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4/21/11 The Champagne of Life Only 2% of the water in the world is drinkable whoever controls this will dominate humanity. We need to stand up for our rights to life. The world is running out of fresh water and those that control it know they will ultimately control who lives and who dies. The water conspiracy goes deeper than anyone could imagine. We need to take a stand against these multimillion dollar corporations and have a revolution against the corrupt government that is partnering up with big corporations to privatize our water which we need in order to live. This isn’t about capitalism its about the powers that be controlling the champagne to life of which makes up over 70% of our own flesh and blood bodies. If they control the water they control whole ecosystems including our food sources. They will literally decide who is going to live or die. With water disappearing all over the planet who ever has the most water will control the people and will harness ultimate power in the palm of their money peeling hands. Without water we have nothing, we have no life we will literally dry up and die a slow painful death plagued with disease, hunger and suffering.

There is a CIA report that says access to drinking water is going to be a major cause of war in the near future. In Ghana the water supply was inaccessible to the public so the globalists and the World Bank brought in a company to privatize water. Within that corporation there was corruption exploitation and mismanagement. As a result of the greed, people did not get their water. Starvation and cholera rates soared killing hundreds. The public took to the streets in protest and the contracts were canceled. The same company that was involved in exploiting villages and depriving them of water in third world countries are setting up shop here in American and sucking up our aquifers and ground water in order to sell it back to us at

a price 1900X the amount of what comes out of the tap now. Controlling the water supply means controlling the people and these corporations are sucking our water systems dry and spitting them back at us tainted and laced with poison and mind altering drugs in an attempt to make us tax paying controlled sheep. A familiar Swiss company called Nestle moved into Michigan under the name Perrier and received millions of dollars in tax breaks and was charged less than $100 dollars a year to drill and pump thousands of gallons of fresh water every minute because they greased the pockets of corrupt politicians. Our founding fathers did not fight for freedom or right to life to have greedy fat cat governments and corporations controlling who lives and who dies. Not only corporations but individuals like T. Boone Pickens and the Bush family. The Bush's bought up 100,000 acres of land in Paraguay over one of the biggest aquifers in the world. That way they can suck up the water and sell it back to people at a profit. Humanity will have no choice but to bow down to these corporations who make money their God. They will rule the region by deciding who gets water and who doesn’t. T. Boone Pickens made billions of dollars in the 80's from oil. He recently purchased 68,000 acres of land in the Texas panhandle over the Ogahalla aquifer the largest aquifer in the U.S. And according to Texas law any water on that land is yours to use as you want. He changed Texas law to make it so he owns all the water in that aquifer so he can hoard it and sell it back to people. He openly tells his opposition that he will buy all the water and sell it back to us at a profit. He is quoted as saying “I know what people are saying “well water is like air, do you charge for air so you shouldn’t charge for water” well OK watch what happens, you wont have any water”. He is actually on video saying that. Multimillion dollar corporations are coming into small towns and buying up the state and local politicians in order to have exclusive access to some water supplies. Huge amounts of water is being drawn by global corporations with the blessing of our own government. Who ever controls the water will dominate society. “The waters of the earth that have been since the dawn of human civilization for the collective

usage for the community is becoming just another commodity- something to sell”- Mumia Abu Jamal Its not the job of politicians to inform you. Its supposedly the media but they are accountable to only their shareholders and they don’t want to scare you. There is money in water and where there is money there is corporations that want to make money. These same corporations advertise during your local news so if the news reports that these globalist corporations are sucking our land dry they will pull their funding and find a media source that turns a blind eye to the evil greed and corruption. Fortunately for them no main stream news source has the audacity to cover such a story. The media is controlled by the shadowy globalist elite.

There will be a world wide battle over the control and access to water in our lifetime unless we do something now. When the third most popular city Bolivia; Cochabamba sought to refinance its public water source. The all seeing and controlling World Bank forced them to privatize their water supply. The World Bank gave control to a San Francisco Company called Bechtel. The World Bank forced Cochabamba officials to sign contracts with Bechtel giving them exclusive rights to the community water supply. They created laws made it illegal to collect rain falling from the sky. If you were caught gathering rain drops out of the sky you were imprisoned. Every drop was privatized. Unpaid bills to the water company allowed Bechtel to possess peoples homes and them auction them off. People actually stopped sending their children to school in order to pay for water. They had to cut back on food and basic commodities in order to access to the nectar of life. Retired people had to go out on the streets and work in order to afford water. Enough was enough and with the battle cry “ The water is ours! Dammit” the people went forth and took to the street. The People of Cochabamba rebelled. A coalition of labor, human rights and community activists under the

