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In Ha r mony w it h t he Sea sons At the start of the New Year January 1


New Year’s in Japan starts with “house cleaning” after the middle of the previous December. With today’s calendar, this day falls on the 13th of December. This is when the soot that has been accumulated over the course of the year is tidied up and once the house becomes clean again, rice cakes and other sweets are put up in appreciation to the house itself, along with prayers for another safe year to come. People then busy themselves preparing New Year cards, shopping for New Year decorations, and planning osechi ryori, customary dishes that are served at the start of the New Year. Osechi ryori is served from New Year’s Eve through the fi rst three days

of the New Year. It comes from consideration for the women of the house, so they wouldn’t need to stand in a cold winter kitchen and cook for their families. It also originates in an intention to allow Kamagami, the deity of fi re, to take a break. It was the only time of the year when women could be freed from the majority of their chores. Once the New Year has arrived, the mochi rice cakes and vegetables that have been put up for the Gods are removed and zoni, soup with mochi, is prepared. This fi rst fi re to be lit in the New Year had originally been kindled with lucky flames received at a shrine, and the soup had been made with the fi rst batch of water pumped. Families

楽 し む

お正月 新しい年の初めに

A custom used to be observed where families would make rounds of the homes of friends, taking along gifts wrapped with New Year greetings once everything was done at home. New Year’s greetings are lucky items, and, similarly to otoshidama, money given to children as presents at New Year’s, they originate in mochi rice cakes, in which a deity has been believed to exist.

こ よ み を

text & coordination/ Rieko Ido, photo/ Hajime Watanabe 文とスタイリング=井戸理恵子、 写真=渡辺肇

would traditionally gather around the hearth where the deity of the house was believed to exist, and they would celebrate the New Year while enjoying the zoni. Times have since changed, and people no longer embrace the belief in the existence of the soul of the house, and zoni is prepared in a kitchen as is any other dish. Rieko Ido Conducting research into Japanese customs and knowledge from ancient times, and applying technical analysis of these findings to modern lifestyle. Kokugakuin University graduate. Teaches at Tama Art University.

井戸理恵子 國學院大學卒業。日本古来の知見を工学的に検証し次世代 に繋がる「技術」を模索、現代の衣食住を発展させる提案を している。多摩美術大学非常勤講師。

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Watami Special HOT POT

Lemon brings out the oyster's flavour! The accompanying grated radish in light dashi stock gives it the "yukimi" (snow-viewing) effect. Bean Curd Sheet

Hiroshima-san Kaki & Lemon Nabe 17.8

Special Chicken Soup

広島産かきとレモン鍋 Lemon Oyster Hot Pot

Hand-made Minced Chicken Ball

Yuzu Pepper

Kyushu Hakata Mizutaki 17.8 九州博多水炊き

Kyushu Hakata Chicken Hot Pot

HIROSHIMA-STYLE A well-known food cart dish consisting of hot stone pot filled with various popular ingredients such as kinchaku, chikuwa and white radish.

Kamataki Oden 11.8

釜坎きおでん鍋 Oden Hot Pot


Hiroshima-fu Okonomiyaki is made of shrimp, pork, fried noodles and special Okonomiyaki sauce.

Hiroshima-fu Okonomiyaki 広島風お好み焼き


Ponzu Sauce

Thick textured ramen noodles with lots of vegetables in thick flavourful pork bone broth.


Tontoro Touban Yaki


豚トロ陶板焼 Self-grilled Pork Neck

Ginger Sauce

Hiroshima-fu Tonkotsu Kara Tsukemen 広島風 豚骨辛つけ麺



Hiroshima-style Spicy Noodle with Pork Bone




Spicy / 辛口メニュー

Wafu Touban Steak 16.8

和風陶板ステーキ Self-grilled Short Ribs ● The pictures are only for reference. / 写真と異なることがございます。 ● Prices are in terms of Singapore Dollars. / 表示価格はシンガポールドルになっております。 ● All prices shown are subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST. / 当店では、サービス料として別途ご利用金額の 10% と消費稅 7% をいただいております。 ● Selected items can be taken out, please ask our staff for details. / 持ち帰りの商品は限られておりますので、従業員にお尋ねください。

© 2013 Watami Food Service Singapore Pte. Ltd. FA13.SG.SM3.WTN5.A4-1312

Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki (Pork & Shrimp)

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What's New?

Japanese latest happening, shops, innovations and more



WA-CAFE 渡邊珈琲店

Relax in Vintage Japanese Cafe with Comfort Food WA-CAFE is a new cafe remodeled to evoke the nostalgic times of the early 80s. Enjoy handmade freshly brewed gourmet Syphon Coffee alongside a selection of traditional Japanese and Western fusion cuisine including omelette rice and Salmon & Mushroom Baked Rice. Stay tune for the upcoming lunch menu! Menu ◦Blend Coffee $7.80 ◦Salmon & Mushroom Baked Rice $14.50 ◦Omurice (Demi Glace Sauce) $14.50

Tel. 6444-7646 133 New Bridge Road #B1-51 Chinatown Point 11am-9pm

Besides free Wi-fi services, you can enjoy food at walletfriendly prices without service charge.



Check out the latest news on our Facebook! Find us on

WAttention Singapore Menu / Recommendations

A must try item is their signature Catchcakescheesecakes

◦Hokkaido Soft Cream $5 ◦Nama Chocolate $15 / 9 in a box ◦Catchcakes $19.80 / 8 in a box

Famous Hokkaido Cheesecake Launches Second Outlet in the Heartlands Scan me now !


WAttention Singapore

Fans of fluffy Hokkaido cheesecake, Snaffles, will be delighted to know that a second outlet is now opened at the new Bedok Mall. Available exclusively at this outlet are items such as Hokkaido Soft Cream ($5) and Nama Chocolate ($15 / 9 in a box) made with milk from Yamakawa Farm in Hokkaido.

Tel. 6884-6077 311 New Upper Changi Road, #B2-K2 Bedok Mall (facing to FairPrice) Mon-Sun 10am-10pm


Ito En 伊藤園

Japan's Number 1 Green Tea Oi Ocha Japan’s leading multi-beverage and tea company, ITO EN, has launched its top-selling Oi Ocha brand of unsweetened green tea in Singapore. With an international consumption of over 2 billion bottles, Oi Ocha has been Japan’s top-ranked green tea since 1989. Besides Oi Ocha GREEN TEA, a dark roasted version called Oi Ocha HOJICHA is also available.

Usin g p rop rieta ry met ho ds to p roce ss the gree n tea, O i Och a p ro duc ts p rese rve the tast e of the natu ral ingr e dien ts with out add itive s Tel. 6420-6906 80 Robinson Road #10-01A Available at major convenience stores including 7-Eleven and Cheers, and in Fairprice supermarkets

The Japanese phrase "Oi Ocha!" translates to “It’s tea time!"

Jurong East

Tsukada Nojo 塚田農場

Highly Successful Miyazaki Hotpot Specialty Shop Launches 3rd Outlet Good news for those staying in Jurong. After its famed beauty collagen hotpot has proven to be a mega hit with Singaporeans, Tsukada Nojo will be opening its 3rd outlet at new shopping mall, Westgate, on 20th December 2013. Don't miss out lunch specials such as the "Beauty Ramen"!

Bes i des the 100 % co llag en hotp ot mad e with ch icke n stoc k an d orga n ic veg etab les, the ala car te men u also feat u res man y de licio us item s

Now Hiring Full time & Part time Staff 1. Server 2. Kitchen Staff Working shifts and hours negotiable.

Terrace seats are available at Westgate outlet.

Menu / Recommendations Popular lunch special "Beauty Ramen" uses the same collagen soup base as the Bijin Nabe.

◦Bijin Nabe ◦Nikumaki Onigiri ◦Chicken Nanban

$25/person $3.50 $8.50

To apply or for further details, please dial or sms "details" to 9106-0192 and await an auto-response sms reply for link. 9106-0192 (Automated SMS Service Line)

Tel. 6465-9356 3 Gateway Drive #03-04/04A Westgate 11:30am-3pm (BIJIN MEN) 5pm-10pm (BIJIN NABE)

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Jurong East


Say "WAttention" to enjoy


20% Off

* Valid till end of Feb 2014

Japan's Casual Hair Salon Opens Second Outlet at JEM Japan's hair salon, FaSS, has opened its second outlet at JEM, providing speedy haircutting services in a relaxed environment. No shampooing is done and the cut-off hair is set ready with a hair dryer. Basic styling services of straightening and curling are also available. Without making any reservations, you can drop by anytime to get your ideal haircut done by the professional team of stylists in just 20 minutes! Menu

*nett price

◦Female Cut & Style $28→$22 ◦Male Cut & Style $24→$20 ◦Student's Cut $22→$18

(12 years & above)

◦Children's Cut

(from 6 to 11 years)


The stylists are trained in Japan and can handle all age groups.

50 Jurong Gateway Road #04-09 Jem Mon-Thu 11am-9pm (End Recpt. 8:40pm) Fri-Sun & PH 11am-9:30pm (End Recpt. 9:10pm) Plaza Singapore Outlet #03-64 Plaza Singapura

Bugis & more

MOS Burger

Tanjong Pagar



Get a FREE 1 half boiled flavoured egg

Taste of Kyoto with MOS Style "Asian Latte" Exclusively at

Bugis Junction Chevron House CPF Building 100 AM Raffl es City Millenia Walk


#01-69 #B1-03 #01-10 #01-12 #B1-38 #01-99/100

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Japan's rice burger chain has launched two premium drinks with the fi nest tea leaves from Kyoto. Enjoy a creamy brew of Houji Cha Latte or the all-time popular Matcha Latte at selected six MOS outlets now.

if you check in on Facebook

Popular Ramen "Ikkousha" Opens its first outlet in Tanjong Pagar Tuck into delicious and creamy authentic Hakata ramen. Enjoy their signature "Tonkotsu Ramen" for that delicious taste of traditional ramen or spice things up with the "God-Fire" or "Red Ramen". This two-time winner of Ramen Champion sure packs a punch!

Tel. 6538-1880 Blk 7, Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-104B 11:30am-10pm (L.O. 9:45pm)

Jurong East

Isetan Super Market Jurong East 伊勢丹スーパーマーケット(ジュロンイースト店)

Festive Food Fair

Flip to Pag e 23 to fin d out mor e info rma tion abo ut the new exc iting sho p s at Iset an J u rong East !

Dec 18

(Wed) -



Sun - Thus 10:00-19:00 Fri & Sat 10:00-21:30

Japan Food Festival at Newly Opened Isetan Jurong East This brand new supermarket will be holding festival food fair where shoppers can enjoy some ready to eat Japanese foods & sweets from Japan such as Hokkaido seafood bento, Croquette, Baby sponge cake, Daifuku (rice cake with sweet bean paste) and many more.

