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63rd Annual NGWA Ground Water Expo and Annual Meeting Las Vegas Convention Center Las Vegas, Nevada

“Step Ahead”


800 551.7379 • 614 898.7791

Photo courtesy of Las Vegas News Bureau.

Exhibitor Prospectus

Conference Dates: Nov 29-Dec 2, 2011 Expo Dates: Nov 30-Dec 1, 2011

Ground Water Expo The National Ground Water Association’s Ground Water Expo and Annual Meeting is designed to help you do business more efficiently and more profitably. At this year’s Expo, you will:

Here is what some of our exhibitors had to say about the previous NGWA Ground Water Expos:

Gain direct access to thousands of groundwater professionals—meet a year’s worth of contacts in just two days!

Enjoy steady traffic at your booth during 12 remarkable show hours. Whether your exhibit is large or small, you are certain to have good traffic!

“We are committed to the water well industry for the long haul and the NGWA Ground Water Expo is one of our best resources.”

Network to influence and interact with groundwater professionals from across the country and around the world.

Showcase your products at the most prestigious show within the groundwater industry. Attendees at the Expo are there to inspect and compare products and equipment vital to their livelihood.

Increase your sales and profit margins by getting your products and your equipment in front of this very special group of groundwater professionals.

“It is an opportunity to say thanks to our existing customers in territories we do not currently cover.”

“We purchased an aisle banner sponsorship this year which gave us additional exposure. It was great!”

“We introduced a new product at the show this year which was very well received.”

Get the member advantage!

“We exceeded our goals! The show went beyond our expectations.”

Join or renew your NGWA corporate membership and receive a discount on your exhibit space and priority in selecting your booth location at this year’s Ground Water Expo!

“It was a great experience for our first time as an exhibitor. It surpassed our expectations.”

In addition to your company’s brand affiliation with NGWA, corporate membership provides access to more than 12,000 members and 24,000 subscribers, annual recognition in publications, Web presence, visibility at the annual membership meeting, plus many other opportunities to reach your target markets reserved exclusively for corporate members. Join or renew your corporate membership today to maintain your priority status in selecting exhibit space!


“This is a very productive and well run event. See you next year!”

“We have many good deals in the works as a result of this show.”

“Phenomenal! This is a big risk for a little company. There’s a ton of opportunity to follow up on.”

Benefits of exhibiting  Connect with new buyers  High quality leads  Reinforce your brands  Personal contact with key decision-makers  Advance your company’s positioning  Attendees from around the globe  Exciting new programs to attract more attendees  Listing on NGWA’s popular Web site at no additional charge  Expo advertisements in all major industry publications  Free listing in preconvention brochure, October 2011 Water Well Journal®, and official on-site program  Preshow registration list for your marketing purposes (names and addresses only)  Postshow attendee mailing list in electronic format (ideal for postshow follow-up)  Biggest and best show in the entire groundwater industry  Affordable advertising in the on-site program  Access to premier sponsorship opportunities to increase visibility for your organization in front of leading industry professionals  Exhibit as an NGWA corporate member and receive a full array of complimentary benefits designed to maximize your efforts and improve your bottom line; visit for a complete list of corporate benefits.

Get your news to the news media NGWA offers exhibitors the opportunity to join in our media relations efforts for the Expo. Keep us informed of any new products, special events or activities, unusual booth displays, etc., via news releases or less formal communications. We can incorporate your Expo-related news releases into communications with trade media. Send your news to Cliff Treyens at ctreyens@ or contact Cliff at 800 551.7379 (614 898.7791 outside the United States), ext. 554, for additional information.

Manufacturers and suppliers who want to remain globally competitive in today’s economy can’t afford NOT to exhibit at the groundwater industry’s premier event. Consider the facts:  Exhibiting demonstrates that you are a serious player in the industry and trade shows fill an essential marketing strategy when it comes to visibility. Memorability is a key factor associated with exhibiting and if you are not seen, how can you be remembered?  You must focus on long-term results. You must continue to market in times of shortage, as your results will mirror your actions.  Trade show exhibits are your #1 source for guaranteed sales opportunities. Trade shows are a more effective sales tool than magazine articles, friends/business contacts, directories/ catalogs, manufacturer representatives, and even on-site visits to potential customers.

Expanding international attendance Twenty-nine (29) countries were represented at the 62nd Annual Ground Water Expo, in addition to the United States: Argentina Australia Belgium Brazil Canada Chile China Colombia Denmark England

Ethiopia Germany Honduras India Italy Japan Luxembourg Mexico Netherlands New Zealand

Nigeria South Africa South Korea Spain Sweden Tanzania Turkey United Kingdom Venezuela 3

Exhibitor Information Exhibit privileges are extended to any and all firms which manufacture or supply products or services used by the groundwater industry. Manufacturers may not share exhibit spaces with other manufacturers. No exhibitor shall sublet exhibit space in whole or part to another company or individual. Company names on exhibitor badges will be the name of the company as it is listed on the contract. There will be no exceptions. What does it cost?

Companies that are corporate members of the NGWA manufacturers or suppliers divisions qualify for the member fee.

