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Watson, Little Ltd Foreign Rights Guide Autumn 2016

James Abbott


Agent: James Wills

THE NEVER KING World All Languages: Pan Macmillan (Spring 2017) Dramatic rights available A dark action packed stand-alone fantasy novel exploring the themes of justice, revenge, oppression and heroism.

The Count of Monte Cristo as if written by David Gemmell.

Xavir Argentum, an elite soldier, was imprisoned for a war crime that was staged in order to have him banished. He has been living with his crimes in a remote mountain-top prison, when a spy infiltrates the gaol to bring him news of the wider world. The man who put him in prison has become a mad king, who is bringing torment to the world after making a pact with a strange new race. Xavir must break free from prison in order to save the country that has since scorned him. As a ruined man, he has nothing to lose and does not fear death in glory. However, shortly after breaking free Xavir discovers that he has a witch-daughter from a liaison many years past, and she possesses remarkable talents of her own‌ James Abbot is a pseudonym for an established author who is "trying an exciting new direction".

Rose Alexander


Agent: Megan Carroll

GARDEN OF STARS World All Languages: Harlequin UK (eBook August 2016)

Dramatic rights available

A gripping novel of hope, family and love across the ages

The Alentejo, Portugal 1934 I am Inês Bretão and I am 18 years old. Now that I am finally an adult and soon to be married, I feel like my real life is about to begin. I have decided to document everything that happens to me, for my children and my grandchildren… As Sarah Lacey reads the scrawled handwriting in her great-aunt's journal on a trip to Portugal, she discovers a life filled with great passion, missed chances and lost loves – memories that echo Sarah's own life. Because Sarah's marriage is crumbling, her love for her husband ebbing away, and she fears the one man she truly loves was lost to her many years ago… But hidden within the faded pages of the journal is a secret Inês has kept locked away her entire life, and one final message for her beloved niece – a chance for Sarah to change her life, if she is brave enough to take it. Rose Alexander has been a TV producer / director making programmes for all the major broadcasters, freelance feature writer for publications including The Guardian and secondary school English teacher, not forgetting cocktail waitress, melon picker and interior designer. But her passion has always been with writing. Rose lives in North London with her two children.


K.M. Ashman Agent: James Wills

REBELLION’S FORGE (THE BLOOD OF KINGS, BOOK 3) World All Languages: Thomas & Mercer (January 2017) Dramatic rights available

A kingdom is forged in the fires of war

Rebellion’s Forge is the third book in the Blood of Kings trilogy by the Amazon bestselling author.

An uneasy peace reigns in Wales. It’s 1109 and the truce with England hangs by the thinnest of threads. While King Gruffydd ap Cynan’s rule of law holds in the north, a spirit of rebellion is rising in the south, as tearaway princes and rebels grow to resent England’s oppression of their homeland. And when Nesta, married off in a political move by England’s King Henry, leaves the safety of her husband’s castle to attend a celebration, the rebels seize their opportunity. The truce broken, England’s rulers look to turn the ensuing chaos to their advantage, and to crush Wales under their boot once and for all. Gruffydd is left with a stark choice: enforce the peace he so desires for his land, and betray his countrymen, or risk everything he has built by going to war with the English once again. But the decision is soon taken out of his hands by those who ride for liberty from the depths of Rebellion’s Forge. K. M. Ashman is the author of 14 novels, of which 3 have been Amazon #1. To be a writer was a lifelong dream that he is in equal parts delighted and amazed to have fulfilled. Ashman lives with his wife & four children in south Wales, where he enjoys cycling and rugby, when he isn’t daydreaming about his next book. A LAND DIVIDED, the first THE BLOOD OF KINGS title, was published by Thomas & Mercer in October 2015. The second, A WOUNDED REALM was published in January 2016.

Jenny Blackhurst


Agent: Laetitia Rutherford

BEFORE I LET YOU IN UK & BC: Headline (ebook 28th August 2016, paperback 3rd November 2016) USA & Canada: Emily Bestler Books Germany: Bastei Luebbe

‘I loved it. Jenny is an evil genius’ - Lisa Hall ‘A superb thriller. Compelling and thoroughly gripping. Highly recommended’ - Luca Veste 'An expertly observed and deeply disturbing exploration into the bonds of friendship and the secrets that people keep' - S.J.I. Holliday ‘A fantastic, twisted story’ - Adam Hamdy From the author of the best-selling book HOW I LOST YOU Over 270,000 copies sold. The UK’s No.10 bestselling e-book of 2015 When the woman walked into Dr Karen Brown’s office, she didn’t look any different to the countless patients she’d seen over her ten years as a psychiatrist. But Jessica Hamilton is different. And she doesn’t want to be fixed. With Karen's friends in danger she knows Jessica must be stopped. But at what cost? Single White Female meets The Girl on the Train… Trust no one, believe nothing. 'Compelling, disturbing and thoroughly enjoyable' - Sharon Bolton Jenny Blackhurst grew up in Shropshire where she still lives with her husband and children. Growing up she spent hours reading and talking about crime novels - writing her own seemed like natural progression. Jenny has a Masters degree in Psychology, and when she isn’t writing, works as the Fire Safety Systems Administrator for Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Jenny Blackhurst


Agent: Laetitia Rutherford

HOW I LOST YOU UK & BC: Headline (ebook October 2014, paperback April 2015)

USA & Canada: Emily Bestler Books France: Editions Belfond Germany: Bastei Lubbe Hungary: Alexandra Italy: Newton Compton Korea: Tornado Media Group

Film/TV Option: Headfirst Productions, LA with Muse Entertainment, Canada

'Utterly gripping - brilliant debut!‘ - Clare Mackintosh, author of I LET YOU GO 'As twisted as a mountain road, Blackhurst's fastmoving and unputdownable debut will keep you glued to your seat’ - Alex Marwood

#1 Kindle Bestseller 2015

In the Top Ten Bestselling eBooks of 2015 Susan Webster has just emerged from Oakdale Psychiatric Unit and moved into a home of her own, when strange events start to overtake her new life. When a photograph of her son, pronounced dead 3 years earlier, is posted to her flat, she begins a terrifying journey to uncover the past. Helped by Cassie, her lovable but potentially dangerous friend from Oakdale, and Nick, an investigative journalist familiar with her case, Susan starts to uncover secrets from her marriage she never knew she was helping cover up. Was she really betrayed by those she thought had loved and protected her most of all? And was she driven by a tragic psychosis to do terrible deeds she would now prefer to forget? ‘I was immediately drawn in by Jenny’s clever and involving plot and I feel that I have found a real star in the making. Jenny’s enthusiasm and love for the genre is clear in her writing.’ – Vicki Mellor, Deputy Publishing Direction, Headline

Andrew Blackman Agent: James Wills


THE CHOICE On submission

Winner of the Luke Bitmead Writer’s Award

‘Three months. Six at most.’ When Miles is told that his wife Irina is dying, all the arguments and resentments that have come to define their marriage seem suddenly irrelevant, and he is determined to discover where things went so badly wrong. Irina is in no mood to help him, however, simply referring vaguely to a choice made twenty-five years ago and being angry when Miles has no idea what she means. Miles sets out to discover what ‘choice’ Irina is talking about. As he does so, he makes some terrible mistakes, and reveals secrets of his own: he is having an affair, and his daughter and brother both have grievances against him and refuse to answer his calls. He gradually discovers clues in an old book that he and Irina read together years ago: a memoir written by his great grandfather, a renegade member of the Spanish royal family who abandoned his claim to the throne and moved to England under the assumed name of Charles Monfort. In that book, Charles struggles with the conflict between his arranged marriage and his love for another woman, and in his attempts to reconcile the two, he ends up hurting everyone around him.

As Miles tries desperately to piece together the long-buried secrets of the past, he must confront the choice he made so that he can save his marriage while there’s still time. Andrew Blackman is a British-born award-winning novelist. His first novel, On the Holloway Road (Legend Press), won the Luke Bitmead Writer’s Bursary, was shortlisted for the Dundee International Book Prize, and was described by the Daily Mail as having “echoes of Jack Kerouac in this freewheeling adventure down the CCTV-ed, drizzly corridors of modern Britain.” His second, A Virtual Love (Legend Press), was shortlisted for the People’s Book Prize, and was described by author James Miller as “a compelling and very entertaining look at the complexities of our hyper-real age.” Blackman currently divides his time between London and Crete.

John Bleasdale Agent: James Wills


BLOOD IS ON THE GRASS On submission to UK editors

200 year anniversary of the Peterloo massacre in 2019

August 1819: a peaceful demonstration in Manchester was attacked by armed cavalry and the local militia, killing dozens and injuring hundreds. This appalling event became known as the Peterloo massacre and it would change our political landscape forever. From the killing fields of Waterloo to the dark heart of the industrial revolution, Blood is on the Grass is an astonishing debut novel that recounts the events leading up to the massacre and the thrilling story individuals caught in a turbulent and revolutionary period of history; portraying in vivid immediacy a world of spies, orators, factory workers, thief-takers and radicals.

John Bleasdale grew up in Cumbria and studied at Liverpool University where he completed his PhD on the poet Shelley. Following a brief stint as a performance poet, John moved to Italy to teach at the University of Venice. His journalism has appeared in major publications, including The Guardian and Independent. He has also written a number of screenplays. An accomplished film critic, John’s work has been featured in Terrence Malick and Philosophy (Continuum), World Film Locations: Venice (Intellect), World Directory of Cinema (Intellect),,, Electric Sheep Magazine as well as founding and editing his own site of film-based satirical site The Studio Exec (with 46,000 followers on Twitter).

Cynthia Clark


Agent: Laetitia Rutherford

IF YOU ONLY KNEW On exclusive UK submission

Debut psychological suspense – an everywoman’s story exploring a seemingly impossible personal struggle and asking tense moral questions

She’s a wife. She’s a mother. She’s a lawyer. She’s a killer. Can you keep her secret? Would you have done the same? As a young woman, our narrator is attacked in an incident you could call every woman’s worst nightmare and she kills him in self-defence. She means to go straight to the police, but at the last moment, changes her mind and covers it up. So begins the lie which remains at the heart of her life for years to come. Nobody knows what she did. Not her husband, nor the colleagues in her legal practice where she is drawn to defend the seemingly indefensible victims she identifies with. At any moment, the life she created may fall apart, and her character called into irrevocable doubt. This is an everywoman’s story, about a seemingly impossibly personal struggle which profoundly affects all the characters around her. The author Cynthia Clark was born and brought up in Malta, where she graduated in Media & Communications and went to work in a 24-hour newsroom. She has since lived in the US, where she worked as a writer in online business journals. She and her husband have recently moved to London, and had baby twins. This is her first book and she wrote the first draft in 9 weeks.


