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Current Serving Opportunities::


Current Series:: Niche

What’s your passion...what invigorates you? What do you think you were cut out to do? If everyone’s a “10” at something, what’s your “something”, and what are you doing about it? Does your current routine bore & frustrate you? Recent polls reveal that less than two out of ten people say they spend the majority of their day “playing to their strengths”. Does the prospect of discovering your niche & unlocking your potential intrigue you? There’s more to life than being a number or just making ends meet. Make your unique mark; live distinctively.


Welcome to Transit :: our Sunday morning experience

Welcome to Transit - we’re glad you joined us this morning! Transit is a large part of the Watershed community, but there’s much more to us than just our Sunday AM meeting. Check out the Blocs and some of our serving opportunities to see what goes on here during the week - fill out your connection card and circle any Blocs you are interested in, and the leaders will get in touch with you to help you get plugged in and keep you updated on any upcoming opportunities.

next Baptism :: December 12th

Baptism is an ancient ritual of identifying yourself with Jesus Christ by symbolically re-enacting what Jesus has done for us. Baptism isn’t about committing to live life perfectly, but rather about being so thankful for Jesus that you are willing to be known as someone committed to following him. Come join us December 5th to celebrate as members of our community take part in this ancient practice of affirming their new life with Christ. If you are interested in being baptized, contact us at

GreenHouse :: volunteer opportunities

While Transit is going on at Center Stage on Sunday mornings, our kids are having an incredible experience just on the other side of the wall. We believe that our kids are our greatest resource and investment in our future, so we want the Sunday AM experience to be great for them as well. If you’ve been looking for a fun way to serve and connect with people that can also make a huge impact in a child’s life, contact Kayla George ( or circle the GreenHouse icon on your connection card.

Watershed Cafe

Feel free to grab some Panera goodies and some coffee from the Watershed Cafe before you head into Transit! The coffee we brew on Sundays comes from Land of a Thousand Hills, a group that is working to help rebuild Rwanda through microfinance loans and local partnerships. To learn more about Land of a Thousand Hills, visit their website at

Join us on Facebook

You’re already part of our community, so why not check us out on Facebook and join our virtual community as well? You can see pictures, video, news and updates, and stay on top of all that’s happening at Watershed - everything from upcoming series and events to blocs, new initiatives, and things like Movies In The Park. You can even link your volunteer dates through Planning Center to your Facebook calendar!


(see back for meeting times/contact info)

Blocs :: micro-communities that meet during the week

If all you know of our community is the Sunday morning experience, you are only getting part of the picture of what goes on here. Our community is made up of smaller groups (called “Blocs”) that meet at various times/locations during the week. Our Blocs are listed on the back of the Weekly - if you see a one that sparks your interest, contact one of the Bloc Leaders (see back for contact info), or circle the icon on your connection card and one of the leaders will contact you to fill you in on the details.

Immerse :: a spiritual exploration

Immerse is an 8-week exploration of life, faith and Christian spirituality designed to engage people across a diverse spectrum of backgrounds, experiences and beliefs. Engaging conversation, thought-provoking discussions and relational connectivity is what you can expect to experience in Immerse. There are several Immerse Blocs that meet at a variety of times, days and locations, so contact Matt O’Neil or Andrew Lombardo to find out what opportunities are available and to see which one works best for you (see back for contact info)

GreenHouse ::

We believe that our children are our biggest investment, and our best hope for the future, and so we dedicate much of our time and energy to providing an environment where kids can grow, play, make new friends and develop a spritual foundation for their lives. Our Greenhouse space is just on the other side of the wall, and provides kids with a safe, fun place to spend their morning. To learn more about Greenhouse or to learn how you can get involved, contact Kayla George (

Greenhouse Our Greenhouse volunteers help to make Greenhouse organic environment in which kids can grow, learn, and connect with God and others. Serving in Greenhouse can consist of anything from silly games and fun songs to interactive stories and fun-filled art projects. Team leader: Kayla George - / 980.613.5739 Cafe Team The Cafe team is the key to creating the atmosphere at Center Stage for Transit. The team meets on Sunday mornings before Transit starts and helps set up the coffee, snacks and signage in the lobby. Volunteers serve roughly once a month. Team leader: Ashley Grammatico - / 704.582.2355 Tech Team The Tech team is the group that is responsible for making Transit happen. From the audio production and video to the lighting and stage setup, this team provides the technical savvy that allows the creative elements to shine. Team leader: Ryan Grammatico - / 803.524.1816 Setup Team The Setup team is a vital part of the Sunday morning experience. The team meets before Transit to set up the stage, cafe, and the signs outside Center Stage. Team members help to pack up after Transit and return the gear to the Greenhouse area. Team leader: Tracy Barlow - / 704.604.2662

The Catapult Project:: supporting a neighborhood school so that it can soar Lunch Buddy The Lunch Buddy program provides an easy but powerful way to have a lasting impact on a kid’s life through a mentoring friendship. Lunch buddies come to school once a week to talk, play games, read or have lunch with their buddy. Time slots are from 10:30-10:55am, 11:15-11:40am and 11:30-11:55am. Contact: Rachael Shaughnessy - / 434.851.9640 Reading Tutor One of the biggest needs at Byers Elementary this year is for reading tutors. Reading tutors come to Byers once a week for roughly 45 minutes, and spend time helping to tutor either one or a group of students in reading. Time slots are available between 8:00am and 1:30pm Contact: Scott Miller - / 704.302.4592 Staff Appreciation A large part of The Catapult Project has been investing in the teachers at Byers, so that they can in turn pour into the students. We periodically have opportunitites to help show appreciation to the staff (bringing snacks for the teacher work room, providing food/drinks for staff meetings, and much more) Contact: Pam Watson - / 704.599.9087 Girls On The Run Girls On The Run is a character development program for girls in grade 3-8 that uses running to teach values and a sense of self. The program combines training for a non-competitive 5k with self-esteem enhancing, uplifting workouts and community service. Contact: Rachael Shaughnessy - / 434.851.9640 Right Moves For Youth Right Moves is a program that helps kids build a sense of belonging and self-esteem, while providing them the encouragement, support and resources they need to build a successful foundation for life. The program meets on Tuesdays from 12:45-1:30pm. Contact: Ryan Grammatico - / 803.524.1816

Current Justice Opportunities:: The Catapult Project :: investing in Byers Elementary

The Catapult Project is our program that is investing in Byers Elementary school. Last year was an exciting time of getting to know the school and students, and figuring out how best to help out and support the parents, students, and teachers; this year we’ve been able to build on our success and help the school even more. There are still plenty of opportunities for you to jump in! Circle the icons on your connection card if you’d like to sign up, or contact Scott Miller to see if there are more ways that you can help.

The Christmas Village Toy Store :: signups this weekend

The Christmas Village Toy Store is a program that allows families with limited resources to purchase toys for their kids at a reduced cost, while funneling the proceeds back into the community. Last year, Watershed’s support helped the Village to be a huge success! We will be holding signups after Transit today and next weekend to volunteer with this year’s Christmas Village. Spots fill up quickly, so make sure to sign up if you are interested! Contact Jami Fay ( / 704.408.0227) with any questions.


if your child is seated with you in Transit, please sit in one of the back rows so that you can exit if they cry.

Giving :: weekly need: $7,899 last week: $4,367

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