Tel. 6896-7777 3 Gateway Drive, #B2-01 Westgate Sun-Thus 10am-9:30pm Fri & Sat & BPH 10am-10pm

Robertson Quay Oyster Bar & Grill


Sub Name (if any)

Say "WAttention" to enjoy

1 free glass Mojito * Valid till 31th Jan 2014 * 1 glass per person *after 5pm only

Feast on Mouthwatering Fresh Oysters from Around the World Oyster Bar and Grill wharf is a brand new concept of sea house that offers fresh oysters specially selected by the Japanese chef from various countries. Maximize your dining experience by pairing your food with over 100 selections of wine, Mojito and fruit cocktails.

Weekend & PH lunch menu will be coming soon in 2014. Business as usual on CNY.

Tel. 6235-2466 60 Robertson Quay #01-01 Quayside Mon-Fri 5pm-2am (L.O. 1:30am) Sat, Sun & PH 12pm-3pm (L.O.2:30pm), 5pm-2am(L.O. 1:30am) WAttention Singapore



WAttention Singapore


n o i p Cham behind

n e m a R

IKKOUSHA means “to bring happiness to all people” and that is what the owner, Kousuke Yoshimura hopes the restaurant will do. Hailing from Hakata, the home of Tonkotsu Ramen, Ikkousha stresses authentic Japanese flavour in their ramen. They have also bagged the title of Ramen Champion for 2 years running, in 2011 and 2012. The restaurant serves 6 types of Ramen. Besides their signature Tonkotsu Ramen, there is also the God-Fire Ramen, which was created in Singapore. Ikkousha Ramen is well-deserving of their title. Their ramen attests to their skill and dedication in creating the next generation of ramen fanatics.



SOUP Prepared with pork bone and boiled for at least 8 hours, the soup is delicately flavoured and creamy, without being cloyingly rich. Don’t be surprised by the slightly frothy texture of the soup. It is a result of pork collagen.

Each bowl of ramen comes with a generous portion of chashu made with a special sauce from Japan. The delectable chashu slices are lean, with the right amount of fats.

Flipping and tossing the noodles with an expert flick of his wrist, the chef then gently places it into the soup and your ramen with light, springy noodles is served.





It looks delicious



This is our Signature Hakata Ramen Dozo!

Finally, you are mine

GOD FIRE $13.5

Yummy! Oiishi~




Tel.6538 1880 Tras St.

“Ikkousha Hakata Ramen Singapore”

Rd. d.

Tj Pagar

Craig R

7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-104B Tanjong Pagar Plaza Singapore 081007 11:30am-10pm(L.O. 9:45pm)


Tanjon Pagar Ochid Hote

Amaral Hote

Opening Promotion

Get a FREE

1 half boiled flavoured egg LIK if you check in on Facebook WAttention Singapore 11



Sushi pedia “Sushi” is so ubiquitous that places selling sushi- from conveyor sushi belt restaurants to standing sushi bars- are as prevalent as McDonald’s. It’s simple yet sophisticated, as it can be a quick lunch bite or transform into a shining gem in Omakase courses. As Japanese cuisine received the prestigious UNESCO cultural heritage recognition, let us delve deeper into this food phenomena from the land of the rising sun that has revolutionized the globe by storm.

History of Sushi The edible art of sushi has evolved over thousands of years. It is said to have been originated from Southeast Asia, from which the idea of curing the meat and fish spread through China and then to Japan. During the 7th century AD, Japanese hastened the fermentation process by adding vinegar to the rice and using sake, to cure the fish. It was not until 18th century, or the late Edo period, when sushi and raw fish were first combined and became known as Edomae sushi. Over in Kansai region, the Osaka sushi is the most popular style of sushi made by pressing cooked rice and raw fish in square wooden boxes and cut into rectangular sushi

Types of Sushi Nigiri 握り寿司 Pressed by the chef between the palms, nigirizushi is served with wasabi drapped with toppings known as neta. Apart from fish, toppings such as octopus, squid or sweet egg are bound to the rice with a strip of nori (seaweed). Generally served in pairs or as a single piece in a sushi set.

cakes. Around 100 years later, portable food stalls selling hand-pressed sushi, nigiri-sushi, dominated the streets of Tokyo. However, they were forced to shut down during the post war period due to hygiene purposes. Nonetheless, Edomae sushi, in particular, has continued to dominate Japanese cuisine not only within Japan but also throughout the world. This amazing trend of sushi globalization witnessed the emergence of new variations, including the California roll made with cucumber instead of fish. Sushi, from its humble beginnings as a food to stave off hunger, has become elevated as one of the world’s highest culinary art forms.



Maki 巻き寿司 As the word “maki” literally means roll, sushi rice and various ingredients are rolled into a cylindrical piece with the aid of a bamboo mat called makisu. Besides seaweed, it can be wrapped in a thin omelette or even shiso (perilla) leaves. A single roll of makizushi can be sliced into six to eight servings.

Do you know

Chirashi ちらし寿司 A vibrant bowl of sushi rice topped with mouth-watering sashimi and seafood and garnishes. Those that are artfully arranged with uncooked ingredients are known as Edomae chirazushi (Edo-style scattered sushi). It might look like the familiar rice bowls called donburi but chirashizushi uses sushi rice while donburi uses regular, unseasoned rice. 12

WAttention Singapore

that a lot of sushi have been invented outside of Japan, like California Roll or Philadelphia Roll?

More Styles

Oshizushi 押し寿司

Inarizushi いなり寿司

Fusion sushi 創作すし


う に



Another way to enjoy sushi Welcome

さ ば


え び

た い




A special collaboration with ch Tomisushi - Katong Bran


Different portions

Let's go!!!

Dining at the sushi counter is a simple but interesting and enjoyable experience. Let’s see how it’s done!

Revel in the art of sushi-making as the chef whips your sushi into shape and chat with him to learn more about sushi.

Guests can choose their desired sushi from the menu provided. Alternatively, they may select from a list of standard set menu.

Sushi is served on a geta—a wooden tray. The name was conceived because of its resemblance to traditional Japanese sandals.


Pick it, eat it!

Less rice is used for female guests as females typically have smaller appetites. Female guests get a longer sushi, so that they can finish the sushi in two dainty bites, instead of one big mouthful.

Happy and satisfied


Ooh~ Oishii!!!

Just say ‘omakase’, which simply means, “I leave it to you”. The chef will serve his recommendations to the guest. Omakase sets ($50-$100) consist of a wide variety of seafood so it is important that the chef is informed of your preferences.

It’s perfectly alright to eat sushi with your hands. Dip it in soy sauce then, eat in one delicious bite.

Haaa~ Delicious

End the meal with some tea or Tomisushi’s wide collection of sake, from local Niigata sake to sake all over Japan. There you go, your first counter dining experience is complete!

※ This article only applies to Tomisushi Branches, as every Sushi restaurant has their own unique rule and style of eating, it is always better to ask first.

Counter Sushi can be exprienced at ALL 3 Branches!!! TOMI

SUSHI Headquartered in Niigata, which is located in northwest from Tokyo along the Sea of Japan, Tomi Sushi delivers fresh seafood – ranging from the popular maguro (tuna) to local catch – directly from Niigata Airport to Singapore. Their other key ingredients, such as salt, soy sauce and rice, also come from their hometown of Niigata to recreate an authentic taste and seasonality.

Parco Branch Tel. 6333-4633

Novena Branch Tel. 6255-2355

Katong Branch Tel. 6348-7897

9 Raffles Boulevard, #P3-04 Millenia Walk PARCO Marina Bay Weekdays: 11:30am-3pm, 6pm-10:30pm Weekends/PH: 11:30am-3pm, 5:30pm-10:30pm

238 Thomson Road, #02-76/77 Velocity 11:30am-3pm 5:30pm-10pm (L.O. 9:30pm)

30 East Coast Road, #02-14/15/16 Katong V 11:30am-2:30pm(L.O.2pm) 5:30pm-10:30pm(L.O.10pm) WAttention Singapore



SU SH I crave

Price Range:


below $50






above $150

Tatsuya Japanese Restaurant Area: Orchard


Price: $$$$

Tel. 6887-4598 Address : 22 Scotts Road, Goodwood Park Hotel Hours : 12pm-3pm(L.O. 2:30pm) 6:30pm-11pm(L.O. 10:30pm)

Balancing the Stylings of Modern and Classic Sushi with a Flair Most devoted sushi regulars will know that Tatsuya is the place to go for premium sushi. Helmed by chef-proprietor Ronnie Chia, who has over 30 years of experience in Japanese cuisine, Tatsuya serves near-perfect puriststyle sushi using only the most pristine fish and seafood from Japan. Be enchanted by highly innovative sushi such as kampachi sushi crowned with caviar pearls or a deliciously flambéed hotate sushi with foie gras. It is indeed a blessed opportunity to savour each season's intrinsic flavours to their full potential at Tatsuya with high-grade Japanese Sake served with the utmost gracious Japanese Omotenashi spirit.


Omakase   $280~ Kaiseiki Course   $250 Sushi Set (9 pieces sushi)   $90 5 piece Aburi set    $75-$85 Bento Set (Lunch time only)$32-$45

Sushi Mitsuya Area: Tanjong


Price: $$$$


Tel. 6438-2608 Address : 60 Tras Street, #01-01 Hours : Mon-Sat 12pm-3pm 6pm-11pm Closed on Sundays

Elevating the Art of Omakase with Authentic Edomae Sushi Situated in Tanjong Pagar, Sushi Mitsuya delivers upscale sushi and pristine Japanese fare. Behind the 18-seat Hinoki sushi counter is Head Chef Ryosuke Harada, a highly experienced chef who has worked at various top class restaurants in Tokyo and Hong Kong. He confidently dishes out traditional "Edomae" style sushi, using techniques such as "marinade".Yet, he is also well known for his innovative contemporary creations known affectionately as "Harada-style" sushi. Guests can also enjoy the seasonal delights by Omakase as the ingredients are fished naturally from Japan, and not farmed seafood.

Menu Lunch Course Lunch Omakase Dinner Course Dinner Omakase


WAttention Singapore

$60/$100 $180 $130 $200/$300 Terms & Conditions *All prices are exclusive of GST and service charge unless otherwise stated. *Menu is subjected to changes and availability.

dining Tsukiji Sushi Dai Area: Marina


Price: $$$$

Tel. 6820-0637 Address : 6 Raffles Boulevard, 4th Floor Marina Mandarin Hotel Hours : 12pm-3pm(L.O. 2pm) 6pm-11pm (L.O. 10pm) Closed on Mondays Email:

Tuck into a Revolutionary Gastronomic Feast with Real Edomae Sushi The draw here is the real Edomae Sushi that is made with Hokkaido Rice which is washed and cooked with Hokkaido natural mineral water. The sushi chef with 28 years of experience speaks the delicate language of Kaiseki with a level of fluidity most chefs can only dream of, teasing out the nuances of Japan's most prized delicacies through sushi. All the fish are brought in from Tsukiji market in Tokyo four times a week so diners are well assured of the freshness and quality. The Sushi Kaiseki is a must try that will change your outlook on sushi.

