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ELECTRONICA Digital Harmonica




Event Tent

REVOLUTiON Revolution is a new generation of event tents. In the tropical climate like south east Asia, people need shading to protct themselves from the strong sun light and they also need flowing air to keep themselves cold. Revolution provides closure space with great air ventilation, through colorful mesh fabric.

It is light-weighted and easy to be resembled. Main materials are fabric, mesh fabric, pole, and string.

Initial sketches.


Orthogonal views.


Event Tent

Circular metal connects the metal poles together forming structure for the tent. At the bottom edge, the poles are secured to the end of metal bars through the holes. Metal bars help prevent the tent from strong wind making it heavy and stable.

Main structure.


Modular system. Color variation.


Event Tent

Marvel in context.

Marvel is an inflatable-strutured event tent . Its modularity allows each unit of tents to connect together no matter it is the same or different sizes. Marvel is easy to pack and requires small space to store.

9 Initial sketches. Marvel in context.


Event Tent

Weighted by sand bag.

Weighted by water bag.


Connecting between the same-sized units.

Connecting between the different-sized units.


Learning Support Device

A Learning Support Device for International Students

Handheld Concept

“ 49% of international students in Academy of Art University have communication problem in their classes. ” None of them studies very smooth. If the device is able to mimic human method of language learning and communication capturing both visual and auditory, it will provide meaningful communication between the students and instructors. By capturing students’ expressions in the class, the instructors are able see students’ learning feedback and adjust the way they teach in order to create better learning environment.

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International Students

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Wearable Concept

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Learning Assistant Service Real Time Translation Suggestions Playback >> Video Recorder Research and Information History and Data Storage Practicing Exercises Self-evaluated Report


Learning Support Device

Desktop Concept In a learning environment that provides plenty of space for students, desktop concept is more conveviemt to use than wearable one since the student is able to touch the physical interface.

Wearable Concept In contrast, a small lecture desk seems not possible to place an extra object on it. Wearable device might be a solution since a micro projector is able to project the interface on top of any surfaces.


“Treasure of Knowledge” Knowledge is precious. The device is so valuable to have.

“Enjoyable Learning” Learning companion.


Learning Support Device

Learning Level Bad Intermediate Good

The camera on the device monitors a student’s facial expressions together with pulse rate sensor located on the pen in order to get student’s learning feedbacks. A detachable camera is recording the class for video playback.

An average learning feedback will be shown to the instructor. Knowing the feedbacks allows the instructor to adjust his teaching method or participate with the students more.


An infrared sensor detects handwriting pattern and transfers it into digital text for video playback and file sharing.

A student can access the system through other devices that are able to access the internet.


Learning Support Device

A micro projector project the interface on any surfaces. A camera sensor hidden behind the screen sensors the movement of user’s finger allowing his/her to interact with the interface. (The image shows the device charged on the charging dock.)

In the class, student is wearing the device while it is projecting the interface on the desk.


Learning feedbacks is shown in terms of the emoticons.

Students are able to share their notes to other classmates to help each other.



Alzheimer’s Caregiver Robot

Today 4.5 million Americans have Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's disease makes it harder and harder for people to carry out their daily activities. Family members may have to take on many caregiving responsibilities, from helping the person bathe and eat to making money and legal decisions. The robot tends to be a 24/7 caregiver for Alzheimer’ s to replace the need of human caregiver. The robot secures the home avoiding your loved one from wandering outside, help the patient find things, be his companion in personal situation, remind him what he forgot, and correct his words from language disturbances. It also reduces the physical and mental problems damaging both caregiver and patient which is the most severe problem for caregivers. Memo, an alzhiemers’ caregiver robot, is designed for alzhiemers who need some assistances. Memo can look after the patient 24/7 providing medicines, entertaining, and connecting the patient with his/her family members. For emergengy, Memo can call the hospital or a neighbor to help the patient on time.


Memo in context User Scenario

The image above shows the scale and environment of Memo working in a set-up situation with a patient.










The scenarios was developed during the research phrase to demonstrate how Memo assists the patient.

911 Medical Center Ann (Neighbor) Lisa (Daughter)


Friendliness Friendly robots have great personalities of companionship. Curvy forms are playful and represent happiness.


Familiarity For short memory people, familiar shapes might be appropriate since the patients might be scared of animal-like robots. Moreover, they blend with the architectural elements very well.



OLED screen circuit board media armature DVD player

front shell

LED indicator

camera, LED projector, Laser Pointer linear slide mechanism ultrasonic sensor pill dispenser translucent rubber pill cup shutter mechanism back shell

mother board RAM , hard drive cast aluminium shell

ultrasonic sensor mesh aluminium cast aluminium shell bumper sensor wheel motor camera, proximity sensor wheel

Exploded View Memo consists of many sensors such as proximity sensors, cameras, and bumper sensors to control the speed and direction of movement. Silicone surfaces give the soft touch and look to the users. The metal structure at the middle acts as a main structure and the shelf for computer systems.



Remote Control A family member can program Memo via a touch screen remote control. His/her fingerprint needs to be identified for patient’s security.

Charging Dock Memo is able to recharge itself when the battery is low by IR Sensor.



