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How to invite the Press to an Art Exhibition

Message From the Editor

Support is an important element in any relationship. In our personal lives, we strive to help those we love whenever we can, in order to promote their success. For a moment, consider that your business or venture is a good friend. It helps you achieve goals that otherwise might not be possible and rallies when you most need it to. In the same way, other businesses can lend their expertise and experience to doing the same. Our products compete, but we as individuals don’t need to. Instead we can flip the script and find ways that other non-competing companies can aid in our progress, those that possess services or products that we lack. It’s a two-way street though and you have to be willing to give something up as well.

In this month’s issue, there is some focus on the idea of companies, brands, and so on, helping each other. There is no need for the vicious, cutthroat scenarios that play out daily in the business world. Yes, I believe in being tough when it comes to business, but that does not mean that in so doing, I must crush others into the dust along the way. Consider the value of mutual support among like-minded individuals and the extent that it can help both you and your business grow. Jackie Jones Content Editor Ashlee Cox Design Editor Page 03

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The Learning Curve: How to present ideas to investors

and you are approaching them with a car company from England, you might be lucky if you even get a reply. Do your homework, find out which kind of investor is right for you and if they’re interested in the kind of product you have, before clicking send.

So you’ve written your business propos-

al and it’s time to get some capital for the venture. You think, “I’ll go out there and get investors,” but really you’ve no real clue where to begin.

Have all your ducks in a row as this will also determine your ability to interest investors. Your team should consist of persons with relevant backgrounds to their position and enough experience to handle the jobs they’re representing.

As for your idea, is it revolutionary? Is it something that will change the way we live or look at the world? Even if it’s not, is it a product or service that can compete with others of its kind in a way that is new and Getting investors to put money into a new exciting? Your target market must also be business can be a tough sell. Think about a key factor. Consider if it’s a niche-market it – would you put your hard-earned money that has the opportunity for growth or is alinto just anything? Probably not and inready hugely popular or, one that is saturatvestors are thinking the same. Most aren’t ed, which means your product would need in the game to make your dreams come more push and promotion to be successful. true – though that is often the result when successful – but to make lucrative returns When delivering a presentation to potenon their investments. So, how do you cut tial investors, make sure you have planned through the thousands who’re vying for it carefully. Your audience will essentially their attention and get them to notice you? fall into three categories: emotional, factual and creative. Match what you’re selling to the right investor, which gives more possibilities of Emotional types will judge you and your your success with investment opportunipresentation based on your body language, ties. If you’re targeting an investor that only personality, how you are dressed and the invests in clothing companies from Japan first few slides of your presentation, WM Magazine August 2015

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factual types want to see details quickly and be able to understand the return on their investment, while creative types don’t want details as quickly and prefer well-designed presentations with a good view of the business overall. Many potential investors tend to fall into the factual category, however, if your presentation has a good balance of details and overview, it should go over well with any of the three types of people in your audience. There are many little tricks and tips that you can utilise when trying to hook potential investors. Those mentioned above are just a few basics that can get you on your way. Remember to always put your best foot forward, be knowledgeable about what you’re trying to sell, always have a quick pitch ready, and constantly keep your eyes open for new investment opportunities.

Have burning questions about mass media and business? Check out our Learning Curve page each month for answers.


Hosting a Successful Event attend. For example, if you’re hoping to attract young professionals, then lunch time and after work could be excellent times for your event to see success.

Targeting customers matters

The air just got sucked out of the room and you suddenly feel your palms get sweaty and stomach churn. Maybe you’re the other type, who gets so deliriously excited that you’re already seeing the guest list in your head and are calling up caterers in your dreams. Whatever your reaction, hosting an event isn’t always the simplest task and to make sure it runs smoothly, there are a few basics to cover.

Let’s expand on the note about targeting a customer base, as this is a very important element to ensuring success. Based on the customer or client you hope to attract, your event should include things that will appeal to them. For example, if you are selling a new baby powder and you wish to appeal to mothers of young children, you could consider a spa day giveaway as a prize for a lucky mum in attendance.