Menu Lunch course Hana Omakase Lunch Dinner course Tsukiji Omakase Dinner


Price: $$$

$70 $250~ $230 $450~


Tel. 6213-4571 Address : Orange Grove Road, Lobby Level, Tower Wing Shangri-La Hotel Singapore Hours : 12pm-2:30pm 6pm-10:30pm

Elevating the Art of Omakase with Authentic Edomae Sushi Since the opening of its first restaurant in Osaka by Japanese founder Mansuke Nadaya (Nadaman) in 1830, it has played an influential part in the development of the fine art of Japanese cuisine. The local restaurant is helmed by New Head Chef Ishizuka Takaya, who is skilled in sushi making, kaiseki preparation and traditional Japanese culinary techniques. Sushi lovers will be delighted by the extensive selection of sushi which are handmade by the chefs on the spot and with seasonal ingredients such as fugu for this December. Fresh fish is delivered from Tsukiji fish market at least four times a week.

Menu Chirashi Jyu $80 Sushi Gozen $80 Sushi Kaiseki $185 Sushi $5.50~ per portion

WAttention Singapore



SU SH I crave

Price Range:


below $50

Sushi Kou Area: Tanjong







above $150


Price: $$

Tel. 6444-8433 Address : 1 Tras Link, Orchid Hotel #01-16 Hours : 11:30pm-3pm(L.O.2:30pm) 6pm-10:30pm(L.O.10pm)

An affordable Japanese restaurant that serves premium and fresh sushi Sushi Kou offers a wide variety of sushi and carefully selected raw fish which have been directly imported from their Japanese company near Tsukiji market. With 16 years of culinary experience, Chef Naokatsu Koda creates the most exquisite sushi and sashimi, using seasonal ingredients from Japan. Ask the chef for the omakase set ($50-$100) and guests will be treated to surprising and innovative dishes. The wide range of lunch sets ($18-$26) include the restaurant’s signature assorted sushi made with premium Akita Komachi grains. This is a restaurant that allows you to indulge in Japanese sushi at friendly prices.

Kaga Set $48

Menu Omakase $50/$80/$100 Sushi omakase $50~ Ala carte sushi $3~ Dragon Roll $18

Tomi Sushi Area: East

Coast and Others


Price: $$

Katong Branch Tel. 6348-7897

30 East Coast Rd. #02-14/15/16 Katong V

Parco Branch

Tel. 6333-4633

#P3-04 Millenia Walk PARCO Marina Bay

Novena Branch Tel. 6255-2355 #02-76/77 Velocity

Enjoy the taste of genuine cuisine in Authentic Sushi restaurant.

Osusume Lunch $45

Maguro Zanmai $59

Tomi Sushi opened its first restaurant in Niigata Prefecture, 1954. Here, guests can savour a taste of Niigata with the freshest seafood flown in directly from Niigata Airport. At Tomi Sushi, sushi is made from the finest seasonal ingredients and Niigata Koshihakari rice. To recreate an authentic sushi dining experience, each Tomi Sushi outlet has a sushi bar, ideal for diners who are interested in the art of sushi-making, or for those who enjoy a chat with the sushi chef. Guests can also try a wide selection of Niigata sake, which is exclusively available at Tomi Sushi.

Menu Nigiri Sashimi Set Sashimi 6 kinds Sushi Gozen Tokusen Sashimi 8 kinds $94~


WAttention Singapore

Terms & Conditions *All prices are exclusive of GST and service charge unless otherwise stated. *Menu is subjected to changes and availability.

$23 $35 $48~ $54


Hachi Area: Mohamed



Price: $$$

Tel. 6734-9622 Address : 6 Mohamed Sultan Road Hours : Mon-Fri 12pm-2:30pm 6pm-11pm Sat/Sun 6pm-11pm

Experience the Pinnacle of Authentic Sushi through Exquisite Omakase Course As one of the pioneers of Omakase dining in Singapore, Hachi offers an exquisite dining experience in a chic yet professional setting. Having accumulated years of culinary experience, the Japanese chefs serve fine sushi through the decadent Omakase course that comprises of ten to twelve dishes for dinner. Guests will be delightfully surprised by the chefs' selection and specially crafted dishes that vary daily. Expect unassuming freshness as seasonal ingredients are imported from Japan thrice a week. Furthermore, the rice for dishes including sushi, is prepared with Hokkaido Grade A Yumepirika Rice, the best soft and sticky rice available.

Menu Winter Omakase Course $118-$138

Sushi Ishii Area: Tanjong


Price: $$$


Tel. 6604-9622 Address : 100 Tras St, #01-09 100AM Shopping Mall Hours : Mon-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm 5:30pm-12am Sat 5:30pm-12am Closed on Sundays

Exclusive Sushi Bar within Upscale Retro Izayaka Restaurant Located within newly opened The Public Izakaya by Hachi or "Taishusakaba", Sushi Ishii is an exclusive place where one can enjoy delicious sushi after a day's hectic work. The interior design has a retro touch that transports diners back to olden days Japan. With eight counter seats, diners have the privilege of watching veteran Japanese Chef Ishii who has 20 years of sushi making experience, prepare the food right in front of their eyes. Owned and operated by Hachi, popular high-end Japanese dining restaurant, Taishusakaba imports most ingredients from Japan and uses the best soft and sticky Hokkaido Grade A Yumepirika Rice.

Menu Omakase Dinner $88 / $128 / $168 / $208


40% OFF for $128, $168 and $208 Omakase Dinner

*Reservation required *Present this coupon to enjoy the promotion *Valid till 29 Jan 2014

WAttention Singapore



SU SH I crave

Price Range:


below $50






above $150

Sushi Kuu Area: Orchard


Price: $$$

Tel. 6736-0100 Address : 390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance #01-07 Hours : 12pm-3pm 6pm-10:30pm

Generous Sushi Servings Created with Mastery and Precision Watch the sushi chefs in action at the sushi bar of 70-seater Sushi Kuu, the first overseas outlet of popular Japanese sushi restaurant founded in Hong Kong seven years ago. Diners can choose from the ala carte menu that features many of the chef's special creations, such as the Spider Roll which is topped with heaps of flying fish roe or the Assorted Seafood Cube on sushi rice. Alternatively, have a taste of the best offerings with the Omakase menu or choose the set lunches for a quick fix during the day. Phone reservations are highly encouraged to avoid disappointment.

Menu Set Lunch Omakase menu

$32~ $150~

Promotion Present this ad to enjoy

10% off total bill

*Valid for dinner only *Valid till end of Jan 2014

Sushi Tei Area: Chinatown

and others

China Square Central Holland Village Ngee Ann City Paragon Raffles City Shopping Centre Serangoon Gardens


Price: $

VivoCity Thomson Plaza Playground@Big Splash West Coast Plaza Tampines 1

112 Katong nex Bedok Point JEM

Sushi Express Singapore Area: City

Hall and others

CityLink Mall 313@Somerset Woodlands Xchange Westgate Tampines 1


Price: $

Tel. 6238-9811 Tel. 6509-5002 Tel. 6366-1042 Tel. 6465-9326 Tel. 6789-2877

Haute Japanese Sushi at Modern Homegrown Japanese Kaiten Sushi Chain

Affordable and Good Conveyor Belt Sushi with Guaranteed Freshness

Since its debut in 1994, Sushi Tei has been reinventing Japanese cuisine with an innate intuition of local tastes to forge its unique identity. Seasonal themes such as the latest winter Hokkaido's promotion features an assortment of scrumptious and creative items that will appeal to aficionados of Japanese cuisine.

Since its founding in 1996, Sushi Express Group has established a firm footing in Taiwan and expanded to China, Hong Kong, USA and Singapore. Enjoy more than 60 varieties of fresh sushi prepared at a wallet-friendly price of just $1.50 per plate.

Menu Sashimi Moriawase "RISHIRI" $46 Zuwai, Ikura, Uni Don $28 Dragon Roll $14


WAttention Singapore

Terms & Conditions *All prices are exclusive of GST and service charge unless otherwise stated. *Menu is subjected to changes and availability.

Menu $1.50 per plate


Oceans of Seafood Area: Bukit


Price: $


Tel. 6466-1005 Address : PasarBella @ The Grandstand Bukit Timah Singapore 200 Turf Club Road, #02-06 (#02-K2 to K11) Hours : 11:30am-10pm (L.O.9:30pm)

Delicious Sushi Right at the Heart of a Seafood Market Savour mouth-watering fresh sushi as if you were at Tsukiji Fish Market at Oceans of Seafood. The bustling and modern seafood market & restaurant imports fish directly from Tsukiji Fish Market twice a week. The restaurant uses Hokkaido "Nanatsuboshi" rice for its sushi. It boasts a glossy, sticky texture and sweet flavours, making it a perfect accompaniment to the big slices of fish. Customers can pick from its wide variety menu featuring all-time popular nigiri sushi, hearty seafood rice bowls and premium sashimi! This place also helps to source and bring in any seafood which customers may request.

Promotion Chu Toro Nigiri Negi Toro Temaki Toro Don Chu Toro Sashimi *Valid till 30 Jan 2014

$3 $3 $25 $18

Be a Sushi Chef at Home?

Intensive Course

Sushi Basic Course


Jan 7th - 28th Tue&Wed *27th&28th Mon&Tue Feb 4th - 14th Tue to Fri

Japanese Cuisine Basic Course


Jan 9th - 30th Thur & Fri *29th&30th Wed&Thur Feb 18th - 28th Tue to Fri

Fun Course


Nigiri Sushi Experience

Dec 21st (Sat), Jan 25th(Sat), Feb 22nd(Sat) 10am - 12pm


Art Roll 3rd Grade

Jan 14th(Tue), 18th(Sat), Feb 13th(Thu), Feb 15th(Sat) 10am - 1pm

Under the stewardship of Master Asano, who used to be head chef more than 10 years at the Embassy of Japan in Europe, Tokyo Sushi Academy is the only culinary school from Japan that imparts sushimaking skills in English. The intensive courses are aimed at chefs to help them brush up their Japanese cooking skills. Alternatively, the general cooking classes, including 1-day fan course, teaches how to cook simple Japanese dishes in a fun way.

