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Current Justice Opportunities:: Street Soccer 945

Street Soccer 945 is the first year-round soccer program for those struggling with homelessness and poverty in the United States. It uses healthy living, support from a community of teammates, and mentoring relationships as key ingredients to achieving life goals and overall well-being. Soccer has proven to be a remarkable tool for delivering these elements to people caught in the trap of homelessness. For more information on how to get involved. visit or email Pete Fink at

July 3rd, 2011

Hope Teams

Hope Teams, a partnership with the W.I.S.H Program, are groups of 4-6 people within Watershed who provide mentoring friendships to a family in transition. A Hope Team provides relationships, encouragement and emotional support to families transitioning out of homelessness and moving into a more selfsufficient life. Hope Teams require a short training and a 1-year commitment from each team member. For information on initial Hope Team training dates or to learn more about the program, circle the icvon on your connection card or email Jamie McCollum at

The Catapult Project:: supporting a neighborhood school so that it can soar Lunch Buddy

The Lunch Buddy program provides an easy but powerful way to have a lasting impact on a kid’s life through a mentoring friendship. Lunch buddies come to school once a week to talk, play games, read or have lunch with their buddy. Time slots are from 10:30-10:55am, 11:15-11:40am and 11:30-11:55am. Contact: Rachael Shaughnessy - / 434.851.9640

Reading Tutor

One of the biggest needs at Byers Elementary this year is for reading tutors. Reading tutors come to Byers once a week for roughly 45 minutes, and spend time helping to tutor either one or a group of students in reading. Time slots are available between 8:00am and 1:30pm Contact: Scott Miller - / 704.302.4592

Staff Appreciation

A large part of The Catapult Project has been investing in the teachers at Byers, so that they can in turn pour into the students. We periodically have opportunitites to help show appreciation to the staff (bringing snacks for the teacher work room, providing food/drinks for staff meetings, and much more) Contact: Pam Watson - / 704.599.9087

Girls On The Run

Girls On The Run is a character development program for girls in grade 3-8 that uses running to teach values and a sense of self. Volunteer spots are currently full for the Spring season, but spots are open to volunteer for the 5k race in May. Contact: Rachael Shaughnessy - / 434.851.9640

Right Moves For Youth

Right Moves is a program that helps kids build a sense of belonging and self-esteem, while providing them the encouragement, support and resources they need to build a successful foundation for life. The program meets on Tuesdays from 12:45-1:30pm. Contact: Ryan Grammatico - / 803.524.1816

Upcoming Justice Opportunities ::

There once was an author, a friend, who was the beloved of who some scholars say spent the rest of his life deeply mulling over what Jesus had done, said and achieved - praying it through from every angle and helping others understand it. Out of the four gospels in the Bible (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John), John is the renegade volume, rejected by many in the early Christian movement because so much of its content is unique. Welcome to our first summer ever delving into the often over-looked nuances and surprises found in John’s memoir Find yourself in its pages, discover the historical significance and the weight of its relevance in a fresh light, and experience the beauty of closeness to the One who loves you to your core.

News ::

Blocs :: micro-communities that meet during the week Our community is made up of smaller groups (called “Blocs”) that meet at various times/locations during the week. Blocs will be ramping down over the summer, but many will continue meeting on an abbreviated schedule. All current Blocs are listed on the inside of the Weekly - if you see one that sparks your interest, contact one of the Bloc Leaders (see back for contact info), or circle the icon on your connection card. Need help deciding which one fits, or have an idea for a Bloc? Email to let us know about it.

Land of a Thousand Hills :: brewing hope and restoration

The coffee we brew on Sunday mornings comes from Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee, a sustainably-grown coffee that comes from Rwanda. Purchasing from Land of a Thousand Hills has so far helped to provide 2000 farmers with a living wage, and supported other special projects include building a sustenance farm for the region’s malnourished orphans, creating soccer programs to promote community and coffee education, giving microfinance loans to entrepreneurs, lending coffee bikes to ensure safer and more efficient travel, and donating shoes to farmers and their families. What if your coffee could transform entire villages? It does every weekend.

Ten Minute Huddle :: right after Transit

West Virginia (August 3rd-7th)

In August, a group from Watershed travels to Parkersburg to help work on a home through Habitat for Humanity. The group works on the house during the day, and camps out at night to relax, play games, and enjoy dinner by the campfire. No construction experience necessary - just a desire to work hard in order to benefit a family in need. Trip leaders are Dan Bailey & Kevin Reeves, and the team will leave Wednesday, Aug 3rd and return Sunday, August 7th. Contact: Dan Bailey - / 704.363.2605

If you have a question, would like to speak to someone personally, or would like to have someone pray with you, consider attending the “Ten Minute Huddle” at the close of Transit this morning. It’s hosted by our Watershed leadership community and is located to the left side of the stage just in front of the screen. It would be our privilege to welcome and get to know you better, speak with with you and offer encouragement or simply help lift up your concern in prayer.