Exhibit booth rental fees

Each 10x10 inline booth Each 10x10 corner Each 20x20 island Each 20x30 island Each 20x40 island Each 20x50 island Each 20x60 island Each 20x70 island Each 20x80 island Each 20x90 island

Member Nonmember $1,400 $1,800 $1,600 $2,000 $4,900 $5,300 $7,350 $7,750 $9,800 $10,200 $12,000 $12,400 $14,700 $15,100 $17,000 $17,400 $19,000 $19,400 $21,500 $21,900

Bulk space rental fees (heavy equipment)*

Member Nonmember Each 20x20 bulk space $2,900 $3,300 Each 20x30 bulk space $4,200 $4,600 Each 20x40 bulk space $5,650 $6,050 Each 20x50 bulk space $6,950 $7,350 Each 20x60 heavy eqmt. $8,400 $8,800 Each 20x70 heavy eqmt. $9,900 $10,300 Each 20x80 heavy eqmt. $11,200 $11,600 Each 20x90 heavy eqmt. $12,600 $13,000

*All equipment must fit completely within the space rented. (For space larger than 20x 90, please call sales managers for details.) Each exhibitor receives two free exhibitor registrations per 10x10 area. Additional exhibitors may be registered for $50. There will be no refunds of registration after November 1. 4

Each individual who wishes to enter the exposition area is required to wear a badge.

What’s included in the rental fee?

Each standard booth space will be draped with an 8 high backdrop and 36 side rails to delineate space rented and a standard 7 x 44 sign containing the exhibitor name and booth number to identify the space. Any other furnishings—tables, chairs, and carpet, as well as labor, electrical, telephone, or other services—must be ordered by the exhibitor at their own expense and responsibility. These items may be ordered through the official service contractor whose service manual will be sent to confirmed exhibitors approximately 90 days prior to the show; the service manual will be sent to exhibitors who register less than 90 days prior to the show as they are confirmed.

How do I determine the “required” payment?

If paying by check: Applications received by the exhibit sales managers by September 15 must include a deposit of 50 percent of the total amount due. Applications received AFTER September 15: Full payment of the total amount due must be received with the application. Applications received without full payment after September 15 will NOT be processed and space will NOT be assigned until full payment has been received. ALL ONLINE BOOTH PURCHASES REQUIRE PAYMENT IN FULL.

What is the deadline for applying for space?

Assignment will begin after the priority system deadline. Exhibit space will be assigned to eligible priority system companies whose applications and payments are on the desks of the exhibit sales managers on June 1. Assignments for companies not in the priority system and all applications received after June 1 will be made in the order in which applications and payments are received. Assignments will be confirmed by e-mail.

How do I purchase exhibit booth space?

Securing exhibit space at the 63nd Annual Ground Water Expo has never been easier! With our online process, you can select your booth space, complete the exhibit application, and pay for the space with a credit card. Follow the link below for further information regarding this process. expo/exhibitors.aspx.

What if I have to cancel my space reservation? Cancellation of booth/bulk space prior to October 1 will result in a refund equal to 50 percent of booth price. Cancellation of booth/bulk space after October 1 will result in no refund.

When can I set up?

Monday, November 28 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Heavy equipment, island, and bulk space setup. Please note: Heavy equipment parking times to be assigned. Tuesday, November 29 8 to 11 a.m. Remainder of heavy equipment load-in (times to be assigned) 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Booth setup.

What are the show hours? Wednesday, November 30 12 noon to 6 p.m. Thursday, December 1 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

When is teardown? Thursday, December 1 4 to 9 p.m. Friday, December 2 8 to 11 a.m.


There is no dollar limit on giveaways at the 2011 NGWA Expo; however, all promotions and giveaways must be in accordance with Nevada gaming laws. Prizes must be awarded at the show. No announcements of winners will be made. Winners may be posted in the booth of the exhibitor awarding the prizes and the message center in the registration area. Company letterhead measuring no larger than 81/2 x 11 may be used to post winners’ names.

Booth construction guidelines

Each exhibitor must be guaranteed reasonable sightlines from the aisle. Exhibits that interfere with their neighbors’ sightlines may be required to make adjustments. Standard booth: One or more standard units in a straight line. Booth backdrops are 8 feet in height and divider rails are 3 feet in height. Any part of the exhibit that extends 5 feet from the rear of the booth must not exceed 4 feet in height to assure reasonable sightlines. Perimeter wall booth: Standard booth located on the outer perimeter wall of the exhibit floor. Island booth: Exhibit of one company with multiple booths with an aisle on each of four sides; no backdrops or divider rails. Side views: The side frames of pop-up display booths must be covered with drape. Drape must be ordered from the service contractor. If violations are found after the exhibitor has left the setup, drape will be installed by the service contractor and billed to the exhibitor.

Official service contractor

In the interest of safety, continuity, security, and control, the following are understood as exclusive services provided through the official service contractor: drayage, rigging, electrical, plumbing, and custom cleaning. The service manual containing complete details on all services offered to exhibitors, as well as order forms and shipping instructions, will be made available to confirmed exhibitors approximately 90 days prior to the show. After the initial mailing, manuals will be sent to exhibitors as NGWA notifies the official service contractor of their assignment. In addition to supplying furniture, electrical, and other items you might need for your booth, the service contractor handles freight storage and delivery to the hall, determines union jurisdiction, arranges for electrical and plumbing services, sets up the pipe and drape, and performs the myriad of other services necessary before the exhibitors arrive to set up.

Freight: The exhibiting company must make its own arrangements for delivery and receipt of shipments and storage of crates with the official service contractor before move-in. The Las Vegas Convention Center will NOT accept or store exhibit materials or empty crates. All freight charges must be prepaid. Fire regulations prohibit the storage of empty crates and cartons within the exhibitor’s display area. Crates and cartons will be stored by the official service contractor and returned to the booth at the end of the show.

