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TA K E FREE Mar / Apr 2014 VOL.19 MCI(P)005/12/2013

Special Feature 1


Eastern Hokkaido New Proposals for

Discovering Japan Gotochi Gourmet :

Miyagi Pref.

Special Feature 2


Traditional Dietary Cultures of the Japanese

e B h t e l a i u e v ty of n U Inland Japa n 岐阜






Matsumoto Castl

e / Nagano

/ Gifu Shirakawa-go


Alps / Nag ano

Kirigamine Heights / Nagano

Hida Beef / Gifu

Hidden Treasures of Central Japan

Fly & Drive Spring in New Golden Route

8D6N $2688~

NATAS Travel 2014 Booth 3H73

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*Tax & Fuel Surcharge : $400~$450

Shirakawa-go - Okuhida Onsen - Japan Alpine Route - Matsumoto - Shirakaba Lake - Kawaguchi Lake Gotemba - Hakone - Tokyo

Fruit Picking / Yamanashi

Takayama / Gifu

9D7N $3680~ NATAS Travel 2014 Booth 3H44

*Tax & Fuel Surcharge : $400

Gero Onsen - Shirakawa-go - Takayama Okuhida Onsen - Matsumoto - Kawaguchi Lake Gotemba - Tokyo

In Ha r mony w it h t he Sea sons Cherry Blossom Viewing (Hanami): Mid-March through the end of April

text & coordination/ Rieko Ido, photo/ Hajime Watanabe 文とスタイリング=井戸理恵子、 写真=渡辺肇

With its four very distinct seasons, Japan is home to various types of flowers, but the people’s favorite is by far the blooming cherry blossoms.

み 楽



し む

The season for the Japanese custom of cherry blossom viewing comes at the same time as Girls’ Day in the old lunar calendar. While the weather usually starts to pick up around this period, the chilly spring weather often tends to bring down body temperatures, but regardless, people’s spirits are lifted by the blooming flowers as they set out to enjoy the symbolic arrival of spring. The nighttime viewing of cherry blossoms is also a favorite pastime of the Japanese people. However, between

people of the modern era and those of days past, there are subtle differences of sentiment when admiring the flowers. During ancient times, the cherry blossom had been a flower for mourning the deceased. The way of the cherry blossom, traditionally considered to be at the zenith of its beauty when the petals fell to the ground, suggested the end of a person’s life. In a way that may be viewed as solemnly inviting those who have passed away to return, the act of admiring the blooming cherry blossoms with a feeling of remembrance, while

experiencing a longing for the beautiful flowers and drinking sake actually has a deep underlying sentiment for those who have moved on before us.

Rieko Ido Conducting research into Japanese customs and knowledge from ancient times, and applying technical analysis of these findings to modern lifestyle. Kokugakuin University graduate. Teaches at Tama Art University.

井戸理恵子 國學院大學卒業。日本古来の知見を工学的に検証し次世代 に繋がる「技術」を模索、現代の衣食住を発展させる提案を している。多摩美術大学非常勤講師。

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Wonderland Japan VOL.19


In Harmony with the Seasons


What s New?


Yamanashi, Nagano, Gifu – A Quest for Great Nature, Omotenashi, and Local Food


Majestic winter in Eastern Hokkaido


New Proposals for Discovering Japan




Gotochi Gourmet / Miyagi Prefecture


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Mr. Samuel Yeong s Japanese Classroom Lesson 10


Japanese Brand Story 006

Why “WAttention”? WAttention is so named with the hope that people in the world would pay more Attention to WA(和); an important term in Japanese culture meaning harmony with nature, peace and even Japanese culture itself! 世界中の人々に「和」 (WA)に注目(Attention) してほしいという 願いを込めてWA+Attention= WAttentionと名づけました。

Hajime Watanabe / JNTO / City of Sendai Miyagi Prefecture

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What's New?

Japanese latest happening, shops, innovations and more


City Hall

Lewin Terrace Intimate Dining Experience at Upscale Fusion Restaurant Tuck amidst the greenery of Fort Canning Park is a Japanese-French restaurant operated by Japan's best bridal company. The exquisite cuisine are prepared by the experienced Japanese chef using Japanese ingredients and Japanese French culinary techniques. It can host small groups in individual rooms or be used for wedding parties. Menu ◦ 3 Course Lunch ◦ 8 Course Dinner

$38~ $120~

Tel. 6333-9905 21 Lewin Terrace Fort Canning Park 12pm-2pm 6:30pm-9:30pm

Japanese Chef, Mr. Kano (left) and WGS Sommelier of the Year 2013, Mr. Kawai (right)


Kiku 菊

Check out the latest news on our Facebook! Find us on

WAttention Singapore

Menu ◦Caviar Maguro ◦Sashimi Moriawase ◦Nikomi Buta Gatsu ◦Golden Prawn Roll

$38 $48 $10 $18

Feast to Your Heart's Content at Modern Kappo Izakaya Scan me now !


WAttention Singapore

Watch the preparation of sophisticated dishes unfold before your eyes in this unique restaurant that offers traditional Kappo cuisine and casual Izakaya light bites. From the mouth-watering Caviar Maguro with Onion Dressing to the signature Dan Dan Noodles, the all-round menu will defi nitely win the hearts of Japanese food lovers.

Tel. 6225-5567 21 Duxton Road Sun-Thu 12pm-3pm 5:30pm-11pm Fri-Sat 12pm-3pm 5:30pm-11:30pm


Rakuten 楽天

Shopping from Japan in a Few Mouse Clicks Be delighted to know that Japan's largest online shopping website has launched its Singapore edition. From popular snacks to the latest fashion wear and toys, there is defi nitely something suitable for everyone of any age. Aiming to become Asia's top e-commerce online portal, Rakuten provides the opportunity to shop for Japanese goods at competently low prices. Furthermore, only local delivery fee (no international shipping cost) is required. Popular brands including Shiseido, SKII, Lego, Pampers and Bandai are just few of the thousand participating shops at Rakuten. Wait no further and head to the leading Japanese's shopping website to pick your favorite item now!

Online merchandises not only come from Japan but also Singapore.

Earn 100 % Sup er Po ints of the p u rcha se d item (100 Sup er Po ints =S$ 1) on you r first p u rcha se an d sp en d them in futu re ! Tel. 6595-1899


Dhoby Ghaut

nana s green tea



Receive Matcha & Hojicha Cookies

Hoji "Warabimochi "Parfait $13.80

($2.80 / 6pcs) for any order (lunch sets/ala carte) above $15 exclusive of tax & service charge. *Valiad till end of Mar 2014

Matcha Shiratama Float $8.50

Locomoko Hamburg $16.80

Achieving Holistic Beauty from Inside-Out with Healthy Diet Meals Japan's leading cosmetic and healthcare product company has opened its second outlet in Bishan Junction 8. Shake off excess weight with Petit Shake, a lowcalorie meal replacement drink which is available in 4 limited edition flavors.

Bishan Branch 9 Bishan Place #01-46, Junction 8 10am-10pm Orchard Branch 260 Orchard Road L1, ROBINSONS ORCHARD 10:30pm-10pm

"New Japanese Style" for Lifestyles of Modern People Modern Japanese tea house, nana's green tea, has launched a major revamp on its menu revolving a new concept. Lunch sets consisting of delicately hand crafted main course dishes with drink at $13.90 are now available on weekends too.

Tel. 6684-4312 The Atrium @ Orchard, Plaza Singapura 60B Orchard Road #03-80/82 Mon-Sun 11am-10pm (L.O. 9:30pm)

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Clarke Quay

Outram Park

Ebisu Tei

Kensai Kitchen


Promotion Say "WAttention" to enjoy

Weekday Lunch/Dinner Buffet Adult $19.90 →

$17.90 $12.90

Child (Below 110cm) $14.90 → *Until End of Mar except Fridays

Traversing Traditional and Creative Cuisine with Mastery

Taste of Nostalgia in Healthy and Homely Japanese Cuisine

Helmed by Chef Ueda with more than 35 years of culinary experience, the recently relocated Ebisu Tei continues to impress guests through its affordable and modern Japanese menu embedded with creativity.

Feast on more than 14 healthy and authentic Japanese home-style dishes in the buffet at Kensai Kitchen, a restaurant from Izumo, Shimane Prefecture. Specialties include tonkatsu, tempura and kiriboshi daikon, a dish of simmered white radish that is uncommon in Singapore.

Menu ◦Wafu Black Pepper Steak ◦Wafu Shanghai Crab Cream Pasta ◦Mentaiko Pasta

$20 $15 $12

Tel. 6836-1039 59 Kampong Bahru Rd 11am-2pm(L.O.) 6pm-11:30pm

Tel. 6337-5105 #B1-03/04/05 Liang Court 177 River Valley Road Mon-Fri 11:30am-3pm 5:30pm-11pm Sat/Sun/PH 11:30am-11pm

14-23 Mar 2014 Mon-Thurs/Sun 10am-8pm Fri/ Sat 10am-9:30pm


ISETAN Jurong East Super Market

st time From the Land of Rising Sun to Singapore Bringing together the best and most popular Japan's sweets! 八天堂

3 Gateway Drive, #B2-01 Westgate AOKI_logo.pdf 1 2014/02/07 22:31:19



pâtisserie Sadaharu Aoki paris

These fluffy buns filled with delicious cream are enjoyed chilled. Available in 5 different flavours.

These created by fusing Japanese ingredients and French baking techniques are approved even by the French.

Sadaharu Aoki, Patissier Opened his first shop in Paris and achieved international fame with his macarons.

MAQUI'Sロゴ正.pdf 1 2014/02/07 22:54:55

黒看板横文字logo.pdf 1 2014/02/07 22:45:12


Tsujirihei Honten



Tsujirihei's sake-accented "raw" chocolate made with authentic Uji matcha cream and premium white chocolate.

This Hokkaido brand makes Italy's specialty ice cream with premium Hokkaido milk.

An indulgent treat from a chef with over fifty years experience.