Pill Delivery Family members or caregiver can schedule the time for pill delivery.

Pill Dispenser Memo provides pills to the patient by the time set up on the pill dispenser unit.


Entertainer Memo entertains the patient by playing chess or other games with the patient.

LED Projector Eye Connecting family members to the patient by video chat. Increase the size of image for poor eye sight people.


Chopstick Holder

Origami Chopstick Sleeve


Hashigami is a paper chopstick sleeve that can be reused as a chopstick holder. With a minimal graphic of origami (paper folding) instruction on the sleeve, people in the restaurant are able to have fun creating a simple 3-D form to hold their disposable chopsticks. Save papers, save the world. From Japanese language. Hashi = Chopstick Gami = Paper

Instruction graphic on the sleeve.




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Musical Instrument

Digital Harmonica

This product is intended to characterize an innovation viewpoint for approaching the development of future musical instruments. The digital harmonica is the next generation of musical instruments to support emerging new music artists who transform the notion of music and thier instruments. This harmonica creates differentiation and expression with many innovative functions that not only help harmonicists or composers to compose their songs easily via recording system, but also provide the incredible performance for on-stage show. The key market is new ages of harmonica composers and performers who allow technology to make their life and work easier.


3D rendering user scenarios

The scenarios demonstrate the expectedfunctions that Electronica will work to solve all problems of existing nonelectronic harmonicas.

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Musical Instrument

Initial Sketches The initial sketches were grouped into 2 groups which are rectagular and curvy forms that lead to the combination of both directions in the final design.


anodized aluminium shell Optical sensor LEO light Internal battery LCD screen memory card


USB connection pressure sensor Chrome mouthpiece

Exploded View Electronica creates the sound from pressure sensors placed at the particular positions of notes. Optical sensor at the back creates Vibrato effect immitating the nonelectronic harmonica.

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Musical Instrument

Replaceable chrome mouthpiece

Tilt Screen

Wirelesss Antenna USB Connection, Data Storage

Replaceable chrome mouthpiece : easy to clean and nontoxic. Tilt screen : adjust the screen to fit users’ views. Wireless antenna : connect to amplifier and speaker.

USB connection & memory card support : download the recorded songs to computer.


Fingerprint Sensor

Optical Sensor

Glow-in-the-dark display

Fingerprint sensor : provide security for composers to keep their secrets. Optical sensor : create vibrato effect by hand movement.

Glow-in-the-dark display : attractive on the stage.

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Outdoor Furniture

An Inflatable Outdoor Furniture


Scenarios Target users

Bubble is intended to create different atmosphere for outdoor furniture and also provide the electrical supply in order to support our digital world where everything relies on electronic. Solarcells are used to generate the power for electrical-related activities transfering indoor activities to outdoor such as surfing internet, and listening to the music outloud. Target users are people who blend themselves with digital world and the beauty of physical environment. Electronic devices become parts of their lives for convenience and satisfaction. At the same time, they also love to stay in open space and can do some activities like they did indoor such as surfing internet, playing digital games, and listen to the music outloud.

38 38


Attachable Unit : Water / air container adding weight into the base units.

Speaker can be rotated to keep. They also can be switched to other gadgets.

The wire is connected to solar panel to store the power or use to pump other inflatable products.



CuteBook $100 Laptop

Concepts Product Features

CuteBook is an inexpensive laptop for kid in developing countries. It consists of simple applications. The battery, placed inside the handle can be recharged by vibration while the kid walking to solve the problem of electricity lacking. Playful and curvy shape gains the attention of kids. There are some main features of CuteBook in the next pages.


Adjustable heighth

Flip over screen

Rotating camera

Vibrating battery

Rotating screen

Digital pen and Tablet

USB port and Battery Pocket

Product Features


Digital Camera

OVO Digital Camera

“OVO� is designed to create new experience for teenagers by using a vertical digital camera. Tilted lens provides convenience for taking self portrait. Chrome is the main material used to build the personality of the product. Rubber gribs are non-slip and gives a soft touch to users. During the design process, I explored many different ways of holding a digital camera such as holding like a remote control, a binacular, or a cellphone as being shown in the sketches in the right page.


OVO from different views Preliminary concepts hand sketches



Hive chair is a customized-system furniture made of acrylic sheet. It is a multi-function furniture. Customers can assemble acrylic panels following by their specific needs. Moreover, they can order the manufacturer to cut any pattern they want by laser cut machine. Hive is a new way to create personality to your furniture.

45 A modular system creates flexibility for the users to design and install the panels to fit their needs. Moreover, it can be produced from different materials and colors such as wood, metal, or acrylic based on users’ requirement. Hive provides unique personality to the furniture.


Color&Graphic Design

(Thailand) Color&Graphic Design

Kaze Hit 112 KSR 110 Boss 175

Kawasaki Kase hit 112cc was launched 2005 in Thailand. The target markets are Thai teenagers and workers. The concept is to show the impact of the speed since Kawasaki is known for its quality of engine. The sharp-edged graphic represents dynamic, speed, and also confidence of Thai teenagers. With a lot of survey about personal styles and preference, green color was chosen to be the promoted model since it was fresh and new at that time.



Industrial Design Portfolio