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Organizational Change Management Methodology Overview 

Effective change cannot occur unless the 

people, processes, and technology are working together.   The effects of each will be felt by the others.  

The foundation of our OCM methodology is  to develop a program that moves people  through levels of awareness and through levels of awareness and  understanding toward the desired future  result.   Along the way, we want to provide them  with the tools  to be successful at every  stage of the transition AND in the long  term.  We want to address not only how to  get there, but how to sustain and move  forward.

Within each of the 5 components of our OCM methodology, we have identified key deliverables  which will help define the unique change path for each project.   The development of deliverables templates has already started.  Our goal is to develop an OCM  toolkit which is: toolkit which is: • Approachable • Available to all project teams • Customizable and adaptable while still remaining consistent. • Engages all necessary groups to complete • Evolving and learning from each project. • Measurable

Successful OCM drives  business  results by  changing  behaviors.   Our thinking  drives our  behavior.   Our  behaviors  drive our  results.

Organizational Change Management Methodology Overview  The completeness of each component of the methodology is judged based on our ability to answer key  The completeness of each component of the methodology is judged based on our ability to answer key questions about the project. Envision





•What is this  project? •Why are we doing •Why are we doing  it? •Where are we  now? •What will change  in the future? •Why should we  want to change? •Who will guide us  g there?

•Who will be  affected? •How will people •How will people  be affected? •How aware are  people? •How can we  create a sense of  urgency?   •What influence  does each group  have? •How will leaders  help us get there?

•How will  processes  change? •How will roles &  responsibilities  change?  •What do people  need to know? •When will they  need to know it?  •What messages  should we share?  •What methods  should we use? •How will leaders  help us get there?

•How will we roll  out our plan? •How can we be •How can we be  proactive?  •How will we  transition people  to new roles?  •What are our risks  and how can we  mitigate them? 

•To what degree  has change been  embraced? •How satisfied are  employees after  the change?  •Is there more or  less  turnover/absente eism after the  change? •What are the  Wh h questions/concer ns that are being  heard the most?  •What worked well  and what did not? 

What is the role of the PPMO OCM Project Manager in oCIO projects? What is the role of the PPMO OCM Project Manager in oCIO

Current Activities •

• •

• •

Working with Unified Communications, IT  Service Management, and IdM to develop  individualized OCM plans. • Determining current state of OCM  strategy. • Developing week‐by‐week goals. Developing an OCM toolkit of templates  and “how to” materials. Creating OCM project plan templates to Creating OCM project plan templates to  support workplaning component of OCM  activities. Compiling estimating data to support more  accurate work and resource forecasting. Looking for overlap and opportunities for  consolidation between projects.

Future Ambitions •

• • • • •

Create an OCM Advisory Board to facilitate  information sharing,  idea generation,  create awareness of upcoming projects,  identify potential opportunities/risks. Develop and implement a OCM strategy for  the PPMO. Create an online resource repository for  OCM templates and information. Continue to refine tools and methodology Continue to refine tools and methodology  through support of projects. Develop a OCM community and foster idea  sharing between oCIO areas. Develop a cross‐project OCM resource  planning timeline and talent pool.

The success  of a change  implementation  must be  continually  evaluated and  adapted A adapted. A  change is not  adopted until it  is integrated  into the  organizational  culture. 

Org Change Method Quick Look  

Quick Look at OCM Process

Org Change Method Quick Look  

Quick Look at OCM Process