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Precisely What Is Vibration Exercise You are not alone if you have never been told about vibration exercise. Also known as WBV or whole body vibration, this kind of exercise has been researched for over 100 years. With the recent interest it has received in the United States, other countries for many years have enjoyed this form of exercise which is low impact, fast and easy. The list of benefits is too long to list fully, but the main benefits include increased flexibility, increased physical stamina and strength, increased muscle mass, reduction in stress hormones, reduction in joint and muscle discomfort, accelerated weight loss, and an improved experience of well-being. First developed by Swedish medical doctor Gustrav Zander, vibration exercises became a reality in 1857. Shown at two world fairs, Dr. Zander developed several vibration machines. He subsequently used his devices in Zander Institutes which were comparable to today's health club or gym. In the Netherlands, these centers became somewhat popular and they began to pop up around the world. Dr. John Harvey Kellogg in the 1890s introduced his own vibration machine and was acknowledged as an American innovator. Promoted to cure back discomfort, constipation and headaches, Dr. Kellog created a chair which shook clients strongly. The standing foundation was developed later on. It was not until the 1960s that the beginning of WBV as we know it nowadays was created. Developed in East Germany, these machines used a unique form of vibration called rhythmic neuromuscular stimulation. Eventually, Russian scientists learned of these techniques and continued to improve on the initial designs. WBV was studied on cosmonauts where the Russians tried numerous techniques after they had been away on lengthy space missions. Muscle atrophy and weakness could be promptly solved by using WBV where the cosmonaut's experienced issues from very long stretches of weightlessness. More research was performed on WBV throughout the years where the Russians were amazed at how muscle mass could be improved upon when consistently using WBV. The vibration routines were also found to circumvent injuries to professional athletes and aided in the process of healing during physical rehabilitation. During the 1960s Olympics, WBV was used by Russian athletes which helped overall performance and reduced injuries. Following the fall of Communism, the knowledge that the Russians had gathered since the 1960s became easily accessible to their western and eastern counterparts. The technology continued to be analyzed and improved upon by various other researchers and scientists. WBV immediately flourished in Asian and countries in Europe, but has only recently been discovered in the USA. In the beginning, only the very wealthy could afford WBV units, but with improved technology and increasing interest by the general public, costs have steadily dropped. There are some great machines available for home exercise use costing just several hundred or thousands of dollars, depending on the functions you want. Vibration exercise is simple to perform in addition to the wide range of health benefits. Even older people have little problems using WBV as a standard form of exercise. Often in under 10 minutes, this low impact exercise usually takes only a few minutes to carry out one workout. The base can be utilized statically or dynamically. There are several designs of WBV available to consumers. The more popular will be the standing designs with and without bars. Some offer one type of VibraTrim, LLC

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Precisely What Is Vibration Exercise vibration yet others offer 2 or more types of vibration. Pre-programmed systems are also offered on some models. The model you select should be based on the goals you have and your physical condition when starting off. Before starting any WBV program, always check with a physician just like you would with any sort of physical exercise. If you want to exercise, but just can't spend the time in a gym every day, or dislike regular exercise, you could potentially like vibration exercise. With a lot less time and energy, vibration exercise can offer many of the same benefits with way less strain and stress. If you have low flexibility, stiff joints, or aching muscles, try out vibration exercise. Go to for much more information regarding VibraTrim.

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Precisely What Is Vibration Exercise  

If you have low flexibility, stiff joints, or aching muscles, try out vibration exercise. Go to for much more inf...

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