Tokyo Sushi Academy Address: TEL: Web: Email:

133 New Bridge Road, Chinatownpoint B2-17 6444-7828


Roll Sushi Class

(Hoso maki, Futo maki, Inside out roll) Jan 18th(Sat) 3:30pm - 6pm Jan 21st(Tue) 10am - 12:30pm Please check website for more details

New Year Promotion


“Wattention” ・Free Application Fee ($150) for Intensive Course For

Furth er Discou


・Fun Course

20% OFF

*Valid till end of Jan 2014

WAttention Singapore









Endowed with rich nature and abundant agricultural products, the vast Tokachi area situated in southeastern Hokkaido boasts various activities and gourmet to enjoy. Come relax under the clear blue sky and enjoy tasty treats made from high-quality local ingredients!

By Air: 1hr 30min from Tokyo Haneda Airport to Tokachi Obihiro Airport. By Train: 2hr 10min (fastest train) from Sapporo to Obihiro Station. Obihiro Station is 40 minutes away by car from Tokachi Obihiro Airpor t. Rental cars are available from the airport and Obihiro Station.

Find more information at: Visit Tokachi: Obihiro Tourism and Convention Bureau: Prot Asia and Pacific Inc.:

There are so many ways to have fun in Tokachi!

Soaking in the beauty of nature Tokachi Millennium Forest Designed by British garden designer Dan Pearson, Tokachi Millennium Forest is a vast and beautiful garden featuring undulating grasslands and magnificent views. The garden incorporates four concepts: ear th, forests, meadows, and farms. A two-hour guided Segway tour is highly recommended (reservation required). Riding on this magical vehicle and breezing through the meadow is simply an amazing experience.

Manabe Garden Manabe Garden features hundreds of exotic tree species imported from northern Europe and Canada. Come relax in an environment you won’t see in Southern Asia. Moreover, there’s a high chance to see Hokkaido Squirrel in the garden! •Hours: Open from late April to early December. Opening hours vary by season. •Admission: 800 yen •Address: 6, Higashi 2-sen, Inada-cho, Obihiro •Access: 15 minutes by car from Obihiro Station •URL: www.manabe (Japanese only)

Shin-Arashiyama Observation Deck Situated 320 meters above sea level, the observation deck gives you a panoramic view of pastoral landscapes and mountain ranges. The gently-rolling patchwork of farmland and villages is refreshing for the mind!

•Hours: Open from late April to early November. Opening hours vary by season. •Admission: Vary by season •Address: Minami 10-sen, Haobi, Shimizu •Access: 45 minutes by car from Obihiro Station •URL: index_en.html

•Hours: Open from late April to late November •Address: Chubisei, Memuro •Access: 15 minutes by car from Memuro Station •URL: (Japanese only)

Experiencing the charm of agritourism

Mingling with the locals

When was the last time you played on a farm? Actually felt soil, grass, and dirt in your hands? In Tokachi, you can enjoy agricultural experiences such as harvesting potatoes, asparagus, and burdock roots. Don’t want to get dirty? Don’t worry, gloves and shoe covers are provided for you to use.

Kita-no Yatai

*For more information, please contact Prot Asia and Pacific Inc. at:

With 20 food stands tucked inside a 50-meter long space, Kita-no Yatai (Food Stands of the North) is the perfect place to taste local food and talk to friendly staff and local people. The atmosphere is so lively that even first-timers will have no trouble blending in with the joyful mood.

Yoshida Farm

•Hours: Vary by stores, generally open from the evening. •Address: 7, Minami 10, Nishi 2, Obihiro •Access: 5 minutes walk from Obihiro Station •URL: (Japanese only)

Watching the unique Banei horse racing Obihiro Horse Track Banei horses are strong powerful draft horses bred to work in the harsh climate of Hokkaido. Starting out as a local festival testing the strength of these horses, the current form of Banei horse racing is a competition of pulling sleds loaded with weights. The race takes place on a 200-meter long track with two obstacles. Because of the obstacles and heavy loads, horses may run out of steam and stop unexpectedly – that’s why you can’t take your eyes off of them until the very end! Apart from watching and betting on the exciting races, you can buy various local food and gifts at “Tokachimura” right next to the horse racing grounds. Every October a human version of Banei horse racing is held in Obihiro. The organizer aims to expand it to include teams from around the world. If you are confident in your strength, this might be your chance to be a world champion! •Hours: Horse racing usually takes place on Sat, Sun, and Mon. Hours of operation may change so please confirm beforehand. •Address: Minami 9, Nishi 13, Obihiro •Access: 8 minutes by car from Obihiro Station •URL:

Hokkaido Hotel Ranked 6th on tripadvisor’s list of “more than 100 years old establishment,” Hokkaido Hotel also has rooms with private hot spring bath. Address: 1, Minami 19, Nishi 7, Obihiro TEL: 0155-21-0001 URL:

WAttention Singapore


ENJOY TOK ACHI GOURME Originated in Obihiro, Butadon is a dish of rice topped with juicy grilled pork. Back during the development era of Hokkaido, there was an old saying that went, “cattle is for milk production, horses are for transportation, and pigs are for consumption.” Adhering to the saying, Obihiro is famous for pork dining and there are many restaurants serving Butadon, each with its own special recipe.


Butahage (Obihiro main store) A Butadon specialty restaurant in Obihiro. With more than 70 years of history, Butahage ranks as one of the most renowned restaurants in Hokkaido. •Hours: 10am-8pm •Address: 9, Minami 12, Nishi 2, Obihiro (ESTA Department Store in Obihiro Station) •URL: (Japanese only)

Chef Yano of Butahage is passionate about promoting Butadon outside of Hokkaido.

Butadon (pork rice bowl) is one of the most popular dishes in Tokachi.

Mirai Memuro Beef Yakiniku KAGURA Housed inside a red brick warehouse, Yakiniku KAGURA operates around the concept of “produce locally, eat locally,” and serves grilled Mirai Memuro Beef. Fresh eggs from Oak Leaf Farm are also available here. •Hours: 11:30am-2:30pm 5pm-10pm •Address: 1-1-7, Higashi 2, Memuro •URL: (Japanese only)

Rice with raw egg toppings. He ns at Oa k Le af Fa r m a re raised freely in a spacious environment and lay fresh eggs with a surprisingly tasty flavor.


WAttention Singapore

From co ok ie s to chocolate s, there is a variety of products inspired by Butadon.

Cattle raised freely on the wide Tokachi Plain creates beef with a different texture than other kinds of beef. Mirai Memuro is among the most well-known of the Tokachi beef brands.

The tender taste of Mirai Memuro Beef is best enjoyed when grilled.


Thanks to the expansive land and high quality pastures, dairy farming prospers in Tokachi. Various dairy products are produced from the milk of dairy cows raised in the dynamic nature of Tokachi. Fresh milk, butter, cheese, and many other types of processed products are among the must-try in Tokachi.

Cheese Factory NEEDS NEEDS produces a variety of cheese such as Caciocavallo and Mozzarella, as well as butter, cream cheese, and milk jams. Their signature Daichino-hoppe cheese is the most popular. •Hours: 10am-5pm •Address: 162-111, Shinwa, Makubetsu •URL: http://needs-kashiyuni. com/ (Japanese only)

Each kind of cheese carries specific flavor.

Tokachi Toteppo Factory

Tokachi Shinmura Farm

Making use of locally-produced cheese and ingredients, Tokachi Toteppo Factory is dedicated to bringing Tokachi confectionery to more and more people.

At To k ac h i S h in m u ra Fa r m, cattle freely graze in a stressfree environment full of highquality grass grown in nutritious soil; that spells out the formula for fresh and delicious milk.

•Hours: 9am-8pm (summer) 10am7pm (winter) •Address: 3-1, Minami 17, Nishi 6, Obihiro •URL: (Japanese only)

•Hours: 10:30am-5pm (Closed from Jan to Mar) •Address: 261, Nishi 1-sen, Kami-otofuke, Kamishihoro •URL: (Japanese only) The bite-size cheesecake is made from natural cheese from Tokachi and other areas in Hokkaido.


Filled with vanilla custard cream, the “Saku-saku Pie” from Rokkatei is crisp and mouth-meltingly tender.

Milk jam and scone are a match made in heaven.

Tokachi is abundant in ingredients for sweets-making such as wheat, milk, and sugar beets. Known as the city of delicious sweets, Obihiro has plenty of pastry and sweets shops ready to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The signature item of Rokkatei, the “Marusei Butter Sand” is a cookie sandwich containing raisin butter and chocolate cream.

The “Sanporoku” baumkuchen made by Ryugetsu is designed to mimic the image of white birch firewood. Ingredients include Tokachi 100% wheat flour, as well as butter, sugar, and eggs produced in Hokkaido.

Loved by local people as well as tourists, Cranberry’s sweet potato uses best ingredients that unleash natural flavors.

Rokkatei (main store)

Ryugetsu (Sweetpia Garden Store) Cranberry (main store)

Rokkatei is one of the most popular sweets houses in Hokkaido. Apart from the signature “Marusei Butter Sand”, white chocolate made from high-quality milk is another specialty from Rokkatei.

A big sweets manufacturer with more than 300 types of products. The Sweetpia Garden Store has the largest selection of items, and a factory tour is also available.

•Hours: 9am-7pm •Address: 6, Minami 9, Nishi 2, Obihiro •URL: (Japanese only)

•Hours: 9am-6pm (summer); 9:30am-5:30pm (winter) •Address: 2, Nishi 18, Kita 9-sen, Shimo-otofuke, Otofuke •URL: (Japanese only)

Founded in 1972, Cranberry currently has 5 stores around Obihiro, including one in the ESTA Department Store directly connected to Obihiro Station. •Hours: 9am-9pm •Address: Minami 6, Nishi 2, Obihiro •URL: (Japanese only)

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ISETAN SUPER MARKET launches its first outlet in the heartlands at WESTGATE, bringing a new dimension to grocery shopping in the West! ISETAN SUPER MARKET opens its 2nd store at the newly opened shopping mall, Westgate, with some shops launched for the first time here. At this “Proposal Style super market”, the Japanese staff proposes the ways of eating better Japanese food and serves with Omotenashi,


the spirit of Japanese hospitality. Choose from the seasonal produce to Wagyu beef from Japan, look forward to the popular Japanese food fair such as Hokkaido Fair or Kyushu Fair. Purchased merchandise can also be delivered right to your door step!

Satisfy your sushi craving with the maki-sushi and edomae sushi made with fresh fish directly imported from Tsukiji Market. Learn about the interesting facts on fish through regular tuna cutting demonstrations at The Fish Studio. Also, the Japanese Fish expert of Hirashima Suisan will introduce more about seafood that you may have never seen before!



