500 Church buildings across the whole country of South Sudan. Bishop Moses, the Clergy, Christians and the Community Leaders thanked the Samaritan’s Purse and its donors for their

the dedication also thanked Gogrial East their hard work of the Churches

Therefore thousands of people celebrated and the celebration was very well organized, many animals like cows and goats were prepared even chickens who’s numbers could not counted because they were very many. Now Wuntim and Malual Aheer parishes are official opened. This is really just the summery of what was happened in Gogrial East Archdeaconry please enjoy the pictures, Rev Peter Angui Akook has a following article with much more detailed information.

P a g e | 10


P a g e | 11


Bishop Moses would like to thank everybody that worked hard to make his pastoral visit to Gogriel East Archdeaconry a success. May God bless all those that attended the ceremonies there and especially those who came to faith at that time. Amen

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A Busy Week in Gogriel East Archdeaconry By Rev Peter Akook Bishop Moses dedicates time to fieldwork so that he is always in touch with the people of Wau Diocese, the biggest diocese in South Sudan, spanning two states, Warrap and Bahr el Ghazel. It is no easy task. His Lordship, the Bishop of Wau Diocese, Rt.Rev.Moses Deng Bol together with his team started their departure heading to Gogrial East Archdeaconry on Sunday evening 9th February, 2014. The Bishop with his team returned back to Wau diocesan Head Quarters on Sunday evening the 16th February, 2014. The main purpose for Bishop’s visit to Gogrial East Archdeaconry included the dedication of churches, planting of trees meant for the church, baptism, confirmation, licensing, ordination and preaching messages of peace. The Bishop with his team first arrived at Wun-Tim Parish on the 9th.

Wun-Tim Church in Pathuon West Deanery Activities done at Wun-Tim church (Pathuon West Deanery) on the 10th to 11th February, 2014) were as follows; 1) The church at Wun-Tim that was built by the Samaritans Purse organization was dedicated on the 10th February, 2014 by Rt. Rev. Moses Deng Bol. Before the Church was dedicated a mango tree was planted purposely for shade, history, food, medicine and to function as a boundary. The Bishop again explained what it meant to dedicate the church as a “setting aside” as a holy place for worshipping God, a place for peace and life not for war, a place for teaching God’s message of love and peace.

2) Confirmation was done on the 10th February, 2014. So far 370 people were confirmed at Wun-Tim Parish from the 10th to 11th February morning before Bishop Moses and his team started off on their journey to Bong Parish. 3) Holy Communion was also celebrated and the people who participated in taking the communion were 345. 4) General attendance on the dedication day of the church was 3,462. 5) Licensing of Batch, Evangelists and Lay readers totalled 48. 6) 32 people were baptized on this particular day.

Bong Parish in Pathuon East Deanery Activities done at Bong Parish (Pathuon East Deanery) on the 12th February, 2014 were as follows;

P a g e | 13

1) 152 people were confirmed at Bong Parish. 2) 15 people were baptized at Bong Parish. 3) 159 people participated in taking communion. 4) 11 people were licensed whose title included Batch, Evangelist, & Lay readers. 5) General attendance on this day of the 12th February, 2014 was 241.


Malual Aher Parish Archdeaconry Head Quarters, Gogrial East Activities done at Malual Aher Parish (Archdeaconry HQs, Gogrial East) on the 14th, 15th and 16th February, 2014 were as follows; 1) Malual Aher church was dedicated on the 14th February, 2014 by Rt. Rev. Moses Deng Bol. 2) Confirmation went up to 402 people.

Maliai Parish in Toch East Deanery Activities done at Maliai Parish (Toch East Deanery on the 13th February, 2014) were as follows; 1) People who were confirmed were 428. 2) People who participated in communion were 423. 3) People who attended the service were 687. 4) People who were licensed to be Batch, Evangelist and Lay reader were 22.

3) Communion participation went up to 302 people. 4) General attendance was 831 people. 5) People licensed were 60 people. 6) People that received baptism were 115 people. 7) Ordination of deacons (6 with one woman among them) and pastors (5 men) were 11 people

5) People who were baptized on this day were 39.

