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1 Praise God that we have been able to streamline the registration process for women in crisis, which will help them get prompt access to needed medical tests. 2 Pray for those who are stuck in their addictions and see no hope. Pray that they would find hope in Christ! 3 Praise the Lord that He delivered a student from the pressure to do drugs and instead she sought refuge at the Teen Haven Center. 4 Pray for our staff and the families of two of our Water Street Ministries family who passed away recently. 5 Praise God for the volunteers who team up with staff to offer services and care for clients with decency, dignity and love. 6 Flu season seems to be a busy time in the clinic. Please pray for protection for our staff and volunteers from any kinds of colds and viruses so we can effectively care for the patients God brings to us. 7 Praise the Lord for a psychiatrist who called to volunteer his services weekly in the clinic as part of the behavioral program! 8 Pray for the Learning Center staff and students as we prepare for the upcoming changes to the GED program. The new online format will provide extra challenges for many of our clients.

Sat 4 11 18 25 1 8 9 Praise God for the donations that were received throughout the holidays, which remind us of God’s abundant provision for each one. 10 Pray for the Leadership Team as they have increased responsibilities. 11 Praise God for the food collected for the Mission during the Rescue Mission Food Drive. 12 Praise God for clients who have found housing. 13 Praise God for working in the hearts of two teens who are now stepping up into supervisory roles at Teen Haven Camp. 14 Praise God for the opportunities to minister to Wonder Club families with the message of God’s love during our Christmas programs. 15 Pray for our Women’s Ministries staff as they are working shorthanded and the shelter is full. 16 Praise God for those who support our ministry through their faithful prayers. 17 Pray for the older boys who attend Teen Haven Bible studies, that their hearts would be given to Jesus and that they would desire to grow in faith. 18 Pray for a smooth transition for a Teen Haven student who recently was moved from her foster home with her aunt to a new foster home.

19 Praise God for the birth of a healthy baby to one of our clients. 20 Pray for the safety of our volunteers as they travel to and from Water Street Ministries to serve. 21 Praise God for the amazing way He continues to supply for our needs both financially and through material donations. 22 Pray for the health of the Wonder Club staff and students during the cold and flu season. 23 Praise God for healing for one of our clients who had knee replacement surgery. He is doing quite well! 24 Pray that God would provide new beds and mattresses for our clients to sleep on. 25 Pray for staff and their families who are experiencing significant illnesses. 26 Pray that our LRP graduates would find jobs that provide a living wage and benefits so they can support themselves and their families. 27 Praise God for the healing experienced by one of our Leadership Team after surgery. 28 Pray for the committees as they plan for our Water Street Ministries Annual Banquet and the Water Street Health Services Top Chef Event. 29 Praise God for local businesses that donated through the Earned Income Tax Credit Program, which provides scholarships for the Wonder Club program and more. 30 Praise God for two more of our clients who recently passed the GED test and earned their certificate. 31 Pray that the staff would show the light of Jesus to our clients.

Little Boys – Big Hearts! Working at Water Street Ministries has strengthened my faith. The development team I am part of strives daily to raise awareness of our ministries and to raise funds to support those programs. At times this task seems overwhelming when we see the whole picture and the breadth of need in our community. But, I have learned that God provides! And in His perfect timing! Also, I have learned that our donors and volunteers come in all shapes and sizes and provide in many ways at many different levels. Two stories particularly stand out to me from this past holiday season. Christopher, a 3rd grader, went to his mother one day and said he want to help the poor. Together they took a coffee can door to door in his neighborhood and collected money

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for Water Street Ministries. When he reached his goal of $100, he delivered the money to the Mission. There Christopher found out that we reuse plastic grocery bags, and he went back to his school and received permission to do a bag collection, which were delivered to WSM. This year he decided to collect bags again. The principal had him make a poster to take to the classrooms and give a speech about what he was doing. The donated bags are used in the food bank and save us money not having to buy new bags. Another young man, Jonathan (age 7), pulled his wagon through his neighborhood in Lancaster city and collected 300 non-perishable food items and clothing for Water Street. His story inspired one of the highest numbers of responses on our Facebook page ever.

Christopher standing next to three large trash bags of reusable grocery bags.

Both boys are an inspiration. We thank them for their example of giving freely from their hearts and caring for the community in which they live.

Prayer Calendar January '14  

At Water Street Ministries, we believe nothing is more powerful than prayer when it comes to changing one life at a time.

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