Martin Edwards Agent: James Wills

THE DUNGEON HOUSE UK & BC: Allison & Busby (September 2015) USA: Poisoned Pen Press (September 2015) Audio: Soundings Film/TV Option: Headstrong Pictures (Warner Bros)

'First rate...Martin Edwards writes terrific crime novels' – Guardian

Recently optioned by Headstrong Pictures (Warner Brothers) for TV

The wealthy owner of the magnificent Dungeon House, Malcolm Whiteley, discovers his attractive wife Lysette is having an affair. Under financial and emotional pressure, Malcolm begins to disintegrate psychologically. Every man in their social circle becomes a suspect. After a disastrous open house barbecue at Dungeon House, Lysette tells Malcolm their marriage is over – and he takes out the old Winchester rifle he had been hiding… Present Day: Hannah Scarlett’s cold case team are looking into the three year old mystery of the disappearance of Lily Elstone, whose father was Malcolm’s accountant. Their investigation coincides with the disappearance of another Martin Edwards is an award-winning crime writer teenage girl, Shona Whiteley, daughter of whose sixth LAKE DISTRICT MYSTERY, featuring DCI Malcolm’s nephew Nigel, who now resides Hannah Scarlett and Daniel Kind, is THE FROZEN in the tragic Dungeon House. Twenty years SHROUD. Earlier books in the series are THE COFFIN earlier, Malcolm shot his wife and killed his TRAIL (short-listed for the Theakston's prize for best daughter before committing suicide. But as British crime novel of 2006), THE CIPHER GARDEN, THE Hannah’s team dig into the past, doubts ARSENIC LABYRINTH (short-listed arise about what exactly happened on that for the Lakeland Book of the Year fateful day twenty years ago. 'Ambitious, nuanced and brimful of Lake Country atmosphere -- Edwards always gives top value' Kirkus Reviews 'Martin is increasingly recognised as one of Britain's most exciting crime writers' – Liverpool Daily Post

award in 2008), THE SERPENT POOL, and THE HANGING WOOD. THE FROZEN SHROUD has been published in the UK by Allison & Busby and in the US by Poisoned Pen Press. It has been optioned by ITV.

Christopher Fowler Agent: James Wills


Winner of the CWA ‘Dagger in the Library’ Award 2015 Winner of the Green Carnation Prize for PAPERBOY Winner of CrimeFest E-Dunnit Award 2013 Featured on ITV3's Crime Thriller Book Club 2013 Christopher Fowler was born in Greenwich, London. He is the multi award-winning author of over thirty novels & ten short story collections. His books have been optioned by Guillermo Del Toro (SPANKY) and Jude Law (PSYCHOVILLE).

‘Life always seems livelier whenever Arthur Bryant and John May are on the case’ New York Times Christopher Fowler’s extensive backlist will be digitally republished, with new jackets and introductions by Joanne Harris, by Transworld throughout 2016.

Christopher Fowler


Agent: James Wills

BRYANT AND MAY: WILD CHAMBER World English Language: Doubleday (March 2017)

‘Quirky and original … The relationship between Bryant and May is done brilliantly’ Mark Billingham ‘Devilishly clever’ – Val McDermid "Fabulously unorthodox...Fowler, an unashamed anorak, takes delight in stuffing his books with esoteric facts; together with a cast of splendidly eccentric characters ranging from white witches to unfrocked and potty academics, corkscrew plots, wit, verve and some apposite social commentary, they make for unbeatable fun.’ - Laura Wilson, Guardian "Witty, engaging mix of crime drama and comedy that's also an esoteric history of London.’ - Sun Our story begins at the end of an investigation, as the members of London's Peculiar Crimes Unit race to catch a killer near London Bridge Station in the rain, not realising that they’re about to cause a bizarre accident just yards away from the crime scene. And it will have repercussions for them all… ‘What Christopher Fowler does so well is to merge the old values with the new…he’s giving us two for the price of one’ – Lee Child ‘Invests the traditions of the Golden Age of detective fiction with a tongue-in-cheek postmodernism’ – Evening Standard ‘Exciting and thoughtful…one of our most unorthodox and entertaining writers’ – Sunday Telegraph

‘Witty, charming, intelligent, wonderfully atmospheric and enthusiastically plotted’ – The Times ‘Hugely beguiling and as filled with tricks and sleights of hand as a magician’s sleeve’ - Joanne Harris ‘A proper old-fashioned puzzle. You feel pleased when you spot stuff. This is Golden Age detective story-writing’ – Kate Mosse

L.K. Fox


Agent: James Wills

SOMEBODY ELSE On submission to UK editors

a gripping, twist-filled debut psychological suspense with a very different take on the “missing child” story

Just after Nick drops his son off outside the crowded school gates, he has a minor car accident. The other driver won’t surrender his details, so Nick photographs his licence plate. When he gets home, he enlarges the shot on his phone and sees somebody else in the picture – his son in the back seat, being driven away by a stranger. Ella has a child but also suffers a terrible loss. Now, like Nick, she will do anything to find out what happened to her little boy. As Nick and Ella set out on separate journeys for the truth, what brings them together is more shocking than they can imagine. When everybody is against you, and nobody believes you, just how far are you willing to go? If you think this is just another missing child story, think again. And if you thought you already knew the most surprising suspense author, get ready for SOMEBODY ELSE.

LK Fox lives in London and is currently working on a second psychological suspense novel to rival the twists and surprises of SOMEBODY ELSE.

Matt Johnson Agent: James Wills

DEADLY GAME World English Language: Orenda Books (December 2016) Audio: W.F. Howes

Praise for WICKED GAME:

Over 350 5* reviews on Amazon ‘Terse, tense and vivid writing. Matt Johnson is a brilliant new name in the world of thrillers.’ – Peter James ‘Wicked Game has the authenticity I look for in a thriller. While the plot kept me turning pages, the characters made me care. Matt writes like a man who has lived it.’ – Kevin Maurer, author of NO EASY DAY Reeling from the attempts on his life and that of his family, Police Inspector Robert Finlay returns to work to discover that any hope of a peaceful existence has been dashed. Assigned to investigate the Eastern European sex-slave industry just as a key witness is murdered, Finlay, along with his new partner Nina Brasov, finds himself facing a ruthless criminal gang, determined to keep control of the traffic of people into the UK. On the home front, Finlay’s efforts to protect his wife and child may have been in vain, as an MI5 protection officer uncovers a covert secret service operation that threatens them all… Picking up where the bestselling Wicked Game left off, Deadly Game sees Matt Johnson’s damaged hero fighting on two fronts. Aided by new allies, he must not only protect his family but save a colleague from an unseen enemy … and a shocking fate. Matt Johnson is an ex-soldier and cop from the UK. Matt experienced an incredible career involving murders, shootings and terrorist bombings. He was blown off his feet at the London Baltic Exchange bombing & among the first on the scene at the 1982 Regents Park bomb. Following a diagnosis of PTSD, Matt was encouraged by his counsellor to write about his experiences. He eventually weaved these notes into his debut novel, WICKED GAME, that he described as having a tremendously cathartic effect on his condition.

Rebecca Levene Agent: James Wills

THE SUN’S DOMAIN World All Languages: Hodder & Stoughton (January 2017) Praise for THE HOLLOW GOD’S series:

‘If you like your fantasy with a heavy dose of gritty realism, this should slip down a treat… It’s a little bit Tolkien, a little bit Philip Pullman, a little bit Neil Gaiman.’ - The Independent ‘Rebecca Levene knows how to hook the reader… Little by little, as the narrative twists and turns, Levene reveals the depth and complexity of her created world and leaves the reader eager for the next instalment.’ - The Guardian

Seven years have passed since the shattering of Mirror Town, and Krish has taken has rightful place as heir to the kingdom of Ashanesland, with his friends and allies ruling by his side. He's turned his back on his divine birthright and set out to bring unity to the warring tribes and nations as no more than a man. The mysterious land once known as the Eternal Empire has opened its borders at last, and invited Krish to take his place as part of its ruling Triumvirate. But there are plots within plots in the country that once worshipped his sister, the sun, and now hates all gods. Because the sun goddess been made flesh once again and is determined to end the ancient conflict with her brother's final defeat. And there are strange and new gods stirring in the lands – while some search for a weapon that could destroy them all.

Rebecca Levene is an experienced author of fiction and non-fiction and has written scripts for TV and video games, including one voiced by Mickey Rourke. She began her career writing media tie-ins for properties ranging from Doctor Who to the Final Destination movies. Rebecca’s first novel, Smiler’s Fair, the first in The Hollow Gods series was published in July 2014 by Hodder & Stoughton (World English). The second in the series, THE HUNTER’S KIND was Published in July 2016.

P.K. Lynch

Agent: Donald Winchester

ARMADILLOS World English Language: Legend (April 2016) Audio: Audible

Legend’s lead title for Spring 2016

‘PK Lynch can tell a story deep as a wound… Read this one.‘ - Jeannette Winterson

Aggie is fifteen, a ‘sub’ from a ‘sub’ family, one of Texas’ downtrodden. Her father and brother enact that ‘sub’-ness on her, week in, week out. She has only the vaguest notion that there is something wrong with the sexual abuse she endures, and instead dreams of the outside world. So, one day, Aggie walks out. In an alien environment, where there is little care for a sub like her, her toughness and rugged charm rise to the fore. Like the armadillos that are, to most people, mere roadside targets and yet flourish in Texas’ barren landscape, Aggie is a survivor. In her escape, she encounters a cornucopia of characters: pink-haired Freak, the beast-like Marjorie, and Ade, a conspiracy theorist Scot who runs a squat in a mansion abandoned during the mortgage crisis. They offer Aggie the sort of family - albeit a thoroughly dysfunctional one - that she’s been looking for. But when she gets embroiled in a crisis involving stolen money and the creepy blue-fingernailed Duke, the novel rattles to a terrifying conclusion with Aggie at its heart. ARMADILLOS is the thrilling tale of a survivor, but also a picture of contemporary conservative middle America, a startling mix of extremes of rich and poor. An extract from the beginning of the novel won The Sceptre Prize in 2013. Pauline Lynch is an actress, known best for her roles in Trainspotting and Beautiful Creatures. This is her debut novel.

Chrissie Manby Agent: Laetitia Rutherford

A FAIRYTALE FOR CHRISTMAS World English Language: Hodder (3rd November 2016) What could be more magical at Christmas than a fairy tale come true? A wonderful, heart-warming and funny Christmas novel from Chrissie Manby, perfect for curling up with in front of the fire.


