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A Taste of Rustic Japan in Tohoku

Discover a Different Japan Niigata · Gunma Nagano

KYOTO 京都の春

暦 Koyomi End March to



Early April

Che r r y Blossom Vie wing お花見

text & coordination/ Rieko Ido, photo/ Hajime Watanabe 文とスタイリング:井戸理恵子、写真:渡辺肇

In Japan, there are not only four seasons, but 24 solar terms within the seasons. Just around the Seimei solar term, or when the sakura starts to bloom, is when the whole of Japanese societ y seems to spring forth to a new start. As both the new school term and new work year starts from April, ceremonies that mark the end of one chapter and the start of the next such as graduation and matriculation are held in March and April respectively.

It is said that cherr y blossom viewing used to be a sign of respect and prayer for ancestors. Through this prayer for ancestors, a line is drawn between past and present, and one can stride forth into the future. This is a way of parting with one’s past and taking a first step into a new future.

best hopes for these employees of f to a new start in their lives. While the form is dif ferent, the spirit remains the same as times past.

Up till today, many Japanese corporations welcome their new employees at cherr y blossom viewing parties, as a ceremony conveying their

Rieko Ido A graduate of Kokugakuin University, researcher of ancient Japanese customs and knowledge, conducting technical analysis on findings to apply them to modern lifestyles. Currently teaches at Tama Art University.

WAttention Singapore


12 - 31 March 2016




PREFECTURE Niigata is one of the largest rice producing prefectures in Japan. The vast Echigo Plain and the Shinano and Agano rivers that moisten the plain are located within the prefecture.

〇 Koshihikari ¦ Niigata   こしひかり ・ 新潟県

e are able to guarantee the quality and freshness of each dish because of this thorough preparation and our policy to only start cooking dishes after we receive the order. We are always dedicated to create more mouthwatering foods to our valued customers.

〇 Tokyo 東京

The mineral-rich snowmelt gives the rice a fine / rich taste. The climate of this region—long day light hours and light rainfall in the summer enhances the growth of rice and produces a fragrant rice variety.


Koshihikari is the most cultivated rice in Japan. It is highly popular; Koshihikari has become a synonym for excellent rice. The name Koshihikari means that the developers hope to become the shining rice of the country of Koshi. And now, Koshihikari has become one of Japan’s leading agricultural crops known not only in Japan but around the world.

SIGNATURE MENU ・Charcoal grilled Saba Fish ・Deep Fried Chicken & Vegetable with Sweet and Sour Black Vinegar sauce ・Home-made Tofu ・And more nice dishes await you!!

PROMOTION Free gift to

First 666 customers


OOTOYA Japanese Restaurant Orchard Central Branch #08-012 (Verandah) Tel. 6884-8901 11am - 9.30pm

Clementi Mall Branch #03-53 The Clementi Mall Tel. 6659-2644 11am - 9.30pm

Changing City Point Branch #01-30/31 Changi City Point Tel. 6636-1228 11am - 9.30pm






In Harmony with the Seasons



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Kyoto Spring Blossoms

Discover the best places to watch the sakura blossom and other must-see sights


A Taste of Rustic Japan in Tohoku

Secluded Hot Springs & Authentic Cuisine

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Discover a Different Japan Niigata · Gunma · Nagano


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WAt’S Mohamed Sultan

CHIKUYOTEI UE Square 竹葉亭 UE Square


UE Square River Wing #01-61, 207 River Valley Road 6735-2212 | Daily Noon - 2.30pm (L.O. 2pm), 6pm - 10.30pm (L.O. 10pm) Chikuyotei UE Square

New quay-side dining experience If you enjoy getting up close and personal with your chef, Chikuyotei’s brand new restaurant has the perfect encounter waiting for you. Grab a counter seat and tantalize your senses as you watch the chef cook your meals fresh in front of you. From their famous umami-rich Kagoshima Black Wagyu to their signature charcoal grilled unagi, every dish is prepared and served with great skill and care. For the ultimate experience, choose their omakase (おまかせ, chef’s choice) dinner course.


50% off Hakutaka (Shiboritate Nama Genshu Yamada Nishiki 100% Junmai Daiginjo)

(U.P. $168) from your second bottle onwards.

One must-try specialty is their freshly brewed bowl of soup which uses a carefully prepared 2 year-old dashi (だし, soup stock) made from premium Kagoshima katsuoboshi (鰹ぶし, dry bonito) called hongarebushi (ほんがれぶし, dried fish flakes).

*Valid 16–29 Feb ‘16

Set Lunch ................................. from $32 Okamase Lunch Course ...............$68 Okamase Dinner Course ....... from $128 Unagi Course ......................... from $128


MOSH! Sentosa Family Entertainment Centre, 31 Beach View #03-01, Sentosa Mosh Daily 10am - 9pm mosh.com.sg

Admission Tickets: $28(Adult)/$22(Child)

Let your imagination run wild Create personalised aquatic friends and watch them come alive at MOSH!, Singapore’s first immersive digital media edutainment facility. Set to open in February at Sentosa, the interactive virtual environment is designed to empower creativity through free play and expression, and is helmed by award-winning Japanese creative agency 1→10, renowned artist Sensyu Yasuko and leading digital technology development company Coconoe Inc.. Tanjong Pagar



95 Tanjong Pagar Road | 6221-7118 | Mon-Sat 11.30 – 2.30pm (L.O. 2pm), 6pm - 12am (L.O. 11pm) Sun & PH 11.30 – 2.30pm (L.O. 2pm), 6pm 10.30pm (L.O. 9.30pm) Hokkaidoizakaya.sg

Roast Beef Original Recipe ..................(Half Size) $15/(Full) $25 Curry Soba with Prawn Tempura...........................................$18 Marinated Saury (with Wasabi) ........................................................ $8

New Hokkaido diner opens in town Affordable, lively and friendly, Hokkaido Izakaya is the latest Japanese casual-dining addition to the Tanjong Pagar area. Their signature soba is an authentic Hokkaido recipe that is made inhouse daily. They offer a wide variety of sake and wine, including a rare Hokkaido red, Zweigeltrebe 2014 ($58), that is hardly found in Singapore. One must-try is their Smoked Salmon Belly ($15). 6

WAttention Singapore

[ Promotion ] 10% off Family Bundles for MasterCard Holders: (Family Bundle at $48 includes entry for 1 Adult and 1 Child) *Terms and conditions apply


Marina Square

Midtown Mart ミッドタウンマート Marina Square #03-130A, 6 Raffles Boulevard 6255-0958 | Daily 11am - 9.30pm Midtownmart


Get ready to shop till you drop Centrally located at Marina Square, the incredibly affordable Midtown Mart is the newcomer to the Japanese mini-mart scene in Singapore. Their wide variety of products are imported from Japan weekly to ensure freshness and quality. Here you will be able to find popular snacks such as Cheese Almond Senbei and freshly baked thick-sliced bread from Yamazaki bakery. They also carry Sapporo Ichiban Green Premium Instant Ramen which has an oil-free soup, non-fried noodles and zero cholesterol. It is available in three flavours: Shoyu, Seafood and Duck. Also available are quirky and useful everyday household items like instant ramen cooking bowls, a selection of Calpis drinks, gummies and more.

Midtown_Mart_logo.pdf 1 4/2/2016 4:50:08 PM

Mama Value Pack Ramen (350g) ..........$4.80 Amano Kabukiage (152g) .......................$3.80 Nisshin Chicken Ramen (85g×5pack) ......$7.90 Cheese Almond (48g) ............................$2.90 Clam Chowder (50g) ..............................$2.90

As an extra service you can even make a request at the store for a particular snack that you want and the store might just bring it in.

Singapore Expo

NATAS Travel Fair 2016 Singapore Expo Hall 7, 1 Expo Drive | 10am - 9.30pm

Visit WAttention’s first ever Japan Pavilion Singapore’s largest travel fair is back with more exciting booths than ever before – including our very own Japan Pavilion. The pavilion will also feature a number of food booths selling popular traditional Japanese casual cuisine such as onigiri (おにぎり, rice ball), okonomiyaki (お好み焼き), takoyaki (たこ焼き), wagashi (和菓子, traditional Japanese confections) and more. WAttention’s very own booth will be featuring exciting giveaways throughout the day, so be sure to drop by for a visit.

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Singapore’s Best Kept Japanese Dining Secret Nestled in the heart of Holiday Inn, Ooi is a seasonal kaiseki-style (Japanese traditional set meal) restaurant popular amongst the Japanese expats in Singapore. Famous for its high quality dishes and exceptional omotenashi (Japanese hospitality), Ooi’s service is highly personal and dedicated as guests are served only by Mr and Mrs Ooi. Set in an authentic and cosy atmosphere, Ooi is a cosy, elegant dining experience not to be missed.

PROMOTION Dassai (720ml) ..................... $112 (U.P.$160) Kiccho Hozan (720ml) .......... $98 (U.P. $140) *Valid till 31 Mar 2016


2 5

AD_JCB.pdf 1 10/2/2016 3:52:35 PM


WAttention Singapore



4 6

1. Boiled Radish with Miso Sauce 2. Grilled Kagoshima Black Pork 3. Assorted Sashimi (7 kinds) 4. Shizuoka Sakura-Shrimp Mix Tempura 5. Assorted Sushi (5pcs) 6. Assorted Seasonal appetizer 7. Interior with wide variety of Premium Shochu and Sake *Menu subject to change

Sushi 6-course .............................................. $80 Miyabi 8-course ........................................... $150 Tsubaki 9-course ......................................... $200 Seasonal Omakase ..................................... $250~ Ooi Japanese Dining Holiday Inn #01-13/14, 11 Cavenagh Road 6737-4929 | Mon-Sat 6pm -11pm Closed on Sun

Kyoto spring blossoms

京都 図 地 桜 o t Kyo

Ohanami involves sitting under a sakura tree and enjoying its natural beauty with a picnic. So bring a mat or sheet to sit on for your ohanami session and a small blanket as it can get cold sitting in the open.

p a a r M u k a S

arvel of Spring and m k in p e at ic el d e for City tinted in th e the top spots ar e er See the Eternal H . ra ku eauty of the sa at the fleeting b g). blossom viewin ohanami (cherry ❷


Sagano Romantic Train Line 嵯峨野観光線

Truck Arashiyama Station トロック嵐山駅

Arashiyama 嵐山


Tenryū-ji Temple

Karasuma Line 地下鉄烏丸線

Kitanohakubaicho Station 北野白梅町駅

Tozai Line 地下鉄東西線

❹ Nijo Station 二条駅

Keifuku Dentetsu Arashiyama Line 京福電気鉄道嵐山本線

Check the dates of the local ohanami festival, where plenty of food stalls and some public events or performances will be set up.