Apuk Community of Gogriel East Greets Bishop By Ven Peter Garang: the Archdeacon of the area that Bishop Moses visited Everything blessed of God succeeds! We give many thanks to God almighty for His faithfulness for making this plan workable. It is one of the most surprising things for the Apuk community to witness the official opening of permanent churches being built in Gogrial East County early in February 2014. This good news comes with the gospel spreading mission spearheaded by the Samaritan’s Purse that came to the area in 2010 and built 7 churches. After they were built, churches were left without doors and windows. The congregations tried their best

to complete the doors and windows for the

P a g e | 14


opened the church on the 10/2/2014 as Bishop Moses confirmed many Christians. Thereafter, the confirmed persons were part

two out of seven of the churches constructed. These Churches were Lietnhom and Wuntim Church respectively. Having invited Bishop Moses Deng last year to come and open the churches, there was flooding and the schedules were pushed back to 2014. As the year opened we agreed and planned that these churches should be opened and we took our plan to Bishop Moses for endorsement and as a result it was possible that mission to Gogrial East archdeaconry was schedule for Feb. 9- 16. 2014 and it was executed as planned.

Consequentially, we managed to come to Wuntim on Sunday 9 – 11. 2014 and we

and partakers of the Holy Communion. After that, we moved to Bong on 11- 12 as Bishop Moses confirmed many and Holy Communion was conducted as well. Hence in the evening of Feb 12 2014 we moved to Malia and Bishop Moses confirmed many Christians, preaching the word and performing Holy Communion. We traveled to Lietnhom on February 13 2014 in the evening, as we approached the town the congregation, who

had been waiting, greeted us at Lol Atup and we marched from there to the Church compound taking about 20 – 30 minutes.

We give our thanks to God for all the good work done in Gogriel East Archdeaconry and for all the people who came to faith during the visit of Bishop Moses and his staff. Please pray for these people and the Pastors of Gogriel East that work so hard.

P a g e | 15

One of outstanding things with this mission was that, wherever we went, we received a warm welcoming from the congregations. It was a joyous moment and Bishop Moses preached holistic sermons that touched all aspects of human life and made it relevant to many. The message was well received because it was given within their cultural context. The big surprise we received was the welcoming experience in Malia when Jolwo-Liech went all the way from Malia to Bong and as we arrived Bishop Moses was given (Ajum and many flowers on us) something to


be given only to great leaders in the Dinka context . It made a difference in the sense that Bishop Moses was given the he sheep nick name majong-thon white black color. Whereas, in Lietnhom it was colorful and systematic in every way when Bishop Moses and the commissioners speeches delivered they were remarkable in every way and this gave the opening function a great meaning. This added much value among Christians and the community that witnessed the event which was accompanied by many dances and joks in the evening done in Lietnhom.


P a g e | 16 Activities carried out: S/N

Name of Church visit

No. of confirmed persons

Licensed persons

Holy Communion partakers


Baptized persons

Church opened

Dancing/ activities




32 Lay readers, Batches And Evangelist




Youth groups







Youth from Pany

Feb. 11-12. 2014



10 persons licensed as lay readers, Evan and batches Lay readers 19, Evan 14 and 27 batches

1 Church 1 bull 4 goats Many chickens 2 goats 4 chickens





Feb. 12-13. 2014



Many of them




Jol- wo- liech group

Feb. 1316.2014

Many persons licensed (Lay readers, Evan and batches).

1,370 persons

2,265 persons

64 persons

1bul Many goats chickens 1 Church 2 bulls 18 goats 28 chickens 79 gallons of Dura 2 churches 4 bulls 24 goats/sheeps

3 groups presented

7 days

Total 1,234 persons

Bshop Moses ordained 6 deacons, 5 priests and promoted some as rural dean as listed below:

Deacons promoted as pastors S/N 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Pastor’s name Peter Gum Bol John Ayii Majok Marko Langar Majok Martin Maror Majok Kazito Yak Thiik

Position Deacon ,, ,, ,, ,,

Current position Pastor ,, ,, ,, ,,

Lay readers promoted as deacons S/N 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Pastor’s name Samuel Kiir Nhial John Wol Deng Samuel Mabith Madut Mary Achok Ariath Peter Ngot Achien William Lual Tong

Position Lay reader ,, ,, ,, ,, Evangelist

Current position Deacon ,, ,, ,, ,, ,,

Church Pany Ajogo Mabior Lietnhom Akoic Manyang

Pastors promoted as rural deans S/N 1. 2. 3. 4.

