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: HP HP0-513


: AlphaServer System Maintenance (formerly #330-610)

Version : R6.1    

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1. Where can you check an AlphaServer's serial number for warranty status? A. SRL B. CSN C. QRL D. OMNI Answer: B

2. Which type of PCI bus slot is available on an AlphaServer DS10L? A. 16-bit B. 32-bit C. 64-bit D. 128-bit Answer: C

3. Which AlphaServer does NOT have an interlock switch? A. DS10 B. DS20 C. DS20E D. ES40 Answer: A

4. When installing a new Alpha system, which command would you use with the Loadable Firmware Utility (LFU) to verify option firmware revision level? A. check B. update C. show revision D. list Answer: D

5. On an AlphaServer ES40, what information is obtained from the "show fru -e" command?    

A. FRU firmware version B. extended fru status C. FRU environmental variables D. FRU with errors Answer: D

6. Alpha console firmware updates can be performed using all of the following, EXCEPT A. CD-ROM B. floppy disk C. the network D. replacing the chip Answer: D

7. Which FRUs are defined as hot-pluggable on the AlphaServer DS20? A. individual fans B. hard drives C. PCI options D. power supplies Answer: B

8. What is ONE of the configuration rules when installing DIMMs on an AlphaServer ES40? A. One DIMM in each memory motherboard. B. Fill odd memory sets first. C. Fill even memory sets first. D. Fill sets in numerical order. Answer: D

9. When an AlphaServer DS20 has correctable memory errors, what action does the system take? A. crashes and re-boots B. halts to console    

C. resets D. continues running Answer: D

10. Which file contains the Tru64 UNIX startup and error information? A. event.log B. messages C. sysfile D. errorlog.sys Answer: B

11. Which component is hot-swappable on the ES40? A. fan B. CPU C. memory D. PCI option Answer: A

12. What must be considered when installing an AlphaServer DS20? A. Do not install the system under a desk. B. Do not install the rear of the system against a wall. C. Install the system only in a computer room. D. The system must be installed in a rack. Answer: B

13. AlphaServer firmware upgrades are performed for what purpose? Select TWO. A. Add new hardware support. B. Recognize new memory. C. Remove old options. D. Perform firmware bug fixes.    

E. Rebuild kernel. Answer: AD

14. Which command option overrides any setting of the boot_osflags environment variable? A. - flags B. - osflags C. - boot D. - vars Answer: A

15. Which background process must be running for Compaq Analyze to function? A. desta_exec B. analyze_exec C. webes_exec D. ca_exec Answer: A

16. If you remove a PCI option card and do not replace it, what is the necessary action you must take? A. Replace the PCI option cover. B. No action necessary. C. Install a filler PCI airflow card. D. Terminate the PCI slot. Answer: A

17. Which SRM console environment variable identifies the SCSI controller ID? A. pk*_host_id B. SCSI_ID C. pk*_bus_id D. dk*_scsi_id Answer: A    

18. Which URL invokes Compaq Analyze on the local node? A. http://localhost :7902 B. http://localhost :80 C. http://localhost :1705 D. http://localhost :2981 Answer: A

19. Two additional CPUs have been added to ES40. After the addition of these CPUs, the system does not initialize properly. What could resolve this problem? A. More cache needs to be added. B. A second power supply is needed. C. A second cabinet fan needs to be added. D. Add a voltage regulator for each CPU. Answer: B

20. Which SRM command is used to verify the proper functioning of the system components during system installation? A. test B. diag C. boot D. sysex Answer: A

21. When removing a CPU module, what are the correct steps? A. Remove all power, remove covers, remove CPU. B. Remove all power, follow EMI procedures, remove cover, remove CPU. C. Follow ESD procedures, remove covers, remove CPU. D. Remove all power, follow ESD procedures, remove covers, remove CPU. Answer: D    

22. Which console command diagnoses all devices sequentially? A. sys_exer B. sys_test C. test D. exer Answer: C

23. On an AlphaServer in a rackmount cabinet H9A10, which precaution is necessary before accessing the system chassis? A. Disengage cabinet interlock. B. Remove side panels and open rear cabinet door. C. Remove front and rear cabinet doors. D. Pull out the stabilizer bar and extend the leveler foot. Answer: D

24. Which LFU command upgrades the firmware on the AlphaServer? A. update B. install C. load D. upgrade Answer: A

25. What does the SRM console boot flags environmental variable specify under OpenVMS? Select TWO. A. default run level B. boot flags C. system root number D. boot priority E. boot device Answer: BC    

26. Which tool reports OpenVMS system startup and error information? A. opcom B. messages C. event.log D. system.log Answer: A

27. How many DIMM slots are available on a Model 1 ES40? A. 8 B. 16 C. 32 D. 64 Answer: B

28. How many DIMMs per bank must be used when upgrading memory on the DS20? A. two B. four C. six D. eight Answer: B

29. Click on the exhibit button. In the exhibit, what does the 0306 indicate?    

A. firmware revision B. bus id C. device identifier D. device location Answer: A

30. What are the supported enclosure types for the DS20E? Select TWO. A. rackmount B. pedestal C. desktop D. minitower E. standalone Answer: AB

31. Which tools analyze the environmental conditions of the computer room? Select TWO. A. Dranetz-BMI B. laptop C. Network Analyzer D. RF meter E. TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) Answer: AD

32. A hardware failure is suspected on an AlphaServer DS20. Which command is used to check the hardware functionality? A. hwchk B. fmu C. test D. auto_acton Answer: C    

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