Booth setup/union jurisdiction

Full-time employees of the exhibiting company may install and/or dismantle the company’s own booth, in its assigned exhibit space, provided it has met all the requirements of show management and the facility. Any work outside its assigned space, including the handling of freight or equipment to the booth, is prohibited—except for handcarried items. Exhibitors may hand-carry items to their assigned space; however, they may not use wheels, carts, or hand trucks nor enter through the freight doors. Only union workers are allowed to bring freight through the freight doors. The Teamsters Union is responsible for the loading and unloading of all trucks or trailers or common and contract carriers, as well as the handling of empty crates and the operation of forklift trucks. They also have jurisdiction over the loading and unloading of individual company vehicles. Further, the Teamsters have the responsibility for unloading, crating, unskidding, leveling, cleaning, and assembling of machinery and equipment. Their jurisdiction also covers the stated operations in reverse order for the removal of the equipment. Parking on the loading dock is prohibited. As soon as vehicles are unloaded at the freight door by union workers, the vehicles must be parked in authorized areas. Violators will be towed at their expense. If exhibitors need help, they must hire union workers through the service contractor. They cannot hire temporary workers. The Electrical Workers Union is responsible for supplying all feed wiring and electrical conductors to each exhibit. This union will also be responsible for all other electrical work in exhibits including, but not limited to, such items as motor hook-up, pulling, and hook-up of electrical or signal wire and cables.

Outside contractors

If an exhibitor hires a contractor other than the official service contractor to install and/or dismantle its exhibit, the exhibitor is required to notify NGWA of that company’s name, address, and all other details. This is the responsibility of the exhibitor, not the company hired. Notifications must be on file at NGWA 30 days prior to the show. If the company you hire doesn’t normally work in the Las Vegas Convention Center, it could take them several months to meet the requirements for paperwork and fees before they would be admitted to work in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Building regulations

The Las Vegas Convention Center prohibits any attachment or installation of materials of any kind to the walls, ceilings, columns, floors, or other common areas of its facility, inside or outdoors. No propane tanks are allowed in the building. No helium gas or helium balloons are allowed to enter the building. All food items and novelties must be arranged through the facility’s exclusive concessonaire.

Fire and safety regulations

Exhibitors and their design houses must observe strict compliance with Las Vegas fire regulations. It is the responsiblity of each exhibitor to check the regulations for the Las Vegas Convention Center if there is any question whatsoever regarding its display. All exhibits must pass fire marshal inspection before the exhibit hall can open. The fire marshal has the authority to close any exhibit which is in violation of regulations, or to close the entire show at his/her discretion. If an exhibitor is cited for violations and show management cannot reach the contact person, the service contractor is authorized to make the corrections at the expense of the exhibitor. If corrections are not possible, the display will be removed so the exhibit hall may open on time. Vehicles displayed in exhibit hall must have the battery cables disconnected. The gas tank must be taped shut or have a lockable gas cap and may contain no more than 10 (ten) gallons or one-eighth (1/8) tank of fuel, whichever is less.


Headquarters Hotel Las Vegas Hilton 3000 Paradise Road Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 USA Phone/ 702 732.5111 800 635.7711 Ask for NGWA Group Rate Cut-off October 30, 2011

2011 material handling rates The Las Vegas Convention Center is a union facility; therefore, the local union personnel will handle all material, and this service must be paid through the exposition service contractor. The rates indicated below are per pound of material; however, there is a 200-pound minimum charge on each separate shipment. The rates include both the inbound and outbound handling of the shipments. More detailed information will be provided in the exhibitor services manual that will be sent to each confirmed exhibitor approximately 90 days before the Expo.

Advance warehouse

All rates are roundtrip, and include a combination of straight-time in and overtime out handling: Crated/skidded via common carrier Crated/skidded via company truck, van lines, parcel carriers—FedEx, UPS, Airborne, etc. Loose/uncrated/special handling

$0.77 per pound $0.96 per pound $1.16 per pound

Show site

All rates are roundtrip, and include a combination of straight-time in and overtime out handling: Crated/skidded via common carrier Crated/skidded via company truck, van lines, parcel carriers-FedEx, UPS, Airborne, etc. Loose/uncrated/special handling

$0.81 per pound $1.02 per pound $1.22 per pound

Machinery—sliding scale rates (for show-site shipments only) based on the total weight of each individual shipment; must ship separately from display and product material. Machinery must be crated, skidded, or have lifting channels for forklifts and have certified weight tickets, even if being delivered via company truck or POV. Any unweighed, uncrated, or unskidded machinery that requires weighing or rigging will be subject to a 25% to 50% special handling surcharge. 0 lbs. to 2,500 lbs. 2,600 lbs. to 5,000 lbs. 5,100 lbs. to 7,500 lbs. 7,600 lbs. and above 6