Pastor’s name Kazito Yak Thiik John Ayii Majok Peter Gum Bol Martin Maror Majok

Title Ruraldean Ruraldean Ruraldean Ruraldean

Deanery Toch East Deanery Toch Deanery Pathon East deanery Pathon West Deanry

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Concord for Peace and Reconciliation A South Sudanese Lent Study Course for 2014

Written by staff of Wau Diocese in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan, this is a simple Lent course designed for use by anyone anywhere. Completely self contained the course can be obtained for free online at the Wau diocese website and is set over six sessions. No extras or props are needed, worksheets and leaders notes are all included, simply print what you need or even read directly from a laptop. The course works by discussion and prayer, gives an African outlook on Christianity and focuses on particular issues relating to peace. This is the second Lent course created by Wau Diocese and it tries to stimulate participation, discovery and tackle hard issues in faith. Topics include, tribalism, domestic violence, trauma, the causes of friction and what we mean by peace. As you progress, share your thoughts and discoveries online through the Wau Diocese Lent Forum, illuminate other users of the course and at the same time expand opportunities to learn and grow this Lent. Spend some time with one of the most energetic and expanding churches on the planet and experience a Christian journey in African company.

Available online now. Don’t forget Join the forum now and have your say – Join here

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Local Football Teams Compete

By Rev Peter Akook This photo was taken during a football March competition which was launched by payam authorities for three weeks in the Wau Diocese area. It must be remembered that Wau is the largest diocese in South Sudan and covers two whole states. The payams organising these matches were Akon South, Gogrial West, Warrap State, and South Sudan generally. Akon South consists of three bomas namely; Rup, Agaal, & Ayien. All the teams were organized in such a way that the strongest group would never leave the field until they were beaten by an opponent. This particular match was attended by all three bomas of Akon South and included large numbers of women, children and elderly people.

Homes Destroyed in Fire Incident By Rev Samuel Mabith Madut As the fire damage is inspected Wau Diocese is requesting prayers for the two families affected by an inferno that happened recently. The family of Victoria

These were the villages involved in competition; 1) Maper vs. Bulic 2) Makuei vs. Peth 3) Mayen vs. Madol In the end the cup was taken by Maper Agaal. Well done to them for achieving this.

P a g e | 19

Yar Majak the diocesan Mother's Union leader and the Kekulina Edith Lual a diocesan Mother's

Union trainer and a mother of five children who is the wife of an SPLA soldier. The houses which were completely burned down belonged to the MU leader who had offered accommodation to the trainer while she looked for a place to settle in.


At the time of the midday fire Kekulina was in the office working while Victoria was in Mapel Kekulina’s five children were in the house with a caretaker. The source of the blaze was established to be from a charcoal burner. Which soon spread beyond all control. The families lost everything and we thank God that the small children were all rescued unharmed. Despite everyone being safe this is a real loss that cannot be replaced and creates a serious problem for the staff of Wau Diocese. The two families have been given accommodation at the Diocesan Secretary's house and the Deacon's house respectively. We are grateful for this sacrifice and encourage the two families. So we do request of our friends and partners to join us in prayers at this time of need.

Unity in Diversity – an Important Memory By Rev Andrew Apiny “Every single person has a vital responsibility to take part in the church of Christ. There is no one of great consequence or person of great magnitude in the house of worship, each one of us is of great value, in the sense that we necessitate each other to function well as individuals and as the body of Christ. That means God has a specific purpose to every single person to accomplish in the church”. This report was originally written in 2013 telling the story of a pastoral visit to Mapel Archdeaconry but is recreated here because of the strong message of unity within it. Rt, Rev bishop Moses Deng Bol was addressing the dignitaries from different capacities,

yesterday in Mapel Archdeaconry. When he went there to confirm about one hundred and twenty-five believers in Mapel archdeaconry in accordance to Anglican tradition, that a Christian is first baptized by a pastor or deacon and later he/she is confirmed by a bishop and able to drink the blood of Jesus and take his body. On His arrival in Mapel, it was overcrowd, by

P a g e | 20


hundreds of believers and many people from government official, community leaders, church leaders and among others were presented. Since this was his first time to come to Mapel from the time when he was consecrated as bishop of Wau diocese. In his speech, Bishop Moses Deng Bol preached from the book of (Corinthians 12: 12) in his preaching he explained the parts of human body in common daily language to drive home an important point “unity in diversity”. His emphasis was on the unity of different tribes in South Sudan that we are different, one of a kind, rich in our own diverse cultures, histories, and languages.