Sort the nitty-gritties

It’s easy to get caught up in all fanfare of creating an event for your business, only to forget about the ‘little things’. These seemingly minor elements, can at times make or break an event. Make a list of things like: Do the decorations match Select the right time and date the theme, how many tables or chairs are Consider the theme of your event, your necessary, if the event is outdoors - are target audience and what you’re hoping to there enough portable restrooms and are achieve. After you’ve done this, get out the they appropriately located and, will pacalendar and think hard about your time trons be able to comfortably view perforand date for the event. This could determances if you have them. mine how many potential patrons will WM Magazine August 2015

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Produce a quality event

Don’t go out there aiming for mediocrity, but every business event, big or small, should be the best event you can produce. Having a quality event will make patrons talk about it long after they leave, and positive word-of-mouth is a great way to drum up more support for your business. Customer service reps should be at the top of their game and you and your colleagues should always be prepared to amicably share information about products or services with patrons.

Follow-ups Work

Your business event is a great forum to gather information from patrons so you can follow-up after the event. You can add these emails to your newsletter, or other social media sites, and you then have the option of inviting them to take part in upcoming competitions, sales, become eligible for giveaways, and keep up with information about the business. Additionally, those that were not previously aware of your social media presence, now have your information as well and at times beat you to the punch and follow you first.

When the hosting duties are over

After every business event, it’s important to see what impact it’s had both on your company and patrons. This can help you to improve in areas where you may have been lacking and can boost the public’s confidence in your products or services.

Are you a new entrepreneur? Then you’re in the right place! The Brave New World page features advice on how to better understand and interact with the media, find interesting ways to promote your businesses and brands and, best practices for ensuring continued success. Look out for new tips each month.


Create this with

Lucy Snyder Page 09

fiction and fantasy authors, those books just captured my imagination so much (and) how that made me feel I thought, you know, what if I could do that for somebody else, what if I could write somebody that would make (others) feel the way I’m feeling right now? That would be a really cool job. WMM: Lots of people write for fun, when did you decide you wanted to do it professionally? LS: I had been writing stories and poetry when I was in junior high and high school and I’d sort of been reading books on writing, and reading about the process that a person would take to become a professional writer. So once I started reading I realised that I had to get published, I had to get myself out there, develop a readership and establish myself as a writer.

With five nominations and four Bram

Stoker Award wins under her belt, numerous acclaimed books including Chimeric Machines and Spellbent and many works sold to various publications, Lucy Snyder’s success as a writer is evident. While in Barbados recently, Lucy spoke to WM Magazine (WMM) about her journey as a writer, her amazing books, media tie-in projects she’s worked on and much more. Look out for the full video interview on our YouTube channel on September 11 and for a few highlights, check out our mini-interview below!

WMM: With so many writers out there, how did you go about trying to make a name for yourself? LS: I submitted my first stories in undergrad and the first science fiction horror story I sent out, sold to the first magazine I sent it to and thought, ‘wow this is really easy, I can totally do this!’ Seven years later I made my second sale, so that was a happy coincidence. WMM: For you it’s not just about writing, it’s about making money from your craft. What drives you to be a writer?

LS: Wanting to succeed. I really love books, I’ve loved books my whole life and I really wanted to have my own books and sell them. These days self-publishing is more of a thing, but LS: I started wanting to be a writer when I started really reading books, I was pretty young when I was starting out it wasn’t even on the table. Basically I persisted because it was someat that point, but when I started reading authors like Madeleine L’Engle and other science thing that I really wanted to do, and I think that it’s something that every writer I know has WMM: When did you get your start in writing?


to have as a personality trait. They have to be willing to persist and stick it out in the face of rejection, because you will get rejected a lot. WMM: You’re successful author now, but any clue how many rejection letters you may have racked up over the years? LS: I have never tried to paper the walls of my office with rejection slips, but I’m sure in the early days I totally could have. Mostly these days if I write a thing I’m reasonably certain that I’ll be able to sell it, but when I was first starting out that was not the case at all. WMM: This is the age of self-publishing, do you use this method for any of your works?

WMM: What would you say to those who want to pursue writing professionally? LS: You have to be confident to do this first of all. Nothing builds confidence like competence, so always be looking for ways of working on your craft, always be looking at ways to build new writing skills, cause you’re never at a point where there’s no longer anything to learn. Just try to keep learning, try to keep getting better and once you’re taking care of that part, just don’t give up. You’ll go through peaks and valleys and you’ll have a lot of people saying no to you, kind of all the way down the line and you got to just power through that. You have to have confidence in yourself.