First opened in Ginza Mitsukoshi in 1983, Johan Paris bakery has won the hearts of bread lovers with traditional French bread like baguette and broiche. They are all handmade by experienced Japanese bakers and made with main recipes and ingredients brought in from France. Stay tune for the seasonal items that will tantalize your taste buds.

Fresh Juice $6~

Quench your thirst with highly-quality fresh fruit juices made from fruits from Japan at Singapore’s first Japanese fruit juice shop, Juice Bar by Yaoya. Besides Japanese food, shoppers can also enjoy a wide variety of salads, soups, lunch boxes, Western Obento at J-Dining, an all-new Western Delicatessen exclusively only at Isetan. The menu offers familiar Japanese-Western classics such as creamy potato salad, crunchy and juicy deep-fried pork cutlet, hamburger steaks and many more. They are perfect ideas for busy shoppers on-the-go!


Takeaway bentos, a daily Fish item and side dishes that are prepared in full view at Nagomi Deli, a Japanese Delicatessen Counter in the supermarket.



Seasonal sweets change every 3 months and Hokkaido Flanders roll cake is now available till Feb 2014.

Tasting $3.50~

Decorate your house with beautiful potted plants or send flowers and fruits hampers specially arranged with a Japanese touch to your loved ones. Fuji Flower Style is the first Japanese florist opened by Isetan and operated by Japanese florists.

Enjoy sake tasting portion with reasonable price. Every month, sake makers will join Isetan to promote their sake.

3 Gateway Drive #B2-01 Westgate Tel. 6896-7777 WAttention Singapore Opening Hour Sun-Thur: 10am-9:30pm Fri, Sat & BPH: 10am-10pm




TS U TE N K A KU Though not as tall as its counterpart in Tokyo, Tsutenkaku Tower is unique in its own style. Firstly, “Tsuten” means the tower is reaching high into the sky. Secondly, the name of the area, Shinsekai, means “new world.” The first version of Tsutenkaku Tower was built in the early twentieth century when Japanese people were eager to reach out to the world. Do an internet search for “Taishoroman” if you want to dig deeper. •Hours: 9am-9pm •Admission: 600 yen •Address: 1-18-6 Ebisuhigashi, Naniwa-ku •URL:

A M E R I CA M U R A About 30 years ago, warehouses in Americamura were renovated to sell imported goods from the U.S. It is a fun place to look for creative and unique designs, to observe young people wearing the latest fashions, and to find vintage items from a wide variety of stores. The area is certainly lively and offers a vibrant atmosphere that is unique in Osaka. •URL:

H OZE NJI YO KO C H O This nostalgic neighborhood consists of a stone-paved alley that runs past the famous Mizukake-Fudo Buddhist statue. People sprinkle water on the statue and pray for good health and fortune. The alley is also home to numerous eateries and shops, which are especially atmospheric in the evenings. •Address: 1 Namba, Chuo-ku 26

WAttention Singapore

AN AREA OF ENDLESS SHOPPING AND ENTERTAINMENT In Osaka, the area around Namba and Shinsaibashi is called Minami (South). As opposed to the posh and modern Kita (North) area, Minami is more relaxed, traditional, and contains a variety of exciting elements that differentiate Osaka from other cities in Japan. If you can only pick one area to visit in Osaka, Minami is the place to go.

TO M BO R I R I V E R C R U IS E Once known as a city of water, this cruise is just one way to experience Osaka on water. During the 20-minute sightseeing cruise, you can view the waterfront area from the Dotonbori River. In addition, from May to November, a jazz boat cruise will give you the same experience plus live jazz performances onboard. •Hours: Mon-Fri 1pm-9pm Sat & Sun 11am9pm •Ticket: 700 yen •Address: Find the ticket office on the first floor of Don Quijote Dotonbori store (7-13 Soemoncho, Chuo-ku) •URL: html

ASO KO “Enjoy being surprised” is the concept behind ASOKO, a sundry goods store offering a large selection of cute and innovative household items at affordable prices. ASOKO means “right there,” implying it’s a store you can easily walk into and have fun. Product lineups include colorful slippers and wine-openers shaped like fish. In September, a new store opened in Harajuku, Tokyo. •Hours: 11am-8pm (Closed on every second Wednesdays) •Address: 1-19-23, Minami-horie, Nishi-ku •URL:

D OTO N BO R I Osaka’s most well-known shopping and entertainment area. Dotonbori features many restaurants and eateries serving local cuisines, so feel free to “eat ‘till you drop.” Undoubtedly, the neon billboard in Dotonbori is one of the most recognizable images of Osaka. Pose like the Glico runner on the billboard and take a memorable shot!

Accommodation H OT E L N I K KO O S A K A Awarded the certificate of excellence by TripAdvisor for outstanding service, Hotel Nikko Osaka is a deluxe hotel with perfect access to downtown Osaka. Apart from an array of restaurants serving international cuisines, the main bar “Vol de nuit” is inspired by the same-named novel of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, and serves as a perfect place to relax the night away. •Address: 1-3-3 Nishi-shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku •TEL: 06-6244-1111 •URL: WAttention Singapore


EAT ‘TILL YOU DROP IN Discovering the joy of food is a must-do in the city of “eat 'till you drop.” Since the Edo period, Osaka has been an important commercial city and developed a sophisticated food culture over the years. That is why you can’t afford to leave Osaka without trying its variety of cuisines.

TA KOYA K I Takoyaki is a traditional Japanese street food popularized in Osaka after WWII. Cooked in a special pan, the ballshaped snack is made of flour batter and has minced octopus as stuffing. Once cooked, it is usually dressed with fish shavings, takoyaki sauce, or mayonnaise. It is said in Osaka that almost every family has a takoyaki pan to cook with at home. Takomasa (Dotonbori Main Store) •Hours: 10am-9pm •Address: 1-4-15 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku •URL:

C U R RY R I C E Japanese curr y is a fine example of yoshoku, or Japanese adaptations of Western-style dishes. Be sure to try one at Jiyuken, whose curry rice is served with raw egg toppings, and features a rich flavored sauce containing kombu seaweed stocks. Don’t be scared away by the raw egg since it’s a Japanese style you definitely should experience! Jiyuken (Namba main store) •Hours: 11:20am-9:20pm (Closed on Mondays) •Address: 3-1-34 Namba, Chuo-ku •URL:

O KO N O M I YA K I Okonomiyaki is a Japanese-style savor y pancake made by mixing ingredients like squid, shrimp, pork, and cabbage into a flour batter, and then cooking it all on a fl at iron grill. Like takoyaki, okonomiyaki is also a common household food in Osaka. The dish may not be good-looking, but it is surely nutritious and filling. That’s the mentality of Osaka people: practicality is more important than appearance. Chibo (Sennichimae main store) •Hours: 11am-1am •Address: 11-27 Namba Sennichimae, Chuo-ku •URL:


WAttention Singapore

THE NATION’S KITCHEN LO CA L FO O D If you want to mingle with the locals and try some unique food, head to Kuromon Market near Nihonbashi Station. Known as the “Kitchen of Osaka,” the market houses more than 100 shops selling fresh fish and groceries. You will surely find one that suits your taste. Kuromon Market •Address: 2-4-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku •URL:

S US H I Osaka sushi may be a bit different from your perceived image of the signature Japanese dish. In Osaka, the mainstream sushi is called Hakozushi (boxed sushi), created when rice and toppings are put into a hako (box) and pressed into shapes. In fact, it has a longer history than Edomae sushi, the current style known all over the world.


Honfuku Sushi •Hours: 11am-8:30pm Closed on Wednesdays •Address: 1-4-19 Shinsaibashi-suji, Chuo-ku •URL:

Zenzai is a sweet red bean soup usually served with mochi rice cake. The name is said to originate from a Buddhist monk’s cry of “Zenzai! (Good!)” upon tasting this treat. The zenzai served by Meoto Zenzai in Hozenji Yokocho is special because one regular portion is divided into two small portions. Couples are supposed to eat one of each and will be blessed to live happily ever after. Meoto Zenzai •Hours: 10am-10pm •Address: 1-2-10 Namba, Chuo-ku •URL: zenzai/zen/index.html

WAttention Singapore


SHOPPING IN THE Discount coupon for tourists Present your passport at the information desk (1F, main building and north building) to receive a 5% discount coupon. *Discount may not apply to all products.

WATC H ES In an elegant space composed of marble flooring and deep brown display cabinets, you can find a variety of watch lineups ranging from casual brands like G-SHOCK to luxury brands s u c h a s PAT E K P H I L I P P E. Friendly staff members are on duty to help you choose your one-and-only watch.

M E N ’S ACC ES SO R IES Vintage wooden shelves and eyecatching geometric patterns on the floor capture the charm of Art Deco style. Ties, belts, wallets, leather items, and designer goods are all carefully selected to meet the tastes of fashionconscious gentlemen. Shopping here is undoubtedly inspiring and enjoyable.


WAttention Singapore

HE A RT OF OSA K A Completed in 1933, Daimaru Shinsaibashi features a neo-gothic architecture that captures the glamour of Art Deco style. Beginning with the peacock relief at the main entrance, a multitude of decorations welcomes you at Daimaru. Here you will find a wide selection of products including everything from luxury brands to casual styles. COS M E TI C S Shopping for cosmetics in Daimaru Shinsaibashi is definitely an indulge nt ex pe r ie nce. T he exquisitely decorated ceiling, the gorgeous interior, and the elegant lighting together create a splendid palace-like space. Here you can find a great selection of products ranging f rom Ja pa ne se bra nds like SHISEIDO to Western brands such as CHANEL, for women, as well as for men.

G R O C E R IES The groceries on the B1 floor of Daimaru are highly recommended for their fresh vegetables, fruits, and Japanese seasonings. If you’re looking for something Japanese to add to your recipe, a variety of choices such as Japanese green tea and seasoning are available here. You’ll find what you need.


WO ME N’S CLOTHING & ACC ES SO R IES The floor for women’s fashions will give you an overview of the latest trends with its selection of young fashion and high-end brands, which include ufufu girls, United Arrows, Beams, Tiffany, CHANEL, and Prada just to name a few. Ladies of all ages can be rejuvenated when shopping for their favorite brands.

The ser vice counter on floor B1 provides c u s to m e r s w i t h a c o m p r e h e n s i ve r a n g e of ser vices, assuring a pleasant shopping experience. Here you can claim a tax refund or check your purchased items and continue shopping hassle-free. For customers with childre n, f re e baby strolle r re ntals, baby lounges, and baby-stroller-friendly restrooms are also available. •Hours: 10am-8pm (Main Building B2-4F, North Building B2-6F: -8:30pm) •Address: 1-7-1 Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka •TEL: 06-6271-1231 •Access: One minute walk from Shinsaibashi station on the Midosuji subway line. •URL: •For special sales and the latest information:

*Products shown here are for illustration purposes only and may not be available. WAttention Singapore 31



Japanese Recipes for Your Daily Table


Do you love Japanese food? Here are some popular home recipes that will never fail to delight family and friends.