Suppose the whole South Sudan were one tribe like Acholi or Bongo then how would you hear,? Assume that if the whole South Sudan were just one big ear how would you see or walk?

Irrespective of our variation, no one is more valuable than the other, each tribe has a specific role to play within the church and beyond, just as our bodies with have many different parts but none is insignificant. Likewise, to us we are different tribes but still imperative even though our roles may not seem as visible as others may, we need one another to function as God Intended

Let us work together for the common goal of our new nation of South Sudan. Christians it is extremely imperative to remember that we are members of one family, one of the essential building blocks of spiritual growth is fellowship together as one body. This enables us to use our God given gifts, and talents as God intended and make us accountable to spiritual leadership. Some of you may think that they can get enough spiritual input from their own tribes while those tribes are having no value, yet nothing that can replace unity with those who have different talents and gifts.

He continued, If one tribe fails to use the special gift and abilities God has gave them , then they do a disservice not only to the church but to also to our nation of South Sudan. We as Christians therefore should be on the frontline in making unity within the church and outside. However, if we isolate others based on tribalism then it will be just a matter of time and we dissipate. The same holds true for us, believers, are in need of each other to operate well. The church consists of different people with different talents, skills, and gifts and each of these people cannot be found in one tribe. The Luo are like hands in South Sudan as well as in the church, meanwhile the Dinka are like eyes, still Nuer are like ears and the rest of the tribes substitute the remaining parts of the body. Now the question is, if the Luo who represent the hand says, we are not part of the body because we are not hands. Again, the Dinka who see says we are not part of the body because we are only eyes. Still the Nuer says we are not part of body for the reason that we are only ears.

In seeing this, no one is insignificant; we all need one another either in the church or outside. We are all important in one way or the other. God created us differently and uniquely for a purpose. Luo can never say to the Nuer we do not need you, likewise, the Dinka cannot say to the Acholi we do not need you. We all need each other. No tribe is more powerful than the other is in that it does not need another.

Think about it, if unity was insignificant then why did Jesus say, “Love your neighbour as yourself”. If you really love one other, you will treat each other fairly and accordingly. So do you love your neighbour? Now is a time to change inwardly. The great British preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon once said, “Of what value is the grace I progress to receive if it does not dramatically change the way that I live? If it does not change the way that I live, it will never change my eternal destiny”. Christians, the changing of life begins with peace of mind - today it seems almost elusive in our day when hatred, hostility and murders are common place. Intertribal clashes are increasing more than ever before and the moral fabric of society is tearing apart at the line of stitching. Yet Jesus said, “Am leaving you with a gift, peace of mind and heart. Moreover, the peace I

P a g e | 21

give is not like the peace the world gives. So don’t be troubled or afraid”. (John 14:27.) Unfortunately, Christian communities today are rarely in pursuit peace and unity in the church, what is the point if Christians do not dramatically change the way that they live? It is humbly true, that we cannot find unity or peace outside of the parameters God has given us. Our soul will only find rest if only we allow and we accept Christ as our personal savour and change our hearts and minds; there is no other way than this.


geographical locations, religious status, cultural differences, tribal differences, lets embrace peace, and let live in peace and coexistence with one other, Let consider each other as an important person there is no one whose not significant. we are all the same and equally worthy before God. May god bless you in a big way! Bishop Moses was accompanied by Diocese council Mr. Gabriel Majok Longaar. Reported by Rev, Andrew Apiny Macham

Now let’s begin here in Mapel to live in unity and in peace with each other regardless of our

Internally Displaced People Enter Warrap State By Rev Peter Akook These photos were taken when we first met internally displaced persons (IDPS) in one of the locations in Gogrial West County (Maanangui area) in Warrap State. We held talks with the county commissioner on how these people were helped during their first day of their arrival. The County commissioner gave us one person from his office to accompany us to the site where IDPS were. The approximate figures of these IDPS are around 3,000 with a small number of men. But people were joining them on a daily basis which would increase later. The county deployed some police officers as a means of security in the area. However, the county did not give any of the following assistance; food, water, shelter and medication.

