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Episcopal Church of the Sudan Aweil Diocese/Abyei Area The Abyei Episcopal Church, call for humanitarian’s assistant to 10,000 houses were damaged by floods

On 2nd September, there was heavy rain fell in Abyei, Agok Area at 1: 30 pm-4:30pm, which result displaced 10,000 households in their original houses to the street. Most of the houses were lying on the streets

Monsoon rains in Agok (Abyei region) have affected up to ten thousand people and killed 15 others in a week, as the area braced for more wet and wild weather. The more heavy rain was expected in the coming days, was the hardest-hit area, with crops and many houses destroyed.

The floods triggered by heavy rains have killed 15 people and affected ten thousand people, the most of those killed died as a result of falling roofs, drowning and water-borne diseases. An unknown number of women and children are among the victims.

The magnitude of the calamity is worse than our expectations. We are facing difficulties with every passing time, A total of 10,000 houses were damaged, in which 5,800 were completely destroyed; adding floods also killed an estimated 500 cattle.

The Abyei Episcopal Church have confirmed that 10’000 persons were displaced to the street, Our committee went to the various villages, where the find that 7 villages were affected by rain, Annet, Agok, juoljok, Wauciin, Mabuony, Madiing and Maker. They moved to the main road, which is a bit dry. The committee report that no foods, shelters, medications and latrines which casing more death of Cholera, MSF the deliverance medication assistant but not enough due to the population which have been affected.

Therefore, we are calling our Episcopal international partners, all the Churches and Christian organizations for humanitarian’s assistants to the people who been displaced for the rainfall, no food, shelters and medication.

Please, you view the following pictures, the flood captured Agok ECS Church and our primary school and the other pictures for internally displaced people who are lying on the streets

The Church Environment

Church Compound

Blessings Rev. Nathaniel Maral Mayom Abyei Acting bishop commissary/ Aweil Diocese Email: o Cell: +249-920993218 or +256-781290285

Flooding in Abyei  

Abyei an area aided by Wau diocese is under severe flooding. Here is a report and plea for help.

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