Others: Tsukisamu Anpan Honpo Honma's Tama Dounut 月寒あんぱん本舗ほんまの玉ドーナツ、Morihan's Matcha Pudding 森半の宇治抹茶プリンの素、Oimoyasan  Koushin's Daigakuimo & Sweet Potato おいもやさん興伸 の大学芋とスイートポテト、Danish Bar's Danish デニッシュバーのデニッシュ詰め合わせ、Milestone's Waffle マイルストー ンのワッフル、Mariko no Sato's Matcha Latte 丸子の郷の抹茶ラテ and many other sweets from Japan that you cannot afford to miss during those 10 days! 08

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Beauty Series Vol. 2


BeautyShop from


Beauty Spa

MISS PARIS & DANDY HOUSE Former Miss Universe Singapore, Valerie Lim, was amazed at the results.

SLIMMING TREATMENT The Signature Triple Burn Method


ith Men and Women getting more concerned about their body and skin, renowned spa boutique, Miss Paris & Dandy House has opened its doors in South East Asia, with its very first shop in Singapore, giving you your ticket to looking and feeling better. After one of their treatments, Valerie said, “I was worried about my tired skin, but now I feel refreshed and my skin looks revitalized. You can relax and feel good. ” She added, “They made sure that I was feeling comfortable and really took care of the needs of their clients.” With over 140 stores in Japan, serving women at Miss Paris and men at Dandy House, the salon is also a popular choice amongst Japanese celebrities. So what are you waiting for?

is one of the most popular

Specialized equipment to effectively reduce subcutaneous fats.

treatments at Miss Paris. This three-step treatment

Massaging away the cellulite from her legs.

reduces cellulite, subcutaneous fat and visceral fat through the use of specialized equipment. This treatment is especially effective in hard-to-burn fats and cellulite reduction. It also targets acupoints in the body for better circulation, resulting in improved overall health, and a slim body that will resist weight gain. Feeling warm and relaxed in her personal sauna.

Reducing visceral fats and cellulite around the organs.

Welcome to


Our model, Valerie with Spa Manager, Haruna Takahashi.


Special hand-technique facial massage for instant rejuvenation.

Deep cleansing to remove facial impurities.

Haruna offering consultation and advice to Valerie.


(first time only)

Slimming Facial

treatment at Miss Paris. It is

(Reservation ends at 7:30pm)

effective in creating a well-

and refreshing. The use of hand

$270 (60mins)

391B Orchard Road, #05-25 Ngee Ann City 10am-9pm

Slimming Massage is another popular

treatment is deeply hydrating

$380 (90mins)

Tel. 6235-1159

Used by Hollywood actor, the Face

contoured face and the


Face cream containing 24k gold flakes.

massage technique during the facial helps to improve blood circulation in the face, giving an immediate lift to the cheekbones. The luxurious massage also leaves the skin looking brighter and glowing with vitality. Bamboo facial mask for whitening and skin firming.

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1 2

3 4





Traverse the Landlocked Prefectures

A Quest for Great Nature, Omotenashi, and Local Food If you’re wondering how to spend your next holiday, why not visit Yamanashi, Nagano, and Gifu? Surrounded by mountains and endowed with rich nature, they are excellent destinations for a retreat from the busy life of the city. Now, weave your way through the three prefectures, feel the soul of Japan, and enjoy the warm omotenashi (the heart of Japanese hospitality) they have to offer. 10 10

WAttention Singapore WAttention Singapore








Suggested Itineraries The three prefectures make an ideal trip that starts from Tokyo and ends in Nagoya, or the other way around. You may first visit Fujisan and Kofu in Yamanashi, then travel up to Suwa, Matsumoto, and Hakuba area in Nagano. Take a bus from Matsumoto to Takayama, and then explore Okuhida and Shirakawa-go and venture down south to Nagoya. It takes only 1 hr 40 mins to travel by Shinkansen from Nagoya to Tokyo or 50 mins to Shin-Osaka.

1 Shosen Gorge features beautiful scenery throughout the four seasons. 2 One of the great pleasures of travelling is to dine on local cuisine such as Yoshida Udon. 3 Enjoy the Japanese style robata (literally fire-side cooking) barbecue. 4 Cherry blossoms and Mt. Fuji. 5 A genuine smile is just one of the many faces of the sincere Japanese hospitality welcoming every guest. (Photo taken in Matsumoto) 6 It may be hard to believe, but snow monkeys are enjoying onsen at Jigokudani Monkey Park. 7 A spring view of Matsumoto Castle. 8 The Okuhida onsen area boasts many outdoor hot spring baths. 9 Shirakawa-go is famous for the well-preserved Gassho-Zukuri farmhouses. 10 At Mishima Candle Shop, traditional Japanese warosoku candles have been handcrafted carefully from natural ingredients for over two centuries. 11 A Japanese feast featuring Hida beef sukiyaki. You can’t afford not to try Washoku (Japanese cuisine), which is registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.






Yamanashi: Kofu makes a convenient hub for travelling around Yamanashi. By train: 1 hr 30 mins from Shinjuku to Kofu on JR. You can transfer at Otsuki for trains to Lake Kawaguchi. By bus: 2 hrs 10 mins from Shinjuku to Kofu; 1 hr 45 mins from Shinjuku to Lake Kawaguchi.

Nagano: Matsumoto serves as a convenient hub for exploring Nagano, including Suwa and Hakuba. By train: 2 hrs 45 mins from Shinjuku to Matsumoto on JR. By bus: 3 hrs 40 mins from Shinjuku to Matsumoto.

Gifu: Nagoya serves as an entrance to Gifu; Takayama makes a convenient hub. B y tra i n: 2 h r s 20 m i ns from Nagoya to Takayama on JR. By bus: 2 hrs 20 mins from Matsumoto to Takayama.

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11 11

Yamanashi Home of Fujisan Since ancient times, Japanese people have regarded Fujisan (Mt. Fuji) as a symbol of national spirit and a source of inspiration. Known as the home of Fujisan, Yamanashi offers countless ways to admire the magnificent mountain. Mix and match the various options to create your own personal journey. Ascend for a great view Mt. Kachi Kachi Ropeway takes you to an observation deck at 1,075 m above sea level for a panoramic view of Fujisan and Lake Kawaguchi. The staff there will take a photo for you and turn it into a memorable postcard for free!

Y A M A N A S H I山 梨

Relive the past

Across the eight ponds

A village of traditional thatch-roofed houses stood here until it was devastated by a typhoon in the ’60s. Iyashino-sato, the facility that stands on the site now, is an open-air museum featuring reconstructed traditional farmhouses where you can experience the old lifestyle, including dressing up as a samurai or princess.

One of the highlights of Fujisan World Heritage Site, Oshino Hakkai refers to the eight ponds that contain water from the melted snow of Fujisan. The large amount of water gushing out from underground is truly amazing and mysterious. It is also a great location for viewing Fujisan.

Feel the soul of Fujisan Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen Shrine is one of the most prestigious Sengen shrines built around Fujisan to honor the guardian deity of the sacred mountain. Do make a trip here for a deeper understanding of Fujisan’s cultural and religious values.

Immerse in a refreshing onsen Staying in an onsen ryokan ranks high on every traveler’s to-do list. Whether it is Hotel Hatta in Isawa Onsen or Hotel Mifujien by Lake Kawaguchi, you will be able to experience a stay abundant with Japanese cuisine and hospitality.

12 12

WAttention Singapore WAttention Singapore

Glamorous Gifu Historical townscapes, a world heritage site, great nature, revitalizing onsen, and mouth-watering cuisine define the special character of Gifu, the heartland of Japan. Come and enjoy the beauty of the four seasons as well as the warmth of the local people.

Stay in a fairy-tale village Declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1995, Shirakawa-go village is famous for the amazingly preserved Gassho-Zukuri farmhouses, which have steep thatched roofs that form an “A” shape to cope with heavy snow in winter. An overnight stay at one of these traditional houses is highly recommended.

G I F U岐 阜

Stroll through history in colorful Takayama Time-honored ancient townscapes are well preserved in Takayama and the neighboring Hida Furukawa. Do not miss out on the Takayama festival, during which colorful floats parade through the city on April 14 and 15 (spring festival), and on October 9 and 10 (autumn festival).

Try onsen hopping in Okuhida Take the Shinhotaka Ropeway to the mountaintop for a grand panorama of the Northern Alps, and then finish off the day in one of the onsen resorts scattered around Okuhida. With various options of indoor and outdoor baths, Hotakaso Yamano Hotel makes a perfect location for an onsen holiday.

Invigorate yourself in Gero

Take a step into the past

Gero Onsen has been listed as one of the “Three Famed Hot Springs” in Japan. There are numerous onsen ryokans, public baths, and free foot baths in this genuine onsen paradise! With various facilities, including a Japanese cypress open-air bath and a nostalgic reading room, Hotel Sasara is one of Gero’s landmark hotels.

Magome-juku is one of the post towns on the ancient Nakasendo highway connecting Kyoto and Edo (Tokyo). Stroll along the stone-paved roads like a traveler in the old days or hike from Magome-juku to Tsumago-juku. Baggage-forwarding service is available for a charge.

WAttention Singapore WAttention Singapore

13 13

Take a stroll along the lakeshore Suwa Lake is a lovely place for walking or cycling. Check out the Suwa Lake Fireworks Festival held at the lake on 15 August, or simply relax in one of the many onsen ryokans.

Soak in a wonderland of music boxes Try your hand at music box making at Someikan Music Box Museum. Choose the melodies you like and put everything together to make your oneof-a-kind piece of work. You can also admire the great selection of fine music boxes in the exhibition room.

Suwa 諏訪

Make your own watch Can you believe you can make something as complicated as a watch? At Gishodo Watch & Clock Museum, with guidance from professionals, you can make your own watch here in between 20 minutes and 3 hours, depending on the difficulty level.

N A G A N O長 野

Nagano – Off the Beaten Tracks Nagano Prefecture’s Official Tourism Mascot “Arukuma”

Discover fun places and enjoy an endless list of things to do. A great location for any season!

Speaking of Nagano, the first thing that pops up in our minds is Karuizawa, a popular choice for a summer retreat, or perhaps the image of snow monkeys soaking comfortably in the onsen at Jigokudani Monkey Park. This time we are taking you to places off the beaten track for a completely new experience! Known as the Switzerland of the ori-

ent, Suwa is the entrance to Nagano from Yamanashi and is famous for its lake, onsen, precision machinery, and watch-making industry. Travel further up to Matsumoto and Hakuba, and you will be amazed by the variety of activities and scenery they have to offer. If you’ve been to Japan many times and are looking for new places of interest, here are some excellent options!