$0.63 per pound $0.61 per pound $0.59 per pound $0.61 per pound

NGWA Ground Water Expo advertising and sponsorship opportunities Competition for exposure at the NGWA Ground Water Expo is intense. Consequently, exhibitors seek new and innovative methods for attracting and maintaining market share. What is your edge? Exhibiting is one of the most important and cost-effective marketing tools a company utilizes to attract new business and retain current customers. However, exhibiting is only one part of the overall marketing equation. Advertising and sponsorship are great ways to complete your marketing plan and maximize your exposure at the NGWA Ground Water Expo. NGWA has a number of exciting sponsorship packages designed specifically to enhance your exposure and ensure you stay a few steps ahead of the competition. Sponsorship packages are designed to meet all budget levels and can be customized to meet your specific requirements. There are also significant advertising opportunities awaiting the savvy exhibitor seeking an edge on the competition. Purchase advertising in the official on-site program at a reduced rate as an exhibitor and your company will be highlighted on the floor plan to assist your current and potential customers. Purchase a display ad in the October issue of Water Well Journal featuring the Ground Water Expo and Annual Meeting, and your company’s booth number will be featured on your ad. Purchase a banner ad on NGWA’s Web site and have an immediate link to your company’s Web site. This is yet another valuable tool that offers a very strategic marketing vehicle to provide your current and potential customers with all of the up-to-the-minute information about your company’s products and services. Want more complete, detailed information regarding all of these promotional opportunities? If so, call the NGWA sales team at 800 551.7379 (614 898.7791 outside the United States) today! The sooner you become an NGWA Expo sponsor, the sooner we can begin promoting your company in all of our Expo promotional materials and on our Web site.

2011 Priority List    1. In-Situ    2. M-I SWACO    3. ESP Environmental Service Products    4. Diedrich Drill    5. Bay Geophysical    6. Unimin    7. Hose Solutions    8. Sterling Water Treatment    9. GEFCO   10. Baker Mfg./Cambell/Monoflex   11. Atlas Copco CMT USA   12. Amtrol   13. Franklin Electric   14. ITT/Goulds   15. Pentair Group   16. Flint & Walling   17. Johnson Screens   18. Schramm   19. A.Y. McDonald Mfg.   20. Merrill Mfg.   21. Baroid Drilling Products   22. Danfoss Flomatic   23. Numa   24. Smeal Mfg.   25. Woodford Mfg.   26. Simmons Mfg.   27. Maass Midwest Mfg.   28. Ideal Division (A Tomkins Company)   29. Aermotor Windmill   30. Amarillo Gear   31. PipeLife Jet Stream   32. Laval Underground Services/ Lakos Separators   33. Dempster Industries   34. Grundfos Pumps   35. National Pump   36. Siemens Energy & Automation   37. Gus Pech Mfg.   38. Cresline Plastic Pipe   39. Sandvik Mining & Construction   40. Hitachi America   41. CETCO Drilling Products   42. Gator Plastics   43. CertainTeed   44. SIMCO Drilling Equipment   45. Jet-Lube   46. Foremost Industries   47. Flatwater Fleet   48. Roscoe Moss Mfg.   49. Funk Mfg.   50. Star Iron Works   51. Mills Machine   52. Paige Electric   53. A.O. Smith Water Systems   54. Armstrong Machine   55. Tam International   56. Royer Quality Castings   57. Wyo-Ben   58. Solinst Canada   59. Flexcon Industries   60. Bestolife   61. Advance E & I Systems   62. Southwire   63. Sulzer Pumps   64. Rose-Wall Mfg.   65. Eastern Drillers Mfg.   66. Johnson Well Equipment   67. Sullair   68. Central Mine Equipment   69. Baski   70. L.B. Foster   71. Atlantic Screen & Mfg.   72. Doerr Metal Products   73. Geotech Environmental Equipment   74. Rusco   75. Triple O Systems   76. Washington Rotating Control Heads   77. Boshart Industries   78. Pulstar Mfg.   79. Enid Drill Systems   80. DeepRock Mfg.   81. Western Rubber & Mfg.   82. Marks Products   83. Centerline   84. Laibe/Versa-Drill   85. Topp Industries   86. Environmental Mfg.   87. Mincon   88. Robbco Pumps   89. Ed Livingston Sales   90. Schneider Electric/Square D   91. Givens International Sales   92. Clean Earth Technology   93. Pul-A-Pump   94. Alloy Screen Works   95. National Well Supplies   96. A.O. Smith Electrical Products   97. Geo-Loop   98. Milspec Industries   99. Big Foot Mfg. 100. Semco 101. Victory Steel Products 102. Design Water Technologies 103. Cycle Stop Valves 104. Marl Technologies 105. North Houston Machine 106. Stenner 107. Emerson Motor 108. Terex Halco 109. Drillmaster International 110. Wolf Pumps 111. Wells 112. Flowserve Pump 113. Morris Industries 114. Oil Creek Plastics