LS: I don’t self-publish at all and it’s for a variety of reasons. First of all there’s a value in collaborating with an established publisher. I know some people who are big advocates of self-publishing (and are willing to do everything themselves). . . even if I can do things, what I’d fundamentally rather do is write and spend my time writing, because there’s so much stuff that goes into successfully selling a book – you have to write the book, you have to edit the book, you have to find cover art for the book (and much more), all of which are incredibly time consuming . . . there are things that I know that I can do well, but somebody else could probably do them better. WMM: Since you don’t self-publish, how do you choose publishers to work with? LS: When I’m working with small presses, I look at people that I know have a good track record of putting out books I admire and having them doing their part, enables me to spend most of my time focusing on the writing, which is what any writer should be doing. WM Magazine August 2015

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Yoga is for everyone Exciting all level yoga classes available locally! Join us for class at The ArtSplash Centre, Hastings 10-11am $25 Follow us on FB and Instagram for our other up coming classes, including outdoor classes and yoga for dancers! Special group and private rates also availiable. Email: mindfulmovement246@gmail.com Yoga is possible for anybody who really wants it. - Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Jasmine Evelyn, RYT 200h

The Business of Health

Lifestyle Tips for the Busy Entrepreneur 1) Breakfast is for Champions

Let’s take a guess. Your idea of breakfast is a quick cup of coffee as you get ready for work Living the entrepreneurial life can and meetings right? A healthy, nutritious take a huge toll on your health. breakfast is not complete without fruits, protein and carbs, and is necessary for long days. When you really think about the long work days, the erratic scheduling and the decreasing It is time to break the skipping meals’ habit, time for leisure, it can become very difficult to because you need energy to ensure that you are on top of your game, that your cognitive abilifind the time to plan healthy meals, and just forget about exercise. However, it is incredibly ties are in shape, and that you remain productive all day long. So eat good foods and keep important to ensure that you do prioritise a healthy lifestyle. In fact, you may find that your yourself well-hydrated daily. mood, productivity and overall happiness all 2) Stay away from the energy drinks improve as a result. Be honest, how often have you found yourself reaching for an energy drink, after realising that you are tired, had skipped lunch and need to keep your productivity high? Thing is, energy drinks should not be used to replace meals. Think about it, not only are these drinks harmful to your health, but they may have more negative effects than positive ones. These drinks may even make you more tired in the long run, instead of being the quick pick-me-up. Some energy drinks have hidden caffeine which can be addictive and could lead to you consuming Here are some lifestyle tips to ensure that you more caffeine than you think. prioritise your health and wellness: WM Magazine August 2015

Page 15

3) Unchain yourself from your desk

We know that it is hard to move away from your desk, especially when you work from home, as the list of things you need to accomplish and manage may seem endless. However, staring at your computer screen all day is not only detrimental for your eyes, which may become strained, but this sedentary lifestyle can lead to other health issues. It is very important to schedule time for physical activity throughout the day. You may not be able to exercise for long periods, but you may be able to take a physical break every hour for five minutes. During this break get up from the desk, walk around, hydrate, stretch, and do some jumping jacks, squats or even push-ups to get your heart pumping and blood flowing. This will help to kick-start your metabolism, while releasing endorphins and leaving you energised.

5) Manage your stress levels

Stress may seem to go hand in hand with entrepreneurs, as you constantly have to be on top of everything. However, it can also be the gateway to a plethora of other health and personal problems, including fatigue, anxiety and even depression. Failing to manage stress can lead to some devastating consequences, especially for the entrepreneur who may already have some of the worst health habits. So what can you do? Prioritise and schedule meetings within your time table and don’t take on more than you need to. Additionally, be realistic about your finances and avoid taking on more financial responsibilities. The Business of Health is a monthly feature in WM Magazine.

4) Schedule time for fun

There is no way you can be on the top of your game, if you seclude yourself from family, friends and fun activities. We are social animals and one of the best things a busy entrepreneur or business person can do for themselves is schedule ‘down time’. This time, which is dedicated only to hobbies, or social time with friends, is just as important as remembering to hydrate, eat and sleep, as it allows you to recharge your creative batteries and most importantly de-stress. Socializing, laughing, and relaxing, are just as important medicines as exercise and good nutrition.


