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March 2013 Prayer Calendar

21. Pray for success during Wonder Club’s open enrollment period for the 2013-2014 school year.

1. Praise God for Derek, who after Teen Haven staff took him on a college visit, was re-energized to make the commitment to school. He started classes Feb 4. 2. Pray that God will send people for our open staff positions who have a heart for His ministry and calling in their lives. 3. Praise God for a restored job for a patient eagerly waiting to get back to work! 4. Pray for 2 young mothers who are studying to earn their GEDs. 5. Praise God for Diana, our new parttime addition to the volunteer department.

11. Pray for wisdom and discernment

22. Praise God for the opportunity to share Jesus every day with the people we serve.

for our Development Committee that 23. Pray for resources for Water Street Health Services’ new behavioral meets today. health program. 12. Pray that Water Street Ministries 24. Pray for a good transition for the would be able to help people with many men, women and families who their deep needs and not just their have moved out of homelessness immediate needs. recently. 13. Praise God for bringing about growth 25. Pray for a graduate of the Mission’s in Genesis, a teen who learned LifeRecovery Program as he makes about the potential and value God plans to go to school to study Veterihas given her. She has changed her nary Medicine. plans to drop out of high school into plans to attend college! 26. Praise God for two new doctors and 14. During the Easter season, Wonder Club will focus on the plan of salvation; pray for open hearts. 15. Praise God for Aeropostale, a clothing store that’s collecting jeans for Water Street, and for the students who are donating.

6. Pray for God’s help as we plan for our 20th annual Golf Tournament on June 21st. Learn more at 16. Pray that teens attending the Vision Conference at Calvary Church today will be inspired to use their interest 7. Pray for the Leadership Team as or skills to further God’s work. they meet for their monthly planning 17. Pray for a long-time volunteer as she day. adjusts to the recent loss of her hus8. Praise God for “Gordon”, a Mission band. client who is serving at his church and responding well to new respon- 18. Praise God for Wonder Club’s opportunity to encourage families as they sibilities. parent their young children. 9. Pray for God’s blessing on a private 19. Pray for the new partnership begrant we have applied for to help tween Water Street Health Services provide dental care for our clients and Susquehanna Valley Pregnancy through our dental clinic. Services. 10. Praise God for Mr. Joe who provides 20. Praise God for a donation of 300 a monthly hot lunch for our Wonder gallons of milk that was donated. Club children.

one general practitioner who are donating their services to Water Street Health Services. 27. Pray for wisdom and discernment as we help churches become more aware of and responsive to homelessness and poverty. 28. Pray for our staff as they adjust to the leadership of a new president in the ministry. May it strengthen our focus on God’s plan for Water Street. 29. Praise God for the Volunteers that will serve at Water Street this week as we give out food baskets, and serve Easter Dinner. 30. Pray that people will fill God’s love today as the Mission serves its special Easter meal. 31. “He was the source of life, and that life was the light for humanity.” (John 1:4 GW) Pray that our clients would find the light and life that only Jesus can give.

A Dream Fulfilled By Sharon Houck, Data Entry Assistant, Water Street Ministries “Jan” is a young woman who is residing here at the Mission. On her first day here, her Mission counselor asked her, “What do you want to do with your life?” She promptly replied, “Get my GED (General Equivalency Diploma). I have wanted to do that for a long time, but there are so many things that have been keeping me from being able to do that.” Through her time here at the Mission, she has realized that those “barriers” were choices she had made, and it was her responsibility to take control of her life. She also learned that she could do just that. With the help of her mother watching her children, Jan took the challenge and met it; she received her GED in December. The hardest part was all the running she had to do to take the children to school and her mother’s, but it was worth it! She now is in the process of getting her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification, after which she wants to go to nursing school. She wishes she had done this sooner but is excited about the future and making a better life for herself and her family. Praise the Lord for 2 other women who passed their GED tests just this week. This is not an easy task normally, but with family responsibilities it was extremely hard. Pray for them as they look to the future for themselves and their children.

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Prayer Calendar March '13  

At Water Street Ministries, we believe nothing is more powerful than prayer when it comes to changing one life at a time.

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