GreenHouse :: volunteer opportunities

While Transit is going on here on Sunday mornings, our kids are having an incredible experience in GreenHouse. We believe that our kids are both our greatest resource and biggest investment in our future, and so GreenHouse is an integral part of Sunday morning experience. If you’ve been looking for a fun way to serve that can make a huge impact in a child’s life and invest in the future of our community, contact Kayla George ( or circle the GreenHouse icon on your connection card.

Blocs news ::

(see inside for meeting times/contact info)

Prime Time :: July 9th :: day on the lake Prime Time is the bloc for those who may be young at heart, but consider themselves more mature in age and stature. While the majority of “Prime Timers” range between 50 and 70+ years of age, younger attenders would never be turned away. (As long as they think they can keep up!) Our next meeting witll be July 9th -we’ll be spending the afternoon at the lake, and sharing dinner at 6:00pm. Contact Pam with questions or to get more information (see inside for contact info)

PO Box 12749 Charlotte NC 28209 704.644.0919

Scott Hofert (co-pastor) - Matt O’Neil (co-pastor) - Matt Shaughnessy (music/tech/creativity) - Scott Miller (justice/leadership) - Taryn Hofert (music/creativity) - Kayla George (Greenhouse) - Donna O’Neil (administration) -

Her:Gather :: Charlotte Roller Derby Her:Gather is headed out to watch the Charlotte Roller Girls! We’ll be going to the “double-header” bout uptown the evening of July 23rd to see the Charlotte teams take on the Carolina Roller Girls All-Stars and the Appalachian Roller Girls. If you’ve never been to a roller derby before, you are in for a fun event. Tickets are $10, but if we get a group of 10 or more they go down to $8 each so let us know if you’re coming and we can get a group rate (if you join us the day of, tickets go up to $14) Email Rachael or Ashley to RSVP!

Giving :: weekly need: $8,167 last week: $6,155

Blocs are smaller communities that meet during the week, each centered around various interests. From social gatherings to spiritual discussions, service groups to outdoor adventures, there’s a Bloc for everyone! For more information, visit


Immerse is facilitated discussion designed to engage people across a diverse spectrum of backgrounds, experiences and beliefs, exploring questions like: What’s really worth considering when it comes to faith and God? Can faith and doubt coexist? Is it possible an ancient faith could be the answer to modern-day questions involving meaning, identity and direction for life? Expect engaging conversation, thought-provoking discussions and relational connectivity. when

Park Road

Tuesday evenings

where 1235 Wyndcroft Place


A movement of women - daughters, sisters, mothers, wives, friends, leaders, followers - being more than the status quo, embracing who we are & the possibility of what we can become. Her:Grow is a 12-week group that meets weekly, and is comprised of book discussion, scripture reading, fun activities and “doing life” together. There aretwo groups with a group size limited to 10 women each.

Bloc leaders Matt O’Neil - / 704.644.0919 Bryan Shields - / 704.277.3323 Jen Shields - / 518.605.7046


Friday evening or Sunday morning; contact Bloc Leaders for details

3616 Benard Ave

Kenneth Surles - / 336.380.1599 Jessica Surles - / 704.995.0315 Shawn Buxton - / 704.517.7507


Monday evenings

600 Bennington Pl

Desmond Smith - / 704.307.3789 Kristy Smith - / 704.607.0934


Thursday evenings

2700 Flintridge Dr

Matt Shaughnessy - / 434.258.3274 Rachael Shaughnessy - / 434.851.9640


currently full; contact Bloc leaders to sign upfor next series

Amelie’s French Bakery 2424 N. Davidson St

Dan Cronin - / 704.914.5158 Rachelle Cronin - / 716.909.6435


next meeting

Tuesday evenings

resumes in the Fall contact the Bloc leaders for more info

FC Watershed

Interested in kicking a REAL football around? The Watershed Soccer Bloc provides a great opportunity to do just that! Whether you are a seasoned professional or haven’t touched a ball since high school, this is your chance to get out and meet some new people, improve your soccer skills and get in a little exercise at the same time. There is an 11v11 team, a 7v7 team, and numerous additional opportunities to play. 5v5 futsal team: (coed, noncompetitive) Tuesday nights

where 2910 Hanson Dr Hosted by Kirk and Hannah Raybon 704.847.4748

Myers Park Center City

currently full; contact Bloc leaders to sign up for next series

Park Road

once a month over the summer; contact Bloc leaders for more info

2500 Merrywood Rd


currently full; contact Bloc leaders to sign up for next series

3407 Steel Yard Ct


Sunday mornings

Amelie’s French Bakery 2424 N. Davidson St

1118 Polk St

Bloc leaders Scott Hofert - / 704.258.8672 Taryn Hofert - / 704.258.0408 Daniel McCollum - / 704.699.3101 Jamie McCollum - / 704.699.4568 Brent Hill - / 704.526.9105 Billy Strickland - / 704.965.5995 Matt Weisner - / 919.280.6920 Jennifer Weisner - / 704.619.4305 Trey Jeffries - / 919.599.2122