It's the festive season and the members of the Newbay Theatre Society, more commonly known as the NEWTS, are preparing to put on a show. Being cast as Cinderella is the realization of a dream for newcomer Kirsty, not least because she hopes starring in a panto under the direction of her boyfriend Jon will bring them closer together. But Kirsty soon learns that it's not all glitter and good cheer behind the scenes at the amateur theatre as bitter rivalries nurtured through decades, wardrobe mishaps and suspicious near-fatal accidents threaten to derail the production. And then there's Prince Charming himself. Will working together with Jon bring Kirsty her happy ever after... or reveal their love to be nothing but a 'showmance'? With Christmas just around the corner, it's going to take more than a Fairy Godmother to get Kirsty and her cast-mates to the ball. eBook Novella (13th September 2016) FALLING LEAVES AND FIREWORKS: Bereavement and the loss of the family cat hits eight-year-old Jack hard. With Bonfire Night approaching his mother plans a party to cheer him up but it’s the cat Fishy’s old blanket that holds the key in helping Jack and the BensonEdwards family. Chrissie Manby grew up in Gloucester and studied Experimental Psychology at St Edmund Hall, Oxford. She is the bestselling author of thirty two novels.

Olivia Darling

Agent: Laetitia Rutherford Olivia Darling is a pseudonym for Sunday Times Best Selling author of thirty two novels, Chrissie Manby. She also writes under the names Stella Knightley and Stephanie Ash.

VINTAGE UK & BC: Hodder (March 2008) Taiwan: Sun Color Germany: Rowohlt Netherlands: Random House Madeleine Arsenault has prepared for this moment all her life. Grief for her father is second only to her determination to rescue the beloved family Chateau, and prove to her sworn childhood enemy Axel Delaflote that she's got what it takes to run the most successful champagne house in France. Former supermodel Christina Morgan knows she hasn't got what it takes. But she's sure as hell not going to show it. And with the help of her assistant Sam, she'll turn her ex-husband's hobby Californian vineyard into a major player. Kelly Elson would rather drink vodka and coke than champagne. Then she inherits a vineyard and suddenly she's not a chambermaid any more. Swept into a world of feuds, backstabbing, sabotage and seduction, have they got what it takes to survive? There's more than their reputations at stake.

PRICELESS UK & BC: Hodder (March 2009) What would it take to make you risk your reputation, your livelihood or even your life? On London's glittering art scene there's only one thing worth more than a Leonardo da Vinci and that's revenge.
When native New Yorker Carrie is asked to set up a new auction house in London, she seizes the opportunity to settle an old score. 
In rival auction house Ludbrook's, Lizzie is sleeping with her boss. Which could be her best career move. Or her worst.
And out in the sticks, divorced and desperate to secure a better future for her child, Serena is about to embark on a daring artistic enterprise that could spell disaster for them all.

TEMPTATION UK & BC: Hodder (June 2011) International singing star Cosima has it all. Talent, fame and a super-sized overdraft. Will the promise of a big pay-day tempt her to embark on a six week tour where she'll be forced to share the stage with her ex-husband, the only man who ever broke her heart? For the past five years, high-flying banker Juliet has been sleeping with her married boss. She thinks it's love, but when his empty promises are revealed, will she be tempted to risk her life to use a dangerous secret against him? Mercy is struggling to make ends meet as an office cleaner while longing to follow in Cosima's footsteps and make it big as a singer. Will she be tempted to break the law to take the first step towards her dream? Three very different women set their worlds on a collision course when they give in to their desires.

Stella Knightley Agent: Laetitia Rutherford

UK & BC: Hodder France: Bragelonne Spain: Planeta Italy: Newton Compton Indonesia: UFUK Press

THE GIRL BEHIND THE MASK Published: March 2013 Leaving the heartache of sexual betrayal behind her in London, historian Sarah Thomson intends to make the most of her research trip to Venice. But she soon finds her attention consumed by mysterious millionaire Marco Donato. Despite their deepening relationship, however, the handsome playboy persists in playing a secretive game. What exactly is Marco hiding?

THE GIRL BEHIND THE FAN Published: July 2013 Hurt and confused by the sudden end of her strange love affair with Venetian millionaire Marco Donato, Sarah takes her bruised heart to Paris, where she tries to forget by throwing herself into a new project: a study of the life of notorious nineteenth-century courtesan, Augustine Levert,. It is while she is in France that Sarah meets her ex-boyfriend Steven, who is hoping for a reconciliation. They rekindle their psychologically and sexually tortured relationship, but when her life begins to parallel Augustine's story, Sarah realises she will never erase Marco from her heart. Faced with a choice between safety and overwhelming passion, will both women make the right decision?

THE GIRL BEHIND THE CURTAIN Published: August 2013 Sarah Thomson and Marco Donato's complicated love affair continues - their passion is a deep one but both have been badly hurt before and are wary of exposing their vulnerabilities to the other. In Nineteen-Thirties Germany, Katherine Hazleton escapes her stuffy finishing school and runs away to Berlin in pursuit of an unsuitable man. Alone and penniless, she is forced to become a hostess at a cabaret bar. There she reinvents herself as Kitty Katkin. Writing her own songs to accompany her risquĂŠ dance routines, Kitty is soon a sensation. She is in love with Berlin and her handsome musician lover, Otto. But Germany is about to change. Will Kitty and Sarah find the love they truly deserve?

Alex Marwood Agent: Laetitia Rutherford

International best-selling author Alex Marwood has been translated into 17 territories THE DARKEST SECRET- The stunning new suspense novel OUT NOW

THE KILLER NEXT DOOR Winner of the 2015 Macavity Award for Best Mystery Novel Nominated for the Anthony Award 2014 Best Paperback Original Nominated for the Barry Award 2015 Best Paperback Original ‘One of the best books I read this year: The suspense keeps the pages flying, but what sets this one apart is the palpable sense of onrushing doom’ – Stephen King


Winner of the Edgar Allen Poe Award for Best Paperback Original 2014 Shortlisted for the International Thriller Writer Awards 2013 Optioned by the BBC

‘Alex Marwood’s second stand-alone novel delivers a multilayered plot that succeeds as crime fiction, a gothic tale, and a village mystery – all with an edge. While some scenes are gruesome enough to give Thomas Harris pause, The Killer Next Door is lyrically insightful [and a] gripping thriller.’ – The Associated Press

Alex Marwood Agent: Laetitia Rutherford

THE DARKEST SECRET UK & BC: Sphere (Ebook January 2016, Paperback June 2016) USA: Penguin (Summer 2016) Poland: Albatros Sweden: Modernista

Sphere’s super lead title for 2016 ‘A genuinely shocking thriller where nothing is what it seems. So good I wish I’d written it myself’ – Val McDermid ‘Ingenious and original’- Laura Lipman ‘Nasty, compelling and original the author has done it again with her second novel’ – The Sun

From the international best-selling author of THE WICKED GIRLS and THE KILLER NEXT DOOR

“The truth is, we were all lost to each other long before Coco vanished…” “Because they don’t always kill people literally; the vast majority of psychopaths content themselves with killing people from the inside out.” A single choice can destroy many lives. But whose was the choice? And who was responsible? August Bank holiday weekend, 2004: Sean Jackson’s 50th birthday party. During the four-day extravaganza on the ‘Dorset riviera’, his two-year-old daughter, Coco, goes missing. The case becomes a cause celebre and destroys a number of prominent careers, but is never solved. Sean’s second wife, mother of the missing child, becomes a national hate figure and his children – teenagers from his first marriage and Coco’s twin, Ruby – are damaged forever by the loss, and by having been forced into the limelight. But what really happened? Now (2016): Sean dies in delicto flagrante in a hotel room, leaving a much younger fourth wife and toddler daughter behind. Two of his children from his former marriages, long ago estranged, go to Devon for the funeral and find themselves in a house with everyone who was there in 2004. Through the shocks that follow, the sisters discover the thing they least expected: each other.

Alex Marwood Agent: Laetitia Rutherford

THE KILLER NEXT DOOR UK and BC: Sphere (June 2014) USA: Penguin (October 2014) China: Beijing Zito Estonia: Ersen Germany: Heyne Italy: Newton Compton Korea: Chungrim Poland: Albatros Sweden: Modernista Film/TV Option: Rabbit Bandini Productions (James Franco & Ahna O’Reilly) Winner of the Edgar Award for Best Paperback Original 2014 Winner of the 2015 Macavity award for Best Mystery Novel 'If you read Alex Marwood's THE WICKED GIRLS, her new one THE KILLER NEXT DOOR - is even better. Scary as hell. Great characters.' - Stephen King

No. 23 has a secret. In this gloomy South London wreck, chopped into bedsits and watched over by a lecherous landlord, a horrifying secret stash is waiting to be discovered. Yet all six residents have something to hide. Collette is on the run from her ex-boss; Cher is a children's home escapee, pretending she’s not still a child; bespectacled Thomas tries in his creepy way to be a good neighbour; while Hossein, a charismatic Iranian asylum seeker, keeps his head down but can’t get help getting drawn in. And there for them all is Vesta. A sitting Alex Marwood spent a decade as a features writer and tenant since her parents died in the columnist for the UK press before turning to writing house, Vesta has seen it all and knows novels. She had four novels published under her own everything that goes on – name, Serena Mackesy, before adopting an alias and or thought she did. turning to crime, publishing the acclaimed international In the dead of night, a terrible accident pushes the six into an uneasy alliance. But one of them is a killer, expertly hiding their pastime, all the while closing in on their next victim… ‘Everything you dream for in a suspense novel’ – Megan Abbott ‘This incredible story will play on your mind. The book of the year’- The Sun

bestseller THE WICKED GIRLS.

THE WICKED GIRLS has been sold in over 15 territories including Brazil (Bertrand), China (Crown), Croatia (Moziak), Czech Republic (Motto), France (Presse de la Cité), Germany (Heyne), Holland (De Kern), Hungary (Athanaeum), Italy (Elliot Edizioni), Japan (Hayakawa), Lithuania (UAB Jotema), Poland (Albatros), Portugal (Bertrand), Sweden (Modernista) and Thailand (WeLearn). Optioned by the BBC.