Ryūan-ji Temple 龍安寺

JR San-In Line 山陰本線

Arashiyama Station 嵐山駅

This is Kyoto’s most famous temple, with the Arashiyama mountains as a backdrop and a Zen garden – Sogenchi-teien – that has been recognized by the Japanese government as a Special Place of Scenic Beauty. The weeping sakura tree at the Tahoden Santuary is a must-see.

Kinkaki Temple 金閣寺

Hankyu Kyoto Line

JR Tokaido Line 東海道本線

Kintetsu Kyoto Line 近鉄京都線


Ninna-ji Temple

This World Heritage Site is famous for its locally-cultivated sakura trees, called the Omuro sakura, which are shorter in height and bloom one week later than the mainstream Somei Yoshino variety. See the timeless beauty of these 200 sakura trees, which have been enjoyed here for over 400 years.


WAttention Singapore

Hirano Shrine



See over 60 varieties of sakura trees here, particularly the early blossom of the Sakigake sakura which is said to herald the start of the ohanami season. The shrine’s annual cherry blossom festival is the oldest in Kyoto, dating back to 985 AD.

Kamo River



Stroll along the river bank or have a picnic under the cascade of beni (紅, red) weeping sakura that forms during full bloom, before following the path to the Kyoto Botanical Gardens’ 500 cherry trees consisting of 70 varieties, which are illuminated at night. 支援センター



Philosopher’s Walk


Named after famous philosopher Kitaro Nishida, who meditated daily along this path, the cherry blossoms form a pink canopy over this 1.5km canal route, gently sprinkling petals over its waters. Cited as one of Japan’s Top 100 Walking Paths, there’s no better place to ponder!

❽ Shimogamo Shrine

Imadagawa Station 今田川駅

Keihan Oto Line 京阪鴨東線

Kyoto Imperial Palace



❻ Nishiki Market


Shijo Karasuma Station 四条烏丸駅



Go early if you want to get a good ohanami viewing spot!


Nanzen-ji Temple


Keage Incline

Once used as a ship-transporting railway between canals until the 1940s – the longest incline rail in the world – this 582m track is famous for its nearly 100 Yamazakura and Somei Yoshino cherry trees. The eastside of Niomon Dori is the best viewing spot!


Gion - Shijo Station 祇園四条駅

Kiyomizu-dera 清水寺 Kiyomizu - Gojo Station 清水五条駅

Kyoto Station 京都駅

The start of the cherry blossom season varies from year to year, but is generally from late March to mid-April in Kyoto (depending on the region).

JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line 東海道本線





Maruyama Park

The 12m tall Gion no Yozakura (祇園の夜桜, Night Sakura of Gion) weeping cherry tree here is a Kyoto sakura icon. The night illumination of this and some 680 other cherry trees in four varieties make Kyoto’s oldest park (since 1886) a favourite night spot.

Nijo Castle



50 varieties of sakura – including Satozakura and many rare types – are scattered throughout this World Heritage Site, built as the Kyoto residence for Japan’s first shogun. Evening entertainment such as taiko drumming and koto performances and tea ceremonies accompany the evening “light up” hours. * Cherry Blossom Forecasts by Japan Weather Association www.tenki.jp/sakura/expectation.html

Kyoto 25 March Osaka 25 March Hiroshima 25 March

Kyushu 25 March Around Mt.Fuji 29 March

Tokyo 31 March Tohoku 10 April Hokkaido 1 May WAttention Singapore


o t o y K

Kyoto Special X 京都特集



to do in

The glorious old capital of Japan is rich in culture and tradition with an abundance of activities and sights, but here are some things you just cannot miss.


d Out e k c e D t Ge ional in Tradit ar We Japanese

Gion Corner ギオンコーナー

From the popular Tea Ceremony and Flower Arrangement to the entertaining Kyogen Theatre and Bunraku Puppet Theatre, plus the musical Koto Zither and Gagaku Court Music, you can experience seven different kinds of performing arts right in the heart of the city. Yasaka Hall, 570-2 Gionmachi Minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City | +81-75-561-1119 Daily 6pm & 7pm | Tickets start at ¥3,150 kyoto-gioncorner.com/global/en.html

Watch a Traditional Performance Art


Kimono Rental & Maiko Makeover

Kyoto Yumeyakata 夢館

This full yukata and kimono rental service not only rents out gorgeous pieces of traditional clothing, they also have a hair stylist, makeup artist and photographer to help you fully get into the zone. Children and men can also get in on the action as Yumeyukata has rental kimonos for them too. For a truly authentic Kyoto experience, why not go all the way and get a full Maiko Makeover? Housai Building 353 Shiogama-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City | +81-75-354-9110 (English and Mandarin hotline) 10am - 7.30pm (Subject to seasonal change) | Rentals start from ¥3,500 yumeyakata.com/english/

Indulge in Sake History


Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum 月桂冠大倉記念館

Located in Fushimi, Kyoto City, you can discover the traditions and methods behind brewing the perfect cask of sake. Apart from its nostalgic buildings and educational KIKIZAKE tasting tours, you can also buy a special retro sake bottle souvenir. 247 Minamihama-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City Open year around (Except middle of Aug and end of year) | 9.30am – 4.30pm Tickets start at ¥300 (includes one door gift) www.gekkeikan.co.jp/english 12

WAttention Singapore

Kyo Mai (京舞), Kyoto dance

Stopover at a UNESCO World Heritage Site


Ninna-ji Omuro Kaikan 仁和寺 御室会館

Also known as the Omuro Imperial Palace, the temple was built in the Heian period and is situated along the foothills to the west of Kyoto. Apart from visiting the temple, gardens and the late-blooming, low hanging Omurozakura, overnight guests are also given exclusive entry to the Kondō Hall, one of Japan’s national treasures, and allowed to attend morning service with the monks. Inside Ninna-ji Temple Omuro-oouchi, 33 Ukyo-ku Kyoto +81-75-464-3664 | Prices start at ¥5,400 ninnaji.wordpress.com *Fully booked for spring 2016

Hop on a romantic train ride ♪


Sagano Romantic Train 嵯峨野観光鉄道

Home to Japan’s largest train diorama, the railway is also famous for its gorgeous scenery along the Hozugawa Ravine. This seasonal ride showcases sakura in spring, cicadas in summer and maples in autumn before becoming a snowy wonderland in winter. 31 Kusao-cho Oohara Sakyo-ku Kyoto +075-744-2917 | Tickets start at ¥620 sagano-kanko.co.jp/english.php

a-kind One-of- al Experience Theatric

Stay at a Minshuku



Oohara no Sato 大原の里

Housed in a traditional Japanese residence, this casual tourist home is mostly self-service, famous for their miso (味噌) dishes and has goemon buro (五右衛門風呂) that use real hot spring water to pamper your skin and soothe your body. 31 Kusao-cyo Oohara Sakyo-ku Kyoto | +075-744-2917 | Stays start at ¥8,518 | oohara-no-sato.co.jp/english/


Ishibei Koji Mamecha Kyoto


A moving story set in the future about a toy doll finding her human heart, GEAR is a unique, full sensory theatrical performance that fuses traditional Kabuki techniques with the latest stage technology available. There are usually four performances a week (with two extra performances on holidays) twice a day, at 2pm and 7pm on weekdays and at noon and 5pm on weekends and holidays. ART COMPLEX 1928 |56 Benkeiishicho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City 1928 building 3F +81-75-254-6520 | 10am - 7pm Tickets start from ¥3,700 gear.ac/en


Kyoto International Manga Museum 京都国際マンガミュージアム

Opened in 2006, this museum holds one of the world’s largest manga collection. As of 2015, there are about 300,000 items including comics from all over the world and often holds manga related events and workshops throughout the year. Karasuma-Oike, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto +81-75-254-7414 | Daily 10am - 6pm (Last entry 5.30pm) | Tickets ¥800 www.kyotomm.jp/english/


Dig into delicious dishes


overs Manga L


Experience authentic obanzai ryori (おばんざい料理 , traditional Kyoto home-style cooking) and savour the rich flavours of seasonal dishes made at this traditional Japanese inn hidden in a rustic little street. Ishibei koji Yasakajinjya minami-mon, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto +81-50-5868-2788 Daily 5pm – 11.30pm Chef recommended dinner course starts at ¥4,167 commercial-art.net/wp/kansai/ mamecha_kyoto


Hozugawa River Cruise

Rushing River Ride


Originally a route meant for transporting goods along Tanba-Kameoka to Arashiyama, you can now take an exhilarating ride along the rapids and go past historical and cultural hot spots such as Kameyama Castle, Uketa Shrine and Shishigaguchi. 2 Shimo-Nakajima Hozu-cho Kameoka +81-771-22-5846 | Rides start at ¥4,100 Daily 10am - 3.30pm (10 Mar - Mid Dec) hozugawakudari.jp/en/tickets-en WAttention Singapore


POWER Kyoto Special X 京都特集



Shrines and Charms

パワースポッ ト Feel s

piritually re charged at these spots believed to imp its visitors with a spec ar t ial energ y, an d bring hom some luck in the form e of an omamori (c harm)! 清水寺・地主神社

Jishu Jinja Shrine [Kiyomizu Temple]