Hakuba 白馬

In Hakuba Tokyu Hotel, try the Hakuba Galette made from local specialty soba flour.

Join the Olympians Hakuba and Nagano gained worldwide fame during the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics. Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadium is open to visitors who dare to climb up high for breathtaking views. Hakuba’s ski season runs from early December to early May. During green seasons, you can enjoy boating, camping, and trekking.


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Be mesmerized by wasabi Abundant clean spring water from the Northern Alps is the secret of delicious wasabi. At Daio Wasabi Farm, the largest of its kind in Japan, you will find an endless variety of wasabirelated hands-on experiences, foods, and products. Grind wasabi on the spot and eat it fresh!

Refresh in a hot spring bath Among the many onsen ryokans in Kamisuwa Onsen area, the recently renovated Kamisuwa Onsen Shinyu of fers rela xing hot springs and modern Japanese fusion cuisine at a very reasonable price. If you are travelling on JR, be sure to enjoy the foot bath right within JR Kamisuwa Station.

Matsumoto 松本

Discover the National Treasure

Eat & Stay Where to eat? Try Hikariya, a Japanese and French restaurant whose buildings are renovated from Japanese traditional houses. Where to stay? Matsumoto Marunouchi Hotel is a nice city hotel with convenient access to Matsumoto Castle, Nawate Street and Nakamachi Street.

Wine, dine, and unwind

Matsumoto Castle is a beautifully preser ved medieval castle and is one of the four castles designated as National Treasures in Japan. You can explore the inside and be amazed by many interesting features.

Show your craftsmanship

Western style

Japanese paper doll making

A bar is a haven for travelers away from home. Simply walk around, and you will be surprised by the number of decent bars in such a compact city. No wonder Matsumoto has been known as the “town of bars.”

Main Bar Coat


Izakaya Shizuka

A set of paper dolls is used as a decoration during Tanabata Festival, which takes place on 7 July. You will be taught step by step how to fold papers into delicate paper dolls. Deft touch? Not required. Fun? Definitely. Japanese Doll Shop Murayama


Takagi Soba Restaurant

Soba making Japanese style Izakaya, or a Japanese pub, is not only good for meals but also perfect for a glimpse of Japanese culture. Why not do in Rome as Romans do and try local specialties such as “Basashi” (raw horse meat).

Nagano is synonymous with delicious soba noodles. Try your hand at making the noodles, and then enjoy them as “toji” soba, a special way of eating soba in this area. Nothing tastes as yummy and satisfying as noodles made by yourself!

WAttention Singapore


A Paradise of Local Cuisine Crystal-clear water, top-quality ingredients, and suitable weather conditions contribute to the variety and subtle taste of the local cuisines, sake, wine, and fruits produced in Yamanashi, Gifu, and Nagano. Yoshida Udon


In Fujiyoshida City, you can find more than 50 shops (many of them are owned by small families and open only during lunchtime) serving Yoshida Udon, a local specialty featuring super chewy handmade udon noodles, plenty of vegetables, and sometimes horse meat!

This is a regional dish in Yama na s hi mad e by stew ing thick udon noodles and plenty of seasonal local vegetables in a miso-based soup. It is considered a different dish from udon because the dough is prepared in the style of dumplings rather than noodles.

Takayama Ramen Eating ramen ranks high on every tourist’s to-do list when visiting Japan. If you come to Takayama, do not forget to try the local specialty Takayama ramen, which is characterized by its thin curly noodles and ser ved in a soysauce-based soup.

Hida Beef

Shinshu Pork


Known as one of the finest varieties of Wagyu beef, Hida beef is famous for its melt-on-the tongue flavor and extraordinary tenderness. It can be enjoyed in various ways such as steak, sukiyaki, croquettes, or even sushi.

Shinshu is the old name of Nagano, and the local pork brand is known for its juiciness and tenderness. Many restaurants in Nagano operates around the concept of “produce locally, eat locally,” and serve cuisines made of Shinshu pork.

One custom that is observed in Japan is to eat highly nutritious unagi (eels) during summer to replenish the energies. If you visit Gifu, you can enjoy unagi in Tajimi and Seki, which are areas famous for pottery and sword production.

Shingen Mochi

Fujisan Souvenirs

Shichimi Togarashi

Karinto Manju

The famous sweet from Yamanashi is a mochi (rice cake) coated with syrup and kinako (roasted soybean powder.) No matter how delicious it is, don’t eat it on the move because it will make a mess on your hand and mouth!

From bookmarks to cookies and chocolates, in Yamanashi you can find a variety of souvenirs related to Fujisan. Surpise your friend with this rare KitKat chocolate bar that you can only find in the area surrounding Fujisan.

The Nagano specialty mixed chili pepper is a perfect complement to typical Japanese food such as soba and udon noodles. For those who prefer hot and spicy foods, we recommend the “Bird Eye” Togarashi, which will set your tongue on fire!

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside! Karinto Manju is a deep-fried bun filled with red bean paste. Try the sweet treat and find the cute Karintosama mascot shaped like a daruma doll at “Kurakyu” in Matsumoto!


WAttention Singapore

Ide Sake Brewery Using the clean and clear spring waters from Fujisan, Ide Sake Brewery has been making sake for more than a century. A sake brewery tour including a tasting and a souvenir glass is highly recommended (done in Japane se; re se r vation required.)

Yamanashi Mars Winery You may wonder, “Wine in Japan?” Then you should visit Yamanashi Mars Winery and try the labels that have won gold medals at international wine competitions. A winery tour and a free tasting corner with 5 to 8 selections of wines are available.

Hirase Sake Brewery The Takayama-based brewery has a history of almost 400 years. Its “Kusudama” brand sake is well known throughout Japan. Sake brewer y tours are organized in January and February since sake is made during the winter months.

Kaba Sake Brewery This is a brewery in the beautiful small town of Hida Furukawa. When you visit a sake brewery, pay attention to “Sugidama”, the giant ball hanging from its eaves. It is made of Japanese cedar, and the color turns gradually from green to brown, signaling the time passed since a new sake was made ready for sale.

Strawberry picking at Gurume-Ichigokan Maeda.

Kingdom of fruits Yamanashi, Gifu, and Nagano are top producers of a variety of fruits such as peaches, grapes, and strawberries. Many farms offer fruit-picking activities to visitors. This is a rare chance to experience the joy of picking your own fruit and eating it on the spot!

Find all souvenirs in one place Clasuwa

Koshu Yume Kouji

The facility is composed of a shop, a restaurant, an event hall, and a rooftop garden with a panoramic view of Lake Suwa. Come and find the local delicacies of Nagano!

Made up of historic buildings that remind you of the old Japan, the facility features a collection of galleries and shops selling local specialty products such as wine and fruit jams.

Ad d r e s s: 3 -1-3 0, Ko g a n d o r i, Suwa, Nagano (10 mins walk from JR Kamisuwa Station)

Address: 1-1-25, Marunouchi, Kofu, Yamanashi (3 mins walk from JR Kofu Station)

WAttention Singapore


The Catchcakes® is best kept refrigerated. Taste and texture may slighly vary due to refrigeration. Catchcakes® kept in purchased frozen bags can freeze for three hours

ふわふわ、なめらか とろける、しあわせ

The freshest natural ingredients from Hokkaido are used.

The ingredients are carefully mixed to create perfect texture.

Catchcakes($19.80 /8pcs): Fluffy and smooth, melting happily away in your mouth. ad_RamenRanking2014.pdf 1 2014/02/18 17:11:55

Plaza Singapura 68 Orchard Road, #B2-56

Bedok Mall 311 New Upper Changi Road, #B2-K2

Tel: 6884-6077

ono it ional K im d a r T g in v a We ear ful Magic W ti u a e B to in

The baking process is closely monitored in an open-style oven set at the right temperature


WAttention Singapore

Hokkaido Soft Cream $5 Nama Chocolate $15 / 9pcs

Attention Gourmands

PATCH MAGIC 390 Orchard Road #B1-11 Palais Renaissance Tel. 6235-7710 Mon-Sat 10:30am-6:30pm Closed on Sundays & PH

The Catchcake products are packaged carefully and immediately delivered to ensure freshness and quality.

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Now, your trip can be worry-free!

With Tenet Sompo's Travel Joy app, you can apply for travel insurance instantly even after

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passport control, and get medical coverage of up to $600,000!

Your Passport To A Picture Perfect Holiday • Extensive coverage before, during and even after your trip • No age limit, no excess • 24-hour emergency assistance hotline Visit to learn more about TravelJoy.

10 March to 25 April 2014

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Don t have TravelJoy mobile app? Download now and be one of our 28 lucky winners to receive $150 worth of voucher from Chikuyotei , a well-known authentic Japanese restaurant with over 100 years of history. *Terms & Conditions apply

Download TravelJoy app now!


For iPhone

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Tel. 6825-1064 80 Middle Road #01-01, InterContinental Hotel 12pm-2:30pm 6:30pm-10:30pm

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- YOUR GATEWAY TO HOKKAIDO Known for its majestic nature and great food, Hokkaido is everyone’s dream travel destination. If you’re planning to visit Hokkaido, make Sapporo your first and most important stop!

Tour ism 1



Food 3

Hokkaido is a treasure box of yummy food. Be it fresh seafood, ramen noodles, or mouth-watering sweets, you'll find top quality gourmet items in Sapporo! 1 Crab: All-you-can-eat courses are especially recommended for crab lovers! 2 Miso Ramen: It originated in Sapporo and contains plenty of hot pork lard to keep you warm.


3 Genghis Khan: A Mongolian barbecue of lamb that goes perfectly with beer!


4 Shiroi Koibito cookie: This treat is one of the most popular Hokkaido souvenirs. 5 M a r u s e i B u t te r S a nd: A cook ie sandwich containing raisin butter and chocolate cream.


WAttention Singapore

Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido and the fifth largest city in Japan. Sapporo attained worldwide fame in 1972 when the Olympic Winter Games were held there. Today, the city is well known for its ramen noodles, beer, and the annual snow festival held in February. 1 Clock Tower: This symbol of the city was constructed in 1878 and served as the drill hall of the former Sapporo Agricultural College.