Glyn Maxwell Agent: Donald Winchester


World English Language: Oberon (September 2016) USA: Pegasus

‘Part comic novel, part criticism, part autobiography … and wholly brilliant evocation of a mysterious university campus, its students and visiting lecturers’ – Guardian Praise for Glyn’s ON POETRY: ‘A handbook written from the heart by one of the true modern masters of the craft.' Simon Armitage 'Glyn Maxwell’s 'On Poetry', on the execution and philosophy of the art, is probably going to be a modern classic' The Spectator I am walking along a lane with no earthly idea why… Poet Glyn Maxwell wakes up in a mysterious village one autumn day. He has no idea how he got there – is he dead? in a coma? dreaming? – but he has a strange feeling there’s a class to teach. And isn’t that the poet Keats wandering down the lane? Why not ask him to give a reading, do a Q and A, hit the pub with the students afterwards? Soon the whole of the autumn term stretches ahead, with Byron, the Brontës, the War Poets and many more all on their way to give readings in the humble village hall. And everything they say – in class, on stage, at the Cross Keys pub – comes verbatim from their diaries, essays, or letters. DRINKS WITH DEAD POETS is a homage to the departed, a tale of the lives and loves of students, a critical guide to great English poetry, the dream of a heavenly autumn. Nothing like it has ever been written. Glyn Maxwell is a poet, novelist, and playwright. He has published twelve collections of verse, including PLUTO, which was shortlisted for the Forward Prize, HIDE NOW, which was shortlisted for both the Forward and T.S. Eliot, and THE NERVE, which won the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize. He was awarded a Cholmondeley Prize in 2014 for his poetry. His critical guidebook ON POETRY (2012) has been described as ‘a modern classic’ (Spectator) and ‘the best book about poetry I’ve ever read’ (Guardian). He was the Poetry Editor of The New Republic from 2000 to 2007.


Bill Napier Agent: James Wills

NEMESIS (1998) UK & BC: Headline USA: St Martins

REVELATION (2000) UK & BC: Headline USA: St Martins

THE LURE (2002) UK & BC: Headline USA: St Martins Italian: Newton Compton

SPLINTERED ICON (2003) UK & BC: Headline USA: St Martins

THE FURIES (2009) UK & BC: Headline USA: St Martins

Previously translated into over 13 languages

New thriller MELTDOWN coming soon 'The most exciting book I have ever read‘ - Arthur C. Clarke 'It's excellent fiction: a way to catch up on some physics and planetology while an entertaining and gripping story unfolds. The story has a gritty authenticity‘ - New Scientist Bill Napier (born 29 June 1940 in Perth, Scotland) is the author of five high tech thriller novels that have been published all over the world and a number of nonfiction science books. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1963 and his Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1966, both from the University of Glasgow.

Mark Oldfield Agent: James Wills

THE DEAD UK and BC: Head of Zeus (August 2017)

Shortlisted for CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award 'Superbly told, and with a fine villain at its heart, this is a remarkable first thriller.‘ - Daily Mail on THE SENTINEL The Final Book in the Trilogy

Change is in the air: Franco has been dead for seven years and the election at the end of the week is expected to elect a socialist government for the first time in fifty years as Comandante Guzmán returns to Madrid. Guzmán has spent years traversing the country on a roving commission to deal with Spain’s enemies and now, he wants out. With his enemies closing in, Guzmán decides on one last decisive move, one that will go against everything he ever believed in and bring his world crashing down around him. If he lives that long.

PRAISE FOR THE SENTINEL 'A powerful, hypnotic debut novel filled with the horror of conflict, treachery and intrigue; it’s a must-read for crime, thriller and history aficionados.' – New York Journal of Books 'I fully believe that it deserves the same kind of success as Larsson’s bestseller' – Books4Spain

Mark Oldfield was born in Sheffield, but now lives in Kent. He holds a PhD in criminology. THE SENTINEL (April 2013) is the first instalment in a trilogy of rare narrative power, scope and ambition introducing Comandante Guzmán has been sold in Italy (Newton Compton) & Spain (La Factoria de Ideas). The follow up THE EXILE was published in 2016.

Gavin Scott Agent: James Wills

THE AGE OF TREACHERY A DUNCAN FORRESTER MYSTERY World All Languages: Titan Books (April 2016)

Audio and dramatic rights available ‘A suspenseful murder mystery that hold the reader’s interest to the last page.’ – Michael Kurland, awardwinning author of THE INFERNAL DEVICE ‘A wonderful book that opens so many intriguing doors into Britain’s recent past.’ – Terry Jones, cofounder of Monty Python COMING SOON Book Two in The Duncan Forrester Series THE AGE OF OLYMPUS 18th April 2017

It is the winter of 1946, and after years of war, ex-Special Operations Executive agent Duncan Forrester is back at his Oxford college as a junior Ancient History Fellow. But his peace is shattered when a much-disliked Fellow is found dead in the quad, stabbed and pushed from an upper window. A don is suspected and arrested for the murder, but Forrester is not convinced of his friend’s guilt. On the hunt for the true killer, he finds himself plunged into a mystery involving lost Viking sagas, Satanic rituals and wartime espionage. Gavin Scott is a Hollywood screenwriter and novelist who spent twenty years as a radio and television reporter for BBC and ITN, stood for Parliament, campaigned against nuclear weapons and has worked in film and television with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. He is the writer of the Emmy-winning mini-series “Mists of Avalon”, Dreamworks’ “Small Soldiers” Working Title’s “The Borrowers” and Sci Fi’s “Legends of Earthsea” and he created more than two hundred documentaries and short films for BBC and the commercial TV in the UK. His first assignment in the United States was with George Lucas, developing and scripting “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles”. His latest project for Working Title, “Dunkirk”, is an epic love story set during one of the greatest mass rescues ever undertaken.

Catriona Shine Agent: Laetitia Rutherford

THE INVASION OF SILENCE On submission to UK editors

Winner of the PENfro First Chapter Competition and Faber Academy graduate.

On a chicken farm in an unnamed dustbowl landscape, we meet a mother, Aggie, and her son Chuck in the wake of Jack, the husband and father’s death. At the funeral, guests roll in from afar, with condolences and advice about how they surely can’t cope on their own now. Aggie can no longer speak, perhaps from losing her mind as some infer, or shunning language before dementia robs her of it, or grief. Among the long lost friends and relatives, a man called Mickey arrives, bearing a rooster in a cage and claiming a great friendship with Jack. But how can they know, if Chuck was so young back then, and Aggie is now mute? This interloper is by turns a hopeless chancer, a trickster, or somebody far more threatening and malign - particularly when he almost seems to turn into and take Jack’s place. From the far horizon, a tornado rumbles, and may yet destroy or remake everything they know. This is a novel about belonging and intimacy, about loss and silence, and about the minimum a person needs to live.

Catriona Shine began THE INVASION OF SILENCE on the Faber Academy writing course in 2013 and has just won the PENfro First Chapter Competition with it. She was a Finalist in Glimmer Train's Short Story Award for New Writers May/June 2016 with her story Dead End. THE INVASION OF SILENCE was also on a shortlist of 5 in the TLC Pen Factor Writing Competition 2016. Catriona also won a Fish Publishing Flash Fiction Competition in 2014 with The Big Rock. She is in her early 30s, originally from Limerick, but now living in Oslo. She has a 4 year old son and works full-time as an architect.

Caroline Smailes Agent: Donald Winchester

THE STERLINGS On submission to UK editors

The brilliant YA crossover follow-up to THE DROWNING OF ARTHUR BRAXTON

Dalus Sterling is a maker of beautiful silver ornaments, and is especially renowned for the sparkling silver boats he crafts. He makes his dying wife a promise – at her request – with devastating consequences that his teenage daughter Cara Sterling can not (or will not) understand. The pair are torn apart as a consequence; but their story is only beginning. When a great mysterious beauty (who was, until recently, a homeless old crone) draws Cara to her father again, the pair are faced with choices that may be too much for them to bear. THE STERLINGS is the hard-hitting story of how Cara, and her father, handle what’s in store for them. It uses a thrilling mix of northern grit, magic realism, and contemporary young adult issues – body image, eating disorders, mental illness, sexual fascinations - in a heady otherworldly setting that mingles the timeless themes of Greek myth with our current world. Caroline Smailes' acclaimed debut novel, IN SEARCH OF ADAM, was published in 2007 (The Friday Project/HarperCollins). The Big Issue North declared the book 'an engrossing and touching read from a new talent'. Since then Caroline has written four additional novels. These include BLACK BOXES, international bestseller LIKE BEES TO HONEY, an experimental digital novel with eleven endings 99 REASONS WHY and modern day fairy tale THE DROWNING OF ARTHUR BRAXTON (all HarperCollins).

Caroline Smailes Agent: Donald Winchester

THE DROWNING OF ARTHUR BRAXTON World English Language: 4th Estate (July 2016) Audio: Audible Film/TV Option: Fireflight Films Translation rights available

Includes a new introduction by Luke Cutforth the celebrated vlogger (@lukeisnotsexy) – who recently optioned the title through Fireflight Films which he part runs. Fireflight generated over £80k in Kickstarter funding for the forthcoming film and provided a huge boost to book sales. Arthur Braxton runs away from school. He hides out in an abandoned building, an old Edwardian bathhouse. He discovers a naked woman swimming in the pool. From this point on, nothing will ever be the same. THE DROWNING OF ARTHUR BRAXTON is an unflinching account of the pain and trauma of adolescence and of how first love can transform the most unhappy of lives into something miraculous. It is a dark and brooding modern fairy tale from one of our most gifted writers. 'Magical, weird and wonderful. Dark unique brilliance.' Matt Haig 'This thoroughly modern retelling is everything a fairy tale should be: strange, beautiful and wholly unexpected.' TANYA BYRNE, author of Heart Shaped Bruise Caroline Smailes' acclaimed debut novel, IN SEARCH OF ADAM, was published in 2007 (The Friday Project/HarperCollins). The Big Issue North declared the book 'an engrossing and touching read from a new talent'. Since then Caroline has written four additional novels. These include BLACK BOXES, international bestseller LIKE BEES TO HONEY, an experimental digital novel with eleven endings 99 REASONS WHY and modern day fairy tale THE DROWNING OF ARTHUR BRAXTON (all HarperCollins).

Mahsuda Snaith Agent: James Wills

THE THINGS WE THOUGHT WE KNEW World All Languages: Transworld (June 2017) Italy: Corbaccio (Pre-empt)

‘Mahsuda Snaith is an exciting new voice in fiction. Her writing is deceptive. Crystal clear sentences that ooze with texture and nuance. Characters that drip with lived experience. And above all, a clarity of vision. Mahsuda's work is brave and bold and she has a massive future ahead of her.’ - Nikesh Shukla

Ravine Roy has been lying in bed in a council flat for the last ten years and she isn’t planning on going anytime soon. ‘Will you at least try?’ asks her mother. But Ravine won’t. She can’t. She’s plagued by chronic pain syndrome. She has been ever since that day ten years ago. The day her best friend disappeared. Heartbreaking, seductive and utterly unforgettable, THE THINGS WE KNEW is a warm, clever novel about the things we remember and the things we wish we could forget. Mahsuda was born in Luton and brought up on a Leicester council estate. She is a writer of novels, short stories and plays, and is the winner of the SI Leeds Literary Prize 2014, Bristol Short Story Prize 2014 as well as a finalist for the Mslexia Novel Competition 2013. Mahsuda leads creative writing workshops at De Montfort University, has performed her work at literary festivals and has been anthologised by The Asian Writer, Words with Jam and Closure: Contemporary Black British Stories.