Financing Tips!

6 Questions to ask to secure your business finances Every entrepreneur knows that it is essential

to keep your personal finances and business finances completely separate. It is not always easy, but it is very important not to merge them, as this may make things complicated going forward. Instead, you can pay yourself a salary out of the business’ fund as soon as possible. While handling personal finances is different to handling a start-up’s, we still have to ask ourselves: What practices do we utilise with our personal finances that can aid us with our start-ups? WM Magazine August 2015

Here are a few questions to help you get your business on the right track. Are your protected? You should insure yourself and your start-up. A few to consider are insurance for health, life, general liability, technology/ internet liability and short-term disability. The truth is that without the right insurance protection, an unexpected setback which could take the form of an injury, or even a natural disaster, could not only destroy your finances, but also end your entrepreneurial ventures. Are your paying attention to your Cash Flow and Expenses? Cash flow absolutely matters and it is not al-

Page 17

ways about what’s coming in and going out, but about timing. It is important to pay attention to timing, to plan a budget and strategy. You need to be able to keep your business moving smoothly, as well as have an understanding of when it is necessary to use stopgap measures, such as lines of credit. Just as poor management of your personal finances can lead to issues, the same will happen to your business finances. When it comes to credit card usage, you should try not to use them only as a tool to plug the need for ready cash in the business, as this can lead to growing debt that does not show up on a balance sheet. Credit cards are one of the tools one must manage well, especially as an entrepreneur.

but just knowing that it is there gives entrepreneurs the composure that may allow you to take more of the risks needed to progress and be even more creatively expressive.

Have you built up a Cash Cushion? Just as you try to implement and save up a nest-egg, or an emergency fund in your personal finances, for your business venture, it is also important to have a rainy-day fund. Having a few months’ living expenses in a liquid account is a very good idea for entrepreneurs, as this can provide you with the cash you need to help you through the lean times in your business, as well as offer peace of mind. Building a cash cushion is not always easy, as there may not be much extra cash available to fund it, however, if that is the case, you can look for other ways to make money and get it filled up. You may not ever touch this money,

Are you diversifying? We often hear and understand that we should put our money to work by investing it however, you can reduce your risk with some portfolio diversification. Consider adding bonds, mutual funds and perhaps some annuities to the mix. You do not have to invest in one country either, so that your investments are not necessarily correlated directly with the economy of one country. In that light, even when your business is struggling in a down economy, you have other resources to rely on.

Have your really thought about your business resources? When you first launch your start-ups, you may be thinking only of the premiere product or service that your venture may be offering. However, as you are outlining your business plan, you should also ensure that you have investigated the various ways in which your business can create multiple streams of income, and gain the maximum benefits of the resources the company may be able to provide.

Are you contributing to your retire− ment? Entrepreneurs may not retire in the traditional sense, however, that is no reason to be unprepared for the future. Entrepreneurs have to take the extra step of creating their own retirement plan. This is a very important component of being an entrepreneur, which takes planning and commitment. An easy way to do this is to approach a financial firm and choose the best plan for you.


Waterway M for all your We are a fu service com media servi From Socia Editing, Me consultants respective fi

Waterway M : www. wate E-mail: Con : Wat : @W : Wa

Media is the best management company r mass media needs! ully customisable, efficient and professional mpany, that specialises in a variety of mass ices. al Media Management, Graphic Design, edia Relations, PR and much more, our s have lived, breathed and excelled in their ields & are always ready for new challenges.