Okinawan Stir-fry Bitter Gourd

1. Cut bitter gourd into half lengthwise. Remove seeds with a spoon.

(Goya Chanpuru)

2. Slice bitter gourd each 5mm thick. Mix with ¼ tsp salt, 1 tsp sugar. Leave to sit for about 5 minutes.



te r to th e b it r a n d s a lt a g u s ess g rn in Add v e it s b it te n ly re m o o t o it h n w it rd gou fl a v o r w s y o u to o ll a . o g ls in a n but seaso r fa v o u ri te u o y f o y an

[Cooking] 1. Wrap tofu in kitchen paper or cotton cloth and sit it under any heavy object for about 1 hour to press out excess water. Use hand to break tofu into bite-size pieces.

This traditional Okinawan specialty is well-loved by people all over Japan. Simply add in salt, pepper and shoyu to achieve the best flavors!

Ingredients 2 pax ▪ Japanese Bitter Gourd

½ stick

▪ Firm Cotton Tofu (Approx. 350-450g)

½ block

▪ Sliced Pork Belly


▪ Egg


▪ Salt, Pepper


▪ Vegetable Oil

1 Teaspoon

▪ Sesame Oil

1 Teaspoon

▪ Shoyu

2 Teaspoon

Recipe and Photos by

- -

Tadasuke Tomita His passion for cooking is so great that he quit his job at a big company to study at a culinary school, and became an apprentice at an authentic high end Japanese restaurant. Currently, he is working with a product development department of a Japanese processed food maker, while managing a personal website introducing traditional Japanese home cooking recipes. As his other hobby is photography, all the photos on his website are his own works.


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2. Cut sliced pork belly into 3-4cm wide. It is important to season with little salt and slightly more coarse-grain black pepper. 3. Add 1 tsp vegetable oil into frying pan. Heat frying pan on medium fire until the oil reaches a suitable mid-hot temperature. Then add tofu and stir fry until both sides turn light brown. Remove tofu and set aside. 4. Keeping the frying pan on medium fire, add 1 tsp sesame oil. Fry bitter gourd until the surface gradually turns transparent. Remove from pan after they are 80% cooked. 5. Place the pork belly 1 slice at a time and pan-fry on both sides. Next, add in tofu and bitter gourd. At medium fire, stir-fry all ingredients while adding a pinch of salt and dash of pepper. Pour in 1 beaten egg and wait for 10 seconds before moving the pan. Stir until everything is evenly combined. Lastly, add in 2 tsp of shoyu and mix 1-2 times before serving.

Ehime Restaurant Fair in Singapore Experience the best of Ehime!

Jan 16th - Feb 15th 2014 Access to QR code for more detail

Tel. 6636 7282 2 Orchard Turn, #04-11 ION Orchard

Tai Men This "Tai-Men" is one of lucky charm dishes which you can find at traditional Japanese style wedding. It looks really attractive because they place whole of "Tai"(snapper) caught in Ehime prefecture on "Men". In other ways, "Tai" means "facing" and "Men" means "face to face", so that this dish has meaning of "both families meats" and "auspicious"(Omede-Tai).

Tel. 6271 7414 2 Keppel Bay Vista Marina at Keppel Bay

Uwajima Taimeshi Cold broth poured over rice with the freshest Red Sea Bream from Ehime prefecture. Served with a special sauce and Onsen Tamago (Slow cooked egg).

Executive Chef

Daisuke Fujita

Executive Chef

Shigeru Shiraishi

Tel. 6299 0014 6 Scotts Road, #02-02 Scotts Square Tel. 6738 1990 120 Adam Rd

Sauted Yellowtail from Ehime After having seasoned a BURI fatty yellowtail from Ehime, the chef saute it in a frying pan for salty-sweet starchy sauce. We served it with the KUJYO leek, YUZU citron, Japanese pickles on it, and, please have it. These make mider the yellowtails fat, and you can enjoy it with the various excellent flavour from the beginning to the last.

Buri Soba Shabu

Executive Chef

Kenji Okumura

“Soba Shabu” is our signature hot pot in AKANE. Enjoy “Buri Soba Shabu” with AKANE's special soup and Soba.

Tel. 6636 2951 6 Scotts Road, #02-01 Scotts Square

Tel. 6238 6158 No. 26 Sentosa Gateway Forum #B1-215 to 218

Meat Ball of Whitebait

Shirasu Chirashi Don

Colaboration of Japanese and Western. Enjoy Whitebait Meat Ball with Spicy Tomato Sauce with a touch of herbs. It's fresh and excellent choice for appetizer to share or for yourself.

Shirasu Chirashi Don is one of the signature dish at Matsuri Japanese Gourmet Alley. This delicious Ehime style recipe is specially created by our chef and is not available anywhere else in the market!

Executive Chef

Chiaki Watanabe

Executive Chef

Katsuhiko Yamamura

Executive Chef

Branen Teo

Ehime Citrus Fruits Fair @Isetan Scotts & Jurong

Janaury 10th to 16th 2014

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the Japanese Beauty Inspirarions


F ashion Connection Profile With


“Keep ahead of the trend with fashionable gel nail.”


hanks to Japanese gel nail, you can now flaunt fashion on your fingertips. Compared to regular polish, gel nail gives you the ability to design complex, multi-layered art with less mess. Long-lasting and more vibrant, your gel nail looks fresh for up to 3 weeks. On top of that, gel nail is naturallooking, flexible and doesn’t crack.


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Photo provided by Nail Artelier

Valerie Lim

The winner of Miss Universe Singapore 2011 and Miss Earth Singapore 2009, Valerie Lim is currently the digital ambassador at Celebrity Fitness, blogger and image coach in the beauty and fashion industry. A graduate from National University of Singapore with a major in Psychology, Valerie has spoken on the topic of beauty, health and fi tness at several workshops and on TV.

By Valerie Lim , Former Miss Universe Singapore 2011 the Japanese Beauty Inspirations

“These days, with the advent of gel polish, creating beautiful works of nail art is so much easier.”


Photo provided by Nail Artelier

ust as I take the time to dress up fashionably, I enjoy seeing my nails decked in rich colors and elaborate designs. Painting my nails is part of my dressing up routine; what I wear on my nails is as important as my outfit. I feel terribly inadequate if my nail polish chips. I considered gel nail an accompaniment to what I was wearing. My gel nails never clashed with my outfit and I always made sure the colors I picked were subtle. These days, I am a lot bolder with my nail design requests. I select strong color, ask for glitter and loud prints. In fact, these designs can be a reflection of personality and a way to commemorate occasions. They have been conversation starters at many events. These days, with the advent of gel nail, creating beautiful works of nail art is so much easier. The humble nail is now a canvas for expression.

Photo provided by Nail Artelier


BeautyReporter in

Nail Salon Asian

“Yes! That’s the perfect colour to go with the crystals.”

Expert manicurists with speed and skill create detailed Japanese nail art in a lovely salon.

Gel nail can be used for both manicures and pedicures.

Using stickers and crystals to create a 3D effect.

“I was a kid in a candy store, choosing nail candy.” Getting my nails done always makes me feel pampered, but at Nail Salon Asian, I was treated like royalty. My manicure and pedicure was done concurrently with utmost meticulousness and precision consistent with the highest Japanese service standards. I was so impressed with how swift and detailed Asuka, the shop manager, and Melly were as they crafted masterpieces on my nails. I had never seen anyone work so fast! They explained that unlike regular polish, I could customize and layer several gel nails

together to create designs similar to the trendiest Japanese nail styles. Yay to being fashionable! But what I loved most was how fast gel nails dried under the UV light. Throughout the session, I never worried about damaging my beautiful manicure. Because I could mix-and-match my nail art, I knew my set from Nail Salon Asian was a one-of-akind work of art, and I love being unique. After my first gel nail session, now, I became a big fan and chooses gel nail only.

Glitter $65 PROMOTION

All Menu 20% Off

Nail Polish $18→$14 Gel Nail $65→$52 *1st-time Customers Only *Valid till 28 Feb 2014


Hologram/Shell $100

Glitter French, Shell, Hologram As you like Design

$65 $100 $150 $5~ (1 Finger)

*Foot +$5 *The service includes Gel-off and Care

Tel. 6733-7265 9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza #03-16 10am-10pm (Recpt ends 8pm)

“Nail Salon Asian in Singapore” WAttention Singapore



Tiara Nail

Peony Tokyo Nail Salon & Academy


Dhoby Ghaut & Somerset

PROMOTION First-time Customers

PROMOTION •Japanese Gel: Kimono Art

$10 OFF

(Including Manicure) $98

※Except from 21 to 30 Jan 2014

•Other monthly art

Popular Japan Nail Salon-School by Professional Gel Educator

Have a Nail Makeover by Japanese Nail Artist This nail salon from Kyushu is highly-raved for its high treatment standards. With the knowledge of the latest nail art trends, the Japanese nail artists will strive to meet any customer’s request.

Tel. 6735-9337 14 Scotts Road #01-57 Far East Plaza 11am-9pm Closed on Mon

Dhoby Ghaut Branch (Nail Salon) Tel. 8223-8706 103 Penang Road #01-05 Visioncrest Commercial 10am-8pm Closed on Tue

Experienced nail artists from Japan and Singapore offer latest nail art and hygienic nail services with high-quality gel product made in Japan at reasonable price. Nail courses are conducted by Japanese instructor, certifited by Japan Nail Academy.

NailSalon RounGe SGC


Somerset Branch (School) Tel. 8115-5327 150 Orchard Road #04-32 Orchard Plaza 10am-8pm Closed on Tue




PROMOTION Say “WAttention” to enjoy Gel nail (hand or foot) $100→$80

*First-time customers only *Valid till the end of Jan 2014

Trendy Beauty Nail Fix by Professional Nails Artists

Hidden Japanese Beauty Salon Relocates to Tanglin Mall

With 10 outlets in Japan, Rounge offers Tokyo’s latest nail art trend. Pick your favorite design from 40,000 samples and enjoy the same price regardless of the number of ornaments or colors used.

Owned by a Japanese lady, this beautiful salon offers a holistic range of services from nail polish to facial treatments. Stay tune for the aromatherapy services with the use of customized blended oil.