© Transworld (proof copy cover)

Shane Spall Agent: Laetitia Rutherford

TOO HIGH TO DROWN On submission to UK editors Praise for Shane’s travel memoirs: ‘This is a warm and life-affirming read, simply yet beautifully told.’ – Mail on Sunday ‘A beautifully crafted, moving and funny book, stuffed with adventure and massive, palpable love.’ – Dawn French ‘Shane and Tim Spall stand shoulder to shoulder in a sea adventure that's funny, delightful, scary - and given their minimal knowledge of seafaring at the outset, occasionally beggars belief. It's a laugh and cry book - I really loved it’ – Jo Brand In 1974, a young girl arrives from Wales in the heart of London’s rough and ready Notting Hill. She moves into a squat and falls in love, meanwhile working as a home help for the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. It’s a rock n roll era, IRA bombs are going off, and young Myfanwy - usually known as Fanny - hasn’t got a clue about London life. What she does have is a lot of native wit, and some dark secrets she must unravel about her family in Wales. Fanny’s home help ladies - a Betty Davis manqué who danced with Hitler back in the day, but now lives in a bedsit, keeping her whisky in the bread bin and wearing a wonky face of make-up; and a demure widow full of her own surprises become firm friends as she stumbles through life, love, and friendships new and old. Finding out who her mother was takes her back to Wales and then to Ireland, before joining her rock n roll band friends Liquorice Nightmare as the story reaches its climax on a commune in Spain. Will Fanny reconcile herself with the dark secrets she uncovers, and will she find love and happiness? The adventure is packed with larger-than-life characters, and turns of events that make you laugh and cry. This is a saga and a coming-of-age novel with an utterly original spin, from an already much-loved writer proving she has a unique and brilliant voice in fiction. Shane Spall is from a large Midlands family. Her mother called her Number Five and her father after a character in a Western, played by Alan Ladd.

Her travel memoirs THE VOYAGES OF THE PRINCESS MATILDA and THE PRINCESS MATILDA COMES HOME (published by Ebury in 2013 and 2015) detail her marriage to Timothy Spall, their family, the crisis of Tim’s life-threathening illness in a hilarious and lively fashion.

William Thacker Agent: James Wills

LINGUA FRANCA World All Languages: Legend Press (May 2016)

Will is an award-winning script writer and is the cowriter behind the forthcoming Morrissey biopic which he worked on with director Mark Gill.

‘On this evidence, William Thacker is a name you will hear a lot more often.’ – Matt Haig

There’s a problem with Barrow, but it can be fixed. You just need to change the name to Birdseye. ‘Birdseye-in-Furness…’ Miles Platting is pulled from the ruins of a shipwreck into a world in which no one will speak to him. The founder of Lingua Franca - a naming rights agency committed to renaming every UK town after a corporate sponsor - Miles recounts the story of his quest for linguistic supremacy to anyone who’ll listen. Confined to his hospital bed in a deathly quiet ward, Miles seeks to find his colleagues and reunite with his true love. But in doing so, Miles must confront his deepest held convictions and consider, ‘what’s in a name?’ in a world where the spoken word has been replaced with silence. 'Remarkable. A gold mine of language-anecdote‘ – Caroline Smailes, author of THE DROWNING OF ARTHUR BRAXTON Author and scriptwriter William Thacker was born in London in 1986. His debut novel, Charm Offensive, was published by Legend Press in 2014. As a screenwriter, William co-wrote the short film, Full Time, winner of the Best Film award at the 2014 Shanghai International Film Festival. He is also the co-writer behind Steven, the feature-length Morrissey biopic currently in development. His second novel, Lingua Franca, will be released by Legend Press in 2016.

Philip Walford Agent: James Wills

THE SILVER CLOUD Manuscript on submission to UK editors

THE SILVER CLOUD is a stunning literary debut that takes place on a ‘dark tourism’ guide through the zone of exclusion around presentday Chernobyl.

Normally, the tourists Anatoliy guides around the abandoned town of Pripyat have no idea about his secret. Only he knows the hidden logic behind their route and each location’s special meaning for all he’s lost. But today, an unusually difficult group, drawn to Chernobyl by their own poisonous histories, threaten to take the only precious thing he has left. Told in nine parallel narratives that switch between present-day Ukraine and locations ranging from the Australian outback to an Apollo spacecraft orbiting the moon, THE SILVER CLOUD asks why eight people would choose to visit the world’s most polluted place, and why a man already polluted by it would choose to return. The Silver Cloud is about pollution. It explores both the large scale pollution that afflicts landscapes and communities, and the smaller scale personal pollution suffered by individuals as a result of misadventure or misfortune. This is a novel of explosions. The characters in the book are elementary particles, thrown together by catastrophic forces that they have either unleashed themselves, or have had unleashed upon them, and the bonds they form during their day together are chaotic, unstable and unpredictable. Philip Walford is 36 years old and lives in London. After working at Google for five years and publishing short stories in magazines and journals such as Structo and North American Review, he decided to become a (nearly) full time writer in order to focus on his debut novel, ‘The Silver Cloud’. In addition to writing, he still works as a consultant for a number of the UK’s biggest start-ups and tech companies. His experience of Silicon Valley forms the basis of his second novel, tentatively titled ‘Machines of Loving Grace’, which examines the intersection between faith and technology.

Caroline Wallace Agent: Donald Winchester

THE FINDING OF MARTHA LOST World All Languages: Transworld (March 2016, Paperback May 2017) Audio: Audible Brazil/Portugal: Rocco Czech Republic: Jota Germany: Rowohlt (Pre-empt) Holland: Karakter Italy: Garzanti (Pre-empt) Poland: Pascal

"Charming, magical and beautifully imagined." Carys Bray, author of A SONG FOR ISSY BRADLEY

Martha is lost. She arrived at Lime Street station in Liverpool as a baby abandoned in a suitcase, and was adopted by the woman who runs the lost property office ‐ a woman who unfortunately turns out to be not very nice. In her custody, Martha becomes a kind of Cinderella ‐ convinced by ‘Mother’ that if she ever sets foot outside, the whole station will crumble. So the station, and the eccentric characters who pass through it, are her whole world – glamorous Elizabeth who owns the café next to lost property; the Roman soldier who eats his sandwich under the clock at the same time every day, and the man with the suitcase that might belong to the Beatles – until one day, letters start to arrive, from someone claiming to know who Martha really is and who her parents are. Martha has an almost magical talent for reuniting lost objects with their owners, but can she solve the mystery of where she came from herself? And can she take her first steps into the outside world without everything going horribly wrong? "This magical book had me bewitched within a few paragraphs. Martha is an irresistible character, who brings light and laughter into the lives of every person she meets - and will do to yours too! If you love the films Amelie or Hugo, you will adore this magical modern fairytale." - Essentials Magazine Caroline Wallace has an MA in Creative Writing and lives near Liverpool with her husband and children.

Paul Waters Agent: James Wills


LA Confidential meets The Guard

In Blackwatertown, everyone has secrets. Some will kill to keep them. Sergeant Jolly Macken is a maverick policeman who risks everything for true love and vengeance. When his sleepy Irish border village explodes into violence, he learns it's hard to tell friend from deadly enemy. Over the course of a week he falls in love, hunts the killer of his estranged brother, accidentally starts a small war, and inadvertently becomes a hero and a traitor. Blackwatertown is a gripping thriller set on the Irish border in the 1950s. The intertwining of fact and fiction is based on murky episodes from Ireland’s past and on the author’s family’s secret history. Paul Waters grew up in Belfast where he was involved in cross-community peace groups. He is an award-winning producer and reporter for BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5 Live, the World Service, BBC Northern Ireland during the Troubles, and Channel 5 TV - working with many well-known names in broadcasting (like Richard Bacon, Nicky Campbell, Richard Madeley, Gabby Logan and Matthew Wright). He has covered elections in the USA, created an alternative G8 Summit in a South African township, reported undercover from Zimbabwe, smuggled a satellite dish into Cuba to lead the first BBC live programmes from the island, and produced the World Service's instant coverage of the 9/11 attacks on America.

Jemma Wayne Agent: Donald Winchester

CHAINS OF SAND World English Language: Legend Press (June 2016) Audio and dramatic rights available

Shortlisted for Not the Booker Prize 2016 Praise for debut novel AFTER BEFORE: ‘A touching picture of three women battered by circumstances beyond their control and learning where to draw their own lines; and while the most interesting bits are all told via flashback, the writing is good and the characterisation is superb’ - WhatsOn

In the heat of an Israeli summer, amidst fresh attempts to restart peace talks with the Palestinians, Udi struggles to fill out a UK immigration form. He cannot find the information he needs, but “…he has always been good at tracking down things that are hidden, like cockroaches in his mother’s kitchen cupboard, or Hamas fighters in Gaza.” At 24, Udi is a veteran of the Israeli Defence Force and has killed five men. He wants a new life in a new country. Daniel is 29, a Londoner, an investment banker, an Arsenal fan, and a Jew. He wants for nothing, yet he too is unable to escape a yearning for something more, and for less – and he looks to Israel for that. He cannot know, though, that the star-crossed love of Dara and Kaseem, a Jewish girl and an Arabic man in Jerusalem ten years Born to an American musician father and English mother, earlier, will soon complicate all that he Jemma grew up in Hertfordshire and lives in North London. She studied Social & Political Sciences at Cambridge thinks has become clear. CHAINS OF SAND is a novel about identity, family, and clashes of culture. It explores racism in Israel, anti-Semitism in Britain, and the struggle of families dealing with the prospect of letting their beloved children sacrifice everything they know for everything they want. CHAINS OF SAND will be, most probably, the first fictional address of the current Israeli-Palestinian crisis.

University and Broadcast Journalism at the University of Westminster. Her short stories have appeared in a variety of publications, and her journalism has been featured in The Evening Standard, The Independent on Sunday and The Huffington Post, amongst others. Her first novel, AFTER BEFORE (Legend Press, 2014), was longlisted for the Baileys Women’s Prize and the Guardian’s Not The Booker Prize.