115. Schlumberger Water Services/ Westbay Instruments 116. CSI Water Treatment Systems/ Chandler Systems 117. WaterGroup 118. Geoprobe Systems 119. National Oilwell 120. Well Vu Camera 121. American Granby 122. AMS 123. Aries Industries/CCV 124. Better Water Industries 125. Cotey Chemical 126. Higgins Rig 127. Robertson Geologging 128. Service Wire 129. SJE-Rhombus 130. Global Water Instrumentation 131. Anderson Metals 132. Heller Aller Pumps by Hitzer 133. American-Marsh Pumps 134. Bennett Sample Pumps 135. Mount Sopris 136. Titan Industries 137. Centennial Plastics 138. B&B Chlorination 139. Alturnamats 140. American Mfg. 141. Dekorra Products 142. Environmental Service Products 143. Instrumentation Northwest 144. In-Well Technologies 145. Tube Technologies 146. Water-Right 147. Kyle Equipment 148. Murphys Water Well Bits 149. Regency Wire & Cable 150. GP Fiberglass 151. Boart Longyear 152. REICHdrill 153. Atlas Mfg. 154. Buckeye Drill 155. Accessories GeoRocFor 156. Coleman Cable 157. DrillingWorld 158. E.C.T. Mfg. 159. Emco Wheaton Retail 160. Palmer Bit 161. Taylor Industries 162. Quick Tanks 163. Copeland Supply 164. Kelly Pipe 165. Hoeptner Perfected Products 166. Matco Norca 167. Pristine Water Solutions/Stiles-Kem 168. Global Drilling Supply 169. National Testing Laboratories 170. The Rig Doctor’s 171. Sonic Drilling 172. Angus Flexible Pipe 173. R-Can Environmental 174. SymCom 175. Tyco Thermal Controls/Raychem 176. Alstra Industries 177. Drill King International 178. Indar Maquinas Hidraulicas 179. KPSI Transducers/Pressure Systems 180. Park Plastic Products 181. Rockmore International 182. Sumoto 183. Applied Research/Vertek 184. HOK Sales 185. Latchaw Montgomery & Peck 186. Pacific Northwest Sales 187. Water Well Redevelopers 188. Elbi of America 189. Bit Brokers International 190. Karlington Electric 191. Drillmax/Mid America Drilling Equipment 192. Cuno Water Treatment 193. Lansas Mfg. by Vanderland & Sons 194. Geographic Insights/WellMagic 195. Bestma USA/Chang Shin International 196. Waterline Envirotech 197. Aqua Freed/Subsurface Technologies 198. Bucks Geophysical 199. Center Rock 200. Industrial Test Systems 201. K & K Supply/Custom Pipe & Coupling 202. Snyder Industries 203. Maxidrill International 204. America West Drilling Supply 205. Drilling Equipment Sales 206. Blue Demon 207. Condor USA 208. EMS-1/Environmental Modeling System 209. Pullmaster Winch/Tulsa Winch Group 210. Performance Alloys 211. USExploration Equipment 212. Coast Pump Water Technologies 213. Dahil Joytech Division 214. Fugro Geosciences 215. PDSCo 216. Acker Drill 217. AdEdge Technologies 218. Dynotek 219. GeoPro 220. GeTec 221. Hydroflo Pumps 222. Kalas Mfg. 223. Ravensgate 224. Tibban Mfg./MudPuppy International 225. Unitra 226. Wilo USA 227. Windmill 702

Priority System 228. Toney Drilling Supplies 229. Welenco 230. Geovista 231. Submersible Pumps 232. Griffitts Drilling & Seals 233. Keystone Drill Services 234. QSP Packers 235. Rock Hog Rock Drilling Products 236. GHP Systems 237. Noland Drilling Equipment 238. Cuvo Pumping Solutions 239. Drill An Drive 240. A.A. Rotating Apparatus 241. Flexible Liner Underground Technologies 242. GE Infrastructure Water & Process Technologies 243. Aardvark Drilling Supply 244. Remote Control Technology 245. EMEC Americas 246. Geothermal Supply 247. Heron Instruments 248. Keller America 249. KS Bit 250. Mitsubishi Materials 251. Rig Source 252. Tesla 253. V & H Trucks 254. YSI 255. 256. Center Capital 257. kwik-ZIP Centralizers 258. Spruce Environmental Technologies 259. Bear Industrial Supply & Mfg. 260. Fleetwood Continental 261. Techno Drill 262. A.C. Schultes of Florida 263. Chase Environmental Group 264. Douglas Drill Services 265. H2O Engineering 266. Rentzel Pump Mfg. 267. Water Systems Engineering 268. Willostick Technologies 269. Well Pumps 270. Charter Plastics 271. Little Beaver/Lone Star Bit 272. Nelsen 273. Downhole Fluidics 274. Norwesco 275. Carmeuse Industrial Sands 276. Draka Cableteq USA 277. FarrWest Environmental Supply 278. Graver Technologies 279. International Pipe 280. ISCO Industries 281. Liberty Process Equipment 282. Mud Technology International 283. Mudslayer Mfg. 284. Process Measurement & Controls 285. Qwater Well Developer 286. Signature Fencing & Flooring Systems 287. SME USA 288. Solar Power & Pump 289. Basin Water 290. Preferred Pump 291. SoilVision Systems 292. N.S. Nettles & Associates 293. C.R.I. Pumps 294. Northwest Flattanks 295. GeoTrans 296. HD Supply 297. Superlon Plastics 298. Water Furnace International 299. Action Machining 300. American Hydro Systems 301. Cotta Transmission 302. Global Pumps & Equipment 303. Harmsco Filtration Products 304. Horiba Instruments 305. Hubbell Industrial Controls 306. Pedrollo 307. Probe-Lease 308. Spydercrane 309. Water Remediation Technology 310. Xerxes 311. 101 Pipe & Casing 312. American West Windmill & Solar 313. Armored Textiles 314. Astec Underground 315. Bitco 316. Compression Leasing Services 317. East West Machinery Exporting 318. Enoscientific 319. H2Optimal 320. North American Electric 321. Precision Geothermal 322. Round Ground Metals 323. Salvadore Auctions & Appraisals 324. Severn Trent Services 325. Weldco-Beales Mfg. 326. WLS Drilling Products 327. 3R Valve 328. Aquabiotics Industrial 329. Chemilizer Products 330. Dewind One Pass Trenching 331. EnLink Geoengergy Services 332. Golder Associates 333. Ground Loop Solutions 334. Ground/Water Treatment & Technology 335. International Construction Equipment 336. Jainson Insulation 337. McEdwards Mfg. & Distribution 338. Myron L. 339. Premiere Drill Pipe 340. Professional Technical Support Services 341. Rice Earth Sciences

Eligibility Current corporate members of the NGWA manufacturers and suppliers divisions qualify. Membership must be paid at the time the standings are compiled and also at the time the application is received.