In a healthy marriage, two people are getting to know each other deeply, accept each other no matter what, and love each other completely. If you want to explore the kind of intimacy, connection and “oneness” God really wants us to have with Him and each other, we invite you into an experience and exploration called “One,” Watershed’s marriage bloc. ONE.2 is comprised of engaged couples or couples married for 4 years or less. when



resumes in the Fall contact Bloc leaders for more info

721 E. 37th Street


resumes in the Fall contact Bloc leaders for more info

1617 Harrill St

Bloc leaders Tim Abare - / 704.491.7405 Ann Abare - / 704.681.0316 Brian Hofert - Gina Hofert - / 704.953.5619

next meeting


Saturday, July 23rd at 6:00pm

Charlotte Roller Derby Grady Cole Center (310 North Kings Dr)



contact Bloc leaders for schedule

10025 Devonshire Dr

Bloc leaders Greg and Kelly Geers - / 704.564.3955 Jon and Amy Ray - / 980.355.1962

The Man Show

Is there more to friendships than work, football, golf or lawn care? Most men are conditioned to be independent and to appear strong regardless of the internal or external struggles at hand; the Man Show addresses this dissonance by inviting guys to break beneath the surface of superficiality and into a deeper connection with one another, and a substantial conversation about life and the struggles and the victories unique to being a guy. when


Saturdays at 2:00pm

2538 Kenmore Ave

Bloc leaders Dan Bailey - / 704.975.1723 Kevin Snyder - / 704.780.3404

Bloc leaders Ashley Grammatico - / 704.582.2355 Rachael Shaughnessy - / 434.851.9640

Prime Time is the bloc for those who may be young at heart, but consider themselves more mature in age and stature. Prime Time meets once a month at various locations around Charlotte to share a meal and have a good time getting to know each other. While the majority of “Prime Timers” range between 50 and 70+ years of age, younger attenders would never be turned away. (As long as they think they can keep up!) next meeting Saturday, July 9th arrive between 1-2pm to spend time on/ in the lake; dinner at 6:00pm

where 2771 Trillium Trail Denver, NC

Bloc leaders Pam and Gene Watson - / 704.599.9087

Coffee Break

Prime Time is the bloc for those who may be young at heart, but consider themselves more mature in age and stature. Prime Time meets once a month at various locations around Charlotte to share a meal and have a good time getting to know each other. While the majority of “Prime Timers” range between 50 and 70+ years of age, younger attenders would never be turned away. (As long as they think they can keep up!) when


resumes in the Fall contact the Bloc leaders for more info

14205 Northridge Dr

Bloc leader Naomi Hofert - / 704.968.3754


Rove is a monthly gig of leaving the plush of the city and embracing friends, nature, and the freshness of the outdoors! Hiking, rafting, camping, biking, climbing, swimming, canoeing, anything with outdoor flair is fair game for the most adventurous Bloc at Watershed! More details on each event will be posted as the event draws near. For more information on any of the upcoming events, contact the Rove Tour Guides. next excursion


July 23rd

TBD - contact Bloc leaders for more information



Bloc leaders Heidi Snyderburn - / 704.226.5443 Matt Sharp - / 603.540.0902 Matt Frusti - / 704.778.7066

Prime Time

Scott Miller - / 704.302.4592 Kendra Miller - / 704.302.4594

Intersect is an 8-10 week opportunity to connect with others in your part of town over good drinks and thoughtful conversation. The centerpiece of the discussions is the Convergence DVD series by author Donald Miller.

11v11 coed team: Monday nights

More than just a gathering - a community of women getting together to talk, laugh and enjoy life. Her:Gather is for all the ladies of Watershed! We meet once a month at various locations around Charlotte for everything from laid-back get-togethers to fun nights out on the town. Contact one of the Bloc leaders if you’d like to join us for our next event.

Relationality engages people across a diverse spectrum of backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs, exploring questions like: how do our identities and longings impact the health and vitality of the most significant relationships in our lives? What core beliefs and values drive our romantic and relational decisions? How are expectations created and managed? Expect engaging conversation and thought-provoking discussion as we explore relational betterment in our lives. when

7v7 mens’ team: Thursday nights



currently full; contact Bloc leaders to sign up for next series

Bloc leaders Rachael Cook - / 704.258.8910 Kayla Jones - / 828.260.0419 Lauren Grabill - / 704.615.4723

Rove tour guides Adam Desautels - / 336.392.9695 Rachel Desautels - / 704.689.7671


OnRamp is a two-week Bloc experience for anyone new to Watershed that wants to make some new friends and learn a little more about this community. On these two Sundays, you can expect to meet new people, discover a little bit more about the history and values of Watershed, and learn how you can benefit from and add value to our community. Child care is available - please contact Matt or Scott for more information, or to let us know if you’ll need it. next series


July 24th, 31st

Amelie’s French Bakery 2424 N. Davidson St

Bloc Leader Scott Hofert - / 704.644.0919

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