Love・Good Marriage・Matchmaking Located behind the World Heritage Site of Kiyomizu-dera Temple, this shrine is the ultimate power spot to charge up on luck in love. Japanese have made pilgrimages to the gods of love believed to reside here since 1,300 years ago. The main god, Okuninushi no Mikoto, is worshipped as the god of abundance, luck and happy marriages. Test your love luck by walking between the “love fortune-telling stones” here. Get a love charm for ¥500, or one for good marriage for ¥1,000. Address: Kiyomizu Ichome 317, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto Hours: 9am – 5pm


Suga Jinja Shrine [Kotsu Jinja Shrine] Traffic Safety・Matchmaking The Kotsu Jinja Shrine is the only shrine in Japan dedicated to the gods of traffic and travel safety, where people from all over Japan come here to pray for safe journeys. Car owners can get their vehicles blessed at a drive-through purification station. In the same premise is the Suga Jinja Shrine, whose main god is the god of the sea and storms, Susano-o no Mikoto, who is married to another deity and can be prayed to for a happy marriage. Address: 1 Shogoin Entomi-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto Hours: 9am – 5pm


Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine Prosperity ・ Good Business

This is probably the most recognized Kyoto shrine for its thousands of vermilion torii gates lining the paths in its compound. Each gate is donated by an individual or company, starting from 175,000 yen for a small gate and 1 million yen for a larger one. This is the head shrine of Inari, the Shinto god of rice and patron of businesses and merchants. Foxes are thought to be Inari’s messengers, which explains the many fox statues on the temple grounds. Address: Fukakusayabunouchi-cho 68, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto Hours: Always Open Good business amulets start from ¥1,000 for a small one to ¥2,000 for a big one. 14

WAttention Singapore


Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

Academics・Passing Exams・Improving Skills This is the main shrine of over 12,000 Tenmangu Shrines across Japan and is dedicated to the god of academics, Sugawara no Michizane. Students and anyone wishing to improve their skills come here from all over the country to pray to pass their entrance exams and rub the cow statues which are said to make one smarter. The main shrine building, built by Toyotomi Hideyori in 1607, is a National Treasure and exemplifies Momoyama era architecture. Famed for its picturesque plum trees, visit on 25 Feburary for the Ume Blossom Festival or for the street market held on “Tenjin-san’s Day” on the 25th of every month. Address: Bakurocho, Kamigyou-ku, Kyoto Roumon Gate Hours: 5am – 6pm (Apr – Sept), 5.30am – 5.30pm (Oct – Mar) Prayer Hours: 9am – 4.30pm Office Hours: 9am – 5pm


Kifune Jinja Shrine

Rain・Rain Stoppage・Protection from Floods・ Ship Traveling This ancient shrine is said to enshrine the god of water, Takaokami-no-kami. Through the centuries, farmers, Imperial messengers and more have come here to seek rain, rain stoppage, protection from floods, and safe travel by sea. Pick up a mizuura mikuji (水占みくじは, water fortune paper slip), unique to this shrine, which reveals your fortune when placed upon the sacred waters here. It can even be translated into four languages (including English) by scanning the QR code on the slip! Address: 180 Kuramakibune-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto Shrine Hours: 6am – 6pm (Dec – Apr), 6am – 8pm (May – Nov) Omikuji & Omamori Conferment Desk: 9am – 4.30pm


Kyoto Ebisu Jinja Shrine

Wealth・ Good Business・Agriculture and Fishing Ebisu is the god of wealth and prosperity, and the only one of seven lucky gods native to Japan. While small business owners and shop keepers specially flock here in early January for the Toka Ebisu festival, visitors come all year round to seek blessings upon their businesses from this fisherman god, picking up charms here in the form of boats and tai (鯛, red sea bream). Knock on the worship hall wall before leaving, as it is said Ebisu is hard of hearing! Address: 125 Komatsu-cho, Yamato-oji Shijo-sagaru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto Hours: 9am – 5pm


Imamiya Jinja Shrine

Longevity・Good Health・Matchmaking Relocated here in 1001 to prevent the spread of epidemics in Kyoto, this shrine protects from illness and disease, and enshrines the deities of good health. Besides bringing home an omamori, find the deity’s stone Ahokashi-san here, which is said to predict whether your wishes will come true. During sakura season, stop by the Yasurai Matsuri – one of the Kyoto’s Top Three Unusual Festivals – on the second Sunday of April. Those who walk under the sakura and camellia decorated giant red umbrellas are said to stay healthy throughout the year! Address: 21 Murasakino, Imamiya-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto Hours: 9am – 5pm WAttention Singapore


Kyoto Special X 京都特集

Hanami tips

Wondering how to get the best out of your ohanami (お花見, cherry blossom viewing) experience? Fear not, our list of hanami tips will guide you to survive the annual ohanami like a pro.

How to hanami: Tips to enjoy cherry blossoms <Tip 1> Bring your own bento box & utensils Indulge in a Hanami Bento, which uses seasonal ingredients so you can relish in the taste of spring. <Tip 2> Keep warm, but remember sunscreen Average temperatures hover around 10 degree Celsius so layer up and bring along some disposable heat packs. Protect against UV-rays by putting on sunscreen, and be prepared for rain. <Tip 3> Buy hanami goods for cheap Visit your local 100-yen shop to get hanami necessities such as picnic mats, folding chairs/cushions, garbage bags and wet wipes. <Tip 4> Take care of your surroundings Make sure you lay your mat further from the delicate sakura tree roots to prevent damage. Do also remember to pick up and sort your litter into burnable trash, plastics and aluminium cans. <Tip 5> Find the nearest lavatory Most hanami sites have long lines and some do not even have toilets, so it is essential to locate one beforehand.

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Getting around Kyoto Here are

Pick up a Bus Pass at any city bus and subway information or ticket office.

Hop on and off as you like with Kyoto Bus & City Bus One-Day Pass (¥500) that allows you to travel around the Flat-Fare Zone for the day OR enjoy free and easy travelling with the Kyoto Sightseeing One- and Two-Day Pass that allow you to ride all Kyoto City buses, subway trains and most buses run by the Kyoto bus company starting from ¥1,200.

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five things you need to know

When traveling on Non-Flat Fare Routes remember to get a boarding ticket so you know how much your fare costs.

Try to put the exact fare into the payment box because change may not always be given.

about busing around this quaint city.


Remember to board from the rear, alight from the front and pay when you get off.

Kyoto Special X 京 都 特 集

OMIYAGE for you These food gifts are unique to Kyoto and often exclusively available only in the area.




Kitty Chocolate Crunch ハローキティ×おたべちゃん 八ッ橋クランチ

Shichimi Tougarashi 七味唐辛子

Sencha Hosen 煎茶・芳泉

Designed with Hello Kitty’s adorable face, this chocolate treat is made with crushed yatsuhashi, a traditional cinnamon-flavoured cookie made with glutinous flour, and covered with strawberry and matcha flavoured chocolate.

Often simply referred to as shichimi, this distinct Japanese seven-spice mixture has subtle flavours and a distinct spiciness that emphasizes the simple yet tasteful fair of Kyoto cuisine.

Tea is the quintessential drink of Japan, especially in Kyoto. This tea is well known for its light, refreshing flavour and harmonious blend of sweetness, bitterness, richness, astringency and fragrance.

Otabe 京都銘菓おたべ

Shichimiya Honpo 七味家本舗(京都・清水)

Ippodo 一保堂茶舗







Warabimochi 蕨餅

Various Sake 酒

Ebisugawa 5-colored Beans 夷川五色豆

Soft and jelly-like, this traditional confectionery is usually served dipped in kinako (黄粉, roasted soybean flour) and often available in seasonal flavours such as matcha and sakura.

From one of the best sake breweries in Kyoto, this female-led brewery has created a refreshing sparkling Junmai sake. This sake is lightly carbonated and best enjoyed with a twist of lemon or lime.

Soft and refreshingly sweet, these colourful beans come in five colours – red, white, yellow, green and brown and are known as auspicious sweets used for celebrations at the imperial court.

Bunnosuke Chaya 京甘味 文の助茶屋

Tanzan Shuzo 京都・嵐山上流の蔵 丹山酒造

Mamemasa 豆政



mamemasa.co.jp/ WAttention Singapore


Singapore’s 1st Halal Japanese Restaurant Experience warm, hospitable service, authentic flavours and a luxurious dining experience in the heart of town with Gion Dining.

Chicken Katsu Udon Set

Gion Dinning | Royal Plaza on Scotts #02-01, 25 Scotts Road | 6735-6100 Tue - Sun 11.30am – 2.30pm (L.O. 2pm) Mon - Sun 5.30pm - 10pm (L.O. 9.30pm) Closed during lunch on Mon giondining.com




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Sagano Romantic Railway, Arashiyama

Falling cherry blossoms, Kameoka City

Uji tea garden, Wazuka Town

Kyoto by the Sea, Amanohashidate

KYOTO – EXPLORE & EXPERIENCE HER MYSTERIOUS TREASURES It is easy to recognise the popular selfie

from spring until summer. Tea picking in

backdrops of Kinkaku-ji, Kiyomizu-dera or

the tidy tea gardens

Fushimi-inari but if you are tired of these

area, Uji City, and its neighbouring Wazuka

busy and overly touristy places, why not

Town, can make you a little sweaty but you

check out some of these lesser-known sights

will be blown away by the exquisite aroma

in Kyoto? “Kyoto” is not just limited to Kyoto

and flavour of the freshest Uji tea (宇治茶)

City itself, there are three other unique ways


to see the city.