Criteria for points Corporate members of the NGWA manufacturers and suppliers divisions accumulate points as follows: 10 points for each year of consecutive membership in the manufacturers and/or suppliers divisions 5 points for each year of participation in the Ground Water Expo 1 point for each booth or bulk space contracted for at the previous Ground Water Expo In the event two or more companies have the same number of points, priority standings are determined by date and time application is received.

Top 10 drawing To avoid the possibility of the same company always having the first choice in space selection, the first 10 choices each year go to companies whose names have been drawn at a lottery during the exhibitors meeting at the previous year’s exposition. A company representative must be present at the priority system drawing to claim that firm’s drawing for one of the top 10 choices.

What is the deadline to claim priority standing? June 1 is the deadline for applications and correct payment to be on the desk of the expositions manager in order to claim priority standings. Membership must be current at the time the application is received.

Forfeiture of priority standing Companies whose applications are received after June 1 forfeit their priority standing. If application and payment are received by the deadline, but the company’s membership has lapsed, the standing will be forfeited. After June 1, all space will be assigned in the order in which applications with required payment are received. 342. Simple Pump 343. Water Resource Service (C & N Supply) 344. Wholesale Pump & Supply 345. ClimateMaster 346. Solartech Power 347. Technogenia 348. Weber Industries 349. Winger Machine & Tool 350. Aeroquest 351. Almetek Industries 352. AP NET 353. Aqua Point Pro 354. Aquaterr Instruments & Automation 355. Berry Systems 356. BG’s Supplies 357. CVC Environmental 358. EcoWater Systems 359. Environmental Sampling Instruments 360. Hepure Technologies 361. IE Monitoring Instruments 362. Kingsland Drill International 363. Max’s Enterprises 364. Mid Atlantic Storage 365. Peterson Environmental 366. Pine Veau Fracturing 367. ProWell Technologies 368. Techline Services 369. Triassic Technology 370. Water WellTronics 371. Waterline Controls 372. Yaskawa Electric America 373. Cerus Industrial 374. Delta Screen 375. Flow Center Products 376. Gearn 377. GenPro Energy Solutions 378. Geo Air Industries 379. Gicon Pumps 380. GP Fiberglass 381. Inflatable Packers

382. ISSI 383. Kem-Tron Technologies 384. Ken’s Custom Mfg. 385. Mid-America Pump & Supply 386. Mobile Drill 387. Motor Controls 388. Orenco Controls 389. Perfect Engineers 390. PM 391. Poly Rig 392. Puronics 393. R.O. UltraTec USA 394. Rauch Mfg. 395. Rock Tech International 396. Scorpion Oil Tools 397. Sigmund Lindner 398. Stratex 399. Syracuse Castings 400. Taifu Pumps 401. TECO-Westinghouse 402. Tekmark Industries 403. US Motors—Nidec Motor Group 404. Vermeer Mfg. 405. Vertek—ARA 406. Adventus America 407. Aquaveo 408. G.H.P. Systems 409. Hoffman & Hoffman 410. National Specialty Alloys 411. Pinnacle Drilling Products 412. Red-E-VFD 413. Ronk Electrical 414. Spruce Environmental 415. Subsurface Technologies 416. Texas Pipe Works 417. VIQUA


Exhibit Hall Floor Plan


Ground Water Expo Las Vegas Convention Center Las Vegas, Nevada

“Step Ahead”

Top 10 for 2011 Expo priority system   1. In-Situ   2. M-I Swaco   3. ESP Environmental Service Products   4. Diedrich Drill   5. Bay Geophysical   6. Unimin   7. Hose Solutions   8. Sterling Water Treatment   9. GEFCO 10. Baker Mfg./ Campbell/Monoflex


2011 Sponsor Contract 63rd Annual NGWA Ground Water Expo and Annual Meeting Las Vegas Convention Center • Las Vegas, Nevada • November 29-December 2, 2011 Sponsor items are on a first come, first served basis with contract and payment. 2011 sponsors will receive first priority next year to continue sponsorship of the same item. For more information on these or other opportunities, call the exhibit sales managers. –SOLD– ❑ Registration.................................................................................................. ❑ New Product Showcase............................................................................ ❑ Guest room amenities............................................................................... ❑ On-site program.......................................................................................... ❑ Overhead aisle banners (per banner).................................................... –SOLD– ❑ Ground transportation............................................................................... ❑ Keynote Session........................................................................................... ❑ President’s Dinner....................................................................................... ❑ Membership Breakfast Meeting............................................................. ❑ Attendee Welcome Reception................................................................. ❑ Concessionary paper products................................................................ ❑ Volunteer Lounge/Women’s Auxiliary transportation...................... ❑ Ribbon-cutting ceremony........................................................................

$5,000 $5,000 $3,500 $5,000 $1,000 $3,000 $5,000 $3,500 $3,500 $3,500 $3,500 $2,500 $1,500

Official sponsor of on-site registration at the 2011 Expo!

Official sponsor of ground transportation at the 2011 Expo!

