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1 Praise God for the donation of a car. This will be given to a Mission client to drive back and forth to work.

11 Pray for a smooth transition for 4and 5-year-old Wonder Club students entering school for the first time.

2 Pray for a former client and veteran who has been in treatment for cancer. They recently found another spot on his liver.

12 Pray for a client who left the Mission’s program before he completed it. Pray for his protection from temptation.

3 Praise God for our new Director of Human Resources! Welcome Cathie Kearsley.

13 Praise God for a donor who provides us with eggs on a regular basis.

4 Pray for us as we make final preparations for the September 16th Annual Dinner. Pray for those who will be sharing their testimonies.

14 Pray for a client who is going to have surgery on his neck and spine. Pray for a quick recovery so he can return to work.

5 Praise God for Paul Hawthorne who began working at Water Street Ministries 50 years ago today and still works in our finance department.

15 Praise God for Teen Haven’s new teen leaders as they are desiring to do outreach like praying for people and cleaning up their neighborhoods.

6 Pray for our Leadership Team as they meet for their monthly planning day.

16 Pray for our Annual Dinner tonight. Pray that God will prepare hearts for the messages that will be presented.

7 Praise God for our new part-time dentist in Health Services! 8 Pray for jobs for clients. 9 Praise God for the faithful and committed volunteers who serve in the Learning Center. We are thankful for their skills and flexibility. 10 Pray for all those who are studying for the General Equivalency Diploma (GED) test, especially the women students who sometimes find it hard to be consistent in their attendance.

17 Pray for our staff as we make final preparations for our Family Day, to be held on October 6. Pray that many volunteers and donors will come out and visit us. 18 Praise God for providing above and beyond what we ask or need! 19 Pray for the Mission as they host Agency Day, an open house to provide information to local agencies that partner with us.

20 Pray for new staff as they continue to transition to their jobs. 21 Pray for the Water Street Ministries Development Committee as they plan long term, that they would make wise stewardship decisions. 22 Praise God for one of our medical providers at Health Services who has offered to cover for two other doctors who are unable to volunteer over the next few months. 23 Pray that clients who have jobs will be able to stay committed to the job even when they encounter difficulties or conflicts. 24 Praise God for the completion of the repairs of a sewage problem at Teen Haven Philadelphia. Pray that God will provide the funds to cover the unexpected costs. 25 Pray for Teen Haven youth who have experienced recent loss in their lives. 26 Praise God for the provision of school uniforms for the children here at the Mission. 27 Pray that our Nurse Case Manager at Health Services will be able to discern what patients’ “real” needs are as God sees them! 28 Praise God for the healing that clients have experienced through our partnership with Crisis Intervention. 29 Pray for the staff of Water Street Ministries as we enter our busiest time of year. Pray that we will keep our eyes on God and not become weary. 30 Pray for a client who was sentenced to jail, just as he was to begin his schooling. Pray that he would be encouraged and not lose sight of his goals.

Life After Graduation

By Jim Stanton, Program Counselor, Mission

Thank you for your prayers for God to change lives here at Water Street. Ray came to one of our ministries, the Mission, from prison. He had once been a very industrious man, with a job, career, and hopes. A drunken ordeal ended all of that. Here at the Mission, this man fully embraced life change in Christ and graduated from our LifeRecovery Program. Ray got a job, saved his money,

paid off all of his debts, bought a car, and moved out of our campus nearly a year ago. Keeping in contact with staff at the Mission has been an integral part of his independent life, and he and I spent an enjoyable day out together recently. I have visited Ray at his workplace, and he seems thrilled to be living a different life far away from alcohol, doing what people who love God do: serve others. PTL!

Showing Love by Providing Access to Health Care By Jean Benedict, Nurse Administrator, Health Services

For the past two years at Water Street Health Services, Kathy had been receiving medical, dental, behavioral health and physical therapy services. She had become a very familiar face and a friend who had often spoken boldly of her faith, even in her difficulties. Because she had recently found health insurance, Kathy would be transitioning out of WSHS and into a new doctor’s office. I called her to be sure she understood the process and to see if there were ways we could assist in the transition. As I spoke with her, she began to

pour out her gratefulness for what she had received at WSHS. “I sure appreciate all you did for me,” Kathy said. “Not only were you the doctors but also the Christians, helping me emotionally and spiritually. It was a hard time for me, but you made a difference in my life. I’m doing so much better now. I will miss every person, even the people at the window. They treated me so well even when I wasn’t doing well.” Thank you for your prayers as we show God’s love to patients like Kathy. Pray her health will continue to improve and that she will continue to stand strong spiritually.

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Prayer Calendar September '12  

At Water Street Ministries, we believe nothing is more powerful than prayer when it comes to changing one life at a time.

Prayer Calendar September '12  

At Water Street Ministries, we believe nothing is more powerful than prayer when it comes to changing one life at a time.