•Hours: 8:45am-5:10pm •Admission: 200 yen •Address: North 1, West 2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo •URL:

2 Odori Park: As an oasis in the city centre, the park covers 12 blocks and is inclusive of the landmark TV tower in the east side.

•Address: West 1 to 12, Odori, Chuo-ku, Sapporo •URL:

3 Former Hokkaido Government Offi ce: It is best known for its red brick facade and currently houses exhibits on Hokkaido history.

•Hours: 8:45am-6pm, closed during New Year holidays •Address: North 3, West 6, Chuo-ku, Sapporo •URL: (Japanese only)

4 Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill: Written on the statue of Dr. Clark is his famous phrase, “Boys, be ambitious!”

•Hours: 9am-5pm, vary by seasons •Admission: 500 yen •Address: Hitsujigaoka 1, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo •URL:

5 Poplar Avenue: Located within Hokkaido University, this beautiful avenue has a different appearance in each season.




•Address: North 8, West 5, Kita-ku, Sapporo •URL:

Nightlife Packed with bars, restaurants, and entertainment facilities, Susukino is by far the most famous nightlife district in Hokkaido. Surprisingly, the

sleepless streets are safe enough even for women to drink until midnight.The area is also one of the sites of the famous Snow Festival.

For those into ramen noodles, the Ramen Yokocho alley in this area is the best place to enjoy a variety of Sapporo ramen.


©JNTO ©Yasufumi Nishi ©Y.Shimizu ©JTA WAttention Singapore


Sapporo Elegantly decorated interior

“Angel” music boxes

A Heaven for music box lovers

Hand-made music boxes

Otaru Music Box Museum has more than 3,400 types of music boxes on display and for sale - many of them feature an original design. It's one of the largest music box specialist stores in Japan, so you can easily find a variety of gorgeous music boxes here, including glass-made ones that are perfect Otaru souvenirs for your loved ones. Moreover, a hands-on experience session allows you to make your one-and-only music box, during which you can choose the melody and decorate the music box.

Otaru Music Box Museum

Hours: 9am-6pm Address: 4-1 Sumiyoshi-cho, Otaru, Hokkaido TEL: 0134-22-1108 URL:

This is a seafood donburi specialty store serving delicious seafood at incredibly low prices in Sapporo. Fresh ingredients are brought in from Nijo Fish Market, which explains why its seafood is so delicious and affordable. Donburi Chaya opens early, at 7:30am, and during lunchtime it's always packed with locals and tourists. Since it's located right inside Nijo Fish Market, you can blend in with the lively atmosphere while enjoying a delicious meal.

Donburi Chaya

Luxurious seafood donburi 2,980 yen

Hours: 7:30am-5:30pm Address: 7, South 3, East 1,Chuo-ku, Sapporo TEL: 011-558-1012 URL:

Seafood donburi featuring sea urchin and three types of shrimp 2,980 yen

A convenient four-minute walk away from JR Sapporo Station, M i t s u i G a rd e n H o t e l S a p p o ro is equipped with a garden style public bath and a lounge that are exclusively for guests' use. The lounge is open from 3pm to 11pm, during which you can enjoy tea or coffee at ease. Moreover, free WiFi is available in the lounge, lobby, and all guest rooms.


Standard Twin Room


WAttention Singapore

Public Bath

Starts from 15,000 yen per night; various package options are available. Address: 6-18-3, Kita-Gojo-Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo TEL: 011-280-1131 URL:

Mitsui Garden Hotel Sapporo

A Shopping Heaven Connected to Sapporo Station

Sakura Panda, the mascot of Daimaru is saying hello to you!

Do not miss out on DAIMARU SAPPORO Make Daimaru Sapporo the first thing on your Sapporo itinerary. Directly connected to Sapporo Station, this much-loved department store boasts spacious floor space full of fashion items and products only available in Hokkaido. Whatever you need, you’ll find it here. Cosmetics and popular fashion items Cosmetics and fashion items rank high on every girl’s shopping list when visiting Japan. In Daimaru Sapporo there is no lack of top luxury brands such as Tiffany and Gucci, nor of various fashionable items, which are offered at affordable prices. Moreover, the cosmetics section on the first floor has a vast selection of Japanese and overseas cosmetics brands. Last but not least, don’t forget to have the tax refunded before leaving!

Enjoy exclusive service in the menswear section Women and men alike are pampered in Daimaru Sapporo. In the menswear section on the sixth floor you’ll find a variety of products, including suits, neckties, suitcases, and casual golf polo shirts. If you’ve got some extra time and budget, you can even have your name stitched on a handkerchief or shirt. Why not complement your Sapporo trip with a memorable gift for yourself?

Hokkaido Limited souvenirs Want to bring home some Hokkaido souvenirs? Then go straight to the Hokkaido Limited souvenir section on floor B1. Whether it’s shrimp crackers from Bankaku or Ishiya’s Shiroi Baum, featuring the same white chocolate found in Shiroi Koibito cookies, you’ll find what you want. You can leave what you’ve bought in a refrigerated locker and keep on shopping hassle-free!


•Tax refund for purchases over 10,501 yen. •Free baby stroller rentals and nursing rooms are available •Hours: 10am-10pm •Access: Directly connected to Sapporo Station. •URL: For special sales and the latest information:

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Eastern Hokkaido Majestic winter in

The coldest city’s warmest hospitality

Vast fields covered with snow, radiant diamond dust, charming frost flowers, magnificent frozen lakes, and great drift ice: your winter dream comes true in Eastern Hokkaido.

Dynamic Drift Ice in Mombetsu, Abashiri, and Shiretoko Drift ice is the main attraction around Eastern Hokkaido and you can see them in Mombetsu, Abashiri, and Shiretoko from the end of January to the beginning of March. To see the drift ice, you can either fly directly to Mombetsu Airport in Eastern Hokkaido or to Chitose Airport in Sapporo for some big-city sightseeing before driving through Asahikawa and Sounkyo to Mombetsu.

Icebreaker ships such as the Garinko-go II in Mombetsu and the Aurora in Abashiri can bring you up-close to the drift ice on the sea. For a more extreme experience, go to Abashiri and Shiretoko to put on dry suits and walk or swim through the drift ice. Don’t forget to enjoy gifts from the sea of Okhotsk too. Mombetsu is famous for their delicious crabs, available freshly boiled, sliced like sashimi, or served in a shabu-shabu, fondue style.

Asahikawa Ramen Village It is a great place to try some famous Asahikawa ramen. They house eight of the city’s most famous ramen restaurants, and some offer smaller ramen servings to make it easier to try various Asahikawa ramen in one sitting.

Okhotsk Sea Ice Museum of Hokkaido Giza

Okhotsk Garinko-go II Schedule: Jan 20 - Mar 31 Ticket: 3,000 yen (reservation is required)


WAttention Singapore

Mombetsu offers traditional family fare, such as learning about drift ice and experiencing -20°C climate and watching wet towels and soap bubbles freeze instantly.

Great Frozen Lakes and Snowy Mountains around Akan National Park

Lake Akan Various English-speaking tours available, including morning frost flower walks, smelt fishing, stargazing.

There is more to Eastern Hokkaido than just drift ice. Enjoy the snow around Akan National Park starting from December, which also coincides with Singapore’s holiday season. Akan National Park is a 90-minute drive from Abashiri and is a good place to visit right after drift ice sightseeing. One of the most recommended local activities is snowshoe trekking around L ake Mashu. Located in Akan National Park, Lake Mashu is one of the world’s clearest lakes and you can enjoy an astonishing view overlooking the lake by trekking up the nearby hills, which is only possible

during wintertime when the snow piles up. It is difficult to see the lake during the summer since ground-level fog covers it most of the time. Winter is the best time to see the lake, so do not miss your chance! Other fun things to do at Lake Akan include frost flower viewings from early December, and even smelt fishing. For smelt fishing, the fishing operators will prepare and serve you the fish you catch right there near the lake. Don’t worry about catching fish, the operators will catch extra to ensure you get enough fried smelt fish on your plate.

Enjoy the Onsen The Onsens in the Lake Akan area are good and offer beautiful vistas. In contrast to the more traditional Japanese inns at Kawayu, the Onsen facilities around Lake Akan are more modern and family-friendly. You should try the Onsen in both Kawayu and Akan to get the full Onsen experience.

Encounter the Rarest Japanese Cranes in Kushiro Kushiro is Hokkaido’s four th largest city, and their domestic airport makes it a great travel hub for your sightseeing trip to Eastern Hokkaido. Located between the city of Kushiro and Akan National Park, Kushiro Shitsugen National Park is the largest wetland and marsh habitat which supports the only known population of Tancho, an endangered species of crane, in Japan. You can also see these cranes at a few other feeding places such as the Akan International Crane Center and the Tsurui Ito Tancho Sanctuary. However, don't be surprised if you see these cranes fly in the horizon as you look out the window of some café in Kushiro.

Lake Mashu Snowshoe trekking tour (from 2,500 yen to 5,000 yen) Season: Mid January to March

If you are in Kushiro from mid January through March, try riding on the SL Fuyu-no-Shitsugen Train, an old-fashioned steam locomotive. This retro train dashes through the snow-covered Kushiro Wetlands from Kawayu to Kushiro Station. It is a very popular attraction, and requires reservations in advance. Last but not least, don’t miss out on the delicious fresh oysters in Akkeshi. It is the only place that offers fresh oysters all year-round in Japan and some Japanese even fly to Kushiro and back on the same day just to eat raw oysters. Enjoying a grilled seafood meal with fresh oysters will be a great way to top off your Eastern Hokkaido trip!

Akan International Crane Center Admission: 460 yen

SL Fuyo-no-Shitsugen Train Akkeshi Conchiglie Ticket Price: From 1,840 yen (reservation is required)

Price: All-you-can-eat oysters for 3,500 yen

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Vibrant Colors of Blooming Flowers,

Spring Summer at

free 'n' easy driving



fter the harsh winter, the land of Northern Japan is flushed in warm spring colors as flowers blossom in refreshing breeze.

! Pick gUhptseeing Spots! ial Si


Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park 東藻琴芝桜公園

Witness a breathtaking view of pink Shibazakura (moss phlox) flowers reaching full bloom in mid May at this hillside flower park. The area spreads over 100,000 square

Taste of er Spring-Summ Hokkaido

meters and overlooks the town. Facilities include an observatory platform, go-kart courses, retail shops and a foot bath.