Last but not least, Kyoto has many beautiful

Way down in the north-west, Sagano Torokko

beaches in the northern area. Try a taste

(嵯峨野観光鉄道, Sagano Romantic Railway) in

of the many indigenous crabs around


and Nanatanigawa (七谷川) in

in the southern

Amanohashidate (天橋立)

Kyoto Station

Express Train “Haruka” 1hr 20mins, ¥2,770 (approx. $33.60) Tokyo Station

Kyoto Station

Shinkansen 2hr 15mins ¥13,080 (approx. $158.80)

Kyoto 京都

. Sashimi, grilled,

Kameoka City (亀岡市) is a must-go sylvan site

boiled – the crabs cooked in any style are

especially in spring

superb with local sake and wine. Moreover,

. Sitting on your picnic

Kansai International Airport

sheet under the ethereal blooming and

the hot springs will give you the happiest

falling sakura is a great way to enjoy bento

moment at the end and beginning of your

and beers while chatting with your family or



Discover another side of Kyoto during your

The second extraordinary experience is

next visit!

Narita Airport 成田空港

Kansai International Airport 関西国際空港

* Photos are provided by Kyoto Prefectural Government WAttention Singapore



Travel Canon vol. 02 |八坂神社|京都

Yasaka Shrine, Kyoto Once called Gion Shrine, this Shinto shrine was founded over 1,350 years ago and is home to the famous Gion Matsuri which is celebrated every summer with floats and hundreds of participants.

Photographer: Triston Yeo (Singapore) Country: Kyoto, Japan Camera Model: EOS-1D X Settings: f4, 1/800sec, ISO 2000



& Beyond




1.2 million tulips of 120 different varieties flourish here in late spring, making it yet another flower paradise.

北海道 The last area in Japan to see blooming cherry blossoms, Hokkaido attracts many outdoor lovers due to its unspoiled nature.

© Hokkaido © Hokkaido Tourism Tourism Organization Organization

©Takinoue Town ©JNTO

Lavender Pillow Making

Takinoue Pink Moss Park From mid-May to early June, tiny flowers bloom and spread across the entire park, covering all 100,000 square metres in a pink blanket. The spectacular view can even be viewed from a helicopter ride for just 5,000 yen (S$60).

Hachimantai Snow Wall The famous snow corridor runs through Towada-Hachimantai National Park and can only be seen between April and May. In some places, the snow walls can reach a height of 6m and look so smooth that they appear to have been sliced by a knife.

At Flower Land Kamifurano (フラワーラン visitors will be able to see a variety of seasonal blossoms, and can even experience making and bringing home their very own unique pillow filled with dried lavender.


Northern Japan 北日本 Known for their cherry blossoms’ vibrant colours, Northern Japan has more places famed for hanami than in most regions of Japan.

Kokeshi Doll Painting

©Miyagi Prefecture © JNTO


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At Morioka’s Tezukuri-mura, visitors can try painting Kokeshi dolls which are originally from northern Japan. Handmade from wood, these dolls are characterized by their lack of arms and legs.

©Daisuke Yatsui ©JNTO

Yamadera Temple This scenic temple located at the foot of Hōshū-yama (宝珠山) has exceptional views that have made it a nationally designated Place of Scenic Beauty and Historic Sites (名勝・史跡).

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Koinobori Village Festival

Central Japan

Held every year from late March to early May, Tatebayashi’s Koinobori no Sato Festival (鯉のぼ りの里まつり) is the world’s largest koinobori (鯉のぼり, carp streamers) festival where many colourful koinobori of different sizes are flown to celebrate Children’s Day.

中部 The Chubu (中部) region is located in the centre of Japan’s largest island Honshu (本州) and home to some of the finest spots to view sakura.

Tsutsujigaoka Park


More than 10,000 azaleas bloom here starting from mid-April to end May, including the giant Yamatsutsuji (山つつじ) azaleas that are more than 800 years old.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is best known for their traditional gasshozukuri (合掌造り, clasped hands-style) farmhouses which are picture-perfect during the sakura season.

Shikoku 四国 Sakura bloom abundantly in spring, making it a great time to explore the four prefectures of Japan’s smallest major island.


Matsuyama Castle

Naruto Whirlpools

One of Japan’s 12 original castles, it is located on Katsuyama Hill (勝山) and provides visitors with a bird’s eye view of Matsuyama (松山) and the Seto Inland Sea (瀬戸内海). During spring, around 200 sakura trees bloom on the castle grounds, making it a wonderful sakura viewing spot.

These natural phenomenon are created by the large volumes of water that move between the Seto Inland Sea (瀬戸内海) and the Pacific Ocean when the tides converge in the narrow strait. ©JNTO

Ōboke Gorge Ōboke Gorge (大歩危) is a narrow valley located upstream of the Yoshino-gawa River in Tokushima. Its name means “big dangerous steps” due to the precarious nature of the rocky walls flanking it. WAttention Singapore


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Kyushu 九州 An early centre of Japanese civilisation, Kyushu offers an array of historic treasures and natural sceneries which thrive during spring. Yanagawa Boat Cruise This cruise goes around the moat of the old Yanagawa Castle (柳河城) and as the boat travels downstream, you can enjoy the view of red brick warehouses from the early 20th century and traditional Japanese-style storehouses.

Kujukushima Despite its name literally meaning ninety-nine islands, Kujukushima (九十九島) is actually made up of two hundred and eight islands which line the coastline stretching from Sasebo (佐世保) to Hirado (平戸).

Mifuneyama Garden Part of the Takeo Domain’s ruler family holiday home, the garden is set against the rocky cliff of Mt. Mifune (御船山). It is the perfect spot for photos with 50,000 azaleas and 5,000 blooming sakura trees.

© Japan Korea Strait Coastal Region Wide Range Tourism Conferences

Okinawa 沖縄 Cape Manzamo Famous for its rock formation which resembles an elephant dipping its trunk into the ocean, it is a great place to watch the sunset as it sinks into the East China Sea.

The first prefecture in Japan to herald the coming of spring. Comprising three major island groups, the Okinawa Islands (沖縄諸島), the Miyako Islands (宮古島) and the Yaeyama (八重山諸島) Islands, this subtropical paradise is famous for its marine wildlife.



WAttention Singapore © OCVB

Lily Festival

Shuri Castle

Ie Island (伊江島) hosts an annual lily festival towards the end of April, where around one million lilies flower and blanket a huge park measuring 86,000 square metres.

Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the castle served as the administrative centre and residence for Ryūkyū kings for several centuries until Okinawa became part of Japan in 1879.

Aomori Approx. 3 hours by Shinkansen from Tokyo

東北 秘湯とグルメの旅


Sukayu Onsen Aoni Onsen Yamagata Approx. 2 hours 30 min by Shinkansen from Tokyo

Morioka Approx. 2 hours by Shinkansen from Tokyo

Matsukawa Onsen

Zao Onsen Tokyo

Hot Springs & Authentic Cuisine A Taste of Rustic Japan in Tohoku If you are looking for a rural retreat to refresh your body and soul, look no further than the Tohoku region in north-eastern Japan. Consisting of six prefectures, this area boasts some of the milkiest and smoothest hot springs in Japan, a variety of fresh seafood from both the Pacific Ocean and Japan Sea, organic meats from free-range farms as well as abundant fruits made sweet from the distinct change in seasons.


Located at the tip of Japan’s main island, Aomori is famous for apple produce, seafood and Nebuta lantern floats.


♨ 酸ヶ湯温泉

Sukayu Onsen Historic and healing soak This milky bath found high up in Aomori City's Hakkoda Mountains has been frequented for centuries by locals for its healing properties. It is a popular stopover for many skiers in search of powder snow at Hakkoda Ski Resort. The wooden building, known as senninburo or “1000-person bath”, is famous for its two mixed-gender baths made from hiba arborvitae, a kind of cypress tree found in Aomori. Access: 1 hour by JR Bus Tohoku Towada-hoku line from JR Aomori Station URL: www.sukayu.jp/Tops/index ( Japanese)

♨ ランプの宿 青荷温泉

Lamp no Yado Aoni Onsen Away from modern life This mountain retreat takes you away from your everyday life and offers an authentic Japanese experience you will not easily find elsewhere. The ryokan is lit only with oil lamps, and rooms come without power sockets or Wi-Fi. This may at first feel inconvenient, but a soak in one of the four divine hot springs will help you forget the stress and worries that come with modern life. Access: 30 minutes by bus (Nurukawa Line) from Kuroishi City. Get off at Nijinoko and transfer to pickup bus URL: www.yo.rim.or.jp/~aoni/en/index.html


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Gourmet spots within Aomori City




Tsugaru Joppari Isariya Sakaba

Top-notch sushi at conveyor belt prices You will have a hard time finding sushi of this quality for the same price. The secret behind Ippachizushi’s gorgeous toppings is not only the quality of Aomori’s local seafood, but also the skill of the sushi chef with over 30 years of experience. Do not forget to try the scallop sushi, an Aomori specialty.

Cuisine and live music from Aomori The three Nebuta lantern floats hanging on this izakaya's exterior promise an authentic experience and makes it both easy and fun to find! Savour local sake and specialties such as kaiyakimiso (貝焼き味噌, scallops grilled together with miso and egg), and fried shamorokku (シャム ロック, an Aomori chicken breed) while listening to a live tsugaru-shamisen performance. This type of shamisen – a traditional Japanese stringed instrument – has its origin in Aomori Prefecture.

Access: 10 minute walk from JR Aomori Station Address: Shinmachi 1-10-11 Aomori

Access: 20 minute walk from JR Aomori Station URL: marutomisuisan.jpn.com/isariya-tugaru/ ( Japanese)

Tohoku limited popular snacks

 Scallop Butter-Soy Sauce Jagarico 860 yen

Try out these Aomori editions of famous snacks made using local produce! (All prices are tax inclusive)

Aomori recommended sakura spot  Country Ma’am (Aomori Apple flavor) 700 yen

Must see!