Conrad Williams Agent: James Wills

HELL IS EMPTY World All Languages: Titan Books (November 2016)

‘Perfect and compelling thriller fiction’ - Rising Shadow ‘Williams is so good at what he does that he probably shouldn't be allowed to do it anymore, for the sake of everyone's sanity.’ - Publishers Weekly (starred review) ‘Gritty and compelling’- Mark Billingham

A Joel Sorrell Thriller Joel Sorrell is drinking hard while his personal life collapses around him. An SOS from a childhood sweetheart springs him into action, but nothing about her or her problem seems to make any sense. Everything points towards an old enemy of Joel's, who has risen to prominence while incarcerated. On the run and in fear for his life, Joel finds himself tangled in a web affecting both the present and the past, and most certainly the people closest to him.

Conrad Williams is the author of seven novels, four novellas and a collection of short stories. One was the winner of the August Derleth award for Best Novel (British Fantasy Awards 2010), while THE UNBLEMISHED won the International Horror Guild Award for Best Novel in 2007(he beat shortlisted Stephen King on both occasions). He won the British Fantasy Award for Best Newcomer in 1993, and another British Fantasy Award for Best Novella. The first title in the Joel Sorrel series, DUST AND DESIRE (Titan), was published in November 2015, followed by SONATA OF THE DEAD (Titan) in November 2016.

Evie Wyld

Agent: Laetitia Rutherford

Winner of the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize Encore Award for the Best Second Novel Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Award A Betty Trask Award Winner Shortlist for West Australian Premier’s Book Award Shortlisted for 2013 Costa Novel Award Shortlisted for the Dublin International IMPAC Award Longlisted for 2014 Bailey's Women Prize for Fiction Shortlisted for the Prix Médicis Étranger Winner of the Miles Franklin Literary Award 2014 Winner of the European Union Prize for Literature 2014 Winner of the Barnes & Noble Discover Award 2014 for Fiction

Evie Wyld

Agent: Laetitia Rutherford

ALL THE BIRDS, SINGING UK and BC: Jonathan Cape (June 2013, ppbk June 2014) Australia: Random House (July 2013) USA: Pantheon (April 2014) Albania: Movana Brazil: Dark Side Bulgaria: Perseus Publishers Croatia: Naklava Ljevak Czech Republic: Dobrokvsky Finland: Tammi France: Actes-Sud (September 2014) Georgia: Agora Holland: De Geus Iceland: Bokautgafan Bjartur Italy: Safara Lithuania: Alma Littera Macedonia: Bata Press Portugal: Jacarandá Editora Serbia: Dereta Spain: Atico Turkey: Yabanci

Film Option: Asylum Giant and Capa Pictures

THE BASS ROCK (novel) & UNTITLED NOVEL now signed to Jonathan Cape, Random House Australia, Pantheon Delivery: 2017/2018 Jake Whyte is the sole resident of an old farmhouse on an unnamed British island. It's just her, her untamed companion, Dog, and a flock of sheep. Which is how she wanted it to be. But something is coming for the sheep - every few nights it picks one off and leaves it in rags. It could be anything. There are foxes in the woods, a strange boy and a strange man, rumours of an obscure, formidable beast. And there is Jake's unknown past, a story breaking into the present from thousands of miles away, and hidden in the scars that stripe her back.

'Extraordinarily accomplished, one of those books that tears around in your cerebellum like a dark firework, and which, upon finishing, you immediately want to pick up again.' - Financial Times ‘What makes the book so outstanding is the beauty and simplicity of the writing … Evie Wyld’s two books are quite as good as Ian McEwan’s early fiction. Expect to hear her name often from now on’ Spectator ‘So beautifully written, so alive, so nail-bitingly suspenseful’ - Guardian 'ALL THE BIRDS, SINGING is a technical marvel and a supremely accomplished act of storytelling' Chris Adrian Barnes & Noble Discover Awards Judge

Evie Wyld

Agent: Laetitia Rutherford

AFTER THE FIRE, A STILL SMALL VOICE UK and BC: Vintage (April 2010) Australia: Random House (September 2010) USA: Pantheon (November 2010) Bulgaria: Perseus Publishers France: Actes-Sud Holland: Ambo Anthos Turkey: Yabanci

A Granta ‘Best Young British Novelist’ A Telegraph ‘Best Writers Under 40’

Frank and Leon are two men from different times, discovering that sometimes all you learn from your parents' mistakes is how to make different ones of your own. Frank is trying to escape his troubled past by running away to his family's beach shack. As he struggles to make friends with his neighbours and their precocious young daughter, Sal, he discovers the community has fresh wounds of its own. A girl is missing, and when Sal too disappears, suspicion falls on Frank. Decades earlier, Leon tries to hold together his family's cake shop as their suburban life crumbles in the aftermath of the Korean War. When war breaks out again, Leon must go from sculpting sugar figurines to killing young men as a conscript in the Vietnam War. ‘Superb first novel’ - Kate Saunders The Times ‘Wyld has a feel for beauty and for the ugliness of inherited pain’ - The New Yorker Evie Wyld was born in London and grew up in Australia and South London. She studied creative writing at Bath Spa and Goldsmiths University. She runs Review, a small independent bookshop in Peckham, South London.

Evie Wyld

Agent: Laetitia Rutherford

EVERYTHING IS TEETH World All Languages: Random House (August 2015) Australia: Random House USA: Pantheon

‘For once, the hype matches the talent.’ Sunday Times ‘A young writer with talent to burn.’ Independent ‘What a fantastic book this is. Sumner’s drawings are adorable and acute; Wyld’s words are first wry and then wise.’ – Guardian

Evie Wyld was a girl obsessed with sharks. Spending summers in the brutal heat of coastal New South Wales, she fell for the creatures. Their teeth, their skin, their eyes; their hunters and their victims. Everything is Teeth is a delicate and intimate collection of the memories she brought home to England, a book about family, love and the irresistible forces that pass through life unseen, under the surface, ready to emerge at any point. “Wyld has teamed up with illustrator Joe Sumner to produce a moving, heartfelt, original book in which the interior world of the imagination is more real than the external world. This is an inalienably truthful quality of childhood and Sumner has rendered it beautifully” – Independent “Reveals … Wyld’s gift for vignette, and her laser focus on the tiny moments of sadness that can shape our lives.” – Telegraph Evie Wyld was born in London and grew up in Australia and South London. She studied creative writing at Bath Spa and Goldsmiths University. She runs Review, a small independent bookshop in Peckham, South London. Joe Sumner, the illustrator, is a model maker, printmaker and artist from London.

Sue Armstrong Agent: Donald Winchester

p53: THE GENE THAT CRACKED THE CANCER CODE World All Languages: Bloomsbury (Paperback November 2015) China: Chongqing Publishing House Korea: Cheomnetworks Poland: Kurhaus Spain: Planeta Mexico Taiwan: Business Weekly Publications

‘A fascinating story of human ingenuity’ - Matt Ridley

‘Armstrong’s book has one of the best accounts I’ve read of how science is actually performed…. Armstrong’s book will offer many readers a sense of hope’ - Guardian All of us have lurking in our DNA a most remarkable gene. Its job is straightforward - to protect us from cancer. This gene - known simply as p53 - constantly scans our cells to ensure that they grow and divide without mishap, as part of the routine maintenance of our bodies. Cancer cannot develop unless p53 itself is damaged and malfunctioning. Not surprisingly, p53 is the most studied gene in history. p53: The Gene that Cracked the Cancer Code, the story of medical science's mission to unravel the mysteries of this gene reveals the tale of its search, as well as the excitement of the hunt for new cures - the hype, the lost opportunities, the blind alleys and the thrilling breakthroughs. As the long-anticipated revolution in cancer treatment tailored to each individual patient's symptoms starts to take off at last, p53 is still at the forefront of the game. This is a timely tale of scientific discovery and advances in our understanding of a disease that still affects more than one in three of us at some point in our lives. ‘The sensational story of how science found the key to cancer’ - Marcus Chown Sue Armstrong is a science writer and broadcaster based in Edinburgh. She has worked for a variety of media organisations, including New Scientist, and since the 1980s has undertaken regular assignments for the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNAIDS, writing about women's health issues and the AIDS pandemic, among many other topics, and reporting from the frontline in countries as diverse as Haiti, Papua New Guinea, Uganda, Thailand, Namibia and Serbia. Sue has been involved, as presenter, writer and researcher, in several major medical documentaries for BBC Radio 4.

Martin Amor & Alex Pellew Agent: James Wills

THE IDEA IN YOU World All Languages: Penguin (September 2015, paperback June 2016) Chinese Simplified: Hachette-Phoenix Cultural Development Chinese Complex: Sun Colour Culture Russia: Azbooka-Atticus Thailand: Superposition

‘Full of great practical advice for the budding creator’ – Cath Kidston ‘Every great business starts with an idea . . . this book will help you find yours’ - Richard Reed, cofounder Innocent Drinks

Do you have an idea in you? A hobby, a project, a product…something that could change your life? THE IDEA IN YOU is a bulletproof system for finding the right idea and shaping it into a success – on your own terms. With advice from the people behind the likes of Pizza Pilgrims, parkrun and Decoded, THE IDEA IN YOU will show you what to expect, how to think and what to do when launching your own venture. Making your idea happen is possible – and it will be one of the most inspiring and energizing experiences of your life. What are you waiting for? ‘It seems to me that many could-be creators simply lack support in their lives, someone genuine who listens to their ideas and pushes boundaries to make it all seem possible. Alex and Martin must recognize this, too, because their book is a generous offer of encouragement and spirit, a drum beat that stirred my creative confidence’ - Zach Klein, co-founder of Vimeo Martin Amor led new product development programs and creative training programs for Mars, Telefonica, Unilever, Samsung, Shell & Kraft in his role as Inventing Director at leading global innovation consultancy ?What If!. Now he helps businesses get better at innovation, and develops his own ideas as an entrepreneur. Alex Pellew is a former marketing head at Nike. He leads projects for ?What If! Innovation, and coaches and launches digital start-ups.

Susan Blackmore Agent: Donald Winchester


THE NEW SCIENCE OF OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCES World All Languages: Robinson/Little, Brown (Spring 2017)

"... formidable intellect and clarity of approach is complemented by a warm and selfdeprecating sense of humour" - The Psychologist

Dr Susan Blackmore – now a celebrated scientist and author of the bestselling THE MEME MACHINE - was just nineteen when everything she thought she knew was overthrown. For a couple of hours she was no longer confined to a slow, heavy, physical body and instead found herself flying, exploring the world from outside her body and entering (she supposed) the mystical experience of oneness or unity with the universe.