Abundant produce such as aspar-

Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park

agus, melon, corn and potatoes


are harvested this season. Made

Surround yourselves with 1.2 million beau-

with premium milk, the delicious

tiful tulips of over hundred varieties which

flavors of ice cream, cheese and

remind of the tulip fields in Holland. The

other dairy products are simply

best season to visit is from early May to June,


when the late spring arrives and the Tulip fair is held with various street performances and activities lined up for everyone.

Shiretoko Five Lakes 知床五湖

As one of the eight great Shiretoko sights, this world heritage site in northeastern Hokkaido offers magnificent views from the elevated boardwalks or sightseeing cruises. Be awed by the reflections of surrounding mountains and wilderness on pristine lakes and catch some encounters of wild animals on the nature trails.

Kushiro Washo Market 釧路和商市場

Lake Mashu

Never leave Hokkaido without indulging in the fresh seafood at this popular local mar-


ket. Create your own "Katte-don" by select-

Situated within Akan National Park, Lake Mashu is one of the world's clearest and most transparent lakes formed in the caldera from a massive volcanic eruption 7,000 years ago.

ing your favourite item from over 60 stalls


WAttention Singapore

selling everything from sea urchin to crabs.

6D5N S$2,800 + S$470*


* Fuel surcharge and taxes will subject to changes.

The wide-open spaces of rural Hokkaido are enthralling. It is an island of untamed beauty, home to seven national parks and forest-clad volcanoes. With its astonishing wealth of nature, fresh air and delicious food beckoning you, you will always want to return again no matter how many times you’ve visit… DAY 01 MONBETSU

Takinoue Park Okhotsk Sea Ice Museum of Hokkaido GIZA Tokkari Centre


Oyama Sancho Park Okhotsk Sky Tower Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park Cape Notoro Abashiri Prison Museum


Higashi Motoko Shibazakura Park Bihoro Pass Lake Kussharo Lake Mashu Oshinkoshin


Shiretoko Peninsula (UNESCO World Heritage site) Shiretoko Five Lakes Shiretoko Pass Nakashibetsu Kaiyodai


Kushiro city Hokuto Viewpoint & Hosooka Viewpoint Japanese Crane Reserve Washo Ichiba


Kofuku railway stations Ikeda Wine Castle Shichiku Garden Manabe Garden The Tokachi Millennium Forest Sahoro Bear Mountain

For more details Follow Me Japan’s Fly & Drive packages, please call at 6221 4250 or email us at

Included In the Tour Prices: • 2-ways return economy class air tickets between Singapore and Hokkaido • 5 Nights’ hotels accommodation with dinner & breakfast in Hokkaido (Standard class category room) • Rental car of your choice equipped with GPS for 6 days (for Self-Drive Tours only 01 Set of general driving guide book prepared by Follow Me Japan Pte Ltd (for Self-Drive Tours only· • Car Insurance with Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) (For Self-Drive Tours only) Not Included: • Personal Travel Insurance • Gasoline / Petrol / Oil Top up • Parking, Entrance & Expressway Toll Fees • Child seat • Meals & drinks (unless otherwise stated) • Non-Operation Charge (NOC) • Any other item or services not listed above

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New Proposals for Discovering Japan There are many more new ways to explore Japan! You must agree that Japan is a place travelers never get bored of. Apart from the distinct seasonal scenery, gourmets, amusement parks, shopping and hot springs, Japan have many more interesting and cultural offerings. Here we have shortlisted 4 tours that will enrich your perception of Japan and leave you with great memories!



Metropolitan Cherry Blossoms Tour by SKY BUS Experience the best of cherry blossoms aboard an open-top double-decker bus with multilingual commentary in English and Chinese! During the 50-minute trip, the bus will take you through the Imperial Palace, Ginza, and Marunouchi, bringing you a dramatic display of cherry blossoms in Tokyo. The highlight of the tour is when the bus runs through a Sakura tunnel formed by Sakura trees in full blossom, so make sure you sit on the upper deck! (Mar 24-Apr 13)






Dining on the houseboat. (for illustration purpose only) 2 “Yakatabune” is a houseshaped boat. 3 Night viewing of cherry blossoms in Happo-en. 4 Authentic Japanese cuisine complements your Sakura experience. (for illustration purpose only) 5 Night viewing of cherry blossoms by the three-storied pagoda in Hotel Chizanso Tokyo. 6 Cherry blossoms along Kanda River.

WAttention Singapore


If you’re into Japanese culture, be sure to sign up for this tour for night-time sakura viewing and a rare chance to see the National Treasure “Fuujin Raijin-zu (Wind and Thunder Gods screen)”, a famous work of Soutatsu Tawaraya that is seldom on exhibit. Don’t miss this exclusive tour organized by JAPANiCAN!

From late March to early April is the high season for “hanami”, or cherry blossom viewing. Popular viewing spots such as Ueno Park will be packed with people and may become too crowded to enjoy your own tranquil moment of cherry blossom viewing. Here are the recommended tours for you to relish gracefully the beauty of Sakura. Option 1 Cherry Blossoms Cruise Tour Enjoy Japanese cuisine including deep-fried tempura on a “Yakatabune” (houseboat) and admire the fantastic cherry blossoms along the waterfront. Cruises on Tokyo Sumida River and Yokohama Ooka River are available. (March 15-April 13) (Picture 1, 2) Option 2 Graceful Hanami at Happo-en Enjoy Sakura, the famous Katsunuma wine, and a buffet or course dinner in Happo-en, a garden with a long history since the Edo period. (April 3, 4, 7, 8, 9) (Picture 3)



National Treasure and Night-time Sakura Viewing at Tokyo National Museum

National Treasure. “Fuujin Raijin-zu”. Soutatsu Tawaraya. Edo period 17th century. Kyoto Kenninji Temple.

Stylish Ways to Enjoy Cherry Blossoms





Option 3 Cherry Blossom Viewing with Lunch/Dinner Buffet Enjoy spring cuisine and scenery featuring 90 or so cherry trees at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, a hotel with more than 130 years of history. (March 1-April 6) (Picture 4~6)



Hotel Rooms Featuring Gundam Room-G Special Type From 34,800 yen per person for double occupancy.

Besides the well-known life-sized Gundam replica, now there’s another Gundam attraction in Odaiba waiting for your visit. The Gundam rooms at Hotel Grand Pacific Le Daiba will fulfill every Gundam fan’s dream.

If you’re in Odaiba, be sure to take in the beautiful night scenery of the Rainbow Bridge.

Various Gundam-related ornaments and services.

The living room is themed upon the Earth Federation Forces. You can bring home with you amenities such as towel, tissue box, coaster, etc.

Sitting in the cockpit of RX-78 Gundam and calling out “Amuro, Ikima~su” is every Gundam fan’s dream.



The bedroom is themed upon the Principality of Zeon. Feels 3 times more luxurious than the usual room!

Find your favorite Gundam quotes printed on the shower booth. You can fully enjoy the world of Gundam even when taking a shower.

Sumo Tour with Chanko Hotpot Dinner Sumo, the Japanese-style wrestling is one of the representative images of Japan. Six tournaments are held each year; three of them (January, May, and September) take place in the Kokugikan Arena in Tokyo. The tour in January included admission to the matches and a yummy Chanko hotpot dinner enjoyed in a Sumo stable. The next tour is scheduled in May, please check JAPANiCAN’s website for more information. (Further details forthcoming in March)

Experience Japan with JAPANiCAN Various local tour packages, discounted Shinkansen packages, and more than 6000 accommodation options are available. Managed by JTB (Japan’s largest travel agency), JAPANiCAN is a premium website offering tourist information and a great selection of local tour packages, hotels, Japanese style inns, guest house or apartment, as well as packages of Shinkansen and accommodations. From the latest tourist information to the rankings of popular tour packages and hotels, JAPANiCAN has everything you need for planning your next trip to Japan. So why not give it a try!

Welcome to the new JAPANiCAN website! JAPANiCAN is a popular website containing all the information you need when traveling in Japan. Not only the whole design was revamped, but the contents were also upgraded. You can find the latest tourist information, book tour packages and accommodations and pay online by credit card. Moreover, you can use the “MyTrip” function to put several tour packages together into your own personal itinerary. Take advantage of the useful information and function offered by JAPANiCAN and organize a special trip, only for yourself!

Book the tour packages and hotels introduced here at JAPANiCAN!

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和食 WASH OKU Traditional Dietary Cu In December 2013, Washoku or traditional Japanese cuisine was added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Washoku means more than just Japanese food. This food culture is a social practice related to food and embodies the spirit of respect for nature and sustainable use of natural resources in food.

5 Reasons why we love washoku CHARACTERISTICS OF WASHOKU There are three elements to traditional Japanese food—rice, soups and side dishes, and Japanese pickles, or also known as ichiju sansei, which means “a bowl of soup and side dishes”.

FRESH AND NATURAL INGREDIENTS Japanese food values the natural bounty and each season is distinguished by the different types of food. Washoku is also consumed with minimal cooking and processing so that natural flavours are preserved.


WAttention Singapore

On UNESCO s decision to inscribe Washoku as an Intangible Cultural Heritage Comments by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries The eighth session of the Intergovernmental Committee of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan Republic, has decided to inscribe Washoku; traditional dietary cultures of the Japanese, on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. I am extremely happy to hear this news. I hereby express my sincere gratitude to all those people who worked with enthusiasm for many years to safeguard and transmit the tradition of Washoku on to future generations in many different regions of Japan, as well as to all those experts who contributed to this nomination. Washoku is our indispensable dietary cultures that devel-

oped with a connection to the Japanese essential spirit of respect for nature. Now, I definitely hope that the inscription of Washoku will encourage and bring pride to all those people who cherish the dietary cultures of their respective regions, and strive to maintain it. I have been saying that this nomination should motivate Japanese nationals to discover the true worth of Japan s dietary culture. The inscription, therefore, is not the goal. I determined to work further to create lasting interest in Washoku and moves to maintain it, and carry it onwards into the future.