 Aomori Hello Kitty Apple Caramels 378 yen


Tachineputa no Yakata (Tachineputa Museum) Observe actual Nebuta floats throughout the year Nebuta are huge lantern floats that traditionally represent Japanese warriors. While Nebuta parade festivals are held only during the summer, at Goshogawara City’s Tachineputa Museum, floats used in former festivals are on display throughout the year and can be viewed from a closer distance than at the actual festivals! Access: 5 minute walk from JR Goshogawara Station URL: www.tachineputa.jp ( Japanese)


Hirosaki Castle Park  This 400-year-old castle is surrounded by over 2,000 sakura trees of more than 50 varieties. The “sakura tunnel” at the western moat is especially stunning, and crossing the traditional Japanese crimson bridge is like a fairytale come true. Access: 20 minute walk from JR Hirosaki Station URL: hirosaki-kanko.or.jp/en/edit.html?id=edit12

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Iwate 岩手

The largest prefecture of Japan’s main island, Iwate is abundant with untouched nature. Be sure to savour local noodle dishes and organic meat from the famous farms found here.

♨ 松川温泉 松川荘 

Matsukawa Onsen Matsukawaso Kanpai while bathing This nearly 300 year old hot spring town is located 850m above ground level on Iwate’s Mt. Hachimantai. Matsukawaso is one of the most renowned hot spring ryokans here, and offers not only a spectacular outdoor bath, but also cuisine with healthy vegetables and freshwater fish from the mountains. The landlady’s smile is worth a fortune, and her warm hospitality will soothe your soul despite any language barriers. End your stay with a last dip in the outdoor bath and a cup of sake! Access: 1 hour and 50 minutes by bus from JR Morioka Station East Exit Bus Terminal. URL: matsukawasou.com ( Japanese)

Eats & Bites いちごの森 サラダファーム

Ichigo no Mori Salad Farm Strawberry picking near Matsukawa Onsen Pick and eat as many strawberries as you can and frolic with the alpacas and ponies at this fun farm. Be sure to try the strawberry cream puff, which was 2014’s winning sweet at the Iwate S-1 Sweets Fair. (Strawberry picking is available yearly from late Dec to mid-Jun. Reservation is required.) Access: Approx. 40 minutes by car from Matsukawa Onsen or 1 hour by car from JR Morioka Station. URL: http://salad-farm.jp/ichigo/ ichigo.html ( Japanese)


Koiwai Farm Makiba-en Juicy meat fresh  from the farm Koiwai Farm – one of Japan’s most renowned dairy farms – is a popular tourist spot in Iwate Prefecture. At the farm’s open-air restaurant Sumibiyaki Barbeque Shokudo, you can enjoy juicy grilled beef or lamb meat straight from the farm. How about a nutritious barbeque lunch in a picturesque greenery? Access: 10 minutes by taxi from JR Koiwai Station URL: www.koiwai.co.jp/ ( Japanese) 28

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そば処 東家

Sobadokoro Azumaya All-you-can-slurp soba Wanko soba refers to small portions of soba noodles served in lacquerware bowls. As soon as you slurp up the noodles, a new portion will be served together with a cheerful pep talk from your waiter who will keep refilling your bowl until you cover it with its lid, indicating that you have “given up”. Finish more than 100 bowls and receive a commemorative souvenir! Access: 3 minute walk from Morioka Bus Center. URL: www.wankosoba-azumaya.co.jp/foreigner/english/ index.html

Iwate recommended sakura spot 小岩井農場の一本桜 Standing in the middle of Koiwai Farm’s grass field with Mt. Iwate in the backdrop, this grand sakura tree is said to have been planted approximately 100 years ago. The contrast with its surroundings makes this unique sakura an ideal spot to visit on this farm!

Koiwai Farm’s Ipponzakura

This mountainous prefecture in west Tohoku is also known as “Oishii Yamagata” for its bounty of delicious fruits, rice, water and famous beef.

Yamagata 山形

♨ 蔵王温泉と樹氷

Zao Onsen & Ice Monsters Princess Water hot spring Located at the foot of Mt. Zao, this hot spring town has a history of over 1,900 years and boasts the second highest acidity of all hot springs in Japan. A soak in this sulfurous bath softens and whitens one’s skin, which is why its milky water is known as “Princess Water”. Mt. Zao is also one of Japan’s most frequently visited ski resorts, and is well known for its juhyo (樹氷 , Ice Monsters). These natural snow sculptures appear only on this mountain due to its unique weather conditions. Access: 40 minutes by bus from JR Yamagata Station Address: www.zao-spa.or.jp/english/index.html

Savor local cuisine

深山荘 高見屋

Miyamaso Takamiya Ryokan dining At a luxury ryokan like Miyamaso Takamiya, Japanese kaiseki-style dining will be a highlight of your stay. Fresh local seafood, meat and vegetables are generally prepared according to traditional Japanese methods. However, for some dishes, ideas from foreign cuisines that complement the ingredients are also incorporated. The result is a harmonious course meal that is a feast for both the eyes and tummy. Access: 5 minute walk from Zao Onsen Bus Terminal Address: www.zao.co.jp/takamiya/ ( Japanese)

Yamagata recommended sakura spot


Hiyoriyama Park, Sakata City The sakura trees at Hiyoriyama Park’s promenade make the Port of Sakata's sunset even more romantic. Viewing the sakura together with the park’s traditional Japanese trade ship – a symbol of the city’s coastal trade with Japan’s ancient capital Kyoto during the Edo era (1603-1868) – will make you feel like you are wandering through Sakata’s glorious past. Access: 5 minutes by Shonai Kotsu Bus from JR Sakata Station URL: www.city.sakata.lg.jp/ou/shoko/kankoshinko/ kankokoryu/7203.html ( Japanese)


Dewa Sanzan’s shojin ryori Food of Japanese mountain hermits The three shrines of Mt. Dewa, known as Dewa Sanzan, are each located on a different peak of the mountain and are said to date back more than 1,300 years. Monks here have developed a unique kind of shojin ryori ( 精進料理 , traditional Japanese vegan food) that relies on wild mountain vegetables. Try it for yourself at the lodging at Haguro-san shrine! (Reservation required) Access: 50 minutes by Shonai Kotsu Bus from Tsuruoka City Address: www.dewasanzan.jp/publics/index/48/0/

 Yamabushi (mountain priest) in traditional attire

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Discover a Different Japan Located to the northwest of Tokyo, the three prefectures of Niigata, Gunma and Nagano are easily accessible by Shinkansen and boast many gems yet to be discovered. Join WAttention editors and embark on a journey through nature and culture!




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Snow Country Echigo Yuzawa in Niigata Welcome to the snow country described by Nobel Prize winning author Yasunari Kawabata in his novel “Snow Country”. With more than 10 ski resorts, Echigo Yuzawa is a paradise for skiers of all levels. From absolute beginners to experts, everyone can find something suited to his or her needs. Echigo Yuzawa is also famous for hot springs that are especially soothing after a few rounds of skiing.

o me wh It was d e c u introd ple se peo Japane ht ig r , ng to skii iigata! N in here

Access: About 80 minutes via Joetsu Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Echigo Yuzawa Station. The mascot character of Niigata is Mr. Lerch

Summer is also cool Yuzawa Kogen Ski Resort 湯沢高原 At a mere 8-minute walk from Echigo Yuzawa Station, Yuzawa Kogen is not only a winter wonderland but also offers various summer attractions and activities including hiking and zip-line adventure.

Superb aerial view of autumn leaves

Powder snow paradise Naeba Ski Resort 苗場スキー場 50 minutes by bus from Echigo Yuzawa Station, Naeba is one of the most popular ski resorts in Japan and attracts numerous visitors from abroad as well. Everything from accommodations and hot springs to various dining options and fun family activities are all available directly in front of the slopes! While families and kids can enjoy various snow activities in the snow land play area, those who would like to learn skiing or snowboarding can take lessons provided by English speaking instructors.

Breeze through snow trails スノーモービル

If skiing or snowboarding is not your thing, why not try riding a snow mobile? The staff will give you a basic lesson and guide you through the snow trails.

秋のロープウェイ Catch a ride on Dragondola, the longest (5,481m) gondola lift line in Japan, and glide through the air over the splendour of seasons. The gondola takes you from Naeba to Tashiro, from where you can hop on another ropeway for a different view.

More to discover Kaisanto Saifukuji Temple 西福寺開山堂 Hiding behind an unassuming façade is the breathtakingly beautiful and exquisite ceiling carving created by Uncho Ishikawa. Drop by and take a look, you will surely be convinced as to why Uncho is known as the Michelangelo of Echigo.

Hakkaisan Yukimuro 八海山雪室 Yukimuro, literally a snow room, is a product of the local people’s wisdom of co-existing with nature by storing snow inside a cellar for various usages. Hakkaisan Yukimuro is a modern snow room that uses the cool air to store sake and food. It is a great place to learn and experience living in snow country. WAttention Singapore


Countryside Gunma

Tired of city sightseeing and mainstream tourist attractions? Then see what Gunma has to offer you. A perfect countryside getaway just two hours from Tokyo. Access: About 70 minutes via Joetsu Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Jomo Kogen Station. Free shuttle bus to Yutorian is available for staying guests.

A roadside station that has it all Denen Plaza Kawaba 田園プラザ川場

100% Apple Juice 756 yen/bottle

Fruit picking all year round Harada Farm 原田農園 A trip to Harada Farm makes for a fun family outing. Here you can hand pick fresh fruit and eat it on the spot. Strawberries, cherries, grapes, apples, blueberries and peaches are available. Also check out the Apple Baum Factory and indulge in an apple feast of fresh apple juice, apple pie, and baumkuchen that has a whole piece of apple filled inside. 32

WAttention Singapore

Apple Kuchen 1,296 yen

Grilled German sausages 500 yen

While a roadside station basically functions as a rest area along roads and highways, Denen Plaza Kawaba has evolved to become a tourist attraction on its own and is amongst the most popular roadside stations near Tokyo. From cafés to bakeries and pottery workshops to farmers’ markets, it has everything to keep you and your kids busy for a whole day.

Blueberry crepe and apple caramel crepe 500 yen each


Escape from city life and unwind in nature Yutorian 悠湯里庵 Located on an expansive land dotted with seven thatched-roof lodgings, Yutorian is the perfect place to experience Japanese country life. Thanks to the beautiful natural surroundings and soothing hot springs, guests staying in Yutorian can enjoy a relaxing stay in a serene environment reminiscent of old Japan.




