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Introduction: A security officer (or security guard) is a person who gets paid to protect property, assets, or citizens. Security guards are usually privately and formally employed persons. Their tasks are very similar to Police officer. Website:

Security Guards In Schools Security guards are highly

recommended person in schools because of crime rate as we see crime rate is Increased in Schools. Some students indulge in activities like the illegal use of drugs and narcotics. Which is harmful for all the students. So to control these types of crimes Security guards play very important part in it.


Benefits Of Security Guards In Schools *Security And Safety Of Children *School property safety. *Save school from burglars, thief and other Unknown peoples. *Crowd control at school sports events *Saving school from passing dangerous materials within the school's premises


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Security guards in schools  

Security is most essential for school administration because of the crime rate increase in schools. For More information visit: http://www.v...