December 5th, 2013

ltures of the Japanese A WELL-BALANCED AND HEALTHY DIET Japanese cuisine promotes a well-balanced and low fat diet as it is found to possess the ideal balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, thus, contributing to the long life expectancy among the Japanese.

BEAUTY IN PRESENTATION The presentation of Japanese cuisine has to be aesthetically pleasing. The presentation should reflect the beauty of nature and the changing seasons. Natural motifs are used to decorate the food. Bamboo leaves are used to adorn the dishes in summer while carrots are made to resemble maple leaves in autumn.

CONNECTING A PEOPLE, COMMUNITY AND COUNTRY Washoku has important social functions for Japan. It plays an important role on occasions such as New Year’s Day celebrations. Washoku also helps to reaffirm Japanese identity and fosters stronger family and community ties through the harmony of food.

WAttention Singapore


What is OMAKASE?



Omakase means “I’ll leave it up to you” and is derived from the verb ‘makasu’, which means, to trust. In the context of dining, Omakase lets the chef choose meal items for customer, giving him an opportunity to display his talent and skills. The selection is often interesting and surprising.

Putting your dining experience in the hands of the chef





Opening appetizer: Japanese Spinach in Tofu Sauce with Persimmon and Pistachio.

Second course defines menu theme and reflects season at present.

Fresh selection of seasonal fishes imported from Tokyo's Tsukiji market.

Raw oysters served with grated radish and ponzu sauce.



Made with finest Hokkaido Yumepirika rice and premium Japanese vinegar.

Grilled Omi Wagyu from Shiga Prefecture served with roasted Japanese vegetables.

Dobin mushi・土瓶蒸し Seafood broth of Snapper and Matsutake mushroom with hints of citrus.

Kamasu・カマス Grilled Barracuda Fillet served with Smoking Cedar Wood

※ Photo provided by Hachi

Hachi【八】 Area: Mohamed Sultan

Tel. 6734-9622 Address : 6 Mohamed Sultan Road Hours : Mon-Fri 12pm-2:30pm 6pm-11pm Sat/Sun 6pm-11pm

Precise Touch and Flawless Execution of Cutting-Edge Cuisine Leaving your meal to the hands of the experienced chefs at Hachi is never a gamble as you will be handsomely rewarded with delicious food dish after dish. Being one of the pioneers of Omakase dining in Singapore, Hachi promises to deliver nothing but the best dining experience by using only the finest ingredients including the top-tier Hokkaido Yumepirika rice.

Menu Omakase Course

Beautifully refurbished wooden decor


WAttention Singapore

Executive Chef Tadashi Mukoura & Chef Fuminori Yamamoto

$128 $258

Hashi【箸】 Area: Outram Park

Tel. 6327-8414 Address : 46 Bukit Pasoh Road Hours : Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm 6pm-10:30pm Sat/PH 6pm-10:30pm Closed on Sundays

Elegant Kaiseki Affirming to the Roots of Japanese Tradition As the previous head chef of Nobu Australia, Chef Tadashi adopts a multi-dimensional approach to his cuisine without veering away from the Kyoto roots. Besides the artistic kaiseki option, diners can select from the elaborate menu that include appetizers, grilled items, sushi and soups. End things on a sweet note with hand-crafted wagashi by a fifth-generation pastry chef from Shizuoka.

Menu Chef Omakase $258~ (5 course) Sushi Kaiseki $128~ Sashimi Bento Box(Lunch) $40

ShunKa ShuuTou【春夏秋冬】 Area: Tanjong Pagar

Tel. 6444-7735 Address : 165 Tanjong Pagar Road, Amara Hotel 2F Hours : Mon-Sun 11.30am-3pm 6:30pm-11pm

Transcending the Heart of Japanese Hospitality with Personalized Services As the name literally means the four seasons, explore the suite of exquisite Japanese cuisine through the monthly chef's seasonal recommendations. Seasonal ingredients can be specially imported from Japan and the menu can be tailor-made to cater to diners' requests. Immerse in an all-round sensual feast by joining cultural events such as shamisen mini-concert or sake appreciation talks.


Private rooms designed according to the four seasons are available.

Jack Tan Head chef with 20 years of experience in Japanese cuisine and preparation techniques.

Kaiseki Course Chef Omakase Kaiseiki Lunch Mini Kaiseki  Sushi Kaiseki Kids Course

$100 $120~ $60 $68/$98 $16

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Slow Cooked Ocean Trout with witlof

Waku Ghin Area: Marina Bay

Tel. 6688-8507 Address : The Shoppes Atrium 2 Marina Bay Sands #02-02 10 Bayfront Avenue Hours : 6pm and 8:30pm (Two seatings)

Journey into the Dynamic World of Modern European-Japanese Fine Dining


Be mesmerized by the brilliance of Chef Tetsuya Wakuda at Waku Ghin, the sole establishment outside of his internationally renowned Sydney restaurant. For a truly intimate dining experience, go for the 10-course degustation menu available during dinner that features a unique assemble of various dishes chiefly created by Chef Tetsuya.

$400~ onwards

Sushiichi_logo .pdf 2 2014/02/17 10:47:45

Sushi Ichi【鮨一】 Area: Orchard

Tel. 6299-0014 Address : 6 Scotts Road #02-02 Scotts Square Hours : Tue 12:30pm-3pm 6pm-10:30pm Wed-Sun 12pm-3pm 6pm-10:30pm Closed on Mondays

Bearing the Hallmarks of Subtlety and Sophistication in Kyoto Cuisine

Executive Chef, Chef Kenji Okumura

Witness the beauty of seasons through every dish of the Kyoto-style cuisine that is crafted with superb dexterity by the Japanese chefs. Enjoy a special nine-course World Gourmet Summit menu featuring seasonal ingredients imported from Tokyo's Tsukiji Market between 26 March to 5 April. An extensive selection of vintage wines in addition to the sake and shochu is also available.

Menu Lunch Dinner    Omakase

Lunch & Dinner

$60~$250 $210~$450 Chef Price

World Gourmet Submit Special menu $280 *Enjoy 10% off when you dine and pay with your Citiybank Credit Card. [Terms and Conditions apply]


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Gen Sushi【元寿司】 Area: Mohamed Sultan

Tel. 9738-0302 Address : 33 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-03 Hours : Tue-Thur 11:30am-2:30pm 6pm-10:30pm Fri/Sat 11:30am-2:30pm 6pm-1am Sun 5pm-10:30pm Closed on Mondays

Sushi and Beyond: Delight Your Senses with Vibrant Tastes Newly opened in November 2013, Gen Sushi is led by Chef Roy Chee who was previously from Nogawa Kaiseki Ryori. With over 27 years of experience as a sushi chef in countries including Europe and Japan, Chef Roy handles the diversified menu with panache using the freshest ingredients directly imported from Japan. An extensive collection of Japanese sake is also available.

Menu Omakase

(7 courses)


Example: Raw Oyster, Assorted Sashimi, Grilled Fish, Beef, Sushi, Miso Soup, Dessert (Note: Menu Subjected to Changes)

Seasonal fresh fish


Gen Sushi


from Japan

(Assorted Supreme Sushi/ 7 kinds)

Suntory Premium Malt $12

Chikuyotei【竹葉亭】 Area: Bugis

Tel. 6825-1064 Address : 80 Middle Road, #01-01 Hotel InterContinental Hours : 12pm-2:30pm 6:30pm-10:30pm

Winning the Hearts of Generations with Delicious Unagi Fare

February Omakase Kaiseki $158

Having been over a century old, this Tokyo restaurant bears the hallmark of Japanese tradition by following the legitimate Edo style recipe for its signature unagi dish. Since unagi is typically eaten as a summer dish in Japan, there is no reason to miss this delicious cuisine in a country of tropical climate like Singapore. Begin your lifelong love affair with unagi by savoring them through the multicourse kaiseki or set meals that are simultaneously prepared with seasonal fresh ingredients from Japan.

Menu Omakase Kaiseki Course $158

Kagoshima Wagyu Lava Stone Grilled Set $168

Unagi Course $168~

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Where The History of Japan s Fine Tableware Began Established in 1904, Noritake was the first company to succeed in making western-style tableware in Japan. Synonymous with supreme craftsmanship and elegant style, Noritake s fine tableware has been loved throughout the world as its beauty has continued to transcend over the ages.


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Noritake GINZA

Noritake SAKAE

•Hours: 11:00~19:30, closed during New Year holidays •Address: Bunshodo Building 2F, 3-4-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo •TEL: 03-3567-6121 •URL: tableware/shoplist/ginza.html

•Hours: 10:00~18:00; closed on the 1st and 3rd Sundays •Address: 2-1 Shin sakaemachi, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi •TEL: 052-951-0561 •URL: http://www.noritake. sakae.html


Ootoro (Fatty Tuna)



Special Feature vol.8


30 $15

Chutoro (Medium Fatty Tuna)






7 to 23 March Maguro nigiri sushi From

up to

50%OFF $4

Akami (Lean tuna) 2pc


Ootoro (Fatty tuna) 2pc

$30→ $15

Tekka Maki (Tuna Roll)


Chutoro (Medium fatty tuna) 2pc $20→ $10

Akami (Lean Tuna)







Maguro Zanmai



(Assorted Tuna Sushi Set)

Ascending the Peak of Sushi Excellence with the Freshest Seasonal Ingredients With its headquarters in Niigata, Tomi Sushi creates an authentic taste experience by importing the freshest seafood directly from Niigata Airport to Singapore. Special attention is paid towards the selection of every ingredient, from the premium Niigata Koshihikari rice to natural sea salt and top-grade seaweed. Furthermore, it serves a different type of specially brewed soy sauce for sushi and sashimi respectively. This season, diners will once again be satisfied on all levels with the plethora of rich and flavorful maguro dishes which are prepared and presented with considerable care. Cuisine that are inspired by the changing four seasons and set menus that feature a colorful variety of dishes at affordable rates are also highly recommended. Whatever you order, the large selection of Niigata sake will always be the perfect drop to accompany it.



Maguro Cheese Cutlet $


Maguro Avocado Salad with Soft-boiled Egg





Novena Branch Tel. 6255-2355

Katong Branch Tel. 6348-7897

238 Thomson Road, #02-76/77 Velocity 11:30am-3pm 5:30pm-10pm (L.O. 9:30pm)

30 East Coast Road, #02-14/15/16 Katong V 11:30am-2:30pm(L.O.2pm) 5:30pm-10:30pm(L.O.10pm)

※Parco branch has relocated, please stay tune with WAttention!