Outdoor hot spring bath 温泉 Heal your body and mind in the spacious open-air bath. Rooms in the main building even have private outdoor hot spring baths.

Course dinner 料理 Enjoy a course meal with a total of 11 dishes prepared using local and seasonal ingredients.

Like a theme park

モノレールと電動カート Move around in the hotel with electric cars, or ride the monorail to the observatory deck. Kids will love it! WAttention Singapore


Nagano Nostalgia Boasting the highest life expectancy of all 47 prefectures in Japan, people in Nagano seem to exude friendly warmth as naturally as the sun gives out heat. Follow us and discover the charm of Nagano! Access: Karuizawa, Nagano and Iiyama are all easily accessible from Tokyo via Hokuriku Shinkansen. E x tr a c are t ime an d is re quir to ed Tom make ik ur a so ba.

Iiyama – Experience rural Japan Miyuki pork steak rice bowl

An a-doll-rable recreation of Japanese countryside life Mayumi Takahashi Museum of Doll Art

Tomikura soba and sasazushi

高橋まゆみ人形館 Welcome to the nostalgic world of Mayumi Takahashi’s doll art. Based in Iiyama, Mayumi Takahashi possesses an innate ability to capture the essence of countryside life. Once you step into the museum, you will be impressed by the dolls’ amusing facial expressions and the thoughtfully designed details that capture the heartwarming scenes occurring in everyday countryside life.

Japanese traditional cuisine with a local twist Rokubei 六兵衛

If trying local food is important to you when you travel, this is the place to be. Because of the harsh winter in Iiyama, people have been using plant fibres to replace wheat in making the local Tomikura soba, which gives the noodles a unique, springy texture. Another local dish you can’t miss is sasazushi (sushi on bamboo grass), a local variation of sushi that has its root as portable food for troops of the famous warlord Uesugi Kenshin.

More to discover! Iiyama Handicraft Paper Studio

Tanakaya Brewing

Patisserie Hirano




For over 350 years, craftsmen in Iiyama have been making durable Uchiyama washi paper. Here you can try your hand at making washi and creating your one-of-a-kind postcard.

Delicious Japanese sake made with local ingredients by local employees. Come and sample the sake of your choice.

Highly popular among local people and tourists, the patisserie offers a wide selection of cakes and pastries at reasonable prices. No wonder it’s a neighbourhood mainstay!


WAttention Singapore

Nagano City – The capital of Nagano

Everything under one roof Nagano Station & MIDORI Nagano 長野駅 & MIDORI 長野 Nagano Station serves as the gateway to exploring Nagano. It takes only around 90 minutes to travel from Tokyo to Nagano, and all Hokuriku Shinkansen trains make a stop at Nagano. Moreover, the station is a shopping heaven as well! You can get everything you need from souvenirs to a taste of local gourmet at MIDORI Nagano without stepping out of the station building.

Elegant and convenient

Find an array of souvenir snacks made using Nagano’s famed honey sweet apple.

Hotel Metropolitan Nagano ホテルメトロポリタン長野 Try “Goheimochi” rice cake, a local specialty street food.

Directly connected to JR Nagano Station, this modern city hotel boasts a superb location, comfortable guest rooms, and an elegant bar offering creative cocktails and charming night views. Certainly an ideal base to explore Nagano.

Zenkoji - A historic temple town Discover the mysteries of National Treasure Zenkoji Temple 善光寺

The Buddha statue enshrined here is said to be the oldest in Japan and no one has ever been allowed to see it. Thus it is known as the “Secret Buddha”.

Zenkoji Temple is an ancient Buddhist temple worshipped by many generations. The HondŌ (Main Hall) is designated as a National Treasure, and is also the third largest wooden structure in Japan.

The streets leading up to the temple are lined with souvenir shops, stylish cafes and soba restaurants.

Treat yourself to a slice of Japanese high life Azumaya 東屋

Hiding in an unassuming alley near Zenkoji Temple, Azumaya is a fine dining Japanese restaurant whose buildings were renovated from 200-year-old Japanese traditional storehouses. Local delicacies served here are as pretty as pieces of art. A great place to experience Japanese hospitality.

Free guided tours are available in several languages. Check out the details at www.zenkoji.jp/ENGLISH/guide/

Karuizawa – Fun all year round The curler. Aim and release!

Bargain shopping made easier and faster

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza 軽井沢・プリンスショッピングプラザ

Located right next to JR Karuizawa Station, the Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza is a 250-store premium outlet mall. Just under 70 minutes from Tokyo, you can shop for designer labels and local specialties while basking in Nagano’s fresh mountain air.

Artful and graceful

Shiraito Waterfall 白糸の滝 The crescent-shaped waterfall is so named because the water falling off the rock surface look like hundreds of white threads (shiraito) flowing down. The waterfall is ever flowing in winter because geothermal heat keeps the water temperature at about 11 degree Celsius even in wintertime.

Play chess on ice

Karuizawa Ice Park 軽井沢アイスパーク Curling is a unique winter sport in which two teams take turn sliding stones towards a circular target. A great deal of strategy is involved, that’s why curling is often called “chess on ice”. Here at Karuizawa Ice Park, basic curling lessons are offered all year round for anyone interested in learning the game. Come and give the unique sport a shot! Inquiry and reservation by email: kip-info@ karuizawaclub.ne.jp

The sweeper; the more you sweep, the further the stone goes.

The stone is made of granite and weighs up to 20 kg.

Find more photos, stories, and suggested itineraries on WAttention website at www.wattention.com!

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Ootoro (Fatty Tuna)



3 - 27 Mar 2016


30 $15

Chutoro (Medium Fatty Tuna)






3 to 22 March Maguro nigiri sushi From

up to

50%OFF $4

Akami (Lean tuna) 2pc


Ootoro (Fatty tuna) 2pc

$30→ $15

Tekka Maki (Tuna Roll)


Chutoro (Medium fatty tuna) 2pc $20→ $10

Akami (Lean Tuna)







Maguro Zanmai



(Assorted Tuna Sushi Set)

Ascending the Peak of Sushi Excellence with the Freshest Seasonal Ingredients With its headquarters in Niigata, Tomi Sushi creates an authentic dining experience by importing the freshest seafood directly from Niigata Airport to Singapore. Special attention is paid towards the selection of every ingredient, from the premium Niigata Koshihikari rice to natural sea salt and top-grade seaweed. Furthermore, it serves a different type of specially brewed soy sauce for sushi and sashimi respectively. This season, diners will once again be satisfied on all levels with the plethora of rich and flavourful maguro dishes which are prepared and presented with considerable care. Cuisine that are inspired by the changing four seasons and set menus that feature a colourful variety of dishes at affordable rates are also highly recommended. Whatever you order, the large selection of Niigata sake will always have the perfect drop to accompany it.



Maguro Cheese Cutlet $


Maguro Avocado Salad with Soft-boiled Egg Millenia Walk #02-12/13 9 Raffles Boulevard 6238-1123 11.30am - 3pm (L.O. 2.30pm) 5.30pm 10pm (L.O. 9.30pm)



Katong V #02-14/15/16, 30 East Coast Road 6348-7897 11.30am - 2.30pm (L.O. 2pm) 5.30pm 10.30pm (L.O. 10pm)

Novena Square (Velocity) #02-76/77, 238 Thomson Road 6255-2355 11.30am - 3pm (L.O. 2.30pm), 5.30pm - 10pm (L.O. 9.30pm)


Tomisushi Echigotei Cuppage Terrace 35 Cuppage Road 6333-4633 5pm - 12am (L.O. 11.30pm)

Japanese Lunches to Feed

Mood your



Get a well-balanced lunch with these diners that offer healthier options, ingredients or cooking methods.

Spoil yourself and pamper your taste buds with these indulgent meals and luxurious settings.



Feeling particularly ravenous? Dig into the large portions and wide menu available at these joints.

Choice Lunch $25

These spots are great for lunches as you can return every day without getting bored.

Create your own lavish lunch by choosing an appetizer, two main dishes and complete it with a serving of fragrant rice, miso soup and dessert for a truly savoury experience. Ishinomaki’s extensive lunch menu includes over 20 appetizers, such as chawanmushi and horenso goma (ほうれんそうごま, sesame spinach), fresh seasonal Japanese seafood, Ibérico pork with yuzu miso and beef sukiyaki. One must-try is their popular Sashimi and Unagi set.



Palais Renaissance #B1-02/02A/03, 390 Orchard Road 6737-1065 | Daily 11.30am - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm IshinomakiGrillnSake Orchard Road




Bara Chirashi Ozen

Sashimi and Unagi Seiro Ozen $34 Salmon Chan Chan Yaki Ozen $19 *All set lunches are served with chawanmushi, rice and miso soup WAttention Singapore


Omakase Lunch Set $39

Indulge yourself with this luxurious lunch feast featuring nine courses including an appetizer, sashimi, wagyu beef, grilled fish, uni barachirashi don (うにバラチラシ丼, sea urchin sushi rice bowl), foie gras chawanmushi, tempura, clam miso soup, dessert and coffee. Z’en’s minimalist and modern setting is suitable for business lunches and casual gatherings with a private area and VIP room that seats up to 20 guests.


UE Square #01-75 205 River Valley Road 6732-3110 Mon-Fri 12pm - 2.30pm 6pm - 10.30pm Sat, Sun & PH 6pm - 10.30pm Endiningbars.com/zen Promenade


River Valley Road



$22 $25 $29

Kushiyaki Bento Ladies Bento Sashimi Bento

Novena & many more


Gyu-Kaku Bento $15 Nigiri Sakura Set $28

Discover a Japan Niigata · Gunm Famous for their premium grilled meats, this yakiniku joint also serves up an incredibly affordable bento lunch. Made up of seven dishes—a rice dish, cold dish, deep-fried dish, pickled dish, meat dish, salad and soup—the bento ingredients change on a regular basis so you will never get bored!


