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1 Pray for a client who is suffering from pancreatitis. 2 Praise God for clients who will be graduating and celebrating their changed lives tonight. 3 Praise God for the volunteers who will participate in today’s “City Wide Clean Up”. 4 Pray for a staff member who is recuperating from hip replacement surgery. 5 Praise God for a successful Sealant Saturday. We were able to treat 21 children and applied 86 sealants! 6 Pray for the WSM Finance Committee as they meet today. 7 Praise God for our staff members who were willing to work extra hours and weekends to ensure that everyone had a warm, safe place out of the cold this winter. 8 Pray for wisdom and direction as the Board of Directors meet to do long term planning. 9 Pray for the very young men who come to our doors: some are no longer able to live with foster families due to turning 18 years old, while others come from the prison system. 10 Praise the Lord for the amazing new Middle School programs that are being held at Lancaster Teen Haven. Pray that the 16-18 students would continue to come consistently and that they would invite their friends.

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21 Praise God for the donation of a Cavi-jet for the Dental Clinic. This will help to improve the oral health of our patients by removing tarter and stains. 22 WSHS is also expanding dental services to children of women in the Women’s Shelter. Please pray more moms would take advantage of this opportunity for free dental care for their children.

11 Pray that the women living at the Mission would know the love of God as they seek to make a new future for themselves and/or their children.

23 Praise God for the opportunity a group of Teen Haven students had to visit a local university as part of their discussion on making goals and planning ahead.

12 Praise God for keeping Arthur* connected to the church when he was wavering.

24 Praise God for a man who has been clean and sober for six years and is living a Godly life.

13 Pray for our Teen Haven students as they desire to build godly friendships.

25 Pray that many people would register for the Mission’s Annual Golf Tournament on June 20th to “Drive Away Hunger.”

14 Praise God for a client who is receiving necessary help with his mental health medications, through the WSHS Thrive program.

26 Praise God for a church that donated 200 lbs. of meat for the Easter meal!

15 Pray for more employers to partner with WSM to offer sustainable income jobs to men who graduate from our LRP.

27 Praise God for area professionals who volunteer hours and input to help keep our medical, dental and behavioral clinics running.

16 Praise God for our dedicated staff members who pour themselves into the lives of the little ones each day. It is so refreshing to see children grasping lessons from the Word!

28 Pray for our Graduates as they look for sustainable jobs, so that they can support themselves and move out on their own.

17 Pray for WSM’s finances as we begin our “Summer of Hope” Campaign. 18 Praise God for Larry* who has been accepted into Barber school. He is the first person in his entire family to go on for additional schooling. 19 Praise God for the Lancaster YWCA that gives shelter to homeless women during the winter. 20 Pray for the young men who attended the Teen Haven Bible study on ‘God’s Fingerprint’ and learned about experiencing God in a personal way.

29 Pray for freedom from addictions that have a stronghold on clients’ lives. 30 Pray for counselors in the Women’s Shelter as they model characteristics of Christian women and mothers to the clients. 31 Pray that staff and clients will continuously trust God when things get difficult. * Names have been changed to protect client anonymity.

Celebrating Renewed Lives In last month’s prayer calendar we prayed for the residents at Water Street who were on track to graduate on May 2nd. Thank you for your prayers, because all our men and women scheduled to graduate will do so this month! When the men and women who arrive at Water Street choose to commit to getting help: educational, medical, behavioral and spiritual they enter into a yearlong journey toward wholeness. Many of these men and women find themselves surrounded by a God centered community of counselors and volunteers who guide them into a renewed lifestyle. The goal is for each person to secure employment, stay clean from past addictions, and find community in a local church. One of this year’s graduates said, “The biggest thing that Water Street has given me was that all the things I wanted to be and that I tried to

Invite a Friend to Become a Prayer Partner Help change one life at a time by inviting a friend to join the 600+ individuals who faithfully pray for the ministry. To receive this prayer calendar by email or the US Postal Service, call Sharon at (717) 358-2028 or email Water Street Ministries PO Box 7267, Lancaster, PA 17604 Phone: (717) 393-7709 Fax: (717) 393-4966 Email: Web: Facebook: Twitter:

get through the world’s system God has given me by being obedient and faithful. I’m happy to be who I am. Finally, I’m happy to be the person God wants me to be. I have so much peace. I never had peace in my life. I was always striving for something. Today I accept myself as a beautiful creation that God has made.” -Don S. All of our residents graduating this month are working or actively

searching for jobs, involved in a local church community, and have remained clean from past addictions for over a year. That alone is a huge praise, because many of the residents graduating are living a clean lifestyle for the first time in decades. Praise God for providing them with second chances to live a renewed life, and to celebrate the progress of these strong men and women!

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At Water Street Ministries, we believe nothing is more powerful than prayer when it comes to changing one life at a time.

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