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Hudson River Valley, Westwind Orchard inhabits a historic apple orchard in the shadow of the Catskill Mountains. The orchard was first planted in the 1930’s by Chester Khon who tended and farmed the property for over 40 years before it was purchased by the Schoonmaker family of Accord, who were 12th generation farmers. Westwind has been the name of the orchard since its inception and when we purchased the property in 2002, we kept the name as a way to honor what came before us and steward our vision. In 2005, we began restoring the orchards by clearing brush, reviving older trees, taking out dead ones, and planting new ones all in anticipation of one day having an organic orchard and farm. After much labor and a lot of love, Westwind Orchard became a Certified Organic farm in 2008. Today, Westwind Orchard makes a number of artisan products including: maple syrup, jams, vinegars, applesauce and honey. We also raise chickens for eggs, craft our own cider and make our own pizza in a woodfired Neapolitan oven. We have mostly dessert apples on the property and have been grafting cider apples since 2010. We are just about to plant 1,000 more apple trees. Westwind currently produces three unfiltered, dry and bubbly ciders: Goldrush, a single vari-

ety cider that is sharp and citric, Classic, a blend of 8 different apple varieties, and Raspberry Cider, an apple cider finished fermenting with raspberries. This year we will add a few more varieties to the growing list. Everything we do at the farm is as close to the source as possible. We keep our own yeast-based pizza starter at the farm, use honey from our bees to sweeten the dough and make fresh mozzarella daily using grass-fed Narragansett curd. We pay attention to the small details of making the pizza and this allows us to let the farm’s amazingly fresh produce shine through on each pie. The proximity to the harvest, the true meaning of the word “fresh,” makes our pizza truly unique. We change our pizza menu weekly, guided directly by what the farm is harvesting and what is locally foraged. We’re not afraid to try ingredients that some might consider an afterthought garnish as the star of a pie, think mustard seed flowers (from a cover crop we plant between rotations), apple blossoms (before they turn into fruit), or the humble potato-brined, roasted, and crisped before being crumbled alongside locally produced Margie cheese and fresh sage. “Ortolana” in Italian literally means “of the field” we try to embody that mentality on all of our pies and our philosophy in general. —Fabio Chizzola & Laura Ferrara

215 Lower Whitfield Road, Accord, NY • (845) 626-0659 • • see listing page 60

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2018-2019 Guide to Pure Catskills Products  

2018-2019 Guide to Pure Catskills Products