Novena Square #02-46, 6252-4001 | Chijimes #01-01/02, 6333-4001 UE Square #01-18/19, 6733-4001 ¦ One KM #01-16, 6362-4001 gyu-kaku.com.sg Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant

Famous for fresh, succulent sushi, this is a great option for a healthier lunch spot in town. This set features eight pieces of sashimi, including the popular chutoro (medium fatty tuna), tori karaage (唐揚げ, fried chicken), salad, chawanmushi miso soup and a fruity dessert.



Millenia Walk #2-12/13, 9 Raffles Boulevard | 6238-1123 Daily 11.30am - 3pm (L.O. 2.30pm) 5.30pm - 10pm (L.O. 9.30pm) Boat Quay


City Hall

Sumibiyaki Una Don $17


Australia Wagyu Set

Serving a special unagi don (うなぎ丼, sea eel rice bowl) that is only available during lunch, this kushiyaki (串焼き, grilled sticks) joint also offers a wide variety of kushiyaki including fresh seafood, A5 wagyu and pork – a great place for casual dining.


69 Boat Quay | 6532-0424 ¦ Mon - Fri 6pm - 1am (Food L.O.12am, Alcohol L.O. 11.45pm, Drink L.O. 12.30am) Sat 5pm - 1am (Food L.O. 12am, Alcohol L.O. 11.45pm, Drink L.O. 12.30am) Closed Sun Tsuiteru Sakaba Maido


At On-yasai, you can savour the rich taste of high quality wagyu and fresh vegetables by simply boiling them in their light and healthy soup stock. Plus enjoy unlimited refills of their vegetable platter, steamed rice and a drink of your choice (choose from Ice Lemon Tea, Ice Oolong Tea, Ice/Hot Ocha).



Chijmes #01-03/04 | 6336-4002| One KM #01-14 | 6362-4002 on-yasai.com.sg


WAttention Singapore

coupon Promotions

Onigiri $3 each

Telok Ayer


Looking for a quick meal that is nutritious and satisfying? An onigiri from Samurice will definitely hit the spot. Made with carefully selected rice from Niigata, Hokkaido and Akita prefectures, these sizeable onigiris come with wholesome fillings such as roasted salmon, plum and sliced Hokkaido konbu (昆布, kelp).


Add a coffee for just


10% OFF

for all WAttention readers

with every lunch set


China Square Food Centre #01-18, 9487-3050, Mon - Fri 7.30am - 7pm United Square Shopping Mall #B1-18, 9487-3050, Mon - Sun 10.30am - 9pm Robertson Quay


Free Ice Matcha Latte


ma · Nagano

Tsukiji$28 Prepared by a skillful Ginza Kyubei-trained chef who uses organic ingredients such as Nagano Koshihikari rice, amber vinegar, freshly imported Japanese fish and natural mineral water from Hokkaido’s Mt. Daisetsuzan, this set is a lavish experience for your taste buds and comes with six pieces of sushi, a sushi roll, salad, soup and dessert.



Riverside View #01-04, 30 Robertson Quay 6733-3720 | Mon-Sat 11.30am - 3pm (L.O. 2pm) 6pm - 11pm (L.O. 10pm) Closed Sun heb.jp/en/shop-kaishin-shin.html Sushi Kaishin

(worth $3.75) with each purchase of any Combo Curry dish.

*Only valid at Parkway Parade branch

One FREE FREE soft drink or Half Pint Beer beer (U.P. $5.80)


Japanese curry lovers rejoice! Monster Curry’s signature Combo Curry features the best that Monster Curry has to offer – pork katsu, fried fish, pork shabu-shabu, shrimp tempura and cheese – on a colossal-sized plate. Available in five different levels of spiciness, these plates are meant for two, or one with a monstrous appetite.



Parkway Parade #01-11, 80 Marine Parade Road 6348-6171 | Daily 11am - 10pm

Combo Curry $25

all bentos when you say “WAttention”

Mention “WAttention” and get a

*Per coupon

Marine Parade

10% Off

*Valid till 31 Mar’16. Dine in only.

Terms & Conditions

Free onigiri with purchase of a $10 set when you flash this coupon! *Valid till 24 Apr’16

Stores reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice. Coupons must be presented to avail offer. Coupons can be presented as a photo on your mobile or cut out. Not valid with other promotions. Individual and other in-store Terms and Conditions apply.

coupon Promotions

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Get up close and personal with a piece of Japan’s history 姫路城 , Himeji-jo

This hilltop castle is located in Himeji, Hyōgo Prefecture and is one of Japan’s remaining 12 original castles. Dating back as far as 1333, it is also known as Shirasagi-jō ( 白鷺城 , White Heron Castle) for its brilliant white exterior and supposed likeness to a bird taking flight. Widely considered Japan’s most spectacular castle for its grand size, beauty and wellpreserved castle grounds, it has a network of 83 buildings with advanced defensive systems from the feudal period. Unlike many of Japan’s other castles, it was never destroyed by war, earthquake or fire. Historically important figures who owned the castle include Tokugawa Ieyasu, Ikeda Terumasa and Honda Tadamasa – who built a special tower for his daughter, the legendary Senhime (千姫 , Princess Sen).

HOW TO GET THERE About 15-minute walk from JR and

Audio SPOT


Hishi-no-mon Gate

Named for its diamond-shaped crest, this white gate connects to the San-nomaru area and inner kuruwa ( 曲 輪 , ward).

Audio SPOT


The shortest route to the castle, it is actually a roundabout way to the castle meant to mislead invading enemies.


Audio SPOT

Shogun-zaka Slope

Daitenshu (main keep)

Located 90m above sea level, the top floor has a pair of Shachigawara that is meant to protect the castle from fire.


SkyDesk Media Trek

SkyDesk Media Trek is a free voice guidance app provided by Fuji Xerox that uses the GPS position information of your smartphone to automatically play sightseeing audio guides when you are near a guide point at a location of interest.

Sanyo Dentetsu Himeji station 5-minute walk from Himeji-jo Otemon Mae stop

<STEP 1> Select a [Book] from the Book Store.

<STEP 2> Tap [Download] to start downloading. Tap [Open] and [Start Guide] to switch to voice guidance screen.

<STEP 3> Voice guidance will automatically start when you are near an audio spot.

<STEP 4> [Book] is automatically saved in your downloads and you can listen to it anytime. WAttention Singapore


ing t s e er

gs t n i d n I Fin

ら 外国人か い 白 見た面 ! !! 日本語

Discover new interesting Japanese words and phrases from a Japanese learner’s point of view with the aid of a Japanese teacher. Let’s get started! ☺


W or d of th e d a y

T o d a y ’s Learner:

おもてなし Omotenashi めい し

Format 型

Meaning 意味


し れんようけいどう

名詞 =接 頭辞 +連

用形 動詞

noun = + some a polite prefix forms of verb

s m that illustrate It is the polite ter anese Jap t or eff d an re the extra ca entertaining or people put into guests. It can eir th ng mi lco we service, way of d, foo h ug be thro the spirit they or t en entertainm experience to ts want the gues e math. th ing do t ou th wi

Today’s の今言ど葉き Broken Japanese

カミッテル Ka




Lam Ying Wai from Singapore

Created by youngsters a couple of years ago, this term was often used when people wanted to describe something that is “super amazing”. The term originates from the phrase “it is God-like (kami)” and was used to describe something possessed by the supernatural. Teenagers then shortened it to “God-like” and use in the present tense of the verb. Moreover, they write in katakana when communicating on Twitter and blogs despite it being grammatically incorrect as katakana is meant to be used for non-Japanese words. This transformation itself is kamitteru!

ミッテル 神がかってる → 神ってる → カ Ka mi tte ru

Kami ga ka



Conductor Aki Loves exploring how culture affects language differently around the world and works as copywriter & editor. Also has a postgraduate certificate in TJFL (teaching Japanese as a foreign language).

The concept of omotenashi is almost unheard of anywhere else other than in Japan. In fact, there is no English equivalent of the word, making it even harder to explain. Among the many aspects that define omotenashi, it is easy to highlight traits like selflessness and attention to detail. When I was in Japan, I noticed that even the smallest actions by hoteliers, retailers and service staff spoke volumes in terms of hospitality and service. In simple terms, omotenashi is all about offering the best service without expecting a reward or compensation. I think it would be awesome if Singapore starts recognising and incorporating omotenashi in our everyday lives too!

Pronounciation 発音

Japanese Language


Kami tte



Let’s experience

Omotenashi in Japan

Japanese service staff are often thinking about their guests and how they can make them feel more comfortable and at ease. Let’s see how many ways they can surprise you with the Japanese way of hospitality. At a restaurant 1. Your eyes are tired and you pinch your nose bridge, the waiter notices this and offers you a refreshing hot towel. 2. The waiter places a basket next to the table so that you do not have to place your bags on the floor. 3. In winter, some cafes have blankets to keep you warm and relaxed. At a friend’s house 1. Your friend may prepare special chopsticks for you to use and present it nicely at the dinner table. 2. Your friend makes an effort to make separate dishes that do not include the ingredients which you cannot eat although you did not mention it beforehand.


Illustration credit: www.irasutoya.com

Looking for a


in a Japanese Multi-National Company?

Good Job Creations is your gateway!

Good Job Creations (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

http://goodjobcreations.com.sg/en/ ☎ (65) 6258 8051 EA License No 07C5771

www .ikoma.com.sg


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THIS ISSUE: Latest trends and enter tainment from Japan

Celebrating Anisong at ASCOT Singapore 2016 Meet the Girls

29 Jan 2016 – Held for the first time in Singapore, Anime Song Concert Tour (ASCOT) Singapore 2016 featured a line-up of six popular acts from Japan’s anisong and independent scene.

Meet the Guys

NoB Anisong veteran NoB is known for his cool, mature persona and legendary hit song from Saint Seiya, Pegasus Fantasy. He also sang the theme songs for Super Sentai series GoGo Sentai Boukenger and Tensou Sentai Goseiger, and is a member of J-Metal band DAIDA LAIDA.