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| Gotochi Gourmet in Japan vol.2

Miyagi 宮城エリア

Sendai is the largest city of Miyagi and along its coastlines is Matsushima, a town that offers one of Japan’s three most gorgeous views. Soak in the hot springs or join the Tanabata Festival in August that attracts over two million spectators!


Matsushima Oyster Oysters are indeed a true delicacy of Matsushima as there is even a Matsushima Oyster Festival in February when oysters are in their best shape and quantity.


Kurikomakogen 七夕祭り

Tanabata Feastival (6-8 Aug) 塩

Naruko-onsen-kyo Hot Spring Village

The star ingredient of this oden infused with oyster sweetness, are the fried fish cakes since Shiogama is the leading producer of fish cakes in Japan.



白石温 麺

Umen Noodles


Miyagi pref.

As one of “three Shiroishi white products’” together with Japanese paper and arrowroot starch, “umen” (warm noodles) is believed to be created by a son for his father who had gastric disease.


Similar to the fish paste in our local yong tau foo dish, kamaboko is made by kneading minced fish with seasoning and starch into shapes of bamboo and then steamed or toasted.




Sendai Castle



Kokeshi Doll


e d i t or's pic k

Copyright: Sandaime Bunji


Sendai Daikannon 仙台城


Shiogama Oden


Do you know that zunda mochi is the regional flavour of Kitkat for Tohoku region? Covered in a pretty green mash made with locally produced zunda (edamame), each of these round-shaped rice cake are great summertime sweet treats.


Sendai Airport


Hagi-no Tsuki

You don’t have to wait till mooncake festival to enjoy this full-moon shaped custard cake. Rich in egg yolk, this soft and scrumptious sponge cake is a popular specialty of Sendai and is now available at major department stores all over Japan. Perfect with a cup of tea.


Grilled Beef Tongue Also known as gyutan, beef tongue grilled on charcoal is a famous Sendai cuisine typically enjoyed with barley rice.


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Tohoku Shinkansen Local Railways

•From Tokyo JR sta. to Sendai sta. by JR Tohoku Shinkansen: approx. 1 hour 40 minutes

Gotochi Gourmet in Singapore |

Miyagi Prefecture

Taste the Flavours of Miyagi in Singapore

Sandaime Bunji Where else to savour authentic Sendai cuisine other than Sandaime Bunji, a gyutan specialty restaurant that is popular among the Japanese population in Singapore. Operated by Abezen Holdings which is one of Japan’s major kamaboko (fish cakes) manufacturers, Sandaime Bunji will be approaching its third anniversary in Singapore this March. Don’t miss the weekly changing lunch menu with hearty mains such as unagi or meat croquettes.

Skipjack Tuna

   Beef Tongue      & Oden

Sendai Beef tongue SP set $45.90

Oden Assortment 12pcs $45.90

Sandaime Bunji takes pride in its signature oden that follows a traditional recipe of its best selling Oden set in Japan. Another highlight is the gyutan that is grilled carefully to seal the juices within the lightly charred exterior.


Home-made Tofu $15

Kushi Assortment 4pcs $23.90

Beef Tongue Croquette $7.90

3rd Anniversary Special Promotion

$3.90 Menu also available

Zunda-Mochi $6.90

till end of March 2014

★Online Purchase of Signature Thick-Cut Beef Tongue Available NOW!

Beef Tongue Slices

150g / $28

Retail Shop: Sandaime Bunji Outlet, Meat Shop [MMMM! Meats, Marinades & Much More] (Novena Square 2, West Coast Plaza, Changi City Point and Factory Outlet)

Sandaime Bunji

Tel. 6333-1516 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-14/15 Millenia Walk Mon-Fri 11:30am-3pm 5pm-11pm Sat 11:30am-11pm Sun 11:30am-9pm WAttention Singapore




the Japanese Beauty Inspirarions

ody b Smooth orever f



Valerie Lim

hair Removal

The winner of Miss Universe Singapore 2011 and Miss Earth Singapore 2009, Valerie Lim is currently the digital ambassador at Celebrity Fitness, blogger and image coach in the beauty and fashion industry. A graduate from National University of Singapore with a major in Psychology, Valerie has spoken on the topic of beauty, health and fi tness at several workshops and on TV.

By Valerie Lim , Former Miss Universe Singapore 2011 the Japanese Beauty Inspirations

“Removal of unwanted hair is considered a form of politeness.”


specially in the Japanese culture, women have to conform to specific standards. Smooth, fair skin is a highly desired trait because it represents femininity, youth and cleanliness. Thus, starting from the age of 18, hair removal is the most important beauty regime a girl must subscribe to. Most exposed areas – underarm, legs, bikiniline – must be free of hair.


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“Old hair removal techniques are awkward, painful and expensive.”


n hot humid Singapore, sleeveless tops are a staple in my wardrobe. But the process of daily shaving and battling the occasional in-grown hair is a traumatic experience. With arms bent at awkward angle, eyes squinting, tweezing seems more a circus act than an act of hair removal. Then, there are the hours of dealing with the tingling feeling from depilatory creams. Ahhh.. The things girls do for beauty. Whether it’s shaving, tweezing or using chemical creams, hair re-growth is usually thicker and armpits get darker. At the same time, because hair is only removed from the surface, and not from the root, the effect is limited to just a few days. Laser removal has taken off but the cost and pain have led people to flock to Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment. This painless, reasonable and effective has women going to the salon monthly to remove hair from their whole body!


no.1 permanent

H AIR removal salon Japan


Why so Special?


Reasons to use MUSEE hair removal

Clean Reasonable Safe Pain free Speedy & Hassel free Comfortable environment, and effi cient techniques, MUSEE removes unwanted hair with no mess.

Unlimited packages go for low prices and you get tones of freebies too!

The safe light targets the hair root and gets rid of problematic in-grows.

By using lights and cooling gels, the hair removal process is painless and effi cient.

30 minutes and you’re out of the salon with smoother, hairless skin.

15 min utes is all it took to get skin as smo oth as a baby’s.

With an attentive and experience staff attending to our needs, consultation was breeze through satisfying.

BeautyReporter in

MUSEE PLATINUM Highest sales & largest salon chain from Japan. Valerie Lim was amazed her first timer to permanent hair removal.

“I’m saying bye bye to unwanted underarm hair for good!” As a fi rst timer to permanent hair removal, my experience with MUSEE @ Plaza Singapura was fantastic. The entire underarm hair removal process took less than 30 minutes and was absolutely painless. Unlike the debilitating creams or wax strips I was used to, I felt absolutely nothing with the Intense Pulse Light (IPL). By targeting the hair roots, IPL effectively removes hair at the source making hair removal permanent. The MUSEE Smooth Skin

Control (SSC) gel used during treatment was cool on the skin and very comfortable. It was also the key to fi ner hair. Just a few days after my treatment, I found the targeted hair falling out easily. I was amazed at the speed and ease of hair removal and wondered why I never thought about IPL previously. I loved the results so much, I signed up for the unlimited package afterwards! I’m saying bye bye to unwanted underarm hair for good!

Underarms Hair Removal Package Unlimited session at no extra charges

The Smooth Skin Control (SSC) gel makes hair fi ner and skin softer.

Thank you MUSEE for making hair removal so easy!

$958 Plaza Singapura Branch

Tel. 6884-3500

The Centrepoint Branch Tel. 6735-8511

Scotts Square Branch Tel. 6604-8043 Bugis+ Branch Tel. 6341-9844

Westgate Branch Tel. 6835-7854

Bedok Point Branch Tel. 6884-9476


*Source: August 2013 Tokyo Shoko Research (Among hair removal salons with more than 50% of gross derived from hair removal sessions)

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Tanjong Pagar


Beauty the Japanese Beauty Inspirations

Professional waxing & facial beauty day spa from Tokyo As a popular salon choice for celebrities in Tokyo, our qualified therapists are pleased to offer the same highly professional services in a friendly and relaxing environment at reasonable price.

More hair removal salon in Singapore

Menu •Brazilian Wax $60 •Hydrating Energizer Facial 60 mins $100

Tel. 6327-1002 9188-0541(SMS) 18A Tanjong Pagar Road 2F Mon-Sat 9am-8pm Closed on Sun

Body Spark Clarke Quay

Rediscovering the Beauty of Your Wonderful Body This Japanese beauty parlor specializes in providing safe, speedy and reliable IPL hair removal services for sensitive body areas. The latest IPL technology relies on special gel and light to lessen new hair growth in a pain-free process. All staff are certified to deliver all-rounded services from pre-treatment consultation to aftercare treatment.

PROMOTION •V & I Line Hair Removal

$48/3 sessions (U.P. $160/session) $78/6 sessions(U.P. $960/6session) •Underarm Hair Removal

$38/3sessions (Usual $125/session)

Tel. 6225-0722 8 Eu Tong Sen Street, #24-88 The Central 11am-8pm


Orchard & others

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair with Specialized Treatment Using the latest IPL technology, Regina offers safe, effective hair removal treatment at super reasonable prices. The technique improves both skin condition and helps to achieve whitening effects. Highly recommended for those on the rush as treatments for body parts such as the underarm only takes up a short 15 minutes!