P a g e | 22


and water. Their number keeps on increasing daily. The last destination we went to was Aweng where 5,000 people were also being accommodated in the local school. While the number is still increasing so rapidly and highly. IOM was distributing biscuits to malnourished children only in Turalei County Head Quarters and Aweng. In summary: 1) Maanangui= 3,000+ 2) Turalei= 2,000+ But good enough an Organization known as GOAL came in with medical assistance to avoid high rates of mortality with pregnant women who managed to have fled the war zone in Bentiu. These people are desperately in need of food, shelter and water. They are sleeping under trees with no camp, tent, plastic, blanket or mosquito nets etc. Their main food now and then is fruit. They drink unsafe water from pools where animals have access to. We proceeded from there to Twic County in Warrap State. We got to see 2,000 people being accommodated in Turalei School by the County authority, but they also lacked food, medication

3) Aweng=5,000+ General total=10,000+. We were also told that in Gogrial East there were over ten thousands IDPS living in MayenJur in Warrap State but it was inaccessible. Listening to their stories it was so disappointing to hear that some of the children amid these people have lost both parents, some of the people had been attacked and eaten by lions, hyenas and other wild animals in the forest in the presence of others. Some of the people died either because of hunger, sickness or thirst in the forest and some got lost in the forest. These people deserve urgent help as soon as possible

Please pray for the internally displaced people of South Sudan and the People of Warrap that are trying hard to care for them. If you would like to offer help to these people please contact the Diocese of Wau using our contact details on the last page or through our website:

P a g e | 23


Wau Diocese Mother’s Union Talent Exhibition By Rev Samuel Mabith The Mother’s Union members of Wau Diocese led by Mary John, the MU Coordinator organised an exhibition which brought together Mother’s Union members within Wau town. It was aimed at identifying the talents and skills among the Mother’s Union members that can be nurtured to help the Mother’s Union Department raise funds for its own sustainability, while Mother’s Union members earn a living from the items that they make. This is aimed at being a project that should benefit all MU members in the Diocese. The Main Objective: 1) To identify women who have skills in:        

Crochet Knitting Dressmaking and tailoring Bead making Sprays making Tie and Dye Biscuit making Bread making

2) To Establish a Diocesan Mother’s Union shop where members of the Mother’s Union can sell their items through the Diocese.

The exhibition was a success because members were communicated to in April 2013 and they started their planning then by making the items to be displayed during the exhibition .The exhibition was officially opened on the 15th of December 2013.This was meant to take place for a week but it wasn’t possible due to the effects of the violence that took place elsewhere in south Sudan at that time.

P a g e | 24


Findings: After the exhibition it was evident that there is a great bank of talents and skills in crocheting, embroidery, cake making, biscuit making, spray making, beads making, but the skills for knitting were lacking even though the mothers are willing to learn the skills. The skills in Dressmaking and tailoring were also lacking Challenges:    

Lack sewing machines Lack of a skilled persons to teach dressmaking and tailoring Lack of a skilled person to teach knitting Lack of capital to start the Mothers Union shop

The members of the Mothers Union are committed to making a difference in their families by having income generating activities. Therefore they are requesting for any friends and partners who may be able to support them in getting sewing machines used for embroidery, as the hand embroidery takes a long time. Income from this is very slow as it depends on how long one takes to make embroidery especially on bed sheets and other garments.

This is Mary John Garang – the Wau MU Coordinator. She would very much value offers of help and support for this new project and the hardworking Mother’s Union of Wau Diocese. Please contact the Diocesan Secretary with any offers of help.

P a g e | 25


Special Prayers for the People of South Sudan Prayers Provided by the International Coordinator of Bishop Gwynne College, Juba

Please use these prayers either in private prayers or as part of your church services to pray for the needs of all in South Sudan.

Almighty God, the Father of all humanity, we offer up the crisis in South Sudan; turn, we pray, the hearts of all peoples and their rulers, that by the power of your Holy Spirit, peace may be established among the nations on the foundation of your justice, righteousness and truth.

Let us pray for: The peace talks in Addis Ababa, for Daniel Deng Bul - Episcopal Archbishop of Sudan and South Sudan, for the Bishops and clergy of the Episcopal Church, and all Christian Churches, for The South Sudan Council of Churches. We give thanks that the Church has been a beacon of hope and peace.

------------------Period of Silence ------------------

Almighty God, from whom all thought of truth and peace proceed: kindle, we pray, in the hearts of all, the true love of peace and guide with your pure and peaceable wisdom those who take counsel for peace in South Sudan in all nations, that in tranquility your kingdom may go forward, till the earth be filled with the knowledge of your love.