Media, the brightest lightbulb moment! erway-media.com ntact.wmedia@gmail.com terway-Media WaterwayMedia aterway Media

Gone Digital: 5 of the Best Apps for the Entrepreneur! fun app as extra storage in your brain, as it allows you to create digital notethe savvy entrepreneur can easily acbooks for just about everything. From complish routine tasks, manage time keeping track of your expenses and more efficiently, and keep track of remanaging your calendar, to creating sponsibilities in a more streamlined slideshow presentations and planning fashion. If you are an entrepreneur in this century, then you increasingly rely your next trip, Evernote’s ready. When you’re away from your laptop, you can on technology for communication and use Evernote to take notes and add an improved productivity. This means that you also utilise sever- audio file or picture if you need to. Want to set a reminder for yourself or make al apps, especially mobile productivity a to-do list? You guessed it – Evernote. apps, and it is important to know how Keeping track of your receipts is even to choose the right app for your work easier, as you can create one of the style. digital notebooks and screenshot your If you are looking for the app that will help you avoid distractions and capital- receipt right after payment, making it ise on everyday demands, you’re in the easier to locate expenses in the future. You can also take snapshots of everyright place! thing in your office and then insert it all into a notebook and avoid the stress Evernote It is actually pretty amazing how much of sorting through papers. The best way to use this app, is to really take Evernote does, especially given the advantage of everything it has to offer, simplicity of its interface. With Everthe more notebooks you add, the more note, there is almost no excuse for valuable the app becomes. forgetting any important information ever again. In fact, you can think of this

With the advancement of technology,

WM Magazine August 2015

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Tired of having to collaborate with co-workers on a project in a long e-mail chain, through several scattered e-mails? Would you prefer to have all the communication clearly organised outside of your inbox? If so, Asana allows you to track and organise all of your team’s tasks, projects and communications in one place. For entrepreneurs especially, you need to be free to do your best work. Asana is the clear champion app when it comes to project management, especially since you can assign tasks to your colleagues, delegate easily, have discussions pertaining to each particular task, add subtasks to achieve more productivity when necessary, and get a snapshot daily of how everybody is progressing, and which deadlines are in danger of being missed. Asana’s the name of the game with respect to team productivity.


Mint makes the task of managing your money and keeping track of your finances so much easier. The app is free and designed to allow users to report expenses, create budgets and implement a savings plan, all from the covenience of your phone. Entrepreneurs, don’t leave home without it.

Google Drive

This app allows for both hosting and file sharing and lets you save all your important files in one place. As an addSignEasy This app removes the daunting task of ed plus, it’s easily accessible through any electronic device. For the entreprehaving to print, sign, scan and re-send neur, this app also provides a number documents on a daily basis, by allowing you to do all of this right from your of services that will help to streamline your business. You will never have phone, thus making SignEasy a must to worry about losing your files, as it have on the mobile app list for any entrepreneur. All you have to do is open will be stored in the ‘cloud’ and you the document with the app, click on the can save your documents as you go when working from with the app. Ad‘sign’ and you will be able to sign with your finger! Documents that need sign- ditionally, users can easily share files ing can be returned without the hassle to co-workers, employees, partners, or and in a much more efficient and time- clients. ly manner.


Email: enskribedmag@gmail.com Enskribed Exclusive



Anthem Culture CEO, Bryan Shelmon, while filming during a promotional run in the United States, expanding the merchandise side of the company.


hen Anthem Culture approached WM Magazine about being featured in our pages, we were excited. Our staff loves to highlight organizations, companies, brands and individuals that are using their skills, services and products to affect positive change, and Anthem Culture is one of these. With supporters around the world, and the company and brand growing, one can only imagine the progress it will make within the next years.

WM Magazine August 2015

CEO of Anthem Culture Bryan Shelmon, shared more about the company:


nthem Culture is a Global Media Lifestyle Company, providing news and information about culture around the world, while using different forms of media to showcase various aspects of culture

such as: Music, Art, Food, Fashion, Literature, and Overall Lifestyle. The company was created to provide a different view of the world, one more positive than what is commonly found in popular media. As we are also involved in projects spanning across the aforementioned fields, Anthem Culture provided a platform for these projects to be released under, doing everything from producing our own clothing and music, to

Page 25

producing various visuals such as short films and commercials.


ia AnthemCulture.com, we provide current news updates about every country around the world, in addition to providing information about many of the origins and traditions found within any given country’s culture. From a visual standpoint, we have explored countries such as the United States, Canada, France, Zambia, and Korea, not to

mention collaborating with individuals around the world including London, India, and China.


e are currently headquartered in New York City, so we are in the process of establishing out first official ACHQ (Anthem Culture Headquarters) which will allow us to bring many of our operations in-house, which includes all of our online activities such as site development and social media management, in addition to assisting with offline production of our merchandise and music/

visuals. We recently released our debut short film entitled Moments which is directed by Bryan Shelmon and stars Mohammed Kamara and Lua Botani. This film is a story about a ‘day in the life’ of two individuals whose paths cross with an unexpected twist. We have also leveraged the Anthem Culture brand to be able to provide digital marketing services to clients across a range of industries including: Music Artists, Real Estate Agents, and various small/ medium-sized businesses.