Tel. 6737-4413 402 Orchard Road Delfi Orchard #04-21 11am-7pm (Last Appointment)

Tel. 6738-4493 163 Tanglin Road #01-26/27 Tanglin Mall Mon-Sun 10am-8pm (End of Recpt 7pm)

Leading Japanese-Style Hair Experts Bringing out the Best in You

 Ngee Ann City





AD 180mm x 85.7mm Shuhei

Wisma Atria

Holland Village

Misaki Century Square


313 Somerset


Base Station









Please kindly approach staff for further details

Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio Flagship Tel : 6238-1522 #05-23 Ngee Ann City, Podium B

I*CON 2 by Shunji Matsuo Tel : 6786-8896 #03-01 Century Square

Shunji Matsuo Hair Atelier @ ION Tel : 6509-5833/6509-5883 #04-04 ION Orchard

Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313 Somerset Tel : 6238-0226 #03-26 313 @ Somerset

BASE STATION by Hisato + Chie Tel : 6782-2493 / 6782-4023 #01-21 Tampines Mall

I*CON by Shunji Matsuo Tel : 6836-6567 Isetan Wisma Atria Basement 1

I*CON Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu Tel : 6737-5311 #01-35 Far East Plaza

Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ Holland Village Tel : 6762-6088 245A Holland Avenue

Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ JEM Tel : 6734-0802 #03-14 JEM

I*CON by Shunji Matsuo (Franchise) Tel: 6604-7255 #04-01 100AM

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Capturing the Moment of Seasonal Change in Food What is the philosophy behind your cuisine? While my cuisine has often been viewed as a fusion of Japanese and French, I seek to showcase the essence of seasonal ingredients. To achieve that, I may deviate from the traditional Japanese ways of food preparation. In fact, my philosophy is heavily influenced by my training under a master chef at the only French-Japanese restaurant in Kyoto 30 years ago. He gave me the freedom for experimentation, which inspires me to constantly create new dishes. What is the culinary concept of ME@OUE? We offer epicureans the opportunity to enjoy Chinese, French and Japanese cuisine under one roof. Guests can customise their meals according to their preferences. For instance, they can choose between Chinese or French for appetiser, then proceed to a Japanese main course and finish with a French dessert. From a chef’s perspective, it is thrilling to observe how other chefs prepare their food. This works as a form of friendly competition which ul-

The Chefology Vol.2

Masayasu Yonemura

timately spurs us to create better dishes for our guests.

What are the vital ingredients in your cuisine? The ingredients from my birthplace, Kyoto. As the past capital of Japan for more than a thousand years, Kyoto has been assimilating the best flavours from the North and the South regions of Japan. Hence, the style of Kyoto’s cuisine is very refined. What is your signature dish at ME@OUE? I don’t have a fixed signature dish. After all, Japanese cuisine is all about seizing the moment of seasonal change. But if I must say, it could be the dish which is only served here and nowhere else Any particular favourite food in Singapore? Although I do not dine out frequently, I enjoy the chicken rice from Chatterbox in the hotel where I am staying, as well as the delicious chilli crab which was introduced to me by local celebrity chef Sam Leong.

I am... Born in Kyoto Prefecture in 1963. Own two restaurants which have been featured in the Michelin Guide Book in Japan. Also a member of the Soul of Tohoku Project.


1993 2004 2009 2013

Worked at Seiyougosho Okumura, an established French restaurant in Kyoto. Opened First Restaurant “Restaurant Yonemura” in Kyoto Launched Second Restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo Guest Chef at World Gourmet Summit (again in 2010) Represented Japan at the 13th Annual Worlds of Flavour International Conference and Festival

A Premium Dining Destination for All Epicureans Located in the heart of business district, ME@OUE is helmed by Michelin star chefs Masayasu Yonemura and Laurent Peugeot as well as celebrity chef Justin Hor. Overlooking the Marina Bay,

it is the best place to enjoy a myriad of French, Japanese or Chinese cuisine while soaking in the mesmerising views of the picturesque skyline.



Saikyo Yaki Miso Cod Charcoal Grilled Wagyu

$68 $95~

50 Collyer Quay OUE Bayfront Rooftop Tel. 6634-4555 Mon-Fri 12pm-2:30pm 5:30pm-10:30pm Sat 5:30pm-10:30pm Closed on Sundays

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Go Beyond Travel Guides and Discover Gems in

Chiba & Ibaraki

Chiba is not just about an airport or Disneyland!

Facing the Pacific Ocean, Chiba is blessed with a mild climate and scenic pockets of nature that make it a magnificent resort area like Hawaii. Chiba welcomes travelers allyear round: see flowers and pick strawberries in the Spring, do water sports and enjoy the beaches in the Summer, take in the rich history along with the multicolored foliage in the Fall, and rejuvenate your body and mind in hot springs in the Winter.


A Day Trip from Narita Airport - Historical Chiba Narita is home to Narita International Airport, a main gateway to Japan. The following places are within 30 minutes by taxi or public transportation from the airport, and are also perfect for travelers with time to spare during layovers. There’s no need to go far from the airport to experience exotic Japan!





Visit one of the most popular temples in Japan. The temple is dedicated to Fudomyo-o, the god of fire, and has been a favorite site for excursions and pilgrimages since the Tokugawa shoguns moved the national capital to Edo (Tokyo) in 1603. The temple attracts more than 3 million visitors wishing for their safety, luck, and prosperity during the first three days of the New Year’s Festival alone.

Stroll historic Japan at Omotesando. The 800-meter-long street leads straight to Narita-San Shinshoji Temple, and many small antique-style inns, restaurants, and souvenir shops are nestled along either side. If you want to eat the best authentic local delicacies such as Unaju (eel over rice), then stop by Kikuya; their locally-sourced Unagi (eels) are juicy and will definitely satisfy both your stomach and travel checklist.




Travel 150 years into Japan’s past and try your hand at traditional crafts! Boso-no-mura is an interactive museum park made up of authentic samurai residences, farmhouses, and other buildings from the Edo period. They offer around 350 types of demonstrations and hands-on experience programs.


Experience real Samurai life! Sakura City began as a fortified town at the foot of a local castle that served the Tokugawa Shogunate during the Edo period. Today, several historic samurai houses remain along Sakura Samurai Street, and three of them are open to the public. URL:


Explore More of Chiba NOKOGIRI MOUNTAIN・鋸山 Home to breathtaking views, spiritual trails with over 1,500 Arhat statues, and a gigantic stone-carved Buddha, Nokogoriyama (sawtooth mountain) is one of the best daytrip spots from Tokyo.



Meet cute animals, see beautiful flowers, enjoy fruit-picking, and more! The farm is a great destination for city-dwelling families who want to try out the country life. URL:


KAMOGAWA SEAWORLD ・鴨川シーワールド Have fun with our friends from the sea! Kamogawa SeaWorld is a seaside aquarium boasting 11,000 sea creatures from 800 species including killer whales, dolphins, and sea lions. URL:

OYAMA RICE TERRACES・大山千枚田 Escape from city life and take a nostalgic stroll along the Oyama Rice Terraces, which is the closest rice terrace from Tokyo to see vivid and young green paddies. URL:

Dine, Stay, and Shop in Chiba TAKARAYA・




Watch Kisarazu Geishas perform while enjoying a traditional Japanese meal. You can even talk to and play parlor games with the Geishas. Plus, Takaraya’s owner is fluent in English.

Stay at the most elegant Ryokan (Japanese style inn) in Kamogawa. Gorgeous Japanese full-course meal, great ocean views, and a wonderful hot spring will definitely satisfy you.

Looking for great souvenirs from Chiba? Check out Miya Shoyu, the southernmost, traditional Shoyu (soy sauce) factory in all of Eastern Japan, and is also the closest to Tokyo.

If you’re a bargain hunter, head to outlet shopping malls to satisfy your cravings. Shisui Premium Outlets in Chiba and Ami Premium Outlets in Ibaraki will not let you down.




WAttention Singapore







Chiba and Ibaraki -- most tourists overlook these two prefectures, but visiting these Kanto region members are well worth it and both are easily accessible from either Haneda or Narita Airport. Go beyond the travel guides and get the inside track on the great locations that only the locals know about by adding these destinations to your next Japan trip itinerary.


Extending Your Stay in Japan? Visit Ibaraki! Located just above Chiba, this prefecture may not be the obvious tourist destination, but many pleasant surprises await you. Like neighboring Chiba, Ibaraki’s rural atmosphere contains scenic nature spots and is a great contrast to Tokyo’s urban landscapes. In addition, Ibaraki has some of the best that Japan has to offer.

Tsukuba Mountain


Visit the Best of Ibaraki! “Mt. Fuji to the West, Mt. Tsukuba to the East.” This local saying dates back numerous generations and praises Ibaraki’s Tsukuba Mountain for its beauty by comparing it favorably to Mt. Fuji. The Tsukuba Ropeway also operates in the nighttime during Winter, so hop on and enjoy the marvelous night scenery from the mountains.

The Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge is the longest of its kind in Japan. Like a large dragon god as its name implies, the bridge soars high above the lake below. If you have the guts, walk across it while looking down or take the literal plunge and try bungee jumping off it.

Fukuroda-no-taki is one of the three most gorgeous waterfalls in Japan. The red and yellow leaves on the surrounding trees are beautiful during Autumn, and the waterfall frozen in mid-Winter is breathtaking.

Want to visit the tallest Buddha statue in the world? Check out Ushiku Daibutsu -- you can actually go inside of it, and it is three times taller than New York’s own Statue of Liberty.

Ushiku Daibutsu

Ibaraki is also one of the largest producers of agricultural products in all of Japan; in fact, they are the top supplier of both melons and chestnuts. If you want to try apple-picking, visit Kuroda Apple Orchard in Okukuji in October; they have the oldest mutsu apple tree in the nation. If you want to see beautiful plum flowers, Kairakuen in Mito is famous for them and you should go there during winter time.



Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge

Kuroda Apple Orchard

Explore More of Ibaraki JAXA・ 科学の街・つくば Ibaraki is also the prefecture closest to outer space -- well, not literally, but Tsukuba City is the home of the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). Formed from the merger of three separate entities in 2003, JAXA is responsible for the development, technology, and the research supporting Japan’s activities in space. Whether you’re an astronaut or not, swing by the JAXA museum and learn more about NASA’s Japanese counterpart. URL:

KASAMA POTTERY・笠間焼・回廊ギャラリー門 The city of Kasama is one of the biggest and most important pottery communities in the entire Kanto region. Visit Gallery Mon and check out the best and most stylish pottery in Kasama at bargain prices. And if you’re thirsty, get the traditional Maccha green tea experience complete with Kasama pottery tea cups and a beautiful view of a Japanese garden at Shunpubanriso, an extension of the the Kasama Nichido Museum of Art and which was once the home of famous artist Rosanjin. URL:

Dine, Stay, and Shop in Ibaraki SANSUI・山翠 For seafood aficionados, Ibaraki’s got your back. Anko Nabe (anglerfish hotpot) is a famous local dish, and you can’t go wrong by dining here because they’ve got the best Anko around. URL:




Let’s not forget about Ibaraki’s great soba and sake. Located inside of the Kiuchi Brewery, try out the Hitachi Akisoba served at the Nakaya Restaurant along with Kiuchi sake.

