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August 2012 Prayer Calendar Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu 29 30 31 1 2 5 6 7 8 9 12 13 14 15 16 19 20 21 22 23 26 27 28 29 30 2 3 4 5 6

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1 Pray for Teen Haven staff and campers as they travel to and from summer camp. 2 Praise God for everyone who sponsored a teen to attend Teen Haven’s summer camp.

Sat 4 11 18 25 1 8 12 Pray for the Men’s Ministry staff members as we seek to find a healthy balance with our work, families, churches and personal lives. Pray for their confidence as they enter a new phase of their lives.

21 Pray for the Wonder Club Staff as they return to the classroom today to prepare for another year. 22 Pray for wisdom as we seek to live out our core value of service to the Church. 23 Pray for wisdom and discernment for our property committee that meets today. 24 Today is the last day of Teen Haven’s summer camp. Praise God for the many young lives who turned to Him this summer. 25 Pray for several Mission grads who are starting college classes this month.

13 Praise God for vacation time for staff to relax and rest over the summer!

26 Pray for individuals who may become homeless for the first time this month.

4 Pray for the Leadership Team as they plan for the future of our ministries.

14 Pray for clients – and staff! – to be willing to not seek instant gratification but to persevere through challenges and hardships.

27 Pray for comfort for a friend of ours who is lonely now that his wife has passed away.

5 Praise God for a recent Mission graduate who just moved into his own home and is staying connected to his mentor and church.

15 Praise God for our summer interns who are serving with us. Pray that their time with us will have touched their lives.

28 Pray that we would receive much needed items, like beds, mattresses, and household furniture that provide a start for clients moving into their own homes.

6 Pray that God would provide school uniforms for children at the Mission.

16 Pray for wisdom and discernment for the Health Services Board of Directors who are meeting today.

29 Pray that clients seeking jobs would find full time positions with benefits.

17 Pray for success for the businesses that partner with us.

30 Praise God for a Mission client who has reconciled with his wife and is seeking to build trust.

3 Praise God for the dozens of Teen Haven campers who have received Christ as their Savior so far this summer.

7 Praise God for the churches that faithfully partner with us. 8 Praise God for donations of fresh produce that have blessed so many lives. 9 Pray for the Teen Haven camp staff as they begin the last two weeks of camp. Pray that they would have energy and strength. 10 Pray for preparations for the Annual Dinner on September 16. Pray for those sharing their testimonies. 11 Pray for our Finance Committee as they meet today.

18 Thank God with us for great volunteers who give so much time and energy to the women and families at the Mission. 19 Pray for the Family Day planning team as they design activities that will be a fun learning experience for participants. 20 Pray for the new, full-day preKindergarten class being offered at Wonder Club in Columbia.

31 Pray for Wonder Club today as the students begin school. Pray that the children and their families will be touched with the love of Jesus.

Swimming Support Team By Seth Miller, Creative Writing Intern “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves” (Romans 12:10). Swimming seems to be one of the favorite activities at Teen Haven’s camp, especially after spending hours running around in the summer heat. As I watched some of the campers swim, I saw that simply swimming wouldn’t always be satisfying, as many of the girls would yell to their counselors to watch them dive or brag about how far they could swim under water. Many were also excited to take the swim test, to prove that they were indeed skilled enough to swim in the deep end of six feet of water. As each camper got a chance to swim one lap of the pool, it was clear that the camp-

ers were not only interested in how well they themselves could swim. Whenever one girl took the swimming test, that section of the pool did not just contain her swimming a lap but also a crowd of her friends cheering her on. After she passed the test, shouts of “Eloise passed the test!” or “Mariah passed!” would splash across the pool, the campers’ excitement for their peer clearly very strong. In a simple swimming test, the campers’ understand the importance of loving one another. Even in times where no lesson is scheduled, what the campers learn is invaluable. For more stories from summer camp, visit and click on ‘Stories’ on the left.

Hundreds of urban teens enjoyed Teen Haven’s camp this summer.

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