There was nothing in the narrow 1960s science that was prevalent at the time that had any bearing on out-of-body experiences (OBE) or the nature of consciousness. Indeed, out of body experiences, though frequently attested, have been only cursorily acknowledged by science. Her first book, BEYOND THE BODY (1982), was an attempt to address this and for several decades has been the foremost scientific investigation into the subject. Then in the early 21st century everything changed. Quite by accident, a Swiss neurosurgeon discovered the spot in the brain that can induce and even control an out-of-body experience. More experiments quickly followed. Virtual reality using head-mounted displays allowed full-body illusions and even convincing out-of-body illusions to be induced. In just a few years the OBE went from hovering at the fringes of scientific acceptability to making a valuable contribution to the mysteries of self and consciousness. Forty-five years on, the OBE really can be explained. It’s time to tell the story again, but this time with a happier ending. Sue Blackmore is a freelance writer, lecturer and broadcaster, and a Visiting Professor at the University of Plymouth. She has a degree in psychology and physiology from Oxford University and an MSc and a PhD in parapsychology from the University of Surrey. Her research interests include memes, evolutionary theory, consciousness, and meditation.

Titus Chalk Agent: James Wills



The story behind the game with 20 million fans worldwide

Magic: The Gathering is an extraordinary success story belatedly earning mainstream recognition. Magic’s inventors are millionaires. Its players have gone from bullying victims to champions, philanthropists and entrepreneurs. And, last year, it earned revenues of $250 million, reached record player levels and sealed a blockbuster movie deal with 20th Century Fox. Magic is as complex as chess and as compelling as Grand Theft Auto. It is the missing link between the analogue and digital eras and remains the most important game you have never heard of. With 500,000 tournaments taking place annually and 20 million fans worldwide, Magic needs its story to be told. SO DO YOU WEAR A CAPE? celebrates its genuine significance – to its author, to gamers everywhere and to a pop-cultural landscape it helped make more geek-friendly than ever before. SO DO YOU WEAR A CAPE? not only tells the game’s history, but includes a memoir of Chalk’s time playing it. On one hand, it is the rambunctious business tale of a gang of friends, who stumbled upon a Zeitgeist-defining product. But on the other, it’s a community that enabled marginalised techies, nerds and gamers to lonely kids – like the author who discovered the game during a painful exile in nineties New Zealand – had a sense of belonging to something bigger. Titus Chalk is a freelance writer currently based in Berlin. His itinerant life has led him from the UK to New Zealand and France and now, to the German capital. Having learned to play Magic: The Gathering in early-nineties New Zealand, he has been lugging a cupboard full of cards with him ever since, with many of the rarest in his collection worth more than their weight in gold. He loves Magic, has made friends for life playing it, but remains a critical and curious guide to the enthralling game.

Guy Claxton Agent: James Wills

INTELLIGENCE IN THE FLESH World All Languages: Yale University Press (August 2015, Paperback 6th September 2016) ‘The best book on the topic of embodied intelligence that I know: the most thorough, as well as the most clearly thought out, and the most readable. It deserves to be very widely read and should become a classic work in the area’ – Iain McGilchrist ‘A smart, accessible and thoroughly enjoyable introduction to the latest work in embodied cognition. – Louise Barrett

Why Your Mind Needs Your Body Much More Than It Thinks If you think that intelligence emanates from the mind and that reasoning necessitates the suppression of emotion, you’d better think again—or rather not “think” at all. In his provocative new book, Guy Claxton draws upon the latest findings in neuroscience and psychology to reveal how our bodies—long dismissed as mere conveyances—actually constitute the core of our intelligent life. From the endocrinal means by which our organs communicate, to the instantaneous decisionmaking prompted by external phenomena, our bodies are able to perform intelligent computations that we either overlook or wrongly attribute to our brains. Embodied intelligence is one of the most exciting areas in contemporary philosophy and neuropsychology, and Claxton shows how the privilege given to cerebral thinking has taken a toll on modern society, resulting in too much screen time, the diminishment of skilled craftsmanship, and an overvaluing of white-collar over blue-collar labour. Discussing techniques that will help us reconnect with our bodies, Claxton shows how an appreciation of the body’s intelligence will enrich all our lives. Guy Claxton is emeritus professor of the learning sciences at the University of Winchester. His many publications include THE WAYWARD MIND (Little, Brown, 2005) and HARE BRAIN, TORTOISE MIND (Harper Collins, 1999).

Martin Edwards Agent: James Wills


THE MYSTERY OF THE WRITERS WHO INVENTED THE MODERN DETECTIVE STORY World English Language: HarperCollins (Hardback May 2015, Paperback May 2016) Film/TV Option: Artists Studio

Winner of the Edgar, Agatha, Macavity and H.R.F. Keating awards for the best non-fiction book of the year 2016, and currently shortlisted for the Anthony award and for a CWA Dagger. ‘One of the most absorbing books about crime

fiction I've ever read’ – Marv Lachman

"Few, if any , books about crime fiction have provided so much information and insight and, for the reader, so enjoyably…No other work mixes genre history, literary analysis and fascinating author biographies with such relish.“ - Marcel Berlins, The Times

The Golden Age of Murder: Solving the Mysteries of the Writers Who Invented the Modern Detective Story, a real-life detective story investigating how Agatha Christie and her colleagues in the secretive Detection Club transformed crime fiction, writing books that cast new light on unsolved murders whilst hiding clues to their own darkest secrets. Martin Edwards said: ‘The Golden Age of Murder seeks to overturn familiar stereotypes, and look at classic detective fiction in a fresh way. The years of research felt just like detective work, as I set out to solve the mysteries surrounding the Detection Club and its members. The best novels of the Golden Age are among the most popular and influential entertainments ever written, and the people who wrote them were even more fascinating. As interest in their fiction reaches new heights, this is the perfect time to reveal their untold stories.’ ‘Crime novelist Edwards, the archivist for the legendary Detection Club of crime authors, reveals the hidden lives of its members in a comprehensive and well-written narrative that combines biography with literary criticism. ’ – Publisher’s Weekly The book is written by the award-winning crime-writer Martin Edwards, author of 17 crime novels and 8 non-fiction books. Edwards is Archivist for both the Detection Club and the Crime Writers’ Association, and is a renowned expert on Golden Age detective fiction.

Dr Vyvyan Evans Agent: Donald Winchester

Non-Fiction THE EMOJI CODE: LANGUAGE AND THE FUTURE OF COMMUNICATION UK & BC: Michael O’Mara (April 2017) USA: Picador (April 2017)

In November 2015, Oxford Dictionaries announced their annual ‘Word of the Year’. From a shortlist that included the likes of ‘refugee’, ‘Dark Web’, and ‘lumbersexual’, Oxford Dictionaries ultimately selected something that few, if any, saw as a word at all – the ‘Face with Tears of Joy’ emoji. The public response was, perhaps predictably, largely hostile: the Guardian called it ‘ridiculous’ and the Telegraph wondered ‘RIP Language?’ What these critics failed to appreciate is not only emoji’s rapid and widespread popularity – it is regularly used by 80% of the planet’s two billion smartphone users – but also the reasons for its success. As Dr Vyvyan Evans explains in The Emoji Code, emoji works because it functions with the same principles of language and communication that have been in place for millennia; though, of course, in different and often playful ways that – far from signaling language’s death knell - are enhancing our ability to communicate with each other. Emoji also fills a critical gap in our digital communication, which has long yearned for some method to effectively express emotion. In just a few short years, emoji has become an increasingly prevalent part of our modern language – and it is important to understand why. The Emoji Code will be a powerful, provocative and entertaining exploration of the emoji and language’s wonderfully elasticity. It will be the definitive short book on one of language’s most controversial issues. Vyv Evans is an internationally renowned expert on language, communication, meaning and mind. He is Professor of Linguistics at Bangor University. He has written around a dozen books, including The Language Myth: Why Language Is Not an Instinct (2014) and The Crucible of Language: How Language and Mind Create Meaning (2015). Evans’ writing has been featured in The Guardian, Aeon, The New Republic, Newsweek, The New Scientist, Oxford Dictionaries Blog and The Conversation, and he writes the commissioned blog “Language in the Mind” for Psychology Today.

Greg Jenner Agent: Donald Winchester

A MILLION YEARS IN A DAY World All Languages: Weidenfeld & Nicholson (January 2015, Paperback June 2016) USA: St Martin’s Press Brazil: LeYa Bulgaria: BARD Chinese (Complex): Marco Polo Press Chinese (Simplified): Chu Chen Germany: Lubbe Korea: Mirae N Co. Lithuania: Alma Littera Poland: PWN Turkey: Indigo Kitap Film/TV Option: Citrus Television Audio: Weidenfeld & Nicholson 'A wonderful idea, gloriously put into practice. Greg Jenner as is witty as he is knowledgeable' - Tom Holland 'Greg Jenner's magpie mind takes you through the history of who we are and what we do, answering tons of questions you never thought to ask.' – Al Murray

Who invented beds? When did we start cleaning our teeth? How old are wine and beer? Which came first: the toilet seat or toilet paper? What was the first clock? Every day, from the moment our alarm clock wakes us in the morning until our head hits our pillow at night, we all take part in rituals that are millennia old. Structured around one ordinary day, A MILLION YEARS IN A DAY reveals the astonishing origins and development of the daily practices we take for granted. In this gloriously entertaining romp through human history Greg Jenner explores the gradual and often unexpected evolution of our daily routines. It is a history of all those things you always wondered - and many you have never considered. It is the story of your life, one million years in the making. 'Like visiting the most wonderful and cluttered museum, each chapter like another room teetering with illuminating ideas and information.' – Robin Ince Greg Jenner is the Historical Consultant to CBBC's multi-award winning Horrible Histories, Horrible Histories with Stephen Fry, and the various HH spin-offs. As well as contributing sketches and co-writing Stephen Fry's links, over the past four years he has been solely responsible for the factual accuracy of nearly one thousand comedy sketches with subject matter that has spanned the entirety of human history. Greg studied at the University of York and, after dropping initial plans for a life in academia, has worked on historical documentaries and dramas for the past seven years.

Rosie Lewis Agent: Laetitia Rutherford

TAKEN World All Languages: HarperCollins (January 2017)

A top ten Sunday Times bestselling paperback.

TRAPPED, another title of Rosie’s is published in France by City Editions (2015)

Foster carer Rosie Lewis takes on the care of Megan, a baby born with severe neo-natal abstinence syndrome and a cleft palate. She is supposed to help Megan find her true forever home, but it turns out that Megan has already found her ‘forever mummy’ in Rosie. After looking after her for two-and-a-half-years from just after birth, Rosie applies to adopt Megan herself but the system refuses her in favour of a young couple desperate to adopt. Against all her instincts, Rosie does her job and prepares Megan for her new ‘forever family’, but everything about Megan leaving and the new family feels wrong. Rosie Lewis has been an emergency foster carer for over seven years and in that time has shared her home with over twenty children. Since childhood, Rosie has had an obsession with books and is now delighted to combine fostering with her other passion, writing, by recording some of her experiences in a series of memoirs. Based in northern England, Rosie writes under a pseudonym to protect the identities of the children she looks after. She lives in the North of England with her own two children.