Screenshot from our #ACStreetSpotlight Campaign which features everyday people giving their definition of what Culture means to them. This campaign can be seen via our Youtube Chan (Youtube.com/AnthemCulture) as well as our Instagram Account (@AnthemCulture).

Bryan Shelmon: CEO, Day-toDay operations LaMarr Reeves: Operations, Merchandise Management Jacob Rayis: Advisor, Graphic Designer for Merchandise Kenyatta Meadows: Photography, Visual Assistance

Freshmen John Junod and James Newby: Music development for Music Projects/Visuals CultureHeads: Brand Ambassadors around the world who help build and support the company through promotion and project support

to learn more about Anthem Culture, and for more exciting developments in the world of startup companies, keep reading Startup Watch in WM Magazine!


Community Spotlight: Precious Touch Foundation

have, and I wish to be. featured a little girl diagnosed with cancer who “Our main goal is to bring smiles, joy, happiness and a sense of comfort to the hearts of wanted to meet the President of the United States of America, the Precious Touch Founda- those medically-challenged children, as well as create a magical ‘wish’ experience for the child tion Inc. in Barbados, was conceptualised. which will last a lifetime in the hearts of all As noted by Adorial Maxwell-Hazell, President those involved in the wish,” she explained. of the foundation, “So emotionally intriguing “We at Precious Touch Foundation Inc. believe was the movie, that it prompted the setting up of a similar organization in Barbados. Precious that through our Wish Granting Program, children and their families can continue to enjoy Touch Foundation Inc. was founded and subsequently launched on November 24, 2007, to the peace and happiness of life, thereby replacing the suffering with smiles and laughter. The grant wishes to children with life-threatening best thing about this organization is being able medical conditions, and children who are terminally ill between ages two and sixteen years.” to turn a child’s precious dream into reality,” she continued. The Foundation is the only one of its kind in the country of Barbados, that grants wishes to The foundation is dedicated to ensuring that children suffering from terminal illnesses and the wishes of these very special children, who there are four categories of these wishes, including: ‘I wish to go, I wish to meet, I wish to have endured some very painful experiences in their lives, are granted. To that end, they have

From a movie entitled, ‘A Child’s Wish’, which

WM Magazine August 2015

Page 27

sent these children and their families to such places as Disney World, Canada and the USA. They have also been able to provide laptops, tablets, Play Stations, Doll Houses, Princess and Barbie Parties, and have had the privilege of sending a child to Dominica on a ‘wish to see a live waterfall’. Thus far, they’ve been able to grant at least forty-nine wishes to some very special children across Barbados and have also partnered with the Grant-A-Wish Foundation, a wish-granting organization located in Trinidad. This year, the CITA Radio Station hosted a fundraising event in aid of the Precious Touch Foundation Inc. which was called ‘Hike for a Cause’, and was held on August 29, supervised by Xtreme Hikers Barbados. In November, the foundation is also planning a Safari Tour as part of their week of activities, to celebrate its 8th Anniversary, along with a church service at Faith New Testament Church, Kirtons St. Philip, Barbados. They will also be performing Christmas Carolling on Barbados’ Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) Paediatrics’ Wards C7 & C8 in December 2015, where children will be treated to refreshments and gift presentations.

The WM Community Spotlight page features national, regional and international organisations, NGOs, charities, companies, individuals and others, doing their part to better their communities.

Judah Sobers - I wish to go to Canada (wish sponsored by Manulife Re.

Jaleah Hoyte - I wish to go to Disney World (wish sponsored by Manulife Re.