WAttention Singapore

Suntec City Branch Tel. 6836-5310 11am-9pm

Junction 8 Branch Tel. 6358-0209 11am-9:30pm

Hitachi Tower Branch Tel. 6438-0010 11am-8pm

100AM Branch Tel. 6444-5623 10:30am-8:30pm

The Central Branch Tel. 6221-1558 11am-9pm

Wheelock Place Branch Tel. 6735-5510 10:30am-8:30pm Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio Flagship Tel : 6238-1522 #05-23 Ngee Ann City, Podium B

I*CON 2 by Shunji Matsuo Tel : 6786-8896 #03-01 Century Square

Shunji Matsuo Hair Atelier @ ION Tel : 6509-5833/6509-5883 #04-04 ION Orchard

Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313 Somerset Tel : 6238-0226 #03-26 313@Somerset

BASE STATION by Hisato + Chie Tel : 6782-2493 / 6782-4023 #01-21 Tampines Mall

I*CON by Shunji Matsuo Tel : 6836-6567 Isetan Wisma Atria Basement 1

I*CON Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu Tel : 6737-5311 #01-35 Far East Plaza

Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ Holland Village Tel : 6762-6088 245A Holland Avenue

Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ JEM Tel : 6734-0802 #03-14 JEM

I*CON by Shunji Matsuo (Franchise) Tel: 6604-7255 #04-01 100AM Pr om ot io n Pr ic e

Say “WAttention” to enjoy up to

20% Off

✂Female Cut & Style $28 ✂Male Cut & Style $24 ✂Student's Cut $22

$22 $20 $18

✂Children's Cut $20


✂Fringe Cut


12 years and above

*Valid till 30th April 2014

from 6 to 11 years


nett price


Plaza Singapura New Extention

Af ter ad_Rakuten_Revised.pdf 1 2014/02/13Fri-Sun 16:47:39 Mon-Thu 11am-9pm

& PH 11am-9:30pm (Recpt ends 20min before close) Hair Stylist Wanted!!!

B e fo re

& #04-09 Jem

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event & information till Mar 3



IN SINGAPORE 14 Feb – 3 Mar 2014 Hinamatsuri at Liang Court Celebrate the Japanese Dolls Festival by appearing in Yukata at the All Girls’ Party on 2 March! Other exciting events include “Most look Alike Mother and Daughter Dress up Contest”. Register at the customer service counter with a same-day receipt $20 from any of Liang Court’s tenants to join the series of Mother and Daughter workshops.

8 & 9 March 2014 Ikebana Show 2014 Famous Ikebana artist, Yuko Okuno will be conducting a workshop demostrating floral arrangement using seasonal flowers brought in from Japan. It is a rare opportunity not to be missed, to learn and appreciate the art of Japanese floral arrangement. 6256-6788 /

1 & 2 Mar 2014 Tsugaru Jamisen Live Concert Savor authentic Japanese Food and enjoy an exciting stage performance by 2 of the top players from Japan at Shun Ka Shuu Tou. 6444-7735 /

20 Mar 2014 TOKYO PHILHARMONIC 100TH ANNIVERSARY WORLD TOUR The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra returns to Singapore after a ten year absence since performing at the Esplanade to much acclaim in 2003.


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29 Mar 2014 TASTY MOVIE x TASTING FOOD EVENT A documentary film “Reviving Recipe“ that was filmed in Yamagata Prefecture is known nationwide for retaining an abundance of heirloom plants. Yet with increasing cross-breeding and less successors to the trade, some native crops are in danger of extinction.A movement has arisen to support food producers who protect and carry on heritage plants. After watching, enjoy the taste of this heirloom vegetables with innovative cooking. The event will take place at Organic Cafe REAL FOOD KILLINEY, 3pm, ($40 per ticket) .

12 – 15th Dec 2013 Setouchi Experience Dinner Celebrated the great products of prefectures from Setouchi region; Hiroshima, Kanagawa and Okayama, with 8 creative dishes inspired by nature at 2am:lab

16 Jan 2014 Ehime Fair in Singapore At Takumi restaurant, Keppel Bay, Ehime Governor, Nakamura Tokihiro, officiated a special event which allowed local Japanese restaurants to create menu featuring Ehime products like its popular citrus fruits. Interesting ingredients include “5-color Somen” and odourless “MIkan Fish”.

17– 19 Jan 2014 Kumamoto Fair at Isetan Kumamoto Governor, Ikuo Kabashima, made the introductory session of their produce that showcased local tomatoes, citrus fruits and featured a cutting demonstration of the world’s first successful cultivated bluefin tuna at Magusaburo, ION Orchard. A fair was subsequently held at Isetan Jurong and Scotts.

Apr 12 & 13

From Apr 20

IN JAPAN 15 & 16 Mar 2014 Niigata Sakenojin 2014 Niigata Sake no Jin is a thoroughly established two-day event full of highlights and flavor. With 90 sake breweries bringing their best sake to one location.

22 & 23 Mar 2014 AnimeJapan 2014 Formerly known as the Tokyo International Anime Fair, AnimeJapan is an annual tradeshow held at Odaiba’s Big Sight convention center. It is the premier convention of the Japanese animation industry and one of the largest animation related events in the world.

4 – 6 Apr 2014 43rd Shingen-ko Festival Shingen-ko Festival is the biggest Samurai parade in Japan. It’s three-day-festival dedicated to Takeda Shingen who is the most famous Samurai/Daimyo.

12 & 13 Apr 2014 Narita Taiko Festival 2014 One of the biggest drum festival in Japan that is opened at Naritasan Shinshoji Temple and on Omote Sando Street. Playing Japanese drum projects Japanese mind.

20 Apr – 2 Jun 2014 Fuji Shibazakura Festival About 800,000 Shibazakura blooms in the vast land site under the foot of Mt.Fuji.

楽し い 日本語





Samuel Yeo

Let’s talk in

Japanese!  Japanese Kaiseki Ryori  While sushi, sashimi and soba may have become household names around the world, it is in kaiseki ryori, a type of traditional multi-course dinner, that Japanese cuisine finds its most formal and exquisite expression. Kaiseki ryori is served in highbrow traditional restaurants (ryotei) and inns (ryokan) and is extremely expensive, starting at around 15000 yen (or S$190) per person. But its price is worth every yen, for it offers a feast for the senses that is probably unparalleled in the world.  Kaiseki can be written in two ways in Japanese: 懐石 or 会席. The former, 懐石, literally means “stones in the bosom”, and refers to the ancient practice of Zen monks hiding hot stones wrapped in towels in their bosoms on cold wintry days to stave off their hunger. It later became used to signify the simple, ritualistic meal taken before a tea ceremony. On the other hand, 会席 means “gathering”. During Edo period (1603-1867), poikoma.pdf 1the 5/17/2012 7:56:52 PM etry writing gatherings were often held, and the meals served during those gath-



erings gave rise to the modern kaiseki ryori.  Kaiseki ryori basically consists of ichijiru sansai, or “one soup, three side dishes”. The three side dishes are usually raw seafood (sashimi), a grilled dish (yakimono) and a boiled dish (nimono). These are accompanied by rice (gohan), pickled vegetables, morsels from the mountain and the sea, fresh fruits and rice wine (sake). Each dish is placed on a separate piece of tableware, and each guest is served his own complete set of dishes. Conscious effort is made to use only the finest and most representative ingredients of the season. Hence, the menu varies throughout the year, and during the meal, the food is served immediately after it is prepared to ensure optimal freshness. Considerable attention is also paid to arranging the food in a way that is evocative of nature, complimented by beautiful tableware. Indeed, the guest enjoys not just the taste, but also the very appearance of the food.

an for After living in Jap t seven years, fluen muel Japanese speaker Sa ng Yeong is now teachi g un yo to se ane Jap passion. students with great

If you ever have the opp ortunity to enjoy kaiseki ryori at a ryotei or ryokan, try using the following phrases with the chef to make your meal an even bet ter one :


Shun no osusume wa nan desu ka? “What do you recommend for this season?”


Kaisanbutsu dewa madai, yasai dewa takenoko ga oishii desu. “For seafood, madai [red sea bream]; for veg etables, takenoko [bamboo] is good.”


Donoyo na ryori ni shite morae masu ka? “What kind of dishes can you make out of them?”


Madai wa osashimi, takenoko wa wakatakeni ga osusume desu. “I recommend red sea bream sashimi and wakatakeni [bamboo cooked with seaweed].


Dewa, sore o kudasai. “Alright, I’ll have those.”


Kashikomarimashita. “Certainly.”

ad_Aegis_WTS.pdf 1 2013/08/02 12:15:54

WAttention Singapore


J a p a n e s e

About the Company

Founded in 1946, by two enterprising young men – Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita – Sony is today a multidimensional conglomerate with 146,300 staff worldwide, and a consolidated sales revenue of 6.8 trillion yen (for fiscal year ended 31 March 2013). A world leader in innovation and electronic entertainment, Sony’s memorable milestones include the Trinitron Colour TV (1968), Walkman personal stereo (1979), Handycam videocamera (1989). PlayStation (1994),Bluray Disc recorder (2003) and PlayStation3 (2006).

Brand Story 0 0 6

WAttention picks up uniquely Japanese brands and products that are on the rise in the Singapore market.


Other products from SONY SC-F6070_SideView

Sony PlayStation4 (PS4) – redefines gaming experience


aunched in Singapore on 19 Dec 2013, the much-awaited gaming console - PS4 - reached world sales of 4.2 million as of 28 Dec 2013. This edgecutting entertainment system focuses on the gamers, by combining unparalleled content, immersive gaming experience, all of the popular digital entertainment applications and PlayStation exclusives.

PS4 redefines rich and immersive gameplay, with powerful graphics and speed, intelligent personification, deeply- integrated social capabilities and innovative second-screen features, utilising devices such as PlayStation Vita. With the PS Camera, users can expand gaming ways of the PS4 and enjoy different gaming experiences.

The Xperia Z1 Compact Introduced on 15 Jan 2014 as the world’s best premium compact smartphone. Running on Android 4.3 and made of a solid onepiece aluminium frame, this 20.7 MP camera smartphone is dust-resistant and waterproof (IP55 & IP58). Available in Sony stores from March 2014.


Service crew・Kitchen staff One of the popular Japanese Fine Dining Oyster Bar & Grill Wharf @ Robertson quay, Sentosa!

Your BRAND. Responsibility

・Establish good relationship with all staff and guests ・Ensure service standards are kept to the highest level while promoting teamwork & productivity ・Prepare, cook and present food quickly and efficiently

with WAttention


・At least 1 year(s) of working experience in F&B industry preferred. ・Friendly and energetic with great interpersonal skills ・A team player with positive working attitude and responsible ・Person who love FOOD!!!!

Please send your resume to REERACOEN SINGAPORE PTE. LTD now! E-MAIL : TEL : (65)6557-0135 46

WAttention Singapore

Mitsubishi Electric’s

Latest Folio

WAttention Singapore vol 19  

Special Feature 1 TRAVERSE THE LANDLOCKED PREFECTURES Special Feature 2 WASHOKU Traditional Dietary Cultures of the Japanese -Majestic wi...

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