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1 Praise God for the recent opportunity a Teen Haven graduate had in being the Lord’s instrument in introducing her college classmate to the Lord. 2 Pray that God will direct us to His called person for the position of Behavioral Health Administrator. 3 Praise God for a volunteer who is donating his time to help staff become more efficient with computer programs. 4 Pray for the Finance Department as we go through our annual audit. 5 Pray that God will direct us to His called person for the position of Pre-k Teacher/Site Supervisor. 6 Pray for us as we continue planning for our new Behavioral Health Clinic. 7 Praise God for four little boys who made necklaces, sold them at a yard sale, and sent a donation of $8.00 to us. 8 Pray that the teens at our summer camp would understand that Christ is calling them to join His team. 9 Praise God for a graduate and his wife who, after being estranged for many years, renewed their wedding vows recently. 10 Pray for provision of household furniture that we can provide to those in need in our community.

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21 Pray for peace and courage for the campers who are experiencing their first time at summer camp. 22 Pray for consistent donations over the summer to help meet the needs of the men, women and children we serve.

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11 Praise God for a recent LifeRecovery Program graduate’s promotion at his job. 12 Pray for a LifeRecovery Program graduate who is struggling with health issues. 13 Praise God for the churches that faithfully support us with donations, transportation, mentoring, etc.

23 Praise God for the New Believer’s Bibles that have been donated and given out to many of the people we serve. 24 Pray for wisdom and discernment as we assume leadership of the Community Homeless Outreach (CHOC) program, a daytime outreach center for the chronically homeless. 25 Praise God for mentors who lovingly support our clients through their journey to a new life.

14 Pray for the families of three LifeRecovery Program graduates who have recently passed away.

26 Praise God for the continued spiritual growth of a patient who received Jesus while sitting in our dental chair two years ago.

15 Praise God for the 15 Wonder Club students who gave their hearts to Jesus this past school year.

27 Praise God for providing for those in need through our faithful donors.

16 Praise God for donations of fresh produce.

28 Pray for clients who are working through the trauma of childhood abuse and neglect.

17 Pray for the Spirit of God to move into the darkness of clients’ hearts, providing hope and healing.

29 Praise God for a local business that recently donated 32 computer screens.

18 Pray for discernment and wisdom at today’s Board Development Committee meeting.

30 Pray Isaiah 40:31 for our staff: “but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

19 Praise the Lord for the amazing group of Junior Counselors and Cabin Supervisors whose role it is to support and guide the campers at our summer camp. 20 Praise God for a Water Street graduate who recently graduated from Lancaster Bible College.

31 Pray for our Wonder Club teachers as they begin preparations for the new school year.

Next Step

By Maria Schaszberger, Director of Communications

Men, women and children come to the Water Street Mission looking for food and shelter, but many long for something more. Recently we celebrated with men who completed the Mission’s LifeRecovery Program– men who took advantage of the classes, Christian counseling, mentoring and Learning Center we offer. Below are quotes from some of the men’s personal stories—journeys that you impacted through your prayers. “I spent three years living in a tent, including three blizzards. I’ve lived in parks, wooded areas and friends’ spare bedrooms. I tried to stay sober and couldn’t. I became so disgusted that I tried to kill myself three times. Now I’ve been sober for 19+ months, and I’m more happy and content than I’ve ever been in my life.” – Greg

Pray for our LifeRecovery Program graduates as they continue in their journey out of homelessness.

“Nothing has restored me to wholeness like my relationship with God.” – Chuck

“God drew me to the Mission to get me to listen to him.” – Mike

“Before coming to the Mission, I wanted “Today I look for opportunities to help to die. Now I want to live, but not for other people.” me; for God. I no longer believe I am an – Darrell army of one.” “I attended my first-ever Bible study at Please pray for continued – Eric the Mission, and I got saved here, too.” perseverance as these men take the next step in their journeys out of – Marty homelessness.

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Prayer Calendar July '13  
Prayer Calendar July '13  

At Water Street Ministries, we believe nothing is more powerful than prayer when it comes to changing one life at a time.s