Job Interviews

While many traditional and large companies still expect both genders to come to job interviews in suits, over the years this has changed for some industries. In the creative fields especially, it is not uncommon for interviewees to arrive in attire that is professional and modern, though far from suit-based. Women can consider sheath dresses with wide belts and a stylish cardigan, or the combination of a pencil skirt, cropped jacket and chic blouse. Don’t drop the ball with shoes and these can include stylish heels or flats. Men can opt for dress shirts with tailored slacks, paired with oxfords or loafers.

Company Party or Business Dinner

As a business person, you’re constantly on-thego and this can leave little time for figuring out what to wear for every occasion. In modern times, many styles that were frowned upon for certain occasions are now acceptable, giving you way more options than ever before. Keep things classy with a few of these quick style tips! WM Magazine August 2015

First off, though you want to keep your attire in line with the event, it must still be professional – you’re at work. For parties, both genders should try not to be overly provocative. Even if your office is not at all conservative, women should still keep that mini-dress where your derriere hangs out for an outing with friends (or not at all really) as opposed to an office function. For dinners you can switch up your day look by trading in a more utilitarian blouse, for a softer, feminine look and of course, evening-appropriate shoes. You can also consider wraps or sheath dresses and trousers with stylish blouses or sweaters. Men can trade-in regular office attire for black-tie optional looks, or an even more casual but chic slacks, dress shirt and loafers ensemble.

Business Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties can become numerous depending on the kind of business you’re in and who doesn’t want to look good as they mingle with colleagues and potential clients? These kinds of events usually require dressy-casual looks, so don’t even contemplate materials like

Page 29

jersey, denim or chino. For women, the classic kneelength cocktail dress is always a winner, and you can mix it up with stylish blouses and slacks. Pantsuits that aren’t too corporate, fitted cashmere tops and kneelength skirts, are also acceptable attire and all these paired with attractive heels, get you out the door with no worries. Men should also stay away from the casual fabrics and choose instead to go with suits of dark hues. These can be jazzed up a bit with patterned ties or even pattened socks. Shoes like oxfords are great for these events. For all things business, you can’t go wrong with clothing that is modern and chic!


If you’ve discovered the internet, you’ve seen some of the social media battles that have gone on there. From celebrities to the girl-next-door, multiple users have made the World Wide Web their battlefield, in take-no-prisoners showdowns that often leave much to be desired.

not Heidi Klum fans before – rallied behind Heidi Klum has many titles, including her, praising the tactic. Without swearing, television producer, model and businessinsulting or otherwise defaming character, woman. After a recent online run-in with the ‘victim’ of the initial ‘insult’ was able US businessman and 2016 Republican to take the high road and gain even more Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, she respect in the eyes of the viewing public. may very well be able to add ‘social media comeback queen’ to that title. This is what you need to remember: Once you’ve put it out there, it’s out there. Here’s what happened: How often have you seen a celebrity post Just a day after Trump opined that she a derogatory tweet or post, only to rewas “no longer a 10,” Heidi came back move it minutes later? In that short time, with witty video clip that not only showed the post has been shared multiple times, off her incredible curves, but highlighted screenshots have been taken of it, news her sense of humour. While posing with a outlets have picked up the story and in poster that read ‘10’, a figure representing summary – it’s not going anywhere, at Trump comes up behind her and pulls it least until the next big scoop. away revealing ‘9.99’, to which He idi shows surprise, then simply shrugs as When you’re attacked online, especially though it doesn’t matter. Expressing her when it’s an attack on your company or distaste at women being labelled by num- brand, depending on the subject matter, bers, Heidi said in a later interview that, there’s really no need to respond at all. “Every woman’s a ten,” making her even Often responses are met with further ridmore endearing to the public. icule as they are either too crass, or they end up targeting not just the offender, but A comeback like this works wonders for others as well. popularity as many – some of whom were WM Magazine August 2015

Page 31

For example, if you sell cat food and someone continuously and obnoxiously attacks the quality, a video could be of you opening a can of the product, emptying it into a bowl and with some kind of epic theme music, cats come rushing to get their share, eating it up happily. Without saying one word, without trying to defend your product in an equally rude way, you’ve managed to get your point across in a couple simple steps.

To recap – Avoid engaging in social media disputes where possible. If you can’t ignore them, make your comebacks work in your favour. Be smart with your replies, use wit where you can and when no words are necessary, let visuals do all the work.

