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HEATING UP THE FOOD INDUSTRY The use of screw plug immersion heaters for safe, efficient food preparation

APPLICATIONS OF SCREW PLUG HEATERS FOR FOOD PREPARATION The list is extensive, but these are some of the most common uses: • Heating cooking oils • Heating water for cooking • Washing food-preparation equipment

HEATING WATER FOR COOKING Many types of food preparation require water to be heated to a very specific temperature and kept at that temperature. Screw plug heaters contain built-in thermostatic control. Being kept in sealed tanks means that all areas of the liquid inside the tank can be kept at a uniform temperature.

HEATING COOKING OILS Screw plug heaters are perfect for heating all types of oils used in food preparation. Since they can heat everything from water to thick industrial oils, this means that the range of densities offered by cooking oils presents no problem. They offer considerable advantages over over-the-side electric heaters because there is less chance of employees coming into direct contact with hot oil.

WASHING FOOD PREPARATION EQUIPMENT Screw plug heaters are used for a variety of applications in the cleaning of cooking equipment. They are frequently used in commercial dishwashers. They are also ideal for equipment sterilization.

BENEFITS OF SCREW PLUG HEATERS FOR ALL COOKING APPLICATIONS Cooking liquids with screw plug heaters is much more efficient than heating them from outside the container. The heater elements heat liquids evenly. Being contained in a tank makes screw plug heaters less of a fire hazard.


They are: Easy to install or remove, so they can be moved back and forth between various cooking applications Easy to regulate, so they are ideal for foods that require precise temperatures Easy to maintain, so they save your business time and effort

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Heating up the food industry | Screw plug immersion heaters are a safe and efficient method for food service heating applications. WATTCO is your b...