name “la Coordinadora� brought the city to a halt for four days blockading roads and shutting down transportation. The government promised a price rollback however the promise went unfulfilled. Leaders of La Coordinadora announced they would hold a peaceful march. When the march was attempted President Hugo Banzer summoned the police. They arrested leaders of the movement in their sleep in the middle of the night, they shut down rebel radio stations and sent soldiers into the streets with guns blazing . The government defended the Bechtel corporation by force. Here is a community who is being exploited for money and denied access to water that makes up 70% of their own body and which is essential to life and the government used excessive violent force in order to defend the corporation and World Bank. With tear gas and bullets the military industrial complex took violent action against the protesting community. Hundreds of people fighting for their family access to water were mutilated by the military force. Limbs were lying in the street with dismembered victims begging for mercy. Many were severely handicapped or brain damaged for life. One man Victor Hugo Daza was killed by a gunshot from a plain clothed undercover military police. After four days of protest the government was forced to nullify the contracts they had signed with Bechtel. Who was behind this? Cui bono: who benefited? Bechtel a U.S. Corporation and The World Bank. The same shadowy globalists elite who run our world today. Bechtel is still around today and is buying up aquifers all over the United States. The U.S. Is headed in this same direction. There will be violence over water in our lifetime if we don’t do something about it now.

The companies will sell it back to us in bottles. It will be divided up and rationed. The water that flows freely from our taps and showers will be a thing of the past. Single serve bottle water is the fastest growing drink of choice amongst Americans today. Once these corporations have exclusive access to the water they can do whatever they want to it because

bottled water is not nearly as regulated as what comes out of the tap. They can dump fluoride in it to claim it adds to the taste and it is good for our teeth. Giant Eagle sells plastic jugs of fluoride filled water intended for babys. The jug has a picture of a baby on the front and underneat is says “For Baby with added fluoride for taste�. Every time I see this I cant believe it and I take a picture. I've collected a couple pictures of this blatant attempt to poison our children. Fluoride is a poison that is a contributor to autism in our children. They can charge us for water at a price that is higher than gasoline. Corporations have also discussed adding lithium to the water supply to make society calm and lower suicides. Lithium is a mind controlling drug they give to patients in mental hospitals. If money has anything to do with it the corporations will buy up lobbyists and politicians in order to make it OK to dump a mind bending drug into our water supply so we are docile and sheepish. So we stop thinking for ourselves and questioning authority. The plastic bottles that people so mindless drink on the way to their yoga class is filled with poison. Americans purchased 31 billion bottles of water in 2006 and $11 billion on bottle water throughout the year. Bottled water has no regulations to stop corporations from putting poison into the bottles of water. No government agency regulates whats in the bottled water not even the FDA. The actual bottles are made in china with Chinese chemicals and we all know what the Chinese are best at...population control. Bephinal A also knows as BPA is made in China and is one of the leading causes of sterilization and low testosterone in males. If you drink bottled water you are putting plastics into your body and blood stream. The testosterone and sterility rate in modern males is the lowest its ever been. By drinking bottled water we are killing off future generations. Water will take on whatever it comes across including chemicals in plastics. Lets say you have a bottle in your car and it gets a little warm. The plastic particles in the bottle seep into the water and you drink it. The plastic particles get into the body and mimic hormones. The fake plastic hormones trick your body and your body responds to the hormones much like someone who

is on steroids. The body stops producing testosterone because the it is reading that there are already enough hormones. What the body doesn’t know is that it is reading fake hormones, fake plastic hormones. If you are a man and you drink bottled water there is a very high chance you will develop breasts, have erectile dysfunction, have acne break outs and have a low sperm count. Not only will the hormone imbalance effect your physique it will effect your mind. Plastic particles in the brain are no good. Hormonal imbalance in the mind can cause bi-polar disorder, depression, emotional break downs and suicidal tendencies but don’t worry there’s lithium in the water to counter act your mental breakdown.

The bottled water industry promotes an image of purity, but comprehensive testing by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) reveals a surprising array of chemical contaminants in every bottled water brand analyzed, including toxic byproducts of chlorination in Walmart’s Sam’s Choice and Giant Supermarket's Acadia brands. Several Sam's Choice samples purchased in California exceeded legal limits for bottled water contaminants in that state. Cancer causing contaminants in bottled water purchased in 5 states (North Carolina, California, Virginia, Delaware and Maryland) and the District of Columbia substantially exceeded the voluntary standards established by the bottled water industry.

Tap water creates less pollution and uses less resources. It takes a lot of oil in order to make one plastic bottle. Not only in the manufacturing of the bottle but the transporting of the water uses a lot of natural resources. 90% of plastic bottles end up either in a landfill or litter. Local governments spend millions annually to clean up plastic bottles that litter our highways and parks. Manufacturing the plastic bottles releases 800,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. In New York alone the 66 million gallons of oil used to produce the plastic bottles could have powered 120,000 automobiles for a year. Here we are dumping our

precious oil into producing a bottle that is miscarrying our children and littering our oceans and parks yet we send our American soliders over seas to fight and die for oil. Heres a solution to the oil problem. Stop making plastic bottles!