Let us pray for:

The Bishops and people in areas affected or destroyed by conflict, for the Bishops and people in areas hosting those displaced by conflict, that God would strengthen them in the work of bringing aid, healing, reconciliation, and rebuilding.

------------------- Period of Silence -------------------

God of love, whose compassion never fails, we bring before you the grief and perils of the peoples of South Sudan; the necessities of the homeless; the helplessness of the aged and weak; the sighing of prisoners; the pains of the sick and injured; the sorrow of the bereaved. Comfort and relieve them, O merciful Father, according to their needs.

Let us pray for: The wounded, for those who have been traumatized by violence, sexual assault, and kidnap, for those who morn the loss of their loved ones, for prisoners of war – especially women and children, and for those who have committed violence, that God’s healing, love, forgiveness, peace, and hope will fill them.

------------------ Period of Silence -------------------

Look upon us, O Creator who has made us, and on all your children who have died. Receive them into the light and life of your nearer presence and give them eternal rest.

P a g e | 26


Let us pray for:

God of all peoples, we are yearning for our land

The more than ten thousand persons who have died by violence since December 15; all who have died due to hunger, illness, or injury while displaced; the church workers who were killed in Bor and laid to rest in a mass grave; the pastors who were killed in Bentiu.

Hear the prayer of our souls in the wilderness

------------------Period of Silence --------------------

Let us pray together this hymn, written by Sudanese children refugees in Ethiopia:

Hear the prayer of our bones in the wilderness Hear our prayer as we call out to you.

O God, who would fold both heaven and earth in a single peace: Let the design of your great love lighten upon the waste of our wraths and sorrows; and give peace to your Church, peace among nations, peace in our dwellings, and peace in our hearts; through your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

P a g e | 27


Contacting Us:

By E-mail Diocesan Bishop Rt Rev Moses Deng Bol : Acting Diocesan Secretary Mrs Clarice Achieng : General Enquiries Rev Samuel Madut : Mother’s Union Mrs Mary John Garang : A full list of diocesan staff with contacts can be viewed on our website. By Post: Hai Mozephin, Opposite Wau Teaching Hospital, C/o ECS Provincial Office, P O BOX 110, Juba, South Sudan By Telephone: Tel +211 926954187 or +211 955602769 +254 716641233

Bishop Moses Deng Bol and all the staff of Wau Diocese pray for a peaceful Lent when the people of South Sudan can examine their hearts and truly accept the joy that God brings at Easter.

P a g e | 28


Please Pray With Us Pray for the hardworking clergy and volunteers of Wau Diocese who work without pay in difficult conditions.

Pray for the Archbishop of the ECSSS and current situation in South Sudan so that violence may be stopped and sensible solutions undertaken so peace may be a reality not war. Pray for lasting peace in the border lands between Sudan and South Sudan, in Abyei, Blue Nile and the Nuba Mountains. Pray for the success of Concord the new Wau Diocese Lent Course that it may help many people. Pray for unity in the diversity of our many South Sudanese cultures. Give thanks to God for the considerate example of AIU in Kenya to show love and comfort to all South Sudanese students. Pray for those affected by food insecurity and struggling to get enough to eat every day. Particularly children and mothers. Pray for people in our community affected by HIV and AIDS that they may get the help they need. Give Thanks that the celebrations at Christmas were able to give people hope and comfort. Pray for the good work of Bishop Gwynne College in Juba. Pray for the many South Sudanese people living in other parts of the world.

Church prayers needs Pray for our Bishop the Rt. Rev Moses Deng Bol, who works so hard for the Diocese, pray that God will help him to do what needs to be done. Give Thanks for the Wau Diocese pastors living away and studying. Pray for them to succeed in their efforts and enrich the life of our diocese . Pray for our new communication coordinator Samuel Mabith Madut that he may discharge his duties well as a new deacon. Pray for all the new people who have made a commitment to God. Pray for the priests and Pastors of Wau diocese struggling to bring God’s word to the people of Warrap and Western Bhar El Ghazal states. Pray for Kekulina Edith and Victoria Yar Majak who were both made homeless by fire. Pray for the archdeaconry of Gogriel East and it’s mission in Wau Diocese. Pray the work of the Mother’s Union in Wau Diocese, especially with literacy and financial planning. Give thanks to God for the valuable work of CARD in our community and the development it brings to make life better for the future.

Wau newsletter march 2014  

This is the quarterly newsletter from the ECSSS Diocese of Wau in South Sudan

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