Please print Contact name________________________________________ E-mail_________________________________________ Company name_ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Mailing address______________________________________________________________________________________ City_ ____________________________________ State/Province______________________________________________ Zip/Postal code__________________________________ Country______________________________________________ Phone____________________________________________ Fax______________________________________________

Payment options ❑ Check enclosed (remit in U.S. $ drawn on a U.S. bank, payable to National Ground Water Association) Charge: ❑ Visa

❑ MasterCard

❑ American Express

❑ Discover

Card number_ _______________________________________________________________________________________ Expiration (month/year)____________________________________


Name on card_ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Signature___________________________________________________________________________________________

Fax or mail today . . . Fax this form with credit card information to 614 360.2492 or mail this form with payment to: National Ground Water Association PO Box 715435 Columbus, OH 43271-5435


2011 NGWA Ground Water Expo On-Site Program Advertising Contract Full-page advertisement: Live = 7.5” x 10” Trim = 8.375” x 10.875” Bleed = 8.625” x 11.125” Specifications Rates   *Outside back cover (4-color) –SOLD–$2,200   *Inside front cover (4-color) $1,900   *Inside back cover (4-color) $1,800 *2-page center spread (4-color) $3,200   Full-page (b/w)   Full-page (4-color)   Full-page (b/w)   Full-page (4-color)

$950 $1,300 $1,100 $1,450

Advertising category

Half-page (horizontal): Ad size = 7” x 4.875” Specifications Rates   Half-page (b/w) $700   Half-page (4-color)   Half-page (b/w)   Half-page (4-color)

Exhibitor Exhibitor Nonexhibitor Nonexhibitor

* Covers are available only to exhibitors.

$1,050 $800 $1,150

Exhibitor Nonexhibitor Nonexhibitor

Quarter-page (vertical): Ad size = 3.5” x 4.75” Specifications Rates   Quarter-page (b/w) $550   Quarter-page (4-color)   Quarter-page (b/w)   Quarter-page (4-color)

$900 $650 $1,000

Advertising category Exhibitor

Advertising category Exhibitor Exhibitor Nonexhibitor Nonexhibitor

Advertisers are responsible for supplying ads in one of the following ways. (1) On disk or CD, including all images, fonts, and logos, with disk directory and an electronic or hard copy version showing how the ad should print. (2) E-mailed or uploaded to our FTP site. PDF, TIFF, and EPS files are accepted. Preferred file formats are print-optimized PDF files, InDesign documents (packaged), Adobe Illustrator (saved as EPS). Electronic ad should show crop marks of exact image area of ad. All bitmap graphics (line art) should have an effective resolution of 600 ppi. All screened graphics, grayscales, and photos should have an effective resolution of 300 ppi. • Space reservations contract and payment are due by September 1, 2011. • All artwork is due no later than September 9, 2011. Organization _____________________________________ Contact name________________________________________ Address_ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ City, State/Province, Zip/Postal code________________________________________________ Country________________ Phone ____________________________ Fax ___________________________ E-mail _____________________________ Contact person for artwork:_______________________________________ Phone or e-mail: _______________________ Space desired: ❑ Back cover –SOLD–

❑ Full-page

❑ 4-color


❑ b/w

❑ Inside front cover

❑ Half-page

❑ 4-color


❑ b/w

❑ Inside back cover

❑ Quarter-page

❑ 4-color


❑ b/w

❑ 2-page center spread

Total amount due (in U.S. funds): _ __________________

❑ Exhibitor ❑ Nonexhibitor

Payment method: ❑ CREDIT CARD (must use credit card if faxing) or CHECK (mail to address below)

Credit card #____________________________________ _Expiration date_________________________

Signature _ _____________________________________ _Name on card _________________________

Please mail payment, artwork, and space reservations contract to: National Ground Water Association, Attention: Shelby Fleck, 601 Dempsey Rd., Westerville, OH 43081-8978 USA. Phone/ 800 551.7379 (614 898.7791) ext. 523 • Fax/ 614 360.2492


2010 NGWA Ground Water Expo and Annual Meeting Exhibitors 101 Pipe & Casing A.O. Smith Electrical Products A.O. Smith Water Systems A.Y. McDonald Mfg. AA Rotating Apparatus Aardvark Packers Acker Drill Active Water Sciences AdEdge Technologies Advance E & I Systems Alloy Screen Works Alstra Industries AlturnaMats Amarillo Gear Amcana Drilling Bits America West Drilling Supply American Granby American Ground Water Trust American Mfg. American West Windmill & Solar American-Marsh Pumps AMS Amtrol Analytical Technology Applied Research Associates Aries/CCV Engineering & Mfg. Armored Textiles Armstrong Machine Arrow Industries Astec Underground Atlas Copco CMT USA Atlas Mfg. B & D Mfg. Baker Water Systems-Campbell/ Monitor Baroid Industrial Drilling Products Baski Bay Geophysical Bear Industrial Supply & Mfg. Beijing Feilong Intl Trade Ben Meadows Better Water Industries Big Foot Mfg. Bit Brokers International Bitco Blast Hole Bit Blue Demon Boart Longyear Boshart Industries Bucks Geophysical C.R.I. Pumps Campbell Scientific Canadian Ground Water Association Carmeuse Industrial Sands Centennial Plastics Center Rock Centerline Mfg. Central Mine Equipment CertainTeed Cerus Industrial CETCO Drilling Products Charger Water Treatment Products ChemGrout Clean Earth Technology ClimateMaster Coleman Cable