A very convenient place to stay at when you visit Mt. Tsukuba, the hotel is located at the foot of the mountain and the view from the rooms is amazing.

This is great place to stay when you’re visiting Fukuroda-no-taki. Cleanse yourself in their outdoor hot springs, which are located right next to a beautiful river fed by Fukuroda-no-taki.







event & information Jan



up coming


Aiko Tezuka

Courtesy of Michael Janssen Gallery

Yoshitaka Amano

Courtesy of Mizuma Gallery

Japanese Artists Showcase at Leading Asian Art fair

Japan Classic Samurai Story Returns to Big Screen

Art Stage Singapore, the annual art fair, will be featuring a Japan platform amongst the seven country and regional platforms in 2014. Be captivated by works from Japanese artistes Aiko Tezuka, a Tokyo-born who works in Berlin, and Yoshitaka Amano, known for his character designs in the video game series Final Fantasy.

Starring Keanu Reeves and Hiroyuki Sanada, 47 Ronin is a fictional account of 47 leaderless samurai seeking vengeance and restoring honor to their people. Driven from their homes, the samurais have to seek the help of Kai (Reeves) as they fight their way across a savage world of mythic beasts and wondrous terrors.

Art Stage Singapore 2014 | 16-19 Jan 2014 Marina Bay Sands

47 Ronin | Cast: Keanu Reeves, Hiroyuki Sanada, Tadanobu Asano, Rinko Kikuchi, Ko Shibasaki Universal Studios Production

Jan 17-19

Complete a Survey for a Chance to

Win a Great Prize WAttention India Debuts at Cool Japan Festival Mumbai Our sister magazine, WAttention India, will be launched at Cool Japan Festival —the largest Japanese festival in India organized by La Ditta Limited, showcasing Japanese culture, food and products. Highlights of this festival include Japanese street food and unique Japanese products by participating companies such as Kikkoman Soy Sauce, Panasonic Home Appliances, and many more. Cool Japan Festival 2014 17th, 18th & 19th Jan 2014 High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

Learn Japanese the fun and easy way!

•Adults •Kids •Travel •Conversation Tel : 6837-3063


WAttention Singapore

till 28th Feb 2014 an Please sc de this QR co e at to particip

ono it ional K im d a r T g in v a We ear ful Magic W ti u a e B to in

PATCH MAGIC 390 Orchard Road #B1-11 Palais Renaissance Tel. 6235-7710 Mon-Sat 10:30am-6:30pm Closed on Sundays & PH

楽し い 日本語





Samuel Yeo

Let’s talk in

Japanese!  Japanese Sushi Experience

No trip to Japan is complete without trying Japanese food (washoku), recently designated by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. And what better representative of washoku is there than sushi? To help you make the most of your next culinary adventure to a sushi-ya (sushi restaurant) in Japan, here are some useful tips and expressions to know. Upon entering the sushi-ya, you will be greeted by a chorus of “Irasshaimase!” (“Welcome!”). You need not say anything in response; a slight nod will do. If you are going to a high-end sushi-ya, it is advisable to make a reservation (yoyaku) beforehand, and if you have done so, introduce yourself by saying “Yoyaku shiteiru [your name] desu.” (“I’m...who made a reservation.”) Next, comes the ordering. Unsure of what to choose from the bewildering menu? Simply tell the staff your budget and allow the chef (itamae) to design a special course just for you (omakase)! ikoma.pdf 1 5/17/2012 7:56:52 PM For instance, if your budget is 5000 yen (gosen’en), say “Gosen’en no yosan de,



an for After living in Jap t seven years, fluen muel Japanese speaker Sa ng Yeong is now teachi g un yo to se ane Jap passion. students with great

Putting ever


hing together , omakase de onegai shimasu.” (“Please a conversatio n at a sushiya looks like this give me whatever you see fit, for a budget : Staff: Irasshaimase! of 5000 yen.”) It is fine to highlight to the “Welcome!” chef what you do not like. For example, Customer: Yoyaku shiteiru Yeong desu. if you prefer not to have octopus (tako), “I’m Yeong who made a reservation.” say “Tako wa nigate nanode dasanaide Staff: Nani o nigirimasho ka? “What shall I make for you?” kudasai.” (“I’m not fond of octopus, so Customer: Yonsen’en no yosan de, please don’t give me that.”) Spicy wasabi omakase de onegai shimasu. Ika wa (horseradish) is added by default to sushi, nigate nanode dasanaide kudasai. so if you would rather not have it, be sure “Please give me whatever you see fit, for a budget of 4000 yen. I’m not fond of octopus, to say “Wasabi nuki de onegai shimasu.” so please don’t give me that.” (“Without wasabi, please.”) Staff: Shochi shimashita. Of course, instead of getting the chef “Thank you. Please wait to choose for you, you can order what while we get your order ready.” you want by saying “[type of sushi] o kudasai.” (“Please give me…”) To order more than one type, use “to” (“and”) Useful words to know at a sushi-ya to link up your choices, such as “Toro to • tuna maguro • mackerel saba • squid ika samon to aji o kudasai.” (“Please give • fatty tuna toro • cucumber roll kappa maki me fatty tuna, salmon and horse mack• octopus tako • salmon samon • prawn ebi erel.”) Do note that the prices of the neta • tuna roll tekka maki • flounder engawa (topping on the sushi) fluctuate accord• horse mackerel aji • fried beancurd inari • cooked sea eel anago • herring roe kazunoko ing to the prevailing market rate, and it • soy sauce shoyu • egg tamago • tea ocha is acceptable to inquire the price before • nishin herring • scallop hotate • plate osara ordering by asking “[type of sushi] wa • red ginger gari • salmon roe ikura • flatfish hirame ikura desu ka?” (“How much is…?”) At • sushi rice shari • yellow tail hamachi • sea urchin uni 1 2013/08/02 12:15:54 the end of the meal, sayad_Aegis_WTS.pdf “Okanjo onegai • abalone awabi • red sea bream madai shimasu” to request for the bill. • surf clam hokkigai • chopsticks ohashi

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J a p a n e s e

About the Company

As a global innovation leader whose product lineup ranges from printing systems to sensors and other micro devices, Epson delivers customer value based on energysaving, and high-precision technologies in markets spanning enterprise and the home to commerce and industry. Led by the Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation, the Epson Group has developed a strong presence across major markets all over Southeast Asia since 1982. The company’s Singapore operation is also the Regional Headquarters of Seiko Epson Corporation.

Brand Story 0 0 5

WAttention picks up uniquely Japanese brands and products that are on the rise in the Singapore market.

Epson Singapore Pte Ltd 1 HarbourFront Place #03-02 HarbourFront Tower 1 Singapore 098633 Tel. 6586-5500 Web:


Other products from EPSON

New SureColor Printers — Efficient Dye-sublimation Transfer Printing Technology


pson, a world leader in digital imaging and printing solutions, has released two new roll-fed dye-sublimation fabric printers: the 44-inch SureColor SC-F6070 and the 64-inch SureColor SC-F7070. They are the first dyesublimation models in which every component – from ink and print-head to printer chassis and bulk-ink delivery system – is designed and manufactured by a single company. Containing

the Micro Piezo TFP Print Head, these printers have longer print head life and deliver excellent image quality. All new models support an extensive range of applications at high speeds. With the new high-capacity, 1500ml ink tank system that is refilled by one-litre packs of UltraChrome DS inks, the Epson SureColor F-series models achieve low printing costs and is ideal for any businesses and industrial-level production.

F2000-13Cal_Image_01_WH With high-performance direct-to-garment imaging, this printer enables businesses to offer t-shirt design and print service at low costs. It can also run all day with little downtime.

Your BRAND. with WAttention 42

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Met lovely Sakura Hotel at Asakusa

Because it was my first time to visit Tokyo as a backpacker, I decided to stay in Asakusa, where there are the most Japaneseque sceneries to visit. The experience of staying at Sakura Hostel Asakusa made the trip far beyond my expectations, because it was much more than just a bed to sleep – it was a place to meet interesting people and experience local culture. At Sakura Café, I had a great time chatting with people from all around the world and got much useful information from the friendly staff. Staying at lovely Sakura Hotel at Tokyo is definitely the most wonderful memory of my trip in Japan!


Rooms There are different types of rooms for groups to share, and dormitories are also available for backpackers who travel alone. Twin rooms would be recommended for couples that need more privacy. I stayed at the twin room where beautiful sceneries of Sensoji Temple and Tokyo Skytree are available at my balcony.

The reception is available 24 hours, and the English speaking staffs were so friendly that I felt warmly welcomed. Clean sheets and pillowcases are provided with swipe card and residency guidance.

“Sakura Café” is one of the charm points of Sakura Hotel, I think. It is not merely a café but also a place to get close to the soul of Tokyo. Various events and social gatherings are arranged here, such as origami sessions and parties. At Sakura Café I never felt lonely, and I made friend with Hanife, an adorable girl from Istanbul who loves Japanese culture a lot. I also enjoyed chatting with an interesting guy from London, Dean - a theatre writer - who had been traveling in Asia for more than 8 months for 16 countries, who was thinking to get some inspirations from both of the traditional and contemporary Japanese Arts. Moreover, in this cheerful spacious public space, free wifi, TV and computers are available 24 hours.

Sakura Café

Facilities & Information

1 2 3 4

Even come to Japan without any travel plans, there is various travel information for you to check. One-day trips seem popular. 1 Shower room: Each floor is well equipped with sanitary facilities. I was very satisfied with the clean toilet and shower room. 2 Kitchen: The kitchen is free to use for 24 hours. Here you could make yourself some easy meals or just a cup of coffee. 3 Laundry Room: I was happy with the washing machine and drying tumbler. I did not have to bring too many outfits with me. 4 Personal Locker: There are personal lockers in the dormitory. You can bring your own lock or just buy one at the reception.

If you don’t need the big suitcase with you, just leave them at the guest storage.

Sakura Hostel Asakusa Information

The notices are all written in English with cute pictures, it reminded me of my fun college life when I stayed at the school accommodation.

Address: 2-24-2 Asakusa, Taito-Ku, Tokyo, Japan Tel: 03-3847-8111 URL:

WAttention Singapore vol 18  

Sushipedia - Counter Dining Experience with Tomi Sushi - Sushi Crave - Sushi Restautant list in Singapore TOKACHI HOKKAIDO - KINGDOM OF GRE...

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