If you must respond, there are smarter ways to do so: Memes, video clips and other mediums, can get your point across without you even lifting a finger. With so many viral ones across the internet, you’re sure to find something that meets your needs, which is still classy and respectful. In the event that you have to create your What’s trending in the world of business own, take a leaf from Heidi’s book and and mass media? Stay locked to this page play on your strengths. each month to find out!


No Holds Barred: Check the Bad Attitude at the Door! What is one of the things that can prevent

you from establishing professional linkages, as well as send your clients heading for the competition?

A bad attitude. Entrepreneurs have to network and build relationships, not only with would-be investors but also with each other, if they are going to survive and maintain their businesses for the long haul.

and products, as well as foster healthy partnerships with other businesses. This essentially means that you will have to check that bad attitude at the door. There is no place for sour moods in a start-up, and one should also be careful not to shun opportunities simply because they are no monetary benefits.

The truth is that regardless of what you are selling, regardless of what your venture does - even if it is the best thing since the creation of the sandwich - unless you immediately obtain a huge injection of capital, or If you are just starting out, then you are go- have attracted a maverick investor, you will ing to have to learn how to barter services have to rely on self-promotion. WM Magazine August 2015

Page 33

In today’s world, we sometimes think that we can rely less on the media, especially with the advent of social media. However, even on these platforms which have the potential to reach billions of people, you still need to self-promote and you will definitely need to foster and develop several different communities and relationships. Having to do all of this - and in many cases by yourself - is very daunting, but even so you should maintain a good attitude. This is true not only for yourself and your business, but also when interacting with others as the old adage is very true, ‘you never know who you may encounter and you never know if they

In some cases though, as we have set our eyes to a particular task, we may have inadvertently cast aside some opportunities that could have led us to the road of accomplishment. This is not to say that you must jump at everything presented to you, as only you would be aware of what could be beneficial to your company. It is simply wise to be aware of those opportunities that could assist you, even if they do not begin as monetary gains, but could benefit your venture in other positive ways.

can become your best supporter’. With a bad attitude you stand to lose a lot more than you can gain, and while this may seem like very obvious logic, the truth is that we are not always aware of our attitudes or what may be presented as opportunities. It is the dream of many a start-ups to one day be afforded the same luxuries of a fully established entity and compete with the requisite perks and popularity.

emote positivity and sincerity to everyone you meet, as opportunities may literally be waiting around the corner.

It is very important to remember that your first impression is telling and you need to

Want No Holds Barred information for the rising entrepreneur? We tell it like it is to help you succeed in business. Look out for this page in future issues!


Dear WMM, I am an artist and would like to invite the press to the launch of my art exhibition at a popular art gallery. I’d love to have this launch featured in the local newspapers and television channels. Any tips on how I should go about sending the invitations? - Ethan, Artist

WM Magazine August 2015

Page 35

Dear Ethan, Inviting the press to such a function is very easy. You simply have to extend a media invitation to the editors, producers, etc, of the media houses you wish to attend your event. Within this invitation, you should clearly outline the time, location, and the focus of the event. Call the media houses as a follow-up to your email, so that they can confirm acknowledgement of the event, and take the opportunity for any clarification. What we recommend is that you create a media invitation, describing both the background and insights about the event, and explain why it is newsworthy. In a scenario like this, where it is possible that you will be interrupted countless times for various reasons, you have the option of holding a press conference prior to the actual launch, where the press can speak privately with you the artist, without being interrupted. Failing that, you can set your press interviews preceding the launch, where you can be interviewed by the various media houses in a quiet place, either independently or as a group. We also recommend that if you are having an opening ceremony, that it is brief and succinct and that the media personnel have the necessary and relevant information they will need. This can be delivered in the form of a press kit.

It is always important for an event to go smoothly and especially necessary that the media are presented with the correct information, with opportunities for clarification. That means that there must be someone, for example a media relations or public relations officer, to manage the media if you will be unavailable. This person must be knowledgeable about the event and be able to offer any assistance that media personnel might need. Remember that media personnel are there to help document and in many ways promote your event, and they should be treated as the VIPs they are when they are in attendance.

Have questions? We’ve got answers! Send your media etiquette questions www.waterway-media.com and find out more about the ways you and the media can better work together.



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