Compression Leasing Services Cotey Chemical CRC Press - Taylor & Francis Group Cresline Plastic Pipe CSI Water Treatment Systems Cuvo Pumping Solutions Cycle Stop Valves Danfoss Flomatic DekoRRa Products Delta Screen & Filtration Diedrich Drill Draka Cableteq USA Drill King International Drilling World Drillmax Duramast Industries Dynotek Eagle Professional Software East West Machinery Exporting Eastern Drillers Mfg. ECT Mfg. Edge Drilling Products Emco Wheaton Retail EMEC Americas Emerson Motor Enid Drill Systems Enoscientific Environmental Mfg. Environmental Service Products ESP Environmental Service Products Factor Products FarrWest Environmental Supply Fimco FirstCorp International Flatwater Fleet Fleetwood Continental Flexcon Industries Flint & Walling Flow Center Products Flowserve Pump Division Foremost Industries Franklin Electric Gearn GEFCO GenPro Energy Solutions Geo Air Geo-Energy Services Geo-Loop GeoPro Geoprobe Systems GeoRocFor Geotech Environmental Equipment Geothermal Supply Getec Gicon Pumps & Equipment Givens International Drilling Supplies Global Water Instrumentation GP Fiberglass Graver Technologies - MetSorb Groundswell Technologies Group Transportation Services Grundfos Pumps Gus Pech Mfg. H2Optimal

Halco Hanna Instruments Hanson’s Water Treatment Heron Instruments Higgins Rig Hitachi America Hoeptner Perfected Products Hose Solutions Hydroflo Pumps USA Ideal Clamp Products IMPO Motors Indar Maquinas Hidraulicas Industrial Test Systems Infinity Tool Mfg. Inflatable Packers International In-Situ Instrumentation Northwest International Ground Source Heat Pump Association International Pipe In-Well Technologies ISCO Industries ISSI ITT/Goulds Pumps/Red Jacket Jet-Lube Johnson Screens K & K Supply/Custom Pipe & Coupling Kalas Mfg. Karlington Electric Keller America Kelly Pipe Kem-Tron Technologies Ken’s Custom Mfg. King Oil Tools Korea Ground Water Association KPSI Transducers Pressure Systems KS Bit Kyle Equipment L.B. Foster Laibe LAKOS Separators & Filtration Systems Laval Underground Surveys Liberty Process Equipment Liberty Pumps Maass Midwest Mfg. Marks Products MARL Technologies Maxidrill International Merrill Manufacturing M-I SWACO Mid-America Pump & Supply Mill Man Steel Mills Machine Milspec Industries Mincon Mitsubishi Materials USA Mobile Drill International Morris Industries Motor Controls Mount Sopris Instruments Mud Technology International MudPuppy International Mudslayer Mfg. Murphys Water Well Bits Nastec

December 7-10

National Driller National Drilling Association National Ground Water Association National Oilwell Varco National Pump National Well Supplies North American Electric North Houston Machine Northwest Flattanks Novatek/WaterGroup Numa Orenco Controls Paige Electric Palmer Bit Penny Pockets Pentair Water Perfect Engineers Phase Technologies Philatron Wire and Cable PM Technology Pollution Equipment News/ Rimbach Publishing Poly Rig Precision Geothermal Pro Products Process Measurement & Controls Pullmaster Winch Pulsafeeder Pulstar Mfg. Pureflow Filtration Division PureGen Technology Puronics Water Systems QSP Packers Quick Tanks Qwater Well Developer R.O. UltraTec USA Rauch Mfg. Ravensgate Regency Wire and Cable REICHdrill Rig Source Robbco Pumps Robertson Geologging Rock Hog Drilling Products Rockmore International Rock-Tech International Roscoe Moss Mfg. Rose-Wall Mfg. Round Ground Metals RVJ International Saer Elettropome Salvadore Auctions & Appraisals Sandvik Mining and Construction Schlumberger Water Services Schneider Electric Schramm Scorpion Oil Tools SEMCO Service Wire Severn Trent Services Shakti Pumps India Sigmund Lindner Signature Fencing & Flooring Systems Silver-Line Plastics SIMCO Drilling Equipment Simmons Mfg.

Las Vegas

SJE-Rhombus SME USA Snyder Industries Solar Power and Pump Solartech Power Solinst Canada Sonic Drill South Atlantic Jubilee Southwire Star Iron Works Stenner Pump Sterling Water Treatment Stratex/Hyduke Machining Solutions Structural Composite Sulzer Pumps Sumoto Syracuse Castings West Taifu Pump TAM International Technogenia TECO-Westinghouse Motor Tekmark Industries Tesla Titan Industries Triple O Systems Tube Technologies Unimin Unitra USExploration Equipment V & H Trucks Vansan Vermeer Mfg. Victor O Schinnerer Victory Steel Products Water Quality Association Water Quality Products Water-Right Water Systems Council Water Well Technology & Welenco WaterSoft Watson Drill Rigs Watts Water Quality Webtrol Pumps Well Pumps WellGuard Insurance Program WellMagic WellMate - American Plumber Well-Vu Cameras Western Rubber & Mfg. Wilo USA Windmill 702 Winger Machine & Tool WLS Drilling Products Wolf Pumps Woodford Mfg. WorldWide Drilling Resource Wyo-Ben YSI ZheJiang Intercontinental Electric Motor Zilmet USA

2011 Ground Water Expo Exhibitor Prospectus  

2011 Ground Water Expo Exhibitor Prospectus

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