Holan Liang Agent: Laetitia Rutherford



INSIDE OUT PARENTING is a brilliant narrative mix of hard science, anecdotal evidence and witty personal memoir, and a riposte to Tiger Parenting.

In INSIDE OUT PARENTING, Dr Liang will present a gender-neutral, science-based approach that supports children’s inner selves foremost, especially in the formative years between 0 and 7, and only then do the exterior achievements follow. Dr Holan Liang sets out her practical approach to bringing up children from the inside out, setting aside exterior results in favour of building a core of self-esteem, resilience and social ability. This, Dr Liang argues in a witty blend of memoir, hard science and hands-on anecdotal evidence, is a far more assured route both to happiness and success. Dr Liang’s approach is about listening and observing your child and applying hard-won strategies drawn from the lab, from the changing table, from a multicultural background, and from hands-on trial and error. In INSIDE OUT PARENTING, Dr Holan Liang puts forward an approach that is based on fostering the interior landscape of the child, over and above exterior achievements. Holan Liang studied Medicine & Experimental Psychology at Cambridge University and trained as a Child Psychiatrist at the famous Maudsley and Bethlem Hospitals. She has conducted research with world leaders in child psychiatry and behavioural genetics in areas ranging from depression, bullying and ADHD. Holan has also authored a chapter in 2 Child Development text books and has 10 publications in peer-reviewed child psychiatry journals. Mother of two Holan has recieved research prizes in the field of Child Psychiatry and is currently a consultant at The South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Tim Locks Agent: James Wills


The tale of the very first non-military Brit who took action in the ISIS conflict.

In February 2015, Tim Locks headed to Kurdistan to fight Daesh, also known as ISIS. After watching images of the Yazidi people being slaughtered, he couldn't sit back and do nothing. Having worked as a prison officer and a bouncer, he knew how to handle himself - and had a huge protective streak. He sold his house to raise money, put himself through arms training and bought his equipment on eBay. In this gripping book he reveals what it is like to fight alongside the Kurds as well as British and American ex-military. He has cleared the enemy from occupied villages, come under mortar and small-arms fire, and witnessed the horrific atrocities committed by ISIS. He also describes how wi-fi on the front line allows them to communicate, how today's soldiers always find time for selfies, and the Kurds are so used to this way of life they stop mid firefight to have a cup of chai, and play Candy Crush while manning the mortars. As cultures clash, and the bullets start flying, Tim shares his adventures with honesty and black humour. Tim Locks is a former bouncer and prison guard. In February 2015, he sold his home in West London, shut down his construction business and flew to Iraq to join a Kurdish militia group in the fight against Islamic State. He is believed to be the first British civilian without a military background to head out to the frontline.

Lucy Maddox Agent: James Wills

BLUEPRINT: HOW OUR CHILDHOOD MAKES US WHO WE ARE World English Language: Robinson/Little, Brown (2017)

What every adult should know about child psychology.

Have you ever wondered how your early life shaped you? Everyone has been a child and the roots of our adult selves go right back to our first experiences. How we think, act and interact is influenced by our early years, yet most people don't know the key findings from child development that can give us insight into our adult selves. By thinking about these we can learn to notice and understand how we tend to be in relationships, in times of stress or change, or when faced with tricky decisions. How do we get a sense of identity? How are our romantic styles affected by our early relationships? How do we develop an ability to think in complex ways, manage moral dilemmas and motivate ourselves and others? This popular science book explains what everyone should know about how we become who we are, including the classic experiments: child psychology’s equivalents of Newton’s apple and Archimedes’ bathtub. From babyhood to adulthood, it weaves together cutting edge research, everyday experience and clinical examples. Dr Lucy Maddox is a clinical psychologist, lecturer and writer. She works clinically on an NHS psychiatric ward for teenagers at the Maudsley Hospital in south London, and she lectures at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience and the Anna Freud Centre. Lucy has written for various publications including the Guardian, Science, Prospect, the Psychologist, the Times and the Huffington Post. She was a British Science Association Media Fellow in 2013.

Alastair McIntosh Agent: James Wills

POACHER’S PILGRIMAGE AN ISLAND JOURNEY World All Languages excluding USA: Birlinn (June 2016)

‘Poacher’s Pilgrimage is a book full of generosity, spry in its thinking and detailed in its observations’ Scotland on Sunday ‘This is the book I've been waiting to read all my life. Hugely illuminating and answers so many questions’ Cameron McNeish, Mountaineer and TV Personality

The islands of the Outer Hebrides are home to some of the most remote and spectacular scenery in the world. They host an astonishing range of mysterious structures - stone circles, beehive dwellings, holy wells and 'temples' from the Celtic era. Over a twelve-day pilgrimage, often in appalling conditions, Alastair McIntosh returns to the islands of his childhood and explores the meaning of these places. Traversing moors and mountains, struggling through torrential rivers, he walks from the most southerly tip of Harris to the northerly Butt of Lewis. The book is a walk through space and time, across a physical landscape and into a spiritual one. As he battled with his own ability to endure some of the toughest terrain in Britain, he met with the healing power of the land and its communities. This is a moving book, a powerful reflection not simply of this extraordinary place and its people met along the way, but of imaginative hope for humankind. Alastair McIntosh is a Scottish writer, broadcaster and activist on social, environmental and spiritual issues, raised on the Isle of Lewis. He holds a BSc from the University of Aberdeen, an MBA from the University of Edinburgh and a PhD in liberation theology and land reform from the University of Ulster. His best know book Soil and Soul: People versus Corporate Power on land reform and environmental protection – the latter described as “world changing” by George Monbiot, “life changing” by the Bishop of Liverpool and “truly mental” by Thom Yorke of Radiohead.

Paul McNally Agent: James Wills

THE STREET South Africa: Picador Africa - Pan Macmillan S.A (September 2016)

“Best news and actuality producer” at the MTN Radio Awards in 2014 Webber Wentzel Legal Journalist of The Year 2013 ‘This is an important piece of journalism that gives rare insight into Joburg’s rotten underbelly and the criminals, cops and citizens who exist there.’ – Anton Harber

Raymond is a shop owner on Ontdekkers Road, in Johannesburg, who takes a baseball bat to the drug dealers when they break his rules. He systematically records in his notebook the police officers who come – all day, every day – to collect their bribe money from the dealers, and is looking for someone to trust. Khaba is a middle-aged police officer who wants a quiet life but whose demons will not leave him in peace. He is trying to regain his trust in what he once regarded as an honourable profession. Wendy is a petite, ageing police reservist who can handle an R5 rifle with confidence, but not the sadness that accompanies her daily life – the loss of her police officer husband, brutally murdered by a drug lord, and the addiction that has her adult son in its grip. She is looking for respect and affirmation and for her own life to have meaning. Through different paths, the lives of Raymond, Khaba and Wendy intersect on the street as their attention is focused on the current power couple – a drug dealer named Obi and Lerato, a police officer. Seemingly untouchable, Obi and Lerato terrorise Ontdekkers, and in the process upset the balance of this already lawless world. Paul McNally is a writer & award winning radio journalist. He heads the Wits Justice Project’s community radio initiative and is director of The Citizen Justice Network, a programme designed to investigate untold stories around the police, prisons and justice system. He is currently working on a South African version of This American Life’s “Serial” with Eye Witness News, a national radio news service.

Rebecca Rideal Agent: Donald Winchester

1666: PLAGUE, WAR AND HELLFIRE UK & BC: John Murray (August 2016) USA: St Martins Press The Netherlands: Unieboek

The stunning narrative history of a critical year in the making of modern Europe featuring the continent’s leading naval powers, subject to a four-way UK auction, written by a rising star female historian. ’A memorable, gripping and very satisfying read.’ – Elizabeth Fremantle, Historia ‘Rideal has written an impressively vivid account of an extraordinary period’ – The Times

Sixteen-sixty-six was, to quote Dryden, England’s annus mirabilis. It was the year of the Great Plague, the return of the dreaded bubonic disease, in which twenty-five per cent of London’s population perished. It also saw the eruption of the second Dutch War, the clash between two great naval powers, which fomented great patriotism (Pepys said the country was ‘mad for war’) and thrilling native successes both near (Lowestoft) and far (present day New York), but ultimately ended in one of the English military’s most humiliating defeats. The year’s almighty climax, of course, was The Great Fire, which saved London from disease but was seen by the Dutch as divine retribution for English raids. It is a year in which no single event existed alone and which, in many ways, gave shape to the country we know today. 1666: PLAGUE, WAR AND HELLFIRE will shine a light on these dramatic events to reveal an unprecedented period of terror and triumph. It is the first book to combine the Great Plague, the Dutch Wars and the Great Fire in one work. Inextricably linked by contemporaries, the events have been traditionally detached from one another by historians. Harnessing little used sources, original research and new findings (most notably in the excavations caused by Crossrail and the discovery of HMS London), the book will provide a blow-by-blow account of London’s year from hell. This will be the definitive short book on one of history’s most climactic years. Rebecca Rideal is a factual television producer and writer, responsible for producing Jack the Ripper: Killer Revealed, Escape from a Nazi Death Camp and the triple Emmy award winning series David Attenborough’s First Life. She runs the online history magazine, The History Vault, and is currently studying for her PhD on Restoration London during the Great Plague and the Great Fire at University College London.


Colin Wilson Agent: James Wills

THE OUTSIDER World: Weidenfeld & Nicholson (September 2016)

60th Anniversary Edition Praise for THE OUTSIDER: ‘Luminously intelligent’ – Philip Toynbee ‘Extraordinary…one of the most remarkable first books I have read for a long time’ – Cyril Connolly

It was an instant literary sensation when it was first published in 1956, and has not been out of print since. THE OUTSIDER thrusted its youthful author into the front rank of contemporary writers and thinkers. Wilson rationalized the psychological dislocation so characteristic of Western creative thinking into a coherent theory of alienation, and defined those affected by it as a type: the outsider. Through the works and lives of various artists, including Kafka, Camus, Hemingway, Hesse, Lawrence, Van Gogh, Shaw, Nietzsche and Dostoevsky, Wilson explored the psyche of the outsider, his effect on society and society's on him. Nothing that has happened in the decades since has made THE OUTSIDER any less relevant; it remains the seminal work on this most persistent of modern-day preoccupations. Colin Wilson was the author of over one hundred books of non-fiction and fiction, many of them about crime and the occult. Other works include the widely popular THE OCCULT (World: Watkins) and follow-up BEYOND THE OCCULT (World: Watkins), and AN END TO MURDER (World: Robinson)

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