China is stealing water from the Great Lakes. The bottled water industry is making a killing by selling bottled water to China who ship it over to their country in droves. Our Great Lakes; 6 quadrillion gallons of fresh water spread out over 94000 miles. 20% of the worlds fresh water is in the Great Lakes and whoever controls it will control our economy and our lives. Corrupt politicians made deals with a Chinese company in 1998 that got a permit to take 50 freighters worth of water out of lake superior and ship it over to Asia. There was a huge public outcry and the politicians crafted a law with a huge loop hole that says they can still ship water over to China but it has to be in a bottle or sprag bag. A sprag bag is a 500 foot long bladder that the Chinese fill with fresh water from the Great Lakes and tow them 50 at a time across the ocean to their country. China takes our water and pumps it into their huge reservoir that runs their damn which provides them with power and electricity. The Chinese word for water is also the same word for control. They are literally taking our water and transferring it into power. Water is power for them and they are allowed to do this because China basically owns us and controls the worth of our dollar.

What needs to be done is a grassroots movement to take back our land as humans. To not bow down to the corporations and their monetary influence. Nestle moved into Newport, Wisconsin where the community was a beautiful landscape of scenic rolling fields, wetlands with sand hill cranes and a plethora of natural wild life. The people in the community were small town. They would drive their tractors up to the grocery store and the most technology they ever saw was the occasional milk truck. They had never seen a huge over powering

bottle factory and massive wells sucking up their ground water. Nestle which moved in under the name Perrier group of America (really their from Switzerland) muscled its way into the community. It was making $1 million dollars a day sucking up the ground water bottling it in a chemical cancer bottle and selling it back to people at a 1900% mark up. Nestle promised to bring jobs to the community and tried to hypnotize people under the mantra that “development equals progress�. The corporate slime tried to immerse itself in the community by donating to the tiny school's PTO group and even buying the 1 st prize calf at the county fair and got their picture on the front page of the local paper. Luckily people did not care for this at all. They saw through the lies and manipulations and were insulted. They stood up and realized that Nestle was after their way of life. As part of their public education project they got legal assistance and this delayed Nestles progress enough that they were turned off of the idea of continuing. Instead they moved to Michigan where they made plans to pump 720,000 gallons per day of spring water from a private hunting preserve, pipe it to its bottling plant, bottle it and ship it out of the Great Lakes Basin for its own profit. Nestle’s pumping has lowered a stream, two lakes and adjacent wetlands into whats known now as a dead stream. The Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation has spent over a million dollars in court costs, lawyers and environmental expert fees to try to battle Nestle. Nestle in return has started to harass the community with telephone polling, and sending private investigators to the citizens homes to ask them intimidating questions. In McCloud, California Nestle started trying to get tax breaks and caused the town to be divided. In 2003 the government granted Nestle a 100 year contract and unlimited amounts of ground water. McCloud held a special town meeting to discuss what was happening and a the end of the meeting the gavel was stuck and a contract was signed for 100 years. Many believe the agreement was already negotiated behind closed doors with huge amounts of money changing hands. The contract gave Nestle the right to 1600 acres of spring water and unlimited pumping access. They destroyed the local historical

buildings and started running trucks in an out of the factory every 3 minutes 24 hours a day. They duped the community by saying they would provide jobs but they only provided a few jobs at minimal pay. If we don’t do something about this now we will end up in the same predicament as Cochabamba was. We will dry up and die, our crops and ecosystems will become dust fields. The top soil will lose its water and huge dust storms will sweep across barren lands that were once green valleys and parks all through out our country. The streets will run rampant with chaos as revolutionaries fight the powers that be for access to water for their families. We will be vaccinated, drugged, surveiled and held in FEMA camps as neighborhoods and communities become divided. We will be forced to drink water contaminated with mind bending drugs so we are easily weakened, controlled, sickened and mandated to a hospital bed. We need to stand up now for future generations. Revolution can be anything but I will tell you this a revolution according to Thomas Jefferson and James Madison is my divine right! A full on grass movement by the people against the corporations is in order to rip the system. It starts with the battle of the mind. It starts with informing the public of what is happening behind closed doors. Mumia Abu Jamal said it best “Its not the job of politicians to inform you its supposedly the media but their central concern is to sell you and therefore they don’t want to upset you. Their primary responsibility is not to their listeners or readers but to their owners and their stock holders and it is in the interest of the military industrial complex that millions remain uninformed or misinformed from death row for free speech radio this is Mumia Abu Jamal”

Water Rights  
Water Rights  

An article I did on water rights and information we all need to know.