Elisa A classically-inspired anisongtress, Elisa is known for her sweet tones, high range and unique blend of pop-opera music and is famous for her songs from Valvrave the Liberator, The Irregular at Magic High School and Expelled from Paradise.


hiJK Bursting onto the scene with their covers of popular anime songs such as Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu’s God Knows and Kantai Collection’s theme song Miiro, hiJK looks set to rock the world with their vibrant personalities, awe-inspiring skills and fierce determination.

YOFFY One half of J-Rock band, Psychic Lover, the charismatic YOFFY is famous in the tokusatsu scene as the energetic performer for the theme songs of Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger, GoGo Sentai Boukenger and Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

Kamen Joshi Belying their horror-inspired theme with their infectious bubbly, boisterous energy, Kamen Joshi is an Akihabara idol group that has an explosive presence both on and off stage. They have a huge fan base and regularly perform in Akihabara.

Takayoshi Tanimoto Talented anime composer Takayoshi Tanimoto is the singer of two of Dragon Ball Kai and Konjiki no Gash Bell’s theme songs as well as the opening for the Super Sentai series Jūken Sentai Gekiranger.

Check out our exclusive interviews with these ASCOT guests at wattention.wordpress.com Photo credit: Christopher Sim

Singapore Blog Japan-Blogging, our way. Check us out SEARCH WAttention Wordpress

WAttention Singapore



FIND OUT WHAT'S HAPPENING IN JAPAN & SINGAPORE minutes to 2 hours and 40 minutes. Biwako/Shiga Prices start from ¥3,000 Ⓦ en.biwako-visitors.jp 12-13 Mar Niigata Sakenojin 2016

Inspired by Germany’s “Oktoberfest”, this two-day annual event held in Niigata aims to promote local sake and food. Sample over 500 different sake from various brewers and toast to good times ahead. Toki Messe/Niigata Ticketed (price to be released) Ⓦ sakenojin.jp/english/index.php

SG: 6 Mar - One Piece Run Singapore

17-21 Mar Ramen Joshi Haku (Ramen Girls Festival)

Join Luff y and his pirate friends from One Piece in this first ever anime-themed run in Singapore. Race pass different obstacles, snap photos with the characters, check out the One Piece-themed attractions and steal the lead to take your place as the “Pirate King”! Kallang Practice Track (Flag-off at 7:15am) Standard: $68 Ⓦ onepiecerun.sg

SINGAPORE 19 Feb-31 Mar Mie Fair Dig into SAKURAYA's special seafood menu flown in exclusively from Iseshima in the Mie Prefecture. While stocks last. Fish Mart SAKURAYA Parkway Parade, West Coast Plaza & Anchorpoint Ⓕ facebook.com/Sakuraya.sg 4-6 Mar NATAS Travel Fair Singapore's largest travel fair is back with more exciting news, adventures and travel packages waiting in-store for you. Singapore Expo Free Admission

National Stadium Adult $35 | Youth & Child (18 years old and below) $20 Ⓦ http://www. sportshub.com.sg/sportshubtix/Pages/SuperRugby-2016.aspx

JAPAN 31 Oct’15-6 Mar‘16 Takashi Murakami: The 500 Arhats On display for the first time in Japan is renowned contemporary artist Takashi Murakami’s masterpiece “The 500 Arhats” – an amalgamation of popular culture and traditional Japanese art. Mori Art Museum/Tokyo ¥1,600 (Standard) Ⓦ http://mori.art.museum/eng/index.html

This festival aims to bring women together in a traditionally masculine ramen-slurping event. There are eight delicious varieties available serving lady-sized portions of beauty-conscious ramen. Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Free Admission Ⓦ ramengirls-fes.com 20 Mar-17 Apr Setouchi Triennale 2016 (Spring)

12 & 26 Mar 2016 SUPER RUGBY – Sunwolves vs. Toyota Cheetahs, Vodacom Bulls

Join in the rugby fever as Japan’s Sunwolves battle it out with South Africa’s Toyota Cheetahs and Vodacom Bulls respectively! Who will emerge victorious in this year’s Super Rugby Championship?


WAttention Singapore

1-20 Apr Kaizuosaki Cherry Blossom Viewing Cruise Hop on one of the three day cruises and take in the view of the blooming sakura on the shores of Lake Biwa on a soothing ride across the lake. Rides last between 40

Inspired by the lifestyles of the islands’ inhabitants, the Setouchi Triennale highlights the idea of “becoming one with nature” through art initiatives such as “The Food Project” and regional collaborations on Setouchi culture. 12 Islands of the Seto Inland Sea, Takamatsu and Uno/Shikoku Adult ¥4,000 | High school student ¥2,500 Ⓦ setouchi-artfest.jp/en


FIELDS Research Institute

Let’s Talk Subculture Explore the fascinating world of Japan’s subcultures with insights from the inside.


5 Types Of Fun Goods To Support Your Otaku Life By Thanko RARE-MONO Shop Japanese craftsmanship by otaku Thanko RARE-MONO’s products are accessories for otaku, by otaku. At first sight, they might look too bizarre to buy for yourself or as a souvenir, but get your hands on one of these products and you will soon notice that they make the world a better place!



Rare video cameras

Cameras come in all kind of shapes at Thanko. Get a camera pen and spy on your colleagues, or see the world through the eyes of your pet with a camera attached to its collar! Full HD Video Camera Ballpoint Pen, 8,300 yen Pet Angle Camera, 5,980 yen



Various smartphone clip lenses

Surprise your friends with amazing selfies by using these clip lenses. Choose from a lens that makes your skin shine, one that makes your face look smaller, and a wide angle lens that makes it easier to take group photos, to cite a few. Beautiful skin selfie clip lens, 2,980 yen Small face selfie clip lens, 2,480 yen Extra-large selfie clip lens, 1,980 yen



Eco-friendly iPhone 6 case

Just in case your iPhone is running flat on batteries and you’re on the run, this solarpowered battery case is your lifesaver – and ecological too!


iphone 6 solar charge battery case, 9,800 yen


Find out other fascinating aspects of subculture in this special “Let’s Talk Subculture” series online at www.wattention.com.



Relaxation goods

Working on your computer, reading a manga or playing video games for a long time while lying prone can be quite tiring and painful to your arms and shoulder. That changes with Lie prone cushion 2, which can be adjusted to 10 different heights! Lie Prone Cushion 2, 4,980 yen


Handy smartphone arm clip

Attach the clip of this flexible arm to the side of your bed or table and watch movies or read e-books without having to hold your smartphone in your hand! With the attached USB battery charger, you can even charge your phone while using this accessory as long as there is a power socket nearby. Smartphone flexible arm clip with USB battery charger, 2,980 yen

This article was written with the assistance of Fields Research Institute, which conducts research in entertainment.

Thanko RARE-MONO Shop Main Store

Address: Sotokanda 3-14-8, Shin-Suehiro Bldg. B, Chiyoda, Tokyo Access: 5-min walk from Akihabara Station (JR Lines, Hibiya Line, Tsukuba Express), 3 min walk from Suehirocho Station (Ginza Line) Hours: 11am – 8pm (11am – 7pm on Sundays and holidays) *Prices are all inclusive of tax URL: www.raremonoshop.jp

WAttention Singapore



Presented by


Brewery: Kikuzakari Shuzo 喜久盛酒造

Savour the rich, creamy taste of Taxi Driver Junmai Nama Located in Iwate prefecture, Kikuzakari Shuzo was the only brewery in Kitakami City before it moved to Hanamaki City when it was damaged by the earthquake in 2011. With only one brew master, this brewery is focused on producing only junmaishu (純米酒) and is the last sake brewery in Iwate to do so. Junmaishu refers to sake made without additional starches, sugars and brewer’s alcohol. It is often considered the highest grade of sake. Junmaishu is typically more heavy and full-bodied than other types of sake, with a stronger rice influenced flavour. Kikuzakari Shuzo’s junmaishu attains this rich flavour through their unique blend of kakehashi (かけはし), a locally grown rice, yeast and pure spring water. One of their bestselling sake is called Taxi Driver Junmai Nama (純米原酒タクシー ドライバー). This sake has a gentle aroma and a rich, creamy taste which makes it enjoyable either chilled or warmed. As the temperature of the rice wine changes, its taste changes subtly as well,

Brew Master

making it a drink that can follow you comfortably throughout a meal without you having to worry about keeping it warm or cold. Its tart aftertaste is the main focus of this sake, which makes it ideal to be paired with beef or dishes overfl owing with meaty juices. This freshly brewed sake is usually bottled within 10 days after pressing so that its flavour can be enjoyed to the very last drop.

Taxi driver Taste Chart





Yasuhiro Morikawa

Simply like our Facebook Page and stand a chance to Sour

win a bottle of sake!



What is Sakemaru?

Introducing the Singapore’s first dedicated Sake subscription site Sakemaru is a sake subscription service that delivers bottles of fresh seasonal sake from diff erent breweries in Japan. Depending on your subscription plan, you will receive one or two bottles of fresh sake transported and delivered chilled right to your doorstep.

To begin your Sakemaru journey, simply sign up for an account on their webpage and select a subscription plan. To receive the sake of the month, orders must be placed by the 20th of the same month.



WAttention Singapore

Monthly delivery

Special seasonal sake

Fine breweries

Trial Promotion

Delivery of special sake at the end of every month; you can specify the delivery date and time.

Exports only fresh seasonal namazake (生酒 , fresh sake) and uses refrigerated transportation to keep the freshness.

Only the finest breweries in Japan are selected to maintain commitment to quality and taste.

Enjoy 50% your first order at Sakemaru. Get your first bottle of sake for just $25 (U.P.$50).

WAttention Singapore


Profile for WAttention

WAttention Singapore vol 31  

① Kyoto Spring Blossoms - Discover the best places to watch the sakura bloom and other must -see sights ② A Taste of Rustic Japan in Tohoku...

WAttention Singapore vol 31  

① Kyoto Spring Blossoms - Discover the best places to watch the sakura bloom and other must -see sights ② A Taste of Rustic Japan in Tohoku...